The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 18, 1931 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 13
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FEBRUARY 18 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 13 NEWS AND VIEWS. OF INTEREST TO FARMERS BETTER ROADS BETTER FARMING EDITED BY ARTHUR PICKFORD BETTER SOCIAL LIFE BETTER' SCHOOLS U, S, D, A, WARNS AGAINST "CURES" : Influenza Preparations to Be Acted Against by Officials. "Any manufacturer who attempts to cash in on the public's fear of influenza by selling preparations represented by label or by circular accompanying the package as preventives or treatments for flu, la grippe, pneumonia, and related diseases, renders his product liable to seizure and himself to prosecution under the food and drugs act," W. G. Campbell, chief of food and drug administration, U. S. department of agriculture, said today, "The Federal Food and Drug administration intends to take immediate action against any such manufacturer." Altho the variety of products advertised as having curative or preventive value for these diseases is large, says Mr. Campbell, there is no medical authority to indicate that aspirin, nasal sprays, throat gargles, cod liver oil, disinfectants, anodyne pills, tablets, or powders, milk of magnesia, and similar preparations, or fruits or other food pro- ducts, have any power to check the course of any one of these maladies. According to medical authorititV, there is no known drugr or combination of drugs, nor any food, which will prevent or cure influenza. This statement, he says, reflects worldwide medical experience and is generally accepted as a fact. Under these circumstances, the labeling- of any preparation as a treatment for flu, grippe, or pneumonia can only ibe regarded as misbranding within the meaning of the food and drugs act, subjecting the products to seizure and the manufacturer to prosecution. EASTERN FIRM 6UYS3DUROGS A. 0. Brackey Sells Sows to Lauxmont Farms in Pennsylvania. A. O. Brackey, who lives three miles south of Lake Mills and who has one of the best herds of Duroc Jersey hogs in the 1 west, recently made a sale of three of his top herd sows to the Lauxmont Farms, Wrightsville, Pa. Mr. Brackey. re- qeived a-record price for the year. Two of the sows were coming two FOR SALE A few good POLAND CHINA GILTS to farrow in March and April. Sired by the l;000-lb. champion, "New Model," and bred to. the "Clipper." Some good Pig Club gilts in this lot. PRICED FROM S25 TO S35 T. J. Barragy, Rockwell, la. Public Auction , Oh the Clarence Crovvcll farm 2i/ 2 miles southeast of Rockford on \ the Marhle Rock gravel road, on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23 SALE COMMENCES AT 1:00 O'CLOCK SHARP 3 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 3 27 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 27 Mostly Shorthorn 5 cows, 4 milking; 1 Jersey cow, heavy springer; 5 yearling steers; 8 yearling heifers; 4 last spring calves; 4 fall calves. 99 - Head Spotted Poland Hogs - 99 9 old sows and 24 young sows to farrow starting March 22nd; 58 late fall pigs; 7 shoats, 1 stock hog. POULTRY--50 ORPINGTON PULLETS, 7 GEESE. FARM MACHINERY, FORD TRUCK, BROODER HOUSE, NEARLY NEW SEPARATOR AND OTHER ailSCELLANEOUS ITEMS. TERMS:--AS ARRANGED WITH CLERK J. M. WITTER O. B. Easterday, Auctioneer. First State Bank, Rockford, Clerk. Loans to Farmers on Personal Property At this season of the year, farmers frequently find themselves in need of MONEY. To Buy Farm Machinery. To Pay Rent. To Buy Feed. To Take Advantage of Bargains at Farm Sales. To Buy Brood Sows. and to use to an advantage for numerous other worthy purposes. We are organized to meet this need and invite farmers needing financial service to call at our office or write and let us explain our special loan service for farmers. Our employes are always friendly and are experienced in handling farmers' problems. They are always pleased to discuss them in confidence with you. C. L. Pine Loan Company OP MASON CITY 2nd Floor Weir Blrlg. Kntrance nn ii West State St. I'hnnc 22-1 years old and one was just a year. The Lauxmont Farms are owned by S. Forrey Loucks, a