The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 28, 1952 · Page 27
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 27

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

Production of Air Coolers to Be "Hiked NEW YORK (^--Weather, showered, money this summer into the pockets of makers of air conditioners. Now they; are, raising their production sights for next year by 30 to 100 per cent. Sizzling days brought such a rush of customers for rocim coolers that most manufacturers were quickly sold out for the rest of the season. Had they guessed how hot it was to be, they would have made more room air-conditioners, and doubtless would have sold them, and .made still : more money. A cool summer next,year could spoil their plans. But most of them insist the market for air conditioning of homes is a growing one, and that they will sell more next year than this, no matter what kind of summer it turns out to be. Sales of room air conditioners in 1951 are put at 250,000. This year's sales are estimated at 350,000. Harold B. Donley, general manager of General Electric's room cooler department, predicts that next year industry sales will reach 400,000 units, an increase of 14 per cent. Some others in the field think his figure too low. He says - General Electric itself plans to boost production by 35 per cent next year. And he believes that by 1961 one million room f a i r conditioners a year will behold, mostly for home use. .: ·Donley stresses that manufacturers are faced with the problem of a relatively short selling season during; hot weather, rwhile production plans must be made far in ad vance by using a "crystal ball to anticipate summer temperatures." Levulose, the sugar found in honey, is the sweetest of sugars. Put Asia* Expensivt Flakes and Powders .Wash Everyfhing with BLUE BARREL Soap · Heaps of Suds--Even i n H a r d e s t W a t e r . Clothes Come Whiter, B r i g h t e r - - F a s t e r . Glassware Sparkle^, Dishes Gleam..Floors, .Woodwork--Spotless in a JUfy. Blue Barrel Never Dries Out Hands Like Soapless Cleanser* and Chemicals. The Big Whi/e Bar Goes Twka As Far ON FURLOUGH--Pfc Reb*rt .J Hinrichfon is spending * 30 day furlough with hi* parents, Mr and Mr*. Martin Hinrichton. Nora Springs. Ht i« back from Koraa aftar ISVi months. H» will raport to B*HI* Cr«ak, Mich., Sapt. 4, for assignment, and «x ptcts to racaiva his discharge Jan. 3. 12 Couples Refused Marriage Licenses · BENTONVILLE, Ark UK--Hut Wharton, Benton County clert says iq couples were refused mai riage .licenses in one day recently The reason-^-14 couples were in riors without consent of their pai ents and two were drunk. It is believed that tlui atmos phere of Mars contains virtuall no oxygen, FINE FOODS THIS AD EFFECTIVE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY DECKER'S TALLCORN TRAY PACK BACON, lb. . . . . . . . . ..49* DECKER'S PICKLE and PIMENTO LOAF, lb. . . 49 C HORMEL'S SMOKED SAUSAGE,lb. . . . - . . . . . . ' .'49* HORMEL'S FINE GROUND ' BOLOGNA, l b . . . . . . . . .49 C END CUT PORK CHOPS, lb. . . . . . . ,49* HORMEL'S . · WIENERS, lb. . . . . . . . .55 C TALL CORN 6 Really Good, Freih Ground Coffee BRIARDALE PORK BEANS No. 2cans CELERY, stalk .,,,.,.,; SUNKIST ORANGES, doxen . , , . . . . 29c SUNKIST LEMONS, dozen ,,.,.,,. . . . 59c PEARS, 6 for ,.,.,._.;.,...,.,.,._.,_,, , , 23c GRAPES, 2 Ibs. . . . 35c SCHULZE BURCH CRACKERS 25c Pound Box TALLCORN PEAS Cans 25c FLOUR (bs. 39c Shurflne Shortening 69 J Pound Con . FROZEN FOODS Polor Brand Strawberries, 2 pkgi. 49c Perch, I b. . . . . 33c Whole Sun ORANGE JUICE, 2 cons . . . ... 27c Briardale BLEACH, gal.. J9c BRIARDALE SALAD DRESSING, qt... 39c G. W. C. DILL PICKLES, qt. . . . 29c TIDE OLIVES 1 Plain -- 1 Stuffed BOTH FOR . 