The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 1, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 1, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 403- Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday November 1st. 1513. Price Two CeU. urn FOR MEN-- WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.00. " ON THE SQUARE!" 52 GAY CELEBRATION ON HALLOWE'EN 1 Gettysburg Has Two Parades. Many | out in Fantastic Garb. Automa! bile Demonstration a good one. Prize Winners in Parade. LICENSES PASS {COMMITTEES FOR THE INSTITUTE %m SHa THE 2500 MARK Opening Day of the Rabbit Season Sees Two and a Half Thousand: Hunters Equipped with Necessary \ Permits and Tags. ; PHYSICIANS IN LETTERS HOSPITAL FRACAS Ushers, Registrars and Committees are Announced for Coming Meet- ] ing of Adams County's Public School Teachers. I Gettysburg enjoyed the gayest Hal- County Treasurer Sprier on Fri- j The registrars, ushers and ess for Rumors that Physicians at the York Hospital Had Something to Do with the Strike of the Nurses. Positions All Filled. COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send la Many Items of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns. The positions cf fifteen striking j s* tv t ^_\* ,..-w o *-.*-w.2b. --»***-- 3 - - -- s - , - · ? y» i ! . * . . -«. - I alstorv- Fri Jay everJng, 5 ciay passed'the twenty hve har.vlreti.-.e^s for me coming Adaras County j nurses wr.o walked out Tnursday from ! ies. a masked carnival!' mark in the issuance o: hunters' ii- \ Teachers' Institute have been annoanc- J the York hospital had all been filled , ~ ' I ,«,.,=-«..- *~A ;- ;=. nn\t- i,.-=/!;.-Ttt« rim ·· s?i« 25; follows: : Fricav accordinsr to the hosaita' au- kers «a»s and it is now predicte ! number will oass three thousan , ^^ - -- ,. be- j Registrars, E. Cecil Stover, Arendts- j thorities. Their places %vere taken by 1 ville; Gates B. Linah, York Springs; J. [former graduates and other trained i _ _ · LITTLESTOWN Lktles'iown -- Mr. and Mrs. W. Grove Lawyer, of Long Island, X. Y-, are sDending this ·week at their farm, "Valley Grove," in Union township, near town. WALTER'S THEATRE To-night Harry Coleuian Prcsects LOIE FRANCIS AND HER CLEVER COTERIE OF PLAYEU- IX (THE PRICE OF FOLLY) PopuLir I'r-cfcs 10-2JOO Cfc-. Seats On Sale At People's Drujr Store Until ~. P. M. Doors Open 7.30 Curtain *A~. P H O T O P L A Y commit- | ;!ov.-e'en in its hi iwith two parade and the usual crowds of merry-nia; ! o" the streets. On notice of oniv a few hours the | ^re the end of the season. | vlile; Uates ii. Lman. iork b ' -utomobile owners" tu^-ied out ^ -~o«-ce, The office was besieged on Friday by j Fioyd biayb^ugh. Butler; V. ilson , nurses of the city who responded to a* | Mr. anc Mrs. Jacob Haranan spent ' to ad^" to the coast to coast celebraro- 'anxious nimrods who v.vre eager 1 Hummelbaugh, Haniiltonban; Guy F. {appeal for assistance in caring for the ] Sucday and Monday in Honeybrook, = fo- the b^'l-inco!" Hi^'n-'-a- '^ODoV- '* S** ib«r permits before -.he open- i Sherman. Mount Joy; Dar.ner A. Pel- j fifty or more patients in the i.nstiiu- vis-tins- the familv of their son. Paul f-on and'fom- three ° machines," the Ung day of Vhe rabbit season and in the [ ers, Tyrone; Clarence S. Powers. Lati-jtion. 