The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

·yss ^asa \j.-ir,~c«-^. ,3 TWJiiLVi, 1 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 21 A,«i ·i:- 4 r. E " V h E-GAZETTE TS SECTION Emmetsburg Set for Two Hard Road Tests EMMETSBURG -- Emmetsburg Jaysees will play at Fort Dodge in a junior college conference scrap Friday night. The local collegians defeated the Dodgers earlier in the season but anticipate a stiff battle there Friday. Firkins, high scorer for Emmetsburg, Prochaska, Kerwick, Appleby, Martin and Donahue are expected to see action in the Tort Dodge tilt. The local high school quintet will go to Cherokee Friday to face Cherokee high in a Lakes conference encounter. The Emmetsburg preps have lost only one game this season and are tied with Esther- vilic for second place in conference ratings. Perry Leads Way for Seven Pro Net Tests BUFFALO, N. Y., (fPj--Tlie inability of Ellsworth Vines to make his booming service click left him trailing.Fred Perry Thursday by one match after their seventh meeting. ·Vines lost to the British player, 4-6, 8-6, 2-6, before 3,167 cash customers in Broadway auditorium Wednesday night, ·Perry who lost three straight to Vines in Boston, forced the Californian into numerous errors and several wild streaks. Chicago Golf Tussle to Have Pot of Gold CHICAGO, (ff)--Chicago will brighten the summer campaign of the boys who. pi ay golf for a living with an open tournament that may offer as much as §10,000 in prize money. The event," 72 holes of . meda] play, will be staged in June by the Chicago District Golf association, probably the week following the national open title battle at the Oakland Hills Country club near Detroit. The open will be played June 10-12, and" the C. D. G. A. board of directors, which approved the plan last night, figures -to catch the championship field on the first bounce. Applmg Has Boosted Salary, But Enough: 1 CHICAGO, (/P)--Luke Appling, the major league batting champion in 1936, has a salary 'increase coming, Owner 3. Louis Comiskey of the Chicago White Sox, agrees, ··-but they _are having a little trouble getting together on the size of the boost. Appling, who played shortstop and topped both major leagues in hitting with a .388 average, has made his asking price §20,000 for 1937. He received about $12,000 last year. Comiskey thinks a contract calling for $15,000 and a bonus clause which might raise the figure to 517,500, is about right. . ""·· The bonus will depend on how good a season the Sox have at the gate. Browns Came Out Far Ahead on Large Swap . INDIANAPOLIS, (IP) -- The St. Louis Browns came away but on top in the recent player swap with the Cleveland Indians, Harold "Pie" Traynor, manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, thinks. The Browns traded Julius Sollers, Ivy Andrews and.Lynn Lary for the Indians' Oral Hildebrand, Joe Vosmik and Billy Knickerbocker. . . . "Those boys at St. Louis knew what they were doing," Traynor said while a guest of the Indiana house of representatives. ; Vosmik? "He wasn't so hot last year but you can look for a big season in 1937; the records show he has a great year every other season," the Pirates' chieftain explained. Si. Ansgar Wins in Two -Parts of Scrap '' RICEVILLE--St. Ansgar's high school cage squad took the Riceville aggregation in two games of a triple bill on the Riceville floor Tuesday. Scoring was fairly even in the first quarter of the first string contest but the St. Ansgar quintet soon took a good lead to win 38 to fi. Ed Burke, Riceville forward, was taken out of the game late in the third quarter with a sprained ankle. The second string contest ended St. Ansgar 27, Riceville 8. and the third game Riceville 24, St. Ansgar 17. Northwestern Nine to Tour Southlands EVANSTON, 111., (#) -- Northwestern university's baseball team will open a' six^ game southern trip against Louisiana State university at New Orleans April 5, Coach Burt Ingwersen announced Thursday. The Wildcats will play two games at Louisiana State, move to the University of Alabama for games April 7 and 8, and finish up with a pair