The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1913
Page 6
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14, lTes-pa.ss3.rLg: All persons are Darned not to trespass on the premises of the under- or trap for the purpose of taking same in any manner, v ^Jinjurias or destroying property. All persons vio ting titott-ae commonwealth wrtu regard to *W~S*TM the uMersIgner wfll be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of 1305 ' " William Allison, 80011. Walters farm, Hamiltonban township. John D. Kiley, E. 12. Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland To%wiship. Mrs. J. E- fiBghes, Cumberland Township. D. B. Wineman, Curaheriajad ToTOshia- Frank Mumper, E- 1. Gettysburg, Pa. C. J. Deardorff, Orrtanna, Pa. Charles Wagaaan (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) llignland ToivnshiD. *jiis.vrvixi, f i- -- viiii**^-j ^M.*J» ·**·!·--~~--· ·*· ·** »"·- -George £.' HarmaE.. R. 6, Gettysburg:, Pa. Batler Township. ........ George. C. Shealer/Strabaa Township. « : · ' Mrs. Mary J- V.'eikert. TL 2. Gettysburg, Cumoerand rownship. J/II. Sex^ Box 50', X- 2 ; BiglervUle. 31 rs. Matilda 1_ CodorL Cumberland Tovrasbip- Samael Robinson. K. 1. Gettysburg. Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L_ Toot. Straban Township. D. L. Jacobs, K. 1, Bijderville, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining, P.. 12, Getty-burg, Pa. Edward A. Scott, R. 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland Tov.-nship. E. P. B:cu!e. Mt. Pleasant Township, R. S, Gettysburg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa.. Cumberland Township. Leo Fromnieyer, ilt. Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehriag, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert X. Major, Straban Township. John W. Mcllhenny Farai 1L 7, Gettysburg. Straban Township. Charles F. Kebert. Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eidoii, Bendersvil'e, Pa. George C- Thomas. Chambersburg Pike. Robert llarner, Greenir.ount. Pa. 1-arrv E. Shrivc-r Batler Township, It. , Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert. Butler Township, E. C, Gettysburg. William Coshun. Straban Township. D. C. March, Butler Township. R. 6. Gettysburg. Ellas Wolford, 3It Pleasant Tov.-nship. II. C. Warren, Menallen Township. C.-H. Runimeli on C. L. Osborne farm. Menallen township. Wm. M. Bighain's Sons. Freedom Township. V"m. M. Bigham's Sons. Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters, Tyroni Township li. 3, Biglerrille, Pa. Charles Essick and sisters, Butler Township, Ic. 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Coulson. Butler Township. A. S. Whisler. Mt. Pleasant Township. R. 10. Mrs. Clestia A. Black, R. 1, Biglerrille, Pa- George Herring. Highland Township. W. F. Kerbst. Orrianna R. 1. 0. B. Sharretts. Cumberland Township. R. 2, Gettysburg. Pa. G. E. Stallsmitn. Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg, Pa. John Dick. EoSacker Farm, Strabin Township. Gilbert Rudisill, Cumberland Township.