The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 29, 1952 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 2
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»*n'CI7 Olob«-G«»ttt«, . V), ,, 1«J M.IOM CHy, la.. Air Chief Says Reds Couldn't Stop Offensive Would Receive "Great Punishment" ·DETROIT (UP) --.Gen. Hoyt S. Yandcnberg, Air Force chief of staff, said Friday Russia could not now or In the near future stop the American atomic counter-offensive which would be launched if Russlfi started a war, Vnndcnbcrg said in a speech prepared for the Air Force Asso ciatiori reunion here that if the Russians attempt a knockout atomic blow against the United States "it will not save thorn from terrible punishment." EarlUr Speech :, In nn earlier speech lo (he association, Army c Undersecretary Karl R. Bemlclscn said Russia "will not knowingly precipilnlo n decisive global war now or at any time In the near future." , Vandcnbcrg snid "all available evidence .. , confirms us in a conviction, that the means do not now .exist f o r stopping r i n atomic countoroffcnslve -- nor ire sueb rrioans likely to appear in the near future." The air staff chief said this conclusion is based on "our own exhaustive rind Continuing tests a_nd further reinforced by the ex- pcrlenccB of friendly a!r forces," He added: "I say this, however, In no spirit of complacency. Re«t»rch "It behooves us to press on hard with research' and development." Vandcnbcrg did not explain what he meant, by ^ h l s ' a l l u s i o n to "the experience's ot friendly air forces." 1 He-said H "now Kcems Inevitable · that nnoiher general war would be marked in- its;opening phases by attacks and countcr-iUlaCks of. unprecedented dcstructlvcncss." Montgomery Ward Official* Quit * .CHICAGO (UP) -- Two more vice , presidents o f , Montgomery Ward Company have quit ihc huge, mall .order firm in a huff, It Was learned Thursday. ''The resignations of Roy L. AM Win-photo TALKS TO NEW YORK DEMOS--Here is a cloaeup o£ Gov. Adlai SlevcnHon of Illinois na he talkedio New York Democrats at their state convention Thursday night. 41 Per Gent of Children Don't Finish High School Gebcrt' and Herbert Rlegclman were -the' latest- in 'a- long series of resignations and · outright firings among the company's top brass. 'Gebcrt,' like many others who left -ihc lir'm', said ho-had 'differ- By ROBERT HOGAN Iowa Dally Prtst Writer DES MOINES (IDPA)-A total of 41 per cent of Iowa children drop out of school between the second and 12th gradc.8 and fail to graduate from high school. A private'consultant firm employed by the slate legislative budget n n d control committee, included this, information in its 21 page study of .the Iowa depart monl ot public'Instruction. Department officials report, however, that the number of children quitting school'has been gradually reduced each year. In past years the department reports, there have been as many as 00 per cent of lowu children dropping out of school between the second and 12th grades without continuing their studies. Some of .the "quits" result, from families moving out of tho stale. Tho GrlffenhiiRen consultant told Iho budget committee that "one ot the 'greatest needs of t h e Iowa nual "state day" at the Iowa stale [air--tho popcorn poll. Alex Fldlcr, Cedar Rapids fight referee and promoter, operator of concessions in the fairgrounds amphitheater, took advantage o£ slate day to Introduce and sell popcorn in boxes with your favorite presidential candidate pictured on the box. IlE the buyer was a Republican America Set for Last Fling This Summer Expect 480 Labor Day Auto Deaths By U N I T E D P R E S S The big rush was on throughout the country Friday for Labor Day's long summer holiday. Almost everyone in the country will bo on the move, Forty million cars -- one for every four persons in the nation-were expected on the highways;.