The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1937 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

rnT^ ^i.t f giJiUaig^^^ SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 21 ·§ 1937- Fertile Ice Harvest Now in Full Swing T"ERTILE--M. A. Haugen, pro- prietor-o£ the Fertile meat mar- ket, has a crew of men busy cut- ing ice on the mill pond. They finished cutting 50 ton for the Forest City Produce company Wednesday but .will continue to put up 250 ton for Mr. Haugen. y, ! w 11 i ! CUT RATE GROCERY " 'Let Us Save You Money" We know we can do it. You will always get the best of treatment here. PHONE 112-113-114 512 1st S.V HOME OF REAL BARGAINS FREE DELIVERY CANE SUGAR, TO Ibs. . . . 49c B U T T CD No better creamcrv made. *JO»» B U I I CIV 'Per pound IQc Palmolive Soap 3 bars I7c At ft f R 0 1* I" Peaberry, best grade, uer Ib. ...... 18c U U I* F* 1 1 P ut Katc Special, per Ib. .......... 23e ****· '. """ Fancy Santos, per Ib .............. 28e Ground .the day .you get it. Why pay for a can? Catsup 2 Large Bottles 25c Large .Spaghetti For Can lOc Matches fi Large Boxes · 19c Hormel's Canned Soups 2 for 25c Corn Flakes large size 2 pkgs. 19c Carrots, 3 cans . , , Powdered Sugar 3 Ibs. 25c Loaf Suyar 2 Ib. bos . 25c Sauer Kraut No. 2 can lOc No. 3 can 15c Head Lettuce lOc Carrots Per. Bunch 5c Celery per bunch Rutabagas 3 Ibs. Pumpkin No. 2 can lOc No. 3 can 15c Uncolorcd'Japaij Tea Sittings, 1 Ib. pltg. ... t Fruit Jell, all . flavors, 6 pkgs. 25c Pop Corn, guaranteed to pop, 2 Ibs 25c| Dry Lima 'Beans, 2 -Ibs . 25c I5c Sardines in mustard or tomato sauce, can 10c| Sardines in oil, per can 15c Grade hard mixed or j Crescent Blacaroni, . . . ^ . O C J Candy, 3 Ibs. Spas., in bulk, 3 Ibs. _.All-Kinds of Fresh Meats. Chickens Dressed to Order .CORN, PEAS'AND TOMATOES .15c grade, 2 cans ...... 25c 18c evade, Z cans 30c 20c grade, 2 cans 3Sc 25c eradc, 2 cans ...... lOc BEST GRADE DRIED FRUITS Prunes, large size, 3 lbs.,.25c Prunes, extra large, 2 Ibs. 25c Dried Apricots, per ]b...23c Dried Peaches, per ! ib. . .19c 25c Peaches Ajiricots Pears Per can 15c Peanut Brittle Candy 3 Ibs. 25c Full Qt. Jar Salad Dressing None Better 25c Corn, Peas and Tomatoes 3 cans 25c No. 1 Grade English Walnuts 2 Ibs. 35c BROOMS, Good Ones ,49c, 59c, 69c MOP STICKS, good ones, each. .lOc Sweet, per jar .. Sweet, quart jars Dills, per jar Olives, quart . . . . . .15c and 25c 24o -18c and 24c .'.29c Sunkist, Sweet and Juicy; Per Dozen 23c, 29c, 35c We have plenty of good parking space here for all. Mr. Farmer, bring us your eggs. We pay top price for them and sell you your groceries for less. Ginger Snaps or Fig Bars, 2 Ibs. . .25c Cncoanut Taffy Bars, per Ib 19o Fancy and Plain, per Ib. 19c 40e grade Fancy Cookies, per Ib.. .23e 3Sc White Flour, 5 Ib. sack 28c 5 Ib. sack Corn Meal 23c ID Ib. sack Corn Meal 43o 10 Ib. Whole Wheat or Graham 55c 5 Ib. Dark Eye 2!)c .Ici-scy Cream, 40 Ib. sack SI.69 Sunbeam, 49 Ib. sack Sl-98 IVe carry all brands of flour--gel our prices first FLOUR SOAP Crystal White, 10 bars (limited) .; .I8c Colored Hard Water Soap, 6 for 2So lOc Ivory, 3 bars 23c ISc Ivory, 2 bars .,, .25c BACON Bacon Squares, per Ib .-..