Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 4 193fi ·SCANTY RUN BOOSTS SWINE PRICES HART STEADY TO 15 CENTS HIGHER "More Favorable Reports on Dressed Meat Trade Are Bullish Factor. -...CHICAGO. JF--The scsaJy run jot hogs and more favorable reports " from "the dressed meat trade had a "liullish effect on tie live market -.Wednesday and swine quotations -·ruled unevenly steady to 15 cents 'higher. Heavier animals and sows "advanced 25 cents in instances. The hog run was only 11,000. which fell 2,000 below the advance estimate. The early top was S10.70, representing a gain of a dime. Yes- "terday's average cost of droves was $10.03. Shippers paid strong prices for Choice and prime steers that sold at '"*11 up to 512 but all light steers snd lower grade heavies were weak. "IBest heifers were firm and sold for '. : J9 but beef cows were weak. "(·'...During last month cattle prices -·averaged $8.45 for steers and $6.75 "for cows and heifers. The steer av- ^je'rage was 2 below the average for February, 1935,'and ?1 under two years ago. Hogs averaged $10.40 against $8.55 a year ago and $4.35 iwo years ago. Fat lambs were mostly 25 cents lower Wednesday with spots off more.- Sellers held their best fed lambs around $9.75. Hog Markets Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Wednesday. · In spots 5 to 15 cents higher. Good light lights 140-160 $8.65-8.95 ,Good JIfhts 160-180 S3.10-9.40 ~ Good liKht butchers .... 180-220 $9.50-9.80 Good light butchers 220-230 S9.40-8.70 Good med. wt. butchers 250-270 S9.2u-9.55 Good mad. wt. butchers . 270-290 $9.10-9.40 Good heavy butchers ... 280-325 58.90-9.20 Gogd heavy butchers ... 325-330 SS.80-9.10 Good heavy butchers ... 350-100 S8.55-8.8o Good packing sows 275-350 JS.35-S.65 Good heavy sows 350-425 S8.15-S.45 Good bis hy. sows 425-550 S8.00-S.30 i Good hlR hy. sows 550 and up S7.75-3.05 (The above is a 10:30 truck nog market ' ior good and choice hogs. The difference In ' price is for short and long haul hogs.) CAXTLE. ·Steers, good to choice S 8.00- 9.00 Steers, medium to good S 6.25- 7.' Steers, fair to medium S 4.75- 6.25 .Heifers, good to choice S 5.75- (i._ Heifers, medium to good ..... S Tt.OO- 5.7; ' Heifers, common to medium .. S 4.25- 5.0( ' Cows, good to choice S 4.75- 5.{A ' Cws, fair to good S 4.25- 4. 'Cows, cutters S 3.50- l.ou 1 Cows, canners S 3.25- 3.51 'Bulls, heavy - 14.75-5.75 'Bulls, light S 4.00- 4. calves, gd. and choice 130-190 s 7.00- 7.50 1 Calves, med. to good 130-190 J 5.50- 6.50 Calves, Infer, to com. 130-190 $ 5.50 down IAMBS. . ' Lambs, .erod toicholce .... 70-90 .S 7.75- 8.75 *-iambs, medium to good S 6.25- 7.25 ·iambs, fair to-medium ...... S 4.75- G.75 'Common to fair S 4.75 down ' Yearlings, good to choice 70-90 $ 7.00- 9.00 i Yearlings, med. to good 70-90 S 5.00- 7.00 j yearlings, fair to medium 5 4.00- 5.00 »Culls S 4.00 dow: -Native ewes, goodxto choice ... S 2.75- 4.00 ·Cull ewes S 1.50- 2.50 iBucks $1.00-2.50 i Wethers. 2 years old - 5 6.00- 7.00 Wcthsrs, poor to best I 4-00- 7.00 -Buck lambs 51 less. No dork on lamas. · Quotations subject to market fluctuations. HOGS Koc prices ac midwest markets Wednejii: t.KDAK KAP1DS-- Good hogs 1W-160 lb». SS.SiiJ9.10: 160-170 Ibs. S9.10S9.35; 170-180 ^s. S9.35Sj-9.60: 1SO-230 Ibs. $9.65S)9.90; ISO-2JO Ibs, S9.60@9.85; 250-270 Ibs. $9.40 US.64: 270-290 Ibs. $9.20(8)9.45: 290-32! Ibs. 59.05S9.30: 325-350 Ibs. 58.90®9.15; good packers 273-350 Jbs. S8.45iSS.70; 350-425 Jrs. SS.25SJ 8.50; 425-500 Ibs. S8.05@8.30: 500-550 Ibs. 57.8508.10. WATERLOO--Hogs steady to 15 cents hither. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs. $8.55® S.S3: 150-160 Ibs. S8.80e9.10; 160-180 Ibs. S9.30ff9.60; 1SO-250 Ibs. S9.55®9.85: 250-270 Ibs. S9.308f9.60: 270-290 Ibs. 59.10@9.40: 2SO-325 IDs. SS.93S9.25; 325-350 Ibs. 58.80 J9.10; S.70: 35U-425 lb». $8.03 SS.35. 275-350 Ibs. $S.40fo S8,20(!fS.50; 425-550 Ibs. OITUMIVA -- 5-10 cents higher; 140-150 Ibs., 58.55 to SS.S5; 150-160 Ibs.. SS.STi to S9.15; 160-180 IDS.. J9.2S to S9.55; 180-220 Ibs.. 59.65 to $9.95; 220-250 Ibs.. 19.45 to $9.75; 230-270 Ibr.. $'.1.35 10 fo.65; 270-290 Ibs.. $9.25 to S9.55; 290-325 Ibs.. $9.05 to S9.35; 325-350 Ibs.. $8.95 to $9.25; 350-400 Ibs.. 58.75 to 59.05; packers. 275-350 Ihs., 58.45 to SS.75; 350-425 Ibs., 58.25 to 58.55: 450 Ibs.. $8.05 to SS.35. AUSTIN--Hogs, 5 cents higher; good to choice. 1SO-250 Ibs.. $9.50 to 59.80; 250-290 Ibs.. 59.35 to $9.65: 290-350 Ihs., S9.10 10 $9.40; packing so* to $8.75. ·s. good. 275-550 Ibs., 58.10 COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DBS MOINES, (ill-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--Combined hog receipts at '20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located In interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Wednesday were ^4,200. compared with 15,300 a week ago and 10,500 a year ago. Fairly active, unevenly steady to 15 cents higher than Tuesday's average, heavy weights very uneven, usually up most; loading slightly heavier, Quotations follow: Light lights. 140-160 Ibs.. good and choice, SS.70 to 59.35; light eights. 