The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1913
Page 5
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HUDSON Six 54, $2259 '- o. b. Rtdzs Like Constant Coastmz Want a New Car if You Can Sell the Old One? to the man v/ho says "I \vill get a ne\T car this year if I can trade in the'cne I now o*.vn at the right figure." By "tight-'figure" he means one that does not require too much cash in order to obtain anew car. Don't y'bu'lhiow' that cars are made to attract various classes of buyers? Some builders seek'to attract* buyers by giving extraordinary values and with low prices. Other makers give the same, or"lcss vaiue. Bur price their ariicles high in order that a margin of profit is left with which' to take-care pi trades. This is made possible by the fact that even the most experienced motorist often is not able to" compare^ values; Qualities usually are determined by the prices that are asked. So the buyer'S^deceived. He takes a car priced at S3.000, thinking he is getting a 53,000 value, when, as a matter of fact, he may be getting only a $2.000 value atjd tbe*Sl,000 is added to the price TO-absorb--the-used cars. r r , r- r* it i A r i Hudson Six 54 Values Are Real T~*HIS--"the handsomest car ever designed"-,1- is- not buiit for tracing. It is priced low for cash buyers. It is the kind of vslue vou get. when-you-pay- cash. In its purchase you are not paying the price to help absorb the used car of some other buyer. If you drive a car. then drive this Six tor a whiiel If you do not kno-.v anything about sii-cylinder cars--then come 6ad out. The man who. knows nothing of the electric light is satisfied with his kerosene lamp. To him it is the very best artificial light to be obtained. So it is w:th the man- v.-ho knows on!v the f our-cy!inder car. He does not understand "the pleasure and satisfaction to be obtained with 2. Six. The Hudson Sir 54 rides like constant coast ing. UP hill or down, over rough roads or smooth, ar anv «Deed. vou ride with a comfort not obtainable in anv four. There is nothing lacking in this car to make it cornpfete. ir hs? a true streamline body, left-hand drive, center' control, entrance to driver's sear from either sider four-speed transmission and many other details--some exclusive, all advanced--are features you should see. Would you let such value be compared with the fictitious price of a car made ior trading? See th? Triangle on the f^aa'iafyr- -· - ^ * --\ *:?. - · 27T- S. G. Bigham, Biglervilfe. Pa. Are you ready Hunting Season? If you are planning a Hunting Trip for a day or a month it- will pay you to let us fit you out with the proper equipment [· to insure a successful trip. Iver Johnson and Harrington Richardson; Single B uri Shot Guns, guaranteed for Smokeless Power, $4.00 Harington and Richardson 44-ga. Shot Gun, shell ejector, for boys or ladies, $4.25 L.-C Smith Hammerless Gun, $25.00 Ithaca Hammerless Gun, 12 and 20., $20.00 Tryon Hammerless Gun, 12-ga., $15.00 Davis Hammerless Gun, $13.00 Davis Hammer Double-barrel Gun, $ 10.00 New Club, Nitro Club and Winchester Shells. Hunting Coats $2,00 to $4.50. Leggins, Gun Cases, etc. Everything you need. JOIN OUR PIANO CLUB We sell the^ famous Story and Clark Pianos for cash or on the Easy Payment Plan. Call or write for particulars. If you wish we will have an experienced salesman call on you. We give the ^.W Green Trading Stamps. Gettysburg Department Store Gettysburg, Pa. Effect of a' Dream. . "/The- nappiesT dream 1 can recall," said a: siicfessfnl'business man. "was one I bad Ten years ago. In it I was with my good mother again, seated in t^r «'d % home church She placed her hand on niy norm .»i» . :. : :--»r«»ti. 'Son. I nm proud of you " Thnt littlo stare- inent has kept me out of wrongdoing more than :ill the senuoni I hrve ver heard and. I l i i i n K . II«N m.