The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 6, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, November 6, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES £%£°W£ W. JLAVKKE HAFEB, . Secretary and Treasurer. PffifclP B-JJKL£,'JBdiior ·OBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 eeata per moath. Mailed outside of Gettysburg f or ,25 ceata per aomtk. "S.HATES "" Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 centa. _I TIMES by mail vou can find the datejipjxj wMch JOB are TSnk addES^abeTon your paper. The date jw8l Ije changed witbia ~jt^± _·* ^_ ^_** __ _-^_" r_ « AAn t^^v^l dkift 1^1%^ *I\m AA a^flffi*A y» attejwrnoiiey' is received at FAMMANr BOUT IS COMPLETE Mitcfiel and Entire Fusion Ticket-Elected in'New York, .DAVID I. WALSH. Democrat Elected Governor of Massachusetts. HUERTflJT IS SAID, PLURMIWS $BOYE 121,0001 I : Gtty$KBrg,-J'%»!»s «econd-«Iatt matter, omd«rj ^ !e :, der ; For Governor, Carries March 3, 1879. BELL7PHOKE UNITED PHONE | G$atr»'."Square, Gettysburg, FiiuTfraiia. j THIS PAPER REIJRESEIiTEO FOR ,, . .ADVERTISING, BY GENERAL. YORIC AND CHICAGO Jtffe of respect, poetry and memonami;oM. cent per; Times tolcea absolutely ~np part injoMccsi, beuig'^air " ing that appears .in~6ur generarnews columns, cpncerouig "-"-- '-Imaushedjis byiXbe AzueriaaniiessAsaonSatioB, a ae news, to Eepublican^Democra4ic, ; Prohibition, or _ , Oar - I? s f y m^parnsaa. colamna ajy open t/» all candidatea of all. f * Jersey by 32,000---Democrats Sweep- · - ! Massachusetts --" Maryland Elects; ,Lee,.Democrati to U- S. Senate. J -New York, 2Cov. 6.--Tammany Hall! was snowed under "in tie city election] on .Tuesday, fusion. carrying all Defore it- John Purroy Mitchell was elected] mayor by a plurality of 121.209. El-j ward E- ^IcCall, his Tammany .oppoa-j ^, _ent,_early_ga,ve up the.figat and jse»t a; ." 7'glegram of congratulation to.MitehelLj , Fusion elected,-William A. Preadef-j gast "comptroller*-bj r , nearly«or quit6j 25,flOO plurality.-It carried George Ma-j Aneny into -the _ presidency _ot the! board of aldermen by,jibout, 50.000. -1 .The election , of, these three men · over their Tammany'opponents gave the'fusionists^tbe board of estimated _ ^ which controls the purse Strings of thej · photo by American Press" Associatloa. niunk-ipality'. In addition fusion candi-i == dates were chosen to the borough} who presidencies ".o£~~Slaanauan r Brooklyn!. ^_^_ and the Bronx, adding five to tbe total i jiayaer. and giving fusion fourteen votes to ( Emerson C. Harrington. Democrat, Tammany's two. « _ _ · is re-elected state comptroller. Bryan.Refuses to Confirm or Deny the Rumor. ASKS TRIlNGE!^fft:JEDIATE by Governor. Golds^ g the late Isiclor Tammany's only salvage froni the i Q_- jia grl ,{{ er penocrat, is re" Ham inUeConomy, Prop**. Trimmets 5 and JO cent Store. WILLIA3IJE. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical_work. -Repairs and supplies. 12- Carlisle St PHone 94-Y. j rout^ consisted .of tae borough presl-j c j ect:e (j clerk of "the court of appeals. ! Jencies of Queensland Richmond, j All ,o£ _the-six amendmeais to the,, pmfnor oSciaIs"in these boroughs and a: sta!e ^nstit-atfon are adopted. I fe-nr scattering assemblymen. . x ne ' MemoeraUc majority in the j The entire .Tammany titketjn Newj slare ^j, b more lhan 25,000. Blair j York county .(Manhattan Island) was. Lee j^^ae ticket in the city and in i , -- rrt* n V»*?»*vi*?«rrc= mnmTt] the- rU** fm'nrip 1 ^ .«^_ · -- " beaien.. The fusiqaists capuireu | county offices ,in.KJngs county (Brook! -yn) a_na,"theJBrpiix. Paris Wit! Not Act on Mexico's Pies Until President Wilson Announces Kis Policy. Washington, Nov. 6.