The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 6, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, November 6, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 407. Gettysburg, Pa-, Thursday, Xoiember 6th. 1913. Price Two OmU. -SWEATERS- FOR MEN-- WOMEN and CHI 50 cts To $7.oo. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUAPxE." D R E WOMEN'S LEAGUE 'PNEUMONIA FATAL ANNUAL MEETING! TO YOUNG BRIDE TO HOLD MANY SALES IN1914 Christian College the Theme of the Addresses. Mrs. Hartman, the President Tells of the High Standard cf Battysburg. Huntingtsn Township Couple Marrid j Spring Sale Season will be up to Ail i Previous Records from Present when Bridegroom Had Appendicitis. Fata! illness Overtakes Bride Soon Afterward. Indications. Many have Already Chosen Dates. WALTER'S THEATRE TO-XIGHT 3IARY RAFFEL, the aoed College Girl In her lecture "The white Slaves Of America' 1 " Every Mother. Father. Son, aad DJ and selling of the Human Souls-or the Luring workings of the woKt Slavery, in the world": Our regular lecture Program will be -- "LirtEE DOREIT" Twro Red Thanhonser Featuring Miss Maa'ie Fealy. JUST KIDS Keystone Comedy A coaicdj with a laugh from start to finish. Show Starts G-30 Admission Children 5c Adults lOc. Coining. Fridar. Xov. 7- Rojjc-rs and Creamer* s Xejrro Players Of America la "The OH Man's Boy"'. The third annual con\-ention of the j A bride of only a few months, Mrs. Women's Leagues of Gettysburg Col-1 Frank Kemper died Monday evening lege. heM in Brua Chapel Wednesday | about Sve o'clock a: the home of her and to-day, had for its keynote the j parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hoff, in Christian training of the young men ; Huoungton township. She was aged and young women who receive their I 20 vears. ( college education at the local institu- ' The circumstances surrounding the ) don. This was reflected in the addres- j death of Mrs. Kemper were anusuaHy ses of President Granville, Prof. - sad. Mr. Kemper and sne were engag- Wentz, and Student Secretary Beidel- *, ed to be married about six weeks ago man and in the reports of, the various j and the wedding was toon to take delegates- The president. Mrs. J. P. j place when he was stricken with an- Adams County's 191 season will be up to ail cords if the eager.-:e=: spring sale ACCIDENTS IN ADAMS COUNTY Child, White Playing, Fails into Cistern and Narrowly Escapes Drowning. Another Child Breaks Collar Bone in Short Fall. Adams County has her usual list of previous re- unfortunates -.his week and several ,, with which ! serious accidents are reported. Xarrow dates are being selected is any indiea- escapes from fatal icsults have been tion. The many auctioneers in the! made by persons in various Darts of j county repci'c numerous requests for. the countv. j their services during February and j Painful Accident j March and there will be fev.- days in i Tuesday noon, while a little son of those months that sales will not bejMr. and Mrs. Anthony Smith, of New held in various townships. Among the j Oxford, was returning from school, dates already chosen are the follow- P H O T O P L A Y VITAGRATH KALESI , EDISOX A GENTLEilAX OF FASHION Yi£a S raph Comedy · How would you lise o be a plaiuber? He unexpectedly meets a rich spinster. Xow their engagement is announced an i both are happy. With JOHX liCXXY and FLOK.V FDCCH. THE HOBO AND THE HOBBLE SKIRT Eaieui Comedy The fat man's innovation causes a riot. With ROTH ROLAND. CONEY tel-ASP Kalem Givinjr ns sime intc-re=tinj; views of Xew York's summer play-ground. BY FIRE V X D W 1 T K K ' Edison l*ri 't- «!»-iv«i a yciiuis vrlfa LO -*ym, her hc=band"= motor boicand, goes one in a. h smis-'Jise --rate -r-.ui!"ii ".it-t v««m,r folks. The Loat'-a'cfaes: fire aad she is left alone u.s tKKifvi "..»