millionaire manufacturer'of York, Pa., who operates a large farm at Wrightsville He is founding one of the greatest livestock breeding establishments in America. His manager, M. C. Abts, with F. F. DeVore of Omaha of the Duroc Sentinel, the National Duroc paper, both visited the Hrackey farm and made the purchase while there. He has just purchased 50 of the best Duroc sows to be found in the country. These sows cost an average of about $125 each. However, the Brackey sows were the tops of the load. These -sows were purchased from the best breeders in the west and came from the herds of J. D. Waltemeyer, Melbourne, J. L. Harper and son, Ames, B. C. Marts, Hampton, FrecJ Knop, Charter Oak, B. A. Samuelson, Kiron, C. H. Christiansen, Walnut, Joe Pudenz, Carroll, Coldspring Farm, Muudelin, 111., Edellyn Farm, Wilson, 111., Schubert Brothers, Woodbine, 111., Chinquopin Springs Farm, Overland Park, Kans., Charles Simonek, Mamo, Nebr., Waller Briggs, Seward, Nebr. Mr. DeVore, who has purchased over 50 champions at Nebraska, Iowa and leading state fairs, including 12 world's champions, declared that the top sow he purchased of Mr. Brackey was the best sow in America and the best sow he had ever seen of the Duroc .Jersey breed. This certainly is a great boost for the Brackey brand of Durocs. In this deal Mr. Brackey is lo receive the choice male hog raised by this farm the coming season.--Lake Mills Graphic. MILLWSALE BRINGS $7,500 Span of Mules and Harness Sells for $398; Team for $361. The prices bid at farm auctions are the surest indicaters of the local worth of farm products;. This account of a large sale is taken from the Britt Tribune. The largest farm sale from point of attendance ever held in Hancock county was that at the Mark F. Miller place three miles south of Britt last Thursday. And from point of money received it ranks high for recent years, with only a few sales during the high times running over the amount received. This sale brot Mr. Miller over §7,500. A crowd estimated at 2,000 was in attend ance. An effort was made to count the automobiles that lined the roadside for a half mile on either side of the Miller farmstead and covered all available space in the barnyards and adjacent fields. Team Gncr. to Clarion. Some idea of the extent of territory from which men were drawn can be had when it is known that a team of horses went to. a man south of Clear Lake, another team :o a man south of Clarion, two mules and a horse to Forest City, three mules to Buffalo Center a pony to Titonka, a team of horses south of Duncan and a team to Crystal Lake. And speaking of horses and mules, I'-team of mules with harness sold for 5398, and a second matched mu!e team, with harness, went at ?349. A nice grey team with harness sold it $361.50, a second grey team at J26T, a roan team with harness at $265 and a young team of sorrel lolts (without harness) at $250. A flock of 62 sheep brot $542.50 an average of $8.75 a head, and went five and ten to a batch. 11 Forty head of yearling Hereford steers brot 52,460, twenty of them selling to John Meindcrs at $64 each and 20 head to Laurice Larson at ?59 tach. The machinery and tools sold well. BillH Towns. Mr. Miller billed every town within a radius of 40 miles of Britt and ran advertisements in the Britt News-Tribune, Mason City Globe- Gazette, Forest City Summit. Thompson Courier, Titonka Topic Wesley News-World, Algona Advance, Corwith Hustler, Kanawha Reporter and Clarion Monitor to advertise the sale, and never has the power of advertising been more apparent nor a sale been better advertised. Cols. H. H. Brummund, of Kanawha, nnd L. A; Matern, of Algona, cried the gale, .and both were kep' busy from 1 o'clock until half past four. Brooks' lunch wagon was out to the farm and did a thriving lunch business. Indeed, co many in attendance, the aspect was one of a state fair rather than a farm auction sale. niSPEL THAT RASH Why suffer when skin troubles yield fed easily to tic healing touch of in a Day TAKE NO CHANCES stop COLDS HILL'S 4-in-l WAY Dangerous to let a COLD hang on. Stop it in a hurry with HILL'S CASCARA QUININE. Take two tiny tablets now, follow directions and IN A DAY the four medicinai