The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 6, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1913
Page 3
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fi A E RiS Buehler's Drug Store (Old Stand) SATURDAY BARGAINS Big Reductions in Millinery $16.50 Ladies Suits $12.50 Ladies Suits $6.00 Ladies Coats $ i Ladies Coats $15.00 Ladies Coais $11. 50 8.50 3.98 6.98 9.50 Ladies /5-c waists L'-dies 500 waists Ladies $1.50^ waists Ladies $2.00 waists Ladies $1.00 ... waists 45c 39c 98c $1.39 75c Mens $1.00 Shirts Mens /5C Shirts $1.50 Mens wool Shirts Mens 500 fleece lired underwear Ladies'5oc Union Suits Girls 3 50 Union Suits 75c 45c 98c 35c 39c 22c Ladies $4 $5 Skirts Ladies $3.00 Skirts Ladies $7.50 . Raincoats Girls $2.00 2.75 1.75 4.98 1.39 Boys ^50 fleece lined Underwear $1.50 Blankets $2.50 Blankets $4.00 Blankets $1.50 Comforts- $2. Comforts 22c 95c 1.69 2.98 98c 1.39 Ladies 1.25 house dresses all colors Mens and Ladies $1.00 Sweeters $2.00 Sweaters $3.50 and $4.00 Sweaters 50c Sweaters 69c 1.39 $2.39 39c Girls $1.50 Sweaters 75c Underskirts 39c Corset Covers 25c Corset Covers Men's and women's 12 l-2c Hose 98c 45c 25c 8c I Girls" $3.00 Coats Girls' $5.00 Coats Quids'$2.50 Coats Children's 75c dresses Children's Si.25 Dresses Girls' 50c Aviation Caps $1.75 $3.48 S1.48 45c 89c 39c E-videiace by Telephone By EDUON WATERMAN MAN WHO MAKES GOOD ON LYCEUM PROGRAM There is nothing more irritating to a man than to'be accused by a woman, especially when some part of the accusation Is technically true. Being engaged to Clara Underwood, a. very ·|l»ions and lovely yoaisg lady, 1 felt it! Indrei Moson, Relatite of President, is Great Orator. When Dr. ^jjcfeew-.-JchnjEon, fonner- ly of Tennesa^e^SoW:: of .Piiiladelpbia," I sppears ia tivaci'tstyi one: of the Soath's Medical Advertising. I my ditfy . : l?elQr* mar-Sage not to. give ; K ^~ gUtgA ^^ ers f ^i be he ard. "up; certain amuseHieiits--a' friendly j Dr . jois-icon: Las held noted pastorates | game of poker, for,instance--but toj for the past" tea years'" "tlcing much ]· conceal sueii front my Saacee. It seeai-; lecturing eachvye2r ; b'ut new is devot- ; ed to me-that there irouM be no use ?Ing all his time to the Lyceum plat! In letting her know about them, for j form. He will lecture in pearly every FALLING HAIR · Is Easily Stopped; Also Dandruff and Itching Scalp--Use Parisiar. Sage. Since Parisian Sage, the renredy j that removes dandruff with one appli- j cation, has been placed on sale thous- i ands of purchasers have found that 1 dandruff "is unnecessary; that failing i hair and itching scalp, can be quickly j stopped and that hair v.-hieh is brittle, j matted, stringy or dull and faded, can be made soft, fluffy and abundant To everyone -who wishes 'to eradi-. cate dandruff, stop falling hair and! V*TI"£* o n «T»i 1 Tr»o*'*» l *l""alrAli»' /»!CK» r»i o/-*!·*»' -f IMXA ' once married, dowa and be man. 1 proposed to settle i state in the . Union ~ this season, his lighted users pronounce Parisian Sage; have an immaculately" dean- scalp* free from itchiness, People's Drag' Store ! agrees to sell a large fifty cent boitle · of Parisian Sage with a guarante-:; tf» j refund the nioney if not satisfied. It : j an ideal, daintily perfumed hair tonk. | free from grease and stickiness. De- ; a thoroughly domestic { subjects being, of a popular satare. l The story cl how he secured aa ed- the best, most pleasant and invlgorat-11 ing hair tonic made. I j What /was my horror one day when jj my bosom friend, George Brevrster, I came to ice and said: I -Great Seott, EiJSy'. What do you I suppose-that tattler, Madge Ellis, hfr« I been telling Clara about yon*:" 1 "\vhatr; 1 "Why. that you drSuk, gamble and ' have already" jilted four girls that she · knows of and as many more that she I don't ioiow of." j "You tlou't. mean it!" "1 certainly do." "1 wish she were a man; Td make her eat her words." "She Isn't a man and you've got a Sot of dip'onsaeyoa your hands." "What can I do?" Gw»rge thought awhile, then said: "I Uave it--tile telephonef" · ""What :o you mean?'" "At 'Clam's, home there :s a receiver upstjslrs;and one downstairs. You go to see Clara and send up word that you've come to explain Madge's allegation- I don't know whether Clara will see you, but if she does don't rry to explain by a denial: It won't do any good: prove your case by telephone. ·Station Clara, at one of the receivers and call up Madge at the other: then make Madge go back on what she has said about yon ·while Clara is listen- Ing."' "How can I do that?" "Don't ask me. Have you no inveri- tire power? Lay a plan. It you can. before you begiu to talk: if not. rely ou your wits and be guided by tvliat Madge says." That afternoon I called on Clara, sad I was half aa hour getting an interview. When I succeeded I told her that I -would call up a very dear friend of tame who would disprove the charges against me and. that I -wished tcatioa is inspiring.