!i !u-r uz.V ~«i II -.- nosband reseats fasr and sBe realizes hvr follv. the men and women who have prepar- : York while he was in the hospital and ed themselves for their life v.ork here.' contracted a severe cole. Many are filling places of honor and j Both came home and Mrs. Kemper's preferment in all walks of life. We · cold developed into pneumonia which look upon this institution as distinctly i proved fatal on Monday. Her husband Christian- The faculty have been, ar..r; | s still very weak from the effects of are, men of sterling worth and charac- ! th e operation and was scarcely able Vo ter, God-fearing men whose faith is j attend the funeral which too'k place strong in the Lord. Could we imagine; this morning, interment being made at any others could consistently bear this ] Lower Bermadian church, great responsibility of instructing the j Mrs- Kemper leaves her parents, young manhood and womanhood ? j her husband and these brothers and With what anxiety, and travail of j sisters. Ralph. Denton and Harrv soul. we send the boys and girls into j Hoff, living- in the vicinity of York: these schools for their higher culture ! Springs; Mrs. Essick, of Hanover: ane and many a parent's heart is made sad ! another sister at home. indeed to realize that other than the I . object in view has been attained. i ·'We know ol certain universities i WILL RETURN THE FIRST SNOW ih^t heralds the arrival of Wirtter_will cause ycu no misgivings 12 y*u Iiave O'dered our winier S.I-T or «.3ivy ov- *-cost- Don't wait too long-. · = ready _*,r';be Prcst King when he a. -ives, A g-ilasy cf sniE.rL patterns z.\ your c.ioics. 2nd ".2 -'.-lit have ycr - Cota- vrjy. Pi*nce Albert cr jack = ~t fitted 'tr yon. Eiid mac's tc- hanc i. I fit in -ie smartest style, r.s well i s _your STaes-erneld or ITiste. o-.-erccz- '"-Tie no"-~ to order ar Scl.gtK:. "p. A full lir.e Bradey's Sv/sitcrs. Will M. Selligman, The Cash Tailor. ChamberFbunr St s that make no pretense whatever of be- j Old Jenkins Homestead to_be_Occupied ing Christian- They are only caring'. by Member of the Family. for the mental, physical and. perhaps.' I moral training and not for that pre- \ Bernard S. Jenkins, who is now re! cious soul culture Ihat is so essential j siding at Irishtown. with his family, to one. We have come to this point of j will, about April 1, 1914, move to the oM and original Jenkins farm and homestead, at the site of the old Lilly mill dam. beyond^Irishtown. Francis C. Smith who now occupies the farm will take charge of the large farm owned by the Sisters of St. Joseph. i formerly known as the O'BoId farm, adjoining McSherrystown. The Jeiiins familv. who were j outlook, and consider the boy and girl fortunate who enters these hails of learning. We believe there is a high standard placed before the students, sympathetic, celpfol teachers are in- i Saencing them for the highest things I in life. "These very hills and valleys are sources of Dlsasare. recreation and development to their athletic tendencies: among the first settlers in that section, ~. the quiet, sweet- healthful atmosphere; iccated upon this farm, and ft has been all contribute to make them appreciate their hclv relation to the eternal iife :n the Jenkins name ever since. Bernard S. Jenkins, who-nviil remove to the of their being. Let us hope that no premises next spring is the eldest son man or woman ever left this coliege ' i the late Judge John L. Jenkins and without having a higher sense tice to all men, and to the Father of us all. ·'The young people who enter our colleges will soon be calied upon to meec the stem realities and responsi- biiitifis of life. They must be met by a strong, healthy mind and body, not of jas- J grandson of William S. Jenkins. and will be the first of the kin to occupy die farm in -37 years. At the death of the late Samuel L. Jenkins, this farm with another farm of 112 acres. located in Harford coon- ty. Md-, was bequeathed to Bernard S- Jenkins, his nephew. After residing- i High grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones \ § Stock usual price 25, 35 and sgcts. 