The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 1, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 1, 1913
Page 4
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- «-J»» f\. ,»'" ^ · THE GETTYSBURG TIMES ^^ -^~'^^*^TM^ -- _ _ _. ··__ ir\__^^,^fc.*- C****/9oi«r Published JDail; and New* I. LAYERE SAFES, _*r , Secretary and Treasurer. it Sunday Pnwidvxt 'EHELIP H. BJSLE, Editor by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cent* per momth. 0 - Qtside of Gettysburg for 25 eeaU per month. Single copies to non-sgbseraers. 2 cents. HP VOQ Mceise THE TIMES by jnail vou can find the date np to which. yp» «e UNITED PHQKB coraer of Ceatr* Square, Gettysburg, 'KiS PAPES REPHESEMEO FOR ADvlRTSSiNG BY THE. GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO per "word. cent per -word each Insertion- Two cents * word ' position. Resolution* of respect, poetry »nd icernonam* ARREST SLEUTHS IN GRAFTSCANDAl Reading Councilman Swears Out Warrants. GASES ABE SENT TO COURT * *SiT^ s A!l the 'Defendants Sn Bribery Case Waive Hearings--More Disclosures Are Due. Heading. Pa., Nov. 1---E. O. Conkling, manager of tae Philadelphia of- fice'of the "\YiHlam J. Burns detective agency, and J. H. Sloan, who represented himself to City Clerk Ramsey as the agent of a fire engine manufacturing company, were arrested oa the charge of conspiracy. Councihnen Cununiags, Fiemmins and Leviis, charged with "graft" in connectson with a fire engige contract, 77 HEROES REWARDED Carnegie Commission Grants Medals and $71,600 In Cash. Pittsburgh, Pa., lS T ov. 1- -- 3Iore wards in money and medals were Bade at the fall meeting of the Came- »ie hero fund commission than at any,} NO MEXICAN PLAN TILL NEXT WEEK waived hearings. Detective Conkllas stated that he One hundred and twenty-four cases were considered, seventy-seven of which, were acted on favorably. The ronimission awarded ?T1,000 in cash and eighty bronze medals, twenty-sis silver and one_ gold. For home purchases .and other; worthj purchases $S7,500" was award-* ed, \\iih $2$;000 awarded for educa- uoaal purposes. !£ae balance of the total amount was awarded for death benefits and Indeb 8dness liquidations. President's Cabinet Fails to Meet to Discuss Policy, FEDERALS f EAR MASSACRE s | t- . , OrozcoVTroops FJee-^Prom-Chihuahua -ic Avoid Capture bjr.Eancho.'ViHa's Rebels. SAFE BLOWERS GET S5000 PartialSy Wreck Building and Cut Telegraph and Telephone Lines. Falmouih, Mich.. Nov." 1.--The Bank of Falsnouih was raided by safe blowers and §5000 taken s'roai tae sale. The building was partly wrecked by the explosion. Tae men were seen driving \Yashingtoa. .Xor. 1.--President Wii- soa and Counsellor Joha Bassett Moore; of the state department, discussed the Mexican situation at some !eagth. As most of the members of the cabinet were away there was no session of the president's official family. Since tbe Presuleat will go to Priacetoa to a stolen j vote ne^t Tuesday, there will lie no CHURCH NOTICE COLLEGE LUTHERAN A, E. Wagnar D- D. pa'stor. 9:45 a. m., Bible School, L L. Taylor, superintendent; 10:ij a- m., morning -worship with ser^aoa, by the jiastor. Theme: "Some Thoughts Pertiaent to Reformation Sunday"; 2 p". m^ Mission Band; 6:00 p. m. Christian Endeavor meeting, P. S. Wagner, leaderTopic: '-The Ideal Christian"; 7:00 p. , evening,worship with jsenaon by the pastor- "The Divine Admonition."' Thank offering service of the "W. H. aad F. M. Society Monday e\-ening 7 o'clock. PRESBYTERL4X '·Behold what manner of love ' the Father hath bes'towed'upon us, that we PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Parairaphs tf News TeHifli tf the Happenings in and abort Tow* People Visiting Here and Thost Sojourmng'EIsewbere. ... ·" horse toward a. nearby junction and It is believed they tausht a uMin for-Detroit. All telephone and t-eSsgraph wires leading out of tae town were cut cent TO OUR HEADERS Th*43*ttvslrare Times takes absolutely no part in poUncs, being neutral ^^Tt^AnrtMnc-inat appears in our general news colamits, conc a llamas, concerning us bv The American Press AssociatlonTa ^^^^"^^r^STo^epublica-S, Democratic, Pronibition. or - Socialist-'papers and .which Is strictly- noa-p^asan. Our advertising columns are open to all candidates of ail parti**. ------- , . . . w r had knowledge of other graft in te bgfore ^ safe was blown. sea- purchase of fire apparatus last sea son. Andrew J. Flemmiag, select councilman from the Twelfth ward, who, the detectives allege, accepted a bribe METHODIST MEN iien c.