--Secretary of; State Bryan -flatly refused to discuss \ the .Mexican situation in any of its j phases. . | He was asked particularly about one published report that General -Huerta haul made a reply to a recent communication from the United-States and Jje ref.usex3LAOrConfirro__or deny it. It is expected, .that the Mexican dictator will ,set forth his position as to his policy regarding vacating-the presidency. -.The scout cruiser^Chesfer, now at the PuUadelpJiia.naYy yard, was ordered to prepare to s,ail for Vera Cruz immediately- Tise Chester is not a heavy Sshting"_saip, but .swift and valuable for dispatch and Iscout duty. Of lighter draft than th.e big~ warships now at Vera Cruz, she w»H be-able to join-the smaller craft" Inshore. Secretary .Daniels explained that ^he dispatch of the Chester .was part of his plans to substitute cruisers for the hea.-.-ier-.battleshi|is jn Mesican waters, so that the .latter might resume prac- t'ce^ and maneuvers. The change, he said, would be matle gradually, as the cruisers are not available on the east coast -in any number. At-the army general staff office* was said that the only preparations EETRIGC REGIS SQ2RESPONCEHCC SOLICITED I The board er city will .Tii e ,D,eniocratic leaders claim.a ma- i or : LV jof two-thirds in ifae next senate for trpop movements being .nsade-were those for. exchanges of posts previously ITfcis matter must not be.reprinted - ous. special peraiisston-1 £K»pulati*n of tne United 54.000.000. sud iu this num- tifteen breeds :»r«- r-r?resected- Iambs not onH" improves their aypearaace, ,b«L increase, their a:arkot value and at jhe'saiao time dc-es not retard their gsowtb. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs ef Hews Trt«| tf the Happenings · and abttt Tmr» People Yisitmf. Here and Tbosi SoiouraiiNCBsewhere. - - . " :'.*tH~ *1 - '~ ; -' ' · - - Mrs.--George-^ji--Jkaiiffeiv-.has--re- turned to Newville after a visit of several days at jthe home of Mr. anMrs. IL A. 3Iyers on Centre Square.' Mrs. E- S. "Brook and daughter, Mary, of York; Mrs. JD.-B. Alleman, of Littlestown, and Mrs. Furst, of iNew Berlin, are guests at the home of .Mr. and "Mrs. W. S. ,Schroder on Baltimore street- Mrs. Addison Durborow, of ^Vil- kinsburg, is spending several days To produce the best quality of-wool, slieep :nust be hi excellent physical condition, and to bring this about abundance of pasture 1« -Where it is so a_raiii- er Ions, ueavy belt .«hoa!d be .used on :i ess eusiae. It gives a steadier motion and Acorns to adu-to»the.power. Kansas has adopted a "chinch bug' day." on which there is to be a. united effort to bum rubbish and old fields for i he purpose of getting rid of the with friends in town. . Mrs. George^E. Spangler, of -York street, -went to Hanover this morning to spend the day. Miss Amanda Sandoe, of Chambersburg street, is visiting friends .in Fairfield for a few days- George N. Eossmere, of Troy, X. Y., has returned home_ after visiting relatives in, and_ about town for the past week. ~ I -3Irs. L.-I- Hill, of Centre Square, is spending some time with friends in Newville- V.~I.c-n fr-.-rhrened or disturbed hens are .'aid to hold back their esss in the same -way tliat a cow will hold up her ·nilk. aiid under such conditions dead ergs are the result. Wfiile_they last- Very of Ladies" collars- special lot * .KICE Quii'Pricea^Paid for all --EABM "PRODUCE-Time* dftfceT Gettysburg. " CHAS. * --Fir* Proof Storage-Warehouse for PurEitnr* and Household Good* Ictored ; any length of time. W.-BC T1PTON " --Photopraplier-- of aldermen of the great-1 pn .j hoilse f dele?ates . a n-ajprity suf- announced. 