The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Time* utd New« "" £ '3SATES Single non-subscribers, 2-cents. IFyoo ? dayss TTOU can find the date-up to which yoa are t vu ,v,Jr paper. The date.vrOl be changed withi* mosey is received at The Times Office^ g.t*rtd August 15, 1SW4, at'Gettysburg Pa as second-claw matter, urnde Congress March 3, !Si9- BELLl'HONE UNITED PHONE . i» Northwest cormer of Cezxtr* Square, Gettysburg, Pe»MjiT»»Ia- -Ti!S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR FOREjtr -ADVERTISIHS'BY THE ' '- GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO 3RAKCHE? : N At... ~"~ - r t . r w j i f a t MUST INTERVENE, SAYS DIPLOMATS ·«. Corps in Mexico City See Oras! tic Action by U, 3. mm SEES A WAY 001 per word. " Oie cent TM£ word "5cSi inserti'dn. Two cents a *»«». Resolution of respect, poetry *nd icemoriam. G*. cent ' -..*;?-,j.-- , .'..--' TO GBR HEADERS The Gittysbare.'fimes takes absolutely ao part in polracsJ, .,,*~»-*~ -- KchiStters-Anythingtbat appears in our general news columns, concerning itate or national politisc; is furnished us by The American Press Association, a CCBcem wfelcE gives tffiTsame aews to Republican,, Democratic, Prombifaoa. or Socialist papers and which is strictly non-partisan. Our advertising columns-are open to all candidates of all partie*. 1 GENERAL ZAPATA. Leader of Revolutionists Who Are Active In Mexico. ii 11 -! i t|e tilings pa pel SAGUS, HOTEL _ Capacity 400" _ . . ,, Boom*, with bath., em §olt« Sain * McConomy,- Prop'a. j --IE-- jyou want', a -weekly paper get ! THE ADAMS CGIOSTY JESWS j More local" reading matte? -than i a~ty other paper publaBhed. ; £rice~?l-0-pe£-yea..v-- - - President Does Not Believe Armed Action Is Inevitable, But Huerta Must Go- Washington, Oct. 31. -- Confidence taat Great Britain, France and Ger many will accord cordial support to any policy President Wilson may adopt toward Mexico is feit in Irish administration circles. The fact that these powers promptly acceded to the request of the department or state that they take no further action pending a clear definition of the American program is construed as friendly assurance of a "willingness on their part to co-operate with the United Slates and support President Wilson in such action - as he may deem best. With this co-operation and support. President Wilson is Srrn in his belief that a solution of the Mexican problem will not be CifficuU to find. The president is as nrm as ever in his determination to find a peaceful solution. He does not subscribe him self to the belief so strongly held bj many of those around him that armed intervention Is inevitable. He does not think The time has come for this government to assume a "let 'em fight i'« out" attitude toward the factions at SPECIALS For'Saturday- from 9 to 10 o" A. M. only, 25 cent Brooms 10 j cents- Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store BICE PEODUCE, COMPANY Highest- Cailv Poicei Paid... for »I1 JPEODUCE-^- . .Tame»f:Q35ce,~Gettyafaarg. CHAS. S. MUMP.EE -Fire Proo^ Storage-for J?timxtTiTw nd Household Good* stored any length of tiia*- W. H. TJPTON ^-Photoprepher-- Gettysburg SotrreaiM ASKS U.S, COURT 1 TO OOSTJLYNN * * i Suit Brought to Test Suizer' InipeaeiiinenL j * . j ! FRiMCE LUDWiG. Will Proclaim Himself King of Bavaria B" Order of Diet, USURPATION IS : CHH86ED! CLEARED OF WHITE SLfiVERY: GHEE ED * Injunction Proceedings Designed to. Get Case Before United States Su-, preme Court. | ! New York, Oct. 31.