The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1933 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 5
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DECEMBER 30 1933 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE S-A MEAT PACKERS EXPLAIN PRICES .Woods, Head of Institute, Says Production Has Been Large. -'·· CHICAGO, Dec. 30.-- The Institute" of American Meat Packers today 'issued the following state\\ tnent by William Whitfield Woods, i president, concerning the processing tax on hogs and the production con- program of the United States |: department of agriculture: " "Livestock prices are low because ,}the production of meat during the K r year, and particularly recent months, has been very large as the ! result of heavy marketing of 11 ve- ] stock, and the Increased meat supply has been larger than the con- I^sumer, with his relatively low pur- ij chasing power, could take at prices satisfactory to the producer, "For the year as a whole, meat B production was about a billion pounds heavier than in 1932. This .la an increase of 7.6 per cent. Figures lor November. "In November alone, the number of livestock dressed exceeded the fnumbcr in November, ~-£31. by about 9,000 head. "In December, marketings con- Jtinued to be heavy. "With production so heavy, the V packing industry has been unable to Fget better prices for meat. As n |tnatter of fact, pork prices have fpeen lower since the processing tax went into effect because of the low (purchasing power and increased sup- )· piles. In fact, it has been impossible to move the increased production into consumption except at lower prices, and, as a consequence, hog and hog-production, the plan Is now T7 \\TC\f} VN T IMP being put Into effect, and a trial rAVVJIX NILLHNU will determine its practicability. "Tho packing industry, while reserving the right to express its own views on any development, will help to make the plan fully and fairly understood by those from whom it buys livestock." LEADER OF PRISON BREAK CAPTURED (Continued From Pago 1) critical by physicians at hospital. The man, identified by police as Raymond Roe, was wounded slightly in the right shoulder. A second woman captured was identified by officers as Hazel Hudson, Underbill's bride. Called "Lone Wolf." Underbill, known aa the "lone prices have also been low. Tax Direct, Factor. "The processing tax has, o£ wolf" and the "tri-state terror," was serving a life sentence for the murder -of Merle Colver, Wichita, Kans., policeman, when lie escaped last May 30. He was reported to have been one of two leaders of the break, the other being Harvey Bailey, captured in Texas and now in the Leavenworth federal penitentiary serving a life sentence on conviction of participation in the 5200,000 ransom abduction of Charles F. Urschel, Oklahoma oil millionaire. Underbill also is wanted 'for the murder of a boy at richer, Okla., and escaped from the Oklahoma state penitentiary at McAlester in August J931 while serving for the murder of a Muskogee, Okla., soda fountain attendant. Wanted for Staying. Underbill also was wanted for the slaying of convict Frank Hash and four officers on the Kansas City Union station plaza last June 17, in a plot to liberate Nash. A government agent, Raymond Caffrey, was one of those slain. Numerous bank robberies and not be overlooked that from funds derived from the tax JUDICIARY BILL (Continued From Fajre 1) of counties from *i of a mill to l',i mills. House concurrence in a senate amendment completed assembly action .on the measure, the senate in approving the bill yesterday having attached a provision that counties could not transfer from other funds to their poor fund unless they had first levied the maximum allowed for poor relief. Final Action Taken. Final action also was taken on the senate bill to extend to Iowa's private banking institutions the opportunity to participate in the federal deposit insurance program. The bill, a senate measure, which was passed today by tbe house, permits examination by the state banking superintendent to pave the way to application for admission to the federal program. The house by a. vote of 75 to 8 passed the Stanzel bill providing that the mortgagor of any taxable realty or personal property shall be credited with a 5 mill deduction from that portion of the levy against the property represented by the mortgage, provided the mortgagee pays the moneys and credits tax. The bill further provides that this credit Is contingent also up the mortgagor giving to the assesor the name of the mortgagee- and the amount of the mortgage. 