- Gettysburg Route 1. J. S. Jacobs, Eugene S- Kelly farm, Cumberland Township, J Clayton Rider. lit. Joy Township. Gettysburg R. 1- Charles Fidier. (W. E. Golden far.-a), R. 1, Biglerville, Butler Twp. K. S. Mertz, Hamilton Township r (Campbell and Mover Farm). James L. Bigham. Freedom Township, Gettysburg, Pa. Levi Crum, Menallen Township- Mrs. Andrew Brough, R. 1. Aspers Menallen Township. 1. H. Meals, Cumberland Township,.R. 5 Gettysburg. C. W. Black (J. Caraa. Smith Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Mt Joy Twp. Win. H. Johns, Cumberland township and Gettysburg. George W. Wolf. R. 3, Gettysburg.. Cumberland Township. Edmund Little. (Jchn Blocher Farm), Cumberland Township. Ila-ris Cook. Menallen Tov.-ns'nip- Walter C. Snyder, R. 12, Gettysburg. Pa- Cumberland Twp. Bayly Farm Vincent Redding. R. S. Gettysburg Straban Township. Edward Redding R- 9, Gettysburg, Straban Township, A. J- Smith Farm H. E. Boyd, Guldens. Pa.. Straban and Mt- Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trostle. Straban. Township. Edward A. Trestle, Straban Township- John Leese. on Xatfcan Brown farm, Straban Township, Gbg. Route S. Mervin I- Weikert, Highland Township, R. 1, Fail-field. D. F. Batterman. Butler Township. Shuitz Bros. D. B. Snyder Farm, Straban Township. Gettysburg P. O. McDannel Bros.. Arer.dtsville and Franklin Township, Biglerville, R- 1- E. L. Smith. Butk-r Township. Biglerville. -I. Edward Lawver. Butler Township. R. R- Xo. 2, Biglerville. S. J. Haverslidk. M. M. Sponseller farm. Straban Twp., R. S, Gbg. M. E- Freed. Mrs. G. W. Bieseckerfarm. Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township. John H. Sponseller. (McPhersor. Farm). Cumberland Township, i S. B. Bream (F. M. Bream's farm) Bu'iler Township. Csivin R. Sr.vder. Bonr.eauvilie. Pa. _ ,j.;, \Valte"."(Cor.rad Walter Farm") IL 1. Tillie. i-ranklin Townsmp. F. P.. Twisden. Genysbyr- Pojltry Farm, Cumberland Township. E. F. Strausbaugh. Orrtanna. R- 1- Allierl Hoi'Hsrer. Cumberland Tov.T.?hip, Gettysburg. R. 6. Dear-jorrf Brother?. Tii!:e. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrettson. Butler Townshio. Johr. and Frar.k GarrettFon. Mer-ailer. Township. R. H. Blac.-:, R- "2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township, Sirs. Dar.iel Miller. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg:. Route G. S. Revr.o!ds. Straban Township. Gettysburg Route D. THE : BUCCANEERS % By F. A. MTTCHEL "C* years uiro piracy was niuch t":e ocvau. Tile bu:C:s- uot-rs of t!i:it cay arosw ia this way: Vi» i::«!i-!-i iii*l the SijeJiiiards were ou«. pri- :I^:Uv tujkli*" the rintr »f the skull »'V ** t"i " _ » * » *f **·'*+--** -»iP ^r v-ati:j;r tiit-id. Li*:i it jwvvtvl a slow process ::!:! b.s\l :u-t l-t-oa e»;iiroly aciiieved :;t tilt- l);'^i!;:iias of ilie last ceutury. :::1 «i^v. :s tie -'^=t voczst of Mexico. Ai! :i curvv-t also U-irfug the Brit- Qis-^ a!i«l was a-;kea if siie had seen iliiHic »f a !ow car. riikisU vessel. u^btoa re!'!ie«l tbat he bad sStf«l on. An iiour later, vs;!i:-!!-j E-J tist- ::;o:st!i of the ltii Crance !-:\i-r :'i.a the \vaters uot being as \veli r!»^t-r«.