The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Duly Except Sunday iw aad Ken PaUiflhiat Ct Time* JT. IAYKUE HAFEB, CcervtKry *=d Treasurer. PHILIP K. BIKLE, Editor ·UBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cemts p«r momth. Hailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent* per moath- RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IF 9«a reeeiT* THE TIMES by -von can find the date up to which JOB are paid M .the pink Address label on your paper. The date will be changed wfthus dayi after your money is received at The Times Office. FIELDER ELECTED IN NEW JERSEY Democrat Chosen Governor by 30,000 Plurality. « JOHN PJRKOY KiTCHEL Elected Mayor of New York City by Fosionlsts. WILL CONTROL LEGISLATURE BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE fa Nortkwest eoimer of Cemtr* Square, Gettysburg; P«mn«ylTamIa. 'HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR , ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES «N At «,"·$£ -*.iMO.Ki, _ : " Waaf rf. Cfee cent per word each insertion. Two cent* a word if guaramted «»t faf*"ya«tK«r H««olutioB« ol reipect, poetry and memonami o*« eemt word. =» TO OTJB HEADERS r. Th« Ctettnborg Times takes absolutaly no part in politics, being neutral cm afl ·sch" matters. Anything that appears in oar general news columns, concerning or nationaljpolitisc, is furnished us by The American Press Association, a fiid gfvels the game news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibitiom, or Socialist paper* and which is strictly non-partisan. OttF adrertiainK columni are ope» to all candidates of all Business Qirectorij to iij tfie Mnji jot need. NEW EAGLE HOTEL CipicRj 400 Booms with bath «* atdfi tf«Tri Jt McConomy, Profi. Trinimer's 5 and 10 cent Store. While they last! Very special lot of Ladies* collars. BICE PRODUCE COMPANY .Highert Caah Price* Paid for all --FARM PRODUCED Urnde Time* Office, Gettysburg. WILLIAM E. ZEEGLER Expert Electrical vrork. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle Si- Phone 94 Y. -,-irlfc- CHAS. 8. MTJMPEK --Fire Proof Storage-- Warehbnie for Furniture and Household Good* stored any length of time. W. H. TTPTON --Photopraphef-- Gettysburg Sournlri Is Construed as 2 Victory For President Wilson's Poli-j cies. ' j Trenton, X. J., Xov. 5.--The returns from Xew Jersey indicate that Fielder j ·will have a. plaralky of 30,000 and tae legislature will be Democratie. This will properly be construed as a; great victory for President Wilson andf President Wilson's policies. j Fielder carried Hudson county byi 20,000. with Stokes, the Republican ] candidate, running second, and Colby, | the Progressive, far behind. Fielder carried Monmouth county by 200; Hunterdon by 500; Union by 300; Cumberland by 200. Stokes carried Passaie by 10,000 over Fielder. Stokes also carried Atlantic county. Cumberland county went Democratic for'the firs' time in many years. Kext to the contest for governor the hardest fight was made in the state for control of the legislature which will meet next January. In the last session for the first time in many i years, with the aid of Progressives at I the polls, the Democrats had a major- I ity in each house. An entire house of assembly with j sixty members, as well as eight seaa- I tors, was elected. Thirteen senators I hold over. To control the senate it is necesasry for the Republicans to elect | five, or Democratic success in three j counties will give that party a majority of one. It would have been easy for the Republicans to recapture the senate if Progressive candidates had not appeared in every one of the eight counties to split the normal Republican vote. In Atlantic county, where Senator MlTGHEL WINS WILSON WEDDING PERSONAL NOTES IN m YORK n ' L ^35iNCED ; AND BRIEF ITEMS "*" » I **___ ft _ * M _ X ^ ··· m *· Fusion Candidate For Mayor Defeats Tammany. 