The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 4, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1913
Page 4
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V J THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Tines and New. Fublkhin* Company -- , Aims. -aivva VHlllP-R. W. JUtVJEK*. ttA*,Ei«, _ Secretary and Treasurer. ^ PHILIP-R. BiKLE, Editor IUBSCKEPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cent* per roomth * C - MaOed outside ofG^y^ar^for ^entrnper moatfa. 2ATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. MEXICAN REBELS ARMOR PLANT FOR NAVY YARD Caning StrongirTsward tte r congressiiian Vare Will Ask ^^ '· ten 3ay» after your money is received at The Time* Office. EmUr-d August 16, 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-claw matter, n»der Congress March 3, 1879. Side of Canaoza, FDR o. INTERVENTION IT Appropriation MEANS BIG SAVING BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE Oft* im. Northwest comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, «'H:S PAPER n£?SES£HI£D FOR - . =. ADVERTISING 3Y-TH£ GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Wait ad«:VOne centner *rord each-insertion.^ Two cents a word if gaar«»ted ftMtjmg* positioB--Resolutions of respect, poetry and memori-m« OM «a per-word. Plans Are All Prepared and Army and Navy Are Ready to Strike If President Gives the Word. Washington, Nov. 4. -- Significanl ioanings toward ihe Mexican revolu- Jonists, or Constitutionalists, were apparent in the atiiiude of the adimms- tr \Vhether this sympathy will lead to j-nythsus definite or not cannot yet be letenalned, but there are many per- -ons in Washington who expect to see recognition of some sort .together vita ..material aid. aSforded the revolutionist cau=e by President WHson. Secretary Bryan said that, he was ex- ·,ecting soon to receive a statement of : xs ca^e by the Constitutionalist fac- ^ . - - ,., ^ , r . TO OUR READERS - £b^G«^b£rg 'iSaes takes absolutely no part in polftic*, being neutral OB at ^dimattef^^vthlngtfaat aopears in our general news columns, eoncerninj 1 ?^l B ?S~fr'~^_*~SlS.. j, t,.^,h~* ,,cKw/rj.A American Press-Association. I .NEW Booms with bath «m mlti flam *_McConomy, Erop'*. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. .While"they last! Very special lot of Ladies' coilars. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical -work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. associated with the Peace Forum, who has interested bini- eli ; u tne Mexican situation and has been wiih Carranza oa the Mexican border.!recently. Mr. Bo'aa has m- 'oraied Dr. Tupper that he will receive any Carranza communication which he may care to send, though not officially. The president, it also became known, It Is Said Naval Officials Favor Construction of Battleships at League Island. Washington, Xov. 4. -- Represents live Yare, leaving for Philadelphia, said he would introduce in the house a bill providing for an aapros'r-ation or $1,250,000 for the erection of an armor plant, to be located either ia or near the Philadelphia navy yard. - Secretary Daniels and Assistant Secretary Roosevelt have informed Mr, Vare.that recommendation would i be made ia tbe navy department's annual report in favor of a shipways for the construction of battleship cruisers, under a bill introu-aced by Mr. Varel and that the araior plant bill would to fit in with Secretary for ship building at ^ '« if the government were to_siake its own armor plate enough "would be saved in the-building of three battleships to provide all tne armor plate needed for one of ihein- '-!£ this can be done ia the building cf three, battleships" said Mr. Vare. "then the saving throughout the years : "tie arguments o f h o e t to c o m I b very large. In view -_S. 3TTJMPES --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture *nd Household Good* stored any length of time. rEICE PRODUCE COMPAKT j I ffighert Ca»h.Price« Paid for all, --FARM -PRODTJCE--. \ Trader Time* Office, Gettysburg. . 