The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1931 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

FEBRUARY 19 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 'SPRINGJTNDS WAY INTO MODERN^ HOUSEWIFE'S COOKBOOK SEASONAL LUNCHEON PREPARED WITH EASE Globe-Gazette Food Expert Describes^ Way to Combine'Colors in Varied Dishes TEANETTE BEYER sings a spring song In her Table Talk today. If J that season is an inspiration to any sort of artist it should he partieu- larly'inspirtng to cooks. Spring has a place in every cook book. Not only may the foods be "springy" in character, but in color. Miss Beyer, suggests a green and yellow color scheme and shows how it may be carried out even to the final pistaschlo ice cream. . The recipes which are given this time were given by Miss Lucile Brewer, of Cornell college at a special demonstration for Farm and Home week visitors there. Spring Luncheons Large lazy snowflakes were laying a heavy blanket over the Cornell campus, while on a dais, with a gas range, her mixing bowls and pans gathered around her, Miss Lucile Brewer showed hundreds of Farm and Home week visitors how to prepare a spring luncheon. Spring, she was certain, could not be far behind the snow flakes, and anyway the words spring luncheon go so perfectly together and are so promising- of pleasant things, that the title just insisted upon itself. Her audience was glad that it did and followed with rapt attention every movement and every word of the skillful teacher. For f,rom her extension work and from many other Farm and Home week pro- i on the inside, and the water thru the whole baking should never boll. "How long- will the Souffle stand up?" came a voice from the balcony. But Miss Brewer would not vouch for her souffle nor anyone else's, the temperamental things! However, the tapioca souffle does stand up better than one made with grams, Lucile her watchers Brewer would knew pack that two hours full of information, wit and food inspiration. She did. Preparations for the lunch naturally began with the menu which was written neatly on a blackboard: Menu Oven Grilled Chicken Diamond Puff Border Buttered Chickory Sliced Carrots Rolls Currant Jelly Individual Jellied Vegetable Ring Cheese Crisps Green Almond Ice Cream with Peaches Sponge Caka Coffee The color scheme of the luncheon, as one may guess by studying the menu, is green and yellow. Beginning- with the last thing first, because it needed extra time in the oven, Miss Brewer made the sponge cake, and a delightful cake it was, a large pale -yellow, velvet p,uff. Meringue Sponge Cake. i sugar i'i p -water i 6 eggs ·/..'. Vr . : 1 tsp. cream tartar, % tsp. salt ' % tsp. lemon or vanilla extract, 1 cup flour. : This Is the way it was done. The sugar and water were measured into a sauce pan and boiled, really boiled until the syrup forms a long thread when it was dropped from the spoon. In the meantime, the flour, cake flour, was sifted and measured with the salt, the eggs were separated and the whites ) beaten with a flat whip. When they were light the cream of tartar was put in and the beating continued until the whites were stiff enought not to fall from the bowl when it was turned upside down. Then the boiled white sauce. Oven grilled chicken is Miss Brewer's way of making an antiquated fowl renew its youth. Oven Grilled Chicken. Selecting a fowl of about four pounds, undaunted by age or toughness, with a sharp knife she splits it down the back as for broiling. This is then covered with boiling water an'd simmered with a few celery tops, 1 slice of onion, a tiny piece of bay leaf, six peppercorns and salt, until tender. Then it is allowed to cool in the stock. If the chicken is large, it can be split down the breast, or it can be cut In serving pieces. Tho as Miss Brewer says, there should he at least one person in every family who likes to carve. For the grilling, the chicken is placed in a shallow baking pan, sprinkled with salt and pepper and spread with a paste of flour and butter, equal parts, which have been rubbed together. No matter how much fat a chicken contains, Miss Brewer thinks that a little butter will, still improve it. This is baked on the top shelf of a hot oven, 400 degrees F., and basted once with the drippings In the pan. Fruit Cup. Tho the menu didn't call for it a luscious, fruit cup was made-- and perfectly handsome. It was composed of pineapple slices piled up and sliced all at once, sections of grapefruit and orange freed from membrane, arranged carefully in fruit cups. On top were placed ribbons of pale green apple paste, and over the fruit was poured a delightful green syrup made of equal parts of water and sugar cooked together and flavored with mint and colored green. Buttered Chickory Chickory or curly endive as It Is u = ua! 'y °a»ed, deserves much more attention than housewives usually give it. Miss Brewer suggests that it in economy to buy two heads at once, saving- the centers for raw salads, and cooking the tough out- make ice cream, but Miss Brewer had purchased a brick of green pistachio cream and this she surrounded with halves of canned peaches. However she recommend* the following Junket Ice Cream. 