The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, November 5, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 406. Gettysburg, Pa. Wednesday, Xo'.^rr.b?r .~th, !913. Price Two Cent*. -SWEATERS- FOR M E N -- W O M E N and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To S/.oo. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE. 1 TOWN AND COUNTY BOTH DEMOCRATIC s I Director of the Poor, Burgess, Town i Ccuncilmsn and School Directors I are Elected ca Democratic Ticket i ! j ! Road Loan Lost. \ NO AUTO ENGINE I WILL WAKE TOUR MANYMONTHS COUNTY NURSES CLAIM LETTERS FROM A WHITEWASH COUNTY TOWNS Present Town Council Thinks Matter! Sunday School Workers Decide on a · Nurses at the York Hospital Say that should he Left to incoming Body.! Week's Tour of the County Early f Investigation of Recent Trouble Will Bet Everything in Readiness : f;r Esrly Action. i in December. Stats Workers to be Present for Event. tfiare was a One-Sided Affair. Sixty Five Parents. | The Democrats were victorious in Xo Una! action is to be taken on th2 \ The officers cf the' Adams County I That the investigation charge? of irregularities st into tne the York Correspondents send in Many Items of interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief "terns. IDAVILLE Icaville--The second educational meeting of the teachers of Huntington Townshio was held at the IdaviHe WALTER'S THEATRE TO-N1CHT 1TIIK 7 KEELS 7.»o FKKT KI BARGAIN XI;HT; I'ttOUKAMMK ·k2-' ; n-ri:i:i. Motion I*Ii-::ir^: Aii'ln-v ;i^ I'u-iure- In Thn-v i'jrt- 1 , V«".»rl«!"s A AlasU-rpiwe Of iu-a»io!i. 1 U K SCAPEGOAT' FeatiSK L"he · Gettysburg and the county in Tues- 5 «ropositicn to nurchase a ixo-iern fire 'Sabbath School Associadon me: Tues- sday's election which was followed byjp^ht-ng appara'ais for CtfUyburg un-j«iy afternoon at the PItzer House. Hospital conducted by the medical; ". tjuerest in every section. ! -j,\ the new town council has taken of- j Among other business a lour of the j staff was a whitewash for the hospital i · Pe'cer P. Eisenhart was elected di-ifjce In Janearv. This V.-L-- i'-,e feeling! county was planned fur the wee!: of i authorities Is the opinion of many of j school house Thursday evening. The I rector of the poor with a majority of i c -f the present council at their rsrrular; December I?t to Oth. Mr. W. D. Reel, | York's physicians. Including Dr. J. H. {following teachers were present, Mrs. .-159 over J. Price Gyler, the ReruL!i- j November meeting Tue--:-iy evening,; of the State Force, \vill te sn tht-coju:-| Bennftt. Dr. Bennett i.- secretary of'Harry Miller, Miss Violet Meals, ~ '· can nominee. K. -J. Guiden, the Wash- I y.-hich v.-as attended bv al: tht- rr-sirz- : ty t"e entire week and assist in the i the medical itaff, which he says weit | Messrs. J. Edgar Smith, Vance Stitzel, 'ington party candidate, ran far be-! bers, establishing a record for many \ ! «eeVi:i??s- The .schedule oi the meet-j through the formalfiy of an invest?-.'George Gardner, and Russe! Gardner, -hind. | months. 'J-gs "'^' be published later, as so«n a= | station, but only heard one side of the'The topics for the evening were very | ilarrv Whitcomb lead G. R. Haver-' It «.vas seated bv memver^ that I t « a H piar.s are completed. Iht-re wiii bej«:^. t alily discussed: "Should Agriculture be ! stock by about 500 vo'ces for jury com-! scarce!v fair for the bodv now in ; a rr.setinf each aft'.