The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, November 3, 1913
Page 6
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES IS Published Daily Except Sunday ·Dm* art Hew. P mUkbinc Compan Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor ·UBSCJUFnON Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 ce»t« per momtb. ·UJKK *« Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents permomth. BATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IF are weeive THE TIMES by B^tfl you can find the date up to pink address label on yodr paper. The date will be changed withia after your money Is received at The Times Office. MISSING COUPLE DEADJNJifOODS Young Man and Bride Die by Suicide Pact Hear Mlantifc TWO CANDIDATES. J. P. Miteheil and C. S. Whitman at New York. Political Meeting. KILLS BOY WHILE CYCLE Eaten* Aacart IB, 1W4, at Gettysburg, Pa^ as aecond-claM matter, lader Congress March 3, 1879- PHONE UNITED PHONE cormer of Ceatrs Square, Gettysburg, P«mniylTamfc. 'HiS ~PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES -N AU-" HC -rowC-"**. -'- Waatada. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if gaaramted *rat I*** Foafljom. Besolutions of respect, poetry and memonam* om« eect a«r -word. PARENTS OPPOSED WEDDING Their Bodies Had Been Exposed to the Elements For Several Weeks When ; Discovered by a Gunner. The TO OUS READEHS Times takes absolutely no part in polMca, being neutral OB afl iach matters- Anything that appears in our general news columns, concerning ^-TM national politic, is furnished us by The American Press Association, * ·which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibinom, or Socialist papers and urhich is strictly non^partisai!- Our advertising columns are opea to all candidates of all partie*. Atlantic City, X. J., Xov. 3.-- " in quest of game in the woods nearj Northneld, Harry Pierce stumbled 1 across the bodies of James P- Ely, a youthful medical student, who came here from Pittsburgh. Pa., a year ago, and his equally yosithful bride, w ho was Miss Rose Herring, of this city, The condition 01" the bodies indicated that they had been dead lor some time, and letters found on their clothing disclosed a suicide pact- On the temple of each eappeared a gai/ing bullet wound, and beside Ely! was found a revolver, in which two cartridges had been exploded and in which three remained. Ely was eighteen years of age and \ had "resided since December of lasr ! year at a hotel in St. James place. His i bride lived a few doors away with her | mother, Mrs. Marie Herring. Both Mrs. Herring and Mrs. Ely are in a serious condition at their homes as a result of the discovery of the bodies. Parental opposition to their wed- _ ding, which is said to have occurred j on Aug. 2u at Camdea, is believed to i to tij Qg tlinjs pa need. NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Rooms with bath a suit* it McOonomy, Prop's. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. Halloween Gelebrator Said to Havs Admitted Slaying. , HIS NEPHEW ALSO PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of HcWs Tcllin§ of the Happenings in and abut TIWP People Visiting Here and Those Sojournini'EIsewhere. 101 heaven to serve ·_ , Jan. and has done it very adroitly. He Shot Lad While'Racing Through Tow* ia ^ stolen most o* his thunder from on a Motorcycle-Says He Was Un- jmy speeches. I am .the originator of the * - phrase 'to hell with the constitution. I used it in Chicago, and have always In season and out of season, whenever r have spokea on the subject, proclaimed that lynching ous;ht to follow ' Photo by American Press AssociaUon. SPECIALS For Saturday, from 9 to 10 o'clock A. M. only, 25 cent Brooms 10 j cents. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store CHAS. S. MUMPER --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture Household Good« itored *ny length of time. and NEW TARIFF DOESH'T GUT -CUSTOMS MUCK have been responsible for the dual) tragedy. A letter bearing the signa-| ture of each reads: j "Death is the easiest way out. Rose . will kill herself first and I -will fol-! low." ,. j Another letter, written by Ely, inui- j cated that he feared he was to be; placed in a sanitarium by relatives, \ _ and this fear is believed to have been j the cause of the suicide pact. i Dpppjnf Q pftF Statements issued by the younsj UCliGSJJid I Ui man's relatives show that they had op- j posed his infatuation for Miss Herring, j who was his senior by one year, both j because of his extreme youth and the · fact that he suffered from valvular dls-1 Washington. Xov. ease of the heart- Less Than a Year ftgo. der Influence of Liquor. Lancaster, Pa., Xov. 3. -- Charged s.-uh aaviag shot and killed Ivan raeff, seventeen years old, of \Villiamstown, while racing through that place on a motorcycle, JLandis Misier and his nephew, John Ecliman, are lodged In jail here awaiting trial. Miller, the police assert, admits doing the shooting. Eckman, it is alleged, was seated behind his uncle on the motorcycle, and it Is generally believed had no knowledge of the intention 01 his uncle to shoot- Miller, the police say, declares that the shooting of young Graeff was scci- centaL He declares, they aver, that he v.-as under The Influence of liquor and shot inio the party of young men, of which the dead youth was one, while celebrating Hallowe'en. Miller, the police say, declares that. with his nephew, he started out to celebrate early in the aiternoon. They are- alleged to have visited many saloons. Miller, who was in the habit of carrying a revolver with him, is alleged to have drawn the weapon while passing through Wiliiamstown and started firing right and left with utter ahandon. The murder of Tony Collata, an Italian huckster, who was found dead along the road east of Lancaster a couple of days ago. sull remains a mystery. It was at first supposed that lie had fallen from his wagon anil broken his neck, bat while the under- · taker was embalming his body he discovered that the man had been shot through the breast. No clue has been found to the Italian's slayer. The police are searching the countryside and holding all suspi eious persons unable to give a satisfactory account oE themselves. rape. Yet this has been Blease's stock ·c trade. He has used it whenever opportunity offered, and use people have such short memories that they have forgotten that the idea is mine." O: Charies Carroll SiHims. grandson of the novelist, whom the follow- rs of Governor Biease have chosen s their candidate to succeed BSease s governor. Senator TiHman says: "Inheriting a " grand name, he bought he was an aristocrat, and has ended bv becoming an anarchist, and waists to ran into the governor's office on demagogy." the ! new tariff act with its lowered rates * _ -- *r^^.n,~ List? UL LIU; ilCCUV t- 3 - ii«. He came to Atlantic City with his i of dnty has been in erieet pracacall. other aunt and grandmother from · a month, the customs receipts so iOr mother, aunt Pittsburgh a year ago in the hope that [ have shown little fall-as ofT- ,,-= Kpairh would be benefited. In Pitts-} According to the treasury - RICE PRODUCE COMPANY Higbeit Cmih Pricei Paid for mil FARM PRODUCE-- TJ«d«r Ttmra Office, Gettysburg. aysPay Good Roofing Alw Guaranteed Painting Coating ROOFING RELIANCE Gettysburg Departm Store-Baltimore his health would be benefited. j burgh he TM--a-s a student at the Park j the statement receipts for Oeto"ber customs i institute and was afterwards asso- j amounted to 830,13^.000, just about ciated with a physician ia Atlantic j $80,000 less than those of October. City. The vouns couple disappeared from I Atlantic City on Sept. 2, declaring that - a visit to a. Mrs. they were to pay Hughes, on South Tenth street. Philadelphia: On Sept. S the girl returned to Atlantic City, but left two days later, without disclosing the -srhere- abouts of her youthful husband. Since that time a search has been conducted by relatives of each, but without avail. MAY INDICT SULZER Machinery Set In Motion to Bar Him From New York Assembly. New York, Nov. 3_--Machinery was set in motion to secure the indictment of William Sulzer in Albany county for subornation of