The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1934 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 13 193-1 HEAD OF PACKING INSTITUTE TO BE SPEAKER MONDAY W.W. Wood to Address Joint Meeting at Hotel Hanford. William Whitficld Wood, president of the Institute of American Meat Packers, will address a joint meeting' of Rotary club and-Chamber of Commerce members at the Hotel Hanford Monday noon. .Mr. Wood's reputation as a speaker, the fact that he is going to give an exposition of the problems confronting the packing industry, including government control and processing tax and the fact that Mason City is vitally interested in the packing industry is expected to bring a large attendance to Monday's meeting. Those interested in the situation that Mason City's packing industry Ingraft*]* of Vfcta VtpoRub in Convenient CtaOr Form YICKS COUGH DROP employs 1,450 persons and is the largest employer of labor in the community will be expected to attend. LOUIS BROOKER FOR SUPERVISOR Owen Township Farmer Out for Third District Position. Louis Brooker, Owen township stock dealer and farmer, Tuesday announced he would be a candidate for the republican nomination for supervisor from the third district of Cerro Gordo county. Mr. Brooker was born in central Illinois in 1881 and moved to Cerro Gordo county in 1914. Since coming to North Iowa Mr. Brooker has lived in various sections of Cerro Gordo county including a farm near Burchinal and in Lime Creek township. Except for one year, when he was in Worth county, he has been conducting his livestock business in Cerro Gordo county. Mr. Brooker is the third candidate to announce his candidacy for the republican nomination for supervisor from the third district, the others being W. D. Gibson, running for re-election, and Harry Sondergaard, Thornton. Sicily produced about 95 per cent of the world's sulphur supply before the development of American mines in 1905. . i BRIMS - STRAWS DRAMATIZE THE NEW. HEADLINES FOR SPRING Brims in the most varying moods are Jfashioned of straw They're flatteringly feminine They're wearable and becoming They're moderately priced $495 to $750 OTHER HATS $1.95, $2.95, $3.95 Black, Brown, Navy and New Colors Headsizes 21V 2 to 23 hloidt Declare your SUIT Palais Royal bids a Grand Slam in any Suit Don't be caught out of Suit this spring ... Anything you heard last year about the importance of suits, is as a whisper to the hue and cry NOW! The keen thing to do is to suit' yourself, pronto, thereby having weeks of style leadership before the rest of t h e world catches up with you. SUIT PRICES AND UPWARDS PIERPONT SMILES AS JURY DECREES DEATH Harry Plerpont, former Dillinger henchman, is shown at the end of his trial at Lima, Ohio, when a jury found him guilty of slaying Sheriff Jess Sarber In a jail delivery. The verdict carried a penalty ot death in the electric chair. Left to right: Jessie Levy, defense attorney; Herpont; Pierpont's mother. (Associated Press Photo). - STORE ROBBED AT FARMINGTON 4 Armed Bandits Loot Safe and Leave Owner Bound and Gagged. FARMINGTON, March 13. (Flour bandits armed with pistols and awed off shotguns held up the ichitniueller hardware store here his morning at 9:30 o'clock and nade their getaway after leaving he owner, Dill Fichitmueller, bound nd gagged on the floor. The amount of money they took rom the safe was not known. Fichitmueller informed officers hat the four men entered his store and after threatening him with their weapons, forced him to open the afe. They bound and gagged him truck him over the head and threw iim to the floor. .As they left they ocked the front door of the build- £. Some 45 minutes after the rob- iery passersby saw Fichitmueller through the window, broke open door and released him. Sheriff Arthur Bostock of Keosauqua is leading a search for the landits. Tips on Contract Bq TOM O'NEO, Many players are prone to bid impossible slams when partner has raised a fair suit and when primary control of all suits has been demonstrated in the bidding. Something more is necessary. The trumps of the contracting partnership must be so plentiful that suits can be set up by ruffing after drawing the adverse trumps; or one or the other hand must have an independently powerful suit on which discards can be made; or there must be good fits in more than one suit. In illustration is a hand from a match played between the Knickerbocker Whist club of New York and a Yale-Princeton-Columbia team: Z 9 01 » V * "Most North and. South pairs contracted for six clubs after South bid the minors, North