160-180 Ibs.. S9.30 .to 59.S5; 180200 Ibs., 59.60 to $10.10; medium weights, 200-220 Ibs.. 59.60 to $10.JO; 220-250 Ihs.. S9.55 to $10.05; heavy welEots 250-290 Ibs.. $9.25 to S9.90; 290-350 Ibs., $8.95 to S9.35; packing sows, 275-350 Ibs., good, S8.50 to S8.95; 350-425 Ibs.. $8.30 to $8.75; 425-550 Ibs., 58.10 to S8.60. i CHICAGO IJVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) v--CHICAGO, til-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS--11,000; including 2.000 di- -*«;t; unevenly steady to 15 cents higher than ·Tuesday's average; instances on -weights ·above 250 Jbs. and sows 25 cents up; closing "active- top, $10.70; bulk, 150-250 Ibs.. 510.35 f»o 510,60; 250-300 Ib!.. 59.80 to 510.40; 300- ·350 Ibs., S9.65 to 59.90; sows. SS.S5 to S9.35. *· CATTLE--9,000; calves, 1,500: choice and ·prime medium weights and weighty steers ·Strong on shipper account; such kinds selling "»t Sll upward: top, 512; all grades ot light Steers and lower grade heavies weak; heifers "tirm; best, 59; numerous loads, 57.75 to ^S8.75: beef cows weak; cutter cows and bulls "Strong; vealcrs 2fi cents lower; bulk of crop "tompriscs steers in killer flesh; best weighty Sausage nulls, S6.50; veaiers, 58.50 down. TM" SHEEl'--10,000; fat lambs mostly 25 cents *iower; spots off more; yearlings practically Absent; other classes weak: several loads "choice 97-99 Ib. fed western lambs, S8.50 to "backers; less desirable offerings, S9 to S9.40, including natives: holding best fed lambs "Ground 59.75; choice 95 !b. aged wcthtrs, *$6.60; most slaughter ewes, 54 to 55.25. "* sioux cm" LIVESTOCK *· (Wednesday Market) "* SIOUX CITY. (.T 1 )--(U. S. department ot "Sericulture) -- CATTLE -- 2,300; beef steers *%nd yearlings firm; largely on shipping ac- *£ount; heifers strong; cows slow, steady; *^ome bids lower; stockers and feeders tittle Changed; bulk fed steers and yearlings, 57.50 **flown: car lots 900 to 1000 Ib. yearlings S8.25 *%8.35: some held above $9; car lots 673 to "|25 Ib. heifers ..6@I6.75; few S7.40; most ^eef cows S5@6; cutter grades S4@4.75: -'common and medium stock steers S6.75 "Sown. HOGS, 3,500; slow; few early sales; steady *?o lOc higher than Tuesday's strODg close; "Setter '170 to 260 Ib. butchers 59.85@10; "fop SW: 270 to 350 Ib. heavies bid S9.60@ "?.SO; 140 to 170 Ib. weights S9.25@9.S5; sows *?8-75S?9; feeder pigs scarce. "** SHEEP, 4,500; no early action; undertone ^·eak; best fed lambs held around $9.50; "asking up to 55.50 on fed ewes. ,,, OMAHA LIVESTOCK ^ (Wednesday Market) '^, OMAHA, .B--(U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS--3,000; active to all inter- rO^tS; butchers, lo to 25 cents higher than .Tuesday's average; sows. 5 to 15 cents up; -better grades, 170-240 Ib. weights, 510 to ·£10,10; top, $10,15 to shippers on 180-280 Jhs.: medium to good, 170-240 Ibs.. S9.SO to -59.90; desirable 240-270 Ibs., 59.85 to S10: ·S70-325 Ibs., 59.60 to 59.90; fat. 140-160 Ibs.. ·59.50 to 510: bulk good sows, all weights, S8.90 to 59; stags. 58.50 to S9; medium to good stock pips, S7.75 to 58.50; average cost Tuesday, 59.63. weight. 251. CATTLE --5,500; calves. 500; fed steers id yearlings slow and steady; heifers active, fully steady: other classes generally steady; largely a fed steer run, bulk. $7 to $8.50, few loads $8.75 to 59.50: 1 load 1260 Ib. weights. 59.85, some held higher; heifers, $6 to S7.25; load 800 Ibs.. $7.85; beef cows. 55.25 to 56.25; cutter grades. $4 to $5. few $3.75; bulls. 55.50 to 6.25; practical top Dealers, 58.50, few $9 to all interests. SHEEI'--9,000; including 700 direct; salable supply: 2 loads wethers, 2 loads ewes, Balance fed wooled lambs, mostly killers: arabs sow, around 25 cents or more lower, asking steady; sheep steady; feeders unchanged; fed woolcd lambs, 59 to 59.25. bulk held 59.50 and above: choice ewes eligible up to 55.65; fed wethers held above $6: fleshy feeding lambs up to 59.15; extreme top late Tuesday on fed wooled lambs, $9.65. WHEAT MARKET CLOSES NERVOUS May Delivery Is Relatively Firm; New Crop Months Tend Lower. CHICAGO, (JP)--Relative firmness of the May delivery of wheat contrasted Wednesday with easiness of new crop months, July and September. Greatly enlarged Canadian wheat export business did much to stiffen the price of May contracts, whereas July and September were dominated by chances of showers helpful to crops. Today's export purchases at Winnipeg' were estimated at upward of 2,000,000 bushels. Wheat closed nervous at the same as Tuesday's finish to % lower, May Stock List Air Reduction 182 Al Chcra Dye 189% Am Can 128 Am sm Ref Am Sugar A T T Am Tub B Am Wat Wkj Anaconda AtchI3on % @ '.i up, changed to July May 89% @'/», corn 61 Vs, oats un- J ,i off, and provisions varying from 5 cents decline to 10 cents gain. 2 red sample CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. t;p]--Cash wheat. N $1.06; sample grade hard 99^c: grade mUed $1.00"-i. . Corn, No. 3 mixed kiln dried 61c: No. 4 mixed 5Sc: No. 5 mixed dry 57£r57',ic; No. 4 yellow kiln dried 61%c: No. 4 yellow 58'.i GT59c; No. It yellow SSMtSSriT^c: No. 1 white 59S@59-Ke; No. 5 white 56',4!959c; sample grade 471255C. Oats, No. 3 white 285?31c; No. 4 white 27 CJ27"'ic; sample grade 21@2S',ic; the latter heavy. No rye. Buckwheat, No. 3, SI.12. Soy beans,' No. 2 yellow S5i;, net track Chicaco. Barley, actual sales S7c; nominal teed 40 @46c, malting . r iOgrS7c. Clover seed $12.25(^19.75 cwt. Timothy seed 53.05 cwt. l^rd--Tierces, S10.65; loose, $10.20; bellies, $14.50. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 3 yellow corn No. 4 yellow corn Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding barley No. 2 yellow soybeans ... Ale 45c 40c . .23 J ,ic .25-35C 65c KANSAS CIT1- LIVESTOCK (Wednesday .llarkel) KANSAS CITV, (.T J J--U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS--1.500; no directs; fairly active, uneven, 5 lo 15 cents higher than Tuesday's average; top. 510.2.T. desirable 170-210 Ib!.. S10.15(i?lCI.:0; 250-300 Ibs., S9.85fi10.15; better grade 1-10-160 Ibs.. S9.S5 tjilO.15: sows, SS.50®8.85; few at SO. CATTLE--3.000; calves 500; slow,- few- sales led steers, yearlings and heifers, steady; cows strong to 15 cents higher;- spots 25 tents up; vcalers unchanged; stackers and feeders scarce, rully steady; choice 1315 Ib. steers, S10.40; good medium weights, 59; common to medium grades, S6.50S'7.50; mixed yearlings, SS.25; good to choice fed heifers, S7.S5(i?8.25; few select vealers. 59.50. SHEEP--6',000; lambs, 15 to 25 cents lower; early sales odd lots sheep about steady: top led lambs, $9.35; most sales, 59.255.1) 9.35; clippers. S7.405f7.50; odd lots natives down from $9.10; fed yearlings, 58.50. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Wednesday market) SOUTH ST. PAUL. ;.«-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--CATTLE--2,400; slaughter iteers scarce, strong to-25 cents higher; bulk plain short fed kinds, S6 to $7; best medium grade load lots, S8: she stock fully steady; common and medium heifers. S5 to £6.50: most beef cows, S4.75 to 55-50; few to SG or more; low cutters and cutters, 53.75 to $4.30; sausage bulls steady: weighty kinds up to S6 freely; stockers scarce, undertone strong. CALVES -- 2,600; steady; good to choice vealers, S7.50 to S8-50; mostly S3 down; common and medium, $5 to 57. HOGS--6,300; active, fully steady with Tuesday; better 160-240 Ibs. to shippers, 59.75 to 510.10; top, $10.10; 240-300 Ibs. unevenly 59.25 to 59.85: heavier weights down to $9 and below; desirable 140-160 Ibs.. 59.25 to 510: sows mostly 58.65 to 58.75; few SS.85; pigs, $9 to 59-50; average cost Tuesday. S9.60; weight, 2-12 Ibs. SHEEP--3.500; about a third of run fed tambs, balance natives; no early action; undertone weak on Iambs, steady on other classes: bulk fat lambs Tuesday, $9.50 to S9.60; load shearing lambs, S9. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, (,T1--Official estimated rsceipls Thursday: cattle, 7,000; hogs, 15,000; sheep, 11,000. H'EDXESJUAV CHAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, i.P.'-- WHEAT Hish Low close May fl.DOTs SI.00?; 51.00% Sept. 59-lg .SS', 4 .SS';i CORK-May 61'i ,fil .61!* July 6111 .fil .611; Sept , G l ' i -BOTs .61 OATS-- JMay 2STs .25-11 .2S a l July .28 ii Sept .28 RYE-May 57»i .57 U .";! July 57 .567.;, .riBvi Sep .56»4 BARLEY-May .43% LARD-Mar 30.62 May . 10.75 10.72 10.72 July 10.77 10.72 10.72 Sept ,. 10.55 BELLIES-Mar May Auburn Avlat Corp B O Barnsdali Bend Aviat Beth Steel Bordens Borg Warner Can Dry Can Pacific Case C * N W C M St P C R I P Chrysler Col G B Cora Solv Comwllh Sou Con Gas Cous Oil Contl Can Contl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd On Pont Gen Klec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear 111 Cent Int Bar Int Nick Can I T i T Johns Man Kcnnecott Kresgc KBW 1'ORK STOCKS Chining {u0tittlu"!i Wednesday. (Uy The Associated 1'ress) NEW YORK, l Lib 0 P 1 61 Loews 49 Mnytas 20 McKess Rob 10 Mid Cont Pet 20 Mont Ward 41 Murray Corp 21 Nash -'O Natl Else 34 Natl Cash ReK 28 3 Natl Dairy 24 Natl Dist 31Vi Katl Pow Lt 11 N Y Cent 37 Nor Pac 33-7 Oliver Farm 41) J c Penney 74 Penn R R 35 Phillips Pet 43 R C A 1:1 Kep Sleel 2.V Rcy Toll B 55' Sears Roe 61 Shell Union 38 Soc Vac 15 7 /So Pac 35- Stan Brands 16- S 0 Cal 455 S 0 Jnd 38 : S 0 N4 62 Stew Warn 22 Stone St Web 16'A studebaker Swift Co 24% Te.i Corp 38 V Tex Gulf Sut Tim Roll Bear 701 Un Carb S5 Un Pac 132 Unit Air 291! Unit Corp 7'.Unit Drue 141: U S Gypsum 309 U S Rubber ly?: U S Steel «61 Warner Fix IS 6914 59 174 95 « 23'/i 35% 77% 50 6!i 22% 17S 59 29 52 P 2 \~ 36% 14 la S15i 37 77 6% 29 li its ·tOTi 28=1 West El M f g 120", Woolwortb. Wrigley 77% CHICAGO STOCKS Wednesday Final Quotations) Cities Service Dexter Heilmann Br. Katz Drug KellosE Switch Libby McNeil National Leath 5S 12 1111 35 Natl Standard 40V Northwest Banco to 1 / Quaker Oats 13I"» Swift and Co 24 Swift mil 33 Utility and Inl 1 Zenith 18 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 1 DOW .JONES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utiis 3 p. M, 156.95 49.75 33.0- Total sales 2.230.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 10"-;, Keys St wire ya 11.57 1-1. as MIXXEAI'OLIS GRAIX (Wednesday .Market) MINNEAPOLIS. OT)--Wheat 84 cars, unchanged; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Its. 51.291iB1.40",i: No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. S1.27W@-1.391J, 58 Ibs. S1.25',i@ 1.39VS; fancy No. l hkard Montana 14 per cent protein S1.24%@1.26 ] ;B; to arrive Sl^SViffl^oS; B rade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 51.06 Is (O 1 1.131J; to arrive sl.OS',i@1.12V4; No. 1 hard ajnber durum $1.13rtzil.26. Corn, No. 3 yellow 61©63e. Oats, No. 3'white 26 : (£r2S.'!ic, 17 1 -.; 32 vl 27 It Humble Oil Co 2014 Lockheed 9»S Niag Hud Pow t% Nilcs-Bcm-Pond 38% Pennroad Cp 4;g s 0 Ky Co 21 Un Gas Co 6% Un Li Pow Co 4% Utll P LI Co 2% KANSAS CITV GRAIN(Wednesday .Market) KANSAS CITY, (.IV-Wheat--(s cars; % cent higher to 1"-1 cents lower. No, 2 dark hard, 51.13 to 51.18: No. 3, S1.13 to S1.16: No. 2 hard, S1.10U-; No. 3, sl.OSl'i to Sl.OSvi: No. 3 red, 51.07; No. 3. 