1'ass Osborne Bill. By a vote of SB to 0 the lower branch possed the Osborn measure giving the treasurer of any political subdivision the right to charge off public deposits lost prior to the enactment of the Brookh art-Louvre in law through failure of banks which were named depositories. Indefinite postponement was recommended by committees for the building and loan associations and increasing the license fee from $10 to $1B, annually. The senate adjourned at noon to reconvene at 1:30 p. m. next Tuesday. The senate late yesterday defeated by a vote of 21 to 21, a house bill which would have reduced the poll tax from $3 to ?2 a year. Senator Frank Coykendall of Page opposed the bill on the ground that it would curtail the work on township roads. I'ass House Bill. Senate passage was accorded a Jiouse labor committee bill changing the annual license fee on employment agencies, the vote being 26 to 16. Where the present fee ranges from ?5 to 550 on the basis of population, the bill substitutes a flat 550 fee for all agencies. By a vote of 29 to 9, the upper house approved a house bill sponsored by Representative Elmer Johnson of Linn providing for remission of taxes on bank stock in cases where the bank has failed but it rejected an amendment by Senator B. J. Wenner of Black Hawk which would liave permitted return of taxes on property which ' had been removed or torn down. ' Aeronautics Bill Urged 1 . The aeronautics bill has been recommended for passage by the house committee on aeronautics. The bill introduced by Representative Mercer of Johnson, seeks to create a state commission on aeronautics composed of five persons appointed by the governor for four years terms each. The commission is to regulate the practice of aeronautics within the state and to see that various state as well as federal aeronautics laws are observed. IOWANS TO STUDY :ORN-HOG RULINGS (Continued From Fasa I) mum of four litters of pigs (luring each of the last two years will not je forced to curtail his production and will not receive hog benefit payments, regardless of how much corn he may raise or how much he may reduce bis corn acreage. 8. Similarly anyone producing 10 acres of corn or less will not figure in the com reduction plan, regardless of his pork production. 9. Committees in estimating the reduced production totals of either hogs or corn wiU drop all fractious of less than a half and add a full unit for more than a half. 10. Community township committees will do the inspecting and make recommendations on tbe production claims of farmers. Gasoline Strike in Puerto Rico Ended With Proclamation SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Dec 0. (IP)--A gasoline strike and boy- ott in Puerto Hico apparently waf nded today, after Acting' Governor enjamin J. Horton by proclama- ion fixed the price at 20 cents a allon. Conditions in San Juan, where uslness was virtually suspendec or two days, seemed normal to ay. The final gasoline price will b .etermincd before February 1 Strikers had protested a price of 2,, ents a gallon. course, been a direct factor in current prices, but in fairness it should the the farmer will receive, in addition to the current price of hogs, a benefit payment from the government if he agrees to reduce corn and hog production, and that if efforts to reduce supplies are successful, hog prices should be affected accordingly. . "The administration also has used funds to reduce the supply of hogs for the coming year and is purchasing pork products for relief. "While there has naturally been some difference of opinion regarding the plan to reduce corn-acreage RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE SUPER SERVICE The .tint, real advances In. cleg- , trio refrtgonitidn "Io*:Jhe''lNinMC': YANCE MUSIC CO. EVEItVTHlNQ EN MUSIO 12-t : Nbrth Federal Phone -!B8 Join the Big NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY Confetti, Noise Makers, Hats, etc. WHIT'S NITE SPOT South Shore--Clear !ahe DINE and DANCE Special Music Small Cover Charge Reserve Your Booth or Table lesser crimes are charged up to Underbill, who operated mostly in the section of hills and nigged country in southwestern Missouri, northwestern Arkansas and northeastern Oklahoma. Virtually all the 11 who escaped from the Kansas prison have been recaptured or slain. Search fur Convicts. ATMORE, Ala., Dec. 30. «)-- The search for a band of convicts who killed one man and wounded another as they fled Atmore state prison continued today on a widening front. Twenty-nine convicts overpowered their guards and fled soon after they went to the fields to work Friday. Five o f , t h e prisoners were recaptured shortly afterwards and another was caught In Mobile last night. Officers concentrated their hunt on a group of . Negroes, heavily arrae'd,' who: shot:and hilled Grover Kirby, a farmer, and. wounded his companion, a man namecl: Parker, as they sought to stop them. : In Montgomery W. F. Feagin, director of the stats convict department, said he had heard those escaping were angry because they did not receive Christmas paroles. VERMONT'S VOTE IN POLITICAL EYE (Continued From Tngo 1) iatratipn and have declared so with enthusiasm. . Gibson, the republican candidate, has aligned himself with the growing opposition within his party to some of the present administration policies. This being true, an out-and-out test looms in the state. Since the question will be decided early in ttie year, before other congressional contests are begun in earnest, politi- Ryder measure which would allow insane patients to be sent to private hospitals at county expense and for the Malone bill which would exempt from taxation all bonds and certificates issued by municipalities, schools and drainage districts. The appropriations committee recommended^ for passage an appropriation of"$15,000 for the establishment of radio stations in northwest and northeast Iowa by the state bureau of investigation to be operated in connection with the central station in Des Moines. Urged for Passage. Other bills recommended for pas- sago included the Reed measure which would tax annuity contracts held by educational institutions on the same basis as property and a measure permitting the state auditor to appoint a chief examiner for Ferguson Named as Defendant in Suit Instituted by Girl Merrill E. Ferguson, local businessman, was made defendant in a suit for 53,067.50 filed Friday in district court here by Burnlta O'Day now in St. Paul. Miss O'Day alleged in her petition that she held a written contract signed Nov. 29, 1B32, by Mr Ferguson in which he agreed to pa her ?3,000, In Installments, the "fina payment to be made Nov. 1 of this year. None of the payments has beei made, according to the petition. A copy of the alleged contract is an exhibit filed with the petition, exhibit filed with the petition. Th petition alleges the contract con tains an admission of paternity. The contract states Mr. Ferguso agreed to pay the girl the money i consideration of his actions and hi subsequent refusal to marry her. MIGHT DRAW IN RESERVE GOLD Treasury Would Need Only Simple Order to 12 Federal Banks. WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. (!?-[peculation that the government might call into the treasury the jold now held by the federal re- erve banks drew private opinions .cday from several officials that .he transaction could be accom- ilished by the scratch of a pen. Some treasury' officials hold the opinion that only a simple order by Acting Secretary Morgeuthau would be needed for the government to draw the $3,500,000,000 supply from -he 'reserve system's vaults. There was indication tUat lega! experts of the federal reserve boarc would question this view, however Declines to Answer. Tho acting treasury chief him self declined either to affirm or deny rumors that the admlnistra tion was contemplating such a step Questioned, he said: "I can't discuss that." The question of bringing in th entire gold supply