The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, November 3, 1913
Page 4
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TIMES Single copies to non-subscribers. 2 cents. 5S^*«LTMS^^ %n8r^5^l3^Tt TC Time. Office. of Square, Getysbur* MISSING COUPLE DEADJOfOODS ftyng Mao and Bride Die by Suicide Pact HearUlanllCi PARENTS OPPOSED WEDDING TWO CANDIDATES. J. P. Mitchell and C. S. Whitman at New York Political^Meeting. ^|Ll»0 UV I - s f l l l l r l * · Declares»oui.rivM..w-- ; RIDING . - - .Sen. he declares in a letter received THIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ' ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES TO OTJR EEADERS ovcxacjuat. 4/*»i*-w*» »«-~ wnicii Oor mdyertisinK column* are open to strictlv non-partisan. .11 candidates of all partiei. je ttysburg Business Hi rector ij to kq ftg tbiogs goQ need. NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Booms irith. bath « suit* Ham * McCoBomy, Prop'*. SPECL4LS For Saturday, from 9 to 10 o r clock A. M. only, 25 cent Brooms 10 cents. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store E. Z1EGLER Expert Electrical work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. CHAS. S. HTJMPEB --Fire Proof Storage-- Warehou«e for Furnitut* and Household Good* itored any length of time. Discovered by a Gunner. Atlantic City, ^. J-, Xov. 3.-- sn quest of game in the woods near Northfield, Harry Pierce stumbled! across the bodies of James F- Bly, a Youthful medical student, who came "he-e from Pittsburgh. Pa^ a year ago,' and iiis equally youthful bride, wao; was Miss Rose Herring, of this city. , The coaditioa oi the bodies indicated, that thev had been dead for some time, and letters found on their ia" disclosed a suicide pact. " On the temple of each eappearea a bullet wound, and beside Bly I v» found a revolver, in which two · cartridges bad aeen exploded and in which three remained. Bly was eighteen years of age ana had "resided since December of last vear at a hotel in St. James place. His bride lived a few doors away with her mother, Mrs. Marie Herring. Both Mrs. Herring and Mrs. Bly are m a serious condition at their homes as a j resuU of the discovery of the bodies. | Parental opposition to their wed-j d'ng, which is said to have occurred j on iug. 2« at Camuen, is believed to have been responsible for the dual tragedy- A letter bearing the signature of each reads: "Death is the easiest way out. Kose will kill herself first and I will iol-_ \nother letter, written b~ Bly, inui- j cated that he feared he was to be placed in a sanitarium by relatives, »,,* rhic: fear is believed to have been - Halloween Gelebrator Sail to Have Admitted Slaying, 3 3it:ii* A*^ u.-v*_««-- -by the Spartansburg, Herald, AND BRIEF ITEMS Parairaihs of News Tellioi of the Happenings in and about Town People Visiting Here and Those Soj0urnin§"Elsewhere. Mrs-John Robertson, of Baltimore I7U.C»^-" · *~~ ~" *· -i Carolina political £ jonsly assails the _ Governor Cole I~' Blease| "TiHmanisia." the senators says, is ..-···'charged with being the father of ill? MEPUnif II ^fl HELD 'Bleaseisffl-' Tillman disowns me pa- ,^ fllO nCrnCIl RWU MM." ^ mitr Blease has stolen the livery street went to Hamsburg this morn- ofbeavea to serve the devil in ; thatjs ng to ' spend a we ek with friends. Eugene Topper, of B-iH|more street, has gone ta Walnut Grove, W. , r a., where he has accepted a'position with the South Penn Oil Co. Miss Margaret McIFnenny, of Tilhe, oas returned home after spending several days with Miss Goldie Widder, of West Middle street Mrs- Richard Ham has gone to Phil- adelohia to visit with friends. Miss Alice Martin, of Lincoln av- . - Shot Lad While'Racing Through Town on a Motorcycle--Says He Was Un- \ der Influence of Uquor. j V^gd i T ! n Chicago, and have _ " ,, charged hn season and out of season, whenever Lancaster, Pa., NOT. S. -- Caa^ea ,n sea ^ ^ subject, pro wiia having shot and lolled Ivan raeff. JTJ strssAJu. *s.