perjury. An outcome of the same activity mav be the investigation of the acts of John A. Hennessy at Sing Sing prison by the grand jury of IVest- ] Chester county. "William N. Amory and Charles H- Unversagt will stand on the same foot- wuh Mr. Hennessy before the TVestcaester grand jury and any action that may be taken in his case is to "be expected in theirs. The charge against Sulzer will be based upon his effort to induce Duncan V. Peck to testify falsely before the Frawley committee, as Mr. Peck said when he appeared as a witness at the impeachment trial- It the Albany county grand jury indicts Sulzer his disqxialificauon as a member of the new assembly is assured. 1912. The deficit for the fiscal year tc date, the statement shows, is $5,757,627, about Sa,900/'" f more than the deficit at the'corresponding period last year. Pension payments under the Sherwood act are apparently largely re- SDonsible for the larger deficit. Tae payments for the period in 1912jiuri3g October amounted to about Sa2,-jOO,00'"', and for the s.-taie period this year nearly §57.i-uO Oi0. an-vincrease of more than~54.0fl0.0m; :n this one disbursement item. The total pay warrants for the month of October. 1013, were §59.506,- 934, wirh total receipts of SG-i.iOC-6'"' WOMAN DIES OF PELLAGRA Mysterious Importation of Dixie's Mai ady to Chester. Chester, Pa., Nov. C.--Mrs. Eache Haringtcn died after being ill for se eral months with pellagra, a diseas which is common in the south, ba rare in this part'of the country. For several weeks Mrs. Harrington was a patient ct the Crozer hospital, where her case attracted considerable attention. The ease was discovered by Dr. J. P. Van Keuren. and he and Dr. Franklin Powell, after a careful diagnosis, decided that the woman was suffering with ;he peculiar form of skin disease- In view of the fact that Mrs. Harrington has never been in the south, there was considerable speculation as to how she contracted the disease, and she nad not partaken of maize pro- duets. About two weeks ag:er being aamit-- 1 TILLMAN SCORES Declares South Carolina Governor Stole ; ! Livery of Heaven to Serve Devil. ! Spartausburs:, S. C.', Nov. 3.--Senator Benjamin E. Tiliman has always favored lynching for assailants of wo- 1 aien, be declares in a letter received ' by the Spartansburg Herald. , \ In the letter Senator Tiliman discusses various phases of the South -f Carolina political s"ituatioa.~He vigor- lously assails the political doctrine of Governor Cole L- Biease- . i "Tillmanism," the senators says, is 'charged with being the father of 'Bleaseism.' Tillaum disowns the pa- ^ Irs JQ^ Robertson, of Baltimore iternity. Biease has stolen the livery L. cxeetj went to Harrisburg this morn- «f heaven to serve the devil in, that is ^^ ^ ^^ weej _ with friend3 Eugene Topper, of Baltimore street, has gone to. Walnut Grove, W. Va., where he has accepted a 'positron with the South Perm Oil Co. Miss Margaret Mellhenny, of Tillie, has returned home after spending several days -with Miss Goldie \VulIer, of West Middle street- Mrs. Richard Ham has gone to Philadelphia to visa, with friends. Miss Alice Martin, of Lincoln avenue, has gone to Harrisburg to spend the day. William Lady and G- W. G. Ueagey were Sunday visitors at the home of Samuel Bushman, near Mummasburg. Mrs. M. A- 3Iaebet of Xew York Ci'tv has returned home after spending some time v.-ith Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Duttera. C. H. Little, of Philadelphia, former- y of this place, has Accepted the posi- ion of assistant superintendent of ·The Maple Press", York. Mrs. John Utz was called to York on account of the serious illness of her granddaughter, Miss Edna Wisotzkey. Missc-s Minnie and Lizzie Gintling-, of York, were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Warn- ' er. on Baltimore street- George E. Jacobs, of Johnstown, spent the week-end with friends in town and at college. Robert Koons, of Baltimore, spent Sundav at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wiiiiam S. Du'ctera, on Baltimore street. Miss Anna Bowman, of Lancaster, has returned home after a short visit at the home of Mrs. Free Pittenturf, on Carlisle street. Miss Mary Hurt, of Cobleskill. Xe\v York, is a guest at the home of Miss Martha Dickson on West Middle street- Dr. and Mrs. M. H. Valentine, of Philadelphia, spent Sunday at the ome of Mrs. M. Valentine on Springs venue. 