-. The National Safety Council at Chicago predicted 480 persons will die in the heavy traffic. In state after state, highway patrolmen went on emergency status. From New York to California, traffic officials pleaded with motorists lo be careful. In Iowa In Iowa the safety council asked motorists to stay off the highways. Last Labor Day weekend, traffic claimed 'Ifil lives. The weather was generally f a i r and mild over most of the nation, enticing millions to a last summer fling. But, at Detroit, the trend was to stay nt home. Car, plane, and rail travel were down about 25 per cent; bus riders fell off 10 per cent, The American Automobile Assn. said Dolroitcrs had an air show, state fair and boat races this weekend. The recent steel strike left m a n y pockets empty. Also, the association said, travel for short trips rose 10 per cent d u r i n g the summer in Detroit, and Tydings Accepts McCarthy Debate WASHINGTON (UPJ -- Former Sen. Millard E. .Tydings .(D-Md) Friday accepted an "invitation" to debate "McCarthyism"-with Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy in Wisconsin. "The question is'," said Tydings, 'is McCarthy going to meet me?" At Milwaukee, the.-Wisconsin Republican commented; "I don't think I can waste time debating with the dead." Tydings, defeated in 1950 by Sen. John M. Butler (U-Md) saicJ in a statement, "the newspapers say McCarthy has invited me to come to Wisconsin so the good people there can look me over." SOIL CONSERVATION DES MOINES Wi -- The Iowa Soil Conservation Committee said Thursday that Gov. William' S. Beardslcy is in accord with a proposal that tHc/slate pay the costs of two employes in each countywide soil conservation office. PICKETS PATROL PLANT--Picket lines were set up around the plant of the Capital Tobacco Corp. at Charles City Thursday. Only office workers and supervisors of the approximately 38 plant staff were on duty. The question to be settled at the plant of the corporation is who is to be bargaining agent. A hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 4. · · the tourists now arc tuckered out. Speed Warnings At Milwaukee, the sheriff moved three of h!s a m b u l a n c e s to strategic places In the county road net. He expected the sight o£ the waiting ambulances to deter speeders. At Chicago, the exodus was lo the resorts in Wisconsin and Michigan. Railroads, buses and airlines handled capacity crowds. ences with .Scwell Ayury, 78-year- old "chairman 'of,. the 'board. ;JG«be"r'C'a/ veteran ,of 25 years with'; the'. company,' 'was vjco president' in, charge ot, retail operations with headquarters In .Chicago. Riegelrhan 1 .w,n's In .charge of soft goods and headed the New York office. 5 ' ' ' public school system is for the re- organization'of school districts.', 1 firm told (tic legislative The group that demands for enriched Phone Rates Up in Border Towns. DES MOINES WP-Higher prices for locnl telephone service in 13 Jown cities and towns along the state border will become effective Oct. 1, 1952, a Northwestern Bell Telephone Company otficini snitl Friday. Towns Involved are: Akron; Burlington; 'D n b u q u c, Eslherville Hamburg, Hnwnrdcn, Lake P a r k JIuscatine, Northwood, Rock Rap ids, Siblcy ( Spirit Lake and Sioux City, C, L. Sampson, vice president and general manager of the company for Iowa, announced. curricula cnnnot bo met by'small school u n i t s ; the per pupil cost in small units is greater ilum larger ones, a n d educational experti- cnces which can be provided arc much more limited. Thai..