400 limitations to he Sent Out Today or Tomorrow. SillZEB IS ALSO ELECTED Washington, Xov. 5.-The first a*- WUfcfcfcll «V f i t -- U W t W W i f c . - j^t^ri f «.«.,. ,,-^S^Sn^ ,,! ifios thentic details of the wedding of Miss Jessie "Woodrow Wilson, the second daughter of President and i!rs. Wil- Paragraphs of News Telling tff the Happenings in and about Taw* People Visiting Here and Thost Sojourning'Elsewhere. The Entire Fusion Ticket Was Elect- aad Francis Sovves Sayre. of ed--Republicans WiH Control Uowe: York, were made public at the White 1 House. House of Legislature. York, Xov. 5. -- John Purro:Mitchel, the fighting young Democrat, who was Use fusion nominee for mayor of Xew York, lias been elected by a plurality of not far from 100,000, Whatever may be tbe Snai figures on mayor, Edward E. 31c-CaU has been badly beaten. The re's* of the fusion city ticket has been elected by abour 45,000 plurality. The Republicans and Progressives will control the board of estimate and apportionment, which makes up the city budget, and Tammany Hall veil! not have a look in at the spending of The Invitations to the wedding, which will take place in the ease room of the White House at 4.30 p. as. on Tuesday, Xov. 25, will be sent out today or toniorroiv. There are a good many anxious ones in oScial and residential society, as it became known that only 4uO will be honored whh invitations to attend this, the fourteenth White Koasi \veddiag. The ceremony wil! be performed by Rev. Sylvester W. Beach, the president's pastor at Princeton. Tae bride will be attended by hrr eWer sister Margaret, as maid of honor, and her younger sister, Eleanor; Miss Mary G. iHjL liji* c G. SVFVJV is* *..- «.-.». .*.*-*.«-*-r-, .,^1 the monev from the city treasury. This White of Balumore a Goucher col- will also mean that Tammany wil! be ! ege menu 01 ine brwe; Miss . . . "vfirr-iioll Ccnrr - ?«iio-S-:or n? TFrnie^SQT Photo by American Press Association. SULZER ELECTED TO NEW YORK ASSEMBLY Waiter E. Edge, Republican, was re elected by a large majority over Jo! seph I_ Shaner. Democrat, and in Hudson. Assemblyman Charles II. Egan. Democrat, had a. walkover as the successor in the senate of lir. Fielder. Deposed Governor Says He New York, I\ov. 5.-- "vTilHam Suizen ·deposed governor, who enlisted in the mayoralty campaign to fight McCall and ran for assemblyman in the Sixth Xew York district, has been elected by a plurality of 2uC0. Mr. Sulzer made tie following statement: PRISONERS J5HOOT UP JAIL Break Into Keepers Office, Get Gun and Shoot Wall Full of Hofes. ilorfistown, N. J.. Nov. 5- -- Two drunken prisoners with: a riot gun and 1000 rounds o£ ammunition held high carnival in the Morris county jail here. They terrorized the other prisoners, riddled the keeper's office with_ bullets and failed in their plot for a wholesale jail delivery only because they drank too much liquor after tescaping frotr. ! their cells. The two prisoners, Eugene Sampson and John Burns, were placed in thej hospital ward with several other pris- success is gratifying. Sometimes the victim becomes the victor | All of the money Tammany sent iiito ' this district, ail the thugs, guerillas and repeaters seat to terrorize the voters. were not able to accomplish my defeat. I won because the people had faith in me. . Murphy condemned me and or- Before You "Roof" It _XskUs _^ Before you put any money into a "root call on us and find out why Reliance Roofing can be guaranteed to give sansfacto^r service for ten years_or more Without Painting or Coating. ""* Before you take chances again with "cheap" prepared,' roofings, call and get tne inside facts about Reliance." Here