the majors and North assisted the clubs. Nobody made the contract, notwithstanding possession of all the aces. All finesses are wrong. The adverse trump holding is bunched too much for non-trump suits to be made good by trumping. There is one sure trump loser. In contrast is a grand slam made by Mrs. Lloyd B. Thomas at Bridge House, New York. NOKTH DEALEK S-2 H-A J 10 7 5 S D-A J 7 6 C-K 3 WEST EAST S-K Q 1 0 9 7 S- J 8 6 4 3 H-K 9 6 H-Jone. D-9 5 2 D-K Q 10 8 4 C-8 2 C- 9 7 5 ' SOOTH S-A 5 H-Q 8 4 2 D-3 C-A Q J 10 6 4 Mrs. Thomas sat North. The bidding with East and West passing, went: One heart; three clubs; three hearts; four no trump; five no trump; seven hearts. It took a trump finesse to succeed. But, different from the Knick- j erbocker hand, here is a case where there is a strong heart suit in the one hand with a good fit, and a strong club in the other, -with a fit.. Girl at 18 Old Enough to Merit Confidence, Trust of Her Parents By BROOKE PETERS CHURCH Grace is 18 and threatens with some force to run away from home. She complains that she has no freedom and that her mother gives her no reason for the rules she makes. Grace has been graduated from high school, and there is no money now for further education. Jobs are scarce and hard to get, and her mC'tber even objects to her looking for one on the grounds that she wants her at home for a year or ;wo. In an age of freedom and en- :erprise when all her friends are either at college or at work, she is iving the life of a girl of 50 years ago. Her mother cannot understand the trouble, and is worried about the child's instability and dissatisfaction, and the girl is ready to defy her family with some silly and imprudent escapade. The mother still ooks upon Grace as the child she was 10 and more years ago. Were the girl married it would .be quite different, though in point of fact she would still be 18 and inexperienced. The basic difficulty is the lack of confidence between mother and daughter. Neither trusts the other, and they have not been brave enough to talk things out. To some extent the child is to be blamed, but not-nearly so severely as the mother. If she could approach the girl with love and sympathy and a genuine anxiety to understand her point of view, some compromise probably could be made. No girl worth her salt is willing to content herself, as her forebears did, with an idle life about the home while she waits for a husband, especially if her freedom and independence of action are restricted. At 18 a girl is old enough to merit the trust and confidence of her parents Daughter Is Born. · BELMOND--Born to Mr. am Mrs. Elmer.Michelson Saturday, an eight and a half pound girl. Th mother and babe are being cared fo at the home of Mrs. 0. G. Garten. Visitor From Chicago. BELMOND--The Rev. J. O. Rel tan of Chicago was a guest at th home of Mr. and Mrs. John Shur son, Monday, MAY BE GIVEN AID Work for Million More Seen If Enough Capital Were Available. WASHINGTON, March 13. Uft-- Official reports from federal reserv janks to the treasury were said to lay by Gov. Eugene Black to indi cate between 500,000 and 1,000,00 jersons would gain employment i in adequate supply of capital wer available for small industries. The reports were in response t a survey made at the suggestion o Secretary Morgenthau on Black' lan for establishing special indus .rial banks to supply industry's cap tal needs. Detailed figures have not yet bee abulated, but Morgenthau an Slack discussed his project wit President Roosevelt today and sat ^factory progress was reported. Word from the white house was to polish the plan and gather mor nformation before the administra ion reaches a final decision. Black declined to say how muc capital .might be needed for th jacks which would be created a each, federal reserve- center to spe cialize m long term industrial loan of the five year type. ed the owner through the finder's act." ' The opinion was concurred in by Justices Anderson, Kicdlg, Mitchell, Stevens and Donegan. Farley Asks Cohen to Be Treasurer of Democrat Committee WASHINGTON, March 13. The administration has asked John S. Cohen, Atlanta publisher, to become treasurer of the democratic national committee. Cohen, former senator from Georgia, is understood to be enroute to Washington to talk over the situation with Postmaster General Farley, the democratic national chairman- Farley said today as he left the white house that Cohen has been decided upon for the treasuryship. The office became vacant when Frank C. Walker, of New York, resigned to head President Roosevelt'; national emergency council. _ Students' Health Checked. MITCHELL-Miss Walker, the official nurse, spent three day.jto. last week checking up the heaita conditions of our school. _ St. Paul Man Offers Free to Stomach Ulcer Victims St Paul, Minn.