-the present situation in ho got tho I Like Ike package. Stevenson cartons were available for th6 Democrats. Fldlcr reports the state day sale of these political packages was the "first in the country." A f i r m thai m a n u f a c t u r e s the cartons reports I t - w i l l ' k e e p ' track of sales in its nationwide popcorn poll. M A N Y C A N D I D A T E S FOR HOUSE S P E A K E R Stale day, is the one day when all state legislators, officials arid congressmen arc guests of the 7owa f a i r board. It's a sounding board for the politicians. The legislators Wednesday added lo the list of those being considered as serious candidates for speaker oC the Iowa bouse of representatives. George L. Paul of Brooklyn, .Dr. Guy G. Bullcr of Rolfc, and \V. II. Tatc of. Mason City were being discussed as likc- Ban on Hog Sale Lifted DES MOINES on--A ban on the sale of feeder pigs at sale barns and auction rings will be lifted effective at midnight Sunday, Sec rotary of Agriculture Clyde Spry said Friday. The ban was issued several weeks ago as part of an effort to stamp out vesicular exanthema (VE) 'in Iowa swine herds. Still effective, however, is a . provision t h a t : llio seller must have owned Woman Suing Racing Group DES MOINES - ( U P ) -- D a m a g e suits totaling $11,000 were o n . flic in District Court Thursday against National Speedways Inc. in con nection with a grandstand accident at the" 1051 State Fair. Mrs. James Haynic, Des Moincs, sought $10,000 damages for injuries received when a r a c i n g car crashed through a fence into a group of spectators, kilting its driver. She'also asked $1,000 for injuries to her daughter, Patricia, 8. own cannot be regarded as satis- actory," said the report, "is cvi- Icnt from the largo number oC one- room schools, Last year 72,000 children, some 15 per cent of the pupil population, wore attending one-room elementary schools." The present, system does not provide c o m m u n i t y control over the education of children, the firm declared, because last year there were 70,000 children who attended schools outside their own districts as tuition pupils. Tho report pointed up the "expressed reluctance on the pnrt of communities to lose control of their school system" and said this reluctance impedes the formation of larger, more efficient units. Tho report indicated Hint rcor ganmitiori of school districts would tend lo reduce the numbers of children who quit school each year in choices. Governor's Days at Clear Lake had produced other candidates including the present speaker, William Lynes of Wavcrly, and Rep- August Retail Food Prices Highest in U. S. History WASHINGTON UP)--Mid-August retail food prices, the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, were the lighest in U.S. history. / During the first .hair of this month the bureau's index vent up almost 1 per cent to 235.6 per cent of the 1935-39 resentatives Lawrence P u t n c . y , Glntlbrook; Arthur C. Hanson, Inn- wood; Dewcy Goodc, Bloom field; Ernest Palmer Jr., Ft. Madison; Harold F. Nelson, Sioux City; and [''red Schwengcl, Davenport. the hogs at.least 30 days. / Spry's action, approved by the attorney general's office, comes, he said, as the result of elimination ot the disease from the state. All infected and exposed hogs have been marketed or destroyed. Another order still in elfect bans the imports oC hogs into Iowa, except those going direct to slaughter. This means that Iowa sale barn and auction ring operators will lirivc to deal only in hogs of Iowa origin. Spry said the import ban and the others issued will re- Leader of :1944 Escape Free Again FT. MADISON MT--The man who led a bloody New Year's Day escape from the Anamosa Men's Reformatory in 19'W is at large again Friday. John Bryl, 41, of Omaha, working on a 25-year term for robbery with aggravation, escaped from the State Penitentiary here Thursday Prison officials said he stole a guard's car to make his gel-away The car is a 1947 coupe with 11 cense number 5G-873G. Bryl was transferred lo the pcni tcntinry from the reformatory in 1D15 after he led three other men to one clay's freedom on Jan. 1 1944. The men forced a guard to call a reformatory truck, there was a fight and one guard was stabbed The men escaped with two hostages in the truck. The prisoners were captured a Davenport the next day. Bryl first got in trouble in Iowa in .1037. Aflcr fleeing the Nebras ka State Penitentiary in the war den's car, he came to Des Moine where he robbed a shoe store. H got about $25' in the robbery and [have been suspended rise to a was captured a short'time later by point where,they threaten to pierce n hip-jivvriv nnirnlmnn nr*nr Pnlkln,« rt i,i n *-;r.n /.