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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 4, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 405. Gettysburg. Pa^ Tuesday, Nc\i-iaber 4 ih, 1913. Price Two Ceat*. -SWEATERS- ? OR M E N -- W O M E N and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7-00- EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." DEMI TOWN BANQUET AND THE COUNTY uRAM FOR THANK OFFERING THE INSTITUTE Dr. C. Bemard BarMey Tafcen by! St. James Sunday SchcoSSihle Classj Program in Detai! for the Coming Death at his horns. Deaths of Several Adams County Residents; Funeral Hours Announced. Banquets while College Church j Adams County Teachers institute Missionary Societies Hold their, Annual Thank Offering. DR. C. B. BARKLEY Dr. Charles Bernard Barkiey i The social rooms "of -St. James ! theran church were the scene of died ibammet of the Men's Bible Lu- iS Announced with the Features far the Various Days. LITTLE WORK ON THE ROADS Butler Township the Only Portion of Adams County in which Operations are now being Carried on. December to Mark Close. The program for the coming reach- I Road work in Adams county, and she ers' iasTtitute, November 17 to 21, has j throughout the slate under the super- I suddenly about half past ten o'clock | ,j. e s um i ay School on Monday even- j ing sessions, i this morning at his home on Carlisle i ;,.., w ;, en about eighty members and ! On Monday highway depart- completion for DELEGATES TO WOMEN'S LEAGUE Thase who v«il Represent the Various Auxiliary Leagues at the Convention in Brua Chapel this Week. The following eoinpose the list of delegates to the convention of the Women's Leagues of Gettysburg College to be held in Brua Chapel Wed- Class of I been announced for both day and even- =. vision of the stale j meiit, is fast nearing {-.-..a »:;;*: a^vuu *-**--.· -- --»-·- -^ -- = ~~ --«».--.. morning, the seven-! l " e i913 season. The roads are being J nesday and Thursday: 1 street. He had been ill for several j£-j en js o f ^ s class \ver-_- g-jesi? at an j tesnth, the enrollment will be held in I P ut ' n good condition so far as t o j Baltimore: Miss Carrie Probst, Mrs. -- ! days, the cause of his death being j ^^ dinner served by ladies WALTER'S THEATRE -1 I£c--L Touij:Iu 4 lied.- " ECI.AIIi MAJESTIC " KKLIANCE · KEEJ. i-EATL'KE WILLIE AND THE OLD sL'ITOli Eclair A coine-iv "i asuistui! i!itert=t. The Higher Justice Kclianct- Feature In :.' Uec-i.- ! acute nephritis. He was aged 35 years, j t : le congregation. \ C nionths and 0 days. i j ev j g Baker, the teacher of of| the office of County Superintendent j make them f;t for travel during ! Roth in the Court House. At 1::JO jr. 'winter months. Little work can :ne be ane from December 1 un~-.ii the caen- G. W. Miller; Gettysburg: Mrs. J. I. Burgeon, Miss Laura Spangler; risburg: Mrs. Frank DuBree. Har- Miss j Caroline Walton; Meehanicsburg: Mrs. SCHOOL KIDS PICNIC dv The lisve some fun with ibeir schoolmaster rfszue In a'lditiijn to our regular program we- w i l l run. The Escace and Trial of HARUY K. THAW. the S the afternoon the institute will . Dr. Barkley was a son of Dr. and j c | aHS? ac -ied as xoastniaster for the ! and the address of welcome wiil be | ir -K OI " l - e spring season. | Mrs. T. J-Barkley, who survive him,; evening and the following responded. | made by Frank W. Moser, of Gettys-S The ir.oney for the work now being JC. Eberiy, Miss M. Lilly; Philadel} together with one sister, Mrs. Charles | j» ev .Clinton E. Walter, George E. {burg. Prof. J. Everett Myers, of j done comes out of the state aid fund, phia: Mrs. W. F. Harker; Pittsburgh: ! S. Duncan, of Gettysburg; and a j Xen Esc.. P. A. Elsesser, ar.d Rev. i Huntington township, will make the 1 amounting to nearly S500.0CO, and is Mrs. W. E. Clare. Mrs. A. H. Dar- · brother, Wiiliani Earkley, of McKees- J Edward Harms, all of York: Rev- Mar- ; response. Prof. P. M. Harbold. of the 'apportioned among the several coun-: borovr; Shippensburg: Mrs. C. B. I port. He attended Medico Ch; in Phii- ;t j n j_ Clare, of Soring Grove; Dr. J. = Millersville State Normal School, win|- esof *-"e commonwealth according j Segner, Miss Alice Henry; Washingr- to the mileage of township and county \ ton: Mrs. Hamilton Bayley; York: roads in the respective counties and as j Mrs. C. F. Weiser. stated by an opinion of the auditor \ The officers of the association and general must be spent on state-aid! others will also attend. jadelphia and practiced medicine in! A Sir.gmaster, Dr. W. A. Granville, i make an address and Dr. CharIes~H. A ^r*sit Draiai-l'JaveJ sv a notej cOHipasiy aad thv P«»!«:ar IleHance- feature j Baltimore, returning to Gettysburg ; i) r j i. Qatz, Getxysb'jrg; Rev Jo-1 Albert, of the Bloomsburg Normal j several years ago and residing with j se ph F. Arnold, Bendersvilie; Willis i School, wiil speak on "Underlying | his parents since tnat time · Menges. Menges Mills. The speeches \ Principles in Teaching". The closin | - ^ .___£..,__·. ..-_-__*...,---- -- -- f -- -- * E -- -- * t I The funeral arrangements have not; v .-ere keen and inspiring and the affair j address of 'the afternoon will be made | highways not forming a part of state j The program for Wednesday after;yet been completed. Show Start (5.45 5 IO AH- T T O T O ~P L A Yfe MRS- HOWARD TREIBER 3Irs. Mary Ann Treiber, wife Howard Treiber, died at the hon-e ione of Vhe most successful that , been held in the new church. 1 The singing of ""Blest Be the °t I that Binds" closed the evening. College Liitheraa j has joy Dr. Chauncey P. Colegrove, ofj m £ * R j Cedar Falls, Iowa, who will talk on| a PP° rt Tie!"The Educational Eouation," The ^ highway ioned to routes. The amount ·, noon's session z three the three counties, dudes these members: o'clock ia- SPECIAL TO-NIGHT C -TI!E MIXER'S DESTINY 1 ' PATHE 2 REELS her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben i Jhe 2cn:i2l t h a nk offering- mee^ng |oipe, aV Hampton, at 9 p. m. Sunday ;)f _ he from a comolication of diseases. Ker music for this session and all the [ other day meetings of the institute of An interesting story proving the helplessness of mortals ;n the hands of fate. A miner suffers for a'criuse that he l not commit, and after weary years of futile nope iie has th~ satisfaction ui sec-ing Destiny. ".'iili one -h*svp. rijrht ibe Trrong ami r==:ore him to a life made sweeter by ^a appre- riation of the ciouds that have ck-arcd. Crane \Viibur takes ti»«r s^-rc of the miner \vronzfiillyaecKsed anii sentenced ;nt, but w ho after many years'is pardoned. He wanders As a la.-t resort he := jroing to save the wife of his son arisoiied- ihe presence of a large audience. The age was 29 years, 9 months and 20 jdays. She is survived by her husband. roonl v .as | eaar ifaU- decorated with father and mother, and the following j choice chrysanthemums and autumn brothers and sisters: Mrs. Augustus ! j avs: will be in charge of I. L. Taylor, missionary societies 01 the j Gettysburg. Monday evening Dr. An- College Lutheran church was held on drew P. Johnson will lecture on "Eli Ivlondav evening in ihe lecture room in to life imprisonment powt The* third reel will be: GETTINC M A R R I E D ' ROSES FOU KoiiK f 2LV and Dennis"". Tuesday morning Prof. C. P. Zaner. of