The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1931 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 19 1931 CAPITAL SOCIAL LIFE INTIMATELY DESCRIBED IN LETTER MANY CHANGES MADE IN HOOVER REGIME Mrs. Dickinson Writes of Reception Held at White House '. EDITOR'S NOTE--Most o f . the changes rondo in the. order of things at the white house ; seem to be those made by Mrs. Hoover, according: to Mrs. Dickinson's observations in her letter to Jane today. Mrs. Dlckln- . son, wife of Iowa's senator- elect, has spent a number o£ years in Washington and Is thoroly acquainted with the side lights which make the affairs, otherwise tedious, fascinating. One of the' interesting bits of information in this letter is that the custom of serving refreshments at the president's receptions was done away with during war times and has not been resumed since. Last year the white house socin program seemed to be fated--Pirsl one thing and then another inter Quality Protects Your Diamond Investment Here you will find diamonds of quality set up in the latest design mountings of platinum .and white gold. A call will convince you that our prices are lower. We will give you a finer and larger diamond for less money. A MURRY VALUE 18 Point Perfect Blue White Diamond --j.latest Mounting: 44 50 CONVENIENT CREDIT MURRAY JEWELRY CO. M. B. A. BLDG. fered but this year everything has gone "according to Hoyle." But President Hoover has turnec many of the old white house customs topsy-turvy and introduced new ones In their stead during his first years as United States presi dent. White house entertainments along with other customs have been re- moulded by our president. It has al ways been the custom' to hold only four receptions at the white house each year with the exception-of the public one on New Year's day, bu1 President Hoover decided upon eigh! receptions. Separate dates were'sol for receiving members of the senate and the house, where as formerly a joint reception was held. Last year the reception to the house never came off, being cancelled at the time of the illness 'and death o! Chief Justice Taft. This year the house reception went off with bang and being rather small, only about 1200 guests attending, it was much more pleasant as nearly everybody knew everybody else. Arrive'Early. We always try to arrive early at the .white house at this reception for watching the president. and the first lady, the vice president and the second. lady and the cabinet members with their wives in their march of ceremony down the stairs, is the most interesting part of the evening to me. Promptly at 9 o'clock the strains of the familiar "Hail to the Chief" announce the descent from the sacred "upstairs" of the president and his official family. House aides, naval and military, lead the nrocession down the flower lined ste^s (great clusters of scarlet carnations this time) and into the blue room where the guests are received. Mrs. Hoover looked unusually well I thot. Her gown of heavy eggshell satin was made with 'a short train ind with a bertha of the same ma- eriai, the two ends of which were :ied in a bow in the back. She carried long white gloves and a small hand bag- of eggshell satin beaded in gold. Mrs. Gann (Dolly) was ill with the flu so Mrs. Hurley, wife of he secretary of war, came down he grand stairs on Vice President Curtis' aim, Secretary Hurley being 5 ainful Corns Go In 3 Seconds or Money Back Harmless Iodine Mixture . Works Great Painful corns go in 3 seconds-perfect Sfoot comfort at once. 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Fans "have come to life"\ again. Jane-- great colored feather fans and also the dainty carved ivory fans like those of our grandmothers and great grandmothers. No Refreshments. We tfcot perhaps that the Hoovers would revive the. old custom of serving refreshments at these receptions. Before the war they were always served but Wilson set tho pace of economy by cutting the refreshments down to mere ice water and that has been the custom ever since and I imagine it will always be so in the future. Among the guests at the reception were Representative and Mrs. De Priest. They arrived early; almost as early as we did, and after rreeting the · President and Mrs. Hoover entered the east room and seated themselves upon what have 3ee ( termed the "Monroe chairs." J'or some time they sat alone. Then :hey were greeted by Speaker Jngworth. Mr. Longworth called Mr. De Priest by his first name "Os car." After that several people went up to them and spoke to them, Mrs. Lamont, wife of the secretary of commerce, among them.' Mrs. De Priest, wife of the colored representative, was dressed in beige lace. She wore long white gloves and silver slippers. . ' President Tired. [ thot that the president looked a. bit tired but why shouldn't he with all the wrangling going on in :he senate. Of course it is an honor to be the president of the United SPRING HUES IN SHOES Chic, styleful creations in Sea-sand beige, blue, brown and combinations of fine kidskin leathers exemplify the spring trend. Stylewise women visit this bootery for the correct interpretation of the NEW STYLES for the NEW SEASON. Many more new shoes arrived today. Prices , range from $5 to $10. These new shoes backed up by SCIENTIFIC FITTING will please the most exacting. 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It must be terribly tiresome to be bound to a routine so monotonous as the president must have. The president spends more time in his offfice than the usual businessman and he works harder. The only time he is alone is' at night in his bee chamber. When he leaves it in ths morning he is the president--not ac individual. He is surrounded all th = time by secret service men and secretaries and visitors. The white house grounds are constantly guarded by uniformed police. The president is required to exercise every day. His special physician sees that he does whether he so wills or not. The Hoovers have changed things about a bit in the white house-really, more than a bit. Every new president and his wife change things about to suit their own ideas of fitness but the first lady of these days is lucky that she does not have to concern herself with fires and primitive necessities as did the wife of John Adams. The lovely east room was then used as a drying room for her laundry. Mrs. Fillmori installed the first bath tub in ,1851. There is now a bath room for' each bed room. Green Room Changed, President and Mrs. Hoover have made more changes in the green room than in any of the other rooms. It is now really a charming room. The bamboo and brocade f u r - niture has been removed and "post- revolutionary chairs and . settees have taken their place. In this room