-rr.Con ajJ evening-: The- n.edicu! staff relied entirely up- ; Taught in the Public Schools," by . rr.Issioner. J. II. Leas, the Washing-! office to contract for so Jarsje- an t-x-! of the week. ; on the truthfniress of the statements j Gc-orge- Gardner and Rev. S. E. ton candidate, polled a mnall vote. \ pendi'.ure jest at the cl«.--e of ti'^iri Piam, were also formulate*! for each J mace by the superintendent. Mary A. j Smith; "How to Train Pupils to iTwo being ejected, Mr. Whitcomb and: term, and to oiace this LuiJen on the'-'f the six districts to reach the ?ian-j Smith, and diu^.-.ot gi\e the striking; Stud;.". J. Edgar Smith. Mrs. Miller A"j-rSci!i: ^ BKUJV/ THE L»KA! LINK THE SILVER J'LATED CU'N Show Starts t't.'M A'iinl^.-1-ni M A U Y KAFFEL, tif- iio^al CoIIr^e 'iirl t«r-!iiorrovi !:i^!i£. ;n b«rr 1-sctarc ! "Tl«e v. 1 motion pieturo:- Aui-rirsu Wet-urn ChHJrt-u -V AiJ«ilts !«· K.-.-uir«- w i ! l ^jij^-ar iik*- S'.a.-.vs of Atisc-rio to reach the ?tan- j Smith, and diu^not gi\e . _ . _ _ _ , iMr. Ilaverstock are the successful, incoming council, and that, a belter! dard of organization required by the nurses an opportunity to present their read a very Interesting essay. The pu- ! candidates. , pian -.vould be for the ne-.v council to ', .-.ta'ie to bring the county up to the { In the borough John II. Raymond,! take it up for final action at their or- ; new standard which Adams Cowi.ty is ! Democrat, was chosen burgess over [ganization meeting in Jar.uary. -pledged to reach by October, 1U1-1. :tt U'.-iltr-r's ]-Dr. E. H. Markiey; Harry E. Bum-; Through a inisundersU-.-dinsr of S2V- | It was decided at this meetnig to ( " v.hh lisVjbaugh, Democratic candidate for tax ' eral memhc-rs as to the person v.-ho · have the Sunday School year in the jdltions as they exist at the York i:i~ i collector, carried all three wards; Mi! to draw an a report of the joint | county and districts begin and end Ktituticn. _ .- . - . , ,, . ^ .. 'ton Remmei and Charles Spee^e, Loth j committee of council and ;ire company | Occober 1st. and the Year Book, i n - j It is said that their testimony will ( Kogt-rs a;i-l Cream -r's Negro Player- « » : Aa:tr:cti hi "'I tie- Oi.i Man = Boy - j j) e:nocKll5) v .-ere chosen school direct- | on the plan, no such report was p^e- i stead of being ready for distribution j ^e take:! by a committee appointed by j tracted meeting in the Evangelical i ors; and four of the six new to-.v n i nented last r.Igisi At the Decemue-r \ it the annual county convention \viil j the York's Woman's Club to invest!- Church Monday evening. Services each evening: during the week at 7 o'clock. ^i ievances. | pil? rendered a nne programme. The These ::arses deciare that If thev school room was beautifully decorated were ;?'Ven a chance they would make J with autumn leaves. Rowers and jack- some startling disclosures into con- i o"-!a:iter:is. The meeting adjourned to meet at Plank's School House In De- Frkiav^N..v. cember. Rev. Mr. Burkett started his oro- P H O T O P L A Y COMEDY. F.SSAXV COMEDY SEL1G COMEDY ID'S WIFE LCP.iN COMEDY He Kues to the city and his \ufi;:? u fuilow i;i a. fcv.- day*, but ijefore sbe arrives be siets tangleil up «itli another jrirl. and has t» do £O!::c libf-Hijr to to «»-t out of the taiiijie. an«l tbis altno=t fiei? him in wn»ii2 with his wben-be arrives- With AKTH UK JOHNSON. i:er and she new councllmen are Democrats. Wallace! meeting the finding of the committee', »e published as Oc-iober 1st and xvll! Emmons, Republican, eieceed high , vviii be presented In ·writing, recom-j contain' full statistics and reports, constable. j mending the purchase of a 57500 La- [names of all officers