is a roofing to challenge the respect of every man ·who appreciates the difference between straight made,' square goods and "shoddy" ^ust made to selL Here is a roofing that needs no paint, with a ten-year^ guarantee_to prove it. "* *_ ^~ Guaranteed 10 Years RELIANCE ROOFING No Coating--No Painting · - - V First cost is the only cost -with Reliance. It isn't a new^ fangled roof. Its durability and uniform good quality have been proven during more than twelve years of service. Reliance is risnt ijecasise :t 5s made rignt clear through. It is the one " roofing made so lionestly good {Hat ttie mairafachirers can guarantee it for ten 5 ears Without Coating, Painting, Patching A Before you Roof, ^»n cr telephone us about ReHance. Gettysburg Department Store Baltimore St Gettysburg, Pa -dered his high court of infamy to remove me from rhe governorship because I refused to obey his orders: because I refused to sign nis legislation; because I refused to be dishonest: because I refused to protect the grafters, and because I refused to be 2. parjy to the further looting of the state. No one familiar with, the facts iriil doubt this asserdon. '-"From Jlr. Murphy's aiga court of frightfully shy on city patronage. \ViUiam Sulzer, found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors oaly a few months after he was elevted governor of Xew York, has been elected to the Xew York assembly from the Sixth assembly district. The vote on chief judge antl associate justice of the court of appeals, the highest court in Xew York state, is still being counted, bat the upstate pluralities for the Republican candidates, Werner and Hiseock, are not so large that they cannot be overcome by the Democratic majority south of the Bronx. The lower brxsch of the Xew York legislature is safely Republican. Two Progressives have been elected so far. Aaron J. Levy, the Democratic leader and chairman of the assembly managers, who impeached Salzer, has hsea elected a municipal judge. Returns show that aoc oaly the fusion city ticket has been elected in Xew York, but the entire county ticket also, with, the possible exception tha: Maurice Connolly has been elected Democratic borough president of Queens, and Charles J. McCormick, Democratic candidate for borough president of Richmond. Mitchell Scot!,- daughter of Professor Vv'Illiam B. Scott, of Princeton, and Miss Marjorie Brov.-n. da-.ighier of Mrs. j "Wilson's cousin. Colonel E. T. Brows, of Atlanta, as bride^ieaids. Dr. Wilfred T. Greafeli. with -A bom Mr Sayre worked Is Labrador, ivi-1 be the best man. The invitations to tbe weddinz are in a style of simple e'-csance, engraved on Ivory tinted heavy paper, dou: Ic fold, about !) by !*) inches, with the United States coat o£ arms embossed heavily in white at the top and -.vritten in modest srriBZ. Miss V.'ilsoa's »ngagenient ring is-a typical one, a solitaire diamond weighing about one carat, of seautiasl cu; snd color, brae while and quite de=p, in a Tiffany sett'ag of gold with s!ea- der band. , Mrs- Lather S. Black, of Easton, has returned home after spending the past few weeks with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. V.'. McKnight, of Carlisle treei_ Mrs. William Haner, of Hanover street, went to Bendersv3!e this morning to visit friends for several days- Rev. J. B. Baker, of York street, v.