The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1934 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 14
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FOURTEEN TAKETESTIHONY IN STUDER CASE Lany Dtlfetty and Harold Scheid Tell of Erenti Before Crash. Larry Dtlgetty, driver and owner of the automobile In which Lillian Studer wa« a pwwenger last Oct. 1, and Harold R. SCheid, who was rid- tag In the rear iwt of the Dalgatty car were called to the stand Tues- Say to testify in Miss Studer'i be- SSf in her $8,822.10 damage suit against Lawrence Matien and his brother Alvin. Events of Saturday evening', Sept. 90 and the following morning up to about 2:30 o'clock when the Dai- ietty car struck the MaUen autp- mVbUe in Central Height, severdy Injuring Miss Studer were related in tt lc" y io Dalgetty. he and Scheid had taken Miss Studer ana Helen Peatherstone of Sioux City to a dance at the Surf ballroom at Clear Lake and were returning to MMon City when the collision °c- Ct ?e d te«tified that he did not see the Mafcen car, which he said was MASON CITY GLOBB-GAZB1TE MARCH 13 1934 GaH Stone Colic i-aiW operation If posslhle. Treat the «au« 1» nSSbh. £U». ln«P«n«I« Say at home. Writ. Home Drug Co., 18-57 -- -- -- Hlnfitanolls, «'«* for inder money back guarantee. NOW.--Advertisement. Clip thl. out Student Special 15--«i5 print* sad 1--8x10 Band Painted In Oil Photograph for only $5.85 RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Ph. t»7* Bagley-Beck Bldg. STARTER GENERATOR and IGNITION SERVICE Central Battery Electric Company parked partly on the pavement with to tall light or warning light of any kind. He had just met an oncoming car, he said. Schceid testified that'they had «id three bottle* of "spiked" beer apiece during the course of the evening but had drunk the last of these at 10:30 o'clock, some four hours icfore the crash. They had only one- half pint of alcohol, he said, and drank it in the 12 bottle* of beer. BRYANllf "ULTIMATUM" ekes Demands Settlement of Labor Troubles on PWA Projects. WASHINGTON, March 13. UP-Secretary Ickes, public works administrator, said today he was pre- larlng "an ultimatum" to Governor Jryan of Nebraska demanding that ocal troubles over the Loup river and Sutherland projects be adjusted or public works allotment* for them would be rescinded. The secretary Baid he had rejected one message to the governor drafted br him by subordinates because it was not sufficiently plain in its terms. It was indicated the message would contain objections by the pubic works administration to modifications imposed by the governor in water right* agreements in connection with the projects. The PWA attitude is that these modifications might create loop holes for future litigation and be otherwise unsatisfactory. Asked by newspapermen if public works would send another representative to Nebraska to go over the matter, the secretary replied: "We are not going to spend any more time and money on this mat. ter." But Roosevelt's "dangerous powers" rest on the fact that 100 million people are saying: "Attaboy!"--L coin Star. How One Woman Lost 10 Ibs. in a Week Mrs. Betty Luedeke of Dayton, writes: "I am using Kruschen to reduce weight--I lost 10 pounds in one week and cannot say too much to recommend it" To take off fat easily, safely an3 quickly take one half teaspoonfii of Kruschen in a glass of hot water every morning before breakfast-an 85c bottle lasts 4 weeks--Get it at Huxtable Drug Co., Michae Drug Co., or any drug store in America. If'this first bottle fails to convince you this is the easiest GIFFORD SCORES REGULATION ACT Says BiO Means Refine tf Pabfic Manaf eaent of Private