29c KOOL-AID 25c WHEATIES 29c SUGAR Pounds 49c W* Ra$«rv« th« Right to Limit Quantitits CUT RATE GROCERY, 512 First S. W. -- Ph. 112 JAMES GROCERY, 2424 S. Jefferson -- Ph. 1287 KLUVER MERCANTILE -- Noro Springs, Iowa LA VILLE'S CAROLINA GROCERY, 703 S. Carolina -- Ph. 226 Korean Vets Can Now Claim ' ' r i ' V " - , · · $300 in. Musten'ng-Out Pay ·y MAJOR THOMAS M. NIAL . * At least a million Korean vets now;cah claim a'windfall of up to $300 in mustering out pay as part of the new Korean GI BJ11. All enlisted men and officers below major or lieutenant commander of the Army? Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard can claim the money if they've been discharged or released from active duty since June 26, 1950, Men getting off active duty from now on also will be eligible, at least until the President or Congress ends the present emergency. The bill gives such vets and servicemen $100 if they've had less than 60; days' active duty, $200 if m'ore than 60 days and $300 if they've had at least 60 days and have served outside the U.S. Lump Sum Payment You.yets who already have been discharged or released may apply for the rnoqey immediately through your service. Your payment will be in a lump sum. You men" still on active duty will got your money in $100 monthly installments. The first one will be paid to you when you get off active duty. . The services aren't making any estimate of how long you vets who have already been discharged pr released must wait to get your money after you've applied for it. The law says the payment must be made "within otic month after application has been received and approved" by your service. That little word "approved" is the gimmick. With many thousands of vets applying for the payment, it may take some lime before the services get around to'"approving" the applications individually. Procedure Lilted : To get your payment if 'you've been, discharged or released you must: 1. Submit on'or before July 10, 1954, an informal application 'on ordinary 1 letter-sized (8 by 'u inches) paper containing y b u r naitie and address, cither printed or typed; service number, serial number or'file number; statements that you weren't discharged or released from active duty to accept employment without having served outside the U.S.; that you aren't now serving on active duty; that you haven't received any v muster- Ing-out payment or · t h"a t you haven't and will NOT make any other application for musterlng-put payment for service after June 26, 1950; a statement as to whether you.have had foreign service, and the date of your return to the U.S. At the bottom of this application you should sign your name. 2. Submit, with your application, the original of your Report of Separation from the Armed Forces of the U.S. (DD form 214). If you've tost the original, you should apply to your service'for a duplicate. Be sure to print your present permanent address on the separation report to assure its return. The application and the separation report then should be mailed to the proper one of these .addresses; ' MOP Branch 1= Inane* Cantar, U.S. Army St. Louis 20, Mo. Flald Branch, U.S. Navy Buraau of Suppllts.and Accounts CUvtland 14, O. Air Forca Finance Cantar Danvar, Colo, Commandant of th» M«rin« Corps (CDD) Washington 75, D. C. Coast Guard Haadquarttrs Washington 25, D. C. Some men who've been discharged or .released from active duty arc'excluded from the mustering-out pay benefit. They include: . 1. Vets who weren't ^discharged under honorable conditions. 