'be controlled by fusion | ficientlv , lo ftnaW , , hen , ro over . Stare deDartment officials .ake the, · votes bv a majority estimated at-Sf-[ rf j the Woes o" Republican governor position that tne action of the French ! teen. " j Goldsborough. ' f ° relsn ° ffice in re - frailllns irOC1 mdl ' ' Tammany has.elected .19 of-the 23 j "coa'dy, Democrat, was elected to | assemblymen in .Manhattan and die. eonsTjess ^fro\nithe Third district, get- j Bronx. A year agojt elected 33. Of Uie« .;,,,, a ^'m-aiity of 52SS. i 25 assembly men in JMatshauan. and the; \icXatty. Democrats candidate for ! Bronx .who voted, for the impeachment J s j, er j£f Defeated Airfrechi, Kepablicati, I of Sulzef and stood for re-election sis: by 15523. j were defeated- j ! On the-basis of incomplete returns j ' it was estimated that the next-assem-] p.. rnTinUC 01 CACC bly will Tje composed of S5 Republl-j tttuHullO TLkAtfL S cans, 17 Progressives and 48 .Denao-j : crats. 3Iany.o£ the.latter jnere said to] be men of Progressive or independent; · tendencies. PRESIDENT WltSON cating whether it was disposed to mediate between Mexico .and the United States is another evidence of die intention of France to defer to the policy o£ .the United .States in the .Mexican? sit'iarion. France_vi-as among .the first A Brand New Supply. of .as -Enflorsinif Him. President "WTilson has swept Xew Jer-r sey. His personally selected candidate: for governor, James F. Fielder, o f j .Hudson, has won by a plurality of more than_S2,000 over former Governor i Edward -Casper Stokes, Republican, i with Everett Colby, Progressive, trailing along in the rear. That 7he victory is_a personal one. -Massachus for the president Is patent from Field- j friends he er's plurality. The asperate efforts re-| Cause in al sorted to bv -Jim" Smith, former Unu- Currency had b^en made js=ues tes s'enator, to .defeat Wilson in j felt that the administration's policies . JBlSnkets of every" description and at all prices from SI.OO up. The prices depending upon the quality -- but not a poor one in the lot. Yon Icnow the km^l yon have bought, here before -- tve guarantee tb's new lot to wear as sroocl or better. TheaewHSealgns and patterns are sure to please. ?Pfctsh^3tnd Water-proof RoBes JL -^afeD-proof robe is a necessity in winter weather. But when yon fony one yon want it to last more than one winter. Ours are mad*" for wear -- hard wear. Come to see theni- Washington. Nov. 6.--President Wil son made no official comment on the Democratic victories .in Xevr Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland, but told was jnucii encouraged be- n aH ihree states the tariff and of tne European governments to accede to rfap request to defer action in the Mexican situation until tbe Washington government had formulated and announced its policy. According to information reaching; ^tbe state department about 1200 to ploOO Americans remain in JNJexico City. Th«» remainder of the 5000 that iveer theer are now distributed among tae towns of-Torrcon, Monterey. Guay- amas and Masailan. Since -tbp warning issued by President Wilson ;n his last message to congress relative to the Mexican situation no new instructions have been_ .sent to these Americans. It is stated, however, that in the interval a few, who had left the country, have returned. Acting Chief Moran, of the secret ser-.Ice. has received word of the arrest at_El-Paso. Texas, of .J. R. Cored States the state-.have again come to naugbt-j liad been, upaeld. Old line politics has given way to the! His secretary, Joseph so-called --scholarship." bctt. an American, caught by the Mexi- Tamn itv nickels