etc.. up to that The new tovvn counciimen are First \ France automobile eonlpment. council j time. .' Ward, C. B. Dougherty and Truman J to pay half the COSE and the ilre com- i I Beard; Second Ward, George E. Stock ; pany to raise the other half. The com- j FOR STORING APPLES land Calvin Gilbert: Third Ward. r jate certain cnarges at tne institution. James Hess and O t i s p a n y will stztrt immediately to secure | G. Baughman and Althedore Bushman, j their portion so that a complete sub-'Constructed of Concrete on the Fruit The newlv elected borough auditors j scriation list mav be presented at the THE INCRIMINATING LETTER % ....... ...ES3ANAY COMEDY are Paal A ; MartIp Maurice A. Miller l.Jar/uarv meeang and no delav be ex- She thinks a note or U-r ha.-wm.L=_ ulucu -ue ha= sound an-[ in whicri ^^ r ^^ , T,,-I^ \ ^;^A frTM ioinetbin^ isSaid sibout sretung rn: ur tne old cat- reiers to starts ilivorc*; procettHasj?. THE INTIMATE STUDY OF A MOLE Farm of K. C. Brinton. THE I;AJ.I»PJN«; 'I he "!u man " UOMEO ...... fc^SAXAY ______ ..................... SELIO COMEDY a Jmrglar alarm, and when a young fel'ow comes and George A. Taylor. j perienced from that source. With three districts ye'i, to hear! The company, which -Kill In pro- frcm the vote In Adams County on the j bability get the contract, -requires 330.000,000 bond Issue stands For. y ( J5; I from four to nve months for delivery- the i so that It Is scarcely probable that me | Against, 2149. Xews offices are as follows: Chief Burgess -I. Francis Stallsmlth asked council t ^-nether Ir weald be cobtrarv to the FIR 3T SNOW STORM tJist hef-'ifs thi ar~ : vs. oi W.ite- wiu cause YOU no «r.:^I-.In%-3 ~1 "' 2. !iave oidereu your -.VAnter suit Oi ?, r:" ov- eiecst. "Dor/t wait too lor.s:. i 2 roady fer tha Frost King when he z r-vss. A g. la.xy of sma-.^ ps.t'c-rr.s c"--:t year choice, nr.d we v.-;i! have y, ~ Cutaway. PrtftCs Albert or sack -..· r fitted fcr you. and made to har.i' ..nd fit In the smartest style. 2s -.."e:I : s your Chesierfieid or Ulste. ov3reoM._ It Is time nov.- to uruer at Seliicnia^:".-;. A full line Eradey's Sv/c^Lcrs. WU1 NL Selllgman, The Ca.-n Tailor. CIiamber=bi:rg Si j ' 1st 2nd 3d Total) provisions of borough i . ... lgl 13 _ c i * ordnance TO H. C. Brinton, apple grower of Berwick township, has erected a concrete cold storage cellar for apples and all kinds of fruit. It Is cooled bv means of ventilating system, chill with Ice. If an underground with facilities to necessary. The cellar Is divided into two parts. The front part Is the smaller, which is used for chilling' the fruit; when brought from the orchard, before plac- storage room |J. H. Raymond 153 131 137--i!9 j erect a dwelling on Springs avenue of I : j E. H. Marklev 177 04 77--348 | bricks, with slate roof and having- Uie j A!so - laEer in the season ic may fax Collector ! gables of shingles. He was Informed [ ed for ripening the fruit, as the JH. E. Bumbaugh 228 137 11G--531 'that no wcode:i parts were pennitted -. ! James W. Gulp 120 95 112--330 Anditor P. A. Martin 31. A. Miller G. A. Taylor G- B. Aughinbangh R. M. Weaver on the exterior of zhe building. Mrs __ Emlg contemplates the erection of the 1 lhe storage capacity of the bunding :s in "che rear. '- be us- tem- re can be readily controlled by the underground ventilatins: system. representing IOC--386 i Crawford Warren, appeared before J. -J. Matthews 214 1-35 128--ill \ dwelling in question. 