1 most of them oreuHy decorated, were!evening more than a score the more j It appears irom t f ^ Court House to get their uig ar.d l i - j Ushers, George M. Gardner. Han- meats o- several officials that tr.e cense. When the total for the ciav was i -ingion; Charles W. Carbaugh. Liber- , walk-one of nurses is regarded as 1 in the line that traversed every part o: * town, with horns tooting and colors the guarded officials state- G- Harrnian. The Ladies' Aid Society of Redeemer's Reformed church was delightfully entertained at the home of Miss Lou s tfeus ' figured it was found -r.ore an a J - . J - - * - ~-- j -j" * ! ty: H- Kieffer Ranensperger, Tyrone:'.having a deeper significance than i Schneider, on Tuesday afternoon. flying-. While Gettysouig LUBIX KALE.M THE WIDOWS WILES LUBIX Lnbin O-ousedy i The automobile parade left i Square soon after half pan o'clock and wended its wav out ford street to Seminary Ridge. Some' erabl - baE * here are P !ent - v of 'che car* carried red .-ire. others I eo ~' e ar d lhe opening cf the deer j Hallowe'en lanterns. ' 1»-"- TM 11 Iik « lv resalt in £liil raore A transparency. ! man, of near town, spent Sunday in . Woodsboro, the guests of the latter's ' compelled to make an eariy trip to his iStavely. Germany: S- Leslie · the real explanation. ,.: jonice to grant their desires. The de- i Butler: Joseph A. Cool. Liberty; Wil- j Mrs. Mary Smith, superintendent of j 1 ....- T?.~" I niand is *now expected to droo consid- ' *«* ^"- Leib. Reading; Amos J. Col- ! the institution, intimated that some-' sister, Mrs. Lynn Smith, Jr. rr.o-e toh* ns - Mount Joy; Fred A. Taylor, Men- thing more than mere enforcement of | All regular services at the discipline was back of the strike, dist Episcopal church this coming L- sea-! alien. suiuibv inscribed. ! **S ^censes. j ^tstown; u before dawn the crack of the: " llie ; J - Francis \ake. Conewago;\». A charming widow makes her appearance and almost causes a parting between a. loving couple, for the f-ither of each, a widower, fa'Lj in love \\ith the widow. RASTUS AMONG THE ZULUS Lubin Comedy j up ^ ae j,m extending far into The ?tory teiis of the horrible dream Rastus had and IIOT glal he «a when he | bersburg street found it \vas only a cream ' INTEMPERANCE.* A ck-rtryinan ami a bnrg'ar rentier ;rrcac ?er\-ice wiien ters a 3oun;j wocaan = life- THE GOVERNOR added to the aupearance of one of the i cars while ir.anv of them bore the na- j -"--"ter's gun was 10 be heard on t * « -»» » _ T _ * Executive. Samuel A. Xagle. Ab- Daniel P. Delap, Benders- %voods were Kalem a catastrophe en-- tional colors. The sight from the Ridge ! ns3is ~ ear ro "' vn ana as the double row of head lights came! fuil of men after rabbits. They are Cham- j , a-as especially Sne. j farmers »? thac the - v have £ OKSE ! -vr~, f -*,,, jrach'res carried thei 1 - \ 1 uire ^anie so that mar.v of them are s and some of "i shoz close to farln buildings. This is ; i David Sheely, Littlestown: Irven S. Brumgard. Germany; Raymond E. Deardorff, Franklin; Edgar J. Smi'ch, Metho- Asked whether or not it was her oo- Sabbath Day. Preaching at 10 a. m., inion that it had been prompted either subject, "The Crying Blood."' Men are intentionally or unintentionally by j especially invited to this service, members of the hospital stair she said j Rev. J- Wm. Zehring. of Osterburg, that she did not feel at libertv to' Bedford county, J. D. Zehring and MOST cf-he of 11 said to be plentiful this year and some ' Huntingdon; Bernard A. Wagamar '; Mount; Pleasant: Ralph M. Lischy, JEast Berlin: Miss Elizabeth B. Rum| mel Gettysburg; Miss R- Alice Longs- h, j make any statement upon this phase. 