The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1913
Page 3
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^GQJVfE look over oar * .. * * and Shoes, T - » =» tfae result. G; BHGtzmffier Medical C O U G H I N G Keep coughing: that's one -way. Stop coughing: that's another. Tokeepthe'cough: do nothing. To stop the'cough: Ager's Cherry Pectora£~^Sold for 7O -ears. Ask Your Doctor. EX-EMPBESS EUGENIE. Widow of Napoleon 111., Whose Health Is Failing. Furniture Auction On Thursday November 6 at one o'clock in Cenire Square the undersign- Some ed will sell, a big lot of Furnitur almost new. Also a lot of bed springs same as new, do not miss this sale as- we will have something that you will want, Chas. S. Mumper Co (Should Convince the Greatest Skeptic I in Gettjsburg. ! Because it's the evidence of a Gettysburg citizen. * Testimonv easily investigated, The strongest endorsement of menr. The best proof- Read it: Mrs. Marv Ohier, 147 Hanover i.. Gettysburg:, Pa- says: "I \vas troableo. by disordered kidneys for over a year. ! My back ached constantly and pains extender from my loins into my head- I had chills and dizzy spells and was 1 bothered bv the kidrey secretions. Dcaa's Kidney Pills were so highly recommended that I nnallv Droctired box at the People's Drug Store and commenced using them. A few doses brought relief and after eonuniiing_ the use of this remedy for a short time, all symptoms of the trouble disappear- IS \ed£ WILUXG coRSOEORATIOX f A. fe 1 ?.' vears later ivhen Mrs. Ohier ' was interviewed, she said: "I heartily recommend Doan's Kidney P:!!s again and confirm all I have previously saia about them. This remedy should ^ave a oertnanenc place in every household." For sale by all dealers. Price 51 cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo ' Xew York, sole agent for the United States. Remember ^ the name-- Doans-and take no other. SAY GIRL CAUSED PASTBRjWJFEROW Friends Say Siie Bun Rev. ! VMeD's House. 'DOMESTIC mm WRED Farmers I have just received, a Standard Automatic ilk Separator which can be seen at Biglerville now This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I will buy the Cream at regular price for creamery butter. J. W. Pettis Ciiarpd Wlffi Faite to Mark Tiiair Eojids, ...,; : Dec.'are Ugly Stories Which Followed i Resisted in Wife Being Sent to ln- | sane Asylum. \ Stroudsbarg, Pa., Xov. .3.--A young ; woman, bareiy iwenty-tisro, who has s lived wuh Rev. A. M. Vivien and wiTe I f or e^rs, :s said by ihose \*ao feno« {to be tae real cause 01 tee break in j tie Eamily of the "unifier. I It is geaeraiiv sdoiiited by friends of ·Loth sides ia/t o^e cr tv.-o things is Itrae: That either Mrs. Vi-.ien tenipor- s ar:Sy lost her reason becaue she wor- ! ried over ao-r husband's attitude toward i £edly Harrhistca or teat her iuc-ar- | ceraticn in aa insane asylum was cans| eJ by her continued protests against : 1 the presence o: Beddy in the house. | Xo cstarge o: misconduct has oeen made against the minister. It is slm- p'.v :;ac-.v» that the joaus; 'vonias came out c: "MOW here" and 'jeeasae a meal . bc-r oi *.he minister's household. Sic ' - j ! s ied v.ith the family wh^n Mr. Vivien '-'.*-; ^ «fcW his Strouslsbnrg pastorate. She ' : ^ "~ was treated as one o: the fazaily. In :aci. Xi-s. Vivien sa\s, she was treated as Sf she were the v»no!e family. The family pbysiciru and his wife who have trie-I to be impartial :n the Cisp-ite that sas »-ie famKj a:id resulted in ugiy charges, say thai the minister's attitude toward Miss · *.!-* CS t l i U U J J i i L . fc**^iW »-*-*J . . . i - i -- w - j; i for him. He would have terrible cough- .1 ing- suelis at night, and they would 'ft | leave" him so exhausted. We trie? 5^ I everything, but to no avail. At last -* , some one suggested that: we try Yinel. 1 and ~e noticed a change m mm rroni ! tne verv iirst. The coughing spells , ceased and he gained in strength right | along-. We would not be without it and f would advise uarer.ts who have frail land v.