^ilinrfc? ^r^riti-nlc \vill On the Radio Beam F R I D A Y " N I G H T N E T W O K K HlGIU.lGirrS ARC--fi:M Lone Kanfrer; 1:00 R i c h a r d Diamond! 7::!U This Is Your F.B.I.i X:()D O«lti anil H a r r i e t ) (i:SO Mr. D i s t r i c t A t t o r n e y ! D:00 Cavalcada of Sports, CUS--I!:I5 Edward ' R . M u r r o w ; 1:00 Mu- slcland, U.S.A.; 8:00 The IllE Tlmei K::tO Kolicrt Vs Waxworks; »:0l Hob Trout, N e w s ! 11:13 Capitol Cloakroom. MliS--lirM Gabriel Header; G i l o M u t u a l N e w s r e c l i 7:00 A d v e n t u r e s at M a l a l e ; T.'M Oracle Fields Sltou'i 8:01) Magazine Theater: 8::IU Armeil Forces R e v i e w ; 11:00 Fraiilt Edw a r d s ; 9:15 I I.ove a Mystery. NIIC--7:0(1 Itoy H o l e r s ; T-.XO Inside Boh and R a y ; 8:00 Mario Lama; K::ll) Short Story; i):OU T.IS.A.i D:M Tor- trait In Spurts. average. On the basis of fig-* ires collected in eight cities, .he' bureau said foods now arc about 1(5 per cent higher than when :he Korean War began in June, 1050. In another economic development, the government Thursday night suspended price controls on radios, television sets, record players, carpets and bedding. The lat- .cr includes studio couches, davenports, mattresses, springs a n d pillows. Price controls were abolished on vitrified c h i n a w a r e, silver- ,varc and jewelry, and hand-made household glassware. Price Stabilizer Tighe E. Woods said he will ask President T r u m a n to do away with all controls if he finds, on a forthcoming tour of the country, that the people don't want them. OPS made clear that it the prices of items on which controls Adlai Visits Baruch, Talk About Costs NEW YORK (UP)--Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson got the word on inflation Friday from a man whose relations with President Truman have chilled in recent years--Bernard M. Baruch. Stevenson had a "very pleasant breakfast" in the apartment of the CFM On Air 3 p.m. lo 10:15 p.m.) New York financier White House adviser. and former The Illinois Smilin' Ed (9:30 a. in.) Stories for boys and girls, songs, that's on Smilin' a highway patrolman near Polk! City. he old price ceilings, controls e reimposed. Iowa, POPCORN POLL FOR POLITICIANS A new poll popped up at tho an- and four grandchildren. Rites at Forest City for Charles Philpot FOREST CITY--Funeral serv ices for Charles Philpot, 83, will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Olson Funeral Home with the Rev. C. H. Peltersen, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating. Burial in the Ellington Center Cemetery. A longtime resident of the Forest City community, Mr. Philpot died nt his home Wednesday. He is survived by his wife, a son, Clifford; two daughters, Mrs. Lucille Mo'wery and Mrs. Leslie O'Rourkc, m a i n in effect protection to dustry. indefinitely, as a the Iowa swine in Deaf Association Chief Says Berg Should Be Ousted Carlson Says HST Insulted Legion NEW YORK (UP)--A top adviser to Dwight D. Eisenhower accused President Truman of making "slurring remarks" about veterans because the American Legion wants Secretary o£ Slate Dean Acheson fired. Sen. Frank Carlson of Kansas said the President offended wai veterans by sarcastically referring to them as "young hoys." Tho President told his weekly news conference Thursday he has no intention of bowing to Legion demands and said Acheson woulc remain as secretary oE state as long as he, Mr. Truman, is in the While House. BURLINGTON Action to remove Lloyd Berg as supcrin- .cndcnt of the Iowa School for the Deaf at Council Bluffs was recommended Friday liy Charles RADIO SCHEDULES "MOMENTS ON THE MOUNT" Conducted by REV. ANTON CEDARHOLM Mon. thru Sat. 6:30 -- 7:00 A. M. Sunday at 7:30 A. M. C»n b« h«ird on th*s« . stations: KATE - Albert tta 1450 KIOA · DM Moims ..,.;.. 