Pioptity. WASHINGTON, Uarch IS. JB-Walter S. Qlfford, prMfcMBt of tb* American T*]«pJon« and T«l«craph company, testified to th« mate interstate commerce commute* today that the pending bill to let up a federal communications eonunlMion would "* Uqwly pwce the power to manife in the commission M to set up a regime of public management of private property." Asserting that-the A. T. * T. "coordinates tile service on a national basis" of it* subaidlarles, be said "it Is not, therefore, merely a holding company in the sense that is generally meant" Qlfford amid the ·ystem waa regulated by 45 state commiMlona, many municipalities and the interstate commerce commlMion, in addition to regulation under the recovery and McuritlM acts. After explaining operations of the compact** M decentralised, he said: ·The injection of a commission with a veto power between these function*, a* this bill doe*, will dls- org«ni« the telephone buslnes*." ,cn as« PmtW Atownt HOOT. ut ioMtu* nM *M awon. Th«t.n«rin« MMal mWta *,« ·* smwrlBUMtnt (or Ftonnrj MM, «M *MIU« tor Jamn wrt 1IM, Ittwtra County Farm tot 1M«. WlH Drtwn Uetoata or 1*M, OTRMU of Poor (or Jim- C TM ' wan** tM 1M» retnilar taxes umtta aialnst Lot I I* Btlalnf 1 " rtplat t LOU 4. 8 art » M« OH w»Ul 1«.5 «« at Lot 7 and M ntt wtt by 112 feet ·outh of UK Northtast comer ot Lot 7 In tcaln tad X«uu no ot NW14 SCtt fee- Ion t-M'10, VUKHUM umitr contract by CallwHOt Xtar4on. Board lusptuiu tut 1*U rtiular taxti aaimnl naJnrt Lot I BlocK it M. * B. A. Vttlc-i tat Addition to Cltar lakt, low*. owned br A»lt Jontastn. Board apportions* tl« J»J» rttalar taxw i b«twetn tie W 1«0 fwt and On last 1M fot ot tract 5 Una Hill Acres, He»on City Iowa, as follows: W HO fs« I71S wd -niat, B 193 (Mt IT13 Minn* VT7INE RED ribbed crepe shot through with silver threads and with platinum- fox bands make up this stunning evening gown. It's worn by Claire Trevor, film player. The new high draped neckline is featured, softened on one side by the use of a clip. The close-fitting gown is cult bias from the knee down to give fulness, and ends in a slight graceful train. Real Estate Transfers Robertson, J. M., Sheriff, to M. C. Shaible, $2,070.73, beginning at SB corner L 9 in Emsley ani Adams Sub. of NE SW 9-96-20, W 8 rods, N 8 rod*, B 8 rods, S 8 rod* to beginning, M. C. March 10, 1934 Robertson, J. M., Sheriff, to Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S., $13,338.30, SW 35-9521. Feb. 27, 1934. Robertson, J. M., Sheriff, to National Life Company, $9,988.86, NEGRO HELD IN ADLER ATTEMPT Theater Employe Arrested as Fonrth Snspect in Kidnap Attempt CHICAQO, MtMClX 18. U--A. Negro tbotter employe w*i ciM by the police today M the »u»pectef fourth man in th« attempted kid naplng rectntly ot BmanueL f. Ad l«r, Davenport publisher and banker After bit arrett the ftate'i attorney announced he pocvewed full details of the plot to abduct the new«- paper owner from hi* hotel room to a perforated trunk. The suspect arreited today Edward Kendredce. Sergt Thomas Kelly, directing- the investigation of the kidnaping eon. gplracy, iatd he had made a con- fewlon tallying in minutest detail with a statement taken yesterday- from George Wolf, who had been captured at Racine, Wl». Charles Mayo of Alabama hanged himself in his cell at a Chicago police station the day after he "confessed his part in th* plot, and James t*cy, Implicated by Mayo, was captured about the same time. He Is still held on a charge of at- Board Proceedings Board nt April 10th at 1:10 o'clock P. X. aa the day and hour to receive and «oo- alder bids for the conatrueuon of XHvlalon No. J of PWA Oradtng Project, Federal Reference Docket No. 4717. Board approved the mnpenalen of U» 1M3 rtjalar tales atacwtd aiS4Mt_ tot « nloek H North Mara CHr own*) by John C. Valentin and hit penxmal taxt* aM bead tax atatwM at 1411 H. Finn. Av«. Board approved the suspension ««tb* l»M tain asstastd against lot I «it«pt the K. M.