The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, November 3, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL No. 404. Gettysburg, Pa., 3Ionday. November 3s, 1913. Price IVo Cents. -SWEATERS- F OR'MliN-- WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.00. EcKerts Store '· ON THE SQUARE." NEAR MURDERER IS CAPTURED MORE TROU LINCOLN WAY iANNUAL REPORT FOR HOP LEE GETTYSBURG 1 VELOPMENTS OF ASSOCIATION I Mail Accused of Shooting on Day of Kow Charged with Aiding in the Es- i Red and White Triumphed over the; interest becoming More and More j State Congress of Mothers Hears the Big Colored Excursian in Sepf-j cape of his Eldest Son Wanted by Orange and Bine at Carlisle en; General. Western States Specially! Annual Report of the Gettysburg Saturday. Large Crowd Saw the; Game on Biddie Reid. \ I ember' is caught by Detective; Wilson. · the Immigration Authorities To! Have Keating. Active in Promoting the Big Move-] meat Parent Teachers* Association. Much Accomplished. Charles Patterson, colored, charged: Another chapter was ad-Jwl to th Under perfect before an vrestner immense CG»:!l!UOr.S · At the annual Pennsylvania roee'ting 1 with attemoted murder, wis placed In ? trouble? cf Hop Lee on ?at jrday when '· 2nd i the Adams County jail on Ser lay by! he was arrested, charged with iidin^- B:dc!e Field, Carlisle, the Gettysburg Hijrhwsy is shown by t so:. Dan i College foo'L ball team went .Iov.-n to subscribers to the ? * _ _ _ . - _ j - - - - - . WALTER'S THEATRE ! Cotzntv Detective Charles H. Wilson' in the escape of his elde i who has been on the trail of the man * Lee, of Harrisburg. The arrest was : del tat Saturday 1 ever since he shot Clara Brown in the' niade by Deputy Marsha! K. \\' Fish- I li«-!:iuson "'J to i'j. | basement of the Hotel Gettysburg late', er, of Sunbury, on information laid ir- of four games played with the Car-He "in the afternoon of September 8, the : Charles V. Mallet, of G-c-joc-ic-r City.. school Gettysburg has !o.--t vs2 !at. «dav that over seven thousand negro · Chinese and Immigration Inspector. '. tnree. ' excursionists were brought to town by · Hop Lee gave bail for las appear- ; Carhsk- was The immense amount of activity j crow*! c:» | from coast to coast for the Lincoln ' of ..he Mothers' Congress and Parent a bulletin to · Teachers Associations in Erie last §10.000.000 fund,: v.-eek, Mrs. WHI. Arch McClean, of afternoon, before" v.-hieh has just been issued. This re- [ Gettysburg:, gave the reoort of the !o- Out of the- seriss '. pur:. ;n par:, says: ' ca! association which'was declared to II. S. Guinc-. assistant to \he presi- ' be one of the best presented during v:;t of the Coc-dyear Tire a-.J Rubber . the entire week. The report in part i Co., of Akron, recently addressed n ! was a? fellows: for the eame. : 4 Ret-ls Touijiiii THAXHOL'SEli ii I'.KKI, KAY-BKK FKA'iVkK s.M!' FLOTSAM -- ::TK«-f-l f Kay-Brfc Sl»GWUi£ the t!ir;!jii!;i Hcxctit «..! a ih'Ul. ll»e ·-'-«-- fro-rt the- angry wav^s. INFLECTIONS FI1OM THE FlkKi.UsilT I "!· tra'!ia A story o: the mar* 2= a Show ton! P H O T O P L A Ilhe Western Maryland Railroad. Mr. Wilson's success in 1 ance at a hearin«- on Xo\e-:;ber 7 be- ·' Many of the business uuiidinirs showed at JoSiet a:;d met with a most j It is with extreme graiincat'Sfi that aoprehend- ' fore United States Comm.--ior.-r Ray- ;the colors of the t\.-« rival -,choolj and ib.-r* hav ic reception. The citizens a progressive and successful year can e cr-.jap.ix.ed The Lincoln' be reported for the Parent-Teachers \Vr«-« k-«l Y«-st-S [ · through · cer. Immediately following the shoor- 1'rior to this last arrest r.