***- ·«·---- -- - - ^ r have spoken on the subject, P.O claimed that lynching ought to icllow *--*- is ^^ ,, »·»,,. n 'f -T/-^V is been Blease's stocfe sse«I it whenever 05 Vi Charles Carroll Sirnnss, grandma o' t'ae novelist, whom the follo-.v- Governor Blease nave chosen .|r candidate to succeed Blease ;overaor. Senator TiUnian says: "Inheritin; by becoming van:s to ran Into t I en demagogy-" ,, grartd name, he sras an aristocrat, and has an anarchist, and ie governor's office Photo by American Press Association. NEW TARiFF DQESH'T GUT-CUSTOMS MUCH I picltJtZU 'I.*. «* «f*TM and this fear is believed to have been · n «^Hnr CQH HOfl ^Se^nfuSnrS-e ,oun E !Reoe!pts For Octalser S8fl,OUb seventeen years old, of \Villiasnsto\vn, white racing through that place on a ffio-orevc-ie. Landis Miiler and nis nephew, John Ec^an. are lodged an ^^"^^ r^iey jail here awaiting tnaL 'gotten that the idea is nnne." Miller, the police assert, admit* GO- j S O- O KI-- iin- the shooting. Eckniaa, it is al- j leged, was seated behind his uncle on i'ne motorcycle, and it Is generally believed had no knowledge of the intention of bis uncle to shoot. Miller, the police say, declares that tae shooting of youag GraeS was accidental. He declares, they aver, t_at be v,-as under the influence of Uouor and shot into tlie party of young nieu, of which the dead youth was one, wane celebrating Hallowe'en. Miller, the police say, declares that, with his nephew, he started oat to celebrate early in the afternoon. They are alleged to have visited many saloons. M'Hc-r who was In the habit of carrying a revolver with him, is alleged to have drawn the weapon while passiag Docislf nf PfiHfkflin JW through WiHiamstown and started ar- Qf|(j HBSIlil 01 UUUI U1U[J UJ ; u r Hr'ct and left with utter abandon. I The murder of Tony Collata, an Ital'an huckster, who was found dead along the road east of Lancaster a couple of days ago. still remains a ' mystery. It was at first supposed that , h^ had" fallen from his wagon anu I broken his neck, but while the urmer- 1 taker was embalming his body ne cis- covered that the man had been saot IWON'TSEE BRIDE'S FACE TILL AFTER WEDDING Kail ana Telephone, one ot jiijso -».*·---- -- -- * enue, has gor.e to HarrLsburg to spend the day. V/ilHam Lady and G. V7. G. Heagey were Sunday visitors at the home of Samuel Bushman, near Mummasburg. ~ Mrs. M. A. Mac-bet of New York Citv has returned home after spending some time v.-ith Mr. and Mrs. Vf. S. Duttera. C. H. Little, of Philadelphia, formerly of this place, has Accepted the position of assistant superintendent of -The Maple~Press", York. Mrs. John Utz was called to York on account of the serious illness of her granddaughter, Miss Edna Wisotzkey. ilisses Minnie and Lizzie Gintlinjr, of York, were Sunday visitors a't the home of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Warner, on Baltimore street. George E. Jacobs, of Johnstown, spent the week-end with friends in. BICE PRODUCE COMPANY HIgbeit Cash Pricei Paid * or ·B --FABM PRODTJCE-- Time* Office, Grttyshurjr- W. H- TIPTON --^Photopapher-- Sourulrt -orho was his senior by one year, both j because of his extreme youth ana the fact that he suffered from valvular ois-, ease of the heart- He came to Atlantic City with a*.s Less Than a Year Aga Cov. 3.--Although the --;-?, i :s lov.-ered rates eSect practically through the breast. Xo clue has been found to tne Italy's slaver. The police are searching countryside and holding all suspicious persons unable to give a sat:s- faetorv account oi themselves. Thi:aie!fsh5a, Xcv - °~ After he oranges! courtships on recora, M-s Marion C. Ameit, a pretty witlov.