*6 feet, l» the sab of lots 1 and J in mb ot On 1EH OK and all touts ot Karaa It 1» tot 7 I» U» ton «f U* ·rB~slk"s«SoB"4-M-» ownad by I*ra Olbbi Stewart. Board apHMYrt thl iuapnwlon of tfc lait half ot tba 1M3 rapilar tax aod all of the 1M» nfOtt tax anautd atalwt lot M block 7 Brtei and OKI St. Ry. Addition to JCaios City, «wi«d by J. «. Dallat and appnmd UM inastBiloB ot nla 1MJ naad tax. Board appro-nd tha «if«iiilon of tjt 1MI mular taxM aaikned afaln.1 tM lonowlu daacrlbid pronrty O»B«I by Ai- tou DIMarco: B«xlB«lB( at a ·«« .f tte l«tr««Uon of t» «nith Ba« of l»th 8t NW. and tM mat UM of Jackrra It, a- t»«d»d, tn Kaion City. rnBnlng tttno ««t H f«rt, tMact aoulh parallel to wert Bn« ot Jadtwn St. utndtd I« t. dlttanct oJ 1M £«t, thtnet «a«t to mat nne ot Jaek- aon St. axtendtd, U»BC« north ate«t tot ·weit line of Jacluoa St. aitrnded to point of Mslnnlnx. Board apprsnl tM iuiDtnalon ot tM 1*11 Btrwnal property anamtnt aimtcd atalnit Alfou plUarco and hl Head tax anuMd IB ttd mrd. Maion City. Board approwa the raipenslon of ttw 1133 niular !»»«· aneiied agalnit lot t bteek I, Partttr and Toulon Addition to Muon CHy oirned br Maud Oarland. on motion ot Supenri-or Boot, .eeoBded by suptrrtior OlMon, the followlnf Wlla aialBit the county i«r» approirM and a- loVed, and the county auditor was. Inelnict- fd to draw warraBU In psyment thereof. Hotion carried. Ayu, Suserrliora Patton, Olbfon and Jloot. «ay« none: Allt», ¥». A«na, rent t safest and surest way to lose fat-- MarchTwenty-first Officially that's spring SPRING'S not officially here till the twenty-first, but on many recent days you've said--"It won't be long now." Already you can picture the gay wild-flowers, though weeks may pass before they bloom. You haven't seen one infant leaf, yet you can vision the rustle of soft winds in full*foliaged trees. Even if you could not feel the warming sun you would still know from the advertising columns of this newspaper that Spring is near. For these are the modern shopper's calendar, timely always, fraught now with the things you want and should have before the twenty-first. Your desire for a change in hats, shoes and clothing, in style, color or weight of fabric, is as natural as the change in seasons. Gratify it--and let these advertisements help you, with assurance that the merchandise they offer is dependable, priced right, and quite "official" for Spring. Fiord County. ro»d «·« Forehand. Ma. can *·« Fnlltlton l*r. Co., aWmond, ftttl M.30 FBUtrton Lor. Co.. Brttt, luel .. 13.50 Fun*. Hrt. T. D., cart, rent »*·« FKk«, Ow., B. of '5 Forest Par* Oroc., provisions M.J5 Funwton, M. 3. animals killed ... 7.00 Farmers Co-op. Co., C. L., road J«." ranaara Co-op. Co., Ply., nitl .. W.70 Farmers Lor. Co.. C. L.. futl .... 110.1J Flrat National Co., inttrasl 3M.«S ranntrt Co-op da* st Oil. road .. tk.lT rtkkm, NtlH«, «Jlowa»ca 5-00 FIscMr. Varals. mIKmaiic* '. 5-00 Flarup. B. A., provision 3».«s oardnr Furnace Co.. repair jail .. Carver, D. B.. rant 7.00 Oarrty, J. F. Co.. npalr 1M Gentry, AMct, rent 4.W OlbM-Cook Tractor * »«ulp.. road M7.W OllMrt. Mn. Korritn, can poor .. 7.50 Qlldntr Bro... cloUUnt «·«» OJtrUon Food Marktl, provuions J.80 GianrUla Bros., proTlalom 3!.