5 il- r s- E. C. Wilhelm. of Hanover, were n, It is known, however, that one or two; *'"-£ guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Wirt jthem took along parties of far.c-y cos- or - e of the reasons for resuass s:gns ave In onler to te : t hi i s onc-ty ayonnirgir!. throurh brokers, offers him a larvpi-ti:» to riKi a o-rt-im railro:ul bill, Due he refuses the money, and hsvijiK keen ivresit'tj; . PJ^RS the bill- ubicb turns out the opposite from fra:::-^ f l ti C = : uii * .lUs- ij.affi- the liberalitv ' dorr. Bigierviile: Miss Eva J. Cook, been ! Menallen: Miss Maud G. Miller. Get- county people fearing injurv j tysburg; Miss Edna E. Eicholtz. But; Miss Lou Etta Sharetts. Hamil- Germany town- hawk, Monday which measured four feet sown were well filled with people ar.d caress numers vr ! the column tooted and honked vigor- ; nouses and bams. ('(.M!X«;XEXTTL'MSt'AV ^ fv r f -r~* -r*t T T-* -*·" ^T~ f" »,-- ^TM" "( T. v i Hh. riRsT Sf--GW li-nr !: r a j, s i t · c^ii.-*- y-.i: in· £»·: J'oti.t v.ji:C t.ri lo r^: :-- rt-.i 1TORM r will t: or- V* r.f -snort j':H""-ri.s l u y w i t l i.-svc- A 'rince and .-:n~t -M or order r, "U. It b f. ·! · ;:·» HIH- J;:r..:.'j-- r-'".e:i.i---. Will M. Selllginan, The Casii Taiior. Chambershssr g , c t. ! ramed cniidren. j "^~ ! Bv the time the Darade had re'turr.- i ? os '!ed from Seminarv Ridge the streets of j :o their families and their stock by j 1 ' ' careless hurters who get close to the j conoan; Miss 3i. Edim MicKley. Cum- berfesd. Resolutions. J. Willard Bucher. East Berlin: G. Howard Danner. Ben\-ick: Edward W. Hartman, I'ranklin: Harvey W. Schwartz. Union; Xorman D. Srarry, Latimore: J- Harry Pecher, !rlamiltor:ban: iiiss Xellie K. Blocher. "THE 3IIXER"S DESTINY" Pathe in 'ously as ic rounded Centre Square and j I proceeded into Baltimore street. From · _-~ . . .. I here it v.-er:c by wa\- of Sreinwehr av- j i enue to Washington, to Broachvay. to ; j Carlisle and then by way of York arid j i East iliddle back to MILLER--WILLING W. J. Miller Jr. and Miss Willing Married in Philadelphia. repentant nurses who presented them- j V-'ightman. selves at the hospital seeking rein- j Thomas Ulrich. of statement, were sharply cross-examin- i ship, shot a chicken ed by members of the staff. upon whether or no'c a member of the j an d one inch. George L. Myers, of the staff had advised their leaving. So far, same township, also shot one, measur- as could be learned none of the nurses, '-"-£ four feet. made any such admission. One or two f them. ho\vever, stated that Dr. E. r. Meisenhelder, Jr., had strongly advised their return. Dr. W- F. Bacon, dean of the j where all faced ! preparation Irade. illiarn j. Jliiler. Jr.. nastor I I The Gettysburg Basel lead the sec- Tabernacle Lutheran church. Oct. 29th. -' j ond parade, following Cmef 3Iarsnai in s - iratthew's Lutheran church. iawney and his aides, and then. c£.me a hundred or more children in costume I carrying Japanese lanterns that had j been donated at the oSce of the Get- i tysburg Gas Company. Others in fancy 1 dress appeared walking in the parade I and among them was one in a · op skirt, %?itk ths remainder of he; I costume belonging to the same period ing;.Miss Cordelia Howard. Miss Irene U. Fleck. Cumberland- Reading Course. Ira C. MuEunert, Broad and Mr. Vernon streets. The! Abborcstowr.: Charles B. Carbaugh. ceremony was peiformed by the Rev. j Franklin; Robert E- Fisher. Butler; Dr. Edwin Heyl Deik.. pastor of tn2 Clayton F. Palmer. Germany, J. Elaine :hurch. Bushey. Mer.allen: Milford E. Hanes. ihe bride had as her only attendant Blglerrflle; Frank S. Weaver, Straban: ier sis'i^r. Miss Dorothy Wfliing. The Luther A. Yohe. Hamiltonban: Sani- best man was Henrj- H. Saylor and | ae i I. Lehigh. Tyrone; Mrs. Martie B, sar- Abbottstown---Holy Communion services will be held in the Reformed church Sunday forenoon, Nov. 9. Pre- glcal staff, stated that the reinstate- j paratory services the