Columbus, Ohio, will talk on "': Dr. Albert on '"Working of Assistant t-ngineer Frey. is as fol-' lows: York county. S15.000: Lancas-! York. Lancaster and Adams, in charge j Welcome, Mrs. Charles Stahle; Response. Miss Carrie M. Probst; Presi* | dent's Address, Mrs. J. F. Hartman; ter county, §16.000. and Adams county, j Talk bv Professor A. R. Wentz, Talk S6.000. j by Harry Beidelman. Student Y. M. The money for Adams county will ' c. A. Secretary. be spent on the resurfacing of two i Thursday morning's- program will miles of road in Butler township. The i be as follows: Scripture Reading, Mrs. .vork was started Monday. Factors in the School": and Dr. Cole- Thomas. of near Jiampcon:^ Mrs. j T he program included exercises by j grove on "Defects of Pedagogical Frank Zortman, of Hanover: Samuel ( _ f e e c j,iidren of the Missiori Band who \ Vision". In the afternoon Prof. Zaner and Lloyd Sipe, of Hampton. represented foreign missionaries and | will again address the institute on Funeral Wednesday. Nov. -5th: brief : , 0 f d of , heir ^.Q,-^ The oEcers of the 1 "Writing"; Dr. Colegrove's subject services at the house ar 9 a. m.. lurch- i var ; ous societies gave the reports for \ will be "Opening: the Windows of the er services at Grace Reforraedfharch.|, hepa3 -. year and 3Irs _ Charles F. j Mind"; and Dr.^ Albert's, "Five Im- riS-IlO^er, S.t 1.1. O ClOCr-.. iC6V- »-- -- 1 v-5Tv/if= r^Tr? rtr "rh(* -r-^o^nr r*i»Af.'r?cr nf" ! norTJ»nr T-"sfroT*«; in nni- .*. rrtc»T-i^-=yi j Sanders told of zhe recent meeting- of i portact Factors THE FIRST SNOW STORM tl.rt- c 'i · d «·,,'l - or- ::r:«-n:-; ..-.o»:r- v:»:r · ' o=ce. ·» :!! h iv- r- ;:r * ":r:t.-.: y. Prince ~,f -ii-k Mi't iu-- '· '.·· :····'·- and It i- o order V/UI M. SelHgmia, Til- C:i Mauger. omciating. Interment in Mr. | thc WomaR s Home and Foreign Mis- j Life". Tuesday afternoon the S*L1 - _ . . _ i _ _ t ' _ in ^w our -- - 'V \ Olivet cemetery. American DOVS j sionary Society at Chambersbnrgr. Dr.! ind girls' agricultural exhibit will be Court House. Taesdav brief address ae'd at the MRS. LEWIS WEAVER s. complication of diseases. Her age ·vras 58 years. 9 nionths and 12 cays. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. PAID DIVIDEND 1 Rhinehart Harding, late of Eanover.j About $33 000 cr 14 p er Cent wffl Bej^n , She is sarvived by her husband, nve [ -- - - - - · ' Shippensburg-: Dr. Colegrove v.-ill taik I Dn ·'Reading and Teaching to Read": I ana Dr. Robert A. Armstrong, of Mor- Paid Out. We£t vir ^ nia _ on .The p er _ sons and two daughters: Mrs. Casper \ | Myers, Mrs. Leo Frommeyer and Ed- j A 14 per cent, dividend to the gen- i ward Weaver, of near Bcrmeanville: j Charles and William Weaver and Mrs. j Frank Paynter. of near UtttlestOvm: ! Horace Weaver, at home: Clement A. I Weaver, of Hanover. eral creditors of the Hench Dromgold company was declared Monday in a decree signed by -JaCge Wanner and the receivers will shortly pay it out to such creditors whose claims were I Big 1 High grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Tones = Stock usual price 25, 55 and sgcts. | NOW 17 c t s per box§ etthefirst cboice | Peoples' Drug Store Funeral Wednesday, November 5, j heretofore approved by the auditor in high mass of requierSin'St- Aloysius j the first distribution. About SC3.000 church, Ln±lestown. at 9 a. m.. tne j ivf51 be oaid oat for the oresent divi- i rector. Rev. Fr. O'Caliahan. officiat- j dend. A fornier dividend of IS ~z pei ling^_Interment in the Catholic ceme- scent "\-:-^^ declared ana paid last vear. |tery. that place. | it vras stated b:-- counsel for the re- j sonality of the Teacher". Wednesday afternocn's session vail be given over entirely to the exercises celebratins :he fiftieth anniversary of Vhe consecration of the National Cemetery, the occasion of Lincoln's Address. "The Hearons Sisters Concert Company v.