-.l in iliosc- Gays a*s now, he coa- -·;:·.:« d i«» rssu i: a short distance aad ?.ty :·-' a:K-l:«-r tisl isiorsjiiajr. Now. wJu-n the Pt-irol entered the riiiT ii:t- !·'-·-· cat. raiish vessel men- n,»nt"J "--as Jyhr-r :i tri^e farther up -rrt-:".-:;- farsrai!! Sroughion brought !ii irhiss ii. o:s her :su«l d:da"t like her U»o:..s. U;:t it was nearly dark V.-IK-JI he tiist-^Vfred Ur. and he did :.ot l::r^ :iit«ui!»t to re^aiu the ocean ".-.i i!:tr c::r5:n^»s. :\i-v;-r;!ie-«.-s-s as soon as rbe anchor ·i.:(* !)tv-n dnupnc-d he catted iiis Srst K-vr Into Ills cabin, told hisa tiiat fce sinvriftl tl-c- craft Ue bad seen to be ·i :.:r:-.n- and. dirt-cted him to take a si--: -nen. ?o nortb\vard. iinti I!IL- c-^rvct and report the vessel's pres- tSie mouth of the river. while the -:ii»taiu of the pirate lay lo\\~ during ciie nigbt. iateniiiug us daybreak to make a prize of the IV-trd. s-uc the crew and every one I.-ISP on boaru to the sTrord and loot lier. Cap!:iin StoKsrJJton. kno'sring: that if rlie vessel near b;:a -was vrbat lie sas- this v.-ot;isl be the result, a-svait- e-.! tL-o Oav.-u Y.-itb grit anxiety, hop- i:;;^ his ntesscuger \vouid bring the cor- THIS WASTE? j VTby should the ground be left to nourlBh j Rank ireeds and poison "Where flowers might nourish AVith loveliness ami f ragraace *rweet And hoie and cheer lor all they greet? Yes, why not deck the -n-asted earth With rose ana lily ami plants of wortn? TVlij- should the ground be left to nourisi ,Sharp thorns aiid briars "Where trees might fiouiish With sweetest blossom and fruit or goto V»'hose benefits are inanifcCd? "tes xrhv net have this wasted earth Bear ajple, teaca and fruit of worth? Then Trhy shoal J beans be ief t to stoarisb Thorns and trusties TVhers fioiv«-s J-usht Soiir-sh. " «** roses S'-veci iiake one for heaven and -earth so meet? y hearr." isy rcUso!. nay I til! thes. fruitSt:! be. BAHX1T2L TOV/X C U i l E l X C i T1?S. 4\ j * *C 4 without -in sxicqt'ortt member- v » : is witizci't tin engine. ' A T^rnto ERS can. A -'To Let" sign next tfcor ~ : , " business, , _ - _ - . ! Opportunity- is czldnz srcspsA 4 j by She individual--nvin.c.- city.-- «» ' -- v . - *,*, without iE.ieiij'jencjjJanii^yigor. ,- i it is ai! right igjEUppress the ·,{ smeke nulc^-sc, Fat ecn't ce.- *- ' siroy tha'faofory rccfely" - Store - . ·"'"iat thou iL-Uyest luvelv - C. The n THE POULTRY DOCTOR SAYS-Epidemics w* fvui« cuat wc-ciir la ear!v irinter are »;ti--a suirted by ijte_ batched stock rli-t haven't rlsae to| grow strgus to jx-s:st frosr and co:X| These pass tiie jwsriiis arouwd the ilocl: 5 and often brigiii hypes-for goo.": j wider j»ro!l;^. j fowis that have ct-rV-ei^. i»ut a.e sr---:i-1 ·diseases sucli i.s Cipiitberia. ruoero iosis S^d :uf*N:t4WUs vSiteritLs Kiiiio ue it- tho ::«K-li. L ._- o:" v^ji t-j.:ic-s Is o:i tuo increase. !n:r necks of v:_;ur aiiu sroC'i* ancestry n«.-v-«l !»« st!iiJ!i!a::ts, a::«J \v«i:i«i Bocts ivtli i:or ;a:y uut-er «-vh a £o::d. Use *' such MVO i .-vi-.:^::ee 3f poor sco«;!:. i^jswscce OI r;:jlit laoia- Gils or jrre*.-:. StoriS!:r ::ic«t):itors antl brociler? '.vlrhout thorojt^ii c!eani:^ raul dzsii:- th« nev.- s-.