3 I NOW 17 cts per boxs etthefir5tdloice 1 Peoples' Drug Store == [ those who are tainted with doubt, ag- ' or i the latter farm for a period of two = | nosticism. ar.d hearts seared by ' years, he disposed of it at a high ng- = | skepticism- It is a mighVy responsible j --a "d returned to Irishtown to occu- iry to train young people for the com- j P v she old homestead next April. It ing necessities cf oar nation and ! XV2 ^ oe remembered that for 16 years church. I prior to the death of his old nncle, and ·'These leagues have been formed so benefactor. Bernard S. Jenkins was that we can lend ourselves in person | superintendent of the farm and _ and money Vo enhance her interests j grounds at St. Joseph Academy, at EE j and increase her usefulness. We daily j Emirntsburg- le young peopl household of ! investigation come in contact with I other than of our own j faith; let us'urge their 1 of our college. "In conversation with a some days ago. relative to her son who j S6000 HORSE =vu iiiii.: u;: mat; i Geiselman Brothers" Horse has had mot her I Man J" Triumphs. Hn°"i FEBRUARY 5--Bruce Bittner, Fairfield. 7--B- F. Eckenrode, Mt. 1'leasant. 12--John H. Sponseller, Cumberland. 13--John D. Riley. Cumberland. 14--M. C. Topper, Mt_ Pleasant. 17--Charles E. March, Mt. Pleasan'c. j 18--E. E. Patterson, Straban. 19--E. D. Rebert. Mt- Pleasant. 20--J. V.". Groscost, Tyrone. 21--Albert Rudisil!.. Mt. Pleasant. 2-3--Rupp Himes. Straban. 24--Jefferson Lemon. Mt. Joy. 25--J. H. Evans.. Butler. 2G--Howard Brame, Straban. 27--D. S. Reynolds, Straban. 28--Wm. K. Weikert. Mt- Pleasant- MARCH 2--Charles Hess, Butler. 2--C. E. Eicholtz. Straban. 3--J. H. Ginck, Mt_ Pieasant. 3--Robert B. Diehi. Franklin. 4--Mrs. J. Donaldson, Hamiltonban 4--Ar-S- Whisler. Mt- Pleasant. 5--H. S. Weikert, Mt. Pleasant. 5--Armor M. Weikert, Highland. 5--Thomas Wenk. Menallen. 5--L. E. Kershey, Seven Stars. 6--Edward Miller, Hamiltonban. 6--Reuben Schwartz. Mt. Joy. 7--F. G- Hernler. Mt. Pleasanc. 7--Walter Moore. Jlamiltonban. 7--Calvin Bream. Cashtown. 9--Frank 3IcDermitt. Highland. 9--Harry Stallsmith, Mt- Pleasant. 10--John H. Miller. Mt. Pleasant. 1C--H. W. Deardorff. Franklin. 11--Allen Bclen. Menallen. 11--H. S. Mertz. Hamiltonban. 11--George E. Metier. Mt. Joy. i 12--John Kime. Tyrone. ii2--William Peters. Menallen. IS--M. F. Stoner. Highland. 113--William Shepard. Menallen. j 13--H. C. Hartlaub. Mt. Joy. 14--Luther Minter. Straban. 14--Elmer Siaybaugh. Menallen. 14--Harry G. Bucher. Franklin. 14--John Kunkel. Franklin. ! 16--Frank Roth. Butler. 16--T- F. Hhodes. Bi- Jer. 17--John Tate. Tyrone. 17--Arthur Eppleman. Menallen. 17--James Boyd. Franklin. 17--James Sanders. Hamiltonban. IS--Milton Benner. Mt- Joy [IS--L H. Spahr. Table Rock. ! IS--Miiton Benner. Mount Joy. · IS--Frank Smith. Menallen. j 19--Fred. Wenk. Menallen. ;19--Wm. B. Mcllhenny. Straban. J20--A. Walter Toot. Franklin, j 21--Edward Schriver. Butler, i 21--J. H. Hoover Xew Oxford. i24--W. W. Bover, Arendtsvilie. ; he, with a number of lads, stepped to j play with a mowing machine that had LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many (tens of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief "terns. NEW OXFORD New Oxford -- C. H. Robinson and wife on Wednesday visited their daughter, Miss Anna, who is a postulant in the convent of the Sisters of Mercy, at Harrisburg. They report their daughter as enjoying excellent health. On their return trip Mr. and Mrs. Robinson soent Thursdav with friends