«| Olauon. w. K., aaaesav GUM-Gttattt. putllcatlons Orlpptn, D. W. Co.. iHMrtltt GttMbtri, L. R., mad Gantilt. Oto., re«t GlDn * Co.. school books Glow Machinery * Supply Co., «up- pllet Gant, Lucy, rent Garfln one., provisions Glldner Bros., clothing Grupp. Carl Varktt. provisions .... Grtppen, D. W., provisions Oloton, W. D., supervisor Harris, Dan. road Huffman. Mrs. W. C.. cart poor.. Haas, JCdna, care poor Halverson, Albert, rent Hamblln, H., assessor Hanson, M. A., registrar Harrington. Mrs. Will, care Juvenile Hawkeyt Sup. It Ufi. Co., supplies Heffner, J. K.. KfC Heilud, Ben, nnt · Htlf*n, Ida, rtnt Keller, A. C.. rent Henry, William, RFC Hermanson Bros., provisions Hlnton, Florence, rtnt Hinton, airs. JSisle. nnt HoMin. T. J., rent Holraan, Mrs. C. A., rant Holy Cross sanatorium, care poor Hubacher. jr. F., aalmala Wll«4 ... Hunt, Mri. L. A., care poor Hattnaon. ·"·· Klclt ' ·«·"* polr - · Haaatn, Ohit T. Co.. jrovUlons ... Hendy, Laura, allowance Holvik, C. A., rtnt Houihtoo MUfUn Co.. KhoM boolca Hull, F. K.. provisions Hardman, Ralph, rent Sinie, C. C., rent Roman, C. A., rtnt Howard, Vtrn. aherttfa ear Hone Ike* Gnetry, provisions ... Hancock. Jena, Hut. Ins. Co., road Inc. Tom or Swmltdale, road I. 0. A. «to«. K. C., pronslons.. I. G. A. *tort. C. L., pnvlalons... Inter»aUon«l Harvattar Co., road.. Iowa Shot Brokerai' Co-, clothing Iowa Tta CO.. provltlona Mrs. AlfrW, B- of B. Injtrsoll, B- C., del. tai col Internatioaal Chemical Co., tuppSet Iowa Public strvlce Co.. road Imlay. J. L.. RFC Jefferson Trans Co.. transportAtion Jones, Ira. drainage Alter, Wm., receiver, rent American Optical Co., road Aahland, L. X., pfoTlilon* Auditor of State, wumlnen Auitin Weetera Xoad ttach., Araendt Hdw. Co., road American Book Co., schoc) boon Atlas Mtat Mantel, prorlslom .. Atlas Meat Market, provisions .. A. * P. Stort, provlswea Alamblt, Stave, rent Allison Coal * Feed, fuel Andraw. Josephine, rent Ashland, Irrlni, cleric i * Adams, A. A., rent Bajnt, Wtla, rtnt Biker, Guy, proylsiona Barlow, J. B., probation ottlett .. Barrett Broa., provuloni Baxter, C. M., pwvlaion. Btt.1. Harry, »nlmau Hl»td Beck Bros., rent Beery, John, servWi nolle* BUtertnan, M. C., help overseer .. Block, W. O. CO., Mel 14.00 9.M tt.M 1,J04.«3 road 1?.3 1T.1S e.i7 16.15 11.31 e.oo ss.oo 1M.M 7.00 3.00 t.oo 1.00 a.n 40.55 2.50 31.50 6.1)0 37.0'J 9.25 11.M 201.01 6.00 71.00 Bfuchaen Qarate, road ·?'«* Buehler Bishop, provision. ».» BurRmiM Adding Mach. Co., rnp- ^^ _.»nower"ildw.","suipUts".-... .«·«· Ballsy, John, jrovlsloin Basket Oroc-, provuions ... Boomhcnrsr H«»., snppllea ... Block Coal Co., fuel Boiardui, Ray, road Prater ««t.. rtnt Brutt oroc,, provisions 4.50 14.85 HI.75 62.60 7.00 16.00 «,XJ ... - 3.0C Beeraer, HorMe. dentist ll.JJ Berry, Mrs., rtat ··« Board, W. M-. rtnt 7.00 Burkun, John, nnt Butltr, Wm. P., trustee minors Belolt Chlldrens Home, care .... Brlsblne, R.'*., »»d. aid Cromer It Clow, refund C. L. Water Bept., road C. M. st P. * P. Ry., poor .. Cahalan, Mrs. H. O., provisions carr, V. M., provisions Carroll, w. P.. trustee Carstta*. A. K., B. of B Carver, Belle, can poor JJ.OO Casey Druj Co., raid, tup a»-»7 Caspsrs, Henry, road S-W Caasel, Word, rtnt 7.00 cassldy. James, assessor H-JJ Cavanamh. Catherine, ailowanet .. 48.00 Cawley, Wm., transportation l.oO Ctnlral Battery * Blec. Co., road .. 4.10 Central Food Market, provisions .. 1J-S5 Cerro Gordo Co. lee. Road Malnt, sh«r. car : M-JJ Chase, H. 0., registrar l.» Chaien, Sam, rent . 7.00 35.00 141.00 3.15 .·9 Ul.Dl 10.00 1.88 1.00 4.5(1 115.00 114.15 9.00 C.34 7.00 H.JO 5.00 2.50 ii!oo 3.67 137.00 11.00 3.00 14.00 73.30 .50 34.27 1.00 3.6U 18.00 5.00 7.00 41.00 00.38 7.00 5.'0tt U.OO 130.00 7.00 5.00 56.35 U.40 C.OO 1.00 10.10 3.00 7.SO 8.00 7.00 .50 43.00 nt.50 41,00 17.00 16.00 J0.03 M.30 10.00 3.50 172.55 84.50 1.00 81.82 15.60 .CO 143.11 1.55 50.70 .75 6.CO 1.60 8.20 6.00 7.00 e.oo 21.00 9.60 moo S.OO 16.00 3378 6.S2 531.27 .60 .73 e.oo 7.50 103.00 64.50 7.00 T.OO 7.00 35.00 7.00 7.00 e.OO 9.00 9.00 7.00 14.00 16.41 S.OO 3.0(1 2.00 32.01 6.00 7.00 17.55 39.75 7.00 LTnditTonY, OtWroad"":'::'........ 