«ed from bis ,o* « BMs- |j^ PQUGY REPORT Minessifeet pere (o QIJ tije lMnp KEW BEAGLE HOTEL ^Oipacltj 400 Boom* with bath «m «· Ham "jfc McCoBomy, T*rop'«. SPECIALS j For Saturday, from 3 TO 10 o'clock i A. M. only. 25 cent Brooms 10 · cents. v Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store BICE PRODUCE COMPANY ffignest Cash Prices Paid for til PKOStTGE-- "Gettysburg. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLEK Expert Electrical -vvork. Reoairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St- Phone 94 Y. CHAS. S. MUMPEB --Fire Proof Storage-for ITnxnitiirc and Household Goo3* «tor*d any length of troie- W. 3. TIPTON boro last Tuesday morning, is the prosecutor of the detectives. Warrants were sworn out before Alderman Kreifier and they were served bv Constable German not more than an hour after the detectives arrived in the city to auend the hearings. T-ie warrant against Sloan was read to him at the Mansion house, and ConkJing was called rrom a conference with the mayor at bis office in the city hail, TV hen the warrant was read to ilia. j na 'tional convenuon of Ifethodist men Favor Gampaip of Persona! Evangelism and Temperance-, Indianapolis, Inu., Nov. 1.--The new report of the DO!:C committee of the i Both men were taken before AMer-j j man Kreider aad eatered hail for their' appearance at court. There are two charges against the detectives--corrupt solicitation for at! teaiot to bribe a city official aad con! spiracy. Bail in the sum of §2000 ^as required, on. the first charge and §500 on the second charge. John J. "Witman, of the Reading Electric, company, was adopted unan:oiously- Bishos W. F. McDowell ask"ed that the renort be accepted without debate so that the spirit or ihe massage would aot be destoyed. The report ia brief declares for a caiapaiga of personal evaagelism; for the briagiag ap of the youih Ia the church; for the dedication of one-tenth of their iacorae to the church; for the cabinet meeting then, and.except for Jmormal consideration In the interval it is not likely that any pjlan of,action will be discussed at a cabinet meeting until late next weelc. There was nothing to indicate any prospects of earlier action- Moore did sot discuss his talk with President Wilson. Francisco Esquadero, cnief of the department of foreign relations for the Constitutionalists in .Mexico, telegraphed their headquarters from Her- mosIHo that the federals had evacuated tbe city or Chihuahua on the approach of Pancho Villa and the Constitutionalist troops. General Felix Diaz and his party are bound to a point off Progresso, Yucatan, where they will be transferred to a Xenr York and Caba mail steamship. This information reached the navy department in a dispatch from Rear Admiral Fletcher, commanding tae American squadron In Mexican ters. and Marcus B. Eaches weat oa the j tearrr support of all beards created | bond. j bv the church; to assist In civic. In- Flemming in his warrants avers that J ^30-;^ social and educational uplift Sloaa and Coakling offered to give \ anfi to rea g rm the action of the gea- Gettysburg SouT«drs Will Close ·_ "sny bicycle repairing shop for the Winter on Sunday, November 16 to. Now is your chance to buy a guaranteed Peerless bicycle from Sic.oo to S15.00. Also S pairs of guaranteed puncture proof tires at cost, Ss~7° P er P a * r - ^ n y wheels, ia need of repairs, should be bought in prorn- 'plty'to receive attention. L. R, Swope 118 W. High St, Gettysburg, Penna. him "a certain sum of money" to obtain and influence his