ia York. Paul Lenhart, and daughter, Leda. of Abilene, Kansas, is spending been pulled into the Park Souare on some time with friends in this place, Hallowe'en night. The lad had his at East Berlin, and other parts of the right thumb caught under the cutting j county. Mr. Lenhart resides on the bar of Ihe machine. The thumb was ! farm of Rev. C. C- Brown, of East Ber- badly mashed besides having the nail completely torn off. The injuries, wh : ch were of a most painful nature, were dressed by a Xew Oxford physician, j Xarrow Escape from Drowning The little 6 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moses :ag!e. of Abbottstown, had a narrow escape from drowning at her home one evening re- j cently. The children uncovered the · cistern in the yard and the child, while 1 at play, fell headlorg into the j which was quite deep. The heard the child's commotion water. mother in the ·in, near Abilene, in which section the t entire corn, crop was burned up by the "Kansas hot air" during the past season. Mrs. John Q. Mowery, of Indianapolis. Ind., spent a few days with her sister, Mrs. J. A. Foose, at Cedar Ridge, and with relatives and friends in town. Miss Mariah Kehm spent the past week with relatives in Hanover. Miss Helen Ruth, a teacher in the Girls' High School at Reading, spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the her mother, Mrs. M. D. home of Feiser. water, and hurrying to the cistern re- j Sampson Kepner and wife, of Big- covered her by the use of a stick of i lerrille. spent Sunday with friends in wood just as she was about to sink for "cown. They arc now making prepara- the third time. I tlons to occupy their new home on Log Fell on Foot. i Hanover street, which is about com- Spangler Hetrick. of near New Ox- ! pleted. 1 ford, met with a painful mishap last [ Cashier James W. Barnitz and sis- week. He was engaged at hauling · ter-m-law, Miss Nlta Cashman, on seme lumber in town and while in the j Sunday paid a visit to the former's ace of unloading a heavy square piece i daughter, Miss Madaline JBamitz, who of timber it turned and slipoed from J * s receiving treatment at a private his hands and a sharp corner struck i sanitarium at Charmlaa. Miss Barnitz Sir. Ketrick on top of his right foot i * s reported as improving, causing an injury from which he suff- I iliss Vergie E. Diehl, a student at j ered great pain for some days,, but he ! Millersville Normal School, spent Sat' is now rapidly improving. j urday and Sunday at the home of her Child Fell from Chair. | parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. DiehL the 6-months-o!d son of j ^ r - an i Mrs. J- "W". Hook and son, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Auchv. of near : Diehl. of White Hall, spent Sunday at Abbottstown, fell from a chair and \ - 5ie same place. sustained a fracture of his left collar- ! k bone- Dr. T. C. Miller, of Abbottstown. j adjusted the injury. j PETER C. WIEST WHITE HALL ! White Hall--Those who spent Sun» . day evening at the home of J. S. J Sheely and family were, Mr. and Mrs. : Frank Bream, Miss Eva Geisler and ! Claude Cover. j J. S. Sheely and wife spent Sunday Peter C. Wiest died at his home in ] afternoon with the former's brother, York at 1 o'clock Vhis morning. I Daniel Sheely, in Hanover. Mr. Wiest was one of York's most! ilrs - John Smith, of Lancaster, is | Well Know n Business Man dent of York. and .,, . . . . T , The Harrisburg Independent has the will enter college ,,, a tew years. I foliowi _ about a former Adajns askea wnetner she had given any con- 1 f. _ sideration where her son would mat- i - ~ lOrmerlv riculate. She answered. 