16.80 Lombardo, Charles, suppli Lyons * Hoyt, .rent Lehman A Stock, road UacFeak, B. H., rcglttrar HcCauley. Mn. R. J.. nnt McEldoon, C. Oscar, provisions .... Mclntoeh, A. B., RFC McGrath, Bell, rtnt McCulloch, R. V., assestor MeFarllD, Isabel, allowance McGowan A Sheridan, suppnra .. Mahaffey Type Co.. RFC Mandtn Groc., previsions Marsh, F. X., rent Marston, J. K., shtr. ear Martin, R, B.. RFC Rankln Bros., E ftrdeDS Rtdfleld, H. E., rent Retlater * Tribune, supplies .... Reo Sales * gerfce, road Republican PrtB. Co., RFC .... Rlvenlile Groc.. provisions Robertson, J. M.. expenses .... Robinson, A. J., rent Roderick, Dave, road ... Root F. G., phone, supervisor Reulier, Dr.. med. aid Rockwell Auto Co., repair Rollier, W. M., roan Rush, Sirs. CbM- rent Ryan, X... rent · Schanke. A. M.. P. M., postage Schrader, Adoll, T. B Salaries, court house ..... Salaries, county hospital St. Mary Orphan Home, care poor Sarotf, Steve, rent Saianovlcn, Sam. rent Schanke. A. M. ft Co., rent Sehell, C. S. J-, agent, r e n t . . - . . Scott, Walter, trustee Seney. Ray. rent sevenon. Mrs. S.. care poor .... Shaffer. Frank, rent Shannon. T. T.. prov Shoop, Mrs., rent Slt8-Ma»on City Co., roml · · · · · · · Smith Bros. Tire * Battery, road Smith, Rita, allowance Soo White Groc.. prov Snyder. J. B. Co.. road Soda Grill. Jury meals Spratt, Jack, rent Standard OH Co... supplies sterling Groc.. provisions Stevens Shot Co., clothing Sunny Crest San., care Swenson, Sena, rent Swartwood. Mrs. Zanc.-. rent St. Joseph cemetery, burial Salvation Army, care Schiefer, W. H.. provlnlons Schanke, Virginia, RFC SchmlU Ice t Coal Co., fuel Schoblan, Frank, rent Schwab. J.. provisions Scott Foresman ft Co.. school books Shipley, C. P.. supplies Slude, Fred, rent South Side Groc.. prov Stedtlander, Renest, rent Steinberg. H. J., rent Sterling Coe.1 Co.. fuel ...Sutton, Blanche, help treas Sondrol Co., prov Stott,'Dr., T. B ;···;; St Joseph Mercy Hosp.. med. aid Tompklns. T. W., con J P Tatum Hdw. Co., road Taylor, A. B., rent Taylor, Mrs. 3. M.. rent Taylor, Mrs. W. A., rent Thomas Machine Co., road Tompklns, T. W.. con. J P C .... Trumbull Groc.. prov Tannar, Pearl M.. vis. schools, eipr. 5.75 1.42 15.00 2.0li 659.33 162.85 5o!l4 9.24 7.0U 20.00 245.00 306.00 60.00 7.00 7.00 10.50 5.00 3.00 6.00 10.00 10.00 11.00 7.00 10.98 1.01 el oc .5.') 9.00 7.00 11.03 72.83 16.35 130.00 7.00 (1.00 C.OO 75.00 7. DO 1(1.55 3.00 9.00 8.00 S.01 24.25 C.OU 20.00 . 5.00 TsioO 00.00 24.25 102.00 875.70 2.05 4.10 7.00 9.00 7.00 $8.81 1.95 17.50 6.53 11.00 CALLS CAPITOL LIFTS "UNSAFE" Architect Reports to Home Group on Elevators Congress Uses. WASHINGTON, March 13. (#)-The nation's lawmakers found out today they have been riding with, J _ ., j« · "unoafp" ranitol Thompeon Dean Co.. provisions .... -4-TM Tint. Cha... trustee. J.OO out concern in "unsafe" capitol 6 "David ' Lynn, capitol architect, armed with a full and uncomplimentary report on the 11 capitol lifts, told a. house appropriations subcommittee which reported today that all but two were installed from 25 to 38 years ago by companies long since out of business. He asserted that "it is neither safe nor economically sound to continue these machines in service. The ordinary Me of sucu an elevator, he said, should be about 20 y6 Most startling, perhaps, was the information that the P ri y at ^ e^f-' tor for tie senators at their entrance to the capitol