and onarters in Juarez, acro P. iamuity. i ^"-^« J - - . . _ . . Out, of twenty-one counties Fielder has"carried fifteen. leading Stokes the' cold comfort of six, with the lional tribulation of haviag lost own home county--Cumberland- ! was partic'tlariy happy that his home rounty, Hudson, gave Fielder. iJetr.ocratic nominee for governor of ;vew Jfcrsev a oveiwhelming majority. C.G. Bream, aiid'Stratton Streets Pa A WORD FOR THE GOAT. : Said to Be-More Wholesome Than ] miat FJTJITJ _the Cow. J 3V". Sneldon Bull of Buffalo says: jt^Sitb .a coapje of hardy and produc- !tive goats, boused in a cheap^-roughly 'coastrocteel shed and pastured on a ^common, tbe otvaer may enjoy great- 'er advantages from .an economic and point o* TJew than_ does the! s^s^ssor at a paiupered, p«15-: 'CO-K-* of Cae taost fasKosaWe Cougfessmer. ^generally telephoned their congratulations to the White ~. ,^-r-.-rf- Ho«se..attd Secretary Bryan, who had DEMOCRATS SWEEP BAY STATEj Campaigned :n Maryland and New Jer... I r-ev, expressed satisfaction at the re- Walsh Has Largest Plurality In H:s-j ^-^ tory of Party In State. j Boston. Nov. r,--The eiXeat of the; Democratic landslide in Tuesday's! state election ,^as not fully "realized ;m:51 after a recapitulation of the figures. Tnen it was found that Lieutenant Governor JDayid I. Walsh Jiad been ele-j rated_to the govcrnocsbin in a four-" cornered contest by a plurality of 53.- S31. This tfc the largest plurality ever accorded a Beiribcrat candidate for tbe ofiice. ; Complete returns give the vote for covernor'as :cllo-srs. David I the Rio Grande in Mexico. His plant was discovered in El Paso. The back of tbe average man who kee;-s r. flock of hens on the place neeus limbering up to the extent of sn,ieli:i? up tite. chicken yard^so _that c hoa way have a. supply of vrorms. The leaves make s. fine covering for tae rose and other bushes and should be saved for this purpose. If they are to he burned they should be put on the enrdcn. It is better, however, to let lie until spring and then spade or plow them in Germany a convention of scientists is jrffiag to give a fHorough Jest to divining rods as a means of lo- catin?: .water supplies and miaerals- Tbose who- have faith in th:s lon^ standing: superstition will now Iiave a chance to deliver the goods UNOFFICIAL TOTALS Road.Loan .Defeated .here ,fay Twelve Hundred. (Ker The comple'ce unofficial totals of the county in Tuesday's election are as follows: Superior Court Judge Aiccrs 466 Grim 1333 Henderson 241 Kephart -1253 Director of the Poor Eisenhart Oyler Gulden Jury Commissioner Whitcomb Haverstock Leas -Amendment No. 1.--Good Roads For 'lOOO Against 2234 . ._2601 .. 2142 ... 548 .. 2681 .. 180? ... 532 i useless to apply eypsain as a to correct soil acidity- for it is an scid and not an aika- hne cpnjpouud, its chemical symbol be' 4. -R-iiile.thatf.of lime is CaO._ is commonly^ known as while the latter is calcium.sulphai calcium oxide- Tae writets, table is naw,being supplied, with tnirpips from n. gateh which c solved until ,the .eighth bf has .been abundant ns. 35. bottae weath- ^Tbere moisture since ^\ er since :tjic,m;dfile of September has beea unseasonably ^ cool and has prevented the tnost_rapid growth. president already liau sent a Telegram io Fielder and dispatched To David "j \Valsa, elected governor of Massa'huse'ts: "My hearties* congratulation;; It was a splendid nc- :«ry." To Blair J,e°. Democrat, elected a United Stages senator in Maryland: "I f onjrraiulate IOH and the party most warrnlv Tn^ \ictorv was conjpl^t.9." · CVh"" p-ius^ officials saifi announce- on tiiese occasions ==ce snoiua not oe Qgjcg · _ " " ,7 f ' r h e ac- mllked dry. As ;i rule, this treatment complete returns give the vote for] " enl S ^,°"'7'?" 