-::-^ : i with theSi i:s tU;«t cn- dkie:i is ofto:: the caiisvof b;iu batches and weak "-IiicUs aad heavy laorKtUtj for which tl:e j-jrenc stock is often blamed. Kats ar-tl nilc-e in the poultry house- act only tarry away j'eod. but carry 2b?ease g«rni from place to place. Rats. es:e--I::ny in winter. Trasider from plsce i- j'lace for food, and this saay briair rouy serais from a bag- b?;:se coos* i» yours ua-ess you have r::t proof :i-or. and are oc tiie ioj; with the stu :·-;::"- Siiows and f^irs are s. frennent cause or" disease ar-I'tar-niriR a hesltliy lioc-"^. TUou--rii 3:Ml--ie-t nay know the show po!cZ55 of a f·«·!. mighty ie"- of them seera to k::--.v a poultry disease when thev sec- It. Inhibitors should demand esnert suPerlntenuccts of esliiltiiiJ and the injtae-Ii-te espuLsion of fowls with, disease tout suay be transniitted- Buehler's Drug Store Old Stand - _ , «--7 ~ \ \rt ; f: They FHI a^Lorig AngeSes -Lacy Cep-" The arrival of ibe v.-oD5an policy | officer tiie Mrs. Aiiee S. We;:.-.. a-y:esiiber of tb os AbgeSes io:ic--tf force- Out of tiie jcauy v,-!iirh seisii The arrivai of ibe \vonaaa policy j officer is a strik!^^ couiuie^iai'y cpuuj the changed conditions vi wur day, says; Days I ior tlie woruan ]a!lou c-:iic«?r ceuic^ 1 oar attention: First.-- The police ileyariict-nt is tiJe great paice ar-uy. Its prw\h:ee Is to keep the peace and to prevent criaie Si i^t-l^tr s - u^a~A\t '·- ~- - J-- ·-;-· J.-- ^-i j.-^i .i »s. .].». \.'AI^. .*.*- ^-^- - *.^^ v,. Erpunuel Plank. Hitrhiar.C Tov.-nship. Gettysbuig Route 4. K. D. Ke:'-res. B3sler%-i:'.e Boroucrh. John H. Eckert-^Strabcn Tovv-r.shlp. Geitysbursr. P.. 8. , . - . . ,, \V. \V. iiii-er farr. i Oscar Brcar.i tenant) Straban Township, Gbg. K. Mervin E'.atk- Bi-Isrvilie. 3!euallen Township. Mr.-. Martha Reeo. Areridzsiille. Waybn^ht ^-S- lii^lerviTie. Pa. II S. Cromer. MT. Jcv io\rr.fhlo, K. 2. Get'cvsbar«r. Pa- -Tch" S Wolf. 5tral.o.r. Tov.-r.chsr.. R. 7. Gettysburi:. Pa- Clarence H^Tman. R. R. 2. BigV-riiHe. Pa. I'ut when Hgbc came a heavy fog ·.-:t:uc v.-ith it. This brought disap- :»-itttn-.i-nc to the pirate captain, as well ss iu Stuugiiton. though the latter was :i«.:i '-c-rtain whether it vrould be a dis-. .il'.::iu.-i:re or an advantage to him. Ic _-ir;:Mj:ly hroujrht delay, and delay u:0:ii:t st:s:, Before break- of day Le uwoi;e all oa board and. tell- i;!::: ti:^iu or" his suspicions, directed a:i;-is :md every one of tuem not to ·u:ike the siig-htest noise, even to speak iu whispers. There were women i-iiii«.1rei! on hoard, and the dread -;o ^reat ih:it the order was olieyed. Tfce i-hildre-.i were Phut in the cabins, ·.vh-ori' they wyuid not be heard. H.iiC ;::i Uour after daybreak the .--·.,u=id of vsrs was heard. They must I--e t-Hlier from the pirate or the boat sent to the r-orvot. That they were ffoui the pirate was soon evident from :i volley of oaths spoken, by the eap- Uii» v. Uo w:is In command of the boat aud ia search of the I'etrei. The wo- nien -!i went to tho cabins TO maka sure :l;ut If a cUUd made a sound it :-In,-u!