agents compounded into e a c h HILL'S tablet will break up that cold, make you feel fine . . . or druggist will refund jyour money. Avoid substitutes. DEMAND THE RED BOX SOCIETY NEWS DINNER, BRIDGE PARTY HELD BY HOSTESSES Miss Louise Danielson and Miss Jerry McNaughton, 224 Fifth street northwest, entertained a group at a dinner bridge party at the home of Miss McNaughton. High score prize was won by Miss Lucille Burnham. MRS. LEONARD TOSEL ENTERTAINS GROUP Mrs. Leonard Tosel entertained i group of friends at a bridge party at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Carson, near Nora Springs Tuesday afternoon. LAUUE-BIER ROWAN, Feb. 18.--Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Iva Bier of Belmond to Russell LaRue of Russell at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aldrich al Rowan. The Rev. George La Bounty pastor of the local Congregationa: church, performed the ceremony. iBoth Mr. and Mrs. LaRue will be at home at the George Aldrich home near Rowan. ANDERSON-FLETCHER ROWAN, Feb. 18.--Miss Izetta Fletcher and Olaf Anderson of Holmes were married at Fort Dodge. Dodge. The bride Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fletcher and is a graduate of the local high school. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson will be at home after March 1 on the Anderson farm near Holmes. Miss Ellis Bracken, 538 East State street, and Mrs. W. F. Ingraham, 217 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, will go to Algona Sunday to appear on the program at a vesper service at the First Congregational church there. PARKER SPEAKS ON WASHINGTON Divinely Called to Assume Leadership of Colonies, Lions Are Told. George Washington in directing the destinies of the colonies in the Revolutionary war and in his leadership after the country attained independence was answering the call of Divine Providence. Such was the view expressed by the Rev. George G. Parker of the Central Lutheran church in an address before the Lions club Wednesday noon at the Hanford. "I thoroly believe," said Mr. Parker, "that the great leaders of all times, and at present, are God- sent. Whenever and wherever there lave been menacing crises, there has been an inspired personage to direct the efforts toward solution." Man of Wealth Needed. Briefly the speaker sketched the life of Washington, pointing to his religious-minded parents and to the worshipful nature of Washington himself, asserted thru his reliance on prayer, his faithful observance of the Sabbath and .his punctilious honesty. Whereas in other crises, Mr. Parker observed, the call has been for leaders from a lowly station in life, such as Lincoln, the particular need of the Revolutionary period was for a man of wealth--and an unselfish willingness to use it for his country. "If the country had been willing to abide by the counsel contained in Washington's farewel! address,' the pastor asserted, "there would have been no Civil war. His views on a strong central government anc the necessity for peaceful relations between the states were incapable of misinterpretation." Applied Later Too. Admonitions contained in that same address would have had pro Stable application at the time of the World war too, the speaker added In this connection, reference wns made to President Wilson's jaunt to Europe and his participation in the councils of kings and other royalty, in contravention of Washington's warning against "entangling alliances." Bringing the lesson of Washington to present-day life, Mr. Parker admonished hia hearers to recognize their civic and religious duties toward community and church. The mere giving of money is not sufficient; active participation is an essential, it was contended. Acting in the absence of President G. E. Cress, now in California at the bedside of his aged mother Vice President J. L. Pauley invitee the Rev. Mr.' Parker to return to the club and discuss conditions in Li beria, where Mr. Parker has served as a missionary. D. K. Lundber] introduced the speaker. Ragamuffins Please. The Ragamuffins, a group o dancers from Lincoln school, unde the direction of Miss Jean Marsh art teacher, provided a much appre ciated dance. Members of the