203 110 131--U4 i Donald T. McPnersor, I5C 127 ' 159 95 91--345 i council to state that the entrance on 11G 73 106--295 i the east side of Howard sireec to tile GS 62 S2--212 sailer In the rear of Middle streeV and I about 2.200 bushels. By means of the storage cellar. Mr. Brinton expects to be able to store his copies in first-class condition until late Spring. If need be. This season he will have a crop of Hlirh Constable- j Springs avenge was two feet too far to I lbo " Jt; i -°°° bushels of apples, nearly e, Mrs. Daisy The month!;.- meeting of zhe board Miller and Miss Annie Sheaiier, of cf directors of the York hospital was ] Harrisburgr. passe«l through town Sun- held Monday afternoon at 1 :30 o'clock . ( '-y- at the hospital, every member of the 1 There will be no preaching In the board being present- The "walk-o'it": United Brethren Church ox-er Sunday of 15 nurses last Thursday and the causes leading to It. which, it had been expected would be one of the subjects of disucssion. it was stated, was not touched upon. Hon. A. B. Farquhar, president, presided over the meeting. The directors made an inspection of the hospital building, which they found In excellent condition. There are now 65 patients in the private and public wards of the Institution. The board adjourned to meet at the call of the president, which will likely be some nine next week. JACOB N. MYERS on account of the nrsz quarterly meeting at Heialersburg. Rev. Mr. Bender, pastor. Mrs. C. E. Lawver and daughter, Grace, made a business trip to Gettys- buig Saturday. X. L. Group has gone to Baltimore on business. Miss Reba Webb has been confined to the house the past five" weeks with B right's disease. D. A. Thomas Is on the sick list. icl! Gate Keeper Died dence. ms ARENDTSVILLE Arendtsville--Last Saturday JN"orris- JL. MInter, of Gettysburg, sold his I house and confectionery shop and a R"sl- | vacant lot of ground in this town to Messrs. Keifrer and Arnold Raifens- perger for S2500. Last Saturday being the opening Jacob ,. Myers died a; his residence ·n Haruner Tuesday morning at 12:45 lacy of the rabbit season our sports- 66 years, 21 men were out In full force and were o'clock. He was aged months and 7 dars. ! very successful, some of them getting For the past three years Mr. My-; 'the limit, c-rs was keeper of the toll-gate on the J Owing to the frequent rain during- il!ini5IHilI!llliH!aH!n«l!IHIIlIIIHIIi|HIIIinHHnH!HllHnil»miIHHHHHniniUJ»mHni:«IHIHlHIHIg I Big Special = fcJ' A i High grade Paper,'Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones |f Stock usual price 25, 35 and 39Cts. | NOW 17 c ts per box§ etthefirstchoice 1 Peoples' Drug Store 18-5 1-30 108--423 \ t-"-e south and encroached tipon the 355 pavement of MY. Warren-. The highway committee was notified to remedy same, p The Board of Health reported Its re- ill cf v.-hich are now In storasce. [Wallace Enunons j-James Wise 146 96 IK j School Directors 1 C. S. Speese 229 117 122--168 tMIIton Remrnel ~ ~ 170 38 116--^374 [W. B. Flemniing 144122100--366 | organization trith H. B. Bender as j j-L P. Dalbey 96 100 91--2S7 i president and Dr. Henry Stewart sec- | 1 FIRST WARD j retarj-. William Wavell continues as ' To»v-n Council j health officer. i C. B- Dougherty 231 j -A- communication \ras received from Iranian G. Beard 153 ! Martin Winter calling attention to a J. A. Smiley .. ,, 138 j dangerous condition or. Hanover streeV j ^Jates. opening in "-Just J- E- McCammon ISO j sast oi t ourtn street. It Tvas referred j , llsr _.. a ^ j con ; odv dntma . fu n o f { Assessor j a the mgntray committee for acrion. , -, on ^ . : ^- erest and comedv sitnations . MeSherrystown pike. and STOCK COMPANY Xext \Veek at Waller's Theatre Starting Monday Night. Xo traveling: stock company has j sver ^iveri such a repertoire of popa- j ior New York successes as that \vhleh ' i will be presented at Walter's Theatre i next tveek ov Miss LaPorce and her Hanover pjm-! the last six -weeks turnips and the late pike, at Midivav. ! planted cabbage are a good crop. The He is survived by a widow: tvro sis- j grain fields make a good appearance. :ers. Mrs. David Yohe. of York i Mr. and Mrs. Pius S. Orner and Springs, and Mrs. Edward Britcher. of j their Iktle son and Mrs. Emory E. York: also two brothers, Samuel B.! Sheelv and her daughter. Merna. went E. j to Frederick In Mr. Orner's automo- I S. G. Spangler .269 j S. Miley Miller reported that ic was | ,_ hich ^-, bg foliov , ed darir ^ the E. J. Pfeffer So j the desire to establish an entrance to ! weefc w ;, h such metroDol;ran b n ls as ! Judge of Elections j tne .eoeral building property on High J . Thg GoQfe Gir] -, «. Te ^ of the Storm j Pierce Plank 168} Street below the pavement, grade- j CoURtrv ;- - Dorothv Vsrnon of H ac- · A. Danner Buehier Inspector of ! Wm. H. Sharetts | Daniel C. Shealer i SECOND WARD i TO«TI Council j George E. Stock 131 i Calvin Gilbert 125 ! the federal buildinj 1681 Street below the pavement, grade-1 c^^^-rJorouiv Yer^ 174 | making a depressed crossing similar TO \ ^ iJ^ L " '-The White in Myers, of Hagerstown. and Israel Myers, of York. jbiie. Funeral from the house Thursday.; Mrs. David G. Minter has just re- Xovember 6, a't 10 a. m.. Eev. II. J.' turned from a week's visit with rela- lioth ofr.ciatlng. Interment in Mt. tives in Lancaster and Millersville. Olivet cemetery. Hanover. i Mr. and Mrs. George Hoke, of To\v| er City, were recent guests In the S home of Rev. T. C. Eesson, their son's in-!aw_ All Preparations Made for Eddie Piaiik! Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bushman, of Banquet Thursday. j Altoona, are visfeing among relatives I here. They came in his aucomobue. Every one of the tickets issued for j John Orr and wife, of Harrisburg, the complimentary banquet to Eddie . were week-end visitors in the home Plank has been sold ar.d the Eagle'_ of Mrs. "Lizzie J. Kaffensperger in this READY FOR BANQUET Sister." etc. royalties J or j Hotel will have Vwo hundred banquet-i p'ace. e salary list of ] ers ThurrJay evening. Connie Mack S Miss Annie Plank, of Altoona, made .J. Edward Sxvifc 101 . , ,, i an average tae rear ot tne new post oSce lor. Ac- j verrisement tior. was deferred until the Government engineer submits a draft of the proposed change. The highway commfttee recommend- i repertoire company.- ARRERTED -ad- i There Are manv convinHng arguments that might be presented as to the ssjvrEorlty °- Lappy Made Clothes -5 but we know of non*»s.- conclusive as th 1 refined appearance of the clothe fl themselves. There is beauty in ev^ry line and quality In every ttlicb and fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor. We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coafc= j Xorman S. Helndel 93 · Assessor \ I George W. Schriver 167 j Isaac Xaufiman - 65 j Judge of Elections s ijHarry Holtzworth ; 127: Harry Koch 1021 Inspector of Elections ed a plan to abate the water nuisance ! lac the property of WiUiani T. Ziegler j Father-In-Law and la Cross Actions- east of North Washington street and K-ii3 arrive nare Thursday sfternoor, jj.d Harrv Davis and Eddie Collins are a short call with relatives here last Sacuraay. Rev. Dr. D. B. Ladv. who soent the ·- j "· town. There is a possibility that Gov- summer in the Xew England states, es nor Te::e!