- v \\ni many a mac she sas never ^e^. and whose face she will not took upon until after the wedding Lies i^- _ , naa s Dr Francis \V. Hartley. l ii^rr iiiAiti m j-"-- ^ _ a threat specialist of Baiu- ild. He has never seen nis 4/ter courting the widow for several ease oi. LUC !!=«"·- , . . ; f , h _ b»e" ; 1 eSeCt on«:ucu.s»j his heaiSTwould be benefited. In Pins- burgh he was a student at the Park GoodRoofingAlw ROOFING RELIANCE J Citv. fhe young couple disappeared from Atlantic Citv on Sept. 2, declaring mat they were to pay a visit to a Mrs. Hughes, on South Tenth street, Philadelphia! On Sept. 8 the girl returned to Atlantic City, but left two days later, without disclosing the whereabouts of her youthful husband. Since that time a search has been conducted by relatives of each, but without avail. MAY INDICT SULZER Machinery Set in Motion to Bar Him From New York Assembvy. 3.--Machinery was ^ of October. w _ _ deSrfor the fiscal year_tc date the statement shows, is So.tai,- 627, about SS,90u.O»n more than tae ae- Scit at the'corresponding pericti last V-£V3V - * Tendon payments under the Sherwood "act are apparently largely responsible for the larger deficit. Tne pavments for the period in 1912 during October amounted to about S52,50y,0'i». and for the same period this year .nearly §57,000.000. an-increase oE more tban~S4,OOG.OuO in this one disburse- totsl pay warrants month of October. 1013, we: 904, with total receipts oM for the 3 S59.S6G, Indictment j levins an e^ess of receipts for the of William Sulzer in Albany county for subornation of perjury. ^ A.n outcome of the same activitv ir^t s: «sr^ -^s^-s; by the pa»4 ]»nr of We.-.- »ry TM= p«" »t.5TM ^ rf si. prison Chester cotmty. William ^. Aniory and oharles ii- Unversagt-wra stand on the same foot^ Ing with Mr. Hennessy before the Westcaester grand jury and any action that may be taken in his case is to oe expected in theirs. The charge against Sulzer will be based upon his effort to induce Duncan W P"ek to testify falsely before the Frkwley committee, as Mr. Peck said when he appeared as a witness at tlie ImDeachment trial. If the Albany county grand jury indicts Sulzer his disqualification as a member of the new assembly is assured. ORPHANSSAVEBUHNiNG HOME But Bucket Brigade Puts Out Fire, Barn Is Destroyed. Sunburv. Pa.. Xov. 3.--When a fire broke out in a bam fifty feet from tne Central Pennsylvania Odd Fellows Orphanage, four iniies east of here, the orphans formed a bucket brigade and by" working hard saved the orphanage, putting out blaze after biaze. while twenty-eight of the smaller children were taken out of the structure^Vaile this building was being saved a church 900 feet away was burned.} Th~ barn, together with hundreds o f ' tons of grain, all of the farming implements, seven beef cattle and a small dwelling, was destroyed. Tae loss will reach S10,"0r, partly insured. of the treasury a- the close of the daVB business was $124.923.123. arc treas- :h a total go':« in the trust tuna of ?!-- 09S 995.163. in national bank depositaries to .the_ creoit_oi__vhe United States treasurer there was §Si,I2I.l'-'l. At the close of business on Friday t"ere v.-ere 7514 national banks in ex- --stence. with a vapital.of SI.OCS.554.lT5 and circulation cutscandins- securec by bonds, a^o.;azing to ST-su.oCS.. n. GOP KILLS GUNMAN DUELIST Both Pulled Triggers Until Pursued Msn Fell V/ith BuHct !n Head- Xew" Tor.-,. Xov, 0.--After escaping death in a re.-=!ver duel ia_w-a:c=. he killed Louis Tartz. at Xhirieej^, street s-.a Av.rue A. Sosarfo Coc^ii rio O.ied in. -~' J Beilevce nos?:ta: ;rc,. a bullet fire: ' r PoZrcc-rcar rar2 ^ ^ ter one O- ti-j f.^rces- T--z--^Z r=»0i er fights the "^ Sice ias ^i^esae in years. T/vrt- -.