^,Ke -a-as left an irphan thirteen -years of age. asd own ' Positive Proof I r her to hear what "was said without the i other person knowing she -was Ilsten- j irig- She consented, and I started, the j game. .. j Kow. I knew -what neither Billy cor i Clarti knew--that Madge -was one o* the girls I'had Jilted.* That Is to say. i she had tried to rake me m_ and I had declined to be" raked. Clara went to the" receiver upstairs ana 1 to the one r do\TiistaIrs. I called, up "\Iadge. aiid the foilowiag dialogue : ensued: ·?Is that you. Madge r" - ''Yes. Who is.thisr" "I'm BiIIy"'3Ieredlfh." ··Oh-'* V"~ ' "Hotr 'Trouid-'you like to go to the theater "tomorrow night?" "The theater?" For some- years past practicaljy- 10 per cent of the eggs that hare been shipped to the "JCew "J""br roarlet have een cracked, and many of these have beea ua£t for food'use. An effort Is beis: made under the direction of the department of agriculture to put a ston to this big loss; "fay getting those whc handle eggs from farm to .market tc exercise greater" care and to design a shipping package in -which the breakage wili be greatly reduced. If nny rabbits have been breeding this season about the place it Is none too soon now. to begin to shoot or trap them for stews or fries for the table or for providing-a meat ration fo.r the bens. Allowed to live Into the -winter, these rodents are almost sure to raise hob -with the younger orchard trees or j with the raspberry or rosebush canes j to the garden, both of which they TQ\- tsh when the snow is deep and other green food is scarce- Those who have grown sweer p-^i toes for theSrst time this year should, remember that the tubers ought to be thoroughly dried 'out before being stored. lu severe potato storage houses a temperature" of from 90 .to 100 degrees F. is maintained until the drylne process-_is · conrpleted, after -which the tempferatnre is reduced to about 50 degrees. " " · ' · Some' shingle roofs' that the knows of are still giving very good service after thirty-two years.' It hardly need be said that' these shingles, which have shed rain and snow for nearly a generation, -were not the kind of shingles that are on the market today. "Neither were the pnfis -which were used iu nailing them on like ths shlagle nails that one can get today. "What would G-lara Underwood say?'' "Oh, she.wouldn't care. . Didn't you know that my engagement with her Is broken?" . · "Xo; Is It?" "Yes;.Clara broke it. but I have been for some time wishing to be free." "Why?" "For certain reasons?" "What reasons?" - -"Well;- I've- Tie-rer ~f elir'Tight about you. I didn't realize--but a telephone isn't the means by -svhieh to talk over"-"Clara Is a "very lovely girl. I wonder you didn't stick to her." "She has her faults.""" "Well--yes--some faults." "Such as?" "Well, she affects to be awfully good. « I don't believe she's any better than any one else." "I don't either. She thinks Fm a bad ""one. That's one reason -why sfaa broke wlib me. Did you ever hear that I drank?" "No. And I. know you don't, at least not immoderately-" . "Or gamble?""' -Certainly not.'* . "Or that I'm generally -wild?" ·'How ridiculous." ··Well, how about going to the theater tomorrow night?" "I have aa engagement for tomorrow night, but I can break it." "I wouldn't do that. I haven't bought the tickets yet m. see for a ~o"od rbanv weed seeds and I thrown out of an opening In the bark | , v hat night I can get them and call yon 0 i_ "J.T.