Saturday pre- nienc of the nurses rested entirely with Mrs. Smith. He said that he deplored the situation and wonld like to see the nurses back. THERE EVERY DAY Papils Perfect in Attendance at County Schools. Hunterstown School. Those who attended everj day were Margaret and Catharine Brown, Myrna and Donald vious. Miss Alice Wolf, who is teaching at Oberlin. and Paul Herre, of Harrisburg, were the guests of Mr, and Mrs, J. J. Wolf, over Sunday. Notwithstanding the inclemency of ihe weather Friday evening a fair sized audience attended the lecture and recital by Prof. Humphrey C- Deibe! t- All were pleased with the even- g's entertainment. Sunday evening at Xew Oxford, by Rev - There Are many conrincin? arguments that might be presented as to the superiority o^ Llppy Made Clothes bnt we know of none so conclusive as th? refined appearance of the clothe" tbemseives. There is fjeauty in every iine and quality m every stitcli anu fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor have a =p^-c ; al fine Hue of the Anderson rain coats · as the skirt, i tie judges picked her as | 0ri(ie? Valentine Miller, nephew of the Raifensperger, Margaret Taughin- j Kev - v - A - Korn ' )Ir - Geor S e Steffan baugh. CaXharine Decker, Ralph and and illss Rebecca illller ' ^"Srhter of e ushers ^ere Edward Deik. George! Howard. Cun,benand;3nss C lara H. Charles Mi.lhimes. Robert Mathews. | ^"^ ^9^' ^ * *"* aum. Edward Willing, brother of the j Boilinger, Union: Miss Mary A. Har- Rov anQ John Cn 5 wel! - E ar l Smith' i- lace -- w ~ re mameo - - j _ T - _ T . r -irrii T _ - _7_ _ ! _ « .. * ^^ ,~ ., ^Hi'T T-Tm7"*11 T^^Irf*- Tr-!11:3 I Baum i the %vinner of the ladies' prize of S3.00 j'and when she unmasked her identity i as Mrs. Frank Scbriver was revealed! A couple attracting attention in the ; parace were Earl Deatrick- ·with vi-hi'ce i duck trousers, cutaway coat and every! thing else in the '""height of fashion"|and David Myers dressed as a girl. jMr. Deatrick -was awarded the S3.00 · prize for the best gentleman's cos- bridegroom. Edward OS and Rev. Daniel E. Weigle. After a \vedd--ng trip Mr. and Mrs- man. Germany: Miss Gail R. Bell, S'craban: Miss Eva M. Boyer. Butler. Spelling Contest, Frank H. Brame. McSherrvstown: G- Allen Yohe. Ber- Miller -crili live at 6122 street. Philadelphia, where be at home after Januarv ist- Christian jv.-ick: Eugene they will j j. Z Rudisiii, Mr. Pleasant: teacher. Good Intent Ella M. School. Esther and FOTINTAIN DALE Fountain Dale--Sundaj School at Mary Seylar. Sarah and Mary Kime. i St. Jacob's this Sunday afternoon at Deatrick. Grace and Armor -1:30, preaching at 2:30. Sunday School GETS BEQUEST HSII rome and little William Squire, ar- in a WtlL pearing as the "yellow kid" took the ; S2.00 award for having the best child's | Rev. Dr. G. iGeor land: Charles B- Gardner. i,atimore: ' Ervir. L. Bucher. Mount -Joy: Allen G. i · Crisr. Tvrone: John C- Halter, Union; · School at Loxsrillc Made Beneficiary ; M ; gs M ^ £} R Bol 3 iKg:er . Cumberland: Scrasbausrh, Franklin; ?. ope _ _ j 0 j, n ji iites. Whber Kline. Leona and Ceoric at the Church of the Brethren at 9:30 Wisler. German-: D. Hill Rock. High-!Group. Earl, Paul, and Le-.ere Glad-' Gardner. T --'-"-"- i feker - =-3anna E. Fleming, teacher. OLIVER F. TYLER M. Diffenderfer All the new designs in disguise. Riders and floats followed a^d ^rzn~- ^ i original ideas were brought oat. There Stoyestown. Somerset County, and looked up the interests of the LoysviHe jj was the Oyier and Spangler truck nil- j Orphan Home in the esiate c; H. L. Tresler and wife visited Mrs. Tresler's brother. Edward Masters, i and wife, at Per.r.ersville, last Sun- 'day. '""I I Wcl1 Knov - n Colored Resident of Town - iiessrs. Harry and Merle Warren. Died at his Home. : ;.ii sss s Effie and Jennie Warren visited i friends at Monterev. over Sunday. _....,^«... --. -- j v_;jiver r. ivier aiea at nis nome on Yeagy. Siraban. i Memorial. Arthur E. Bair. Union;!, ' Lawrence E. Smith. Conewago: Clay- i ' .Miss Alice £,. Kagler. jtreedom: M:ss Xsttie B- Jacobs. Hamilton; Mrs. Har- i _ ,- _ _ , _ , ana .'