Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1931 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 12
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12 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 19 ·· -- · rJSBRUARY 19 ·· 1931 HUGHS READY-TO-WEAR STORE WILL OPEN FRIDAY ADELINE M'GUIRE TO BE MANAGER OF LOCAL STORE 10 Year Lease Taken on Building at 3 South Federal Avenue. The Hughs shop, which will open Friday at 3 South Federal avenue, Mil he operated by a Mason City girl, Miss Adeline McGutre, who for three years has been employed at the Style Shoppe. Miss McGuire has lived in Mason City practically her entire life and tvas graduated from the Mason City high school before going to'the University of Iowa, where she took a liberal arts course and was graduated in 1928. ' Operated by Angcrman. The Hughs shop will be a woman's ready-to-wear establishment and also will carry ·millinery. Miss McGuire stated she planned to place five clerks on the floor at the start, With the purpose of adding mere should they be needed later. The Hughs shop will be operated by the E. R. Angerman company of New York, which has stores of this character thruout the middle- west. J. A. Gagnon, general man ager, has been in the city the pas week making arrangements for thi opening of the store. The Angerman company has a 10 year lease for the store which is lo cated on the site of the former Gra ham department store. The estab lishment has been entirely remocl eted with new and attractive fix tures, all of which have been redecorated in jade green and ivorj trim. Millinery in Front. The first 25 feet from the front on both sides will be used by the millinery department. Beyond this for 40 feet are the compartments for ready-to-wear goods. Three fitting: rooms on each side are also provided. An elaborate triple mirror has also been provided on each side of the:store about midway to the rear. The manager's office will be in the'balcony to the rear. The cashier's desk and wrapping counter is in the center of the store. The equipment includes new lighting- fixtures and show windows, which have received special decorative treatment. The second floor of the store will be used for stock space. ' Rye Did Remodelling. The Rye Construction company 1 was the general contractor for the remodeling, making and installing the fixtures. The signs were made by the H. E. Farrer system and the painting and decorating by Honsey --and ' THOMPSON'S CIRCUS INVADES COUNCIL CHAMBERS The lumber.Svas supplied" by the L. A. Page Lumber company, enamel and wall paint came from the Davey and Son establishment, while H- C. Determan furnished trie electrical wiring and fixtures. The Ideal Plumbing and Heating company did the plumbing. SOCIETY NEWS BATH TOWNSHIP FARM BUREAU HAS MEETING At the meeting of the Bath township Farm Bureau at the school a two reel motion picture was shown Community singing was led by Joe McLaughlin and -the remainder of the time was spent in playing games. The women served a lunch which was one of their projects. The affair was in the nature of a farewell party for the Joe Steuart family which is moving to Mason township. --o-MISS GRETCHEN CARLSON' HOSTESS TO PHOENICIANS Miss Gretchen Carlson, 511 East State street, entertained the Phoenician club at her home Wednesday evening. Miss Dorothy Westfall president of the club, reviewed "Grand Hotel" by Vicki Baum. Miss Mary Stevens was a guest at the meeting-. --o-WELCOME CLASS TO HAVE INFORMAL PARTI', Members of the Welcome Sunday school class will meet for an informal party Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock in the upstairs parlors of the First Methodist church. The membership contest will be concluded at this time. --o-PETERS - CREEKMU R Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Creekmur, Rockford, announce the marriage of their daughter, Thelma. to Fred Peters of Henrietta, Okla., at the J. D. Williamson home. Mr. and Mrs Peters are making their home at the Occidental hotel, Eagle .Grove. Mr. Raskob denies he holds the mortgage on the democratic party. We trust he has not sold it to sonic innocent purchaser.--Topekn State Journal. Associated Press Photo ^ of the council he was pelted with eggs at a campaign meeting by a heckler inompson s ca% Divorce Decrees Are Granted by Clark . Two divorce decrees were granted by Judge Joseph J. Clark in the district court Thursday morning. Matilda Davis was granted divorce from Bernard Davis on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff stated she and her husband were married Oct. 30, 1928, but that the defendant soon afterwards started a course of cruel and inhuman treatment against her. Thelma Simmons was divorced from Emery Simmons, also on the allegation of cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff was allowed to resume her maiden name/ Thelma Luse. : . . ' ·'.. SIRENS SHRIEK IN FILM SHOWN AT LOCAL THEATERS Salvage Work Demonstrated in