51.05 to 51.051',. Corn--19 cars; unchanged: No. 2 wnite nom., 66-7J to 681^; No. 2 mixed nom., 66!i No. 2 yellow nom., 6S"i to 701-j; No. 3 nom.. 66-11 tu %SV1-; No. 2 mixed nom., 661; to 6Sli; No. 3 nom.. 64=;i to 67. Oats--3 cars: unchanged; No. 2 white nom., 29^1 to 30; No. 3 nom.. 26?; to 29. Cord Corp 6!i Marshall Field Kalarnazoo Stov 6011: Walgreen Co XKW YORK CL'RB Am Gas Elec 40!-; Hud B M s Am Cyanamid B ST-rl Am su Pow Co 27i Ark Natl Gas A 6 ASOC G El A l;i Can Jnd A Ik 11 li Eisler Elec 4 El Bd Share 18% Ford Mo of can 26% Ford Mo of Eng 9 NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 151^ Graham Paige Allegheny 3:s Am Bank Note 45 Am For Pow 8 Am Cry Sug Co 2-114 Am C Fy Co 40 Am Pov.- Li 9% Am Roll'n Mills 31 % Am JCctal Co 3-1 23"ii 9511 6% 83 33 Representative Sales REPBESEKTAT1VB SALES (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (3»--(U. S. department of agriculture)--Representative sales: HOGS Avs. Lights-Trice 22 164 10.40 10,53 10.60 10.65 AVC. «St. ieavy-- 43 342 28 324 22 2SS 32 237 ilediums-- 63 245 164 18 37S 32 186 21 191 Llfht Lights-1.10 156 159 BONDS and STOCKS should be A N A L Y Z E D Regularly We render this service FREE A. M. Schanke Company 208 FORESTERS BLDG, TELEPHONE 1300 MASON CITY, IOWA 230 22:1 211 12.10 1S15 3 3.',0 1271 ll.-fl 12S9 137S $9.65 9.7S 9.SO 30.00 10.35 10.10 10.50 10.60 10.70 CATTLE Heifers-32,00 11.75 11.50 11.00 10.15 9.50 9.00 S.OO 10.35 10.40 10.50 700 1250 1100 975 102.*, 830 Native Lambs-95 84 9.S5 216 SO 91 9.65 210 ·12 S5 9.50 Fat E 23 77 P.00 207 Fed Western Lambs-- 9 91 9.75 10 91 9.65 S7 06.9 102 9.50 17S 236 209 Aced Wethers- 95 res-- 112 128 151 8.50 7.50 7,75 7.00 6.50 550 5.UOO 3.75 fi.RO 4.25 5.00 4.00 OMAHA GKAI.N (Wednesday Market) OMAHA, ov--Wheat--No. 2 hard, SI.07% to $1.13; No. 3 hard, Sl-02% to 51.08^; No. 1 hard, $1.02 to $1.04; sample hard, 90 to Sl.OS'i. Corn--No. 4 white, 64; No. 5 white, 60 to 62; No. i yellow, 60 to 60',;; No. 5 yellow, 49 to 57; sample yellow, 40 to 50; No, 4 mixed, 57; No. 5 mixed, 56. Oat---No. 4 white, 23^ to 25. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanbe and Company, Telephone ISOO, Mason City. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Wednesday Market) NEW YORK. (X')-~U. S. bonds cioscd: Treasury 4 U? 47-52 117.3. Treasury 4s ·J4-55 112.20. Treasury 3%s 40-13 June 1QS.20. Treasury 3%s 43-17 107.19. Treasury 3Us -lfi-49 I05.6. Treasury 3s 51-55 103.27. NKW YORK SUGAR (\\cdne-ttlay Market) NEW YORK, f f -- Raw suRar iinrliansH. Futures l point higher to -I point? I«wcr. Rf- fmrrt eranufatfd will advance lo $i.65 at (he ft tonight. Bid and asked Wednesday: Cent St El 6 pet jjfd (525 par) 10U Cent St El 7 pet. pfd (525 par) 13 Cent St P L 7 pet. pfd IfiJi Champlin Rei la 7 pet, pfd .... 75 Creamery package com . , , . . , 26 Hearst Cons A 2-1 ',i Gco A Hormel A pfd ., 100 Ceo A Hormc) B- pfd 9S Gco A Hormel com I!) 1 ,Interstate Power fi pet. pM .... 2fi interstate Power 7 pet. p£tl .. 32 lou-a Electric Co 6 1 ,- pet. pfd ."in Io\va Electric Co 7 pet. pfd .. S3 la E!ec Lt Pow g pet. pfd .... 7l Ta Elec Lt Pow G 3 /i pet. pfd 75 Ja EJct- 1A Pow 7 pel. pfd .. 77 la Pow Lt 6 pet. pfd ...... 99 la Pow Lt 7 pet. pfd 103 la Public Serv 6 pet, pfd .... R9 la Public Serv 6H pet. pfd ,,.. 90 la Public Serv 7 pet. pfd .... 9fi la South Utii 6 pet. pfd 66 la South uti! 6}i pet. pfd 67 la South UtiJ 7 pet. pfd 70 Minnesota. P L. 6 pet. pfd .. 82 Minnesota P i, 7 pet. pfd .... SS Northern St Pow 6 pet. pfd .. 79 Northern St Pow 7 pet, pfd .. Si N, W. Bell Tel 6 1 /:: pet. pfd .. 116^ N W St. Portland Cement 23 Hath Packing 6 pet, pfd SS Rath Packing 7 pet. pfd 100 Sioux City G Elec 7 pet. prd 'SS^ United Lt Rys 6 pet. pfd .. 71 United Lt Rys 6.36 pet. pfd 72 United Lt Ry 3 7 pet. pfd .. 79 \YCPtern Grocer pfd S2 Western Grocer com ..,, S',TM __ 102 '* 3 i)if 305 91 84 90 Si '86 119 25 100 102 SI Sfi Am Ra S Co Amer Tob Co Armour Co Arm Co pfd Ati Ref Bel Hemingway Best Co Baldwin Loco Briggs Mfg Co Bendix Budd Mfg Co Burr Add Byers A M Co Calif Packing Caterpillar Trac Cerro de Pasco Ches Ohio Chi Gt W pfd CMSP i P pfd Coea Cola Co Com Credit Com Solvents Cont Motor 3% Cr of Wheat 37 Cudahy Packing 39vi Curt-Wrt Co A 3S'/i Dist Corp Seas 29 Douglas Airc 71 Eastman 2fi3% Eaton Mfg Co 32 i Elec Auto Lite 3:1 Elec Pow Lt 10;s Eric R R Co 16 Fire'ne Ti . Ru 30% First Na Stores 44 \i Foster-Yheeler 35 Freeport Tex 34 Gen Am Trans 56"*i Glidden Co 50-^i Gobcl 7 Gold Dust 20 li Gt Nortn'n Ore 201« 42'i 11% 18=1 52 Vi 62% 30% 23 35 Vi 50 ~ Gt Nor pftt Houston oil Hudson Motor Hupp Motors ?-"s Intl Carriers 9U 3ndust Rayon SO 1 .^ Kelvinator Co 20Vi Lambert Co 25 Liquid Carb Cp 38?i Lorillard 23Vi Mack Truck 35^3 Mathieson Alk 35 JTcK Rob pfd -WA McLcIlan Stores 14 Mex Seab'd Oil 37% Kinn, Moling Im 9 r :s M K T 8-11 Motor Products 37 No Amer 2S"a No Amer Avi S?i Otis Steel Co 19-?i Owen 111 Glass 162 Packard Motor 11K Park Utah Cop Plymouth Proc Gam Pub Ser of N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K O S'i Rem gand 22"! Reo Motors 7"i Simmons Co 26vi So Calif Edison 26 Spcrry Corp 21% St C K Si,i Telautograph Svs Tide Wa As Oil 18% U S Ind Aich 46U U S Sm-Iter 86 !i Util P L A Vanadium Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Western Myld Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck Youngs S T 14? 47 47% 21r.i 6« 25 17 93 31=1 17% 5314 Hides end Furs Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest HorseWdes ............................ ,$3.00 *GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Ibs. . .. ....._ ............ ........fttSc 25 to 45 Ibs ........... ,, ..... ,,, .............. 5C More than 60 ibs. ..... ................... 5c Bull hides ...... , ................. . ........... 3c ·Cured bides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) TUTORS U. S. BOXERS. CHICAGO, CrP) -- Johnny Behr, who went to the 1928 Olympic games as assistant track coach, is going to Berlin next summer fls head coach of the American Olympic boxing team. WOOL MARKET (Wednesday Market) BOSTON, \.! J .'-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--Greasy combing shorn domestic wools were x^ery slow, but quotations were firm and unchanged from last week on available wools, small quantities of strictly cumb- ing Ohio and similar ileeecs ot 56's, ·% bluo'l and 4S's. U htootl grades were offerctl at 11 to 43 cents in the grease. These cunsisted partly of old wools and partly ot early shorn v,-oois that were recently bought in the country. Miscellaneous POTATO 3IAKKET (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, LP. 1 --(U. S. department of agri- culuire)~Potatoes--90; on track, 23. r ; total U. S, shipments, 922; dull, supplies moderate; demand very good for seed stock, slow lor table stock; sacked, a cwt., Idaho Russet Burbanks. U. S. No. 3,, Sl-70 to Sl,77 ] /j; U. S. No, 2. $1.35; Wisconsin Round Whites. U. S. No. 1, 51-15 to SI.20; North Dakota Ked River section Efiss Triumphs, U. S. No. 1, 51.33: Minnesota Early Chios, partly graded. SI.15; Colorado McCIures. U, S. No. l, SI.SO to S1.S5; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs, U. S. No, 1, and partly graded! $1,45 to SI.60; Jess than carlots Florida bushel crates Bliss Triumphs, U. S. No. 1, few sales best 51.50 to SI,75; mostly SI,60 to SI.65 a crate, poor lower. TONE IS FIRM IN STOCK MARKET Specialty Shares and Some of Utility Issues m Advances. NEW YORK, (^--Specialties and some of the utilities pushed ahead in Wednesday's stock market. Buying in scattered issues was said to have been based partly on hope* of some traders that the proposed new national tax program would benefit holders of equities in a number of companies. The market pace slowed after a fast morning movement nearing 1 the final hour, gainers of fractions to around 2 points or so, many at new year tops, included Allied Chemical, tr. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Montgomery Ward, du Pont, National Steel, Seaboard Oil, Westinghouse, National Cash Register, Budd Mfg., Container Corp., International Harvester, Consolidated Gas, and Western Union. Late Tone Firm. American Telephone and Chrysler eased under profit taking and the- rails were' about even. The late tone was firm. Transfers approximated 2,800,000 shares. Foreign currencies · were fairly steady in terms of the dollar. Commodities were moderately irregular. Carrier loans and U. S. government securities advanced in the bond division. Although the tax proposals were studied with mixed sentiment in the final district, opinion as to their near future and ultimate effect on stocks were also diverse. Decision With Congress- It was not overlooked that the final decision on the president's revenue plans rests with congress and what this body will do with the recommendations was seen as a matter of pure conjecture. The graduated feature of the pro- josed levies on undistributed earn- ngs, most analysts thought, would )ut greater compulsion on those cor- jorations with the largest undivided profits to pass on income to their shareholders. Curb Market NEW YORK, u*r--Active demand for etaJs and specialties at advances ot 1 to 5 oints featured curb market trading Wecincs- ay. Aluminum company and Bunker Hill and iutlivan each added 5 points to their quoted 'alue. New Jersey Zinc and Pepperell botfc mproved 2, and gains of major tractions to nore tfian a point were siiown by Great At- antic and Pacific, Guly Oil, Pan American .invays, Sberwin Williams, and Singer. -Moat of the utilities were a shade higher ut the turnover was light. Bond Market NEW YORK, u^l--Rail bonds, with gains f fractions to a point or so. were star per- ormers in the bond market Wednesday, U. . government Issues after a quiet start hiJted forward in late moraing. Investment quarters said the higher prices r carried liens, particularly those in the ledium and low price fields, reflected most- y the steady support of surplus funds. Prominent in the advance were Baltimore Ohio 4 Vis, St. Paul 55, North Western "J.'iS and Rock Island General -Is. Steadiness in the government sector ap- arently prompted a renewed demand for orporate low yield issues. Armour Co. , Chile Copper 5s, Consolidated Gas 5'^s, nd. Great Northern 4 \^s, series "E" were fractionally. Northern Pacific 4s ran orward more than a point. In the treasury list the 2"is and the old vi s wore slightly improved. The government-guaranteed group was quiet and steady. As an aftermath of Tuesday's pressure talian 7s were off somewhat under continued neasiness over sanctions moves and ab on or private banking in Italy- Other for- ign loans were inactive and mixed. Produce MASON CITY-- For Wednesday Quotations by E. G. Morse "ggs, current receipts ........ 14c prings, heavy breeds ........ 16c eghorn springs .............. 13c tags, heavy Breeds .......... 14c :eavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16c "nder 4 Ibs. .................. 13c ocks ...................... . lOc 'urkeys, No. 1 ............... 20c jeese ........................ lOc ucks ........................ 12c Merchants Quotations 'ggs, in trade ............ 17-lSc* ggs, cash .............. 15-17c' utter, Iowa State Brand ...... 40c utter, Corn Country ........ '-. ,39c utter, Kenyon's .............. 39c utter, Very Best ............. 40c utter, Brookfield ............. 39c otatoes, peck ........ 30c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE -- These repre- intative quotations were obtained f calling several grocery stores. MINNEAPOLIS FLOtB nvrdnesilny Mnrkcl) MINNEAPOLIS, (.!', _ Flour unctwnred. Carloarl IO!K tamily patents, S7.10 lo 57.30 a barrel in PS Pound c«"on p-irks. Shipments. 24.1S2. Purr bran. S I R to J16.2.1 standard middlings, 51S to S1B.25. CHICAGO (U'rdnrRdiiy .Market) CHICAGO, . ; r--Butter--10..~G7. plcad.v: -ice? unchanged. Eggs--9,9(10. steady: extra ftrsls. local. 23. rs, 21; fresh cradcd rirsts. local. 21i!v, -ry. 23',-i; current receipts. 21'.-j. Poultry--Live. 17 trucks, steady: hens, 5 bs. and less, 22 J ,i; more than S Ibs., -0: eghorn hens, 19; springs, 24; broilers. 22',-j; yers. 23; Leghorn chicKcns. IS: roosters, ; turkeys. IS to 23; heavy white ducks, 24. lail, 22; heavy colored. 23. small, 21; esc, 19; capons. 7 Ibs. up, 26. less than Ibs., 25. ·Dressed turkeys, firm; old hens, 27; young ma. less than IS Ibs., 27li; heavy flabby young toms, 26; No. 2 turkeys, 22. NEW YORK PRODtCE (Wednesday Market) NEW YORK, I.PJ--Butter--11,472. steady; prices unchanged; extra (92 score), 34li. Cheese--19.S29, steady and unchanged. Eggs--38.939. steady; mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts, 2S to 2S!~j; standards and commercial standards. 26-Vt to 27',^: firsts, 26 to 26^: seconds. 25 to 2yii; dirties. No. 1. -12 Ibs., 25; average checks. 2-1. Live poultry easy; by freight; All prices unchanged. (WnlnrsOny Maria*!! PRODUCE FUTURES CHICAGO. i.T.-- B u t t e r 'mures Storage standards. Marrh, 30*;; Nov.. fresh standard. 1 -, June. "5. ftsrtr ffilrrrcs -- fiefrifreralor -''-""IsMs. 21'^; storage packed firsts, April, 20^ I CHAPTER 31 "Hello, Selwyn. Are you busy?" Marsh looked up from his work, as young Gordon invaded the library through his favorite entrance. "I'd like to be," was the unami- able retort. "The early morning is the only time I have left for ivork any more. If Wilma doesn't have the place running over with company, then she's making me do the honors for his highness. Thank God, they all sleep late. You've been pretty decent about taking that fellow off my hands," he admitted in a more gracious tone. "If you're looking for lim now, he isn't up." "I wasn't." Gordon helped himself to a chair and looked about the room. "How's your brain child com- 'ng on?" "Not so good," was the moody reply. Marsh reached for his pipe, sucking noisily on it, as he held a match over the charred bowl. "This deal sort of has me upset. Here I was, making out a fine case against Albion . . . now I have to take time out to be decent to a Scotchman. 11 "Cramps your style," Gordon sug- :ested. "That's it. The two don't mix. Phat fellow has me guessing He scowled as his pipe refused to operate, threw it aside with a petu- ant gesture. "I don't mind telling you, Sherm, I can't figure him. One hing .. . he's proved a pleasant disappointment. I supposed he'd be a damn nuisance, you know .. . trying o make himself solid with me. Instead, he acts as though I didn't interest him so much." "Yeah?" "I reckon I should be glad of it. e tried to draw him out, be decent on Wilma's account. Babbas is nobody's fool. He's been about a lot, alks intelligently enough. Some- imes, I almost like him . . . until he screws that cursed glass in his eye." Gordon laughed. "Yes, sir," Marsh continued, "1 ^less I'm no judge of his sort. What Vilma sees in him, I don't pretend to \now. And there's Dorothy . .. com Jletely sold on him. She raves by he hour over his foreign polish, ou'd wonder how she's been content 0 live among us savages so long. What's your reaction?" "0, he'll do," Sherman agreed in- ifferently. "If he suits Wilma, that's the answer. I don't have to marry him." "You're lucky," Selwyn grunted. "That's one subject you're rather sensible about, anyway," he admitted. "Maybe." "You are. Take the word for it of a man-who's been through the mill. What the devil are you looking so glum about?" "That's what I want to talk over," Gordon said, with sudden resolution in his face. He drew his chair closer. 1 wanted to talk about . . . Miss Dahl." "Miss Dahl!" Selwyn's hazel eyes widened in astonishment. Then I 'frowned. "What do you want to tell me"! What has she done ?" "Nothing . . . except to make me lose my head. She's the first woman who ever did . . . Irke that." "Good Lord!" -Marsh reached for bis pipe, rapped out the burned tobacco and began repacking it methodically. "Why tell me?" he demanded irascibly, searching his pockets for matches. "Here you are." Gordon held out a packet. "Because I'm on a spot. To put it mildly, I like Miss Dahl more than any woman I've ever met. It was like that the first time I saw her. Don't you see?" "See what?" The briar was sending out violent puffs. "What I'm up against. It's a wonder she's even decent to me, the wa; I've barged in here at odd times and tried to see her. I've even waylaid her on the road. What else can I do?" "You might try being rational." "Listen. She's the sweetest girl in the world . . . and proud as Lucifer. More than that, she's your housekeeper. She's