is held by ex ports to be o£ vital importance i the eventual revaluation of the dol lar President Roosevelt has sai would be undertaken. Legislation t could handle the control. Ha may offer an amendment to that effect when the bill is formally taken up at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday, as a special order of business. Squabble on Definition. A squabble also developed over ho definition of "b;;r" 7/hich the ill fixes as a maltous beverage of uore than 3.5 alcoholic content. It as pointed out that the beer bill ixed the content as 3.2 per cent. Representative Fabrilz of Wapel- o said that the more than 3.5 bev- Tage had nothing to do with the leer bill, which might be amended o allow sale of that percentage eer. He said it allowed manufac- .urers a certain leeway, describee y McCreery as "giving them a Ht- le cushion." Some question also arose ovei icrmits for specially designated lis- .ributors. Fabritz said this would permit the commission to designate some distributor in towns too smal to support a state owned store and was designed to prevent bootleg ?!ng. Amendments Numerous. When the discussion ended it wai apparent that amendments would hi numerous, one probably iacludlni local option, a question raised l) Representative Bowers of Union but not discussed. The bill as drawn creates a com mission of nine members with fu authority over the manufacture an sale of all beverage containing moi than 3.5 alcohol. It provides sale b hotels, restaurants and clubs an OTTUMWA TRIAL COMES TO CLOSE fudge Takes Case of Mayor, Commissioners Under Advisement. OTTUMWA, Dec. 30. UP)-- Ouster rvscs against all three members of he Ottumwa clly council, Mayor Edwin C. Manning, W. L. Disljro\\ r uncl John Davles, were taken undev iclvisemcnt at noon today by Judge V. O. Wakeficlcl o£ Sioux City. The judge, who left for his home :oday, gave- no Indication when he make his decision. The Man- Minneapolis Council Studies Possibilities of Nudist Colonies MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 30. . /T)_ Nudists who may seek to establish a colony here will have something besides below zero weather to worry about. "I have been informed," said Alderman Henry Bank during a council session, "that some people plan to establish a nudist colony. I'm against such goins on." He plans an anti-nudist ordinance. "Well," interrupted Alderman Edwin I. Hudson, "If people want to run around in tire nude in this climate, I believe we ought to le' them." In mathematics, the quadrant is one of the tour equal parta into which a circle la divided by two per pendicular lines passing through, the center. accomplish the same end has been | Provides for consumption only of drafted by Senator Thomas (D., I premises where sold and in the pur Oltla.). · ' jchaacrs permanent or temporal · The enierg'enc}' banking act gives' the treasury secretary the power to call in all monetary gold owned by ' "individuals, partnerships, associa- ions and corporations." Held by Bunks. Experts argue that the 12 federal reserve banks are "corporations" whose stock is held by member mnks. Consequently, they contend .he system's gold reserve--more than three-quarters of the nation's Phono 511 Clear Lake Sunday at Local cal eyes will look to Mountains for a sign. the Green NEW YEAR'S FROLIC Starting 8 P. M. Saturday-on Through New Ycar!s O A S I S Opposite the Fair Grounds BAR-B-Q PIG by "FRENCHY" "ENTERTAINMENT Black Face Comedian Piano Concert and More?? COME EAKLY ew Y ear - What Can We Wish You For 1934? There are so infinitely many things we'd like to hope for our friends that they could hardly be itemized. But it all boils down to a VERY-HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR Fairbanks - Morse Automatic Coal Earners, Automatic Dry Humidifiers, Coal, Coke and Kindling 1 C H A P I N O'NEIL COAL COMPANY Phone 160G 302 South Monroe CATHOLIC fjl. Joseph--Masses at G, B and 10 a. m. Benediction and rosary at -1 p. m.--The lit. Rev. P. 3. O'Connor, pastor; the Rev. Father Casstdy, assistant. Holy Family--Second ntrect northwest. Sunday masses at 7, 3:30 and J0;yo a, /n Thfl Rev, .11, P, Murphy, the Rev. A. J. Bohrcr, assistant. Lchlgh Catholic Chnpel--Service every Sunday at S :30 A. m. Confession before mass. Catechism ID minutes a f t e r mass.