--"r - --=r-s-=: CUti! tCS t-3 ttCtn ^^.^-- - + = = -- *^-- _^ _ . saed man crcr-ea -jritri s. '^'--^~ "- " : head. Farrar. = ".ast cartricg-i- _ ^ The v ; ct".r- 11" tie f^rst. ctis. ** police celie-. - - -.a- tie s-.-^~~ e to have been --5 forer^nrer - ·. - WOMAN DIES OF PELLAGRA Mysterious Importation of Dixie's Mai ady to Chester. Chester, Pa., Xov. 3.--Mrs. Rachel Harington died after being ill ior several months with pellagra, a disease winch is common in the souto, rare in this part of the country. 37- several weeks Mrs. Harrington was a patient ^ the Crozer hospital, where her case-attracted considerable attention- , The case was discovered oy Dr. J. p Tan Keuren. and he and Dr. Franklin Powell, after a. careful diagnosis, decided that the woman was suffering with the cec-aiiar form of skin disease. In view of the fact that Mrs. Ha*- rinston has never been in the souta. there was considerable speculation as to how she contracted the disease, and she -ad not partaken of maize products. . -^ About two weeks agter being aumu- ed to the Chester hospital Mrs- Har-in*ton =howed signs of improvement. She had practically recovered from tae mental symptoms of the disease ana he phvs:cians began to hope that sae ,nla "completely recover, but a lew davs ago she took a tarn ior the -virorse- and telephone, tee ; months by _-- __ . _ . ,, , , . . _ ve _ the i long distance telephone, with tae re ouest that ="v arrange as immed:ate meeiing. JC town and at college. Robert Koons, of Baltimore, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wiiliarn S. Duttera, on Baltimore street. Miss Anna Bowman, of Lancaster, has returned home after a short visit at the home of Mrs. Free Pittenturf, on Carlisle street. Miss Mary Hurt, of Cobleskill. New- York, is a guest at the home of Miss Martha Dickson on West Middle Tr Barrio-.- was un'-villing, U£^,w ^-».^- JL^... ·**»- - -- _ ^ and so it was arranged that tney should not see each other's face nnul street- Dr. and Mrs. M. H. Valentine, of . Philadelphia, spent Sunday at the lome of Mrs. M. Valentine on Springs avenue. after t , ey are married. In accordance with the specialist's w'shes Mrs- Arnett will hide her pre:- rv face behind a heavy black veil until after tae ceremony. b" HarUev says that, fee .tioes not want to see his bride's face until after 'hey are" married, because chen vr°ddJn5 has beea planned-by-provi denc-e. ^The doctor Ears that his faith in provlcence is strong enough to take a chance He is a member of a reli gioiTs sect whose members "live by ""^Cuban f r!end of Dr. Hartley adver u'sea for a wife. 3Irs. Arneit ansv/erec I'-advertisement, but the «-ifs seelcet " s ronpelicd. to go to Cuba without ilanq a proposal of laarriagB. The spcc : aiist then, took an the cijurting- KUNTERS_ARE SHOT A-er Gnrrc. Tv.-o Are KiUcd. Cr.e !s V.'cur.ded. BovcnowK, Pa., Xov. Z.--The open day of tse rabbit season proved ' ttitJ.^-- J. William Grecht, of Baltimore, will lecture in St. James church Tuesday evening on "From East to West''. Mr. Grecht will be remembered as a liberal contributor to the building fund of the new church- In IX MEMORL4M ,,. memory of oar kind loving daughter, a loving sister, wife and mother. Mrs. Alma S. Arendt, wife o* Clark D. Arendt, died August 28, 1913, aged 25 years, 10 months and 18 days- To where the silent mourner weeps. A sister, a wife, a mother sleeps, A heart -within whose sacred csll The peaceful virtues loved to dwell. Affection ·warm and faith sincere And soft humanity -were there In agonj- in death resigned She loved the ones she left behind, Her dear children here below Are smiling on a father's woe, Whom -what awaits whiie yet he stays. PANiS-KILLERS HAVE ONE »^-iii *fc-^ "·*- *.