is in the worst lape. A supplemental estimate re- ently was sent up by President loosevelt to provide for replacement of some of these elevators. NDICfllN AND FOUR MEN Grand Jury Names Group in Kidnaping of Kelley at St. Louis. , Johnson, I. G., road Jaeoby Battery * Blic. Co., machine repair Jefferson Coffee Shop, Jury mtalt.. Jlndrlehs. John, registrar Jones, Dr.. dentist Jonts, William, road Jackson. William, provisions Jlndrlehs Coal Co., fuel Johnson, A. B., nnt Jones, Ira. rent Johnson, J. O., rent Jensen, W. L.. road Johnson, I. G., road Kennedy, Dr., E. of H. ...· Klbt, O. A., rent Klllmer Drug Co., supplies Klemmn, H. J., Ibr. Co., road .... Klipto Loose Ltat Co., suppiiia ... Kresge. S. S. Co., supplies Kropman, Frank, road Kennedy. Nellie, nnt Kropman. Jakt. provisions Kelroy Fuel * Furnace Co., fuel .. Kehm Land Co., nnt King. Dan, nnt Klnney, Mrs. Ine«, rent JCHvohlavy, Louis, rent Klrby. *. H., gardens Karttl. Jot. nnt Laeon, Mn. Anna, rent Laird (hoc Co., clothing Laliy, Mn., nnt Lanon, Mrs., nnt Lanon, Nell, nnt Letch, Mrs. Effle, can poor Lets, Mn., proyltlona Lincoln, A. B.. H. P Uinnltn, Martin, trustee Loving, Jay. provisions Lucas, John and Co., road Ludtman, Gtorge, stock Lukes, Mn., rent Lyons Launderers, laundry Ltadtr Grocery, provisions Ltake, B. L., rent. 5.00 3.90 11.60 220.00 14.00 13.00 79.50 7.00 2.34 1,121.00 ·19.05 T! 00 35.00 U.OO Tlnun, Fred, B. o£ H. Tebslng Repair shop, road .... Triplet! Hdw. Co., road Talt, Lloyd, reporter VMburth, Roy, animals killed VanLent, Lou, T. B Vance Mualc Co.. »her. cars VanEvery/Geo., rent Western Union, telcgs Widow Pen-Ions Wagner Motor Co., road Wallace. C. W., registrar Ward, W. H., agent, rent Ward, W. H., burial Welsman, Ben, rent Wells Auto Co., machine repair Wendel, Theo. tramp Western Grocer Co., prov Whalen, Mrs., rent ·· Whettton, Sadie, rent · White Eagle OH Corp., roaj .... While, Wm., rent Williams, A. J., prov Winders, W. S., rent Winter, Mrs. Ted. rent Wolt. Anbott, rent Wood, Ace, care Wood, Mrs. Steve, rent Woodford Wheeler Lbr. Co., luel Wagner Coal Co.. luel Wslch, John, B. ol H Walley, Dr., med. aid Walter, Harry, repair Weed, Mrs. Wm.. care Wood, Ethel, care Wharam, Owen, trustee White, Geo., .rent Williams, Bobert, rent Winters, Mrs. 0. S.. rent Wolfram Groc., provisions ..... Wolf Bros., Inc.. luel Weltly, C. S., med. aid TargeS, W. H., rent Yelland A. Hanes, RFC Toungblood, J. B., rent Yoselofl. Mrs. S:. allowance ... Zebker, Harry, rent Board adojurned. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor. C. R. PATTON. Chairman 25.92 40.00 9.00 39.5(1 33.00 9.00 e.oo - 16.05 S9'.75 7.00 16.35 5.80 . 4.50 195.80 9.00 7.00 31.54 7.00 22.50 7.00 7.00 20.50 S.OO 7.00 19.71 170.25 5.00 11.50 15.92 5.00 15.00 3.00 7.00 11.00 10.00 31.85 253. 25.50 - 7.0C 1.81 6.01 6.01 21.01 10.00 Chicago Meat Market, provisions.. City Coal 4 FM4 CO., fuel City of Clear Lake, burial Clark, S. W. * Co.. rtnt Clark, E. W. * Co., agent, rent .. Colgate PUmoMve Pett Co., eup~ 16.50 6.31) li.OO lt.00 106.4S 34.00 Mason,' M. L.. phone, rent 39.40 M. C. Bldg. Loan Assoc,, rent .. M. C. Cemetery Asioe., burial .... M. C. * c. L. R. R- Co., supplies M. C. Foundry * MaeWne Co., rtpalr M. C, Hdw. Co., road M. C. Warehouse Corp., provisions Mayne. A. P., rent Mtrkel Co., supplies Meytr Funeral Home, burial Midland Chemical Co., supplies .. Mitchell, Robtrt. rent Monroe Calculating Machine Co., repali 14.00 24.00 35.00 82.50 6.00 38.00 ST. LOUIS, March 13. Nellie Tipton Muench, wife of Dr. Ludwig O. Meunch, a physician, and 'our men were indicted at suburban Clayton today on a charge of kid- naping Dr. I. D. Kelley for ransom April 20, 1931. The men are