-Klo me a bet- WOMAN ACCUSES PASfOR Actress Declares Minister Is Father of Her^Foarteen-Year-Old Son. Rutherford, N. i. f Oct. 31.--Rev. Dr. Richard Earle Locke, pastor of the First Presbyterian church here, may le forced to tell the governing body of the church his while life history ind to prove himself innocent of the ! ?harge made against him by a woman | whose story has thrown the town into j a flurry. 1 All the members of the session, tfc« 1 governing bodj* of the church, are not i satisfied with the poster's mere denial : of the story which Mrs. Vashta Dai \ ton. actress, f-Titer and Klondike ea.| plorer. sold during: the past month j thai she has a son ib-ir'eea years old i in Paris and lhat Dr. Locke is his \ father. I There are two factions in the S church. One belieies the pastor and s the other doesn't. Dr. Locke denied Mrs. Daltoa's story in vigorous language and regrened that she had so suddenly disappeared. Ke said that he had never cad any ^aiimate relations with Mrs. Dalton and that the church believed him and had dropped the matter. WILSON WEDDING GIFT DENOUNCED WflTFRLQGlsED BYi i Second Annual Stock Sale f i n i E . i l t . U U U ! . U U I j £ccond Annual Sale of Registered and Grade Horses, High Grade IPO O A y ^ l J L l ! ' Shorthorn Cows. Registered Buroc--Jersev Hogs. OH Id HILL Bankers Toid They Most M Back to 0-Siandard! is. The undersigned in order to make room for young stock which he is ralshjg v/ill cifer at public sale at his farm on the Carlisle Road 'J sr.iles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table- Rock, fcr- merlv the -John II. Gilliland farm, on WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock | he following Horses : 1 black mare, 5 years old. sound and all ! ijjht, good v,-oxker and driver and in foal*to my, Belgian stallion. 2 'grade ceils coining 2 years old, good and groVvthy 'and will make : niee horses. 1 Registered Belgian stud'cclt, 1 year old last June, a SUBSTAKTi'AL ASSETS NEEDED . Cov.-s. n high grade shorthorn cov.-s. a number with calves by _ _ ; their sides. Others forward springers and the balance have been ·Sresh a short time and are giving a good flow of milk. Railroad Man Declares Confidence Can- , Hogs. 75 head of BuroC -- Jersey HogS not 3e Restored Untri Laws of Cred-t. Consisting oi sows and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars Have Been Respected. ! .nd shoats. ail registered or can be. Chicago. Oct. J. H.H and Frank A. vanderitp were speakers z'. the banquet of the Inves «on of America. Each so-tsideJ a uote". plied with. Sale Positive. Goats. 2 nanny goats ^ Terms: On sums of §10 or cash over that amount 10 months run closed the ccnreutioa] vith approved security payable at the Citizens Trust Co. 3 per ;jnient Bankers' .\sso,-ia- rent, orl" for cash. No goods to be removed until conditions are com- of warning to the busla latercsis SOI ! Gangressmao' Scores 'famil- iarit)" of Golleagues. ington, Oct. 31. -- Representative Gray, of Indiana, created a sensation by denouncing his colleagues in the house for contributing $3 each to a fund, the purpose of which is to purchase a wedding present for Hiss Jessie Wilson. Congressman Gray declared that the members ·were getting "too familiar vrlth the president's family," and suggested that the money be turned over to charity. "I think this movement is in bad taste, indiscreet 1 and an unwarranted assumption by menibers of this house," said Gray. "I do not think we should tender a trinket, to this lady. Most of us are strangers to her. and it is bad form for us TO intrude." Gray suggested that the house might lake official action in the matter by pasF-r.g: the following resolution: '·Whereas, tasuoiarriage of the_pre 31- csi-t's daughter. Miss Jessie Wilson, in the People's Mansion, the White House, at an early date: therefore be it "Kesolved. That the members