-eaklv eniidrer. to try Vinol." This is because the child needed tne strengthening cod liver elements and the tonic iron that Vinol contains. Xo i oil. delicious taste. Children love_ ic- ': We give back -our money if Vinol [ does not benefit- People's Drag Store. ; Gettysburg, Pa. -p. S.--For rough, scaly skin, try our saxo Salve. We guarantee it- , aan j ci aa placzrjca as co:d storsge 1= ar ;?3 suits^r three more ,n S,r,:^^--. were oraere-J. ; :i r xiclatica oi the szU ^ ac-s II 1 :or nrc-alcins P"rc ioo tons-ic-s "a-a food that haj nasseJ the| sale oT bad i -- - - 14 for the and :ci.r for the sale of e r ream tha; co -.Id" net r:-23S as ratis-a-d. Philadel- -"·hia anu. Allegheny had most oi tne ihe againft the further iaca i of Mrs. Vivien, who is now on :y-da".!e from the RittersviHc ·lum. It i' generally regarded as un eiy that Mrs. Vivien veil: be return to the asvium. 3r. E. H. Levering, family physiciar Or. Vivien vrhile the doctor "was E3id: -.·-P-v ; neg=- [ oreacher in Stroacsbi * " ' - - ' "Rev. M r . Vivien p:t o n a n outtran aapearancs of conl.ality tO"-c.rds hi ife. '·He -would lecture-to his congrega love and filial Icy If you are planning a Hunting Trip for a day or a month it will pay you to let us fit you out with the proper equipment to insure a successful trip. _ Iver Johnson and Harrington Richardson, Single Barre Shot Guns, guaranteed for Smokeless Power, $4.00 Harington and Richardson 44-ga. Shot Gun, shell ejector, for boys or ladies, $4.z! L. C. Smith Harnmerless Gun, $2i.00 Ithaca Harnmerless Gun, 1 2 and 20., $20.00 Tryon Hammerless Gun, 1 2-ga., $ 15.00 Davis Hammerless Gun, $ I 3.00 Davis Hammer Double-barrel Gun, $ 10.00 New Club, Nitro Club and Winchester Shells. Hunting Coats $2.00 to $4.50. Leggins, Gun Cases, etc. Everything you need JOIN OUR PIANO CLUB We sell the famous Story and Clark Pianos for cash or on the Easy Payment Pian. Call or^write for particulars, if you j|j| wish we will have an experienced salesman call on you. We give the 3C Green Trading Stamps FEATHER COSTS MAN'S EYE Younc: Man Dancing With Girl B-inded bv Quill en Hsr Hat. Ashsville.- ?:. C., Xov, 3- -- While sr-nc:n^ with a ^pral society girl at a casc-e ~h"=re. Brei- T-atlicer. a young j ·-:an from Greenville. S. C.. was pierced j .2. the e~e by a cu:!l In the g""rt"s tai and ~-3st the sigh: o: his right eye. ~"'Tr I^atinier and the girl started tc taa=c. and v.-hile laa'rns an intricate tarn a Isnz c?."i~- o^ the girl's hai =:ippec behind I.a':nisr*s glasses, cat nag the *»;· oball severely- Kis cry o! f-airi raitc-c tne dance aza a physician T,^S ou'.i-:.!y su^jsicr-ed. For a tiree i thought that the injury was nor scr:ou=, !-st £r t esair..nadon at the hos- altal disclosed the fact that the sight oi the eye tad boss destroyed. Ths girl ~r.o v- ns lie caase" of "tne ardent Is prostrated by rief.^er Is c'aearinl ar.c remark ec that he ' danced and was ·wiliins tc GBiDiHQN TACKLE MAY KiLL ecrgc G=y. cf nbe Unjan C!ub. Para lyzed ~y Sirenuous Play. "Phoenlxvil'e. Pa.. ^ov_ ~Z,--In a foot ball siaiae h=re 58t~eea Poustown and the" Union Club. George _Gay. of tne Union C: «b. ~a= dangerously injured 2nd is no- «'- tae PaDenisville hospl- -al. Ir. :r.e th:-d period Gay. Tsrhile carrj^ '·y the ""''si 1 - ""as strsnuonsly iac'deS aria throwF nea-Iiy. injcring his spine. jjr e ._,,.. ca rrlea off the field and nis s-nthe bed--' ".