- ^= _«· iC-l -7rt=«» tn th« «mrf:i-A of the irrouad. A 3jp atsun. Goodbv." Without waiting to hear her own goodby I hung up the receiver and waited for Clara to come dotvn to me- I feared that her Ire would overcome her discretion, but she controlled herself, and in a few moments I heard her footsteps en the staircase. She approached me "with extended arms, I clasped her in mine, and we stood for awhile without speaking. When she disengaged herself I saw that her eyes were moist- J ^ "The horrid^taing!" -were the first words she. utter^oC" "Ton-see'that'i'm.Hpt so bad as she painted me.'", ' ; . ,._·","...· - . ' . . - ' " "Why, do. you know the little liar told me you played cards for money at George Brewster's every Saturday night" "Did she say that?" "Yes, she did." What great things those telephone* are! i Should Convince the Greatest Skeptic I \ in Gettysburg. ! ! Because it's the evidence of a Get- I I tysburg citizen. j = Testimony easily investigated, j ' The strongest endorsement of merit. · I The best oroof. Read it: j j Mrs. Mar\- Ohler, 147 Hanover St.,! | Gettysburg, Pa., says: "I was troubled ! 1 by disordered kidneys for over a year.; i jly back ached constantly and pains j ·extended from my loins head. · · I had chills and dizzy spells and was I j bothered by the kidney secretions, j 'Dean's Kidney Pills were so highly re- } '; commended that I finally procured a! ! box at the People's Drug Store and | i commenced using them. A few doses I ] brought relief and after continuing the ! I use of this remedy for a short time., i 1 all svmDtoms of the trouble disappear-1 led."" " -- . i A WILLING COEROBORATION '· A few years later tvhen. Mrs. Ohler ' was interviewed, she said: "I heartily . · recommend Doari's Kidney Pills again i · and confirm-all I have previously said | about them. This remedy should have a j permanent place in every household." 1 For sale by all dealers. Price 50 | cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, ; New York, sole agent for the United i States. Remember the and take no other. name--Doan's-- EXECUTORS' SALE ON SATuEDA.Y. NOV. 8th 1913, A-. I o'clock, P. M. at the residence of _ Joseph Harmon, in 3It. Pleasant tov.n- j j ship. The following household goods will at oiiblic sa" W*^^^^^BI^i^BB^i^H^B^IBI^Mi^HH^UH^i^^B^^k^^^k^^k^^^^!^^^^i^*« ^^··^ViV-^WV^^V^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^jQ^gjmpM^^^^P j Anniversary Sale : AT The Hob Wepsellmg Store '· * * " - . - . - I - . ' '- _ - , - - " - ·" , . . · . j, ; ~., 4 ;;' . I ·- - "· ' ' - ' '· · ~ ' ; . ; ; ' · - ' . : · . · . - . " ! - - . . :.- i i:_j'i 1, 1 ' Saturday, November 8,1913 ' Is the last day of our 1 st Anniversary Sale, which has meant a great saving to those who have purchased at our store during the past week. If you have not grasped this oppor- tunity, do so immediately as the Anniversary Prices will prevail until Saturday, no longer. , H[8 Jive '1 H." G^en fFadins Stamps The Pictorial Review Fashion Book for Winter is Now on Sale at I DR. ANDREW JOHNSON. resources he graduated from his state university at the age of 24. If all young iEert could hear how he worked his way through college It Is to be doubted If they would become so eas- j p j ete v _ Idl be a di]0g , one'dresser., with the UT discouraged whea the read seems clones contained therein, several jaiK rough. .- . o f good blankets, wash stands and bow's, Out of Ms experiences "he has built pictures, six or seven nigs, two piirrors. a lecture--the only kind-that Is likely seven pictures, two rocking chairs, sev- to inspire--that he calls "Eli and j era! other chairs, window screens, four (jndepselliQjj Store "THE LADIES' SHOP" Dennis," which he -wDI deliver here. | ?ld *· table covers, jellies, and : trait ana many otfier =iaa!l articles. not j I here mentioned j William P. Wentz, Edward F. Wentz. Martin "D.Aventz, Executors It Is a lecture every. TOung man woman, snculd hear ; aiid_ a large tendance of pupils from the upper grades and the high school Is especially desired. Adults will 2nd mucJi In the lecture-for them-7?ltls.the kind j that inspires old as 7reH~as young. - - j 10 Carlisle Street. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His Kisses. "I. understand that Marie has re- At the Teachers' Institute Mondav. I fused to receive further attentions November 17.