of the honse of representatives extend to Miss Vi'i'spn. on approaching the great siep =n life's highway, their heartiest; congr?iuiaticns ihd well wishes, as a. pvnibol of the solicitude of this great ssi'on for the happiness and welfare of ail car people." Xo action was taken on the reso-u- non. V.Ti'fe Gray was speaking, he ~=»Ted a cne"k for So, which, he said, ha Tro.ild give to "some liuie poor er the country. Mr. Hi!!, whose subject was "Railroad Financing of the Future," said: "The country is waterlogged with bonds. Confidence cannot bo restored until the name bond had won back something of its old standard'.' Mr. YanderUp sasd congress was in, danger or saddling on the couiury a ruinous policy of Sat money. The senate, he said, was hesitating and fearful of doing anything against · the wishes of the house. i Mr. Hill spoke as follows: "If the true story of all municipal indebtedness, now conceale-J! behind i various temporary makeshifts, so as to maintain aa obstacle credit and help push out the annual crop of new or refunding bonds, could be told, it wou'd shock the country and give pause even to the advocates of unlimited es- penditiTre for public purposes. "The situation with regard to bonds generally spoken of as 'industrials' !s worse. The field is so large and so adverse as to defy statistical tabulation. Hundreds of millions of bonds have been issued to promote conscli iaiion. these securities being part of the par- chase price of the smaller concerns ro be united in one big corporation. Other hundreds of millions have been issuc-i against property still to be developed. . such as mines, timber lands, irrigate 1 lands and even ordinary real estate, where many separate holdings a." combined in the hands of aa active selling or developing concern. "Formerly and always in any p-op j erly financed undertaking, the limit ut a bond issue is ihe total value oC tangible property in possession; not its value for the uses to which it is being or is TO be put, but its vaiue as a:i asset for immediate conversion by :t forced sale at any time into cash. TJnaer this rule the investor might rest secure. The worst that could happen to him would be to have to take over ilus property in case of a receivership, wind np the business and get back his money. About all that he could lose ·would be the interest on his investment for the unrealized term cf the life of his bond. ·'The country Js waterlogged v. JOS. B. TWINING. Albert S'aybaugh, Auctioneer. An H'cnestly Built Stove That Sells On Merit. The Penn Esther range does not have a lot of fancy decoration i h i t is lord to keep clean --and at the same time it is excelled by none in appearance. It is the most solidly built and best general purpose cooking range we knoiv. One that we can conscientiously guarantee. , H. T. MAR1NG BuilIi:i£r formerly occupied by Straw^Sui* ker Co. Rear of old Ileadinc F. eight Dep t. FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Full assortment now in stock.' consisting of: Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. Every piere i«f__ lliis Mfll knonii brand is maie from sei-on«l sirowtli spruce with run;;? PI ath or elm. H. P. MARK, AREXDToVILLE rhiia wan. at Christmas time, peers bonds. Conndeace cannot be restored ihrouga the windows of a toy shop." until the name 'bond" has won back Represemanve Pan. of Xorth Carolina, objected to any consideration of Cray's resolution. Gray ;s £ Democrat- Mr. }Iaan. as Kcpiiblican leader, ended»the incident ^ with .T. statement that it would be ^ "hopoless :o iry to put into Mr. Gray's Fcui the expression wnlch finds itself in the heart of every other member of tne house." WROTE LiFESTORY IN JAIL "Stranger Than Any Wove! of Fiction." Says Mrs. Eaton to Friend. Plymouth. Mass., Oct. "1. -- "Xot s^iilty" TTHS the verdict returned by the jury in the case of ^Irs. Jennie May Eaton, charged vita the murder of her husband. Rear Admiral Joseph Giles Katon. at their home at Assinippi last March. Mrs. Eaton has written_a book traile in jai 1 - The accused' -woman, freed of rhe charge of mnrqering Admiral Eaton. (j-.iitseoi Her ambitions to a- fr:f»r..