--The conviction! of William Suteer by the iiigh court of | impeachment and his removal from of-j See as governor of New York wasj thro'-vn into the federal courts for re-] view by William H. Moore, a printer,' 01 this city. In a remarkable petition Moore al-j leges thai the control of the govern- j mem of the state or" Xew York bass I passed from the people to a small' · group of citizens and that consequent- j I ly Xew York is no longer enjoying ai I republican form of go\eminent as, · guaranteed by the federal constitution. [ j -Moore seeks to have the court en! join Martin H. Glynn from exersicing j ! any of the functions of governor, prays j : j for the restoration of the office to Sul-j j zer. attacks the assembly for arrogat-j | ing to itself the power to convene iaj I extraordinary session and pass arti-j | cles of Impeachment, ana closes hisj I petition with a. prayer for an audit of |_ OW er House of Diet Favors Replacing i all the_state books. j Mad Otto by Ludwig. i Members of the court of impeach- PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Hews Telling of the Happenings in and about Tow» People Visftpg Here and Thosi TO MAKE REGENT KING PUBLIC SALE " ~ i C~ " SaturAtyNov. 1/13. 1 o'clock p. m. Business Location In Arendtsville Borough Located on Main Street. Consisting of brick house, frame store building. Ice house, stable, engine house, hog: pen and other outbuildings, at present occupied as a restaurant and confectionary but suitable for any business purpose. Bathroom, hot and cold -s-ater and light plant in building. Also Lot of ground fronting. 55 ft- on Higli Street unimproved. The above properties v\-ill be offered at "public sale on the following terms and conditions. 10 per cent of the is i I 10 While'he admits that one of these two things may happen, he is determined to prevent either happening if it is humanly possible. But General Huerta must go. There has been anc there will be no abandonment of this dictum. ' That the next step in the Mexican policy of the administration has not been finally worked out and may not be announced for another week, was indicated at the White House. The possibility that within the next few days a definite announcement will be made by the Huerta government of the result of the election last Sunday, is postponing action by the United States- The actual formalities of proclaiming the result may have some bearing on the situation, for while this government has already refused to countenance the result, foreign governments have not taken any position, and it is felt that the United States should await formal action- by the authorities in Mexico City before putting on record its rejection. Though this hopeful view is taken by the president and his immediate .vilvisers. the administration has been ir-formed that the diplomatic corps in Moxico City is unanimous in the opinion that only intervention by the United States can save Mexico, and that such iJrastic action is inevitable. Europeans oppress dissatisfaction with existing conditions in Mexico and the so-called "drifting"' actitude of the United States. Munich. Bavaria, Oct. 31.--A bill au- . t.£ii£ oui£.d *ii»ii^^»t ai^ *^s*»^*-^i *~~* *- -- · j»r^Q proclaim ilillisvsc m..^ -^~ ^.*---«..« j fendants. "Way Suizer was made a ce-j ;,, u j ace O r the insane Kins Otto was I l^L£Ucrl£lA. l ii,J *U£A.^rL ««xi3 .ljul.%. *J- **- l |JI UiaCC l/t tlitj I^JCti-iV ivnj-, V «,*.\^ ·· M~ I fendant Is not clear. Sulzer. engaged; pass ed by the lovv-er house of the Ba.; in ihe height of 2. campaign for elec-i var all ale*. - "i- v^..',.' \TM i ' - f . - 'Eev. J. jC^arlesvGardnfer.sjof West High street^was a business } visitor in Cailisle on Thursday. · Dr. Vf. A. Granville addressed the Harrisbarg-GeVtYsburg League Thursday evening, concluding- his talk with a number of views snowing scenes about the local school. Mrs. David "Wolf, of Hanover, was a Gettysburg- visitor on Thursday. Mrs. Harvey Welty and two children, of Baltimore, are visiting at Mrs. V/elty's home in this place. Miss Celia Bailey, of Xorth Washington street, went to York this morning to spend some time with friends. Mrs. CarKon Bryan, of Wilmington, De!., has returned home after spending some time at the home of 3Ir. and Harry Geiselman, on East Middle street. Dr. H. W. McKnight and Mrs. Luther S. Black, of Carlisle street, went to Baltimore this morning to spend the day. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Geiselrnan and family have moved into their new double house, which has recently been completed, on East Middle street extended. Robert Schnitzer, of Westminster, is spending several days with relatives ic town Mrs- J- S. Ziegler, of Charabersbnrf street, went to Carlisle this morning to spend several days with relatives. turned a verdict of not guilty in 'the j O f it. case of Grover C. Rosentnal, an actor, j Moore disclaimed ay motive for the | of JSTew York, charged with violation.j action other than that inspired by hisj of the Mann v.-aite slave act. The jury j g nty as a citizen and a taxpayer. j deliberated only five minutes. { Shorn of its verbiage, the petition j Judge John C. Rose, whose charge! charges a certain group of men. con-! to the jury v.-as regarded as broaden-' slsting parrly of the defendants and ing the scope of the Mann act, said) partly of men unnamed, with having VOTE MINISTERS if he had any idea the demonstration was premeditated he would send every one who participated in it into confinement. , -There v.-as nothing in the actions I OE tither of the parties coziected with' the case to deserve applause." said the judge- Young Roserthai, whose wife and obtained control of the state, its many* offices and vase funds, for their sole' use and benefit- No Precedents For Case. "Washington, Oct. 01.--There are no: Reform "Pastors of Potomac Sped Fix SSQO-MiDimam, \ C*S»LlI-i£,LWii r V.*~(.. ^A- A i i ^ * ^ - **« - «--- j , . , ^ , , _ t _ r f v - _ ' · · · » -- ;-.-« precedent, for *ie spreme court re- ^nc^Mo-. Oc^^'^ { viewing, impeacnment proceedings as ·-- a ue.-^ti _ ·. _,-.-__ r! ,»r i } ^ .. , . , . . « - rtTrf-*-cr=:' J »f» r'lC--S^JIiiSitrBS-- crStrt* ^ tJiaL *1 ( «s-.s^h Tnp. nrnwenmtrs Sled in j\ew- ^-s*1 *~ ··-'- - discussed minister or tbe should receive. The resciation ; ry that a Reformed churche: ^s or'ssaallv pre-eni- eral constitutional rigJus bad been ce-i --- ------«-- *-» - -=· - * , ue.i.u.d. .u «c:uu,«« «» ,^^ j,^-. _ ied Sulzer For that mnch lhsre ed prorifiec. ior a sa_.ar5 o. Poses. He said that he and the young 5s - , prorisio:l for a Snrre3! e court S800. but n* r^nn^i advismg . "oman were co the stage togetner and | ^ P hould ^ case be forwaricd mini-tra sshry oi 10(»» v.a» mtro registered at boarding houses as aus- j ,,,, ..,,,, ,,,,,,,_ ,,,,,,.,. 5f ,.. nf t n ,,^^;-.- uacc'3. T^io a-ncnti:r,f-nt -as no, p-=s -^ - - - - ius-j ^ .ae | ow - er court it uncloabtediy band and wii. but his attorney, in m.s; ^.^.j fee espe{i ; ted: ot b e rw!s9 a de- eached in regular three years. mercial DiirpOSeS. " TWO Political" "Advertising. TO THE VOTERS OF PEI John W. Kephart desires tc thank th= pco-Ie of!v3".!a fo' the msgrilficerit voti which rsaie him one of ths nc-r-.inces -for Juc'-.e ct the r-uper:or Court. =r.d to assure t^cr,-. t«st it e'ected on Novsnber 4th thc:r conr.Je'-.cj v.··· not fee misplaced. He submit* his r?r. c :.c «cY-_ES_^2 Citf J-eto-e. DIRECTLY TOTHEPEOPLfc- i ~-s una*-jr.-yj-s endorcci^erit of th= Bar of his hsrre csu..t/ sttests his Stincss ~o- rh-s omcc. Left an ornha-s at t^= r.r- -T t.-.c--^t ~-vt sent to T 1 '.- SoScJersr orphan S-hoo! at t-'c- ^i:;stsrvii:e. r3.--si sixteen a t-!=5r~rh onr-a- at A-icgHo-v Goiicgs STVC; -.v-:s : =te' trr---*v - -5'-cd rro*ri the Dickir^or, l_aw^S=hco ! . He "9S ir«sn 3 -TCtJ-in" sHorney for over -- "-.c'_-*- va-«. HE DESERVES TO '» v ^£--- ^T1 E J%£* . H . : " l *V \v.^KE : ?KV' e nT" v vo:j'"MUST^PLACE A:J x AF^ER HiS NA?«H- vct- ~sr t"-:5 o~r.cs 3^ the eicctlors Nove^ibc' MOVEftfttNTJOf TROOPS Extensive Military Activities Throughout the United States. XVashington. Oct. 31--Extensive military movements are being made throughout the United States, the objective point apparently being Mexico. Regular troops are being sent to the border and National Guard organizations are being inspected and put in readiness for active service. j Perhaps the nicst significant move is ordered at Galveston. Coionel Frank "West, in command of the cavalry ai Fort Bliss, uas been ordered to Galveston at once vrith his command to embark upon the United States transports no^ in the harbor. Colonel "West ^ili leave all horses behind. No information is obtainable as to the destination of the transports. Several commissioned and non-commissioned officers, it developed, are on a tour of inspection of the Texas state , militia. wiiR a vietr to ascertaining if i they are ready for service. ! From Springfield. 