-csow tne elbows is para tlon about marits alt and at the same time he was ha ing doirestic difaculty. °The whole trouble between Vivier and his wife is said to have been start ed over tne minister's refusal to d:s sense with ihe services of Beddy Har rington. Beady apparently was giver full swav in the house and manager ·vthing. to the exclusion of ilrs Vivien. Mrs. Vivien had tc consul' Baddv about the management or thi place", instead cf that girl having tc consult her. The wife I:-ed a cog's existence Things had reached such a conditior in Siroudsb-urg that everyone sy=apa t'aized with her. ·'In barrooms, barber saops anc ether places their contentions werf aired. -Vivien's wife "nagged that he ge rid of tne girl. She e\ en went so fa: s.3 to employ a woman to replace Bed C- Harrington's services. He refused "amily quarrels followed, and by per sons l:v:ng la the ''mnediaie vicinit; of the pastor's home he :s said to have · sen heard berating her. "Because of these conditions tat congregation d^ir.d'.e! in nuoabers Everj- one lost 'nterest in the churcr --crk." . It is generally tinderstcod tuat iirs Vivien never got s. peany of allowance from her husband. It was general!} understood also that Kev. Vivien naC rromfsetl to his daughter. Mrs. Manor Costa, of Philadelphia, that he woala sive her clothes and fancy articles it order to ^"Ja ber to his side. , * ·Wl^ l «^ -*ta i. ~* t^tjg*»»«·.mii'mrim.'-- .O . ,, "All persons are yarned not to trespass on.the premises .££ ^f Mgned with dog, gun or trap lor the purpose o£jtoKyjg'jg»me in *si;, nor forfishing.orin any way injuring- or destroying property. All person* n '.ating the laws of'the commonwealth with regard to trespassing on lands of the undersigner will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14, 1905. - - i William Allison. Sam'l. Waiters farm, Hamiltonban towiuiWp. ^ v ^ John D. EUsy, R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa Cumberland Township. " -^ Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. 4 ^.;T- . D. B. Wineman. Cumberland Township. ^ Frank Mumper, R- 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C- J- Deardor3:, Orrtanna, Pa. Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. F. L. Khne, Bailer Township, Biglerville, Pa. C- B. Shank, Straban Township, K- 7, Gettysburg, Pa. J. K. Kuhn (J. F. Kuhn Farm) E. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. ML Joy Twp. Jacob FrotKKiever, Straban Township. George E. Hari^an, E- 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer, Straban Township. Mrs. Mary J. Weikert, E- 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. iL Eex", Bos 50, E. 2, Blglerville. 3Irs. Matilda L. Codori, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L- TooX Straban Township. D. L. Jacobs, IL 1, Biglerville, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining, E- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Edward A. Scott. E. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland Township. E. F. Biddle. Ml. Pleasant Township, K. S, Gettysbnrg. D. J EeS'e, E. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommeyer, Mt- Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehrzng, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert K. ilajor, Straban Township. John W. Mcllheany Farm R- 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Esbert, Seven Srars, Pa. G. V,'. ESdon, Bendersville, Pa. George B. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettj-sburg. Joseph A. Albert. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Wil-iarn Coshan, Straban Township. D. C. March, Butler Township. E. 6, Gettysburg. Ei:as Wolford. Mt- Pleasant Township. E. L. Smith, Butler Township, Biglerv-ille. J Edward Lavrver, Butler Township, E. R. No. 2, Biglerville. 3. J. Haversack. M. M. Sponseiltr farm, Straban Two., R- 8, Gbg. M. E. Freed, Mrs. G. W. Biesecker f arm, Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township. John H. Sponseiler. (MePherson Farm), Cumberland Township. ^ *_ Jacob E- Hoke. Straban Township. Gettysburg. R. 7 H. M. Sneeringer. E' 9. Ge'uvsburg, near BonneauviHe, Pa. J D Moose. Bisierville, Pa. ,, _ .. G". F". "Basehoar. Gettysburg. Cumberland and Germany Townships. Louis Mize'l. Straban Township. Gettysburg, B. i. X J. Shank. Biglerville Route ~1. T P Eoth Butler Township. Gettysburg Route 6. C ^ Griesc"* Sor-s (.C. Arthur Griest. Mgr.) Guernsey. C. A". Hei^es and Mr=. K. F. Heiges. Franklin Township H C. War-re:-., ilenal-en Township. C. H. Rupimeii on C. L. Osborne farm, Menajlen Township. \V-»n."jI. Bi-zhani's Sons. Freedom Toivnship- V,'^i' M! Bi^ham's Sons. Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters. Tvrone Township. E. 3. Biglerville. Pa. Claries Esslck ind sisters. Butler Township. B. o. Gettysburg. j"c Coulson. Bu'tler Tov.-r.ship. A. S Wnfcler. Mt. Pleasant Townsmp. E. lu. Mrs. Ciestia A. Black. E. 1. Biglerviiie, Pa- George Herring-. Highland Township. W. F". Herbst. Orrtanna R. 1- . 0 B Shirrett* Cumberland Township. E. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. G". E. Stailsmith. Straban Township, E- 9. Gettysburg.. Pa. John Dick Hoifacker rarm. Straban Township. Giib^n RadisiH. Cumberland Township, Gettysburg Route 1- J E Jacobs. Eugene S. Xe'.iy farni. Cumberland Townsmp. T rin--"ro-» R=de~" Mt. Jov Township. Gettysburg R. 1, Charies Fidier. \W- E. Golden farm). R- 1. Biglerville. Butler Twp. H ? Me»-tz Har-iikon Townshin. (Camooeli and Jloyer i-arm. James L. Bleham'. Freedom Townshin. Gettysburg. Pa. Levi Crum. '-lensllen Township. , . . _ , . AT-c Andrew Brough. R-1,-Aspers. Alenalten Townsmp. L H Meals. Cumberland Township. R- 5. Gettysburg. ^ C" W~ Black. (J. Csrna Smith Farm) R- 2. Gettysburg, Mt. Joy iwp. Wm H Johi3=. Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. George "w. Wolf. E. :J. Gettysburg.. Cumberland Township. Edm-jnd Little, i'Jonn Biocher Farm), Cumberland Townsmp. W^;"- C° 0 S-xSn £ R e i2 T G^t 1 tys l burg. Pa.. Cumberland Twp... Bayly Farm. Vincent Redding. R. S.. Gettysburg. Straban Township. Edv-ard Peddin?. E- 9. Gettysburg. Straoan Township. A, J. smith tarm. H. E. Bo~vd. Guldens. Pa.. Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships. Harrv S-'Trostle. Straban Township. Ed-ward A. Trostle. Straban Township. . John Lee=e. on Xathan Brown farm. Straoan Township, Gbg- Route B. Me-vin I. Weiscert. Highiar.d Township.. E. 1, Fairneld. D F Ba'cterman. Butler Township. ·^'nrltz Bro* D B. Snvder Farm, Straban Township, Gettysburg, ?- U. Mei)anr.4 Bro= Aieudtsville and Franklin Township, Biglerville, K. i- S B Bream (F. M. Bream's farm) Butler Township. . . r The inured player is a student at ur- £:niis coV.pge. ivhere he Is tafeing a j r,ost-srad'.iate course. V.'ith R- **· 5° Years; Dies Suddenly. "WslKington. Del - Xov, 3. -- Joan C"tr.n. olS East Seventh street, seven- .1. -oars oic. one of four^who was with the Pennsylvania railroad for more BUY 27:000 ACRES OF COAL Fr.aadelphians Make a S^.000,000 Dea " 4n Indiana Cour«ty. Indiana. Pa.. Xov. 3--The larges coal Seal ever pnHcd off in Indians county was closed ;:p at Johas'own r-hen'lhe Manor Heal Estate and Trust company, of Philadelphia, obtained tne hoJaings cf the Greenwich Coal ar.e Coke ccmr-anv. a tract o: sometmns more than ::7.''-0- acres, in Greer, aar. _.j.,. J Albany. Gettysburg Department Store Gettysburg, Pa. Observations of United Stains weather bureaus tasea at S p- s. vesterdc," follow: , Temp. Weather. " 44 Cloudy. 46 . Clear. 44 Cloudy. 46 Clear. SO Cloudy. GO Clear. -9 Clear. 50 Clear. 52 Clear. 40 Clear. The Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; south winds. 5 At:anUs* City ---- Xe-.' Origans.. Xevv Yr r"~c The Cherrytree Dlxonviile railroad, whose present lerar.iius is P«nc Flats will be to the new coal field ana will be the carrier of mined uns wairer. ^onrau ,,«««.. --"«/ E- 1- Tillie, Franklin Township. F. B. Twisden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. E. F! Srrausbaugh. Orrtanna. R. 1- A.lbe'-t Hollinscer, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, K. b. Deardorff Brothers. Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrettson.^atier Township- _ John and Frank Garrettson. Mena'uen iownship. P H Black E 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. Mr= "Daniel Miller. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg:, Route 6. D~S~ Reynolds. Straban Toxvnship. Gettysburg Route 9. W A Bi^ham, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg, R. 3. John" Grdscost. P- 7. GetQ-sburg. Straban Township- A Garfield Jacobs-R. 13. Gettj-sburg near Barlow. 4 Do-s°v Deardorff. Highland Township. (Mrs. H. B. Mover Farm). Emanuel Plank. Kishiand Township, Gettysburg Route 4. E D Heijces. Bisr'.er-.-ille Borough. John H. Eckert.'Strafcan Township, Gettysburg. K. S. W. W. Miller fatrr i.0scar Bream tenant) btraban Township, uog. tt. e- 3Iervin Black. Biffierville. Menallen Township. Mrs. 3Iartha Keed. near Arendtsville. TS"avb^"i nr h r Tiic A , B^!p~viH"- Pa. H. S. Crcn-er. Mr. -Joy Township. R. 2. Gettysburg. Pa. John Q Wolf Stranan Township. E- 7. Gettysburg, Pa. Clarence HcrTrnan. R. R. 2. BigierviP.e, Pa. J C. Waiter. Butler Township. R. 2. Bigiemlle, Pa- Robe'- W s «he-row. Cumberland Tovmship. R. 13. Gettysourg. Pa. F ,-- p on - Cumocriand To^Tiship, R. 13. Gettysburg. Pa. p,-^- Tr r c Vo't- F-eed Farm. Straban-Township, E. 12. Gettysburg, la. D " V « ; ooV= Hichland Township, R- 4. Gettysburg. Pa. J" Variin B"rsan%""Tvror.e Township. R- 3. Biglennlle, Pa. P T ! Hart R- P. Gettysburg:. Pa.. Butler Township. fSir'^1 Schv.-artz. Mt.'-Jov Toivnship, Gettysburg, Route 1. f~ · v.'^'zel {Marv \ Sr.vder farm) Franklin Townsmp. V ~.V Bu'hman" Marv A. "Snvder Farm) Franklin Townsmp. J W Tate. Tvrone Township. E. 4. Xew Oxford- J. W. Cook, Mer.ailen To-.vnship. Flora Dale, Pa. V*en B^a^e^ (Cromer"Farm) Cumberland Towx.ship. R. 13. Gettysburg. Chas- E. Sc^lt*. .Gfiberc Bucher Farm) Franklin Townsmp E-o, Gbg Hands 2nd Feet S=and. Sv/iws S Kiles New York. Xov. 3.--Harry Elionsky. -who tcough r.Ineleen years old, weigns -'65 pounds, swam from the Brooklyn brd"* to Bayridse. a distance oi eight j TO i].-T Tc:th his hands an-3 feet bound \ ana towir-s a rowboat !r. which »'ere j sevea men. i Twelve Horses Sum In ?ce Plant, j Akoona. Pa-- Nov. 3.--The plant o, th» Standard Ice company teas de-. strovd by fire, the haJWiags and rr.a- i chinery being a iota! loss, i weKe '-or^es were burned in their stalls. R- timated loss. §50,000; insurance, $41,- FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull' FOR RENT-furnished or anfurnish- p nn i*rv Farm^F G 1 cd rooms. 117 Carlisle street-arver- terriers. H.,1 Top Poultry Farm, - G. tisement i McCammon.--advertisemerii. » W .;. c.ea;i:Ki- ^rii«--»i«' «»..« --»~- - ·--; -~ - . * -o o C E T-wnev. Mt- PJeasarst Townsrap. Geti,ysourg, K- b. C W T^rer" E \. Crouse Farm) Menallen Township, R. R. idaville, Pa. j" Elaine Bu'shey. Frarkisn Township. R- 1, BigleTOile^ Pa. Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Townsmp. R- -, Gettysourg, Pa. W T. Howard, Ptraban To-vnsh'.p. _ , . a"hl5n (John P- Bale farm) Franklin iowrismp. H i ' ^ C X H Masselman Farm) Hamiltonban Township. » ^ ra i.'cam" s'traban Towr-ship, R. 9. Gettysburg:, Pa. j \". ^'-ddinc: Sobt- S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Townsmp. «ii.-aVj. Ecker.rode, Cumberland Townsmp. ^ ^ G G Grifrn. Straban Township, Roate 9, Gettysonrg. ^ ·- Denton Holt Euius Law\-er Farm) Butler Townsmp. TTo--P-,- «cot" Cumberland Township. Jacob "Bovd. Mt- JOT Township, R. 13.- G_bg. ^Wiliiarn Cromer Farm). ^ V P Bjshman. Franklin Township. E. JT, Gettysburg-. ^., p M. Hoffman, Bi^en-iHe. Route 2. E X Hoffman. Biglerviiie. Ko -te "2. ± T' T Hereter Hirfilar.d To\vns,ip. E- 4, Gettysburg, Pa. F-i-e^ Mana'hanTvMrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9."Gettysburg, Pa Daviu"G. Lott. Straban Township, Gettysburg. Route ·- Vv* C Storrick. Straban Township. R. 9. Gettysburg. _ M Sh^rdleiiecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg,,R. ». H M Trostle. Highland Township. Tiliie Post Qce.. _ p" \~Tljmkev (--Irs. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cunjberland Twp., K. D. D C. March." Butler Township, R. G, Gettysburg. ' Kobert M. Eldon, Aspers, jl_. ___ ' 1EWSP4PERS

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