3. William Grecht, of Baltimore, will ecture in St. James church Tuesday vening on "From East to West'". Mr. Grecht will be remembered as a liberal ontributor to the building fund of the lew church. WONTOEEBfflDFSFACE TILL AFTER WEDDING Odd Result of Courtship by Ml and Telephone. =- e^c ess of receipts for the j ted to the Chester hospital Mrs. Harrington showed signs of improvement. She had practically recovered from the mental symptoms of the disease and the physicians began to hope that she Philadelphia. Nov. 0.--After one oS the strangesi counships en record, Mrs. Marion C. Arnelt. 2 pretty widow of this city, will many a man she has ne\er seen, and whose face she w:ll not look upon until after the wedding cerenioaies. The man is Dr. Francis W. Hartley, a prominent threat specialist of Baltimore, Md. He has never seen his bride. · - · After courting the widow for severa months by mail and telephone, tm specialist received his answer over .the long distance telephone, w:th the re c-aest that they arrange an immediate meeting. Dr."Hartley was unwillm; and so it was arranged that they should not see each other's face until after they are married. In accordance with the specialist's wishes Mrs. Ariiett -will bide her prei- tv face behind z. heavy black veil until after tae cereznony. Dr. Hartley says that he.does not want to see his bride's face uati! after they are married, because' theii vvedding has beeu planned by. provi aence. The doctor says that his faith hi providence is strong enough to take a chance. He is a member of a rell- 2ious sect whose faka." A Cuban friend of Br_ Hartley ac~er tiscd 'or a wire. Mrs. Arnett answerer: the jiaveruscmen;:, but the wife s^ was rom celled to go to puba without mal;iiS5 a sroposal of marriags. specialist then, too:-: ap the couitin§ month of S4.Sz0. r .32. The net iiakace in the general fund of the treasury at the close of the day's business v.-as -$124.923,12S, and the grand total of cash in the treasury was given at $2,037.846.253, '-vi:t a total gold in the tr-ast fend of $1,- 09S.SS5-l«jO- In national bank depositaries to the credit of the United States treasurer there vras $91,121.101. ~AtTtbe clo=e oT~business on Friday there v.-ere 7514 national banks :n existence. v,-ith a capita! of S1/6S.S34.175 and circulation outstanding, secured b}- boads, aa-o.-.nting to S740,OG3,i7G. would completely recover, but a days ago she took a turn for worse. :ew the ORPHANS SAVE BURNING HOME Bucket Brigade Puts Out Fire, Bui Barn Is Destroyed. Sunbury. Pa.. Xov. 3.--"When a fire broke out ia a barn fifty feet from the Central Pennsylvania Odd Fellows" Orphanage, four miies east of here, the orphans formed a bucket brigade and by working hard saved the orphanage, putting out blaze after blaze, while twenty-eight of the smaller children were taken out of the structare. ·Wnile this braiding was being saved a church 500 feet away was burned, j The barn, together with hundreds of tons of graia. all of the farming iinple- meats, seven beef cattle and a small dwelling, was destroyed. The loss will reach §10.0oO, partly insured. COP KILLS GUNMAN DUELIST Both Puiied Triggers Until Pursued Msn Feli With Builet !n Head. Xew Ycr-c, Xov. G.--After escaping death in a revolver duel in which he Killed Louis Vartz. at Thirteenth street ?id .V--r,ue A, Rosario Coccia rio uied in ire Beiievue hospital from a bullet fircC ^y Policesaan Faran. alter one of tbe fiercest niainns revolver fights the Side has triiacsse-j in years. Both pur.ct: triggers v.ctil the pursued man dr-.rred ·zrith a bullet in his head. Farran =; last cartridge. The v-tt:r.- of the f.rst duel spiritee away by his friends. PANIC-KILLERS HAVE ONE Big Hcse Turned on Senate Banking Committee by Mistake. TVashmgion, Xov. Z.