~ l'_ w j, sc . \zui afternoon and the orange HIM blue \ Vii-e-l're.-:de::c i'ar-iington expects , Eight regular public meetings were warmly received , soon to visit ihut city and per'eci the held, one each month of the school alwavs been j where the man was employee and \ get Dan Lee lis real name was. t where he was reward of War Siorv Vt "AGRAHI EDISON A FAITHFUL SERVANT Tfracht-rv works out ij£Kiiii!ui»cs eii'i The --1 .vv but sure-" With MAL'KICE CO3f.KU.O- HIS G K E ATESX V1CTO R V Lictenjat liiate. wo m-.W! la, i --- 5iL- sno-inryaml his youn^ bride believer-. herself a wido 1 ".'. Crane, lilf cliuiu v. lite the Kiri. only to rttxwnize among the~en!i=ted men. With ma^niikviiL strif-saoriiicK'he ,-uccsx-ds iu restoring Blake's ;»paiorv and reunites husband and wife. HOMESPL'N ' Essanay The \vife" s father brings about a reconcillftion between husband and \\ilV- ~ ·' To:!i.rro-,v Nisjhf^Palhe Two Rtfe! Special "THE MINER'S DESTINY'" awav from Ha-ri:bu'-'- · hafilfc ran it out a short distance and a ! ciation had subscribed \u the fund and four new members being present and s conducting a laur.drx. ··..'· moment later a bad pass caused j pledged hiniseif to tne sale of certi- ! enrolled at the October meeting. n recover-1 rk-ates to his customers. An engineer; The equipment for the Manual Carlisle in-jof the highway department of the cuy Training Department--20 benches and i-er for t h ^ i agreed for ttse city io mark the route tools for same at a cost of S200--was from the · from the Camdors ferry to trie County completed by the Association this rson lefc Baltimore for some 1 order to avoid arrest. When 'he oiii- j Scheffer to f umbie. Dickinson recover- j rk-ates to his customers. An engineer Harrishurjr launcrv i' r -» t!le " o;i "- Dunn, for che Carlisle in-jof the highway department of the cuy Eden : c -rs wtn't to tne Ha his home at '525" Xorth carrie-a the uan over ioj sar\-ei!-l " arl i-ee was missing and the subsc-- i *nti:;ion. Baltimore Detective. Force, placed him j-- intricacies of this Chinese smug-! end v -' as disqualified, causing a under arrest- He was given a hearing-1 g'ing system that Scranton is sort of j S P O:; at that position. Sunday morning and waived the form- j '- clearing- house for the orientals am- . year. In February a report of pav- * v;i ^-^n.-«w» o .u.i«.;.«i of Nebraska s n-ent of bills was made. The money weak [along- the Piatte Valley met in conven-. was raised by entertainment, con- r _ _ I tion at Cei:Ynii City. The state has al-! u-Ibution, etc. The School Board se- Dickinson had things al! their own ; ready been marked throughout its en- J cured an instructor and the teachers aim- of securing extradition par.ers. jthai. much of the illegal work :=« being i s far as | «^one in that section. iway in the first half and scored twen- Mr. Wilson brought him a Hanover Sunday morning- by rail, and What has become of Dan Le" no one was met there by Sheriff Thompson knows, except the wily-Chinamen who of the 1 have evidently covered his tracks sue- 'cessfully. Meanwhile Hop's troubles THE FIRST SNOW STORM Si r.-i!-'- :b- ;!rr;\-;s! V.":-.t»r ,''irl *i.l' *· in iw t-ur ui.jti-i -nil .- \\ili ii.iv ""*:" -:lt"k ·i- "w.-i* : , oat. · ~ l l-~! '-.i ill. is' Sri-^'":'" A Hiii T!=i- Ot.ii i a:I -r:t!:txr 3- l'ri:.ce .»!!, and - · ruse ii '-J or o order ·_ St j who brought him the balance f way in his aocomobile. 