against Mississippi State college April 9-10. SHOP STRUCTURE I Piers, Cilumns May Be Used as Points of Vantage in New Plans. In the modernization of stores, shops, or other commercial establishments, structural o b s t a c l e s which interfere with good store layout frequently are encountered. These may be piers or columns which cannot be removed without major structural changes, as they represent building supports. . If they can be eliminated without endangering the safety of the place of business, their removal is advisable for increasing space. If not, they may be converted into points of vantage and become assets rather than liabilities. Attractive- mirrors to please customers, reflect light, and enlarge the vista may be attached to them with good effect. Shelves or shuw cases may be built around them for display merchandise. Awkward angles and corners that cannot be eliminated may often be converted into special departments or wash rooms or else be used for storage, repair, or workrooms. Varying floor levels are difficult to overcome. Where they occur, ramps should be installed; or f this is not possible, broad 'lights of steps ' with adequate handrails may be used. In addition to improving ithe .ooks of the store, accident hazards are removed by making these changes. Modernization of stores, shops, and commercial establishments may be accomplished by use of the federal housing administration program. Fate Follows Groove. WILLOUGHBY, Ohio, (UP)-Two years ago J. F. Morgan went rabbit hunting and lost his pocketbook. It was found by an acquaintance, Sam Schupp, of Kirtland, Ohio. Recently, Morgan again went rabbit hunting and lost his dog. It was soon found--by Sam Schupp of Kirtland. CO-OPERATION Another reason why it's so easy to go to the devil is because he will meet you more than half way. --Washington Post. Discussing the Auto Strike BAD BOY KARLOFP AND VARNER-OLAND CLASH Warner Oland as the proverb _uoting detective and Boris Karoff as a mad singer {he is a mad : Edward F. IMcGrady, assistant secretary of labor (left) and John L. Lewis, chairman of the Committee of Industrial Organization are shown in Washington as they conferred on the aulo workers' strike in Michigan. ·" Builder Trains High School Apprentices SYDNEY, Ohio.-- A building contractor who has ,nevev had more than seven men on his pay roll' before this summer now has 25 employed remodeling commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and has no time for new construction. Twice each week the builder has been taking three high school graduates to his home at night to teach them the fundamental facts in the .construction of homes. In this way he hopes to be able to have enough help to care for the work. ' Gasoline Is Useful in Killing of Moths If moths get into stuffed furni- ature, good -soaking in gasoline will kill the moths-' and eggs as well. Needless to say, the soaking should be done out of doors, or at least somewhere away from all possibility of fire. Study in Thinking Offered. , BERKELEY, Cal., (UP)--The university has found it necessary to open a course in thinking. It is destined both for those who think they know how to .think and for those who frankly admit they do not know how to think. It is not expected that the few people in the world who really luiow how to think will enroll. WUMSKUU, DEAR.NOAH=HAVE YOU EVER VISITED" /vtANITOU COL-OraADO OK. -HEARD, PIKES PEAK. OF IT? FUjOVO U. HEGGIE. PUEBLO, DEAI5. NOOH=WHY IS IT THAT FREIGHT SQIN. BY SHIP S CALV.ED CAESO-^ AND WHEN IT GOBS BY "* CAR. IT VS CALL-ED A SHIPMENT"? .IQEftS) OLIVET, MICH. T° NOAH-CARE OF THIS P*f"ER Updegraff Says Story of Vote Is Not Right IOWA CITY, (UP)--Prof. Clarence M. Updegraff, chairman o f . the University of Iowa Athletic board, Wednesday described as "obviously unreliable" reports that the board is divided seven to three in favor ol hiring E. G. Schroeder as athletic director. : Schroeder has been head of the (physical education department at Iowa since 1906. . "It must have been a guess," TJpdegraff explained, "because only eight members attended last Monday's meeting, when