.-.- A. Miller. Hundnsrton: Miss Eila M. I e E. Xen. Esq., of York, went -~ ' i Congress With big stock of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. People's Drug Store £ji 1 or.s of the "49 period carrying- a settler 1 cided to sell their interest to the hus- ; and his famih'. The Stoner steamer 1 band and executor, who has his 1 · trith a dozen live daisies was worthy 1 tate in the same, for the sum of I of mention and uVher gaily decked ! 39000.00 cash. This becomes available floats were in the column, but the one ] a^ o-ce for the Endowment Fund of Oliver F. ivler died at his home on ; Mr£ ^^ Linebaagh was a S un- Soutn^asnmgton street on t riday dav ^^ Qf ^ ^ Charlcs Un _ vraing .rom apopler-.y, aged 63 years. ^^ Rear Sahmasville . -,r ^---...-.. ~ ^..... .,-. ~--.. , £j e v .-as wen kno\\'n about town. ,;T ,- ^ - ,, . ^ ^v___r__ - vl - .tor. H, Eichelberger. Tyrone: Jerry F. havine been in the em?lov of Edgar ^^ Ne^ue Martin, o, Cnarmian. _adj. | f_ Tav.-ney for a nun^-er of years and Boraer. i before his dcruh he conducted the Iix - - tman. j j^ c j s surv ived by a widow, several r. Get- ; children and a number of grar.dchild- -.ysburg- ] rcp _ The funeral will be held from h:s visited her son. Charles Marrin, and famil\". over Sunday. ! Ernest G!adhi!3. -.vho has been home for several weeks helping his father on the farm returned ~\x Port Coving. tor. on Monday morning where he will ' resume work on the work train. home Sunday afternoon at three ed £awinsr off c iR Ihc colored McCleaf Musselman have finish- ss- lioats were in tne coiUTun. out tne one a ; § 1 which received the most atteiiticn was j ·' g ; the -'Devil's Den", a small vehicle j ne tioiiie. i ^ draped in red ar.d carrying- no less 3 than ten Irttie live red devils. The! t the iioai carri^ a! Baltimore 3IAXY OX EXCURSIONS PREPS WON 1 blanket with the inscription "Devil's ] i "": 1 "-- ---M.T «-vr-i TxTr--i-« t. c-r'c TT-'T?t''/^ TTLTT? oo A OT"I^* A T · Den". This outfit "was aivarded the PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL ; n OQ pr _ ze for thg begi ^ u? J; be and Carlisle Excursions Take Many People from Town. i ong ed to Diehi AIM- DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 ! b ^ ^^^ » the - devils number of young ladies. the conclusion of the parade the l t e n OL-D FASHION D MOLASSES TAFFY The excursion to Baltimore run ! Franklin: Miss Xora B. KaufFmars. ] ; York Springs: M:?s Anna H. Major, j ! Gettysburg. j , Agricultural Exhibit. Hiram C.! jLady, ArendtsviUe: Casvin A. C.' , Cluck. Franklin: G. Vance Stitzei, ! Huntingdon: Bruce B. Taylor. Mer.a!- ] ·len: Harrj- S. Bream. Mount Pleasant; ] The Prep team ~on from the York I Miss Sallie J- Fisher. Liberty; Miss I High School eleven on Xixon Field this York High School Lost in Morning Game on Xixon Field. f timber for mill on a tract which they purchased from James Stem. Lewis Linebaugh and Howard Tresier. of Friends" Creek, were Sunday visitors of their uncle, I- O. Linebaagn. There will be Divine services in the M. E. church this Sunday evening at T o'clock, conducted by Rev. H. H. Lionincott. Washington Camp 414 P. O- S- of A . \ lz ^, E Hann jj t -; eslov .