Film; To Repeat Friday Forenoon. In a talking picture which-opened with a burst of' music and a fire- chlef who strode before a glittering- studio curtain as a master of ceremonies, the value, of salvage work as done by modern fire departments was demonstrated at the Cecil theater Thursday afternoon. The film is to be repeated at 11 o'clock Friday forenoon at the Palace theater. It is shown free of charge. The showing takes but 20 -minutes. Fire sirens shriek thru the picture as great engines rush thru streets to blazing buildings. The scenes are real and were not set-ups, accord- ng to'those in charge. The picture, '.'The Municipal Sal- /ageman" is a fire damage prevention production sponsored by the In- .ernational Association of Fire Chiefs. It is being shown in cities whose fire chiefs belong to the as sociation and is for the purpose o educating the public to what -i meant .hy salvage work, those in charge declared. The picture was filmed in Los Angeles by the : fire departmen there. It took six months to make. Three types of fires are shown hj the film, the home fire, the fire, and the warehouse fire. A contrast between the feelings of a woman who returns to he lome to find everything in ruinn and the gratitude of the woman win returns to find her home in goor shape is portrayed. The protection of expensive ma chinery from water damage during a factory fire is vividly pictured The crowds of workers are showi rushing from the building as' the 'fir«. engines rush up the street. Firemen cover the machines and after the slaze is extinguished, the workers return to their places and do no mve to suffer a lay-off because o: factory shut down. A fire high in a huge storehouse nakes the final scene of the pic- .ure. The salvage men cover great jiles of expensive merchandise am save stored furniture by quick work Many details of the salvage work are shown. Only 25 per cent of the fire Ions n the country is caused by actual "ire damage, the master of ceremonies pointed out. HOUSE PASSES PHEASANT BILL Measure Provides for Open Season Under Certain Conditions. DES MOINBS, Feb. 19. ;p--The house today passed ^the. 'Durant bill which provides for an open season on pheasants under certain conditions. The fish and game department, upon petition of 100 farmers in ; a county, would be permitted to 'declare an open season on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior-to. Thanksgiving. The bill also would permit any farmer' or occupant of land to kill pheasants found destroying grain and would permit the killer to use the bird on his own table. Other bills passed by the house included: By Wenner, providing that the county pay the coroner direct for conducting inquests. _ By Rylander, providing that a petition for surfacing of county secondary road systems be signed by 51, instead of 20, per cent of the property owners in the affected dis- tricta. - . - - . The house committee on schools and textbooks introduced a bill providing for biennial instead of annual census of school children arid for a census of all, handicapped children. You see, it would be wicked to icense big bootleggers. The moral ivay is to let them alone and demand a share of their income.-Beacon Journal. CONGRATULATIONS- ON YOTFK OPENING Wa Snow the Plumliing Will JVever Give Them Trouble. Ideal Plumbing Heating Co. J514 Kondi rvulnral Avn. , Plionn 70" PSORIASIS Thia is a serious skin disease usually of a stubborn nature and causes no end o£ trouble to folks who are unfortunate enough to contract it. The antiseptic Emerald Oil treatment takes right hold with the first application ana good results continue daily 'till the disease is entirely eradicated. If powerful antiseptic Emerald Oil doesn't conquer Psoriasis Huxtable Drug Co., Michael Drug Co or any live druggist anywhere will return the purchase price. A Philadelphia man spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of Psoriasis--Nothing helped until he got Emerald Oil--soon he was well --again free from this stubborn disease. · Moone's Emerald Oil costs but 85 cents a bottle and it's so wonderfully helpful for other ailments such as Eczema, Acne, Itching Skin, Old Sores, broken Varicose Veins Itching Toes and Athletes Foot--It's a great home remedy. Father of Local Man Buried at Reinbeck Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Barker. 