Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1933 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 7
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DECEMBER 30 1933 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 7-A ElksNewYear's Party Will Be at Ciubrooms New Year's day will be the oc- :asion of the traditional Elks party it the clubrooms for Elks, their wives and familiea. Both auction and contract bridge ill be played beginning at 7 o'clock ind dancing wlll'begin at 8 o'clock. Turk Ramsey and hia Pepper Shakers' orcheatra from Albert Lea will lay : for-dancing. Refreshments wJH be served dur- ag the evening. The officers of the adge arc in charge of arrange- nents. Key of F Sharp Minon relative of A Major. Bits About 'Em ' The Rev. A. W. Tandy of Fulton, jlo., former pastor of the Baptist nurch, and hia children, Dorothy Ind Bud, will leave Monday for lieir home after a holiday visit at lie home of Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Mar|ton, 710 Carolina avenue nort'j- Mr. Tandy will preach at the p.ptist church Sunday. iiss Edythe Brandt of Shaffer, |nn., is a house guest of Mr. and Vs. Artemas Brown, 225 Ninth jcet northwest. iiss Gretchen Carlson, 511 East ate street, left Saturday for Wa- jfloo where she will spend New tars with. Mr. and Mrs. Horace f°: . .. * . . ·Miss Florence Wattles, GIobe-Ga- Itte apartments, has returned om Sioux Falls, S. Dak., where she Isitcd friends and relatives over the plidaya. 1 Miss Catherine Webster will eave Tuesday for Grinnell to re- lume her studies at Grinnell col- lego after spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. fW.ebster, 8 Beaumont drive. V r- * Mrs. George Paschel and daugh- I lev left Saturday for their home in fjStratford after a" week's visit with :rs, Paschel's parents, Mr. and Irs. J. E. Williams, 169 Crescent ^rive. ' * ~ * Mrs. Myrtle Huffman, 125 Four- Iteenth street northwest, has return- jl'ed from Waterloo where she spent |the Christmas holidays. ' · * * Mis Mollie Schulman, 1025 West State street, left Friday for Chicago ([where she will spend the week-end I New Year's with friends and ^relatives. .' -. . ' . » . * · * . Miss Marjorie Berry, 1313 .Wash.- lagtuiy i ;a.yehue^iiJtthwest,. left Saturday for Sioux:Clty where she'.will ppend the: week-end Twith.Mr/ and s. M; M; Wolverton,- formerly, of tasori City. Miss Berry has just ·ompleted' a.three .years' nurses faining course at Mercy hospital. ,--.·» * ' * | Miss EdytKe Kropman, 325 Sev- hth street northwest, left Satur- ky for Des Mbines'where she will lend the New;Year's week-end. I ' · ' . · * \ * ~ :. · ' ·Bob Simon, 314 Fifth street north- last, has left ; for Des Moines to Tend New:Years. Copyright, 1827, by W. Scott Grove, Scranton, Pa. The eighth lesson of the series of twenty-four lessons of the home illustrated series for the piano or organ is here presented. The chord is given for the key of ^ sharp minor, which is the relative of A Major. When you have learned to plav t from this chart you will be able to accompany vocal or instrumental soloists without any further musical education. If you wish to keep the chart over the keyboard you may start at once to play accompaniments, even though you never played a piano or organ before. The method of using this chart is extremely simple, and presupposes no previous mowledge on the part of the pupil. When the twenty-four lessons are completed, f you fpllow them all, you will be able to play the chords of every key of music, and will have acquired a sound basis on which to build up' a musical education FROM Marie Mon Plasure's Beautte Shbppe ' !07'/i N. Fed. Phono 4158 |,Ve shall strive throughout 1931 :o give our patrons the very iest service, and highest quality work possible. Your patronage is appreciated at all times. HOME COURSE IN PIANO PLAYING--LESSON NO. 8 GROVE'S MUSIC SIMPUFIER is fully protected by copyrights in the United States, Canada. Great Britain, the countries of Continental Europe and their colonies. INSTRUCTION--Place chart upon the keyboard of piano or organ so that the small white letter D with a clash above it, at the bottom of the chart, is directly over the key D on the keyboard. The white and black spaces will then correspond to the white and black keys. Each of the three horizontal series of letters represents a chord. Beginning with the upper row, piny the white letter with, the left hand and play the three black letters