group were Mildred Van Every, Dorothj Price, Arlene Zirvel, Cleo Bain, Dlx ie Ward and LeRoy Anderson, th last-named doing a blackjfaced sol number. Miss Eunice Anderson was at the piano. Guests of the club included W. R Nolan of Minneapolis, I. J. Plain ondon of Dubuque and B. L. Kearn Swift and company manager, Ma son City. cornea from within. ves Wayne C tnakts it eas strong, vigor as quickly as milk -- and al lower feed cost, Ask us for the new Wayne booklet: " How o Raise G o o d D a i r y .Hciftrs." It's FREE. \8asytossed j| \fVo Cooking WAYNE CALF MEAL o? Refit Calf Grower / -- SOLD 8Y -- * PHONK 27(| i. r. i T ©ordo Farmers Co. 500 3rd ST. N. K. PLAN TO ATTEND MIDWINTER MEET Officers of Junior Chamber Will Go to Newton Conference. George Wolf, president, Charle: Corn,well, president-elect, and Dr Don J. FitzGerald, vice-president plan to attend the midwinter confer ence of the Iowa Junior Chambe of Commerce which will be held a Newton Feb. 23. The conference wll open at noon with a luncheon. In the afternoon the group wil go for a tour of the Maytag factorj and the afternoon session will con vene with annual reports. Discussion groups of the state program wii also hold a meeting. Plans will also be made concern ing the national convention which will be held in Des Molnes. A banquet will be held in the eve nlng. Speakers will Include leader in the state junior chamber of com merce. Cities participating are For Dodge, Sioux City, Davenport, New ton, Ottumwa, Des Moines, and Mason City. H. D. Makeover has been placed i charge of the party of the local ju nior division of the Chamber o Commerce, which is planned to b held Tuesday at the Clear Lak Country club. HELEN HENDIUCKS News Editor Residence Phono 340W OFFICE PHONE No. 239 LEE DEYVIGGINS Circulation and Advertising Residence Phono 67 SMOKERS UPSET INDOOR LEAGUE Tarrs Hold Lead With Unbeaten Record; Wol- fords Win First Game. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--The Jefferson smoke shop defeated the Perkins' dairy 13 to 8 Tuesday night 'or the lead in 'the indoor baseball eague games. The Farmer Co-Ops staged one of the biggest upsets n the moonlight league by downing the Royal Barbers 13 to 8 to tie with them for second place in tire league. The Fundson 4-H club boys rallied with a 26 to 0 victory over the Wolford team for the ir first victory. The Tarr's remained at the head of the Sunset league by defeating the Ritz smokers 12 to 4, with six straight wins. Kenyon's dairy and the Bryson aggregation played off the tie Monday night, resulting in a 10 to 1 victory for Bryson. Kenyon's dairy downed the Pitsor Legion men 17 to 15 and Bryson's took the Kennedy oniyi growers for a 7 to 5 beating. Next week's games: Sunset league (Monday night) Ritz vs. Kenyon, Kennedy vs, Tarr, and Bryson vs. Pitsor; Moonlight league (Wednesday night) Farmer's Co- Ops vs. Perkins .dairy, Royal Barbers vs. Wolford and Jefferson vs. Findson 4-H. Game standings: SUNSET LEAGUE Won Lost Tarrs 6 0 Ritz 4 2 Pitsor 8 3 Bryson S S Kenyon 2 4 MOONLIGHT LEAGUE Jefferson 5 1 Koyal Barbers 4 Findson 4 2 Farmcrs's Co-Ops S 3 Perkins ' 5 Wolfords 1 5 ^ites for Son of Mr., Mrs. Paul to Be Held Thursday CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--Funeral ervlccs for the infant son of Mr. nd Mrs. Charles Paul will be held 'hursday afternoon at the W. F. 'aul home, Division street, at 2 'clock and at 2:30 at the Methodist hurch. The Rev. J. R. Tumbleson have charge of the services. CLEAR LAKE CALENDAR Thursday--Twentieth Century club meets at the home of Mrs. F. P. Walker, North Second street- Crescent club meets at the home of Mrs. W. W. Choatc, Nortli Third street. Zion Lutheran father and son banquet at the church. Methodist picnic supper in church basement at 6 o'clock. Sorosis club meets at the horn of Mrs. E. B. Stillman, Nort Third street. Catholic Daughters of America meet at the church at 7:45 fo: business meeting. Friday--Clear Lake vs. Forest City high school basketball at th Community building. Lake township Farm Bureau meets at Charles Schmoll home for all day meeting. The students of District No. school, Union township, have box social, Eleanor Kernan, teacher. Christian Workers meet at home of Mrs. Arleigh Eddy. P. E. O. Has Dinner. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--Members of the local chapter of the P K. O. were dinner guests at the home of Mrs. G. E. Frost Tuesday evening. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. A. M. Ingersoll, Mrs. W. D Bigg, Mrs. J. R. Tumbleson, Mrs. R C. Ingersol, Mrs. A. B. Phillips and Mrs. Mabel Newcomer. The evening was spent socially. Rural W. C. T. U. Meets. , CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--The Cerro Gordo rural W. C. T. U. me at the home of Mrs. Ralph Bowers Tuesday instead of that of Mra Charles Wolford, who was ill. Dur ing the absence ot the president Mrs. W. M. Hill, Mrs. James White presided. Mrs. White also 'presented Mrs. White also presented the pro the program which honored the or ganizer of W. C. T. U., Frances Wil lard. Play Will Be Presented in Meltonville Church MELTONVILLE, Feb. 18.--A one act play, "Station YYY," wil be given by the young persons fo the M. E. Sewing circle Friday eve ning in the Meltonville hall. Musi cal numbers will make up the "re mainder of the program. OfSLDRENS Mr. and Mrs. Baack C e l e b r a t e Golden Wedding at Woden WODEN, Feb. 18.--Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baack, residents of the dom- munity for many years, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Tuesday. They had open house to their many friends in the afternoon and a dinner was served to immediate relatives. In the evening they invited their friends to a dance which was held at the Community hall. Lyncliings are a disgrace to our civilization. Our national complacency toward it inflicts us in the eyes of the entire world.--Davenport Times. VIr. and Mrs. Waller to Celebrate Golden Anniversary Sunday CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--Mr. nnd Irs. E. C. Waller will hold open ouse to their friends and relatives t their home on 700 North street, unday afternoon from 3 to C 'clock in observance of their golden redding anniversary. Both of Mr. nd Mrs. Waller's daughters and randchildren will be pi'esent. Mr. nd Mrs. Trev Gillasple and family, Lincoln, Nebr., Dr. and Mrs. Thomas JcMahon, Garner, and Tom and table McMahon, Iowa City, will be niong the relatives present. Mr. and Mrs. Waller were married n. Washington's birthday, 1881, at Broadhead, Wis. .With the exception f one year in Broadhead, they have pent all of their married life near Hear Lake. LAKE VAGABONDS ENTER TOURNEY Three Regulars Will Be Able to Participate in Friday's Games. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. IS.--The Hear Lake Vagabonds have entered he Northern Iowa Independent lasketball tourney which is to be lelcl Friday and Saturday at the r. M. C. A. at Mason City. About 0 teams are entered in the meet. The locals (ire to meet the on Couriers at 1 o'clock Fri- 250 Are Served at W. R. C. Bean Dinner CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--About ISO persons were served at the nn- lual bean supper sponsored by the, nembera of the Wdmeu's Relief orps Tuesday evening at the I. O. O. F. hall. The ticket sale for the inner amounted to about $84. About 53.50 was received on parcel lost packages. Table decorations were carried 'ut in red with the red candles, nut ups and flowers. Mrs. A. W. Whitley, Mrs. M. N, Nelson, Mrs. Ollts ^eterson, Mrs. George Peterson, Irs. Frank Clark and Mrs. C. E. Wells were the executive committee n charge of the dinner. CLEAR LAKE BRIEFS clay morning. The winners of this ilt will play the Mason City Canvas company, which drew a bye in he first round. This game is sched- iled for 9 o'clock Friday night. The -cmnining games are to be played Saturday. Probably two members of the ocal team will be unable to enter Friday's games. Witter, Van Loan and Christensen will be on ricc!c and Wistey, Max Paulson and Gordon Nelson will be there to fill in my gaps. No other games are scheduled for the Vagabonds this week. Beo Inspector la Approved. WATERLOO, Feb. 18. (INS)--A resolution to appropriate $300 as a compensation for a bee inspector "or Black Hawk county has been massed unanimously by the board of supervisors. Clear Ltiko WED. -- DOUBLE