1 The story of the shooting vdli be j continue to be involved in complica- i well remembered. Two rooms in the j ri -cns. - i basement of the Hote: Gettysburg had j So-Ho Dan Hon is still here, under ibeen fitted for the negroes, tr.e one as ) bai! - awaiting the final orders for his I match in 'the last half 1 the bar and another for eitinir and i Deportation. , ty sb: points. Dunn proved to be powerful and fast am: almost a. sure tire distance with our highway mark- reported increased interest in the cr. The banks are also as enthusiastic schools; several dozen boys and eight as the citizens for The Lincoln Iligh- | girls taking up the work enthusiastic- ground gainer. Against a:id fasLer Dickinson me the heavier j way Gettvsbunr | Our markers are placed fiv. ·ailv. to tne _ In the beginning of 1913 Domestic fought gamely but four touchdowns -block on the poles through Omaha. I Science was suggested for our schools, · Q ince the last bulletin prominent' and that our Association raise monev were registered before the end of the second quarter. GetEYsburs was easih- of Dickinson's the jjame. j drinking." " " "i j Aboui; six o'clock in the evening j g._ | many men and women were seated at, f I the rabies when the crowd in the bar NEXT ATTRACTION Three times MahafSe interceoted forward passes. Only once did Gettysburg dtizens and onicials including govern-; to pay for a demonstration to further ors and mayors between the Atlantic' the movement. We held moving pic- ar.d the Pacific have written letters "lo'ture benefits. Arrangements' were the association, and the press com.--' made wuh the-mansgeaieiiirto giveTIS^' "' mending the ilncoln Hig-hway to the gccd pictures and at as small a price i j started jostling each other about and f finally gc'c into a free-for-all n="ht i n | which beer bottles and glasses v.-ere ' j thrown about and wild confusion I suited. The bartenders retreated Large Colored Musical Contedr Company Coming on Friday. fail to work" an attempted forward patriotic consideration of- their ciri- as possible. The school children sold pass. Scheffer passing true to various j zens. The Board of Selectmen cf Wor-1 rh_ e benefit tickets and we made S63. members of the team for substantial gains and scoring Gettysburg's touchdowns. Hoar registered a two long biew Eogers and Creamers ""Negro Play- run and just before the whistle ^ e _ i 2rs of America" which comes to Wai- | Weigle ran back a kick-off through al- ant i j ier's Theatre on Friday. October 7. ir. | most the entire Dickinson Veam. Allen B. Piaak. plumber, offered to e individual gas stoves for this tester. Mass., are agitating to have the t Alh highways improved leading from Al- donati bany to Boston in order that the Xew department. England tributary may be improved.! The School Directors after the pa«- suitablyjnarked and made worthy of s; . ge of he Vocational its part "in this great transcontinental ill :iHtHHIH»Ii:i»lt:.ttlIlHUI»HIH»MHHIHIHHHHiHlliniHllHn51IHIl»llHlHIlH!HH!H«I.nJlHHHIIH£ jar Clara Brown. The shot entered over the right kid- j x '' ., I fJC Wo:f lie is "America's Greaz- - ney and went through her Lcdv. a est Comedian and has the distinction probe showing it to have lodged above ! of oeiG * the most nlolest actor TM j fee Iefc breast. i America." His facial expression car. marvelons. and Patterson See and the injured woni- j America." Ris facial only be described as = :an vras care-d for at. the countv iail bv -- , -- -- --- ~ i even when ha allows himself to in- | High grade Paper, Jtaton Crane and Berlin Jones I Stock usual price 25, 35 and 3Qcts. | NOW 17 cts per boxs