2L TJFTON --Photc-praphi Gettysburg Sonremlrt $ Philadelphia Reading Railway ACCOUNT GAME AT SATURDAY, NOV'R IB 1913 SPECIAL TRAIN ·.vbo are uWng that the revolutionists D» given aerniission to import arms and° ammunition from the United States. .While he has not yet reached a decision, it was plainly indicated that the president is regarding tnis oroposal much more seriously than nas been the case previously as a means of settling the Mexican situation. Tae argument advanced in support 01 tbis action is that if the rebeis were plentifully supplied with arms they couid more" effectively figat tie rederal forces and eventually overcome tae Huerta government. Advices from John Lino, at vera Cruz encouraged the president. Mr. Lind reported that in his conference with the German. Russian and Swea- i=h ministers be found evidences or a ae«ire upon their part^tojsupport tie United States in any practical plan for s»ttlms the Mexican situation. It is ^iact,~however, that all the European -ovemmenis are awaiting: the promis- -d statement of President -Wilson as to 3. Mexican poiic-y before adopting any definite attitude- It is conceded that little or nooung -an be done until Etaerta announces in Mexico City the results of the elections aelc a week ago. Inasmuch, as tne provisional president :s Quite likelv'to announce in this result his ' own retirement it is felt that It is use" le« to do a^inies looking to bis elimination froia tne situation until he has shown his hand. Discerning no hope ia a further application of President Wilson's policy ^t-nioral suasion upon General Huerta, Washington circles are reluctantly being forced to regard intervention in Mexico as inevitable. Here is tie situation: President Wilson has exaaasted every peaceful means to bring about the retirement of General rfuerta. He repudiated in'anvance the farcical 3ieclions of Oei. 2fi. General jiuerta Un^ws and has that the United S'a'^s will not recognize the admiiiis- iraiion bas»d upon such mock suf- frase. While Mr. Wiison has pledged o make a statement to the i:m powers cf tne altitude or the Uiiied States toward Mexico as soon r.s ihe result of the elections is for- inallv declared, he has also made it kno^Ti that this government, when, the «ro?er r:me comes, will be found main jain:ng its traditional relieves and act- j ing toward Mexico as the united Slates has aiwajs acted toward the governments of the western hemisphere, independently of European na- tior-s. _ In the meantime, though, the arm ar.d navy have made preparations for p-n~ contingency. Tne war college, for more than a year, has been working out plans of a campaign in 3iexico. reefs' o?.v those plar.s have been changed with the- developments in the south- err, republic, so taat now both ihs armv and navy are ready to move at a moment's notice. "Proin Mf^i^Q City conies tee 01 the fact that Secretary Daniels has decided to make a recommendation in line .with inv bill for a shipways at League Island, k is logical that the armor plate plant should be there too TSis would mean a saving in transportation." One of the strong points urged by Congressman Vare WAS ihe fact^hai a board appointed to consider the naval foundry situation, consisting of Bead Admiral. EC wards. -Captain E. It- Evans and Xaval Constructor Stahl. reported to the secretary of the navy that the most suitable place for a large asd well equipped foundry on the At lantic coasi. capable of making all the iron and steel castings required by tne navy, is the Philadelphia navy yard.