with the right hand, making the first chord Then, m tho same way, play the notes indicated in the second horizontal series, then those in the third and back to the first, forming a complement of chords in F Sharp Minor. The first things necessary to become a good player are patience and practice During tho time before the next lesson, the chord shown should he played over ami over again until you memorize it and can play it without the chart. Memorize the letters also. You will find that before long you will be able to play simple accompaniments in this key to any melodies you or your friends may sing. If you wish to go further in studying, learn the fingering of the scales shown on the staff in each chart, upper notes played with the right hand, lower with left hand. Every triad in black leiter is marked 3, 3, 5. Always read it so, no matter iu what vertical order the notes may be written. Note that the small letter D with a dush above it must not be played. NEXT LKSSON--Key of E Major, tour sharps, every F, C, G and D mode sharp. MONDAY ;iks club-7 o'clock, clubrooms, bridge, dancing at 8 o'clock. TUESDAY iVotrmn's club board-9:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Triple T. club-2 o'clock, Mrs. C. G. Viall, 1033 Third street northwest. Friendly circle-2 o'clock, Mrs. M. A. Calkins, 723 Monroe avenue northwest. D. A. It. Board-Postponed. iood Cheer lodge-2:30 o'clock, Eagles hall. Chicago N. W. Women-2 o'clock, P. G. and E. auditorium. Unity Chapter No. 08 O. E. S-7:30 o'clock, Masonic temple. Women of the Moose-7:30 o'clock, Eagles hall. WEDNESDAY D, A. n.-1 o'clock, Church of Christ, Mrs. Volney Hanson, program chairman. Shamrock club-2 o'clock,. Mrs. J. H.-Lawler,-604 Madison avenue northwest. Delphian society--- . · . .2 o'clock, Y, W...G. A., Mrs. Seba Vail, "Elizabethan Story and Romance." Ladies' Auxiliary to B. of R. T.-2 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. St. James Lutheran Ladles aid-2:30 o'clock, church parlors, Mrs. George Dieckmann, Anna Boch- enttiien serving. P. E. O. ON-Mrs. Irene Webstcf,. Mrs. D. E. Armstrong, ' hostesses; lesson, Mrs. J. A. Van Ness. Our Saviour's Ladles' aid-2:30 o'clock, church. A. M. cC'and B. W.-7:30 o'clock, Eagles hall. Spanish War Veterans auxiliary-7:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Yeomen-7:30 o'clock, Eagles hail. P. E. O. DZ-- 8 o'clock, Mrs. W. G. C. Bagley, 938 North Federal avenue, lesson, Mrs. Cora Kotchell. Phoenician club--· 8 o'clock, Miss Jean Mickey, 501 Jefferson avenue northwest, lesson, Miss Florence Martin. THURSDAY Thursday Bridge club-1 o'clock, Mrs. Milton Bergland 1.14 Eleventh street northeast. New Idea clu!-- 1 o'clock, Mrs. J. H, Lawler, 604 Madison avenue northwest. Past Noble Grands-1 o'clock, I. O. O. F. parlors, Mrs A. W. Stock,' chairman, Mrs, WI1- This... MATHUSHEK CREATION NOW ON DISPLAY AT VANCE MUSIC CO. SEE VANCE IN ADVANCE 121 North Federal Ave. Its White, Mrs. Louis Wilson, lesson. lanford Ladies aid-1 o'clock, Mrs. James Pedelty; race Evangelical Ladies aid-2 o'clock, group 1, Mrs, B. W. Banker, 928 Harrison avenue northwest; Mrs, Fred Fewins, 424 President avenue northwest; 3, Mrs. Fred Urschner, 1021 Quincy avenue northwest. Vim, Card club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Dale Harrison, 1722 Delaware avenue southeast. . N. A. Health club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Dolph Miller, 701 Delaware avenue northeast. Get Together club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Gordon Nichols, 1935 Carolina avenue northeast. irummuet Northwest division-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. O. A. O'Green, 740 Fourth street southwest. East State Street club-Y. W. C. A., Mrs. S. W. Greebe, Mrs. B. S. Potter, Mrs. L. D. Graham, Mrs. A. M. Halsor, Mrs. F. F. Potter, hostesses, current events, Mrs. H..J. Bruns, lesson, Mrs. Alice Brown; music, Mrs. I. A. Barnes. B. and O. Circle-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Iver Christianson, 311 Fifteenth street northwest. Athenian club-Mrs. M. J. Fitzpatrick, 901 Washington avenue northwest, current events, Mrs. S. C. Deyoe, Mrs. D. W. Daly. B. P. W. club-6:30 o'clock, Htel Hanford, legislation. · Cosmopolitan club-7:30 o'clock, Y.'M. C. A. Sorosis club-2:30 o'clock, Miss Ida Stilson, 123 First street southeast, lesson Mrs. H. B. Hubbard. - ImmaniicI Martha society-8 o'clock, Ellen and Esther Landgren, 524 Twentieth street