111., comes the in| formation that Governor Dunne has ordered the militia in readiness for nikrchiug orders A call tras issued for 1000 volunteers. Tl'e government has contracted for the transportation of S'JOO troops from CalifoJTiia and has leased a site at ,^ Beach ;or camping purposes. .Ctivily in the Xew York state National Gu^rd is also reported. It was officially stated for the Srst time that a heavy movement of troops toward the border is noxv in progress. The troops being sent southward are all cavalry. In the o^cial announcement made by General Leonard Wood, caief of 1 the "United States army staff, it is stat- S ed that tbe troops sent to the border "] Trill "relieve" those now there. erciai Diirposes. I-JM---·vH'-ie--r'- oi nTO In his charge to the Jury Judge Rose | ^U i lit fVAWH.IJi-jrLU . b held that ire defendant had violated , A . tornevs Sav Hock?n and KcNa rr.ara cne -Maun act. as he construed 15. :i Ar ' e On ,y Gnes . F . eSD o R sib;e. the jury beiicved oeyond a reasons^ chicasK , O ct. 31 -- Herbert S. Hock- vlonbt "tha-. one of the purposes E e | - m shafe ^ Tohn T Mc . had in mm,'. v.-hen ne Drought tne g.n x thf wbole reS p On3 i b mry for ;i^*-rt. ^-^^ ^rirrt XT.? "^T»*T-T-Ion? tc'oe tr» f*r»TX- inro the state of Maryland was to continue relat : cr,s That had existe-i between their; while together elsewbere. The character of the girl nor her past life are not to be considered in determining thir o ;estion of the case." LEAPED IN SCALDING 'WATER Tv/o the riynaame plots by attorneys who arsaied for rhe oth^r convicted men ed and f're synod H^ed she minssiuJB salary at $;00. ?."ae3 a-!:c-'. TrheSher they received a sutllcicat salarj for performing ef nciTit sJT\T_cr. t«er.iy-seven raic's tcrs sns--e-e-1 ": es ' an-1 seventy-one "no " Thp t"ial aniLOHn! of nion-jy needed io n?c«t the rc-;'-i; r siren s of all the oiaiSiers not r^cci-. ;ng an adequate ^alar-. : S-Z-'-l''- An in-viuition from Rev. J. Ri:e g er gey. of Trinity'-h. Altoona. Pa., iiiv'tlng the s:-t.nvl to rneer at ais argued tor rne oin-r convicLea men - - ^ ^ e svao .j l»afnre tie United States circuit court -i"-- - - - - - - - -- - , - ^ | "-(*, *^^'i ^ 3 ·". ^' '- S*'!» ^li t... -* l»i». Oi ary-^a:^- , - , ~,nrr. »-i-rtarior.s were Hoflzin. sentenced to sis years' imprisonment at 7,eavenwortn r is the orsiv one of th? thirtyi s iree men con- cted last December who is~servm ' onz h!s term without appealing. Dur- casin? rhe.r^rcdies in hospital sheets instead of Annette Kellerman cos- taineff. as a result of a stage hand's blunder. "When ihe ^old wave hit Milwaukee the -naier ~as too cold for the girls, and they ct niplainefl. The stage hands tamed s; :ntc the tank and forgot to turn :' «:~ after the performance. When tii» =.-"s appeared for rehearsal no one noi^ca that the water wasjiot as usual. ar Edith Byington and Eva Lwwin. on o-posite sides of the tank, dived ios f -tr.--. Thefr sr-4«TMs prevented the other] girls from I "?:ng in also, and the two . auts. asssne*! that It was Hocking and VcN'a'narH aione within the ranks of -!ie Lron Workers" union who under- icol-- *o dyaanjuc tne -«orK of "open ~a.-j" ccritractcrs. Mr. Kruni said Kyan and The others knew nothing of ·he drnmjite plots carriod on secretly »y Hockir. and McXataara, the secretary of the , adlv scalded before they ter They ^ at emergenc look over Hats and Shoes, knoui the result. ',,.B..Kitzmiller Postoffice Safe Blown Open. , Rochester. X. Y.. Oct. 31.