·.: 23c Sliced Bacon, per Ib .29c and 35c Baconettcs, per Ib 25c Pure Lard, 2 Ibs 35c Toilet Paper Northern Tissue, 1 rolls 25c 5 rolls 25c 6 rolls 25c CUT RATE GROCERY ,WE ARE AS CLOSE AS YOUR PHONE Phone 112, 113, 114 512 First S. W. $300 VERDICT IN DAMAGE SUIT fury Finds for Plaintiff at Hampton in Case After Crash. HAMPTON--The jury awarded 300 damages to John Rhoades, plaintiff, in the case o£ John Ihoades vs Kenneth Penaluna and E. K. Shaull. The case was the esult o£ an accident on highway 5 near Ames, Feb. 18, 1B36, in vhich Hhoades' truck and Pena- una's collided. The latter was driven by E. K.' Shaull. Rhoades barged negligence and asked $1,00 damages. In a counter claim iliarging negligence, Penaluna iskcd $1,100 damages to his truck ind for the loss o£ its use. Shaull sited $3,665 for injuries and phy- ical disability. The jury deliberated 12 hours. Attorney for the laintiff was Marion Hirscliburg t Ames and for the defendants, Lending and Hobsori of Hampton. 98PerG?nl,pfJButIer County Taxes Are Paid ALLISON--Buller county had but $10,871.52 of the'1935 tax levy unpaid Jan. 1, 1937. The 1935 tax evy was $608,508.71 and collec- .ions amounted- · to $597,037.19. This makes $98.2 per cent of 1935 axes collected and only 1.8 per cent delinquent and some of these lave been paid since Jan. 1. §13,- 762.10 delinquent taxes were collected in 1936 for 1934 and prior years. Mr., Mrs. Steil of Britt Are Honored GARNER--Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Steil o£ Britt were honored by a large gathering of Irierids from Britt and Garner at the I. O. O. F. hall Wednesday night which was the event of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Before going to Britt several years ago, Mr. Steil operated a harness shop on highway 18 here. They have two sons, Orville, living here, and Elwyn at Britt. They have one grandchild. Motion picture films of the interior department were attended by more than one million persons during a 12 months period in which a count was kept.--United States News. "The Finest Coffee . . . the Finest Container." women advised us This Packqg£ :f\ because millions buy ""." "-. . ' " " " . . . . ' *" Superior Flavor ^ - aind Quality by this -label · · * « ·-- and . cos t no more than ordinary oats (I) X.r/OK BETTER because made J v om the plumpest sun-ripened (3) COOKBETTERbecauseFireJcsi Cocked--at Hie Mill--for la hours --in their J«ke«, Thii, like baking potatoes j retains alt the rich Savor of Plump Sun-Ripened Oali ·--and assures perfect cooking in exactly 3 Minutes. (3) TASTE BETTER became flaky aqdfrcc from the oat dust and fiour ·which makes osU pasty. 3-MiNUTE OAT FLAKES (ft tL. PJuujzwit/i itifij Ked 3 PHONE 1800 616 SOUTH FEDERAL SNYDEXTS Phone Us -- Jack Sprat Food Store -- We Deliver lOc Jack Sprat Spaghetti, 2 tall cans Toilet SOAP, 4 large cakes SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Pork and BEANS, 2 tall cans Diced or Sliced BEETS, c a n . . . . . Quart Bottle BREAKFAST SYRUP, Bag PANCAKE FLOUR, both f o r . . Magic WASHER, large., Pork STEAK, Ib 6 Large GRAPEFRUIT ... 19c Super SUDS, pkg Pork CHOPS, Center Cut, Ib 3 Bunches RADISHES 19c FOR ADDITIONAL ,RED HOT SPECIALS SEE JACK SPRAT FOOD STORE ADVERTISEMENT Phone' ' · · ' 101 South A P Store Phone 1477 North A P Store PORK LIVER, 2 Ibs. 15c END CUT 19* PURE 2 Lbs. 4-lb. Limit Ib R I N G Ib. ."i. .14* WHITING ROLLED RIB or RUMP Ib. FANCY FILLETS Diamond Eros. 205 North Federol | SPECIALS--FRIDAY ond SATURDAY | 205 Norrh Federal ^^^~^^^^^~^^"" f c ^ 1 " -- ^ l ^^"^ : ^"^^ l ^^" ! ^^^"""""«~^^^«"^i"«"''^«^ l ^"«-«»^^TM' 1 1 1 ' »·· I i^ K ^^^aM«^^^^9i«BH^H^M K W « l a , M B H _ e a H B _ W M M a i_ B M K M ^ PORK LIVER **. Pounds for 25c BEEF 16c 'POT ROASTS, pound RIB BOILING BEEF, pound. . .. BEEFSTEAK; S I R L O I N , pound ROLLED RIB or , ·»/*-, RUMP ROAST, Ib.