-] a; she left for her home. "S:ar» I have "been-in the Plymonta jail I have written the story of my life." she said. "It is stranger than any novel or fiction."'" De; -:ty"s: Slayer Convicted. Treistois. X. -T.. Oct. 33.--Guilty o£ murder in the first degree "was the verdict rendered against "William Diamond, colored, foiv Tailing Eli B. Stetser. a deputy Keener" in. the state prison. Diamond shot toe keeper in a vain attempt to escape from tne institution. ^ GENERAL- MARKETS * PKTLADELPHIA--FLOUR steady; vs-inter clear. S3.75@3^0; city mills. Jancy. §4.SO'S 5.2*. RYE FLOUR quiet; at- S3.59@3.60 per Tjarre*. WHEAT firm; No., ncir. 90l± @91c. CORN steady: Xo. 2- white, 78%S- 73c. OATS steady: Xo.- 2- white. 46© W-zC.: lo-srer grades. 4ac; J'OTATOES steady; per bushel, 70 @o3c. POULTRY: Live steady; hens. ISc.; old roosters. I2@13c. Dressed firm; croice fowls. l?c.: old roosters. 13c. BTJTTER steady; fancy creamery, 34c- per Ih. EGGS steady: selected, 34c.; nearby, Sic,: western. Sic, something of its old standard. And that cannot happen until issues aro limited by moderation, conforme-1 t~ the value of the security and cor.nncl to the margin of safety and the form of credit for which the bond was orig'- aaliy designed. "There wo-.ild be little need 'for birc _ sky laws if all who engage in yovr ^ business were bound by a rode bot'.i i ~~ moral and legal to stamp out not only ! the obviously wik5-cat security, biu | every other that has a surplus o? prospectus and a deficit of live ss-eis behind it. The in\estinent inarkel cannot know a prosperous activity, except by feverish star:s *D be followe.l by still more pronounced reactions. r.r- til the immutable laws of credit hav- Farmers I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at Birferville now This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I will buy die Cream at regular price for creamer}- butter. J. W. Pettis been generally recognized and respected." I Ir. the course of his address Jlr. His I said, among other things: ' Less than a year's siibs^srcncr- stands between man and starvation, j PUBLIC SALE On Tuesday December 2. 1'1", ! The uml'TOsnM v.ill »»51 »n ihe Snmn- 8 el Vanillin farm along llif E:ni!iit?hur;r ntad ihr-i- mile? .^ontlioi (iettysbnr^, the n;r 'ivt- ?Tot-K: Six and a half bushels of wheat r-T ! Eighteen liiwl of Cattle. » Milk Lows. capita is a iow estimate for consump- j uireeof which aill !*· ire?u «-y lime of iledical Advertising RHEUMA WILL STOP URiO ACID DEPOSIT would require 639.5nn.000 bushels to j pi,- rv i iwi ,j ,, : - j; keep their stomachs and fields in con-: \vh5t*-. eiaht wotU- diticn for a year. That is a little less . - 'B.jj-K^ijjft; Fi_r~. , than the crop of i?ll and a little more «a!e. 1 Mak- than the crop of 1S12. Subtract on-; xieS-Jisns fro:.!-i«i u !-"·« pounds-. Rheumatic Complications Checked and the "Human Sewers" Restored. ' The Kicr.evs, Bowels and Skin are ' *he "'human sewers" -which carry off rll _ vr j the impurities in the blood- When .- , /; these are clogged Uric Ac'.d sedsraent o!^ s^ic,,_[,i^' ,, j n tJje^rfitiscles and ioints and day o! i pj^urnatlsm follows. RHEUMA. the alam-tf SN oafc i J^+'^jjiedv for all forms of the ! a^' ^ } ? errible disease, checks the deposit of POSSUM FOR WILSON'S TABLE ·.,.. M Sent From South Carolina fay an Ante Be'Jum Darkey. j Washington. Oct. 31. -- President \ TVslson received an- express package ' at the "Waite Honse which please: 1 . I him. It contained a it wiH be served figure of a \V~nite House dinner. U j came from an ante-belhim ne^ro. Too { Farrow, of McFarJan, S. C.. and was : accompanied by the following letter: I RECI! 10 HI: Pa ! 