4 cups tepid milk Because unusually | \^yrup was added and beaten slowly the egg whites. It should be jadded hot, so as to partially cook [the eggs which makes them strong- 'er so that they will hold up and give a fluffy texture. i ·-' The flavoring was added, and Miss Brewer chose % tsp. of orange 'and a little lemon extract. The egg f volks, beaten until light were added, . atad finally the flour and salt, sifted i "/Together, were folded into the mixture. Turning the batter into an ; ungreased large tube pan, the cake , was Tmked In a moderate oven, 300/ 350 degrees F., for an hour. r- Any Size Tin. Of course, Miss Brewer advised, the sponge cake might be baked in any size tin, smaller tins requiring -'; less time in the oven. The way to tell ;' when a sponge ca'ke is done, is by touching the top, and when it springs back, it has baked long enough. It also tears,from the sides of the pan when it is done. As a substitute for the chicken bn the menu, Miss Brewer suggested for a Lenten luncheon to use a souf- · fie, and immediately proceeded to Jput together the following: ,, .Tapioca Cheese Souffle i 2% tbsp. minute tapioca 1^4 cups scalded milk 1 cup cheese, in small pieces 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. mustard . 1 tsp. butter 3 eggs Few grains cayenne · In the top of a double boiler, Miss Brewer cooked the tapioca with the milk until the tapioca is clear, Stirring frequently. She allows about 25 minutes for this. The cheese was pressed thru a sieve Which is much easier than trying to grate it. This was added to the hot tapioca and stirred until it had almost all melted. Miss Brewer en-' joys finding a few flakes of melted cheese, altho the perfect souffle has it thoroly blended. While the mixture cools, the egg yolks and seasonings are mixed together and .: the egg whites beaten until stiff. .SFirst the yolks are mixed with the J cool tapioca and lastly the whites. The who 1 .:) la then poured into a j well buttered baking dish, and the dish put into a pan of water and ·naked in a moderate oven, 300 degrees P. for about 50 minutes. The water on the outside of the baking- Jish should be as high as the souffle ,. y piquant, she uses plenty of boiling- water to get the best flavor, and knows of nothing to do with the water except throw it away. The cooking time varies according to the tenderness. When done, it is still a light handsome green, but when over cooked, it becomes a disagree""-*- able brown, chopped and This was simply seasoned with salt, pepper and butter. Already prepared were the Individual Jellied Vegetable Kings 1 tbsp. gelatin soaked in % cup cold water 1 cup boiling water Vt cup sugar % cup vinegar 2 tbsp. lemon juice 1 tsp. salt. ' 1 cup celery, sliced thin % cup shredded cabbage 2-3 cup cooked green peas. Dissolve soaked gelatine in boiling water. Add sugar, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. Strain, cool, , and when mixture begins to stiffen, add vegetables. Turn into ring mold* and chill. Serve the salad on TMet- tuce leaf and fill the centers with Horseradish Cream Dressing% cup whipping cream 3 tbsp. vinegar 1 tsp. sugar H tsp. salt 2 tbsp. grated horseradish t^l* 1 ° re ^" until " be £tas to thicken; add vinegar gradually ·while continuing the beating. When m xture is stiff, add seasonings, and fold In grated horseradish. Sour cream is even better than sweet. Sliced Carrots. Instead of cubes, Miss Brewer likes, siloes for a change, and she doesnt care if some are big and some are little. Young carrots were cooked whole in the skins and then the skins slipped off. as one does beets. The green butt ends of carrots she Hkes as well as the golden tips, providing they are young. Then stacked together, the carrots are sliced all at once. In the sauce pan a little water is added for them to absorb, butter, salt and pepper. , . Novf, the,«meal .was .practically completed. The diamond puffs turned out to be baking powder biscuits cut in diamond shapes. Tha cheese crisps were also from baking powder dough which had been chilled, rolled thin, sprinkled with cheese, folded up, then rolled and sprinkled again. After the laK.- sprinkling-, the mixture is finally rolled like a jelly roll, and thin slice.i cut from the end and baked. Gravy made from the drippings was poured around the chicken and garnishes of parsley added to the platter. There was not time enough to 1 cup heavy cream I'A cups sugar % tsp. salt 1% Junket tablets 1 tbsp. vanilla 1 tsp. almond extract Green coloring 1 can peaches Mix first four ingredients, and add junket tablets dissolved In cold water. Add flaijpring and coloring. Turn the mixture into a freezer can and let stand until set. Freeze mold, and serve garnished with halves of peaches. FREE EASY CREDIT TERMS TO ALL IOWA Makes no matter where you live, we will gladly arrange terms to suit your own immediate requirements. 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Unfinished BED OUTFIT COMPLETE-BED, SPRING and MATTRESS.. 19-21 First St. S.E. Mason City

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