--advertisement "" ! om that ~ ollc = moslclan, Mr. Toot- · · j er." "Yes; she says playing the cor- If reports",a re correct. theriaLds lyins j set makes his lips too hard." along the seac-f--^ In Washington and j ' -. ; Oregon, "have a future as cranberry:j Worried. "j Beetle as Harnan food. fThere are two things," remarked j The larvae.of the heetle-were eaten Fogg, in a contemplative mood, "that! hy the ancient Romans.and today are I. don_'t understand- One is how the world got along befprs I came Into [ It; and the other, .how it Is going to [ ·get along after-1 nave left it" used as food by the people.of tha V."est Indies. In parts "of Germany also, large beetles are cooked ; and eatea In various ways. · districts. The soil and moisture !conditloiis are all that could fae I asked, -tvliile" the mild -winter 'tempera- ! tares give a' very favorable condition- Gape Cod. groTrers ^fho have : bougiit land In. the districts mentioned, havej started cranberry farms and are meet- J ing Tritn a large measure of success. | Cost Merer-Worth Most Waverly?' Oils Gasolines--Jlltuninants-- Lubricants--Wax--Specialties "Waverly Oil Worte Go- Pittsburgh.", ^^aS^ ; *jei"^ : K- B%S®S-S^!g! ^Wf-/Uf'?;a!iS:fg «^~^CS'g' ; N«Wife1 ^^"'AM^Sistie^i . :-sS*ia;sa?J^. . " L - ·""·-,, ^-.-i-^""'.-'--^.-^*-'---.-1 ' ^Pff.-'f · · - " i ".-"·...--""·i-v-l"'-i"-"'i. ·--v^-""T---S;";-_ft SSESS-;;; ^^.ASSKSg: ----.x^^ sp '^-*T'-i MSi v^.5SSs *fg gr^HKs-gsS^ ;*.;·· *i"fv -""»"- jt^jii- ^t. ·-vS mm One of the last jobs for a bright, xrarm day in the orchard is looking over the trees and making -way As soon as the trash in the garden, any borers : taat can be found, gets dry enough it will be a good Idea presence Is iadlcated by the to rake it up and burn it. "This will I sawdust-lik» excreta whlcli is destrov a good many weec. Tvill -also expose to the action of the I close to the surface of the ground. A elements and to the birds and poultry! sharp jackknife and'a trire or phablo a. good many insects of one kind and' Peeled twig are the only tools needed, another. -If .the garden has not been plowed In the fail for some time It ·would be well to plow it. This will get rid of a good many more Insect pests and will expose the soil to the action of the -elements' during the winter months,' which will be fonnd Iwsie As the ·wTiteT-tisiaks =bacfc,pa .his boy- hobd,days : ,lie rem«:rnbers\that he had a v^ry;-warm- spot In- his .heart .(or stomach'perhaps It was)'^fOF.the T61- man sweet It was mighty appetizing In the raw when he came in hungry and -when nicely baked "and dressed in rich Jersey creami -was fit for a king. SEEING THINGS. The tendency of the human mind to exaggerate Is quite laughably shown during a scare -which was,caused in a neighborhood pot far from where the Writer lives following 'the visit of two panthers, /whose tracks were said to have been seen In the soft earth of CKI- the scare was. at its-height and folks"! fmaginations were .in. nice -working order a couple of. light colored pomes with riders -astride had occusjoa to pass aloag the road near -where these varmints were supposed to have beea seen. Before sundown of the same day "While the past season favorable for some kinds of garden truck, the writer finds an exception in ibe case of tomatoes. Never has he picked larger or finer fruit from vines that.' -were given just average care. And ripe, fruit froiiv this same patch was sttll being used on the table on the iitii 'of. October. . ·,, . . i these two panthers were reported go- ba» not been h a man *^p%! ··£*ess*g Kl fSftS-^s^-iia? Ea^S^^j#s^ pvas^jtoisrsKi SJig.SaiJ^^'^-Sl pfeMf^wJi^"^ IMiil^i OSsifef^-l-sMsa fJ-;?*-*. m* mm reat iS; T12E RECORD OF SMI GBBEB FBI DAY Esc-f The Selz Qesiraers ^^ ·i;*^1 M arc of originators styles. This store pets all these new, stylish shoes first. ._ t Few shoe stores have such facilities for presenting the rapidly changing styles. The moment a new shoe or a. new style is launched, it is available for this store at once and through their perfect 12-hour mail order system, you get the benefit of new styles immediately -- while it costs mo more. That's'the sort of service you get from R EViirtiin «««» IIT?niUT:-*sK for'our catalogue' STMOHD aBfi MlliS Gettysburg. ts Ss!z Hyal Bisse 59 Store ssn 2®^W5r*^ ^-£^ PS S« the Right 6afc"" "Think of me as the sturdy oak and | you as the clinging vine, my. sweet." "Yes. But be a live oak, Clarence, dear!"--Puck. ®]

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