Felix McDonald, former convict. Bart Davit, who was jndicted with McDonald on a charge of attempting to kidnap a St. Louis man, but was acquitted, Angelo Elose'ngrant, salesman, and John C. Johnson, Negro tenant on a farm where Dr. Kelley was held captive after he was lured from his home on a fake sick call. Mrs. Meunch was widely known in St. Louis -as proprietor of an exclusive dress shop which went bankrupt in 1928 with a. loss of ?T7,000 to creditors. The indictment followed an alleged expose of the kidnaping by Adolph Fiedler, a. 300 pound former justice of the peace in Maplewood, a suburb. In a detailed story Fiedler implicated a woman and eight men, three of whom have been killed in gang feuds. Bicycle riding has become such a fad with winter tourists in Miami, Fla., that local dealers can't keep enough cycles on hand to supply the demand. Morris Food."jroiisYon3 7S.OO Mount, Bines, defending 1J-J2 Murphy, James, registrar *·» Mahattey, F. R., suBplI 25.20 Manlty Bros., clothing ·»·«» Manlty . Maronty, J. T., rtpalr M. C. Hdw. Co., suppll's 3.67 40.00 Cobkmao, Bert, aiibtaor . . ...... Corcoran, Eugent, nnt .......... Costrove, J. J., HFC ........... Crystal Lake lee * Fuel, luel .... Claus, E. E.. bailiff ............. Co Mo Photo Co., supplies ........ Convent of tee Good Shtpherd, care ....................... . - - · county Treasurer, wit., Jurors, Bounty ......................... 878.36 Central Heights Groc., provisions.. 4.50 Chapln O'Nell, fuel .............. 106.75 Clark, C. F., bailiff .............. 33-00 Colloton, W. H., allowance ........ 3.00 Conn, Mrs., Mary, rent .......... 5.00 Cut Rate Groc., provision ....... 87.64 Catty, Andrew, lire ......... ... 5.15 Catlln. Mn. R. D., rent .......... 18.00 Cerrt Gordo Farmers, luel ........ 9.80 Cheney, H. S., clothing .......... 1-75 City of Mason city, fuel ........ 4.30 C. L. Mirror, publications ........ 70.88 Cogswell, Mn. B. S.. rent ...... 7.oo Crosi, Joe, tree., rent ........... 7.00 Cum, Henry, rent .............. 7.00 Custard. John, allowance ........ 10.00 Cabalas, Mrs. H. O., provlaloni .. 10.00 CMpmln Furniture, furniture. .... 5-38 C«rro Gordo County Insane Fund, provisions ., .................... " Davenport, J. C.. rtnt ............ Davis Auto Radiator Repair, road Don Rock Oil Corp., supplies ---- DeWIU, N. T., animal killed .... Dickson, M. M.. rtfit ............ DlertXs, Fred, clerk ............. Dleiien. Eugene Co., road ...... Dillons Groc., provisions .......... Ditto, lac., eat. supplies .......... Drelty, Mr».. rent ............... Damon Inc., supplies ............ Danlelt, Jot, supplies ............ 22. M Bvenion, Willie, rent ............ 3.00 Srls Meat Market, provisions .... 40.50 Economy Groc,, provttlosu ....... ·. 5.50 E«y, 3. J., provisions ............ 32-16 S»bon[, Carl, rent .............. 7 00 Ejlotr, W. C., aseot. med. aid .. Family Stori, supplies ............ 9B.S3 Fanners Inc. Co-Op, soe., Bur, fuel ............................ -15-S» Farmers Inc. Co-Op. Soc., Doupi., fuel, road ................... ... 23.43 Farmers Co-op. Soc., Its., fuel.. 54.60 Fireside Fu=l Co., fuel .......... · · «·» 8.68 soioo 4207 7.00 1,367.64 .95 7.00 7.00 M.79 502.89 5.0(1 S.M 3.00 13.63 4.25 «.70 14.00 4283 Meyer Funeral Bomt. buflal ...... Mid-continent Petroleum, «usplles Motn, M, M. Co., nnt Moore, L. A. Lbr. Co., road Moorehead, Orto., S. of B Mott, 0. J., rent Murray, W. J., rent Mitchell. Glenn, gardens .......... Mttsgtr, Ella Clark, allowance ... M. C. Loan * Inv. Co., rest .... Marston, J. H., road Meyer, A. F., rent Koroney. Ed, provisions N, W. telephone Co., rent North Iowa Fair, fair grounds ... Nelson, E. B.. provisions