-fcUC SHORT CUT STEAK, pound. ,, PORK HEARTS 25c 2 Pounds for . . . PORK PORK CHOPS, pound . . . .,.,«..!,, PORK LOIN ROAST, pound. . FRESH HAMS, Half -or Whole, pound MEATY SPARE RIBS, p o u n d . . . . FRESH SIDE PORK, p o u n d . . . 25c 21C 19c Pure Ground BEEF ·* Pounds for 25c MUTTON CHOPS 3 Pounds IP** for 25C VEAL VEAL CHOPS, pound VEAL SHOULDER ROAST, pound. . MUTTON LEG ROAST, pound SHOULDER ROAST,' pound. . STEW, pound ·'. .^. . .,,,... ISc 6c FISH Fillet of Haddock, Ib. 19e SLICED HALIBUT, Ib. 21c OUR LUNCH MEAT DISPLAY IS SWISS STEAK, Ib 21 c BACON, Sliced, Ib..., 25c CORNED BEEF, Ib ISc BACON SQUARES, ib. 19c BOLOGNA or LIVER SAUSAGE, pound PORK CUTLETS, pound .... C O M P L E T E 19c PURE CANE SUGAR 10 Pounds . . . Reputation OLEOMARGARINE Pounds 39c 1C. C. BAKING POWDER, 1 Pound Can BUTTER-NUT COFFEE Per Pound CORN STARCH 1-Pound Boxes FRESH COUNTRY. EGGS Per Dozen . ..... . 3 PEANUT BUTTER GRAHAM CRACKERS, 2-Pound Box Quart Jar JAPAN TEA ind Package 4 Pound POWDERED SUGAR 3 Pounds . . . . 19 MACARONI, SPAGHETTI or EGG NOODLES, 6 Packqges 25c Fancy PUMPKIN 3 No. 2'/ 2 Cans . . . 25c 3 Shady Side PEAS No. 2 Cans . 25c "Cream Style" SWEET CORN No. 2 If!*. Cans . . . . 2 5 C K. and W. TOMATOES 5 . No. 2 Cans . 25c 5 Van Camp's HOMINY No. 2!/2 Cans . . . SOUP: Tomato, Vegetable, Pea or Bean, 5 Cans 25c Seeded RAISINS Pounds . . 19c KERNEL-KIST CORN . Golden Bantam Whole Kernel I No. 2 f Cans Brilliant CoEfee PER POUND 19c Pillsbury's Best FLOUR Pound Bag Fancy DATES Pounds. Reputation FLOUR Pound Bog. . . . . 49 Diamond's Best . FLOUR Pound Bag. . S1-S5 "Ntfco" RED SALMON 2can', ......... 37C LIMA BEANS Pounds Fancy CURRANTS Per Pound . . . . 19c Miller's BRAN FLAKES Packages 25c OREGON PRUNES, No. 10 Can 33c BLACKBERRIES, No. 10 Can 49c Mo-Ca Bean Coif ee PER POUND 15c Foncy CHOCOLATES Pound Box . . 69c 40-50's Dried PRUNES Pounds. 25c PER POUND. Diamond's Best Coffee .,-.... 25c RED RASPBERRIES, No. 10 Can 69c BARTLETT PEARS, No. 10 Can Grapefruit JUICE No. 2 Caris . . . . Sliced PINEAPPLE [ No. 2 Cans . . . "Monticello" PEACHES (In Syrup) No. 2V 2 Cans . . . . 2 Fancy Fruit COCKTAIL Tall Cans . . . Dole's Pineapple GEMS Fancy Cubes, No. 2y z Cans DATE PUDDING (MAKES A DELICIOUS DESSERT) 2 Cans for. 19c Hershey's Baking CHOCOLATE 2 Bar' 9c STOCK SALT Pound B a g . . . . . Leading OYSTER SHELLS 59C Morton's BLOCK SALT Pound Blocks, each. . PURE HONEY 5 Pound Pail Pounds BSS3ES2IE MINCE MEAT Packages Morton's SMOKED SALT Pound Can Van Camp's TOMATO JUICE Cans 25c CANDY Cut Rock and 100% Filled Cracker-Jacks J Boxes "Our Best" BROOMS Each Russian SALAD DRESSING 6'/2-OX. Bottle Bread and Butter PICKLES Quart «*£·« Jar 25C 1 «i1 Quart Jar . . DILL PICKLES 20C Per Pound ALMONDS Van Camp's FANCY CATSUP 2 Large ^f/n Bottles A3 SOAP FLAKES 5 Pound 9Ajt Pkg 29C AMMONIA Q"«"t Bottle LAVO-KLEEN For Cleaning Closet Bowls, 2--lOc Cans- Pine Tree HEALTH SOAP Bars 25c GOLD DUST Large « g P a c k a g e . . . . A^ CRANBERRIES, Per Pound 19c | HUBBARDSTON APPLES, 5 Ibs. 25c BANANAS 4 Pounds . 29C NAVEL ORANGES : (ISO's) Per Dozen. 35c Texas Marsh Seedless GRAPEFRUIT for 25c Delicious and Jonathan APPLES ( 1£fj Pounds £i38 HEAD LETTUCE, 2 for 1 5 c { GREEN TOP CARROTS, 2 bunches. . . , 9 C Idaho Russet POTATOES Teck 55c 10t)-lb. Bag $3.50 CABBAGE 8 Pounds 25c Onions, Yellow Globe 10 Pounds 19c Red River Early Ohio POTATOES Peck 45 C 100-lb. Bag . $2.89

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