--Tho Rev. John Canals. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FlnC Church of Christ, Sclentlif.--Wash. Ington. and Third street northwest. Sunday cervices, 1L a. m. Subject, "Christ Jesus." Sunday school, SJ45 Q. m. Wednesday evening" testimonial meeting, 7:43 p.- m, Rending room, east end ot church. Week, days, 11 a. m, to B p. m. CHUIICK OF CHRIST First--Fourth and Adams northwest. Ttlc Church ot Clirlsl will have special New Year services at both morning and evening. The Bible school, that lias averaged In the fait and winter months 30 per cent higher tlian the preceding year In attendance, will mako a special efiort to close tht) year with a specially largu attendance. The morning service -will Include the organ selections by Dorothy Allen, "Pilgrim's Chorua," Wagner, and "Nazareth," Gounod. Tho choir wilt sing; "Break Forth Into Joy," Semper. The sermon by the pastor is entitled, "The Challenge ot a. New Year." Christian Endeavor, services will meet at 6:30. At 7:30, the Sunday evening cervices will be continued. For the benefit ot those who were unable to attend at the allowing of the slide reproduction of "The Nazarene," this famous plcturo wi U no di fl played agal n. Glenn Stoddard will sing the aolo, "S'e- c'ause Hla Name- la Jesus," Excctl, The sermon is entitled, "Treasures, OJd and New."'--David I*. Kralz, pastor, CJONGTUIGATIONAI. Vlrtl--Bible school opens with orchestra concert every Sabbath morning fl:3Q. Morn- Ing worship opens 10:45 with organ selection hy Mrs. Ehlcrs followed by processional hymn by chorus choir. Dr. Dibble will prench from theme, "Our New Year's Resolution." TrJ C club 6:30. Boy Scouts, Monday evening 7 o'cloclt. Tho next meeting of the Harmony Gulltl will be Jan. 12. Woman's Union Jan. · 10. Century club Jan. 12. Annual meeting ot the church Jen, 10,--William i. Dibble, minister. rac^--1900 North Adams avenue. 10, Sunday schooJ. 11, morning sen-ice for worship. 6:45, Junior, intermediate and young people's league service. 7i30, evcnlnp service for worship. Alter the evening service there will be a fellowship hour nnd oiher features, continuing the services until the year, 3033, has expired and 1034 dawns. 7:30, Wednesday, midweek prayer service.--H. C. Brunemefer, minlsler. EPISCOPAL Sfr. John's--Tlixt Sunday a f t e r Christinas day. s a. m., Holy Communion- 9:*r», church school service of holy communion wltn classes for Instruction. Children bring Advent mlto box offering. 11 a. m., Holy Communion and sermon. Special muBtc, prelude. "The HeavRna Ara Telling," Haj'den; offertory, "Glory to God in the Highest," Pergoleaf. sung by the choir; posting, "Hallelujah Chorus," from "The Messiah" by Handel. Other music of the Christmas midnight service will be repeated. No evening prayer or fellowship service until Jan. : 7. Tuesday, 7:30 p. -m., St. John's Boy [ Scouts fn Guftd halt- Wednesday, 1 a. m., St. Katherlne's Guild, annual e'ectlon ot officers, luncheon. Wednesday, 7:30 p. rn.! choir rehearsal In church. Thursday, 0:30 p. I m,, Decker club (n autlrt hall. Dinner program and, address by Fred Gates, "What Any Packing Plant Means to the Ambitious Young Man Who Wauls to G«t Ahead.'* Friday, St. John's Guild, 1 o'clock luncheon, annual election of officers, rector presiding, home of Mrs. F. B. BalKam. 919 North Federal avenue.--The Rev. Robert Redenbaugh. rector. LUTHERAN" npthlrhcm--Between , Fourth and Fifth, on North Delaware. 0 n. m. graded Bundny school and Bible classes. 10 a. m. English service. 7 p. m. German service. The pastor will preach on "Do You Now Believe?" John 16, 31. Monday.. New Year's day, there wl'l be Knullsh service at 10 a, m- and -.orvlco at 11 a. m., the aermon topic will be; "Christian Progi-ens \ n the New Ycnr," according to Col. 2. Q-ir». Tuesday evening the Ladle* Aid meetfl at the home of Mrff. John Schneider, IflO^ North P«nn. Wednesday evening at 7 and Saturday morning at B confirmation instruction.