-ent to Harrisburg this morning to spend the day. * " Mrs. C. B. Stauffer. Miss Ella Gilliland and Miss Hess have gone to Greencas'de for several days where they will attend the meetings of the Home Missionary Society of the Carlisle Presbytery. The meeting of the Young Women's Social Circle of the Reformed Church has been postponed until Wednesday evening, November the 12i.h. Miss Mary Fry, of Me. Airy, is visiting at the home of Rev. and Mrs. D. M. Moser oirCarlisle street. S. J. Bumbaugh, of Atlantic City, is spending several days v.'ith relatives here. Mrs. J. C. Knox is GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA-- FLOUR steady ; winter clear. S3.75'-3.90; citv mills. fancv, 54.9GO5.25. RYE FLOUR quiet, at $3.50 ^3.60 per barreL WHEAT stead v; Xo. 2 red, new. 90 ^-g Sic. CORX steady; Xo. 2 white, _ OATS steady: Xo. 2 white, 'C.: lower srrades. 45c. ~ in oners, charged, like themselves, ·with minor oifenses. Sampson aim Burns picket! the lock to a door which leads into the keeper's office. Entering the office they broke open a desk and got a nettle of liquor that had been taken frora a nnsoner a few hours before. This they drank. Then they broke into a store "room and got the riot gun and ammunition. On a shelf nearby lay other riot guns, but these the prisoners did not touch. ~ ~ Keturning to the hospital ward, they closed the iron door and began firing through it As each shell contained a number of bullets, the keeper's office was riddled. At daylight police and detectives entered the jail. They found the inmates in a state of terror. Barns and Sampson were asleep in a corner. infamy I appealed to the higher court of public opinion~My vindication for having been true to my oath of ofnce and for refusing to betray the people of the state is complete. I am content to iet the matter rest on the verdict of the polls and the impartial opinion of the future hisior- ians. '"In stealing my office the 'chief went too- far. and the voters have administered to him the most stinging rebuke of v.h:ch they were capable Tn the "theft oif the governorship Murphy decreed h:s own destruction." WOMAN FOUND MURDERED j Sody Is Taken From Clump of Bushss In Outskirts of Pottsville. PottsviHe. Pa.. Nov 5. -- "With her head and ohest cnished in as though beaten tvith heavy stones, a woman believed to be Mrs. Mary Lonissa, of 3t_ Glair, near here, was found dead ia a clninp of inishes jnst off the public road on the outskirts of Pottsville. iirs. Lo;'issa disappeared from her I home about two weeks ago and her _ ^\r\ twelve-year-old daughter created ex ' vu citeinent at the time when she reported to the police that her father had thrown her mother down a mint breach and Killed her. The mine breach was searched in vain. A week ago the husband. Michaei MASS. DEMOCRATIC Entire State Ticker, Headed by Walsh For Governor, Elected. Boston, Xov. 5. -- Tie Democratic ticker TVOH a sv.-eeping victory in Mas sa"ehi:setts. tl.e entire state ticket be ing elec:eil VTalsh. the Democratic candidate for governor, his a plurality of 45,000: Bird, the Prcgressr. e candidate, ra- second, ants Gnr-Icer. the Republican :hird. Gove-nor ri5=. running indepenuenli and v. ho sa: be v. o.;M 1-e swppt intu go; causht under thi -.!·= fr=e"-:s v.~i'i have a v. no sa: office ag2;n '. :n:sfig;;re.. · r.vaiaacne x: Toag job Tr. ·", J n N 5?-' .^., .u Her:ry C. tjs--- Elected Governor by tie Dcrnocrats. Richnjor.-j Va.. Xov 3. -- The re r^s from ;he south are. as usual, . In V!-?3-.:a the cn:ire szate Dem r.eadctl s»y Henry C PUBLIC SALE /.. .. OF r 60 HEAD OF STOCK, ON SATURDAY, NOV. 15th, 1913 The nndersigned will sell at his home five milk cows, of which one is ] now fresh, one will be fresh about the time of saie and the remainder will be fresh in the Spring. Six bells ranging in -weight from four to six hundred pounds. All the cattle are pxsre Durham ar.d Hoi stein stock. 45 Head of Hogs including four m Mt. Jov totraship, Adams County, brood sows or.e of which has pigs by on gie road leading from Two Taverns her side, another will farrow the latter to Barlovr. three-fourths mile from j part of Xovember. Thritv-two head of Two Taverns, on November the lotf., j shoa1ts ranging in weight from fifty at 1 o'clock P.JK-, the following stock: M sevenu - p 0unds . 