102S Second street northwest, attended funeral services at Reinbeck Thursday for Mr. Barker's father, J. C. Barker, 74, who died Monday night while sitting in a chair in the Masonic clubrooms. Mrs. George Barker, Colgate, Sask., Can., stopped in Mason City after coming from the Mayo Brothers clinic, at Rochester, Minn., and accompanied the two to Reinbeck. George and Purceil Barker of Virginia, Minn., and Ralph Barker, Duluth, brothers of Harry W. Barker, stopped in Mason City Tuesday while on their way to Reinbeck. The winter conference of the Cooperative Milk Associations of Iowa will be held in Mason City Friday, it was announced by M. W. Sproule, secretary of the Mason City organization. Representatives will be here from Des Moines, Ottumwa, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque,and Davenport. ESTATE MATTER PLACED ON LAW CALENDAR HERE Judge M. H. Kepler Hands Down Decision in Lang- shadle Case. Judge M. H. Kepler late Wednesday afternoon sustained a motion on the part of the defendant for transfer of the case of the Fidelity and Casuality company of New York vs. the Bank of Plymouth, F. G. Ehlers company, F. Q. Ehlers and R. Valentine, Gertrude B. Huntley and H. J. Ehlers to the law ca- enelar. The case involves final disposition of the Lrmgshadl estate which has been pending: in the local courts for years. Harry Ehlers, cashier of the Bank of Plymouth, which was closed some years ago, was administrator for the estate, the disposition of which has been closely identified with the Plymouth banking institution. §11,000 in Estate. As alleged in the case the estatn, totaling something like §11,000, was left in the bank at the time the institution was closed. As the bank paid only a small dividend most of the estate was lost, but the Lang- shadl estate, Mr. Ehlers and his bondsman, the Fidelity and Casualty company were given judgment for th- *·-*-' -· ^ -- · · ·· bank. Claiming that the bank at the time it was closed was a co-partnership and that therefore its partners were liable for its debts, the Fidelity and Casualty company brot an action against the Valentine and Ehlers families, purported to have been the real partners in the transaction. Later another action was started against a number of other Plymouth citizens, claiming- they also were partners inasmuch as they had purchased stock as part of a bank reorganization plan. Later the petition against the Valentine and Ehlers families was amended to include other alleged stockholders in the bank. It was, the motion of some of these defendants to transfer the case to the law calendar that was sustained by^ Judge Kepler. Not Held us Partners. These other alleged stockholders, aside from the Valentines and the Ehlers, were not held to be partners in the bank in a decision handed down in the district court of Cerro WE CONGRATULATE-- ON THEIR OPENING Are Glart to Have Reen Asked to Install the Wlrlne and Fixtures. H. C. DETERMAN SIR South Polk Ave. Klertricul Contractor rhone 804 CONGRATULATIONS-- to the SPECIALTY SHOP ON THEIR OPENING The and Decorating Was Done By-HONSEY SON nlfi North Jefferson Ave. I'hone (!4!) We Are Proud To Have Been Asked to Do the Remodeling FOR THE SPECIALTY SHOP We Congratulate Them on Their Opening Rye Construction Go, 5 West State Phono f)25 Gordo' county in an action brot against them by the stockholders of the bank. The stockholders' case is now pending in the supreme court. The outcome of this .action will settle the 'status of 'the other residents of Plymouth involved ia the case. Their contention is that while they purchased stock in the Bank of Plymouth, it was on the basis that the institution was to become a corporation, a development that apparently never materialized. F. A. Ontjes appears in the case as the attorney for the plaintiff. Senneff. Bliss, Witwer and Senneff are attorneys for a number of the defendants, including Oscar Field, Martin Field, Car! Field, Peter Field and Ole Fjelde. The firm has also put in special appearance for Gertrude B. Huntley. Breese and Cornwell of Mason City and William SaMsburg of Osage are attorneys for Albert H. Holroyd, J. W. Kraft, Henry Urbatch, R. J. McCrea, J. F. W ASH walls instead' of redecorating! Easily doneiftheyare painte d w i th Velumina Flat Wall Paint ·--soft, beautiful, glare-less tones! For any thing in paints or varnish, this is the store of helpful service. HUGH DAVEY*50N ,.15, SECOND ST S W Harman, J. H. McNItt, W. G. Plaits. G. O. Heinselman, Frank Johnson. W. H. Borman, Carson Howell, Paul Hvattum, Elwin Hodson, Ingolf Motland, A. p. Madera, Ed Madera, A. L. Heiny, John J. Brower, .Arthur A. Holroyd, Albin Cobeen, J R. Glaus, Jacob Claus, J. C. Cooper and Faye M. Cooper. Accident Injuries Fatal. SIOUX CITY, Feb. 19. juries suffered in an automobile accident Sunday proved fatal in a Sioux City hospital today for Ernest Wright, 58, of Moville, la. BAUME BENGU6 (pronounced Ben-Gay) rubbed well into the back, soothes the congested nerves and brings quick relief. "*» Ask for ^ ft Ben-Gay Accept No Substitutes Read the Want Ads CONGRATULATIONS-- THE SH.NS V _..i£ DONE BY^B. FAfcRER SYSTEM 141S South Federal Ave. Phone 202 \ OUR-Co ngra tula tions to the new SPECIALTY SHOP On Their Opening We Are Proud to Have Been Chosen to Furnish the Lumber. L. A. PAGE LUMBER COMPANY '115 South Federal Phone 48 Newest Paris Creations FOR SPRING HUNDREDS OF HATS TO SELECT FROM No Two Hats Alike Large or Small Head size Hats for Miss or Matron NONE HIGHER THRICE ·SOUTH FEDKRAJ, A V E N U E

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