no business being anybody's housekeeper . . . except mine. But here's the point. I can't call on her, take her places ... all the things I want to do. She wouldn't let me. That's what I'm op against." He left his chair and began pacing back and forth on the nig with restless strides. "Devil of a fix. Isn't it?" "Quite." Selwyn's voice was suddenly calm. "I take back what I said about your being sensible. You're a first-class fool." "Probably. But that doesn't help much." "And just what do you expect me to do?" Marsh's voice suddenly became querulous. "Fire her, so you can court her at leisure? Well, I won't do it," "Hardly. She'd drop out of sight then. I don't want her to do that." "Urnph. Funny thing. Life was pretty decent up to a fortnight ago. First, it's this fellow Babbas. Now, it's you. Miss Dahl is the first calm note that has pervaded Fair Aces since I can remember, it seems to me. I don't know as I blame you so much, Sberm, at that." "I'm glad to hear you say so." "No, sir," Selwyn continued musingly," Miss Dahris a fine young woman. She's pretty and refined . best of all, she's got more common sense than any girl I ever remember meeting. She has no business holding down a job like this. I can't expect to keep her forever . . . too intelligent." 'That just the way I feel about her!" Gordon exclaimed warmly. He paused in his stride and beamed at Marsh. "You can't blame me for falling in love with her!" "No," was the cheerful admission, "And because she has so much good sense. I can't see that there is the least danger of her falling for you. I'm not worried a bit." "So that's it." Gordon stared out through the nearest window. His- mind was filled with the vision of Thora Dahl as he had seen her not long ago. Astride a restive pony. Her golden hair blowing about her face with its shining blue eyes. Filled with the joy of living. And now . . . out in a hot kitchen, more than likely. Figuring menus with an Irish cook. And all for a lot of people who had never had to bother where meals were coming from. Thora Dahl ought to be out in belonged don. the sunshine where she with Sherman Gor- (TO BE CONTINUED) BOWLING WOMEN'S LEAGUE 1-2--Flnrimcl vs. Mickey Mouse. :l-4--(inlf und Country- Clul) vs. Diamond Brcnd. 5-6--1), K, Lnndljcrj; vs. Style Slioppe. CITV LEAGUE 7-8--TyliT-Rjnn vs. Decker's Office. I. Ryiin \V. stronc ... T. Clausen .... .1. Hoc J. Doe Aciiinl I'lns Handicap . . . TOTAL Pi.V.S COCA COLA 1st 2nd ..... JXI l!l» ..... 144 MS ..... l-l.-i 1113 3rd ts-.i l.VI 155 155 H'-MI I Ii3 1 3437 ! 164 S38 883 88(1 2591 864 Pliiyr I.. A. Aloe ... L. 1'. Davey . I. Doe G. Siiulers . ., C. l. Collins Actual I'lns H I G H D A V E Y i SON 1st 2t 171 15G 147 157 155 155 133 138 18« Mil 7!4 800 To. 501) 494 4«5 Handicap 35 3rd 173 I ill) 155 158 144 S.W MM 35 205 TOTALS PINS 839 835 893 3557 852 I'lajc B. Duncan ... I. Duncan . . . . 1-'. I-'crmnii . . . . \V. Duncan . .. F. Dunvttu A n n u l Pins Handicap ... KOZ1 KOB.VER 1st 2nd 3rd 202 2IHI 199 IH3 116 1.19 18!) HI9 180 ItiB To. im oou 17(i 55S 151 426 177 565 188 536 ssi; 9011 67 8"9 2(54 (!7 301 TOTAL PINS 953 976 926 2855 952 INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS Playerf K. E. \Vall . . . It. A. Thrlsen .1. Dickinson . R. A. Walker . J. Doe Actual Pins Handleap ... TOTAL I'INS 1st IB; 21)3 133 180 155 3m! 179 159 154 136 155 3rd 15!) 136 134 1 1 9 155 Til 5(15 ·198 421 435 465 703 2324 56 168 832 837 757 2488 I'laycrs-- A. J,, Adnnis . .. H. Bryant ·I, Docker . . . . . . . It. A. MacDwuild G. Senn At-liml Tins .. Handicap OLD TIMERS 1st 2nd 191 1:11 1(18 I:!" 141 lie Tn. lisa 4S5 181 82(1 108 Sill 244X 1118 334 IOTAL riA'S 928 Flayer- It. E, Payne .... C. B. Holland . .. N. -I. Morcland . . ·t. A. raslentnck L. B. Noltcrcike . STANDARD OIL CO. 2nd 157 137 I9!l 179 146 146 1.16 209 1411 3rd 171 167 124 145 540 455 845 416 510 Actual Plus 853 Handieap 141 828 141 779 2460 144 432 MRS, EICKMEYER, SHEFFIELD, DIES Early Resident's Rites to Be Friday; Husband, 5 Children Left. SHEFFIELD--Mrs. Fred Eickmeyer. died at her rural home, 3V- miles east of Sheffield at 3 o'clock Wednesday morning-. She had been in poor health two years and succumbed to complications of old age. Born April 17, 1863, in Ahlsen, Westphalia, Germany, she came to America In 1883 with her parents who settled east of Sheffield. She was married Dec. 19, 1884, and she and her husband started farming on the place where she died. Surviving are her husband and five children, Mrs. John Horstman, Mrs. H. A. Eroding- and Miss Louise of Sheffield, Mrs. Ray Fox of Hampton and Henry of Sheffield. Funeral services, will be held at 1:30 o'clock Friday at the home and 2 o'clock at the Lutheran church east of Sheffield, with burial nearby. Armour and Company to Call $10,000,000 of Mortgage Bonds CHICAGO. (.T)--R. H. Cabell, president of Armour and company of Illinois, announced Tuesday the directors had voted to call $10,000,000 of the company's 4% per cent first mortgage bonls. The bonds will be called June l, 1936, Cabell said, and are part of an issue of $50,000,000 due June 1, 1939, of which $37,813,000 are outstanding. Decision to call the bonds, Cabell said, was made "as part of our general plan to reduce as rapidly as possible the company's funded obligations w h e n t h e y constitute charges prior to the common stocks." Saving in interest, Cabell said, would be "substantial, and in excess of the premium and other charges resulting