1 " ^j^-'^n of Toha .will cause any except a very rersi=t- COTe rT, O r'as :cllo-srs. David I Walsh,! ^ l ''~ V -J T , ". '^wr el'prt of "XPW entcow^to ^o dry. Occasionally, bow-, Deinocrat . 1So . 36S: Augustus S Bird.j ' ·'pr^.d"^"/WUsba mad P no com- «ver, cows arc found that are so dif- progress . ve 1^,677; Augusts P- 1°"; ' ;;,%-· . JrJT ^. -«,tum= ficult to dry that it is best to permit! Gardner, Republican. 116.014: Eugene' s " eiji ° l them to continue milking rather thasj «j p oss independent. 20.815. rislc injurin- their udders.--Kimbal! » " T Isiry Fanner. ; into Asks France to- Mediate. Paris, Nov. 6.--The French foreign office was asked informally by the r-Jexican foreign office., if-it -^as disposed to* mediate between the United States and Mexico The French government has taken the attitude tnat it will do nothing until further aavised as to the policy of the United States toward Mexico, and pen nothing which taight be tintvel- cotne- Firstr because taHk. the '-diet of many infests. cbSdnen and in of attorney general. "EarffestT NaHsTMWere of Bronze. | is another result inJque in Massachu- Xatls of tie earlier "nations were of seus political h.story. The.other Dem- bronze. The nail used by Jael ia MH-| ocratic state oSicers chosen are: tieu wooden tent pla.' tenant governor. Edward P. Barry; ing Sfsera "was a Up to the nineteenth century nails | secretary "jrere.iaostly forged;"tiie first cut"nails ' re-elected: c ^ orsemen£ o£ Pre sident "vViisoa of milk, j and tie j !y ty the goat- as tbe j tie size ,cf tiae gv» - --- -- i jind care are coas!d-J L. Is "groportioaatelT msch greater | of state, rxaak -T. Donahxie, :f, Frederick w.'» . Pope. 3 be- l l and Thomas Swift, Re?«biican. SPONGE FOUND 'IN- PATIENT Had Seen U'sed in previous Operation and Forgotten. Pciisv!13s=. P- , NOV. .F, -- A patient rece ; '. c 'l a* TTS Pottsyille aosp5t of another is ^saifl to ,be tbe raliest com r frroivB in the state.flf-Illinois tras the p.T=t season on n fr.rm near DoTrner's ftrove. It reached an -iverage height of seventeen feet ana ttvo inches. The com -svas grown from -coed furnished by the government es:- periiuent station nntl got from an old Indian mound in southern Colorado. RROBES qYSTER OUTRAGES Gov. Goldsborough Sends-Two Men to Investigate Complaints. Baltimore, Mci^ ^ov. 6.--The bum- lug o£ buildings charged to disgruntled oygxerraei: will be probed ijy the state. State Fire Marshal Myers left Eal- «5raore .for Somerset county where complaints have been made about the burning of buildings on the Anikera- essex river, owned by A. E Tull, of Marion. At the same time there have nsen complaints fee state's attorney of Somerset that oysters ha~e beeix stolen by natural bar oystermea frcsn planting grounds in the same !o- ca!ity. " Governor Goldsoorongh instrncted the fire marshal to take with hirti s city detective to investigate the affair. The digniry and importance of the Jsen have lately been established by a Decision handed down a couple of "veeks ~i"O 's tlie Iowa supreme court · n effect, the leei=:on is tlint hens are .not a nnisarice n== soaie animal' 1 that are allowed 10 ran at? large have bees: declared t" be If one wishes to keep liis neigfibor's hens out of his snr-d !.e mu=-t fence the ten.