North Iowa Motor Co., npair .... Northern Oil Corp., road Northwestern Groc., provisions ... Nosers Sel Rite, provisions Nyhus, 8tlna, care poor National Refining Co., road Nichols, C. L.. B. of H Nichols * Green, clothing New Princess Cafe, Jury ratals .... O'Hearn, Frank, RFC oleon. w. H., rent Osage Co-Op. Grain t Sup. Co., provisions Overbeck, Ellen, allowance Prescription Bhop, supplies Patton, Walter, assessor Patton, C. R-, supervisor Page * Grant Lbr. Co., fuel papantonopoutot, Gw., provisions.. Parker, Grace, care Faulty. Ray E. Co.. road Paulson, H. H., rent Paulson, J. P.. rent Petcrsen. H. F., prov J-»» Peterson. Mrs. John, nnt JWO 15.06 J27.90 54.13 70.17 4.70 le'.oO 19.75 3S.OO 13.10 3.00 7.15 17.40 75.00 5.00 e.oo 8.00 30.85 · 5-00 7.00 14.00 7.66 25.00 J.OO Post, Mfs, Waiter, ein Powell. Mrs. Kate, nnl PrescoU, W. O.. pwv. .. Pallls, John. prov. Park Hospital, rood, aid .. Patterson. Clarence, RFC "·«» Pool, Frank, prov ·· Z J';° Practical Drawing Co., school books 1.3T Prescription shot. mtd. sup 5.35 Purity Bakery, prov. '»·" Parsons, Mrs. 7.'. A., prov Penney, J. C. Co.. clothing P, G. * E. CO., lights and gas . I Peterson, H. F., provision!! Park Hospital, r.ed. aid Qulnn, J. F,, rent Ralln-ay Express ' 31.65 43B.SO 7.00 RobrUi Glenn, impress Jvs Bu wt cAim.TM -- - A. J.. as.ts.or «.00 80.00 SEEK JOBS WITH LIQUOR STORES Applications for Work With State System Pass 15,000 Mark. DBS MOINES, March 13. UP)-Applications for positions in Iowa' liquor store system today nad top ped tte 15,000 mark. Governor Herring said that this total was being augmented by mail sacks full of applications received The governor is suggesting that persons desiring employment submit their applications by mail rather than by personal visits. He pointed out, however, that not more than 200 persons will be employed by the commission for some time to come. Members of the liquor commission are expected to return to Des Moines next Thursday following a trip to eastern states and to Canadian points' to study liquor dispensing systems. The three members of the commission were in Toronto, Canada, yesterday and were to visit Detroit today to inspect some steel shelving which is being manufactured by the state of Michigan. The governor also said that before any definite selection of sites or towns for liquor stores is made, members of the commission or their representatives will visit the municipality to hold public hearings and obtain expressions of sentiment. The commission members visited Ohio, Pennsylvania and some other points before going to Toronto. Members of the commission are chairman, H. M. Cooper of Marshalltown, Dick. R. Lane of Davenport and Bernard Manley of Mason City, ^__ Telephones Silenced When Truck Misses Comer, Hits Poles GLENWOOD, March 13. #-Telephones within a radius of several blocks were silenced and electric power in one section was cut off here today when a large truck, used for conveying new automobiles, failed to negotiate a sharp turn into town and plowed through several telephone and power line poles. Ray Lewis of Kansas City, driver, was shaken up but not badly injured. The truck and trailer, owned by the Reliable Motor Transportation company, was returning to Kansas City after delivering six cars to aa Omaha dealer. PACKINGHOUSE MARKET 132 Federal Phone 101 SPECIALS FOR WED., THUBS. CHOPS Veal lb.6ic CHOPS Porklb.13 ChOpS Lamb Steak Round ib.9 Steak Sirloin lb.9 Beef Ground.. lb.Sc Sliced Ib. 10 Liver Sausage ib 5. Sauer Kraut ib. RoaStS Beef..Ib.4 Neck Ribs..ib.3 Pig Feet..ft.2* Beef Boil.ib.2 Lamb Stew ib.5 Veal Stew..ib.4c Meat Lunch lb.10

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