--While the senate banking committee was earnestly fliscusing how to avoid panic the members were thrown into what closely resembled one, when a stream 01 water crashed through one of the big windows of the committee room. Firemen, washing down the outsi'ls of the senate oSce building with a big hose, miscalculated and turned the stream on a Tdndow. TVith a rattle 01 broken glass the stream swept across the room, just missing the committee table. A magnificent crystal chandelier was wrecked and furniture and carpet were drenched. members "Ifve by HUNTERS ARE SHOT KiUed The police bei-Ie.e ;aat the street duel was to have been the forerunner of a band fight. Gettysburg Druggist Makes A Statement We always advise people "who have stomach or bowel trouble to see a doctor. But to those who do not wish to do this we will say: try the mixture of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adler-i-ka, This "simple new remedy is so powerful that JUST ONE DOSE relieves sonr stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. People who try Adler-i-ka are surprised at its QUICK action. H. .C. Landau, druggist. . Bushman Cleaner and Presses Fall With Lighted Candle ratal. Washington. Xov. 3. -- While carrying a lighted candle into a rear room Df°her home. Mrs- Florence Purchase tripped and feil on her feather mattress. receiving burns from which she died a few hoars later. The Sames destroyed ihe house. Flames Kill Fisherman. Baltimore. M1.. Xov. 3. -- Trapped yhile as:ec? in a burning bungalow on Middle river. Bernard F. Morgo- reth. twenty-four years oid. of this city, was burned to death In a fire that destroyed the buiJdiag. Four of his comranioiis narrowly sscared a fate. Foe ?"es Poison and i orch. York. Pa.. Xov. 3.--A malicious Hal- lowe'en prarf. _o the farm of Fred C. Frey may re?:; t in thearrest of a person to whois suspicion points. New York Betting Favors Mitchell. Xew York. Xov. 3.--Tammany and fusion, battling ' OT control of Xew York city, rested from the cainpaigi, and reviewed their forces. "We wll! win by 150,000," said Charles F. ilur Tby, leader of Tammany Hall. "We will win by 150.000." said Robert Pur ' roy Mitchell, fusion candidate for mayor. The odds in the Wall street betting favor Mitchell. Gu-r.-r.g Aier Gsrre, Two Are C.-.e Is Wour.ced. Boyertovrn, Pa.. Xov. .5.--The open Lag cay ot the rabbit season proved faial and serious to three gunners in this district, in. different ways. Morris Murr. a Boyerrown baker slipped from a stone at Dale. Berks co-anty. hailns his hammers up. ant the fall charge of two gun barrels en tcred his body below the heart an Icsded :n the left lung. He was rasheo tc the Poustown hospital, where b lingered severa] hours. Six hours after placing his gun on ; rail fence, from which it rolled an discharged the full contents into h: abdoireu. Jacob Wolfgang, of Freder *ck, agcc twenty?fcnr years, died. James H:!:. of Boycrto^n. shot off his second finger, when the rail or. vrhich he was resting brol-:e. By the accidental discharge of his father's gun. Irwln. son of John Berto let. of Arnityviile. was shot ia the ear ind chin. In IX MEMORIAL! memorv of our kind loving daughter, a loving sister, wife and mother. Mrs. Alma S. Arendt, wife o f Clark D. Arendt, died August 28, 1913, aged 25 years, 10 months and IS days. To where the silent mourner weeps, A sister, a wife, a mother sleeps, A heart within whose sacred C3ll The peaceful virtues loved to dwell. Affection warm and faith sincere And soft humanity-were 'there In agony in death resigned She loved the ones she left behind. Her dear children here below Are smiling on a. father's woe, Whom what awaits while yet he stays, Along the lonely vale of days. A pang to secret sorrow dear, A sigh, an unavailing tear Till time shall every grief remove With life, with memory and with love- By her mother, Mrs. Alfred dorff. --advertisement. Dear- COMTNG EVENTS Toid Price of Eggs: Drops Dead. Sanb-;ry, Pa.. Xov. 3.