-l be aiKflled, while the men stood Iu. a si'oup on deck armed with such weap«r.s as the ship afforded, that they :n!^ht seH Cit-Ir lives as dearly as pos- "fhe p : .rate '-ommander had noted the ·ii^ction of the 1'etre! and steered by ·jo:ur.:.s-. In Lis yawl were twenty HIBK =ir;u.-a t^ the tec-jh. The? isassed the I'ofes sauie ":"s) yards astern and. ro.icliin- !'se shore, turned and thi^ time »ia«isc-i i-n^.c-r her sKsrn TOO feet uway. Every saau on the Cetrel's deck sr...»si iuutf. li^teiur.c to tiie orders ia ibe 3v«;is. which they could hear as plainU ns ii ?fH)!:c:i on tae Fetrei's .l._:-k. Kvtry thanked heaven for ihe «ieii-ttv of the f»»g and grayed tiir.t :t j;jic;,t r.'-: "a^'-iren. The v.-onicn i". ih._- c.'/.an heard almost «s plainly a-* t:se "."Hi every child too youu- to i-iwJ»T;-;:i.l rise danger wss covered FEATHERS AND EGGSHELLS. While the «·:! hea c-mnoc tell you ·aov.- la-aoh Sjii a;-pr«c-iatos your care and ^oyii ,fi-ei:i:iy: she will reeiyrocate ly sheiluig out bis. fresh, sweet eggs aud such ^-.-rions speat lender than Duriug the la-=c tv/eiiiy-save years ;-n active spirit of prtjveiuiv" lias ::iaui- fested itse!i i" every Hue of huusais activity, a spirit uii^c-d. :w lossbr. uio:s the deepest proM2:»tia:£J-- i-e «;«k-^tn- g sense of brotberhuoJ. of jautual responsibility. aK-1 ibe vt-ry self prt^t-r- vatlon of the race «n«l«.-r our Iiscivas:iij: \Vheii sLfpi'iai: fowis to market do nui send tLe keiis aud roosters In the same crate. :is they are apt to be values! at tbi vv-ster rare. lieniembc-r ;iUe that i;:rkcy hens bring a higher p'.ii-e than, ^obb-ers. so be sure to ask Cor separate quotations or be wf-1 give you the Imv-tsr gobbler nite for aJL The r-.-.-r^ct c-arr!:·.::« for India Run- -aer ::;:cks is ::lnjc.?£ erect. "vTben yen -iicet so --^iled India Kunners with level csrriuse and coarse, round, short, -.lir.iij.-v :utne jast decide right there ·'bjc :::e~. ftre close relatives to com---. * T'.e tl--:!amli!~ mite is hard to kiii. .-i : .out t-:.V, best Rll!er beinc: stron? to- b::t-!-,' -v.-ier. JXrt dippiiiir fow-s In any r.ii:ci'-«r« r.iust be done iu a place where ·lioi- v" : dry off n-iiekly or colds aa-I rc.ui iv^-ui:. Afi«.-r vent jricet fowls are sel- ~:';:x :" : ny use ::s breeders. It is a. .::-,;.- «;:s ,.:s«'.»su. very cc-i;tairio;is. di£- ·;-:t · · --.sre. :iivl it i.- rocliy best v j ·jut IS:.- v:ctitn f«ut of 'Js misery. j Ili-ur. :.r^.:-vi'e sy ui::uy eirjrs darinc j ·-.'.. ..:..t »-f lime is necessary for eg;r-I :u-..!s. X.itura furnishes sorae of this.'; ,-nr -..:=::« Old not mr«,-i:d the h«a to"ay ;:·-;;. :aore c^s than the ihen^."3E- -o t:; · v.-;a have n:itura f:.lceJ acr Starting Saturday.November 1 st. As we are new merchants In this com- '\ munity we want you to come to this ! i store and see the nev/ things in Fall and \ Winter wearing apparel. Gome in and j learn our prices. Get acquainted. Ac- ^ cept our invitation, and the truth of our statements. Do not fail to_at_tend^_dijs j store and learn the power of your dollar. 1 1 !J * 1 Big reductions in Millinery, Sweaters "and Qiilarens* Dresses. $20 Ladies Suits i a.