SHOW "Cut Creeps" -- "Divorcee" Thursday --· Friday GEORGE BANCROFT in "SCANDAL SHEET" Wanted to Rent--A house. B. C Layman. Ph. 32F11. Mrs. Lewis GoHen was dismisses from Mercy hospital, Mason City Tuesday and brot to her home on South Oak street. She allows a lit Lie improvement each day. Wo havo the most clever lino o spring dresses we have ever shown Beautiful plaid and flowered crepes Wonderful values at ?6.75 and ?10 The Family Store. Air. uml Mr.s. John O'Connetl announce the birth of a baby boy born at their home in Clear Lake Sunday. This is the fourth child in the family. The boy has not been named yet. Mrs. William Alter returned this morning from the Twin Cities where she purchased spring goods for The Family Store. Miss Helen DeWlgglns accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Joe Power and jon, Joe Manning, Mason City, to Waterloo Wednesday. The Power string quartet were to play over station WMT between 7:30 and 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. Specialize In Auto Body and Fender Repairing. Reasonable prices. DeVVilde and Bistme at DeBruyn ·uper Service. Peter Anderson left Wednesday for Madison, Wis., where he will spend several days on business. The Rev. J. K. Tumbleson left Tuesday for Sioux City. He is in attendance at a meeting of the trustees of Morningside college. He ans to return Thursday. Mrs. H. I. Cole left this morning for McGregor, where she will remain for a short time at the home of her sister, Mrs. Monsky, who is ill. Mrs. Nolu Horn entertained n. group of friends Tuesday night at dinner at the C. A. Pinneke home, South Fourth street. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. D. W. Daly and son, Don Daly, Mason City. 48 Participate in C. D. A. Card Benefit CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 18.--Forty- Mght persons attended the benefit card party at the Catholic church Tuesday night sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of America. Mrs. F. Sheeny received the high score for five hundred and -Walter Haijsman, consolation. Mrs. Dora Hanson took high in bridge and Mrs. Sam Metz the consolation. The committee in charge included Mrs. W. Gouger, Mrs. R. A. Monaghan, Mrs. Margaret Monaghan, Mrs. Ed Boyle. Mrs. Walter Bisgrovc and Mrs. Agnes O'Neil. ITCHING SKIN BANISHED BY ANTISEPTIC ZEMO If itching, burning skin makes life unbearable, quickly apply Zemo, the soothing, cooling, invisible family antiseptic. Thousands find that Zemo brings swift relief from Itching, helps lo draw out local infection and restore the akin to normal. For 20 years Zemo has been clearing up skin, relieving pimples, raah and other skin, irritations. Never be without it. £j£M every- where--35c, 60c and $l"00. Bad Stomach Cause of Bad Skin You can't expect to linvc a good clear fresh-looking complexion if your stomach is weak and disordered. Undigested food sends poisons through your whole body, pimples appear in your face, skin grows sallow and muddy and loses its color. Your tongue becomes coated, breath most unpleasant. But these troubles will cnci quickly nnd skin clear up if! you will start today talcing that simple herbal compound known to druggists as Tanlnc. Tanlac c o n t a i n s nothing but herbs, barks and roots which have a cleansing, healing effect on a pocr npset stomach. Just a tcaspoonful before each meal stimulates the digestion naturally so that you can eat what you want without fear of distress. And when your stomach is in good shape again sec how much keener your appetite is--watch how quickly skin begins to prow free of disfiguring eruptions. The cost of Tanlac is less than 2c a. dose. Get a bottle from your druggist today. Money back if it doesn't help you. Colds are often serious,' Never neglect a cold. Take the recognized standard remedy. Laxative Tablets WE SPECIALIZE IN REPAIRING ELECTRIC MOTORS We can make that old motor do the work of a new one at a small coat to you. We repair all kinds of electric motors. We rewind armatures, buy and sell new and used motors. When ever in trouble with your motor, call us tor prompt service. ZACK ELECTRIC 306 Second S. W. COMPANY Phone 977

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