'Oh yes. he will enter Gettysburg or a similar college- His father was trained at one: ; of our largest universities and, had it ii There Are many convincing arganaents that might be presented as to the superiority 05 LIppy Made Clothes "A bat we know of none so conclusive a= the refined appearance of the clothe il themselves. There is beanty in every lice aad quality in every stJtch and Sbre. J. D. Lippy Tailor "We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coat== ] not been for his strength of character. ] i we know not There he mignt have ' j drifted.' j j ''The President, with others, had a! j large part in the recent celebration of Ithe great civil strife enacted here on j these hills over fifty years ago. Many ] returned to live over in memory the about p se: The bay trotting horse. ied by Geiselman Bros- of Centennial. Adams County, and nOT* ov,-7ied by John Reyburn. of Philadel- sold to Wm. Davis, of Steelton, · years ago. by Geiselman Bros. The horse has performed wonderful!" for Mr. Davis. He has defeated all classes of "harness horses on the Harrisburg and" Steelton Speedway and has trotted a mile on a Belraon'c track in 2:07^ to sulkey.^ He was sold to Mr. Reybnrr. for S6*000. j 24--Boyer Bros., Straban. J25---Charles Brown, Tyrone. J 26--Emory Zepp, Cumberland- 29--Isaac Bucher. WOMAN GOT THE LIMIT r portion gaged in the manufacture of choice * mer ' s daughter, Mrs. Milton Snyder, candy, the labels upon which bore the! at T ' nro Tav erns. initials "P. W. C".. and his name. ir. I 5Irs - Jacob _ Steich and daughter, consequence became almost a house- j ^ ora - of near Littlestown, spent one hold word in all sections of che coan- · dav last ^" eek "*"* her mo:;her 7 ilrs - trj-. The American Caramel company | Sasan Ro£er of today is the outgrowth of his labor i _ Whke Hal1 sch ° o1 ' nras closed on from which he withdrew several years j A uesdav on ac co=nt of the election. !ago to live retired. In almost every j iiiss Emma Ba PP- of tae Franklin [movement for the. upbuilding of th " e j House. Hanover, is spending a few j city he was identified, being con . j days \vith her mother, Mrs. Solomon I netted with manv enter-crises and his ' £U PP- j death, therefore- removes one of I John ilarkle - ^^ and j York's most -honored citizens. Mr. j Anna ' of near Hanover ' ^ Wiest is survived bv his wife, Mrs. E ! v '" irh Mardn Gebhart and " A. Rice, a daughter", and William F.! ?TMTM *TM scarce th: Wiest. a brother, residuig in York. -«! make pumpkin pies taste muca · i better. daughter, Sunday Oxford Woman Kills Ten Rabbits J -with Ten Shots. WON AGAIN dreadful trials of the terrible days-; TEACHERS* MEETING lownship and BiglerviHe Teachers Will Meet. PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL | d The entertainmenc lea^ures of the convention were an automobile trip j over the battlefield Wednesdav after- AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER j ^ HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 They came with nothing in their i heart, I believe, but love and good ·will, j j So in the college life may there be joy | il I and great^prosperity, and as the years j ·S I pass by, many return to speak and The Butler Townshia and Bigler-_. i praise her for the precious things jvjne Borough Teachers' Association will meet at Good Hope school house Friday evening. Xov. 7th. at 7:30 o'clock. The topics for discussion are:: "Punctuality." Miss . Boyer; "The Proper Assignment of a Lesson", Miss - 1 OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents lb., Butternut Taffy. 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, 20 cents lb., Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents lb.--Fresh Daily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN noon, a concert by the college boys in Brua Chapel in the evening ar.d luncheon given by Mrs. Granville noon to-day. a at FOR SALE: one of Gettysburg's best businesses. A good chance for young man. For information address Lock Box 118, Gettysburg.