'People's Prue: Store will re' j vour rooncy if i; fails: 50 cento i bottle. 1 Sao-eTca and Sulphur Turns] fine fat possum, awl -I -,- , -, !!_·_ T^-,^1- ! toaSeht as the central OraV, I'aaed rlair U^r. j _ HRS.W.W.1AKE and Almost everyone knows that . ,, . , . . ,, . -Tea and Salphar. properly conipour.d- Dear Mr. President-- Psease accept c d - Iir5n ^ h ^ ck {h e ^atural color aid this possum, which I hope you wji! t ] u ^-. rc t 7the hair when faded, streaked enjoy with tne h : g swept rota*op; jou ends dandruff, itching- Produce Markets- CHICAGO--HOGS lOc. to 15c. hich- ;ier: bulk of sales, S7.80-SS.20; hs*ht, ; !57.60@8.25: mixed, $7,S5frS.35; heavy. i]$7.50@S.35; rough, $7.45® 7.60; pigs, :; S4.50@7.65. j CATTLE weak; generally lOc. to ;25c. lower: beeves, $6.70@9.75; Texas h , ! steers. S6.75@-7.90; stockers and f??d- j;, : ers, S5©7.50: rows andi @8.25: calves, S6.50@30. received las* week, i his is from an FC ;Jp and stop? falhnc: hair. Years old time darsek slave who is your the only wav TO jret this Tnixture was : friend. -TOE FARROVvV ,to make it at home, which is mus^y j ar! trow'seserie. Husband Gets Money. Sot Not Children · Nowadays we simply ^isk at any ! -^ * -v- x- f\s.± *»i T»I%« -^.;n /..*· ^r-^cr store for **\V vt;i,h*s Sage and Sul- lur Hair Rer:edy." You " will get a ._r£rp bottle for about 30 cents. Every- bcciv uses this old. famous rec : pe. be- Dnnton. X. Y., Oct. P,L--The will of Mrs. Matilda O. Elattmacher. here, beou?aths hor savings of $ Another FeUon, Con Fcltoi:. fre--li no:n :t summor of footbn:i trr.iniii^ umlc- iln- ttuel.-ii:!' nP liN 1»r«tlii'i' ^ t i:i. UK- i l u n n r d st.'tr. R - !:; uri;i;.o:l flu- fi(!»·,.vrny for pnnting iasr tiftiaon. ii.-is- r.-tiloil To find n plnco I * S 1 1 » _ T - I £ j l l V ll^tJ* t , « l l i 5 V / I \ 4 « i . i * . » l V * A W 3 »^-.-- t'^" * "~,,..,, -, , «.,.. ;o hfr ^«sbanl. but o,rc«s that her ^^ n one can ossibly te ll that you SHEEP weak; raostlv lOc. to 2Qr. ; two children be taken from her hus- j^r^png^ vou ^ hair ss it does it so «.,,,- ^.otix-c. =,OAT, *5ort«*^on- -c^r. !,.,,., -,,., p ] acC ({ j n «he care of her n au:i-allv and evenly. You dampen a rpongc or soft brush with it and draw this through your ha-r. taking one small strand at a time; by morning lower: native sheep. $3.00^)4.90: year- i ;,« n ,j lings, S4.90@6; lambs, native, ?5.80@ i ^ othcr . among the thirty-six players selected by Coach Haughton for his varsity squad. Fclton had a slight chance of bor- Hit; in- '.'..I', M I. · i - - J I I ' O M l l I O .Hl-l- i l l " ll"S 011!\ « Uiidi-i li:-» ^'in- -i''-i hii.-, i.h!. be alii ^·li(l -.inoiher. (:i!i-v.-l).it and after enils -int.! he/npijlicjtirtn or two, your hair that ho becomes beautifully dark, thick and glossy and you look years younger. Tcsls Others Ho^.- to Get Strong and -Veil. Mrs. W. W. Lake of Aberdeen, Miss., says: "The grippe had left me ir: a weak, run-dowr. condition from wh^eh I suft'ered for some time-1 tnea different remedies but rothing seemed to do me any sror^I i:r.til I took Vinol, froir which T Deceived zreat benefit- My coutc" is a!mo?t entirely gone and I am «tronc: and w*»H acain, and I am ?!ad to recommend Vinol to others who suffer a« I did." Mrs. Lake's recovery was due to the combined action of the medicinal elements extracted frosa cods' livers- combined with the blood making' and strength creating properties j»f tonic 'ron, which are contained in Vinol, and hsr rough disappeared as a natural We guarar.\ee that Vinol will do all we ciaim and will pay back your mon- "V if Vinol does not satisfy you. Peo- pifY, Prw Store, Gfttyshnrjr, P«- P. S. Stop scratching-, our Saxo Salve stops itching. We guarantee it. ^WSPAPER!

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