-.o Ladies Suits S.oS Ladies $6. Coats 3.0^ Ladies S i o. Coats 6 96! Laciies $15. Coats i4 -^ 0 ^ JMens' r,oo Shirts 75 f Mens' 500 fleecy H:; underwear ?\Ien and. Worn ens' 8c Ladies 750 Waists Ladies i.oo Waists 75'. f I pi. 50 Blankets ^i=c5 ! J 4.00 Blankets 980 r.oS wr?niw. R. S. BScflerville. Pa. IL H- Har-.. R. ·'. C Iitj j-Vjrjr. Pa.. Butler Township. Sa^Ut! Sch'-vanz. Mt- Joy To".vn~nip, Gettysburg-. Roui3 1. .'. A. Vt\t/. c :. -M;ry A. SV.yccr farrnJ Franklin Township.^ J- M. B"^"r'^.% · M; ~v A. Sr.vde: rarni) Franklin Township -I. \V. Taic- TV- -.,- Tcwr-.-hip." R- -5. X c w Oxford. -J. W. cve.-.. :.:c- r :£-. Towns'r.ip, Flora Dale. Pa. . . Tin- l":'.t iwssesl witho-at detecting the shii. :i-i;I it v.-s s fcnur.ate that it i:ii«ea l.y sr.- narrow .1 mnririn. for v.heii it tr.rncfl :vj:iiii it wcnl a hnnarw: y; rd to.-. tV.r nbo-.e. Captain Stouuht-uj feJ: tciaporarily relieveu. bat «,·'--.'·".- »msue:.t r.rer.Cei that the f.- w.r-Kl !ift :i::,l the ship's presence ;t- .l-t;-flo-T. i-^iE as the sounds frou; r'.ic- l--x:: reccdi-l l:e Tt-Jt that the evil Photo by Arneric:::! TTe= CHJCAGG rcr-icsvosiA;-. social eorr.p-Tc-adaiis. 'The '.ro:::;'ii oSi cer is an em!:hiis:s upois tue t,reveatio« ^plrlr of police "»vcri-:. Second.-- T-. lay -ueii. w^snen nud children face toccrbe:- Infiostrlal vicis sltuues r.r.-J socially cooimia^e- Tl-.ere- fore it r.y." re-'".~is The bt-^t that S-ot.i men and --omen can sire, in ll-.o pon^e 'iepartmc-ut as oi.-a»-i.ere. to r.C:c^-KS-e:y aieet tha r.eeus ar.'l pstpor'.y bar.dle nieu. wr.E2i-n and cliil ;rer. So. then ' ' - - ^ | ^cc flannelette gowns 390 Ladies 1.50 Waists gSc| l^ n dresses, all colors Soc -oc| ' ; |2hildrens' 150 Hose-ioc t-adies 2.00 Waists 1.39! i. .. ^ _ - " ' . ! |Lacl«es ^1.25 rt.ouse itself LadiesS 4- 5 Skirts 2.c Ladies 3.00 Skirts i-.cjSi 150 Corset Covers i ^ - ^ r~ Ladies 7-5oRaincoats4-9S| \2D v^orset Covers Girls 2.50 Rain Capes i.69! (75 Underskirts i 39 C 150 45C the fora: of cracker j nin u 5C .7ier.r of the xvo::i-:;i nffir-cr are tiie places of the y \Vhou il-.t- ft--- p.isse-1 it was blown .i:t t- sea. Sr,t p:ciso-ir.:r the ;Ir.»te i) ..-=:. «t«xt the I* X tre3. Wliun i"ao boat's -.-row nv. t 1 :-- sLip t'.jey gsive « bk-iHi- .-.inllir.--: ro'-' and ;«»leil fvr lier. But itry n -.;:::r.^ts t" v:.v" T.oaltry nu:tro;x'.ls or . I ail ws:rt :;r.,- on th=pi.-in i" estr.!::;-i n ~»ay- fioe fron: sw::»!..-r;-. ; 5^i"«c :n on IV:a3;i^jr. S ciar.ce balls, s^.-uin? rir.ts. pi-r.irr imrks. el---. Y.'^er.c-rc-r it i- necessary to Hiahe r.r: .irret tlsc woniar. nt'Uiy the conrr s« acr l.mtii=r c?Hc«r wou!d. Hi--' pr^r^t 01 " 5 a3i J'^"; i - rr - T owners. ir.;cr-_;:s r.t Ptnke. r.i- there won-i !«* n« cn:r. 5\v r^:«Un? or refusing to nrr--"~ Kr,or. S":B Mf-': · " . r".re^. . ' fr ;i^ cl.. 4 .i:: doe ihiriy-iv-r. y;:. this is -JsV',,, 'Soyt, y^- iloy T'"-V' ."r..p."R."i:x Gbg. (William Cromer Farm). S. F. B-Z'hvii':. rn.rJ:"." ^ Tow.-hip, It. 3, GfcXtysburg-. !. M. };'. Ili^'.erJr.c-. Route -. NEWSPAPER -t'.t. !_-. ; . -,'r-e in ar.otlser The .·.u;-.-Vy :^.»