5 Head of Horses including a dark bay mare six years old, work wherever hitched, with foal, half Percheron; one bay fourteen years old, can't be hitched wrong; one bay mare colt two All the stock is fat and in the best of condition. Sale to start at one o'clock when a credit will be given of two months on hitched wrong; one bay mare coit two a!1 notes wfth aproved security. Four years old, good style; one sorrel corti p e r cent wi]] be al i owed for ^^ rnm\nc t.WO vftars Old fiTOOd Size and r-ir.i TJT trix- ^- TirTTi7rT xr coming two years old good size and one colt six months old. CHARLEY X. WHERLY. G. R. Thompson, auct. · j Lonissa, disappeared iron home, leav gtrart. for i-o-.esTsor. was elected with out Rspsir/ilf?-; opposition. In Ken:-,:{".v. as usual, tae Cemo- sag four small children alone. The are now baing cared for by the county The police are now searching for the crat5 ; S wer,t ;he s;ae in the nsanicipal tesband. as the description of ihtj t missing woman tallies with that of the" murdered woraan. She had been dead MAYOR LUNfti DEFEATED The Entire Socialist T:cket Loses Schenectady, N. Y. Schenectady. X. Y.. Xov. 5.--Mayor George R- L-unir, Socialist candidate for re-election, was defeated here by the' fusion choice, J. Teller. Schoolcraft, by a plurality of 2095. la add'ticn to losing- the executive seat, the Socialists also" lost their hold ia both the city council and the county board of supervisors. The election proved to be the most exciting in the history of tha city. Despite tbe fact that JIayor Lunn is repudiated the Socialists feel proud of the fact that they polled s. total vote in the city about 1000 better than twc veafs ago, which proves that the Socialist vote rernaine-I intact and tha: only the fusion movement by the Democrats. Republicans and Progressives defeated them. However, it is generally conceded that Mayor Luaa received a grea number of complimentary votes by persons who were displeased with ths fusion. RESULT IN MARYLAND Blair Lee Elected U. S. Senator and Legislature Democratic. Baltimore, lid.. Xov. 5. -- In thi? state Blair Lee. in whose contest 101 the United senate the administration 1*1 \Vash5iigton took s. keen In terest, has been elected by something like 10.000. Returns saovr that be gained on Wilson's vote of last year Farran. the Republican, polled his party vote, but George I-.. "U'eilingtcn the Progressive, ran behind Rocse- velt's vote of last year. Charles P Coady. Democrat, is elected to con gress from the Third Maryland dis trict. The Democrats will control th? state legislature, and the city ticket IE safely elected. aHiaor- Arfzona Bank Closes Its Doors. Douglas. Ariz. Xov. 5.--The stat* bask examiner. J. C. Callaghan. tool charge of tbe Arizona Bank and Trus: company and the institution c;d no! open for business. The bank has a capital of ?Sd.OOO. a surplus of S75C and S11'J,OOQ deposits. visiting in Har- risbiirg. S. F. Dunkle, of Harrisburg, was a recent visitor at the home of J. C. Knox on Centre Square. NEXT ATTRACTION Large Colored Musical Comedy Company Coming on Friday. . . P~OTATOES steadv; per bushel, 70 S5c. POULTRY: "Live sreaily: hens, 13® 15c.: old roosters. Il@12c. Dressed firm- choice fowls. 19c.; old roosters. 13c. BtTTTER steady; fancy creamery, 35c. per Ib. EGGS steady: selected, 40c.; nearby, 37c.: western, Z7c. Produce Markets. CHICAGO-- HOGS weaK'and sener- allv 52. lower: bulk- cf sales. S*-70© ?.!): light. £7/5y®S-10: mixed; §7.506 S 20- heave-. S7.40SrS.23: -rouge, 57.40 7.GO: pigs, S3§7.25: '· CATTLE" steady: beeves. So.70@ 9.G5: Texas steers" S6.j55-S7.75; stockers an3 feeders,- SS^'.