The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 28, 1937 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

is! '!' I m 34 POSTS PASS MARK OF 1,000 Three Iowa .Legion Unit Reach High Rank in Membership. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--Thirty- lour American Legion posts eacl enrolled enough members during 19dB to crash the exclusive rank of posts having 1,000 or more members, according to final official reports as of Dec. 31, jus released at National Headquarters here. Last year only 22 post: gained this coveted distinction Omaha Post No. 1 o£ Omaha rxebr., recaptured the honor o being the world's biggest American Legion post. It enrolled a grand total of 2,448 members, de- c'sively to beat its traditiona rival, Memphis Post No. 1 ot Memphis, Tenn., by a margin of ·il mernbe ''sliips for the title The Omaha Post exceeded its 193a membership by 381 members. Last year the Memphis post iiosed it out by 10 memberships Tor the big post championship. This year the Memphis post .amassed 2,326 members but it wasn't enough to overtake the galloping Cornhuskers. 17 States Included. I he 34 super posts were split up among 17 slates. New York and Pennsylvania each had four of .these bis posts. Tennessee, California, Iowa and Illinois, each had three; Nebraska, Oklahoma and Ohio, each had two, and Indiana, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona .Arkansas, Massachusetts, Washington and Kentucky, each had one. Third and fourth place positions among the big posts remained unchanged during 1936. No 3 big post remained Leydeu-Chiles- Wiekersham Post No. 1 of Denver, Colo., with 2,129 members, and No. 4 remained Portland Post No. 1 of Portland, Ore., with 2.01G members. Both of these posts retained their positions despite the fact each gained more than 500 members over 1935. Oklahoma City post No. 35 of Oklahoma City, Okla., moved up from seventh position in 1935 to f i f t h position, displacing the Dan Tallon post No. G78 of Bronx, N. Y which dropped to eighth, place During 1936 there were four posts that enrolled more than 2,000 members each, against two in 1335. I£ 1936 was prolific ot these super posts in the Legion what will 1937 witness? For Omaha post No. 1 started the new year on Jan. 1, 1937, with a paid up 1937 membership of 2,000 members! At that rale this Nebraska post should top the'3,000 member marlr easily by the end of the year. This means that on the first day of this year the Omaha ' post already had a bigger mem- _.bership than 10 departments -"amassed during the entire year of 1936. The record-breaking early showing o£ the Omaha post also serves notice to its rival at Memphis that it will have to step 'at a torrid pace to get back its 1935 title. Iowa posts having 1,000 or more members, follows: Monahan Post No. fi4, Sioux City, 1,306; Argonne Post No. 60 DCS Moines, 1.205; Hanford Post No. 5, Cedar Hapids, 1,153. Suffers Burns Vying Out Steam to Cure His Cold DES MOINES, (/P)--James Garrison, 9, suffered painful scalding burns -when he atlempled self treatment for a cold. With his mother ill with influenza, James attempted to inhale fumes from a boiling teakettle by placing his mouth over the spout. Physicians at Broadla'wns hospital said his mouth and throat were badly scalded but his condition was not serious. Boy T Yes, you can win move success in a great city; but it takes a lot more lo, make anybody aware of it---Cedar Rapids Gazelle. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 28 · 1937 Portsmouth-Three-Fourths of City Under Water Statehouse Highlights By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS) Dr. Robert E. O'Brian, Ihc doc- or of philosophy college president ippoinlcd secretary of state by lov. Nelson G. Kraschel, and ustice John W. Kinlzinger waited nearly an hour in the governor's outer office so O'Brian could take his oath of office. The reason: Governor Kraschel was confer- ing with Senator William S. Beardsley of New Virginia, the cpublican floor leader. Representative 'B. B. Hieken- ooper (R) of Cedar Rapids won't »ave to buy "the best steak in own" for Representative R. G. Moore (D) of Dunlap. Urging adoption of a compro- nise patronage motion, whereby cpublicans and democrats divid- d the remainder ot the house obs, Hickenloopcr promised Toore that compromise commit- ec mcmbbrs could reach an agreement in 10 minutes and that the VOUSE would adopt it. They did and it did. J. P. Gallager, veteran house emocrat, V/illiamsburg editor, nd staunch new dealer who umped party lines to support re- ublican leader Hickenloopcr in ettling the patronage fight, re- linded the house that "all gov- rnment is the.result of compromise and barter." lie was applauded loudly. A senate judiciary committee handed to a subcommittee the job of drafting a bill to provide for alternate jurors in (dais likely to be protracted. The alternates would replace jurors who become ill during the trial. The proposal is one advocated by the law reform committee of the stale bar association. Democratic members, of the house, it seems, can't always agree. Explaining previous attempts lo iron out patronage problems, Representative Moore, Dunlap democrat, told the house "I've been trying for two and a half weeks to satisfy democratic members on this thing." Iowa Fanners Got ' 5 2 Million for" Main Goods in November WASHINGTON, (/P)_The agriculture department reported Wednesday Iowa farmers received $32,203,000 for their principal farm products in November, a 3 M,260,000 increase over the same 1935 month. Government payments of $665,000 increased their income to $52 868,000. In November, 1335, benefit payments o£ $1,683,000 were included in their $39,926,000 income. The Iowa January-November total income from the two sources was $493,567,000 compared with $446,874,000 the previous year. Iowa farmers during last month were shown lo have received 54.128,000 for crops, and $48,075,000 for livestock and livestock products. Big City Co-Op to Grow But Has Hard Path, Moeller Says "H is evident Hint the big city co-operative is getting a starl," declared Leslie G. Moeller, edilor ot the Bremen- County Independent ot Wavcrly, in an article in "Nation's Business." Mr. Moeller stated, "The big city co-operative'will grow and it will be a more or less important factor'in American business. But it lias a hard row lo hoe and some years will pass before it takes a worth while s h a r e ' o f the big city retail market. Certainly it is no Frankenstein's monster, ready to crush hundreds of retailers and wholesalers tomorrow." Mr. Mocller's extensive article covers various co-operative enterprises and the reactions they arc meeting. 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