--C. A. Htnz. Central--Where Ulate crosses Conn. Tho i Rev. Walter H, Karnpen, pastor. Mrs. £1. C. Sorlien, pianist and choir director. E, C. Martin, church school cuperlntcndent. Church school wllli adult Bible classes, 0:45 a. m. Divine worship, 11 a. m. Sermon theme, "Jn Jlem cm U ranee of Me." The ad- mlnfatratlon of Holy communion. Prelude, "Sanclus," Gounod, Vocal duet, "it Was for We, 1 ' Elount. Mlfls Marine Beerman, Clifford Egbert, offertory, "Barcarolte," ClarJt, Posllude, "Marchfl Romalne," Gounod. Tuesday, g p. m., the church council. Wednesday, . -1:30 p. ra., tho conlirmanVa. Wednesday, S p. ra., the choir. Thursday, 8 p. m,, the church school teachers and officers. Immanufil--Comer Fifth and Jersey southeast. Sundny school at 6:30. Morning worship at 10:30. Sermon, "In the Name of Jesua--A New Year Challenge." Anthem by church choir. Watch night service In the evening. Program of vocal, instrumental and other numbers at 0:30. Social hour following, with refreshments. Worship at 11:30. Northwest division Thursday at 2:30, with Mrs; Oscar O'Crecn, 740 Fourth street southwest. Martha society Thursday evening with Ellen and Esther Landgron, C24 Tfen- tlelh street southeast. Annual meeting ot thfi congregation Friday at 7:30. Conflrma^ lion claea Saturday at 3:30.--B. T. Krholm, pastor, Onr Siwlor'js--Corner ~ Jefferson ant Twenty-fifth street southwest. Morning worship at 0 with communion service. Sermon theme, "Through Suffering Into Glory,' Matt. 2, 19-23. Sunday school nt 10. Ladles Aid meets Wednesday afternoon at 2.--H O. Unless, paalor. S1. James--302 SIxth street southeast Graded Sunday school, 9 o. m. Pearl Rchr superintendent. El'a Wols'nak/ secretary and treasurer. American services ' a t 10 i Theme, "Your Decision Urged; Why?" Lord's Supper wilt tie Riven. German serv- ' Ices at 7:3(1 P. m. (Sylvester). Warlburp L. L. me^ts nt 8:30 p. m. Sunday for a rarij-. Ada Selimldt and III serve. On New Year's : day German services ll a. m., but no English service- Ladles Aid Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. George Dleckmann and Anna Boehonthien serving Choir Friday at 7:30 p. m.; Junior choir Saturday at 4:20 p. ra. Confirmation class Wednesday and Saturday. Tomorrow 19 the last day to sign your pledge cards for 1034. Yearly meeting of congregation Jan. 8.--Oswald E. Q. Ma!!, pastor. Trinity--508 South Pennsylvania, avenue. Sunday school and Bible classes at Q :30 o'clock. J. T. Wile, superintendent. Morn* Inp; worenlp at 10:45 o'clock. Prelude, or- R-an and orchestra. Processional, "Holy, Holy, Holy." Solo, "The Shepherds In Judla," Rogers, hy Mrs. Corlnne Moe. Solo, "ThQ Holy ChlM." Martin, by Misa Clarene Odden, Sftlo, "Th« Star ot Hope," OJey Speaks, by M3sa Dlkka Moen. Choir, "Lut- taby on Chrlslrnas Eve," F. Mellua Christiansen with obllfrato B0 lf by ^llss DIXXa SToen. Solo, ''TJin Mapnl/icat," Howler, hy Miss Fern Meura. The Trinity vested choir of ^0 voices will render the Christmas New Year's watch tjivcrna Tuescher cantata, "Ever'asllnf; Light," ]. B. Wilson. Sermon by tha Rev. A". S. Bfcrfe'ffss, missionary on leavo of absence Trom ifadagas- car. Solo, "\\Tien the Angels Sang." StulU, by lltt, Olga chrtBtlan. Offertory, orches- , . tra. MovJnp picture lecture on tha "Holy Land" by ths ~K\\ A. 3.'Burgess. Sunday evening nt 8:15 o'clock. Social hour and luncheon under the auspices of the Trinity choir at 0:45 p. m. "New Year's XVake" service with Holy Communion at 10:43-12 o'clock mldnlKht. Solo, "The Virgin at the Manger," Ferilhort. by Mrs. Corinne Moe Solo, "I Am the Bread of Life," Kieseriing-. by Miss Fern Meurs. Solo, "A "Little tr," Hamb'er, toy Miss Clareno Odden. New Year's day, Monday, Jan. 1, festive service at 10 o'clock. Choir anthems, "Sleeptra Awake," Bach, and "Break Forth Into Joy,*' Wilson. Sermon hv Oie Rev. A. S Burgesfr. SoTn, "Just for Today," Scnver. Mt«s ciarene Odd*n. New Year's night, Jan 1. at S i. m.: MnvJnp picture lecture ·'Madagascar" by the Rev. A. B. Burgess Orchestra, practice Wednesday nt 0:45 p. m Choir rehcaranl Wednesday at 7:30 p. m Mrs. Tver Chrlallnnsen. 