^ Secretary Daniels has taken under advisement tae. proposal that an iron foundry be established, ana since he has been working on the plans to^establish aa armor plate plant, jie has been anxious to Sad a suitable place for it"It is my belief." said Mr. Vare, 'that-the bill which I will introduce will provide the solution of the problem whica the secretary bas been studying. He has already informed me that be will recommend the construction of zhe shipways, and since the naval board recommends an iron and steel founcry-aor the navy yard economy suggests that there be a com biuation of forces. The $1,250.000 provided for in tae bill which I will introduce will act as a nucleus for a grea; establishment that will save the gov- srnment many thousands of dollars annually. ^ "It is Secretary Daniels' intention TO economize oa land and spend more on battleships, but he realizes that the way to economize is-to give Philadelphia some of the siiip building that, is now being done au Brooklyn, which is overworked. This would furnish employment 10 many persons in Phiia aeipbia in addition to--those airead employed at the private yards. "I£ there are to be three battleship?, one of them should be built at Philadelphia. In ar.y event, it weald be a real econoniy to have the armor plate plant at League Island or nearby, since chis would facilitate the construction of-ships, save freight charges and n able the government to ship its armor to other points by water. "Part of ibis general program for League Island nas been accepted already, the secretary having already decided to a.-ivocate equipment for ship builflins. The naval board has recoinmende 1 ari iron and steel foundry and a^l ;.:ac is needed now is the armor plaic plant." PERSONAL NOTES ITPIIS 1 1 feint* i#i!§ki BeaulM Glass Service Set - ,, Is Vows For Only 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks Evcrv home should have this Xucut Glass Service set. EvervbodV who has seen it is de-lighted with the 11 pretty piectrs. \ll vou need do is save 50 Babbitt trademarks--there s one on everv Babbitt product--and because there are so many daily tides' for Babbitt's vou will soon have this set iu "iOUii O\V^« HOME. " . · BabbHr* soaps and cleansers Biake the home brighter and vour work tighter. Get ~B«i" Soap, "1776" Soap Powder. Babbitt's Cleaner and Babbitt's Pure Le at your grocers fcday. When you ha^e jO trademarks, take them to Your Grocer or tlic next nearest one Three Famous Babbitt Products East. West, North ar.d South--these household helps have made paths of cleanliness. Babbitt's Cleanser at 3c is half the usual price. "Best Soap" has been BEST for years, "1776" Soap I'owder is the original washing powder. Order AH Them Today Paragraphs of Mews Telling of the Happenings in and about Torn People Visiting Here sod Those So)oumin§*Elsewhere. FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Fall assortment now ia st^ck," consisting of: Straight ladders, extension ladders, step-ladders and special fruit ladders. Everv piece'of'tliis well fcno-.\n brand i=? made from second srrov.tti spruce with rasas of ash or eha. H. P. MARK, AEEXJDXSVTXJLE An Honestly Built Stove That Sells On Merit The Pean Esther range ', Mrs. R. Y. Macniel and daughter [have returned to their home in Har- irssburg after visiting at the home of | the former's parents, Mr. and Sirs. '-William Tawney, of Steinwehr aven- iue. accompanied by Mrs. William 5 Tawney who will spend some time in Harrisburg. Rev. L- H. Grimm and wife, Neal Brown, wife and son, Merle, of Waynesboro, spent Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Robinson, Uoute 2. Mr. and Mrs. George McCauslin, of ··ear Brysoiiia, were Sunday visitors sA the home of Mr- and Mrs. Samuel Robinson. Miss Elizabeth Huber entertained a number of her Hitle friends at a birthday dinner on Monday evening. Mr. and 31 rs. 3IcCoanor, of Baltimore, are spending some lime at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Xornian S. Heindei on Carlisle street. -Miss Marion Sheelv and Miss Amy Swope entertained the members of their glancing class at a fancy dress party Monday evening. Miss Annie O'Neal Has returned home after a visit" of several days in '.Vashington. Miss Mary Kutt left to-day for Cobleskul, New York, after a short visit at the home of Miss Martha Dickson. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Siegrist and son have returned to Lebanon after spending a week at the home of Mrs. M. Valentine on Springs avenue. A meeting will be held in the High School building, York street, on Thursday evening at seven o'clock. All alumni are urged to be present. Mrs. J. E. McCammon. of Baltimore street, has gone to Philadelphia to visit with friends for ten oays. Roberc D. Bream, of Seminary- Ridge, left this morning for the western Dart of the State where he will spend several days. Rev. L. Dow Gtt, of Baltimore street, is spending the week in New Oxford where he is conducting a series of religious services. S. R. Andrews and Miss Shields, of York street, have gone to Carlisle to stsend some time with friends. ~Erney Myers, of North .Stratton street, is a Waynesboro visitor to-day. Julia Oursler. of Manchester, does not have a lot of fancy c* -. corauon that is hard to keep clean--and at the same time it IS.excelled bv P-One in .appear- £n d her daughter, Mrs. Neeta Ruby, ance It is' the'most solidlv -f Baltimore, are visitors at the home et-ii^,. ii- j^ ._ _ {of G.W. Weaver, on East Bigh street- built and best general purpose cookins: ran^e we know. One that -\ve can conscientiously ^uarantee. H.T. M 3IIs: SELL--HEEUMAN i Heilman. of AfabottstoWn. Pennville 3Ian- Wcds Robert D. Sell, of Pennville, and Miss Ruth Heilman. a daughter of Mr. and 3Irs. Charles 31. Heilman, of Ab- Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop J - blow e nerai ie 42 \V. HIGH STREET- TUBES A SPECIALTY ·With modern steam equipment, I act prepare! to do penec , :-outs, sections and retrearlins. If the hole is r.ot longer than . le repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed. _ TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable, Reliable and Powerful. Try k. Tours ami United Phone 117 X eran parsonage, at that place, fay the bride's pastor. Rev. F. C- Sternat. on Saturday evening. 3Ir. and Mrs. Sell will occupy a property which he recently purchased, near Krentler's schoolhouse. srecuutj C. A.STONER, prop REINDOLLAR--HEAGY 3Ir. Reindollar. of Littlestown, Miss Heagy. of Hanover. and Edward 3. Eeindollar. · town, and 3Iiss Emma ·daughter of 3Irs. J- H. of J-ittles- J. Heagy, Heagy. of ·o Will Close Medals ~cr 19 Life Savers. irrr-r Nov. 4.--Nineteen life savers of i-- '"ape Disappointment an*. Point Anan.? stations received gold medals of hr^.or from. Secretary of tbe Treasury Xn.Vioo for heroism in r--s- --o-r ^"-o ^« «».«« -- -- -- cuing two n-.c^.be-s of the crew of the ·hat thYHn-rta government is look- Rosecraa= z.r. oil steamer, which was in- for invasion by American troops wrecked or. -'eacok Spu. \v ash., in and !=; planning a defense of the cap-j January, c..-Toying thirty-taree lives ..^ " l aad IS.Ovv ". ir-els of oil. Head Broken at Football. Lawrence. Mass., Xov. 4. -- Three skull fracf.r--=. the result of 2. foot ball garae. -* a re fonnd to be the injuries of XV:;,.am McCartney, a Sfteea- r.e--?"· y, at the General hos- "pital. Pay?-'- -"ar.s said he had apparently beea kJck«--5 in the bead. .-Gettysburg ... . *GoIdenvffle - 8.35 ,' *»I*ibIe Rock S.38 Biglerviile 3-J4 Guernsey .. -. S.4S .j |FROM ... S.25H : Centre] Mrs. McGraw's Mother Dead. Atlantic City. 7T. J^ Jan. 4.--Mrs. J. W. Sluaaii. of Baltimore, fifty years old. mother-ia-iaw of John J. McGraw, of the few York Xational League base ball club, died suddenly on the · ! boardwalk from heart trouble while I returning from ir.ass at the Holy Spirit Lv.A.M- ] church. She was alone at the time. , j Mrs. SinflaV, had beea la Atlantic City c -91 for a week at a beach front hotel for ?.:_ | her health. Bendersville S.56 " " ! Gardners 9.03 Harrisfaurg (arrive) RETURNING--Special Train will leave Harrisburg 10.30 P. M. same date for above stations. f · Tickets good only on date of excursion on above Special Train in each direction. . t , i t · · Children,between 5 and 12 years of age half fare. from, stations marked withtsar can purchase ticket from conductor. Lives Up to It. Too. Harrisbi,rs. Pa.. Xov. 4.