-SO: cows and heifers. ?3.3G*t25;~ calves, 5.50@ 10.75 SHEEP slow and 10-fflpC. low_er; native sheep, S4@--: yearlings, ?3.10 @G; ! * » = n a - With Rogers and Creamers' "Negro Players of America" cavorting about the stage of Waiter's Theatre on Friday evening theatre-goers will take advantage of the first opportunity presented them this season to see a colored musical show. There have been many changes made in the '·Old Man's Boy"' since the piece was seen at the Lafayette, New York, las'c June. A prologue lasting eight minutes has been prefixed, a piece of dramatic construction ·which has done much to make the plot more easy of comprehension. It has further served to make the last act more potent in its dramatic scenes as -well as to strengthen the dominant idea -with an atmosphere of consistency, uniformity and dramatic unitv.--advertisement , - native.- SAGE KEPS YOUR HAIR DARK When Mixed with. Sulphur It Brings Back Its Lustre and Abundance. Gray hair, however handsome, denotes advancing age. We all know tbe advantages of a youthful appearance. Yonr hair is your charm. It makes or mars the face. When it fades, turns gray and looks dry. wispy and _ scrag- STv, just a few applications of Sage Tea and Sulphur enhances its appearance a hundred-fold. _ Don't stay gray- Look young! either prepare the tonic at_home or eet froin anv drug store a 50 cent bottle of "Wye'th's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy." Thousands of folks recommend this ready-'co-use preparatior.. because it darkens the hair beautifully and removes dandrcfi'. stops scalp itching and falling .hair: besides, no one can possibly tell, as it darkens so naturally and evenly. You moisten a sponge or soft brush "with it, drawing' this through the hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morning the gray hair disappears; after another application or two. its natural color is restored and it becomes thick, glossy and Ins'croas, and you appear years younger. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Nov. 5, 6--Convention. The Women'* Leagues of Gettysburg College. Xov. 7--Lecture. Dean Southwick- Brua Chapel. Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. W. C. T. U. MEETING Meeting at Bendersville on Thursday Evesiing' the Sixth. The Bendersville W. C. T. U. -will meet at the home of iliss ilabel Better Thursday evening. November 6th. FOR REXT: 5 room house. Apply 153 York street- Call morning only.-advertisement about two ^ Carries E'mira. . f.. Xov, 5. -- Daniei Saee han. Demof ra":c mayor of tins city for Progressive Wins at Johnstown. eight years, was defeated for rs-elec- Johnstown. X. Y,. Xov. 5.--Johns- j jf o »j ^ "jarr- X town elected a Progressive mayor, fol j ^jojate^ by y ·. lowing a spirited four-cornered fight.; ' " s:cE can Judge Clarence \V. Smith. Progressive, j had 5SS vote?- \Viiliam H. Cougmin, j Rep., 577: John T, 569, and Frank Hes Syracuse Elects Progressive. . Svraruse, X. Y.. Xov. 5.--Final re '. Mormon, De^J tnrn3 for mayor are: ^L -i .Progressive, ter. Socialist, oO_. · QO.T- -\T^I- T^^ oi^c- T-.^I-JT, rf.m Brister Elected at Auburn. Auburn. X. Y., Xov. 5.--Charles Brister, Republican and Progressive, was elected mayor of Auburn by over the present mayor, Thoiaas O'Neill. 9S47; Mack, Rep., 9151. Dclan, Benx, Raised 17!/2-Pcund Radish. Indianapolis Elects Democrat Mayor. Indianapolis, Xov. 5.--Tora TaggarJ took a firmer hold on the capital citj by electing his candidate for mayor. Joe Bell. The larger part of the Dem ocratic c!ty ticket was also elected. Many Die as Strikers Burn Buildings. Hnvela, Spain, Xov. 5. -- Striking miners in the Rio Tinto copper district during an outbreak of rioting set fire to mine property and a number of persons were burned to death. Water-town Is Republican. ssive,; Washington, X. J., Xov. 5.