vote as select councilman for the award by councils of a contract for the purchase of a motor tractor for the 5re apparatus I of one of the Reading companies. The ' offer was refused, he stares In his affidavit, as contrary to an act of assembly. A second warrant by Flemrnlng sets forth that Sioan and Conklin "did unlawfully confederate, combine and conspire to offer and to give a bribe la the shape of money" to the deponent, "known by them to ,be a member of . select council." for the purpose of cor- ' mpting and bribing him to obtain and influence his vote for the purchase of the motor tractor. j Joseph R- Dickinson, counsel for Ramsey and Lewis, said that Ramsey admits receiving money, but that he Is not a councilman and could not vote- He said Ramsey understood the money was offered for campaign purposes and was therefore legitimate. He denies that Lewfs received a penny. William .1. Rourke. counsel for Cain- eral church oa higher education; for large funds for poorly paid ministers, aad for the cause of temperance.^.. The resolutions also coatain the statement pleading for the evaageliz- iag of the world aad accepting responsibility for 150,000.000 people. EUGENIE 1S_FAD!NG AWAY Ex-Empress of France Nearing End of Her Life. Paris. Xov. 1 --The gravest fears are entertained here that the aeaith, physical and mental, of the Empress Eugenie is breaiving up. Reports in imperial circles from Faraboroagh snow that the empress is plunged in tfee most profound melancholy. She aas completely retired from society and refuses to permit anyone to talk to her about the time when, as empress, she ^as the most beautlM woman In Europe. Her fabulous wealth -will go oa her death to her kinsman. Priace Napoleon, wiiose prodigal style of living is Orozco's Federals Fear Massacre. Dallas, Tex, Xov. 1.--A dispatch to the Dallas Xews from El Paso saic Chihuahua City, Mex., was evacuated by federals, leaving the city open tc capture without resistance by Pancho Villa's rebels. Villa's men had cccu pied the outstkirts of Chihuahua before the abandonment. The federals were said to have retreated towarc Juarez. The dispatch adds: "Thousands of American and Mexi can_citiEns who were_unab!e to boar* the ten troop trains are panic stricken They have no means of getting away from the stricken city aad fear is helc for their lives. Many believe that fol lowers of Orozco will be given no t quarter by Villa during the occupation of the state capital. The few residents of the city who iiavs horses and wagons, are following In the wake of the military trains, carrying all their possessions with them.'" Sirs. "Searigfat; of - West Middle reet is^p'endjng. seyeral days.' friends i ' ' should be called the children of God." This will be the thesie in the worship t the Presbyterian Caureh 10:30. "A Great Work" will be the sub- eel, at 7 p. m. Sunday School 9:30. Christian Endeavor f:15. SALEM U. B. * Sunday School, 9:00 a. iri.r preach- ng. 10:00 a. m. You are most cor- iaUy invited to be present. J. Chas- Gardner, pastor. EPISCOPAL Sunday School 9:45; morning ser- ·5ce 10:30; evening- service 7:00. REFORMED Sunday School at'the* usual hour. o other services. METHODIST Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; preach- ng at 10:30, subject of sermon. Starving the Soul." Ep\vorth League, 6:15 D- m. A welcome to all services. L Dow Ott, pastor. GETTYSBURG U. B. The third annual Rally Day v.-il! be observed Sunday. First service 9:30 a. m. A beautiful souvenir will be givei o every person present- Addresses anc jood music. Second service, 7:00 p. m Vocal and instrumental music, reci^a- tions, pantomime. Be sure to attend.' All will be welcome. J. Chas. Gardner, oastor. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Friends' Grove: Love Feast Saturday evening beginning at four o'clock: Sunday School, 9:30: preaching, 10:30 Sunday morning. Stratton Street Church: Sunday School, 9:30: preaching. 