the vote was supposed to have been taken." Finn Registers Win i Over Texas'Butcher NEW : YORK, (UP)--Gunnar Garlund of Finland, one of the most promising of the younger heavyweights, Wednesday night registered his fourth straight American victory by winning an easy 10 round decision over Tom Beaupre, lanky Texas butcher boy, at the hippodrome. It was a dull, uninteresting fight, and Garlund added little to his lustre when he failed to knock out the inexperienced westerner. The crowd of 4,000 booed and yelled for action In the late rounds, and hooted Gunnar when he left the ring. Maybe the press is useful, after all. Nobody of importance can got away with-, anything naughty.-- Kcwancc Star-Courier. i Bicycle -- Radio -- Camera Plus Numerous Other Prizes to Winners Contest Closes Saturday, Jan. 30 HURRY! JOIN THE FRANK MERRIWELL CLUB NOW! All You Have fo Do is Take 10 Betsy Ross Vitamin D Bread Wrappers to the PFAFF BAKING CO. 219 First Street S. W. By Joining Now You Get a FREE Ticket fo Saturday's Matinee, Also Your Membership Entitles You to the Big Free Show Saturday Morning, Feb. 6, at / At Which Time Prizes Will Be Given , SPECIAL TABLE PHONEORDERS Time-Saving Device Pl^ ned for Accommodation to Customers. A simple time-saving device has been installed in one of the large electric supply companies whosi telephone orders are numerous. Shelves built in a convenien all space hold all catalogs ready lor immediate reference. An open catalog rack in the center is tiltec the correct angle and especially lighted for easy reading. Order blanks are immediately available, and a telephone is attached to the cabinet so that the desired- information may. be re layed to the customer without loa ing time or making undue demands upon patience, thus simp lifying service. Shelves may be built in and lights installed through funds obtained from private financial institutions cooperating with the Federal Housing Administration. If you tend a machine for seven lours, you are a worker; if you doctor the sick for 17 hours, you are "living on the labor of others.' --Cedar Rapids Gazette. DANCE to the 5 SWINGSTERS at SHADY BEACH On Thurs. and Sun. Band every night except Mon FINE FOODS BLUE RIBBON BEER CEDAR VALLEY HILLBILLIES OLD-TIME DANCE FRIDAY -- 26c and 40c DON STRICKLAND Saturday Also Tuesday, Jan. 26 JAN. 26 WILL BE A SPECIAL DANCE FOR COUPLES ONLY . MOVIE ' PARADE By D. B. K. SHOWING THIS WEEK CECIL--"The Charge of the Light Brigade" through Thursday. "Charlie Chan at the Opera" Friday. "The Plainsman" starts Saturday. PALACE--"The Man who Lived Again" and "Caplain Calamity," through Thursday. "Charlie Chan at the Opera" Friday. "Rainbow on the River" and "King of Hockey" starts Saturday. STATE--"Love in Exile" a n d "Yellowstone" through Thursday. "Tugboat Princess" a n d " B " o r d c r Patrolman" through Saturday. STRAND--"Sins of M a n" and "Hats O f f " t h r o u g h Thursday. "Lion's Den" and "Happiness Ahead" Through Saturday. LAKE-- (Clear Lake)--"Polo Joe" through Thursday. "The Bijr Show" and "Make Way for a'Lady" through Saturday. scientist in his Palace picture which ends Thursday), are the man-hunter and man hunted in 'Charlie Chan at the Opera,", fantastic thriller which plays Friday .ENDS ] T1IURS. | J O E in " E. B R O W N POLO JOE" Fri. and Sat. 2 Big Features 16c GENE AIJTKY | ANN SHIRLEY in ".MAKE WAY "The Bit Show" | FOR A LADY" JOIN THE REST AND GET IN ON THE FUN AT THE WED and THURS. JAN. 27-28 ON OUR STAGE IN PERSON Twice as Big: . . . Twice as Good . . , Twice as Much Fun . . . as Ever Before. FIRST TIMES IN MASON CITY PARIS LEE .MnMcr nf Ceremonies i\IAE McPHEE Watch Me WINDY JACK "Music From R E c y e l e Pumps 1 ' RHODA CHASE "Orphan From Pitlihursh" JAMES ERIKSON Accordionist" DUTH O'NEIL "Soprano From Brooklyn" MIMICKING MELODIERS "Great Hands In Our." ADOLPIIUS QUINCY ROBIN'SOiV ; both the. Palace and Cecil the- ters, Its setting isiin an opera house nd the action is move complicat- d than in previous stories of the Charlie Chan series, all serving o increase the befuddlement for IB tyro sleuths in the audience. Keyc Luke