2. Vets discharged or. released from active duty on their own request to accept employment and haven't served outside the U.S. or In'Alaska. ,3, Members of the armed forces whose total service has been", as a student in a civilian institution. - · 4. Men who were ordered t6 active duty for the sole purpose'-of training duty or a physical examination, or for a period'cHess than 80 days. , , ' '·' APPLICATION FOR MUSTER1NG-OUT PAYMENT Under Vataran* Raadiuttmant Assistance Act of mi I enclose my report of Separation from the Armed Forces 6f - t h e United States (DD Form 214) from the .../.:.;.;.;./.!.,.:.. Anny, Air Force, Navy. Marine Corps, Const' Guard and request the mustering-out payment authorized'by law. 1 was, not,discharged'or released from/active service on my own request to accept employment; or if 1 was discharged or. released to accept employment I served outside the United States after June 26, 1950; Tarn'not now serving on active duty in the armed forces^orihc.United^States^and have not made and will not make any other application 'for rmustering-put'payment. Have you served outside the continental limits of the United States or in Alaska after June 26, 1950? (Answer yes or No.) If yes, state date of arrival in the United States. Return my Report of Separation and mail check to me at the following address: U'rint or type) Flrit Name, 'Middle' Nimel ',' 'sirv'lie,' urui 'or lllc NO. cur ci«k*-ni*iu, MM*N cur f*. Number Street citv · Zone State I Certify that .the above information is true and correct Signature (Do not Print) About a million U.S. armad service vetarans discharged aftar June U, mo, can use thfs application to request from $100 to $300 that is coming, to them in, mustering out pay. The services do not furnish printed forms. This blank should be pasted on a letter-sized sheet. The services specify applications must be typed or printed except for the signature. About three and a half million men now in service will become eligible as they are discharged. . Bad News for Hens, Minnows NEW YORK W) -- There's bad news in new products this week. Bad news, that is, for chickens, minnows, bugs, and hobgoblins. Vegetables are giving compcti- :ion to chickens. Borden's of New York has a new candy whipping agent, a vegetable protein compound, that is a replacement for egg whiles in making candy. The company says the whipping agent replaces egg albumin completely, beats in a third less time, and costs half the amount. P. K., Inc. of Momence, III., lias a tenite plastic minnow catcher and baiter that looks something ike an old-fashioned gourd dipper that used to hang out by grandpa's spring house. It works like this--the minnow s scooped out of the minnow bucket with the bowl part of the dipper, and he or she if she's a mfnnle ,s slid into the cone-shaped hollow landle. When he's wedged in there tightly, you hook him through a slit In the handle, raise the top of ;he handle on a hinge, loss your baited hook into, the water, and sit back and- relax, A European new product, made here by the American NEXA Corp. of New York, kills insccls. II is a strip saturated with lindane insecticide which is liberated when the strip is burned. One strip, says the company, will ' fumigate a room. They come packed 10 in a packet. The Halloween hobgoblin market has been invaded by Educational Products Company of Andover, N. J. The comp'any is offering vinyl plastic cutouts of goblins, witches, cats, bals, and pumpkins. They adhere readily to any polished surface, when pressed on. And they peel right off and can be used next year. For shipping tomatoes, vegetables and fruit, National Container Corp. of New York has developed a corrugated kraft paper box weighing less than three pounds and holding 60 pounds of tomatoes in two compartments, The box fastens with a special fold that locks all parts into position. Double thick kraft liners make the box strong enough to be stacked seven high in a truck and four high in a railroad car. So far as is known, only man, monkeys, and guinea pigs can develop scurvy, the disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C in the diet. WEEK-END AHEAD! TWi i LONG WEEK-END to**, ufl Whj «*.hop *i*J - NOW. *rfV ,**u4 «W. *·*« w.1 ,k., ,,,« iTM, 'rtl ,1^1 i*« ih«i Ywi'l lird J iKtK num llw loci In OUR ,.