10:30 and 7:00. . MeKNIGHTSTOWN REFORMED The fall Communion at SL -Tohn'i Reformed church. McKnightstown, will be held Sunday morning. Xov. 2nd, at 10:00 a. m. Preparatory services Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. BENDER'S REFORMED Mr. and l£rsi Charles E. Stable returned from Frederick after a visit of several days in that city- Mrs. J. L. Butx has returned from Scrantpn where she attended the sessions of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Weaver have gone to Baltimore to attend the funeral of Miss Katharine Doerkson. MLss Annie O'Neal, of Carlisle street, is spending several days at the home of Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Huddle In Washington. Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. Reinewald have returned to Emmitsburg after a visit at the home of Miss Annie Danner on Centre Square- Mrs. Walter H. O'Neal is visiting at the home of her son, Dr. Alex. H. O'Neal, in Wayne. Dr. L. L. Sieber, of West Middle street, has gone to Somerset to spend the week-end. Miss Anna Bowman, of Lancaster, is visiting for some time at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Free Pittenturf, on Carlisle street. Rev. and Mrs. William K. Fleck, of Fairfield have returned home after spending several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sheads, on West Middle street. Miss Winjfrpfj McSberry, of Chicago, is spending several days with friends here. Miss Carrie Cronise and Curtis Zimmerman, of Frederick, have returned home after spending a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Troxell, on Chambersburg street. BIRTHDAY PARTY 3Irs. Millhimcs Given a Party Home. at her Owing to the absence of the pastor, 5 ' Q .' ( n attendance upon Synod at Frederick, here will be no preaching 01 Sunday. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED Missionary meeting Sunday even- ig at 7 o'clock- Sunday School in the morning at 10 otlocfc- ST. JOHN BAPTIST Preaching at 11 a. m- Knd 7 Political Acvertising- TO THE VOTERS OF PEN9ISYLVAN3A John W. Kcphsrt desires -o thsnk the Dec of s^erjrisyivsnJa for the macr.lfsccnt vots whicn rnsce him one of the rxvmrnees for Judge o* tne S_peric- Cc-jrt. ard to assume theT. that if elected o- Movernbe'- 4ih ^hc.r cor.ndenc:! rsst be rrisp'aced. He h-s csad'dscy. as_^ rf'3 before. DiRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE. I he unanimous crdo-s^rr.ent cf the -3ar of h : s home ecyr:ty Detests h",s fit.-css for this office. Left SR st the sge of tvo--at five E-HT to tre Scsoie's* Orphan Sc^.oo* at Mc- A'iists'-viiie. Pa---st i. xteeri a teiecrap-i crsera- tor ea--'ing nc-:«v fo-- co ! !cce- Sscnt two terms z^. AHeqosny Co'Se^- s~d v.-as Sster graduated fro-n the D; Law School- Ke has been KE DESERVES"TO" WIN. VOTE FOR'HIM. Uv'-r -r- ··- f . !s.vs TO VOTE FO3 JOHN W. KE»5-A=~ YOU MUST PLACE AN X AFTER HiS N A W E . Evsry o'jaisned vctsr in Pennsylvania can v=t» for this c'fic.c st the e'ection November gs and Flamming, said that the oner of money to Fieniming "was ab- solurel?- refused."' "As to Cammings," ne declared, "he ~as not at the hotel ·trhere the Tnoney is alleged to have be^n paid 03 detectives, "and if Cum-j mings accepted any money he under-' sto^d it vras for campaign purpos ncd'-rs^and tbat Ramsey accepted about Sl*«5 from Sloan and believed it ~as for campaisn purposes." Bota la--;- ers declare that tae prose- j Ci:tic-n against tbe:r clients is ;t "po- j litical frame i3p" for the purpose of de- j Teatins Oimrrnogs. the only one of the defendants -who is a candidate for reelection at the polls nexz Tuesday. already proverbial in Europe. Kil'ed Boarding Train. Maaanoy City. Pa.. Nov. 1.-- Joseph Miller, thirtj two years old, was cut to niece? vvh^n helmed t board a and fe ll ^ frei2th a . parents are too poor. Rebels Kill Mounted Polics. San Luis Potosi, ilex.. Xov. I. -- A force of GOO revolutionists rounded up. tortured and killed forty-seven out of fifty mounted policemen sent oat from here to protect a ranch twenty miles to the -west. Their mutilated bodies n-ere in many cases bung on trees. Tbe three policemen t»ho escaped returned here. Porfirio Diaz Off to Paris. Biarritz. France, Xov. 1. -- General Porfirio Diaz, v/ho has been staying here since early in August, left for Pans. GENERAL MARKETS ALTOONAHAS A FIRE 535,000 PHILADELPHIA -- FLOUR quiet; printer ciear. S".75SO-SO; city mills. RYE' "FLOUR qniet, at $3.5015? 