- may be present. ; has returned honie. ; Miss Blanche Busney is visiting GIVEN PRAISE · friends in Cariisle. TWIN DIES Ambrose Zuck. of Cor-ewago town- J P" i ship, was arrested by Constable C. D. j J^roft on Monday on information of Mrs. Stella Zuck. his daughter-in-Jaw. j Aargir.c: him with assault. The de- fentJarst jjavo hai! for a hearinc. Last Ycuns I^idy of Seven Stars Member o f ; McSHERRYSTO^^ Concert Company. j McSherrystown--Mrs. George F. J Bender and daughter., have re- .or arresteti on a simi-ar J. Alien DIckson 129 JTwin Pigeon Dies ^hile Its Mate Lives; TC . e k the defendant had the ]-J. W. Eieholtz 101! on. ] THIRD WARD | ! Town Council j 1 Otis G. Baughman 116 ] "Siamese" One of the pair of by Paul Bunty. of ;ed. The birds LINCOLN WAY , . __. .-. -- Mount, j Aithedore Bushman 116 , Sock, has d:ed. The birds were lookea j Chambersnarg Taki-s Formal R^ j-Jonn W. iiess 105 ; H p OR \vith great interest, having been j nitlon of Lincoln Waj Idea. | Sandoe Kltzmiller 100 ] r r ~ OV rn together at the bodv just un- i J · " - ^ · " · * * ! Assessor SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO Miss Edna Settle, of Seven Stars, is, turned from a few days" .visit to rela- a member of "Xevin's Mu^idar-s" a ' -jves and friends In Steelton, Hanis- company of yosncr people from Adams l)-jrs; and York, prosecu- County and the Cumaerlan.i Valley.! Frank Ackerman is on the sick list. In speaking of "5*5 Settle 'che Car-. J o hr. Eline. who has oeen confined to lisle Sentine! says: "Mis? Settle is a - the house for the past week by Illness, pianist of wpom the highest praise is j s ou t asrain. worthy. * Augustus W. Eckenrode. of Emrniis- · ; M:r£r. spent Sunday with his family. j McSherrysto'vn can certainly boast ! of a large number of successful hunt- thesn return FUNERAL NOTICE 1'iincral of Dr. C. B. HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents lb., Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, 20 sents lb., Peanut Brittle, 10 ccr.ts lb.. Ice Cr^am Taffies, 10 cents lb.--Fresh Daily at. ~_ GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN Robert C. Paxton .100 Inspector of Elections found the one pigeon had died he severed the bodies ar.d the other bird George G. Slonaker 125 g{ ves evidence of surviving. W. W. Shadney SSj" TYPEWRITER in good condition will be sold at Mumper's auction on Thursday, Centre Square.--advertisement 1 CHART opejis at Thomas Brothers store Wednesday, November 5 for Dr. Stelzle's lecture on November 12. Subject, "Thc tisemer.t Square Deal."--adx r er- 1 coin Way passes and giving those streets the name of '"Lincoln Wav."' SPECIAL: we have received a large iine of children's, ladies' and men's winter coats also boys" and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs ! x 12, linoleum and "sweaters. G. IL Knouse, Biglerville.advertisemenfr 1 day afternoon from his late home on Carlisle street- The interment in Ev- er£rreoi; Cemeterv will be orivate. rao- reported to be very scarce, only a few having . been seen by the sportsmen. TYPEWRITER in srood condition MODERX house for rent. Apply j will be sold at Mumper's 1 auction on Times office.--advertisement i Thursday. Centre Square.--advertise; ment 1 - SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- j terr.oon anJ evening.--advertisement 1' MODERN house for rent Write X, Times.--advertisement 1 JEWS PA PER I

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