--Wm. H. Fraser, of this city, believes he has an outstanding discovery lor victims ot Stomach. Ulcers, Acid Stomach, Indigestion and other symptoms ol excess acidity. Thousands have written to him highly praising this treatment which is known as Udga. Mr. Fraser, Suite A, Foot- Schulze Bldg., St. Paul, Minn., is always glad to hear from stomacn. sufferers and will send a tree sample to anyone who writes him. The seven-day trial box o£ udga Tablets is sold under a money-back guarantee ot satisfaction t' Michael Unii Co.. Ford Hopkins nnd other sooil dniBBljl". FINDER OF LOOT TO GET REWARD lowan Entitled to 10 Per Cent of $100,500 Clinton Robbery. DES MOINES, March 13. Gus Flood, who found the $100,500 loot taken in the holdup of the City National bank of Clinton, two years ago, is entitled to a 10 per cent reward, the Iowa supreme court ruled today. The court upheld the validity of the Iowa statutes providing a 10 per cent reward for the finders of lost articles and held that Flood's find of the stolen money came within the meaning of the law. Flood had brought suit in Clinton county district court, which sustained a directed verdict for the bank on the ground that the money was not within the meaning of the statute. The opinion, written by Justice J. W. Kintzinger, cited several parallel court cases and quoted standard dictionaries in reaching a definition of the word "loss." Commenting on the validity of the law, the opinion held that "providing a reward for the finder of lost goods is not depriving the owner of "His "property, without due process of law, but is simply awarding a compensation for the service render- Enjoy this garden freshness "SA1ADA" TEA "Fresh (rom the Gardens" 582 Fairfield Boy Dies of Accident Wound FAIRFIELD, March 13: IB-Jack Lovell, 14, died here today of injuries suffered Sunday when he accidentally shot himself in the abdomen with a .22 caliber revolver. The youth, a Boy Scout, accompanied his father, a 1 Scoutmaster, and a group of scouts on a hike to the Walton club grounds. The gun discharged accidentally when he thrust it into his pocket. Chester Lee Ray Rites Are Held at Aredale AREDALE, March 13.--Word was received here that Chester Lee Ray died at Independence. Mr. Ray was the son of John Ray of this place, and was born on a farm west of town Nov. 30, 1883, where he grew to manhood. He moved with his parents several years ago to Waterloo, where bis mother died Oct. 6, 1926. He leaves his aged father, John Ray of Aredale. and one brother, Clark Ray of Eagli- Grove, and an aunt, Mrs A. D Allen of this place, where he was taken Monday. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Evangelical church by the eRv. H Raecher of Dumont. Arrives From Springfield. POPEJOY--Borgia Wetzel, who was called here from Springfield, 111., owing to the illness of her sister. Mrs. Frank Johnson, is looking after the household duties while Mrs. Johnson is in the hospital. "Anne, what a beautiful lamp! And what a soft, mellow light... no glare at all, yet every part of the room 'is perfectly lighted. Do tell me where you got it!" "That's one of the new reflector type floor lamps, my .dear. I wouldn't be without it now. A representative of the P. G. and E. gave us a very convincing demonstration of the advantages of 'no glare' lighting, and the price was so reasonable that we ordered a lamp immediately." 25 One Special Group of Better Grade Reflector Type Floor LAMPS These are not just ordinary floor lamps . . . they have the famous reflector feature, which really makes them 3 lamps In one. Bases are attractive in design and finish, beautiful silk and parchment shades. KV Pay Only DOWN Balance Monthly Free Evening Demonstration in Your Home Satisfaction or Your Money Back! PEOPLE'S GAS AND ELECTRIC COMMNY l^ooking hard for something new? See f Harris Tweeds TAKE FRONT RANK IN 1934 TOPCOAT STYLES From one end of the country to the other, style-conscious men are accepting the new variations of these time-tested fabrics as one of the high style notes of the season. Life-like domestic reproductions of the finest imported varieties give you unusual values. by Hart Schaffner Marx Varsity Town Undergrad Stylemor $19.50 $25.00 $30.00 Get Your Easter Shoes Tomorrow QUALITY BUILT THIS BUSINESS

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