940 ICT01 - M«nk«t» V;..,~ Before adjourning its 34th annua convention, the Legion electee ,e\vis K. Gough, a Pasadena lalif., World War II veteran, a ot Davenport, president of. the Iowa . Association of the D e a f , in n speech before the state convention here. Loughnin told the delegates the IAD "should fight on until Superintendent Herg is removed. "The citizen's committee for the Iowa School, for the Deaf, has made a thorough investigation and has come up with evidence that proves beyond doubt that Berg is not fit to run our Iowa School for the Deaf," Loughran said. He said (he high school at the institution has been dropped from the accredited list of the North Central Association and said aca demic standards at the school hac been lowered. He said also that Berg discharged some teachers and placed others on n day-to-day contract. national commander. MacFadden, 84, Parachutes Safely PARIS (UP)--American physical culture enthusiast Bcrnarr Mac- Tadclen parachuted safely from a slane Friday but kept his red flan- icl underwear jumpsuit dry when ie missed his Seine River target y 75 yards. More police watched the daredevil feat of the 84-year-old millionaire publisher than the arrival of Charles A. Lindbergh on his trans-Atlantic flight 25 years ago. MacFatidcn, who intended to j u m p into the Seine, miraculously escaped injury when be landed in a v a c a n t lot on the left bank of the river. He leaped from his rented twin- engine French Air Maroc plane at (5:02 p m. from a height estimated at less than 1,000 feet. Police had governor said he and the elder statesman discussed the threat of inflation at some length but that he preferred not to disciiss the details of their talk. Stevenson has sought Baruch's advice before. His staff members said the governor had a high regard for Baruch's economic opinions,' although not necessarily accepting them. Baruch said he was not yet ready to announce his support of a presidential candidate: " W h e n . I an nounce the candidate I am for, 1 will do it in unmistakable terms." Architects of the Stevenson campaign reported privately that Stevenson's recent rough speeches were part of a deliberate effort to pick a dock-walloping fight with Eisenhower. The Illinois governor was more than satisfied with the results of: his first major excursion into the East as he prepared, after a series of morning conferences, to fly back during the afternoon to the base of operations at Springfield, Hi. His reception late Thursday night by the Liberal Party of New York state which had just nominated him for the presidency was so ear- and jokes Ed McConncll'3 Buster Brown show Saturday morning. Let's Pretend (10:05 a. m.) "Let's Pretend," sponsored by Cream of Wheat, starts, its '23rd year in radio with an all-time favorite, "Jack and the Beanstalk." Hormel Girls (1:00 p. m.) "Music'-with the Girls" ushers in the first of the fall months with a medley -of .Septcm- jer songs, for Hormel. Grand Central . (1:30 p. m.) Toni presents William Rcclfield and Neva Patterson, stars of "It Runs in the Family" on GRAND CENTRAL STATION. insisted he jump than 1,625 feet. from no lower DISCUSS STRATEGY-- Gen. Dwight D. AP Whcpholo Eisenhower (left) listens as J. Russel Sprague, GOP .national com- mittemnn, outlines some strategy to be used in the campaign. Ike was at his New-York City headquarters. Nab One Escapee, Two Others Free ANAMOSA (UP)--Claude Englc, 24, Milo, one of three prisoners who escaped from Anamosa Reformatory, was captured here early Friday, but two other fugitives remained at large. Authorities said Englc, Roy Warren, 19, Ames, and Frank Blacksher, 28, Gainesville, Mo., escaped Thursday night by sawing two bars on a window