-ill provide the evening entertainment. Dr. Armstrong will talk Thursday Tiorning or. "What ShaJi I Look for in i Masterpiece", and Dr. Colegrove on i = EDWARD G- WOODWARD Edward Guyon Woodward, son of i Mr. and Mrs. James Woodward, died at their home on South Washinsrton = i . - . 'ceivers that abou; S.'0.000 vcili yet be available for dividends when the balance of the purchaseTmeney for the plant and other outs'canCing claims shall have been realized. This wiil be street at 5:30 Monday afternoon aged j , n lhe spr5ng of 19i4 j. fe e:cpected about one year. ' , | ha -. after a]i moneys due t}l ~ com . Funeral on Wednesday aftemoor. j oanv ars ccllec . ed and distributed, zhe -vitn interment in Evergreen Ceme- i ?eneral cre c:tcrs will receive approximately 50 per cent of their claims- PATHFINDERS HERE j B. B. Harker; Prayer. Mrs. A- B. Van Assistant Engineer Frey attended a j Ornier; Report of Recording Secre^^ TM^-.; r ,,!: *--,,,, ,,,,,,; tary, Mrs. G. X. Lauffer; Report of Executix-e Committee, by Secretary: recent nieeVing of all the assistant engineers of the several counties in the state held at Harrisburg. This was Report of Treasurer. Mrs. Harry Mc- the first annual conference of the men j Creary; Report of Corresponding Secand plans were-discussed for the road j retary, Mrs. C. F. Sanders: Talk by work for the coming winter ar.djw. A. Granville: Five minute talk spring. The officials of the state hisrh- j f rom every delegate about her own way department were present and in-1 league and its work; Question Box, structed the engineers on the winter j Mrs. H. W. A. Hanson; Report of com- work.which will be to handle emergen- j mittees: Election of Omcers. cies and the spring repair work. The j At 12:30 Thursday luncheon will be engineers reported on their work the^year and- presented problems inquiries for discussion. There is no indication of anv -work t °r! served at the W nite House to all dele- nd | gates and out-of-town guests. being done before next Spring on the j bad strecch of road near Station between Gettvsburg UNCLAIMED LETTERS Oxford. Complaints are Gulden's and Xew numerous j ; Unclaimed Mail Awaiting Call at the j ' Gettysburg Post Office. about this portion and many cars have i The following- unclaimed letters re- gotten into difficulty at 'che place but there secnis to be no relief in sight NEXT ATTRACTION Large Colored Musical Comedy pany Coming on Friday. Alex. Rogers, spoken of month's "Current Opinion" as one of America's foremost ·Prevention of Educational Waste". ' vmers - main in the Gettysburg- post office. Mr. Edward Browning, J. Thomas -Cody, John T. Crouch, P. J. Cyr, Mrs. W. 3. Clingin. S- H. Duff, William F. j DeVere. Cape. J. B- Harbison. U- S- S-, Com- \ Miss E- G. Hall, Miss Louie Kaunn, i Thomas T. Long, Chas. Musselman, | Misses Emma and Mary Myers. J. C. in this j Murphy, Miss Ida Mattson," Mr' Carl being. Queen. Mrs. Robertson. Miss Belle V. negro: Shulley. Mr. H. K. Snyder. Miss A. Stincheum, H. H. Shultz, shows for' Virginia 60th ANNIVERSARY IHHHIIIHr.I»nilllH!HHH»liniHlli;irui»n:il I !!a!H«:l : IHI«10»HIHHIi:H!I i j O. 31. Weils and Son. of Automobile « ^ \ Club of America, in Town. : County Conp.e Celebrate their Wed- j ding Anniversary Quietly. Dr. Colegrove's afternoon subject will be "The Farmer as a Factor in Civili- sation", and Dr. Armstrong's ''The Greatest Book." The evening enter- ^.inmenV will be "The Venetian Seren- iders", The closing session Friday morning .rill have an address on "Wanted--a. Teacher", by Dr. Armstrong: and "Sand. Sympathy and Sense", by Dr. Colegrove. All the evening entertainments will i nart at eight o'clock and children Tvjst be accompanied to the dav ses- =:cns by parents or guardians. Williams and Walker for ten years. J 3l r . Rolland Snyder. Wm. Swope, Mr. Wrote all of Bert Williams' big song'.