--A man ar- 10 05' " esie 3 here for drunkenness sobered up enough to give his name to the police. Kc said his name was Mike "Whiskey, of Piiadelphia. "This is no time for leiity," remarked the sergeant. "That's ray real name,' the prisoner, producing his card. desk said WANTED: a middle-aged, honest, sober man as n tenan'c on n farm. Apply by letter to A. B. 11. Times Office. --advertisement Gorr.pers Case Advanced. bijiEi-rr.. Xov. 4.--Contempt of court senteries imposed on Samuel Gompers ar,r, other American Federation of Labor leaders was advanced by the supre:r.j court for hearing on the first Monday in January. my bicycle repairing shop for the Winter on Sunday, November 16 th. Now is your chance to buy a guaranteed Peerless bicycle from $ 10.00 to $ 15.00. Also S pairs of guaranteed puncture proof tires at cost, $5.70 per pair. Any wheels, in need of repairs, should be bought in prom- pity to receive attention. L. R. Swope 118 W. High St, Gettysburg, Penna. ~^^ Hanover, were married in St. 3Iat- thew's Lutheran parsonage, Hanover, bv Eev. A. 31. Heilman, Sunday evening:, at S:30 o'clock- 3ir. and Mrs. ReindoHar will reside at Hanover for the present. iSTtS ft IPPE8 IP K CiTIRWtl ! Instantly Clears Air Passages; ' l Dull wead SWO-For Conscience Fund. ] Breathe Freely: Dull *"*«*£ \rashing:on.N-ov.4-Tfae conscience I Goes; Xasfy Catarrhal Discharge fund was enriched by a contribution) Stops. from Stan-ton, Va., the birthplace of 1 Try "Ely's Cream Balm."' . ^ President Wi'.son. It consisted of $2.70 j Get a small bottle anywav, just .o In cash and was not accompanied by try it--Apply a little in tho nostrns r-**A T-r*c-*-*iY^-f l \ » 1-rtllV f t \C\T any communication whatever. arid instantly your clogged nose ^ and ttopped-up air passages of tne neaa trill open: you v.-ill breathe freely: dullness and headache disappear. By morning! the catarrh, cold-in-head Ofr calarrhal'sore throat will be gone. End such misery now! Get the small ~* Balm" at any WATCH for Twining's second large annual sale o f registered a n d grade o y horses, cow and hogs.--advertisement'drug store. This sweet, fragrant balm SPRAYING THE ORCHARD. ', As soon as tbe leaves are off. which j means that tbe fruit trees are in x dormant condition, spraying may be done for the San Jose scale. If ona bas but few trees to spray It will save both time and expense to get the prepared lirae sulphnr, which, requires but the addition of -water to make it ready for use. Where one cannot get this preparation tbe solution may be made up according to the following recipe:' Slake twenty-two pounds of fresh lump j liine ia the Iron kettle in -which the mixture is to be boiled, adding just enough wnter to cover tbe lime and keeplt from burning. Add seventeen pounds of powdered sulphur, raadiBto n psste by adding a small quantity °«- water. Add about ten gallons of V.H- ter and boil tbe mixture for an hour. Onlv an Iron vessel should !e used for j this" purpose. Where steam is availa- f-We the cooking may .be done ia n 1 a--stro R =: barrel Ifcy Inserting a steam l''-=olves bv the heat of the nos'mls; \rhen the mixture is cooked penetrates" and heals, the TMJame£ P£ ^ OTld be add ed to make swollen membrane wmch lines .he ^o' » tben me solution for breathf with head stuffed; nostrils; pressttre pump, closed, hawking and W°?TMS- C**"* j ^ · TM1H. -with its running nose, foul or a cold, or a COIQ, wiwi »« *««"·" 7 , i mucous dropping into the throat, and , raw drynesiis distressing *«* truly j needless. . your faith--just one FOR SALE: a two story brick house . Possession can be .given at Cream ,. will surely disappear faith-just once-in "Ely's house . Possession can be given a i" and your-cQ.ld x or.,caterrh w T , Ziegler.--advertisement .*-·"·""" _ _ __*' v "" """ "

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