* away fro~n U i"«tf ad of trying to nersnafle his neigli- ::or to keep them fehnt nj at home. ATTRACTION .arge Colored 3IusicaI Comedy Company Coming on Friday. With Rogers and Creamers' "Negro Players of America" cavorting- about the stage of Walter's Theatre on Friday evening 'theatre-goers will taka advantage of the first opportunity presented them this season to see a colored musical show. There have been many changes made in the "Old Man's Boy" since the piece was seen at the Lafayette, New York, lasc June. A prologue lasting eight minutes has been prefixed, a piece of dramatic construction which has done much to make the plot more easy of comprehension. It has further served to make the lasx act more potent in its dramatic scenes as well as to strengthen the dominant idea with an atmosphere of consistency, uniformity and dramatic unit".--advertisement- - I.. A. Hi!? of"? Summit. of fifty isd«s= trho entered a roptf-=f for Isonors iu-tbe poultry «livi- ri«ii rt ilio Anj^rican Ror-1 ^tofk show rt i\r,:s!p Citv. in rclatlne her ex- M»rfs*n' e sn the ICnnsns City Star stale" 5 bos_one-hnlf acre- of jaml de-_ * STOCK COMPANY Xe?.t Week at Walter's Theatre Starting Monday Xight. Xo traveling stock company has ever given such a. repertoire of popu- lor New York successes as that ·which will be presented at "Walters Theatre next week by Miss LaPorte and her associates, opening in "Just Plain Mary", a rural comedy drama, full of heart interest and comedy situations, which will be followed during the week with such metropolitan bills as 'The Goose Girl," "Tess of the Storm 'onntry,"*"Dorothy Vernon of HaC- don Hall," "The White Sister," etc. Miss LaPorte pays in royalties -for these bills the average salary list of an average repertoire company.--advertisement votofl to ro5i1try raisins. She bas ri!^!!;^ p-'rf bred poultry for the past Ffi-.T-i -.enr-. and stntc.-s tliat sbe has r -7iTid it easy TO earn SSftO a year alxyre :ii3 pj-pnus'x. She fnrtbcr stares that Ti" ;Io = u^t devote to bor posTtry ars n-orase of more tlian two hours a day. JJ who had -e-. an 'THERE EVERY DAY Boynton. Democrat, ^as so close that -«wp5»a:. «, operated apon-and a long . aw a rard and a fcalf long si'lty to guilty g a local sTors of S4j,,tne Tae sroT:re nad been used for "pact. recount mar be necessary. ------ i The Republican grip on the legisla {Fnpils Perfect In'Attendance at Conn- \ ture was -weakenefl. The Progressives. j Second.'.because goat's mils: is-rich ! ' . _ - . _ ~"*~-vs, niore uuliiifeas an3 inore-essily ol-1 "f Jgested^tlskii -SOSF'S .milfc. Asiue Irora j '~'° * ' Republi 1 ^ive the nam* 4 01 the patient, bat say Progres- j ^he wyi rcco\ er. 2; Socialists.} -- ma3e slighs V/ftippinj Post and Prison For Theft. Wilmington, De3.. Xov. S.-- Aithoush = jury recommended Hairy C Moore. a youth, to the mercy of the court af Mr ne Jiad plea ty Schools. The following pupils -were prese; . x .., S5prei|, heavy gains, hold tbe ba'.-! :ng" tse pat,'at In a previous oper j an'ce of power.The senate stands: Re t atior:, but '"a^ been forgotteji and sew- :nt publicans. 20; Democrats^ IS; Prosres-' r-d ;sp. Hosr-nai authorities Esnieiiced -him to three .years 23 rnd to be whipned 1 ITo\v ros of "fcl and~therefore; unsuspected pow may himes. Feraita ililihimes, Bessie .ttc- T fbe^and'of{eiTis iaiisero1i3iy tuberca- Cadden, Alice McCadden, Willis Mc- J Cadden, and Roy Stock. These were all Ions. Pope Attends Public ""Service. ^ Rome, Xor 6 --Pope Pius attended vaijg f Or some time pnbhc ser%,re tor the first time since i_ "Drying the Cow. i The list .ivay .to ^Iry .a cow is to her, on dry feed siytHS only dry ^^-jiv jjay and -corn stover wita a f *very*'smalT amoujit'of ground, corn If necessary for seteral days. Tbe cow should be milked only occasionally to relieve Uif- pressure in the udder and Those -»vho were present every day of 'the past, month at Rocky - Grove school were Myrtle Waltman, Florence Rummell, Sarah Coshun, Katharine Rindlaub, Charles Lauver,-Floyd _Lauver, John Lauver, Reuben .Waddel, George Coshun, Archie Brame. Walter S. Dentler, teacher. Lee Elected U. S. Senator In Maryland j his illness 13 April last Cardinal Baltimore. Md . Xov. 6 -- Returns j cenzo Vanmteih celebrated ^a requiem ... _..