from redemption, and would simplify the problem incident to meeting this maturity." Central to Make Tussle for State League Crown After Beating Redskins PELLA, (.B--Central prepared Wednesday for its final drive for :he Ipwa conference basketball championship after bounding back :o the top spot ahead of Columbia by defeating Simpson ii to 40, at "ndianola. · The Dutchmen play Columbia at Dubuque Friday night and Luther Decorah Saturday night. Coach- 1/en Winter also has arranged to Jiay a postponed game with Columbia at Pella March 10. Central needed a 14 point scoring streak in the second half to whip Simpson. The Dutchmen were behind 25 to 17 after three minutes of play in the second session, but rallied to count 14 points while Simpson scored two. TOTAL PISS 9D7 972 923 2893 964 GALLAGHER'S PONTL1CS Players-- 1st 2nd 3rd Tn. H. Matter 165 152 174 491 182 175 146 505 156 Latnson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO -- Wheat prices opened steady "Hh some pressure t,n ,(u!y from larpc commission houses. -During the rest or thc"'ses- Rion prices held w i t h i n a comparatively narrow ranpe. There was buyinp o[ Way and selling July around 10-"i cents difference by the same interests who were active in these operations Tuesday. At one lime May and July sold close to 11 cents apart. No moisture was reported over the southwest. Reports from stations in central Illinois all indicate that the wheat in this area has come through the cold weather in good shape with practically no wheat back on the farms. There was a better tone in the Liverpool and Winnipeg markets, export business of the later beinp reported at 1,500,000 bushels with a noticeable pickup In trade the last few dayj. May wheat continues to reflect a firm undertone although sales of wheat out of this market today were smaller than yesterday. ~^ general opinion among observers is that most of the pressure for the time being will center on July and September futures. CORN--Corn prices steady today and there as some buying of May and selling of July by elevator interests at even prices. Out of cars received about 100 were sold on consignment. Industries in general boimht T but a lari;e industry withdrew in the latter part ot the session. From Illinois came t h e i n f o r m a t i o n t h a t f n e f)uc.=tion of pp?d corn w,is the one topic of r o n v c t s f i t i n n anvinc !hr f a r m e r s ami ur- l rm.rl.T arc brmR marlc n locate £,'wl seed corn C. Gunderson Al Gerard A. Eastman .. R. C, Seel Actual Pins Handicap . .. TOTAL I-LVS .. 15f) .. 151 182 169 289 1.19 8(14 2.1M D!l 308 Players-0. Bore W. lienricr . C. l)\vnn . . E. Junes . . . R. l-nncll . A c l u a ! I'i" Handicap ·ind 3r 171 179 165 l ! l l Tn. SCI .1-5 331 201 187 5J9 171 3:19 !II3 273.-, 88 2lil Vines and Troupe to Play Tennis Contest on Monday at Iowa State Gymnasium AMES--A professional tennis quartet, headed by Ellsworth Vines, ~r., will play an exhibition in State gymnasium at Iowa State college at ! o'clock, March 9. Vines, rated by many experts as he grea-test tennis player in the world, will be accompanied by Berkley Bell, Lester Stoefen and George Lott, Jr. Vines will show samples of his championship singles play, and Lott and Stoefen will play as a doubles' team. The latter were national doubles champions in 1933 and 1934, and in addition swept through the Wimbledon doubles championship in 1934, to annex the world doubles championship. Mrs. John Schuyler, 76, Osage, Succumbs OSAGE--Mrs. John Schuyler, 76, died Wednesday morning. She suffered from heart disease and complications. Mrs. Schuyler had seemed in fairly good health until the observance of her fiftieth wedding anniversary, on Dec. 14, but had been confined to her bed most of the time since. Surviving are her husband, an insurance salesman, and two children. George of Detroit and Ruby, a teacher in Milwaukee. TOTAL PI.NS . . . . 1 0 I B ftr,2 1031 2990 1000 CAGE SCORES By THE ASSOCIATED FKESS Central 44: Simpstin 40. Iowa Weslcyan 55; Uubuuuc 35. \Vestcrn Union 56; Pcnn 30. Muscatine Junior ' College 3t): Co Freshmen 28. \Vrtrtburp 43: Independence Junior icsc :7. Ohio Slate 28: Notre Dame S3. Kansas 51; OfclaJiomrt 26. Rlpon 31; Belolt 19. Illinois H'Miryan -10: Bradley 28. Carroll 32; Lawrence 30. St. Viator 37; Valparaiso 30. SOONERS FAVORED. NORMAN, Okla., /B--The Oklahoma Sooners, their 1935 championship team largely intact, stood out Wednesday as heavy favorites to walk away wtih the Big Six wrestling title in the conference meet which starts here. Little Cedar Girl Is County's Best Speller LITTLE CEDAR -- Ruth Loden and Leone Barker attended the county spelling bee at Osage Saturday as representatives of this school. Both are students in tiie eighth grade. Leone received first place in the contest. This entitles her to a. free trip to Des Moines April 17 and 18. She will be accompanied by County Superintendent Miss Rena Nelson. Ruth Loden took third. HOCKEY By TUT ASSOCIATED PRESS KATIOXAL Toronto 0: New York Ranpers 0. Montreal .Maroons 3: Boston 3. INTERNATIONAL Windsor a: rltlsbnrKh 2. Syracuse 3; London 2, Buffalo 0: Rochester o. CAXADIAX-A.MKRtCA.N Sprlnsflclii 5: Philadelphia 2. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION \\leliita 1: St. Louis 0. St. Paul 3: Kansas clly I. Were in Des Moines. LELAND--E. B. Buren and OJivei AlbcrLson were business visitors io Des Moines Monday.

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