etthefirstchoice | Peoples' Drug Store Dr. Dalbey. Later she was removed to i dmse ln a dance :c is «=ecirted with a The Catholic High Law. decided to nt up a room for this purpose, which has been pronounced one of the most complete. It is equipped with twenty gas stoves which with plumb, _ _ . .ing amounted to S100. donated 10 School basket ! papers. lr. Denver llotor Field., an au- sc ;, oo r by A. B. Piank. H. B. P.end°r " ' " " - · - - ball team lost "to the Hassett Club ai jtomobile publication, has started a Qre of o ^. r fnrnh:ore dealer " s cona i e d?a Harrisburg Friday evening -50 10 10. | popular hst for selling contributors K : certificates, reporting each sale in its 'time. She is now considered out: or 1 danger though she s'cill suffers some i " IRON SPRINGS Iron Springs--A vc teachers" meeting was held at Pieasarit school hoase. Hamiitonban j cov.'nshiD. Miss Lou Etta Sharetts ! coiumns. Ex-Govemor Gillet'ce. of California, ff-f ^51 father of the SIS.000,000 bond issue for the improvement of California roads, has agreed to serve as bonorarv ! her home in Baltimore where she re- j quainc «*"'«"* " fi!cn I mained in a critical condition for some ! ^ out OI the OM!na! T- in a ~crd Mr. -1 Harper must oe seen to be aDoreciated i , - -- - . - -TM , . · · i . - - .. -" . teacner. on i-rsoav evening, ihe scnool'-c, anu tnere is no wnite comedian on the - " . . . , . . , j t. ! ^ , ., ~ , ! room was deconuea oeaunfuiiv and -- , , - - r,--^ TT-OTT, he.- iT,j,,^ a ~ i stasre who couiu not nront br watch-' , -- -. - ,, ,-, ^ ~ ,- f Brges the early visit 01 one p^n irom nei injunes- i. ,. , . ,- i :he DUD:!S recited weil. Great credit' _ - ! :ng- IKS methods.--advertisement ' " -- Iioosier Kitchen Cabinet. C. A. Blocher donated a handsome clock, and we have had a number of other smaller things given us. The directors employed a teacher, and when our public schools opened in September our girls -_ %vere started on 3. Dornes'tic Science , . i»nnegar. State Consul, of San . . . . , - . ^ . course, wmcn is approved by thp State 3IENCHEY--STEIXOCR HAT FOR PLANK = I Gettysburg Couple 3Iarried Saturday | in Xewlv Furnished Home- Eddie Piank Got a Gift Hat in lisle Saiurdav. Car JoauTh. of There Are manv convin.-ins; arjr.mienis that n.ighi 5xj preser.tcil as to tbe snj^ri- Lippy Made Clothes bnt we know *-! none so conrlasive as th-- reSned appearance of tin? Hollic B themselves. There is lranty in wery line a:i«l ijiialiiy in every -=iil;h ann J. D. Lippy Tailor \ve iiave a 5pedal fine line of the Anderson rain coats fibre. In their newly furnished home on i outh Washington street Miss- Emma i \ G- SteSnour and Lewis vV. i r enchey | | were married at eight o'clock Satur- ! i cay evening by Eev. J. B. Baker. The | · bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. · i-John Steinour and Mr. Menchey is a i ison of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Menchey. ! of our officials in order that the or- jganizacion jhere may be perfected. With all these activities going across tne country, and these reported are but a small number, it is small . ,, , , , . , wonder chat the Lincoln Kiirhwav to- strausoaugn. iuarl iiontz. Baser, j - " j s due to Miss Sharetts for having- had I ;· well n arranged program. Ths fol- J J-ovx-;!-.g- pupil? recited: Bernice Straus-] James K',:r.:p. Eva Stoop?.! Kun:r. Geortre EishoD. Fannie j Ths Carlisle Heraid Sarardav even- i Gladys Kismp. Car! r»Ioritz. George ing said: J. A. Stambaugh. the hatter, i Siraiisbaugft. Paul 3tratisbaus;h anc: vras hor.cred this afternoon when he 1 J""S"^t Strai;s!.