____. _ . ection in Marj-landt on lae aniiersary of the death of show the election of Blair Lee. Demc- Leo Xiil. in the Sistine cnapel. Pope ! present the first month also. Rosa 31.! j rom Tuesdays election in Marj-landt on lae aniiersary of the death iRoutsong". teacher. ^»^A-«- *ia f^^f^inrt /\f "RI^IT- T.^^ TIOTV.^V! T^an -VTTT ?« +vi.-^ cse-ti-n** rian^l. P inadequate the mcns- somet3nics t.ikeu ny fir tbe safcsn.nrslsnir f»f live stock interests ngainsc disease i:; rather strikingly suowii in the writer's honie state. -The last session of tUo legislature appropriated §33.000 ty Sashes. for tllc purpose of eTuir*:ins: a serum " plant. In connection with this it^may 1-e recited ns n flatter of economic History that since that time in "one county' tied i of the state slone. Cerro" Gordo. the her»i:1 Tosses frois h ° s cnolera " are P"* at ~~ u , I fl.CGO,000. and for the state as a wUple It is fftir to assume that the losses of ^__ the past year will total between ,?50.- Despecado at .Eleven. j 000.000 and $70,000.000. It would seem Decatur 111 NOT. 6.--Clarence Fill- j as if an industry of tbe importance of - - » - ( . . - · industry of the state was en- more protection than that af- Invalid Teacher Kingst'cfn'. ^N .tie A. Ward, formerly a, "at Liberty, Sv .--Miss I through the heart, She had been an -"^ -- « , -, «,rt»-«a«r» I «-Kw KJ\«- ler, eleven years oid, but, a desperaoo '.j the ^ is under arrest for attempted m»'«r , tlt.ed to . - . e s . crat. to the United States 'senate u! Pius was apparently not fatigued by. of a companion. Fuller was in ja.. b» I0 rded by a glo.OOO - _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ · « » _ _ _ » _ _ _ . T · _, ff ft *^\T"OO I -- .-.. i . . . . . succeed Senator \VHHam P. Jacksot THE Ladies Bible Class of the Lutheran Sunday School, Fairfield. will hold a food sale, November 22, in Mr. Cunningham's store room. Open at 3 p. m.--advertisement the service. SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans" Restaurant. Advertisement United Phone.-- fore for st^ai'og a horse. To Freshen Vegetables. I "To freshen .green yegetables, ·· · · [ off .the ends, of, the stalks and all un- FOR RENT- 55 room house. Apply ( tidy, decayed bits and leave hi cold 153 York street. Call morning only- | ··» .and water for three _ ; cut or -four advertisement boars. COMING EYEN3S Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Nov. 7--Lecture. Dean ' Sonthwick- Brna Chapel. Nov. 11--Lecture by President Gran- ·ville. Brna Chapel. Nov. 17-21--Adams County Teachers Institute. Walter's Theatre. Nov. IS--Exhfoits. Boys' and Girls' League. Court House. NOT. 13--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lin- coin's Gettysburg: Address: Nov. 20---St-'Paul's A."5£E.'Zion fair ISTov. 24--Lecture. Dr. J/-H. -^ieling. Brua^Chapel- Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Javier "Hall. Nov. 25--Recitai. David JBispham. Brua Chapel- i CHURCH NOTICES The Eev. John L. Barnhart, of Christ. Church, Baltimore, -will-administer .baptism and deliver an address^ in St. John's Reformed Church, Fairfield, on Sa'turday, November 8, at 2 p. m. All are .welcome. The preparatory service to the "Comnvunion on Sunday, 9th in3t.,-\dll also be held on- Saturday.

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