3.60 per barrel. WHEAT steady: Xo. 2 red. new. 91 CORX steady: Xo. 2 trfcite, SI© Less Caused by Flames in Twenty Minates. Aitooaa. Pa. Xov. l.--Fire and -water did 535.0i0 worth of damage in twenty minutes * n the four-story block occupied by the Anderson Paper and Twine company. *· I A fuse ble'w out of tbe motor -which · ; --ar.s tbe elevator, starting tae blaze, j -- Mch ~as confined chieSy to tbe ele- . ] vator shaft, vbich reo.nlred ton c * 1 oC ·water TO cxtsng«:3h. 1 i While the damage to the building. OATS stea-lv; Xo. 2 white, lie : lovrer 2' r ades. 45c. PpTATOES steady; per bushel, 70 POULTRY- Live steadv: hens. 13? l.~c.: old roo=ters, HS-l-c. Dressed firm; choice fowls. 19c_; old roosters. COLLEGE BUILDING BURNED Ccaienius Kail of Moravian Seminary Destroyed by Fire. Bethlehem, Pa.. Nov. 1.--The main building of the Moravian College and Theological Seminary, known as Co nienius Hall, was destroyed by fire. Only the blackened walsl are lefi standing. The loss it is believed may reaciJ abont $1(V».000 on the mam building Xo loss of life is reported and it believed that all the students sot safely, but several firemen were nun in fighting the flames The fire started in tne bacemeEt of the structure, but just how has no; been ascertained. A birthday party was held at the hoir.e of Mr. and Mrs. James 3IiIl- on Wednesday evening in honor 01 .'Irs. Milihimes' birthday. Those present -were Mr. and Mrs. James Mill- himes. Mr. and Mrs. -John Butler, Mr- ar.d Mrs. Harvey Cashmaa, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Millhimes- Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Stough. .Mr. . and Mrs. Charles Milihiraes. llr. and Mrs. Cnr- tis S-svope. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dear- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Eicholtz, ijicii.;ii!ij; ii^ j-j-«^-»"-·-"" · i- dorir,-ir. and Jirs. rrans. £u:ui»u., Sunday School at 1 o'clock. Public; Ir ^ n( j ilrs 3i aur ice Sanders, Mr. cordially invited to attend. Elder N. | and 5Irs ji ar i ey Wagner. Mr. and Mrs. D. Shadnev. pastor. ST. PAUL'S A. M. E. ZIOX Preaching at 11:00 a. -m.; Sunday School at 2:00 p. m.; Christian En- Barmen Beamer. Mrs- Harry Stock, Mr. Frank Hartzel, Misses Rosa Routsong. Beulah McConley. Mae Butler, Geneva Moore, Anna Mamrnert, Flor- deavor at / :00 p. m.; evening service gnce B ut i erj 3Iary Moore, Anna at 8:00 p. m. W. O. Cooper, pastor- iwampler, Sadie Milihimes, Zora Pot- jtorff/Zula Eicholtz. Annie Millhimes, In addition to the stock advertised ; j^^g jr: c h o !tz, Georgiana Hartzel. elsev/here to be sold at my public sale i ^ on Nov. 5. I -sill offer a nurnbe pure bred and registered 2 and 3 y sale i £ aura p c uorff , Marie Deardorif- r o f r i Grace s^ Bessie Svrope, Grace Dear- ta Millhimes, Mae Beamer, old Belgian mares, which I have just ) Eve j yn Butler, Lindora Wagner, Hilda lately acquired- Jos. B. Twining. -- ad- vcrtisement Dangerous Catarrh Stopped Bi Byoraei ^S. p ^1 . J J SFlemming, 3£{]lhimes, Elsie Sander. Norway Belie Butler. Messrs. Raymond William Butler, Harvey Hoffman, Clarence Stough. Harry Hulick, George Millhimes, Robert Hoffman, -Joseph Moore. Stuart Deardorff, George Taughinbaugh. Charles Paxton Reinecker, Albert , s , Roy Stock. Franklin 31il- ler, Albert Hoffman. Charles Reinecker, Clarence McConelv, Roy Eicholtz, Just as long as you have citarrh, | Chester-Eid,«iU John Pottorff, Cle- vour head will be stopped up. your - t tus Mulhimes, Charles Swope, P^iph nose -will itch, yoar breath will be foul.' jUllhimes, George Swope, Edgar you -tdil hawk'and sniffle, you wiL j jj fl ] b j nieSj George Deardorff. Charles Hiram Eicholtz, Arthur \ 1 which 1= y tbe Pennsylvania oar* ats and Shoes, tcte knoca the pescilt. C. B. Kitzmiller railroad, is small, the water ruined the siOck of paper Hosemau Charles Cook and Ladder- s:aa Joseph Behm were iajured. Crew Saved In Mid-Atlantic. ·Bremen. Xov. 1.