is a lovely old white marble mantel which once upon a time was one of a pair in the state dining room. Tin rest of the furniture has been adapted to this mantel. The massive Japanese vases that have been there for three generations arc u one and also the woolwork fire screen, made by Empress Elizabeth of Austria, which she presented :hru the minister of Austro-Hun- ary, to President Arthur in ISSX These have been placed in a room 'iven over' to the old treasured ifts from foreign countries. The leavy chandelier has been changed :o one of crystal which harmonize:? with the wall brackets. Portraits of past occupants of the white house have been thinned out and those used blend into the color scheme of the different rooms in an irtistic way. -In the "shuffling" of :hese,portraits the picture of Calvin Coolidge, which formerly occupied a conspicuous position in the state dining room was moved to the hall way. In its place the famous. White portrait of Abraham Lincoln which formerly decorated a dark spot in :he long corridor has been hung. The official painting of Woodrow Wilson has been moved to · a space just at the entrance p f ^ the state dining room. In the long corridor harigs^ a life size portrait, of James A. Garfield, and on the stand beneath it there always is a vase of red carnations, his favorite flower, constantly worn on the lapel of his coat while he was a member of the house and all thru his days in the white house. In the state dining- room a wonderfuly fine oil painting ihowing California mountain scenery and an adobe, or concrete house, langs over the mantel. During the iloosevelt administration a rare old Flemish tapestry hung there. Portraits Changed. The ' full length paintings of eorge and Martha Washington, vhich had hung in the lower corridor are now hanging in the historic east room. Mrs. Hoover who has grouped the white house b'elongings o periods selected the east room as most suitable for the Washington ortraits. Here, too, have been jlaced plenty of comfortable chairs.' They take the place of the bard Roman benches and are of the Louis XV type--gold chairs and upholstered in blue silk damask. The 'rames are richly hand carved. I believe I wrote you a bit about the president's study on the second floor in my last letter but I want to tell you something more about it. It is at the end of the . long hall which runs the full length of the white house and which is divided into three colonial arches. Admires Lincoln. President Hoover who has always been a great admirer of Lincoln decided to use this old Lincoln study for his own. It had been used as a bed chamber for years. A plate on the marble mantel says that slaves were freed in that- room. President Hoover after days of hunting found I three old dilapidated Lincoln chairs ! in the basement and attic and had ] them refinished and upholstered. They now stand In the Lincoln study. Above'the mantel hangs a steel engraving representing the moment when President Lincoln read his emancipation proclamation to his cabinet. This engraving has been owned by the president for many years. After the picture was hung it was noticed by some member of the household that the picture represented that very room and that the original which now hangs on the wall of the east staircase of the house wing of the capitol and which Is fourteen feet long and 'nine feet high must have'been painted in thir, room. The old Lincoln chairs are exactly like those, in this steel engraving. They have the curved legs, the upholstered- seats and the ban- nister up the back. The fireplaces in the background of the engraving is the same as the fireplace in the study even to the beading on thn trim. So the engraving with its cafrefiil and authentic record of detail, is standing as a model for an attempt to restore the study to something of its furnishings and appearance in the Lincoln day. Armchair Last. The armchair that Lincoln sits in cannot be found. Mrs. Lincoln gave away her belongings very freely as souvenirs. It perhaps was given BOSTON QUEEN Miss Caroline Hunnewell, who society critics claim is the most beautiful debutante in Boston. The Hub city deb, however, according, to merciless critics, ranks only fourth in a list of the nation's' society beauties. away and then again it might have been sold at auction as old furniture was in those days. There is a table in the white house that until Hoover's administration had been shown as that on which the emancipation proclamation was signed. A table in a Connecticut museum makes a likewise claim. Now it is a puzzle which table really was used. The Congressional club has heW two receptions so far--one for the President and Mrs. Hoover and the other for Vice President Curtis and hin hostess, Dolly Gann. Next weelc we entertain for the Speaker and Mrs. Longworth--combining a short session of congress with an early Lent has resulted in a most' crammed social calendar. Our .breakfast for Mrs. Hoover will be the last of the Congressional club's affairs. I hope to find time to write you about this always interesting affair. Affectionately, MYRTLE C. DICKINSON. Parents May Stimulate Falsehood in Children by Too High Standards By ALICE JTUDSON PEALE The fear which parents feel that their children will grow up to be something less than a credit to them often makes them harsh and unintelligent in their training for truthfulness. A consideration of the difficulties which stand in the way of the child's truth-telling should do much tc bring about a more sensible attitude. ' Lying in childhood is, generally speaking, to be regarded as a perfectly normal kind of behavior. The average child lies frequently up to the age of adolescence. During the pre-chool years he lies 1 out of sheer mental confusion--out of a perfectly understandable desire to substitute the wish for the fact. Johnny may soberly tell hia mother that grandmother took him to the movies and bought him ice cream afterwards, simply because he wishes so very much that she had. To call him a liar is to betray a lack of insight into child nature. Most children, too, are forced consciously and deliberately to lie in self-defense because the penalties for truth-telling are too great. ,To lie in order to save one's self from unbearable consequences is not a sign of unusual moral turpitude, but of an entirely proper and wholesome desire to save one's own skin. The way to prevent this kind ot lying is to remove the penalty. In this connection it may be said tnat it is always a mistake to expect a child to tell on himself. Another kind of lie which causes parents to worry, but which is entirely natural and usual, is the Ite told with the desire to win approval. 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