*-·-- - _ -jy j^f f t I , ^-y liCfcU ti. » ii V-J »» »iA-iV-. _j ^-«- Fatal and serious to three gun-ers in A] ^ ^^^^ valg Qf days i*_r j;tTM._-^.t- ;-i ^5f?ArATl7 "WaVS. ^^ , A pang to secret sorroiv dear, Bia Hose Turned on Senate Banking Committee by Mistake. Washington. Nov. 3.--While the sea- ate banking coramiuee was earnestly discusing iow to avoia panic the members were thrown into what close- ·-'resembled one. when a stream of Traier crashed througa one of the bi? »-;ado«-s of the committee room. Firemen, washing do--n the outside o' the senate oSce building with a big nc=°" miscaleulatea and turned the Stream on s. ^rinco~. With a rattle o; I or-okea glass the stream swept across the room, just iniss;ng the committee labie. A irasniSeent crystal chandelier cras'-Krecked and furniture and carpet --ere creached. this district, in different ways. Morris ilurr. a Boyertown baker, sapped from a stone at Dale. Berks county, having nis hammers up. anc rho full charge of two gun barrels en tcred h-s body below the heart and leaded in the left lung. He was rushed to tie PoUstown hospital, where be lingered several hours. Si^- hours after placing his gun on a rail fence, from which it rolled and Pis-hargea the fall contents into his abdomen. Jacob Wolfgang, of Freder- : ck aged twenty?foar years, died. James Hill, of Boyer;o^rn. shot og his second finger, when the rail or which he was resting broke. Bv the acc:5ental discharge of hi father's gtia. Irwln, son of John Berto let. of Ajnityviile. was shot ia the ear ind chin. A. sigh, an unavailing- tear Till tinie shall every grief remove With life, -with memory and tvith love- By her mother, Mrs. Alfred Dear- )r±i. _ --advertisement. PCS ."I £3 lowe'ea prt.' Frey may -?-.-'.-' son to wr.o*r - .s~~- f - - i f _ P-OV ' .- ^ ~ »»X». J L . ^ . ^ «^. ·» _, » some persir ai ?= shocks ar/1 . ·~~~~z. Nev/ York Betting Favors Mitchell. --; e ~ yor'r. Xov. ",.--Tamman?- ans fisfos. battl:rig for control of - Xev; Ycr city, rested from the campaigi. ·zir. by ±v~i/: ( if},~ said Charles F. iiur ?'-- leader of Tammany Hall. "We ·^1 -*'.?. n? 15',',00-V said Robert Par-' candidate for odos in the Wall street , 707 .vi-.^a^*: f _, a - or _ Tne -l.j/~J:'--"-"-* "^^-' 1 '-V-'-zs favor Mitchell- Forest Fires Near Pottsviile. Pet s'-i:ie. Pa- Kov. 3.--Extensive ·'crest fires are raging on the moan- r.-Ins in ih;s section, s^eat damage he- ing" reported to yoang timber, particularly on Broad mountain. The dry ir-aves --vbich cover the jnountaias ssei? the flames to spread wiia ai- _j=t lightning like rapidity. Fire Is also raging »:p tae 1 L ev. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. NOT- 5, 6--Convention. The Women's Leagues of Gettysburg College- 7--Lecture- Dean Southwick- Brna Chapel. Xov. 11--Lecture by President Granville. Brua Chapel. Xov. 17-21--Adams County Teachers' Institute- Walters Theatre. Xov. 18--Exhibits. Boys' and Girls' League- Court House. Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary- Lincoln's Gettysburg- Address. Xov. 20--St. Paul's A- II. E. Zion fair. FslI With Lighted Candle ratal- Washington. Xov. S.--While car.. JJU ,_^-, oi , _ ·ng lighted candle into a rear room j destroyed. Ur r. ii",= , -- Df°"aer horae. Mrs. Florence Purchase - Dtir ned a par.; cree^ ao^T^rV- -*-"- '·"""" "f tripped and fell on her feather mattress, receiving burns from which she died a few hours later. Tee games destroyed Cr.e house. Gettysburg Druggist 5 Makes A Statement We always advise peopfe -who have stomach or bowel trouble to see a doctor. But to those who do not wish to do this we will say: try the mixture of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adler-i-ka. This "simple iiew remedv is so powerful that JUST ONE DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. People who try Adler-i-ka are surprised at its QUICK action. H. .C. Landau, druggist. Gleaner Presses KH1 Fisherman. Baltimore. M d . Xov. 3. -- Trapped asleep in a burning bungalow on Micdle river. Bernard F. iiorgo- iwcnly-four years old. of this 25 New York Cr.5idr=n Kir.sZ In O'-Z, drea ^ere i '.