311 Fifteenth fitree northwest, will bo hostess to the B. and O circle Thursday at 2:30 p. m. JVoy's con firmalton clftAE Saturday at 8 "'ctock G1tTn Haas at 0 o'clock, seventh 10:15 o'clock iml rlxth grade at 11 o'clock --O. L. N. WtedahT, pastor. Calvary--1615 North Delaware avenue Adult Bihlo clasn nt 8:30 n. m. Mornln worship at 9 o'clock Sunday school nt 0; o'clock. Moving picture lecture at 4:30 Bun rinv fiftcrnoon by Hie Rev. A. S, Cur3C5s o "Tho Holy J^vntj," New Year's day, Jan. 1, t 1:30 p. m., . moving picture lecture on 'Madagascar' 1 ' by tha Kev, A. S. Burgess.--0. I*. N. Wlgdabl, pastor. METHODIST First--Second northwest and Washington, '30 church school. Men's class In court- CUES. Young men In Eadmar hotel. Queen 3slh«r'fl In P- O. and E. 0:30 Junior church. T. E. Payne wJJl have charge. 10:45 mori)- ng worship. Sermon theme, "The Web of Special mudlc, "Prelude In B Flat," 3ead, "Supplication," Thompson; and PosUudc," Strong, lira. Palchen, organist. From Gal!tee a Mother Came," O'Hara, choir. 5 vcsper Bcrvice, Ralph. Dunlop will ires Id e. Ed gar Walker will brin g a New Year'a jne-seage, "One at a Tlmff. J * Special music will be: "Llargo'' from B'eelhoven's Sonata, Margaret Cooper; "Melodle," Rock- wel], and "Postluie," Fryslnger. Mrs. Patchen, orgonJat. "He ShaD Feed His nock," Handel, trio. 6:30 high school league. Artcmas Brown, Jr., will speak on "Invoicing."--William H. Spencc,' pastor. ~ ' *" Sixth filreet Routhwwt. Graded Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Morning worship at 11. Young people's meeting at 7:30 p. m., followed by evangelistic, services at 8 o'clock, Monday evening the men's prayer meeting will be held at the H. W. Byfces home on 1522 North President avenue. Teacher -training and Bible study Tuesday evening at the Everett Klrby home on 310 East State street. Church prayer meeting- Thursday evening. Young people's prayer meeting Friday evening at the. parsonage,--A. W, Schmidt, mtnfsler. I OUvet--9:.^0 a. m church school. C. K. Klnney r HUperinUndent. 11 n. m., morning I worship ami -sermon. Theme, "What Time ; Is It?" Music, by the chorus choir. Mrs. G. i I*. Wallace will play the prelude, offertory and poslludc numbers. 13 e ginning 8 p. m.. continuing until midnight, a. watch night ervtce -wfll he held. Music by tha men'E liorns, 8 lo 0, Rong service ond testimony ueetlne; 0 to 10, n, reentry picture will be lirown upon tho screen; 10 to 11, a K^TI- ral discussion of the Epworth league topic, ·World Comradeships." From It to IS, a. anrtle light communion and consecration en.-lces. Light retreahments will be served the midnight hour. Wednesday evening holr practice 7:30. Thureaay afternoon La- ies Aid society. Hostesses, Mesdames H. Valker and G. L. Wallace, J. O. O. F. Home--2 p. m., Bunday school, p. m., lha cantata, -'The Heavenly Mes- ige" will be Riven by the choir of tbe Olivet church.--William Qalbrcth. minister. Union Mfmorlal--Preaching at 10:45 a. m. Sunday church school 12:30 p. m. Watch Ight services 10 p. m. to 12 o'clock. Ladies Aid Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2:30.--Charles W. Sims, paitor. Zlon--East State and Rock. Glim. At 9:15 a. m., German service, at 10 Sunday school and nt 11 o'clock English worship. Epworth league meets at c,:15 p. TO, Prayer mect- ,np will bo at James Dunsemoore residence Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.--G. II, Kohler, pns- PRF.SBYTERIAN First--Ninth northwest at Washington. 45 a. m. church school, 11 a. m. morn- B 1 worship. The sermon jubject, "Saved rtrough 'the Year--for What?" Mies Ruth Stevens will play tha following, Chopin's Nocturne,'* -Grieg's "Solvejg's Bong" and entire monetary stock of the metal --could he commandeered. So far as administration spokesmen are concerned, no official confirmation has been given rumors of early devaluation of the dollar. A recent white house remark indicated an international understanding on gold might precede such a step. FILE AMENDMENTS TO LIQUOR BILL (Continued From I'UKC 1) right name?" asked ReprcseuLative McCreery of Linn. "Wasn't it the thought ot th committee to control liquor am promote temperance?" inquire- Representative McKinBon of Henry in supporting the liquor commit tee: He was advised that was th object. "Temperance means use in moc oration," s a i d Representativ Sehroeder of Carroll, who adde "we have not had temperance i Iowa during prohibition. On