£. C. Thompson, V. A. Milepanch, Ir. hit?. "Xofaody". "Jonah Man". ''Let it Fred Whitner, Harry Whymen. Alone", "In de EveninV etc.. also the | Persons calling: for the above named famous "'Rain Song" and -'Exhorta-; letters should state that have been ad- don." now being- rendered by high vertised. class singing bodies all o\*er the coun- | i here Are - convincing ar^innenis that ir.i^lit be pns=en:el as to the snptriority LIppy Made Clotiies O. M- Weils, ' . . s roadman cf ifce hot .. t know of n'»nc so conr!n.-=irc as ihe re;inel appearance of ! theniseh'CS- fibre. of New lorK Cuy. ,-. -. , -., , ,, ,, . [ On fcundav and Mrs. i-nianae tounng tienartment 01 j _. ., .. ~ _, , _ , , , , . . . _ . , . . · . j 7» e:kcr;. hvinsr at Socnd Top. cele- ;tn-; A'jioiEOirtie Ciuo ox America, was!, . . , ,, . . t :. ~ , . . . . . j orated otueUv tne sixneth anniversar. lir. Geu-csbursr Sunaav in comr»anv j . . . " . ~, _. .. i - , , . ' i T- u , - * p: tneir marriage. Mrs. Weikerrs '·witn n:s son. Lvman \\elis. -s-no is ai-1 - , ,-- ~- - ,, - . ! . . . . * , . , - naiden name was .viiss Maria Scnriv- ; so nis cnver. and tnev are on their · TIBER CHANGES try. He and Henrj- Creamer wrote the! "Oid Man's Boy", to be produced at', Walter's Theatre Friday evening, : November 7 by the Negro PJavers of i America, a new idea in negro show business.--advertisement ! TEACHERS WERE THERE g Teachers Attended State Meeting in Harrisburg. ; The State Art Teachers" Conference for the Harrisburg District, of which · Adams County is a pare, was held last Saturday in the Chestnut Street York Cc::nty Farmer Shoois Hunter School Building. Harrisnurg. It prov- HUNTER SHOT Poaching on Property. E.\tending the Banks of The through Coiiejre 3Ieadow. Tibcr ] There 5= beauty i:i every line ai:\I-jnaiuy in every st iu h and J. D. Llppy ii T --J auor "We isave a special fine line of the Anderson rain e^a Work was started this jconntry through which their I takes them. TRAIN LATE COMING EVENTS PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER j due here this HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 j Noisy Engine Takes out Morning Pas- 1 senger Train. The Philadelphia and Reading train rning at 9:15 was fhasf an hoar late owing "to the fact I that one of the cylinders on the engine I ble^s- oat- Passengers on the train, s ^-'nich left for Harrisburg at eleven : o'clock, were given an unusual ride as Happenings Scheduled in Gettysbarj for Coming Weeks. j the same disabled engine used to j I make the return trip, started out with 1 X ° T - 18--Exhibits. Boys' and Girls * T _ · _ . . . _ L TT 1 long vrneezes ana mucii noise. OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, -30 cente lb.- Bntternnt, Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, V JO cents lb., Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream TaiHles, H cents 3b.--Frcsh Dai'y at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY^REPORT ' \ CHART o.ens at Thomas Brothers «£r-- ·» I f L * " 1 1 T -store Wednesday, November 5 f o r D r . H instead cr this fpace we will use a large'steizie-s lecture on November 12. , Subject. ''The Square Deal."