-ugh. ".vss selected from all the hatters of j Tne following- V.each*r.=; w: the United States v.-ho carry Stetson i i «^ : Clara T-Ioore. Lou Etta Shan-tts; hats, when '-Eddie" Plank, of the Ath- 3RtJ V,"ilson numme!bai.£rh. Prcf. C. A. I letic World's champion baseball team. '^nii«. of the Fairfieid High School,; r is one of the most talked of movements now being fostered anti ic is most keen. MOTORCYCLE RUN STRUCK BY SHOT |:-Toppad i:i his score, sr.l presentevl aj"·--« present : .etrer from the presi'Ient of che -J. B. 1 '"Causes of ! Stetson hat company, aatKorixin; anv 1 '- V3?: d;?c;j«c-l r Reading in School" ' I'rof. Lsr.iiis. 3" MolorcycliMs Come to Gct- sbur^- on Endurance R-jn. - . lor.e ot h:s acents to give ?,lr. Piank a; naTe:ti: - -^« r - Is;:n -" ie:0al: »" a!1J Ir - · 3Iisscs Farmers Eve bv Fraction:. ^ .c-,,- - - . , ,, , , ·- -i- r- ; '- ·-. .-~ ,- Eddie received the order for has j -rong. ii-jati'^ UTI v eri-,:!atio o an ncn. ] pa;V in winning the championship. He j-"" rc di^cu-sed by iv to Conduct a Roc: 1 An er.-Jurai'cc nx.iorevcle run of scv- authorities so that under the Vocational Law the State will pay two-thirds of expense.--an addition to our schools brought about by our I'arent- on Teachers" Association. Child Welfare Day. February 17. was celebrated by having each scholar ·-vhrch we sent to the national treasurer of the Mothers" Congress. The question of a course of music was discussed at ona of our spring ;reating? \vjth the result that -ur as- f nation dec-ceil to take ii up. Our sX:oi directors refused to have anything to do with ii, bur said we might tjy. We fou d v.-c could employ a j-:i;s:c teacher ."or all the srrades up Mi?? ShareUs. R. II. Black, of route 2 Gettysburg:.; vvs? ' ln Cj f iisJe '°- da " to jritness the ] " icr.tecn machines from Harrisburg had ·Gettysburg- as a checking station of :h; event or. Sur.dav. c.!::iin": ov · »ras struck by a stray shot from a · game, and procured the bat here. ! rabbit hunter's gun on Saturday. The j : shot struck the eye lid and fwHcwed i w ., i i -""" " " , ^ i t h e bone around t o t h e f l e s h below the' PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL Uyc where Mr. Black picked it out. i Borough AIM- DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1 .OR \ I He stiftered considerable pain ior 1 time but no other ill effects- Bsiidfng Curb. Propertj O^^ncrs Rave Houses Painted. . , » . . . , , - r -«' ± t»l«ri j \ -Taco-iy ana .'.Irs. .iiarsaret j ^ ' . _. McSherry. of Getty ^burjr, visited Mr. ' e - C ' ° CU " ?r A uniform concrete curb has " 1 M r ' Toh ^cShcrry over Sa^r- MILLER--BAILEY O L D F A S H I O N D MOLASSES TAFFY ] Almond Taffy, 40 cents lb., Bntternnt Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, 201 cents lb.. Poar.wt Brittle, 1O cents lb.. Ice Cream TaiTIes, 10 cents lit.--Fresh · 3aily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN - been -, completed on both sides of Howard \ ]ay .!:" d Si:r ^ a ",street from Springs avenue to West 5 . . '""^ *«ermap. or de Miss Bailey and Mr. Miller Married in i-Middle street extended and the street I * S5:tc(l -^ anu l , r£ ' C « af3es York. ! itself is heir.* rounded off and scraped, j aver *«"«"»- ar.u bunoay- 1-reatiy inipro^ng that er.d of wwn. j Five ha.-iters on Saturday , Alien Miller, of Wavmesburg. and j Mrs. M. Valentine has had" repairs j-°' ton Ia!!s i"TM u ?