motion of Representative Ga' laglier of Iowa the members by vote of 60 to 30 decided to chang the name to the Iowa liquor contro act. Representative. Yager of Dicltin son served notice that he dlaapprov ed the appoihtment t of a commiasio and asserted that he thought th state auditor or state treasure ning trial was ended at noon and attorneys for the state and defendants then agreed that all three cases would bo submitted on the ·same evidence. Tha hearing- closed when County Attorney Ed J. Grier asked the court to remove the mayor "if it \a found that he has violated the laws of the state regarding the sacred trust given him by the people o£ Ottumwa." The defense was ended with an hour's discussion o£ the Issues by it. C. Gilmore who spent a great deal of time contending that the Iowa budget law, which the state claims has hcen vollateil nnmerua times by the Ottumwa. officials, is unconstitutional. esidence. Individual permits io urchase would cost $1 and specif crmlts for hospitals or similar titutioas 53. Veteran Associated Press Editor Retires BALTIMORE, Dec. 30. (.T)--Edvard J. Cox, 70, veteran Associated ress editor, writer and telegrapher, retired today after nearly 40 years of continuous service with the organization. Correct this sentence: "Of course I didn't really expect that my book vould sell," said the author of the : lop. "I just dashed it off for my own amusement."--Lincoln Star. CHICKEN DINNER Sunday, 35c. Wonderful chickcu and all the trimmings. Happy New Year! Cafe closed 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Monday Lester Cafe ISSM Bess Bayless, Proprietor COMB EARLV CELEBRATE LATE1 At the New. BILLY'S CASINO Enlarged to Accommodate- 100 Couples, NEW YEAR'S EVE Sunday Nile, Dec. 31 HOT 8-1'IECE BAND Siicclul Entertainment Featuring "HILL BILLY FOOL" Born?, Confetti, Caps, Ktc. WE WILL CLOSE "WliRii You Wish" SEE THE CASINO'S NEW PULLMAN CAR ADDITION 40c PER PERSON No Table Charge I'hoiio 18-F3, Clenr Luko iror Reservations A N N O U N C E M E N T I liave opened an office for the GENERAL PKACTICE OF LAW in suite 435-6 I. 0. P. Building formerly known as the M. B. A. Building. Engaged In the General Practice of Law at Watcrtown, So. Dak., from 1908 to 1924. From August, 1923 to 1932, Supreme Secretary of Modern Brotherhood of America, Mason City, Iowa, during which time I specialized in Insurance Law. Phone 440 ARTHUR L. SHERIN New Year's Greetings We cordially extend to our loyal friends all the Joys and Blessings of a Happy 1934. We also wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your patronage. MIER WOLF SONS Schumann's "Poatlude," LyaJl Smith wilt tha Ro 1 ^ of Dudley Buck "Fear Not Ye.' No forum or senior meeting at 6:30 Pm. At 7:30 p. m. the evening service with the question (o he discussed, "Is Life a Gamble?" At 3:30 p. m. all voun« people Ret together and watch ntRlit service. Friday, 2 p. rn., circle meeting!) of the Presbyterian women. ' Frtday at 7:30 p. m- session mee lin^- -- George K. Davle s, ml n [a t er. East Side -- 11 a m. Sunday school. Alliance Ta hern a el e-- 616 North Delaware. Sunday, Bible school 10; New Year 1 * service 11; Younjr People's nominal Lnp committee 2; Young People's service 7f Evangelistic message 9. Tuesday night is the annual church nlyhl. Heads ot departments will each give a nhort address and Iho o E f l - cera will be elected for the ensuing year. Only metnhera arc admitted. Thursday night choir practice at 8. -- L. A. Perkins, minister. Ctinrch nf the Niuarene-- 333 West State street, Sunday school at 0:45, Mrs- Flohert \Vybomy, superintendent. Mornln K service at 10:43. Sermon subject, "Gooflby Old Year.'* Jail service at 3 p. m. Younj- people's service nl Q:5. Katherine Merwjn, leader. Evangelistic meeting at 7:30. Pray- rr meeting at Iho church Wednesday evc- uln;;,-- F. II. Enoch, paator, While the Family , * . is all together at home during the holidays . . . . let us make a family group portrait. . your home.... in jJON HELBLING Wishes You A Happy New Year Lighting equipment and camera brought to your home at no extra charge. THONG IOQ2 2O Vi EMT VTATC- MASON CITY .IOWA.

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