--advertisement 1 Xew Oxford's only licensed female 'gunner. Mrs. George Ehrehart, of i Xew Oxford, on Saturday succeeded 'in killing 10 rabbits, the full extent "allowed by law. Mr. and Mrs. Ehre- jhart wer,!, to the home of the latter's 'parents. Mr. ar.d Mrs. A. L. Wingert. i beyond Xev. Chester, and accompanied ; by her brother, Emory Wingert, start\ ed out for the sport. Before night Sirs. · Ehrehart. with a rifie, at 10 dis- ] charges of the Erwn. brought down 10 ' rabbits. Her husband got- sfx and the ' brother killed seven. Besides" this the two killed tv-o birds and ore gray squirrel. ' GcUysburg Scores its Second Defeat i over Mt. St. Mary's. FARM SOLD -Raffensperger; "How to Teach Speli- ing'', Miss Eicholtz; Mr. Orner. 'Current Events'', i SPECIAL: we have received a large line of children's, ladies' and men's win'ter coats also boys" and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and * sweaters. G. H. Knouse, Biglcrville-advertasement 1 Koscr Farm Sold to Messrs. Huber. Rice and Smith. The G. W. Koser farm above Ben- dersviJle was sold on Wednesday to Charles H. Huber, of Gettysburg; Arthur E. Rice, of BiglerviHe; and Charles E. Smith, of Pittsburgh. I BARLOW ; Barlow--The fanners of this section cf the county are busy husking com. s _ , ~ '. . j There is more huskins: to do at this tor the seconc! time tnss season the- . , ., , ~ .., ,, . _ , . _ ,, , ' cate tnan usual on account or tne late- Gfcttvsburg Cohesre loot bal! team as- j - ,- f , , - £ - , . ,,"~ . ,,- , , ness or tee season. feated -Mt- St. Marv s on Tft ednesdav _ . , . . . . ,, ,, . . - ,. ^ ^ -.. c-~ i Quite a numoer or oeopie from at EmmitsOursr. Score 14 to 6. Mt. St- - - - - -~ - -,-, ,. . . ". , , , jvicmitv were in Gertvsoarg on Fn. Man-s £rot tnesr toacndown :n the nrst! , * . - ,, '-- - , .. , . , ,. ,,. ... :dav evening lor the ttalioween na- hali or. a fake pass at tne 10 yard hne, 5 ^," In the second half Gettysburg secured 1 """;.,, a fumble on Mount St. Mary's 15- j-ard line ar.d, by a series of line ] plunsres. carried the ball over for the first touchdown. Their second score i came in the third ouarter, when Car-' . -, - , , ,. , , - , . . " , ,, , , , Keolaces the one "destroved ov fire ro!l iunibiea a pass anc Gettvsbarc-' , - ,, . . * , - · A. u ?i iv -~\ - i August 10. is nearmg comoletion. . at^m secured the ball or. the AO-varfl · f . . . , , _·* .__. ^ , » *t. i i i -. ' I A- joint meeting of the Cnnstian En- iJine and in three pla\s took ?c over. j . ^ . . . _., _ ,. , ,, j i ceavor Societies ot St. Paol s Luther- i an Church, of Harr.ey and Mt. Joy TO CORX HUSKERS j was held at Mt. Joy on Sunday even- j ing. The meeting was inspiring and Saturday was a busy day for the ! hunters. The sound of the musket i could be heard in all directions all i day, Charles Schwartz's new bam. which Sne your Good Ears for the Bigler- J profitable for both societies. ville Show in Januarv. Sen-ices at Mt Joy on Sunday . , ... ~ , morning at ten o'clock. Sunday Schoo! Adams Countv farmers who are now . " . . , _. . .. _ , , , , . ' , . , i , ^ . x at nine o clock. Christian Endeavor in i busv huskinq: corn are advised that it . . ~, , .,, , , ,, · - , : , . .T - - ^ ,. . ,, . the evening. The pastor will start the will be to their interest to save tneir SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- . ternoon and evening.--advertisement 1 , good ears for the show at Biglerville j December 31--January 3. Cash prizes i will be offered for the bes'c exhibits of , ten ears each and a competent judge will make the awards. catechetical class on Saturday noon at two o'clock. MODERN" house for rent. Apply Times office.--advertisement 1 SPAPFRf

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