in a reformatory store room. Sheriff Lorin Feldnrman said Englc was alone when the sheriff picked him up here .shortly after Hie escape. splitting and enthusiastic that veteran political observers compared it to that given the late President Roosevelt when he made his famous fighting address to the Teamsters' union in Washington in 1944. Five Inch Rain Falls at Harlan By UNITED P R E S S Fields were soaked and city streets- were flooded Friday by heavy rainfall that crossed Iowa from the southwest to the northeast in a series of torrential downpours. x Rain which began falling Thursday night dumped 5.15 inches ol water on Harlan in the southwest part of the state. Elkader, a northeast Iowa town, caught 1.07 inches. Other amounts included Waukee and Logan 2.35 inches; Perry 1.97; Jefferson 1.93; Gulhrie Center 1.83; DCS Moines 1.48; Ames 1.43, and Mason City .95. The heaviest r a i n f a l l was con ccntrateci in central Iowa, bul showers also touched the north west part o£ the state. - ' : , : ' ' : ' ' : ' - " ' . ' : ;·· - · ' · ' - . . ' : · ' · ' · ' : '":'·,:'" · : AP VTircpholo "LUCKY" DUCK--Meet Lucky, the cluck, household pet of Mr.- and Mrs. Casey J. Valeika of Sioux City. The due!: has been vacationing with the Valeikas at Spirit Lake. It follows its master around like a dog, knows its name and comes r u n n i n g when called. Despite Disease, Exhibit Top Show DES MOINES (UP) -- Despite an embargo on out-of-stalc hogs because ot the swine disease vesi cular exanthema, the Iowa Stat Fair's hog department exhibited a top show this year, officials said Friday. "We had a very good showing of Iowa hogs," said H. M. Duncan, head of the swine department. "The exhibit was certainly not disappointing." Lake Show . . . (2:30 p. m.) Join the gang for songs and chatter with Dob Clausen in a "Saturday at the Lake." Friday P. M. .T:0fl News and M a r k e t s , Doughboy Feed) 5-.IX Cluar T.nkft Show · 5:30 Curt iMassey, IVIEIcV Laboratories .5:15 l.owoll Thomas. 1'rocter Gamhlft (i:fl(l News, 1'. G. E. ( M l n s h a l l ) (!:l.", .lack Smith. Procter £ Gamble (Win Club 1."., C a m p b e l l Soups ( I : I S Edward Tl. M u r r o w . Hamm's Beer 7:00 Musicland. U.S.A., CBS 8:00 Thu Big Time, CBS 8:30 Steve Allen Show, CBS !P:on Rob Trout, is'cw.s. Gen. Foods, CBS il:05 Capitol Cloakroom 9:30 Air Force Concert 111:00 N e w s . V a n c e M u s i c Co. l i t : 1 5 Spnrts Camera. Globc-Gazetto 10::'.0 Uculah, Procter Gamble 10:45 This I Brliovc. CBS 10:50 Evening Serennrte lf):.Vi It Happens Every Day, Tonl 11:00 News. CBS 11:05 Dance Bands, · CBS 2:00 Sign Off : Saturday A. M. S:.1D The MornlnR nouser 5:55 News i M i n s l i n . l l ) fi:00 Tho IMorninR Rousor fi:l.» A m e s In-Cross Serenade fi::ifl Farm Reporter. State Brand 6:15 News. .Mid-Continent 7:00 Rhythm TioumlKp 7:15 Musical Clock 7::0 News. Garner Motors 7:;li C h e c k e r b o a r d A l m a n a c . Turin* 7 : l T i K e e p Time With Damon's H : l . ~ , Hnlsum Headlines, H o l n l l m X::in Yesterday's Music. Cool Spring 8:1.1 M y s t e r y .Melody. Sf. C. Merchant* !):0ll TtihTc Broadcast, Itactln Chapel T):15 K.sppcially For You fl:") Srallln* Ed Mcf.'onnell. Hrown Shoe i n : l h l News. Campana, CI1S ll):n.1 Let's P r e t e n d . Cream of Wheat, CM 10:30 Today In Osajic 11:10 Theater of Today, Armstrong: Cork 11:30 Bioathvny Pnriulc l l : i r i Farm and Home, Doughboy Freds Saturday P. M. 12:00 M i l i t a r y Hand r.':0." Man On the .Street, Prllehard's 12:15 .Musical Varieties J'.'::iO News, North Iowa Co-Ops. l'i:l.1 Voice of .Waller S c h u m a n n l : l ) O I ! o r m e l Girts. Hormel's 1 :30 Grand Central Station, Tonl ·lit® City Hospital. C a r t e r Product* i':^l Saturday at thr Lake, C. I.nke Mer, ·1:00 f.-irndp of Hands KSMN 1000 Wafts Dial 1010 6:00 a^ 7:15 p.m. 7:15 A. M. " NEWS Monday thru Saturday Presented by ' B. F. GOODRICH CO.

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