-n: Miss Mar- ! rooming- by a score of 26 to 0. Shipley.' ]a!i scattered to cake up their own in- 1 dividual ways of having a good time, j timore on Vhe return at 11:30. of this place, carried 238 people from Gettysburg while many boarded the train at Fairfie'd and other stations west of Gettysburg. It vriii leave Ba_- garet 31. Sunday. Reading: | Roxie A. Brumgard. Union. Miss one of the visitors, received a badiy ; DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP ; wrer.cnea rcck ana was saiienng- se; _ . jverely when taken home on the 12:5-5, Mr. Ham Becomes Sole Proprietor of Almond Taffy ," ! 4Scents it)., Butternut Taffy. 50 cents Ib., Peannt Tagy, -20 '. ^i any w - e n t to the Garden Auditorium i Two hundred a-d sixty passenp SPECIAL: we have received a large | line of children's, ladies" and men's . cents Ib-, ^. Daily at. Pear.ut Brittfe7, It 1 cents Ib.. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents Ib.-- Fresh \ where a masked carnival was ths at- j ers were on J^oard the foot ball special j wincer^coats al?o boys' and men'? fail , DECLARED DIVIDEND GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR SALE--A fine 175 acre limestone and chestnut soil farm -with acres of oak and ches'oiut timber, a fine meadow for jrrazing. fruit "f · traction and a gay time was had i GVhers wandered about the streets en- · joying themselves until a late hour in «verv fie 1 d, large bank barn, cement cow stable, large frame . . , . , , , , 2 cufnngs of alfalfa this year. This farm is located j bration given the town tnrougn I There was not a thing to mar -*0 ' whole event and the evening was , i big success--a "safe and sane'' cele- ! tior.s will play. the or.e i game sf ternoon--Gettysburg vs Dickinson-- ' il'.e second teams of the two institu- the Eagle Hotel- Richard M. Ham has purchased th» : interest of Xeil McConomy in th* ·will conunae as pro- orr.y and family returned to Philadelphia to-day. is a om though uulness and energy or A".en B. Plank, the originator of the idea. T-;_J_ toute. eohonen , near railroad, graded and high school, trolley, stores and churches and i ine grain and stock farm. The farms in this community are selling for fr S100 to $150 per acre but vou can buy this one on account of the owners interests in the West for $9000. and more than half of the money can remain in DO XT forget Jos. B. Twining's big ' We can sell several medium priced houses in Gettysburg. If you want to j sale of stock on Wednesday, Nov. 5th. sell come to see us. ,, --advertisement 1 *IJNK PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building Gettysburg, Penna. SPAPFRflRCHlVE® ,, _ . WANTED: two boys over 14 years ; of age at the Monarch Cigar Store.} Good -vvages.--advertisement 1 LIBERAL reward for return to ' At a of the board of direc:- | ' T;r.ies Office of license tag Xo. 77376, ors of the Gettysburg Water Com- THE National Garage offers yon and bracket.--advertisement 1 par.y on Friday evening .a dividend of J\varm fireproof storage. You can't af- |55 cents on the share was declared ford to stay ou'c. changes in tempera- i payable No\ ember 10. jture injure paint and machinery. Ask 1 it- - i . j. * . . _ . * . -« LOST: solid rubber tire on Harris- ·bnrg road. Reward if returned to Mar- for prices.--advertisement LOST: black muff, return to Gas i tin Harman. IIuntcrsto\vn.--advertise- 1 SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- MODERN house for rent- Write X, Company's office.--advertisement 1 nient ternoon and evening.--advertisement 1 Times.--advertisement ."SPA.T'FTU

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