--A radish j "Watertowa, X. Tl» «ov. y 23,1 ] weighing 17^ pounds has been grown | Breen, Rep., -was elected n ·»«·· IT * *-» »»#· V» .-. fn v-_« -TMJP TWM O "Ory"iT*rtT1 Vt J"»* v * *j*.w*j-wn--rt V*TTf «S Wlf-H^ol??"^ 12 Head of Dehorned Cattle includ- L U. Collins, clerk. WATCH for Twining's second large annual sale of registered and grade , i horses, cows and hogs.--advertisement o nthe here. farm of Ira S. Plerson near It is a pretty safe plan, when strangers call nt the farm home to keep tli^m out of the hou;e. and this is es- PC'. i.iiiv so ir there are no men about. tertown by Kleff, Dem. 5.--Isaac R mayor of Waa plurality of 462 over it they ask lor a OInk of water let them drink it on the doorstep, and if they begin to inquire whether the men are at home it is time to pick up a club or set the dog on them. Batod, fa,, Man Rundown and Xerrous, Restored to Health by Vinol. A. D. Robinson, Sadford, Va., says: "1 was all run down an health, had no appetite and was so nervous -1 could not sleep at night. "Vino! was recommended "to me and after using one bottle I noticed an improvement. Continuing ijts use' I '~ i ~ I stored to health, all gone. I can get a good nicrht's sleep and have a_ hearty appetite. I can recommend "Vinol to anyone who suiters as I did.'' was completely re- The nervousness is REGISTER'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to aH legatees ~ thfer persons concerned that the administration accounts hereinafter en- tpred will be presented at an Orphans" Court of Adams Connty. Pa., for -rn- nri:ia!iori and allowance on Mo* day. Dccemi'er Jst atlo.SOa. m. cf .-aid diy- Xx 141. Tbe first and final account of M. D. Wiley and Jjitlisr Marfcle. Au- iilnii-*rator« of the estate"of Temp-t LV»mfort. iatc o! Reading Towns-hip- Adams C'oiinty. Pa. dcceased- E. H. Berkheinier. Itv aaster of Wills. Are Nature's anger Signals Ft is wnat colds tea?! to that treTTi dangerous, liven a slight cold · - c-»i:sch--if not checked in time-,':ay have very serious consequences. 3"very lime yo;: cough some part 01 she celicatc Innz tissue is weakened r.nd forrn a breeding jjroiind for the :;erms o: consumption (Tubercle Vinol is the greatest body builder ^ and strength" creator we know of. The curative elements of the cod's liver, aided by the blood-making, strength- ihis is what makes the «se of such a reniedv as Bear's Emulsion" so partic- alarly valuable. The usual cod liver oil emulsion upsets the stomach and throws the system or.t-of order. But Bear's Ervulsion is a'natural mineral product (not animal). It nourishes r.nd tonc=; the system, while it soothes, heals and relieves the tissues Very : hacfefng stops as Emulsion is a time tried^suc- «»iiA\^i4 *j$ 1,11^. wiwvi-*i.«*rtiii«^» w3«,*^.i*^*.*.- jic«*r s i^rnUtSion ^s «* tim^. LIIV.U. a«\. ening properties of tonic iron contain- j ces *sjisj preparation and is on sale at ed in Vinol, restore the lacking insrre-i -- , j " ^11 ir^nJ ^m-r stores--Si.oo the ed in \ 7 inol, restore the lacking insre- J JieaVlv rH local dnig stores--Si.oo the " i s bottle or six for $5-OO. Interesting and valuable literature about consumption--its prevention and treat- ·mt-nt--together with important information regarding the treatment of r, .. -,- - -n ~ - ' , colds and run down systems will be Gettysburg, Pa. · -- '- \ request if you write tc Dr. P. S.--If you have Eczema try our C"" 'fV R JL -- -Saxo Salve, We guarantee it. - T ° hn D ' Bear '. to the blood, ar.d the result health, strength and vigor. If you need building up trv a bottle of Vinol with the understanding that your money will be returned if it does j not help you. People's Drug Store, * NFWSPAPFR! -IWSPAPFR!

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