--Mrs. Saa!e Mr. Fre~ a~%~.e he discovered that! Snyder dropped dead in the market some person set gre to his corn- shocks and V-tween 300 and 4vO were house after a farmer Informed her the price of eggs- Approaching a stand on which were eggs. Mrs. Snyder ordered destroved. Upon those which were not -? hsraed a paris -reea solution had been tiro dozen. After they had been conat- I ed and placed in her basket she ask- f e g th° price. "Thev are 45 cents a doz- " «- =-- '- ««««' *"·* "*' sprmkled 25 New York Children KiUed In Oct en today" Xew York. Xov. S.-- Thirty-sis chii- over dead. Mrs. Snyder gasped and fell During the hog cholera epidemic which has been raging in many portions of the corn lelt during the past four or flve months representatives of .distant drus supply houses did a rush- dren were k:iled in Xew York c:ty^ during October, according to the Xa-j tional Itirt^ays Protective associa-j Pennsy's Greatest October. Altoona. Pa.,' Xov. S.--Former Octo- w d c: *\i*itt. u - tiutuiAi^w"^"-'- ·· -- -i ~" been the cause of death of 239 persons | 188,796 cars were moved, a* average this year-eighteea more thaa in tt| j 60S7 a day. This is 624 more cars Ji-n year 1912. handled in October, 1912. ing burfr.e- « 0 iUn S dope to be taken J called bos cholera internally which they said would cure * han thrown away, the disease. It hardly need be that niouay that was oaid for these so cures was worse There is no kind ^[d! or^Vine kr,own that. tak«n inter ' ' will cure this disease. Forest Fires Near Pottsville, Potisviile. PaTM Xov. 3.--Extensive ·orest sires are raging on the'moun- ^ins ;n this section, great damage being reported to young limber, particularly on Broad mountain. The dry !f'a~es which cover the ^mountains caused the fiaiaes to spread with almost Kghtr-ing liKC rapidity. Fire is also raging i:p the Tumbling-Run val- ;ey. Bfappenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Xov. 5, G--Convention- The Women's Leagues of Gettysburg: Collegre. Xov. 7--Lecture. Dean South-wick. Bma Chapel. Nov. 11--Lecture by President Gran- Tille. Brua Chapel. Xov. 17-21--Adams County Teachers' Institute- Walters Theatre. Xbv. 18=-Exhibits. Boys' and Girls' League- Court House. Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary- Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Xor. 20--St. Pad's A. 31- E- Zion fair- Home Burns; ' Dead. 1 Dying, 3 Hurt. Clearneld. Pa.. Xov. 3. -- The of Frank RafTerty. at Grampion, ^ iestroyea by fire. RaSerty is at" the Clearfield hospital, so badly burned ;hat his death is expected. One little girl died as a result of her buias. and the stepaio-her and two other ehildrea are suffering from terrible injuries. Girl Missing: Kidnapping Suspected. Trenton, X. J.. Xov. 3.--Searchers in all parts of the city^tried to find the body of Grace Schancy, nineteen years old, -who has been missing five days. Her hat and mesh bag -were found near the water pow-er dam. The -rater was rnn on%bnt her body "was not found. Her parents fear she has been kidnapped. LADIES ^arn S2.25 dozen making plain neckwear. Home business. Experience unnecessary. Mail dime for pattern, instructions. Needlecraft 1253 Altoona, Pa.--advertisement PUBLIC SALE WEDNESDAY, XOVEMBER 5th,1913 The undersigned ·will sell at public sale at his residence in Hamiltpnbaa Township. Adams County. Pa., % mile south of Fairfield on the Lower Tract road the following personal property to-wit: * "^ 4 head of good work horses from i to 15 years old, all good leaders and work wherever hitched, 1 Weber wagon good as new, capacity 3 tons, 2 pair wood ladders ~16 feet long,^ 2 spring wagons good as new. 1 _top buggy, lot of lumber chains, 2 tight locks. 2 rough locks, one good wood check lines, 2 wagon lines, 2 wagon whips, new -wagon saddle, 4 halters, 1 Barshear plow, about 200 bu. of ear com, 200 bundles fodder, tenplate stove and pipe, and many _other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to commence at 12 o clock sharp. Conditions of sale, all sums of §5.00 and upwards, purchasers can have a credit of six months by giving the?r notes with approved security, all sums under $5.00 to be paid cash. H. B. RILEY. Slonaker, Auctioneer. Spangler, Clerk. SPAPFRf

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