£ :a -*-» ^'~f ' *during Octob*--, accrd:-? to '·-'· ^ * tiona! lliA^^z ?-ss*- tion. This ma' 227 ch/.irsr. '-'.1.--A since Jas. 1. One hundred zr.f- Ts'd Price of Eggs: Drops Dead. Sst'a-ry. Pa.. Xov. 3.--Mrs. Sadie -~, f ^~ dropped dead in the market -.."'·^ a'ter a farmer informed her the r ;, fj -- egg?. Approaching a stand on -'.'--, -sr^re eggs. Mrs. Snyder ordered , *.(,Z*T~ After they "aad been counter.-J placed in her basket she ask~-;.--. pr.ce. "They are 45 cents a doz- ·'S.Ajr Mrs. Snyder gasped and fell Since -I«ill. !. V^ -- tt . i U . « * - ^ ( i ~*'** · ~ . * "" -f ' "" were killed by a-to^obKss. wt:-h ^s,-* r-r^-r. last month, when i *-*,.-., *.-·· ^ **·.,,· - ~ . . - _ - -- t rr-fi-*-p '"'ilC *"" SLTMLO"* V *'0 "li*-" » *-- -city, was burned ;o death in a fire that | ^. l^ e ^^ ^ "^ Q , ^ . ft . destroyed tee bui.dias- tour o, his j vear _ f =,--^ z sors faaa in lU 50S7 a dav. This is 624 m conmanioijs narrowly asoare-i a si^ri:iar j ..___ ·,,-,« " · v^r handled in October, · YC«:-L U.«7Jl^. " -fate. - f per,nsy"s Greatest October. Alt ,'..r,A. Pa., Xov. S.--?"omier Octo- _*r rofords in freight traffic over the rsrs' pc.- r .--jivan;a road's main line were r.rOc^-r. last month, when a total ol rt,~..~'J'~ f-ars were moved. a» average of 50S7 a dav. This is 624 more cars taa During tlie hop cholera epidemic which has been raging in many portions of the corn belt during the psst four or five months representatives of distant drus supply houses did a rush- ing: bn«ine-~ -«.-"'.ins dope to r« tn'rcn intornaily v, !;i h tiw-y said wonJ'! the uisfiw. It liardiy r.ced that mouoy tijrit was oaicl for . i cailcfl bos cholera cures was -wore 't. ( than thrown away. There is no kin« ,^ «-tid! of nv-dicinc known that, taken inter these so aally, will cure this disease. Tae Sotr.e Burns: 1 Bead. 1 Dying. 3 Hurt- Clearfield. Pa_ Xov. t Frank RasTerty, at Destroyed by fire. Raffeny is ar the Cl°araeld hospital, so badly harneO ihat nis death" is expected. One little ^rl died as a result of her and the stepmother and two other children are sufterins from terrible injuries. Girl Missing; Kidnapping Suspected. Trenton, X. J-, Xov. 3-- Searchers m all parts of the city^tried to find the body of Grace Schancy, nineteen years old," who has been missing five days. Her hat and mesh bag were found near the water power dam. The water was rcn off.but her body was not found. Her parents fear she has been kidnapped, LADIES ^arn §2-25 dozen making plain neckwear. Home business. r '" PUBLIC SALE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER The undersigned will sell ' sale at his residence in » : Township. Adams County. - --, '-_,-- . south of Fairfield on the Lower Trac,, road the following personal property t0 -Thead of good work horses from * -3; JLt^ClVA V.*. £y-w*~. to 15 vears old, all good work wherever hitched. 1 - - - ^ on good as new, capacity -3 .ons, oai? wood ladders 16 feet » » spring wagons good as new, 1 top » * i _.£ i «V.. n *»' rf»Ti«5Tn;- ^uiiiig ««* w.ij £y«v --- , ,« fio-hr bagg?, lot of lumber cnams, 2 tsgTM whips, new wagon saddle, 4 haH*rs T-.. * t ·!__,, «-»rttir V l H I DU* u -»- ^^ com, bundles ar\.\Ji. 11; «-v*v « -- -- -stove and pipe, and tides too numerous to ·»»·-·£- , dock p a n necwear. . e r perience unnecessary. Mail dime for sums under ?o.OO to be^aw pattern, instructions. Needlecraft 1253 J s , onakcrj Auctioneer. ' " anler, Clerk. Altoona, Pa.-- advertisement s o n a c r j . Spangler, Clerk. ------ ---- KWSPAPLRl

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