--Wireless dispatch| es from the Hamburg-American liner Kronprlnzessin Cecilie told of the rescue in ns:d-Atiantic of the ere wof the French bark Petrie. Twenty-gve of the crpw ~ere savel. Three had been -ashed overboard and drowned before I the rescuers reached the burning ship. BUTTER steady; fancy creamery, 34c. ner Ik. EGOS stea.-r.-; selecteci. S bv. OS'-ic.: s estern, 33%c. near- Produce Markets. CHICAGO--HOGS weak and 5@10c. lower: bulk o. sales. $7.85*1 $-15: light, ?7.S5?S 1-S: -'xecl. $7.65gS_25: heavy. 57.S5-SSJ5: raugh. $7.55g ».«5: psgs, CATTLE -.eadv: beeves. S6.60® j,70: Te~a? ·steers". §5 76 ft* .SO: stock- 2r? and f-e-ltrs. S3S7.50: cows and self ers, 53."-"^?S.20: calves. §6.50@ SHEEP s;ron=: anS" l rt e. higher: naive sheep. Si ",n'S5,05: vearJiass, SS-l" g-R, lamas, r.ative, §5©7.5 rt . NEWSPAPER! Richet Wins Nobel Prize. Bprisa. Xov. l --The Xobe 1 . prize for medicine asd physiology was awarded to Profpssur Charles Richer a member of tbe French Academy of Medi' :W and rre.-.der.t.of the Physical Re- F^arch SwiPly of London He is si\ty- thr^e jcsrf o'd and hi? spent taar.y year? oa.latins tr.berm'.osis. Ia buying parrels of land--and this holds particularly in a locality where one IK not well acquainted with those from whom Le bujs and those who handle the transfer oanors-- tnn Tv,,.^h WliSS CLARjJp BUY GIFT Speaker's Daughter V/ili Select House Present For Jessie WHson. Washmston. Nov. 3. -- Miss Gene vieve Clark, daiis^ter of the speaker, has been chosen by members of the house to select the wedding present for Miss Jessie Wilson, dangter of the president, for -prhich the latr-:nakers have contributed abont S2000. The choice of the members is divided bet-ween a silver service and a pear) necklace, with the odds in favor of the former, and it is expected tnas silver will be selected In accordance ·with precedent. germs of catarrh have you in their power: thev are continually irritating the membrane of your r=ose and throat- You must kill tnese loathsome j Cashman. I Peabody College to Receive $1.500,000 Xashvilie. Ten:?.. Xov. 1.--Friends o: George Peabody College for Teachers annoanced that the^ast S5000 pi the Sl.000.000, oa raising of which depend ed an additional g|Et of S500 S 000 bj Peabody board, has been secured. Sunday Scisool Head Robs Cemetery Xew York, Nov. l-- Nathaniel Laird. superintendent of a Sunday school was sentenced to serve not less than one year nor more than four In Sing Bing' prison for the larceny of $49,000 from the Koaico Cemetery company pains can hardly be taken In the matter of seeing that the title Is good and tbat tbere are no defects of any kind which can later cause trouble. Where there Is reason to suspect that everv- tnmg is not all right it Is far better to have a good title lawyer look after tbe papers even though it costs a few dollars extra to secure bis servt/v»i MARRIAGE LICENSE f the Courts Olinger Issues There'isTone remedy sold by People's' Permit to Wed- Drug Store that is guaranteed to kill ^l^^SS^^l^^^'^^^^ «-nse issued to Tne complete "outfit costs S1.00. There'George Albert Sneeringer and Mass s none just as good or that gfres such; E j na ci ara Tirranins, both of Irish- quick, sure and effective rebel. FOE n, is the first license to grace the [pages of the "now they may tred" ~: s*i " ·" ^~*vm-i"C Ol - inger has iust received since the new terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F- G- ^ state ]aw on eag enic marriages has McCamnion.--adverSseineii:. · come into effect. Ftumitiire Auction On Thursday October 6 at one o'clock'in Cenhe^quare. die^undersi|n. id will sell, a big lot of Furniture, some is almost new. Also a lot of bed springs same as new, do not miss this sale as we will have something that you will want, ^ Chas. S. Mumper Co

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