southeast. Fidelity Life association-S o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Olivet M. B. Ladles Aid-2:30 o'clock, church basement hostesses, Mrs. G. L. Wallace and Mra. H. Walker. FRIDAY Baby clinic-1 to 3 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Presbyterian circles-2 o'clock, east, Mra. J. J. Hawthorne; 2 o'clock, south, Mrs George Smith; 1 o'clock, central Mrs. George 1C. Davlcs, Mrs. O A. Rector assisting; 1 o'clock Forest Park, Mrs. C. O. Pasnau Mrs. A. C. Hagerrnan assisting 2 o'clock, west, Mrs. L. R. Mcu wissen. Century club-Postponed to Jan. 12. Church of Christ Missionary society-- 2:30 o'clock, church parlors, Mrs Ivan Barnes, devotions; Mrs. Ros Valentine, Mrs. Margaret Arm strong, lesson; Mrs. Ray Prusla music; Mrs. G. L, Gilbert, hostes with division C. Congregational Women-Church parlors. Baptist Ladies aid-2:30 o'clock, church parlors. Calvary Lutheran guild-2 o'clock, church parlors. Queen Rebel* ah lodge-7:30 o'clock, I. O. O. F. hall. Our Saviour's Luther league-8 o'clock, church. Best Wishes for the NEWYEAR May our business association grow in mutual accord and confidence. . POTTS, Jeweler 13 EAST STATE ST. TI7E ARE grateful for the pa- '» tronage given us during the past year . , . we are enlarging our studio, adding new equipment and otherwise improving In order that we may better serve you during 1934. Le Moderne Beauty Studio 213 N. Fed. Ave. Phone 3011 jeorge Novak Given 30 Days in Jail on Charge of Larceny George Novak, Maaon City, was entenced to 30 days in the county ill Saturday morning by Jolm C. hipley, police judge, on a charge of arceny. He was arrested about D 'clock Friday evening when he :ole a briar pipe from the Weed harmucy. He also had small ar- clca in his possession that he had aken from other stores. 'KESBYTERIAN Y. P. 'LAN SUNDAY MEETING All the young people of the Pres- yterian church and friends will meet in the church Sunday evening at 8:30 o'clock. An evening of fellowship will he climaxed by a watch night service at 11:15 o'clock. At 12:03 a luncheon will be served by tho committee. ·'· WATCH NIGHT PARTY St. James Luther league will meet for a New Year's watch night party in the church parlors Sunday evening at 8:30 o'clock. Ada Schmidt and Laverna Tuescher will serve. ILLINOIS COUI'LIO GETS PERMIT TO WED. ALLISON, Dec. 30.--A marriage license was isued here to John Theodore Fills, 29, and Lydia Anna Kruse, 29, both of Freeport, III. Rockwell Man Named in $ 1,000 Damage Suit Burdcttc Wilhile of Rockwell was named defendant in a ?1,000 damage action filed Friday in district court here by H. O. Crcmeens of Trenton, Mo. The petitiou alleged that Wilhite drove a loaded gravel truck out of a gravel p i t - o n the east side of U. S. highway No. 65 about a mile and a halt south of Rockwell and collided with Cremeens' car, damaging it so that Cremeens was deprived of its use for several days while it was being repaired. Roger Patton Elected President of Y's Men at Annual Gathering Roger Putton was elected president of the Y's Men's club at tlie annual meeting held iu tlic Y. M. C. A. He will succeed Allen Patton. Ather officers chosen were Ray Whorley, rirsl vice president; George VanNest, second vice president; Kenneth Waughtal, secretary- treasurer, and Willis Patten, Emil Koerber, John Simon, Bob Beach ,ind Jack Bulmer, directors. Read the Want Ads Bucket Brigade Puts Out Blaze at Geneva GENEVA, Dec. DO.--A bucket brigade formed by about 20 men and boys quickly put out a blaze on the roof of tho one story office of Dr. F. L. Siberts. A defective chimney and believed blaze. overheated furnace were to have originated the R A L P H B . G E E R TEACHER of Piano and Other Instruments The Foundation of Our Community The success of our community is dependent upon our attitude toward one another. A spirit of optimism.. whole hearted co-operation . . . the will to work--these things can bring to the good people of this community full measure of peace and contentment. Anticipating a period of enterprise and construction, this organization will at all times strive to improve and enlarge its facilities to better serve the industries and people of Mason City in 1934. Every member of this organization joins in wishing the people of North'Iowa a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! i Mason City and Clear Lake Railroad Co. F f ' · · ! · · ·-1

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