« t!l:? FC i Mary Cecelia Baiiey. of Getty-sburg.! made to the porch at her house" ard ! a " cods Peen ' Cf! ' L ° roa! " With lhc n ·ti a In town o'clock tr.e n:en in the jdifiTiers and iusujediately ft Uh r t reiarn trip. bruised badiy about Vwelve -L::I go; their . .. not 's:ty ! were married Saturday mor.iing by | t h e properties of F. M. Drais and \V. | : ; Alderman Walter F. Owen. The cere- IT. Ziegier are being painted. i RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT i monv was performed in the alderman's i FOR SALE--A very good investment property--3 frame houses in a ' Ol ^ ce- York. j ro\r with tin roofs and Tvater in houses, 4 rooms and kitchen each hoase. These houses have just been painted and are in good repair and rent for SG.OO per month each and you can buy Vhem for less than $2600. One of the best built brick, tin roof houses in a good section of the tov.-n ·with all modern conveniences s-.ich as bath, gas, range, heat, hot and cold water, large porches, fine lawn, good outbuildings, good garden and room enough on the lot for another house. Some person is going to get a big bargain in this house SPECIAL: we have received a large 1 MARRIAGE LICENSE to the high s-chool. for certain hours z\.-l da;, s of ihe week, at a cost of s:"'!, and we decided to put music ;is:o our schools ana raise the money. We had a "lag day." A committee of five men was appointed "co look af- icr Uie tags. On October IS ^Farmers" ii_:y) o-jr school children sold 1,500 JX-3 tags with "Masic for Oar Public SchoolsTM prirueu on them in white Jotic-r.T. r:TH! we realised from them .-"!·**!, so our music is almost paid for, The nftieth anniversary of the bar- ii-j of Gettysburg delayed the work on ih^ Kurtz memorial paj-gror:nc of 19 a^rcs. as the land was used for the celebration. Immediately foiiowing tris Mr. Kurtz pushed the work ana had Mr. Frank Miles Day. the weil- known architect of Philadelphia, draw _ Mills.- F.oy. brown gcltihiir. owned by t j, s p j ans f or t ;, c piaygroar.d. Six | Miller am: P.rithei of New Oxford. ; Cnn j s courts have been graded and !v.-on the i:l7 :roi in --.raight beats at the baseball ar.u football grounds are on · BROKE TRACK RECORD Oxford IJrtr^f Win* Race North Carolina. line of children's, ladies' and men's I Clerk of ihe Coin-is Olingcr has isCIDER: will make cider Tuesday j winder coats also boys' and men's fall j -ucd a marriage to .Ta:ncs Mur- and Wednesdav- of each week during j suits. Special prices en large rugs d x ' ·£» and Miss Mary Hoiwedel. l«lh of November at A. J. Miller's, · ville.--advertisement Arendts- j 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. use, come to see us, we will be glad to tell you all about it frIJNK PECK MAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. temoon and evening. SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- -advertisement 1 Knouse, Biglerville.advertisement 1 MODERN house for rent. Write X, Times.--advertisement 1 Conewago township. WAXTED: two boys over H vcars of age at the Monarch Cigar Store. Good wagfs.--advertisement 1 IP..-I, Wednesday a i nlost finished. The foundation of the record. Iierman ] O( jg e is being erected, the second ? ] oor ot - w hi c h will be a flat of nve ! rooms for the keeper. On the first -- i floor separate rooms have been plan- DOXT forget Jos. B. Twining's big ' ned for the girls asid boys, equipped sale of ,"on Wednesday, Nov. 5th. with lockers, shower baths, wash and CharloUe, X. C.. or. ara broke the track Tjson. of Xowaik. Delaware, was the driver. --advertisement toilet conveniences. NEWSPAPER! SEWSPAPERl

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