again portrays the ole of Charlie Chan's son and oth- r roles include those of Charolte Henry, Thomas Beck and Gregory Gaye. » * * Playing 1 through Saturday al the Strand theater is the double feature hill "The laon's Den," starring Col. Tim McCoy, anfl "Happiness Ahead," Dick Powell picture coming here on its third run. "The Lion's Den" gets away from the usual western formula by having Colonel Tim appearing as a sharpshooter staging his act at a night spot in a large eastern city, with ensuing complications. a * ts Friday-Saturday film all-actions .1 the State theater are "Tugbuat ^rinccss," featuring Walter C. Kely, Valeric llobson. and Edith Fcl- ows, together with "Border P»- rolman," f e a t u r i n g George O'Brien. Some Hollywood superstitions: Henry Wilcoxon snatches the loose threads from anyone's \clothing, rolls it into a ball, kisses it, waves it over his hcafl LAST TIMES TONIGHT 2 HITS "CAPTAIN CALAMITY" "THE MAN WHO LIVED AGAIN" STARTS SATURDAY The boy wonder of Eddie Cantor's. Radio. Show--back, to thrill you again. | A :SUNBURST*Ot SJJNG .IpUISEBEAVERs AlAN frtOWBRAV TWO GRAND FEATURES! THRILLS! SPILLS! "KING OF HOCKEY" three times, then stuffs it inside his collar. George R a f t keens a tarnished nickel in'his pocket; says he had a nervous habit of Hipping coins years ago and it caught the eye of a director who gave him a job. Don't whistle in Carole Lombard's dressing; room. Robert Cummings carries for luck a plain glass monocle he wore in masquerading as "England's leading juvenile actor," a hoax that started him toward Broadway fame. Marsha Hunt is saving her first fan letter. Fred MacMurray won't part with a battered saxophone he once played in an orchestra. Sir Guy Standing fondles a battered felt hat before starting work on a picture;, it brought good fortune 10 years ago. * * * Booked at the Lake theater, at Clear Lake Friday and Saturday are "The Big Show," a Gene Autry western concerning the -Texas centennial, and "Make Way for . a Lady," featuring Herbert Marshall and Ann Shirley. Buys 400 Acres. TITONKA--A deal has been consummated between the Liquidating corporation and Arnold Gray with Mr. Gray purchasing for cash 400 acres of land known as the Everding farm in German township. Possession will be given March 1. Ice Harvest Under Way. LITTLE CEDAR--Ice harvest began here Monday. The ice is of very good quality and. about 14 inches thick. Doe Has 5-Point Antlers. DILLON, Mont. (UP)--Local residents have no doubts left relative to the possibilities of dual sex. Sheriff Paul Temple brought in a doe deer wearing a full set of male five-point antlers. r .rji! PH., Sat ANOTHER BIG BARGAIN SHOW Four Great Units Fun--ThriHs--Romance Dick Powell Josephine Hutchinson in 'HAPPINESS AHEAD" MAT. 16c--EVE. 21c KIDDIES ANOTHER SURPRISE GIFT MATINEE SATURDAY Ace Drummond and News Events and ·. ENDS THURS. "HATS OFF" "SINS OF MAN" Thursday, 9:30 P. M. On the Stage Presenting ^Eight Selected Acts -- Radio Stars of the Future in Competition For Prizes! BE PRESENT -- HELP SELECT THE WINNERS! FRIDAY-SATURDAY -- TWO ACE HITS! New Thrills . . . With Ace of Western Stars! GEORGE O'BRIEN 'The BORDER PATROLMAN' ivllh Polly Ana SHE'S THE HONEY OF THE HARBOR! FUN im a boat that never goes to sea! VAUBIE HOBSON EDITH J FELLOWS! FRIDAY NIGHT $ $ PLAY SCREENO $ $ --J-J--T *c*e** txwTM ...r-i-- LAST TIMES THURS.--"CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE" The Pleasure Is All Yours When You Hear Mirro- phonic Sound Make the Cecil Your Entertainment Headauarlers! It's North Iowa's Most Beautiful Theatre! S A T U R D A Y T O G E T H E R THEY FACED THE HORDES O F B A R B A R O U S REDSKINS! CECIL B. Oe MULE'S with JAMES ELLISON CHAS. BICKFORD HELEN BURGESS P O R T E R HALL A PARAMOUNT PICTURE "Going Native" LATEST . PARAMOUNT NEWS WATCH FOR THESE BIG SHOWS COMING SOON- GRETA GARBO and ROBERT TAYLOR in "CAMILLE" "ONE IN A MILLION" with SON.TA HENIE (A Musical on Tec "GOD'S COUNTRY 'AND THE WOMAN" Filmed Entirely in Natural Color COMING FEB. 11--"ROMEO AND JULIET"--All Seats Reserved

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