*^ AW cw8», ml »Wu -n An jwSTOr» k SHOP »fco« mr *» j»k«i» tOW LAKE VALLEY 2-lb. box CHEESE 7C SPREAD / D Jock Sprat Pure GRAPE JAM last Juh« ocial Wel- tiiwith ' the ^.'previous .^reduction je' of fhe Mississippi t'abilltation 32 Or. Jar . . Jack Sprat Yellow Cling--Sliced or Halve* \l govern- tte in i the ·am., Gene form of 'and maln- fily by. th« PEACHES-'* 35 c -3« J* * if ,000 avail- fflood sut- as 'spent. Ik 'counties T t Quick or Regular QUAKER OATS the state 'exhausted j (. - perso*n.i declined Jock Sprat Smooth Creamy , " ' 4?^ JS SAL AD DRESSING ·...;. ; £2^« CHEERIOS 101/2-0*., pkg. Jock Sprot -- Always Fresh POTATO CHIPS w One*cas» "·"·^Individuals. ^ Aialcd $117,- atef; May.jand V:June .totnl 8-os. foil o? eated .last Jack Sprat, , , PAR-T-SWEET PICKLES The June an that for Jack Sprat -- Salad or Horseradish MUSTARD With Poddlej .. 8-or. frier CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE lb. Soys QUICK MEALS FOR HUNGRY SCHOOL CHILDREN Brown Beauty Creole Macaroni Dinner . ...,.,.,.;.i.,. : . . , No. 300 can Brown'Beauty Spanish Rice · , . , . » . - No. 300 can r'acinf? 23c PEAS, Jack Sprat Greenies, Try Them, No. 303 They are Different . . . . can IRISH POTATOES, Jack Sprat, Ho. 2 Tiny Whole . .,. .,...»·. . . . can SAUERKRAUT, Jack Sprat, Fancy Long «% Shred, No. 303 can L f or CREAM OF WHEAT, 5 Minute or ZS-ox. y+ -,. Regular pkg. jlC CRACKERS, NBC Premium 1-lb. Sal tine- ,, pkg. KOOL-AID, w ^.^^. S Pkg 0 for American atcd: . e, who is '.i under , an PICNIC PLATES, Diamond . , . '. . % t . of heard a' Jot Diamond, 'White Embossed RITESPOONS, ; X\ ,v, pka. of pkf. *f f ·* i j "··# ' * ; *'V . of 12 RITEFORKS, ^ (Wood Forks)' .. T . T . T . r ,,,, DRINKING CUPS, For Hot or Cold Drink. Cups..^.*, SWEET RELISH, J^ Jack Sprat , . ..,^,,r,',.-i.,, M ; . jar' DOG K)OD, Husky, ' ' · ' « · - - , J 6-or. can '; i for around a" wolf - 1 not; ^appen. ' s. women in attentively 6 8 e*. T w-- · |,as v surprised i, s?o£' the-.Corn; " Id unhealthy" }i ruddy-faced SWANSDOWN INSTANT CAKE MIX .' ........ , 17- o « pkg 33e Jack .Sprat PEANUT BUTTER, Homogenized ..; i .;. r : ! . I .:, l .^ 1 . 1 14 o«. £ 42c C H BROWN SUGAR ............................ , , b , p kg. Me ; Spend 'r I : ' Vision T t Jock Sprat Fancy Light Meat TUNA FISH Solid Pack 39c Sprafs Jl'lJiJl'i Gallon . , , HILf Gold Seal on , radio v and 7 Ox. Can . HILEXBLEACH 2 , , 1 [, publicity di- ican National to two million "'spent - b y the .Vationat Com- tted for mora Irirs. GLASS WAX lc SALE--Sweetheart TOILET SOAP Preacher ,reg. 1 BAR 4 for ney Jr., a 27- officcr, pre- Biblc recently s as he re- FRESH FRUITS 8 VEGETABLES GRAPEFRUIT, California Sunkisf, 100 size .,.,.,.,., a s ; 3 LEMONS, Sunkisr, 300 size ORANGES, Sunkist, 288 size RED POTATOES ...... THESE PRICES GOOD FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AUG. 29 - 30 ce. Vc the Rev. Mr. ·Lawn Terrace Mason City Stores THOMPSON-O'NEILCO. 121 North Federal Phona 312 CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 626 S. Jackson Phona 996 GRUPP'S SUPERETTE MARKET | 1323 North Federal Phon« 420 CENTRAL HEIGHTS GROCERY | 2703 1»th S. W. Phon* »75 Out-of-Town Stores SNYDER'S MILLER'S NUTTERS OLSON'S ART WHITE G L EAST END GROCERY PLUS 40 OTHER STORES IN MASON CITY TRADE ARIA Nora -i/ng Lunch R--Four Brink's a job Thurs'day lunch together iile they were cafeteria their id truck was '; : in cash. The Vered next day Ray E. Farmer, c's employe who truck. !ors 3 The 1M CITY · D/ES The Funtrml n \r Service.' XI i P 1 """ 5 mo. . At, IIOJVIE..' flu\ Service." IMS, . c HOME. Ptuw* ,.-3. "Major .Sciv* ·if." · . . . J.iFunaral Horn*. DKnirted Funeral , Phone Kli«. 'i. JLAKE , . _ J , HOAIB, Claav 'a ' Service. Day iooa 7. ' V

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