-oro-! thro -«»n:a;:.!::" :^ n^'ny =10:: is th , she pirate ,-ct UN U5C31 to ^)oy '.HSU th'^O b'UIS wore ;:i U:o water and urikin-r for in his J-.a-'e !ie ran a=rour.d. O:M- of the corvot"^ Jwats umde for ;li«- r-inite ship, which wa« «:ptnro«l v.-Itii all or. b-aru. TJiey. with the boat's ert'w. were taken ashore an,] rverv man hnnged. Cotb roan-zcls aur bpets make excellent si!bsi1tiH«s fvr green food for the uock of Uens during the wintw '!i«l -e:::rs and lare ^Ise v-i-ue | :-.y yur !;-.:r.e rrao:is i;:con-C ynujr a y-'-:ir K»tiser cr.5« o f ; . by s- :t;:.'.:?.c bree^ir? and thu iacenn- | itv of ::. .:!. Ob. a-x Kurlwnk isn't the ; · ::3y ~.-~.z r,;. net by a loj'.g shot: · ; T'aoro Is a prejudice agaiust ducsc | c;.iK= br: -leil down from the puddse j inck r-er.od that does not appiy to , the pr^i-,:ct of the zaodern ducks la j any way whatsoever. The up -to date | di:CK occ is excellent ar.d r.5t .a bit- '.Ifce t'.ir.t of those ancient, tadpole. «a- ! tor sk:pr-er. fisny. mcdhole |uacks. | ria-^ir-2: chicks of different ages with ; a ci-,:c!; N risky. If the hen doesn't re- 5 fase to r.ccoicniodate tae newcomers, j -f her 5rst clucks are older, she general- J ly is)es not warm -the new ones eaous'a oeeansc ;be others are hardened stay from r.j.'Ier ner'more. so she -treats then: n'-l alike, and the later chicks get THE TRUE BOOSTER. IT you llk-j 'ho o'd to~i "cc^l If yc-"5 '-ave her ier.Ji the rest JJc-p her £rr«Tr. vrhon there's an: il.Injr to do J.«rt the follows co-ri c-u yon. TouTi fct-1 hu":-- --her. it's tSroi Ion"t i oo kno-Kr- If you Trar.t to JTJOJVO a ft:* II tt-c «-t*-.«r f:"c-~"s :t \vs"s to WaTna? ~-r---i-*-- 1 -.-* --aTHi" Ids Engine Sawing wood T)U won't get "stung" if yon buy an Olds Engine here to saw 3-0111 wood, or do any other kind of work around the place. You need an engine--you can't get along 1 without one--bat a poor gasoline engine is averse than none at all and that's just the reason you -^rant to hs sure what you get. A Gure way to be sure: come here and gat an Olds Engine. " If yon can't find time to come and see us, as^ us to cr-T.2 and see you or send you a free catalog of Olds Engines. - . ' _ , " . ' ' v ., - ~ " We re i^ers fr serve ; j' a boast j ··-...', ~ ·· I sfai~cr f rom afar a^or: J " = The federal soTefB^^t TiVl scena ?11.000/,00 in the next year and a ban. on reclamation -work in Montana, Idaho, "Washington and Oregon. This wu\ consist of the building of dams and resen-ol-s and diverting streams from their present channels. .- are. ·NVftJn't tlatttr: r.cvcr bi: Tell tl-..- truth, for thafsr Join the bnostcrs._ i.icy"re the stn~. '-CIr.c : n-,r.ti CIiani?»er of Commerce Bulletin The directors of the "Wisconsin experiment station have succeeded In perfecting « method o-I trcr.Ung wooden sliir.gies with sulphate aud.imos- r.hate of nmmoria. -vh!cli rcJider'thoiu fireproof, the cost of the operation be- jiwr about S15 uer thousand. BOVEKS! Farm l"^pIen:eBfeE ' - - - - - - ' : Bigleralle, Pa. leaner and FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x^32 ft, Terms to s-m purchaser. | 1 J. B. Hamilton j ,'SPAPERf

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