--adver- columa to list our properties in anorher partj l ' ber " ien " | INTENDING to quit farming I will Q|- f K jg T")3r3gf have sale of all my stock and farming PtlTNK · PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. Nov. a, 6--ConTer.tion. The Women's Leagues of Gettysburg College. Nor. 7--Lecture. Dean Soaiirwick. Brua Chapel. Nov. 11--Lecture by President Granville. Brua Chapel. Nov. 17-21--Adams County Teachers Institute. Walter's Theatre. ·hroughout. The char:r.e! wj31 be ten feaz in Ti-iGUi v.-ith an eight foot slope 5n each side, making a total vridih of twenty six feet. Grass will be sown on che slopes and it is the plan to keep the grass in the meadow and on these =3opes cut during the entire year. George Ropp. twenty-five years old. was shot by a farmer, whose name has j hunting near Ropp was with three been warned to did not heed the wammer ar.d the farmer deliberately ;1re-'l at hi~. he says. The load of shot struck him in the side ana back, some of the peHets penetrating to the borse- Ke was taken to York and physicians, ·who dressed his injuries, say his con- j dition is serious. ed to be a very pleasant and helpful meeting to all who availed themselves of the privilege of attending. Those who v. ere present trom Gettysburg were Misses Maud IMiller. Hattie 3Ic- Grew. Grace Sachs. Blanche Stoops, and Rachel Scott from the High Street Builditisr. Misses Annie Major and Rosa Scott from Meace Bulding. and Miss Braxton from the Colored "school. THERE EVERY DAY BASE BALL PLAYER College Base Ball Team Gels Psfchcr From Hano*er. implements on December Mumper.--advertisement 11. J. 1 I. League. Court House. Nov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lin coin's Gettysburg Address. Nov. 20--St. Paul's A. M, E. Zion fair Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. SKATE at Garden Auditorium, afternoon and evening.--advertisement 1 KODAKS, films, everything in Kodak line always fresh. Store.--advertisement Huber's Drug 1 Paul Sherrnar. left this morning to enter Pennsylvania College, Gettys- ourcr- Sherman was one of the star Ditchers of the Hanover team and will Turing next Spring twirl for the coi- : 2ge nine.--Hanover Record Kerald. FARM SOLD Pupils Perfect in Attendance at Conn! *·«· Schools. OHngcr T"arm in Mount Pleasant Township Brings $3600. Clerk of the Courts IVilliam E. Ol- irarer has ?old his eighty acre farm in Mount Pleasant Township to Edwin C. Reck. Consideration $'1600. Possession Anrsl f.r?c. ___--.. SPECIAL: we have received a large 'ine of chilarer.'?, ladies' ar.d men's '.viiuer coats also boys' and men's fall ^uits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. Knouse, Biglorville.advertisemen*- 1 MODERN house for renU Write -X, The following pupils of Biglerville Grammar School attended every day during the month. Hszel Deatriek. Esta S'aybaugh, Eva FohL Margaret Spangler, Blanche Siaybaagh, Isabel! Schlosser. Belva FohL Irene Reary. Ora Stonesifer. Marie Bowers. Murial Oyier. Margare. Stan!. George Walter. Walter Dugars. Russell Cook, Carl Slavbausrn. Howard Bowers. Mr?. Joar: Koch ar.d famiiy wish to extend their sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the friends and r.eigh- EVERYBODY come to witness the bcrs who were so loyal and sympath- great bowling contest to-night be- etic to them in their sad hours of be- tweer. Eddie Plank's team and the reavemenc.--advertisement 1 Inter-City. Harry Davis_ former cap- i tain of the World's Champions and. WANTED: two bovs over 14 rears Eddie Collins, the famous second of age at the Monarch Cigar Times.--advertisement 1 Good wages.--ad-'ertisement Store, baseman, will be there as spectatofs. 9 1 n. m.--advertisement 1

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