--The safe J in the East Rochester postofSce was ! blown open with nitrog'.ycenn by rob| bers and, a large quantity of stamps stolen. The thieves overlooked several thousand dollars. B'asts Ks!5 Ty!i!l!on Salrron. sr:~j. Oct. 31, -- Railroad blasting c" .1 tributary of the Frazer river in V than a m' the spa -three ~:" -''d tr'aJ 1*3 ih»«= art.c" hence. iVng' 0 - save killed more ",n salmon and prevented -.s of between two and t~i soekeye salmon eggs. "-rt of commerce annoanc- aii-.ovug Arnericaa public i f i sea " * a dec:ned saortage in j -,1 feed three to Sve years i TO PLACE DIAZ ON LINER Will Be Put on Steamship After It Has Left Mexico. Washington. Oct. 31.--Acting Secre- iary Kooseveli, of the navy, instriicted Rear Admiral Fletcher to place General Felix 7:az. tbe Mexican refugee, leaves tee last Me^'can port on her sailing. The s5ip has not been se- iected. Under that plan Diaz and his party will be transferred from the battleship ! Louisiana to a Xew York and Cuba liner after the latter sails from Prc- sresso at a date not yet deterrainea. The transfer of tfce fugitives will be against their arrest by ter unul ei I-' ~ roore ::r. itatiocs were received rr plans for next year's synod Rev. Dr. \V:U;azr, C. Saaaeiier. of Lancaster, -Pa., conducted "Home ilis- sion" ser\:cc= in :hc Evangelical Reformed cbJirch. ?ftcr which tne synsd r-as ter-.-Jere-l a rece^ion by the church. CHURCH NOTICE METHODIST Sunday School. 9:30 a. m.; preaching a'c 10:30. subject of sermon. ''Starving the Soul." Epvrorth League, G:I-5 p. m. A welcome to all services. L. Doiv Ott, pastor. ' G'ETTYSBURG u. B. The third annual Rally Day will be observed Sunday. First service 9:30 a. m. A beautiful souvenir will be given to every person present. Addresses- and good music. Second service. 7:00 p. m. Yoca! and instrumental music, recica- lions. pantomime- Be sure to attend. All will be %velcome. J. Chas. Gardner, I pastor. SALE3I U. B. Sunday School. SiOO'a- m.: preach- incr, 10:00 a. m. Ton are most cor- dialiy Invited" to be present. J- Cha?Gardrier: pastor. " ' CHURCITOP-THE BRETHREN Friends' Grove: Love* Feast Saturday evening beginning' at four o'clock; Sunday School, 9:30; preaching, 1D:30 Sunday morning. Stratton Street Church: Sunday- School. 9:30; preach:^. 10:30 and 7:00'- JIcKNIGHTSTOWX REFORMED . The fall Communion air St- John's Ilcform'ed church, ifcKnigrhtstown, i be held Sunday morning:, Nov. 2nd, at 10:00 a. m. Preparatory services Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. BENDER'S REFORMED Owing to the absence of "the pastor, j i attendance upon Synod at Frederick, there v--ill be no preaching on Sunday. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED Missionary meeting Sunday even- Ing at 7 o'clock. Sunday School in the raominc: at 10 o'clock. TANGER--ALLEWELT HEADS PES^A. B. A. B. ; Crowd- 5s Elected Recent and Other OfFcers Pre Chosen. Srranion. P=- Oct. ",1.--Miss Emma CrowelJ. cf Philadelphia, was elected state resent by ihe Daughters cf the American Rcvoinuon in tae seventeenth anr.' session. Miss Elizabeth :-Ia=sey, of Philadelphia, was re electO'l state registrar atif} Sliss Mary O. SMUo. of Gerraantowr.. uas unanir.ious'.y chosen state setre tarv for another term. In acce?f ; ig she said: "I"-a cot a birt'iSsy coming soon ana I'll be seventy, "out I feel thirty five." Two Men Burned \VniIe Asleep. Matiocn. !!'.. Oct. 31- -- Clarence Altrss an« C iartes Johnson were burn- en to dev'i when fire destroyed a hrjardine '-p-'se in which they were Mississippi Sank Fails. 'Natchez, Miss.. Oct 31.--The First National bank was placed in the hands of receivers. The bank has a capital of $250 5 000 and deposits of $2,000.000. It was stated that depositors would bs in full. FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull terriers, nm Top Poultry Farm, F. G. McCamrnon.--advertisement isieep. T-.c\ e\idently were overcome ty smoi.e " e ore the Sre reached their t'oom." j Used" Po:=on For Toathwash: Dead. I Xew York, Oct. 31. -- Mistaking a Boison for a toothwasfa. according to his son. Louis "Stfnever. a prosperous restaurant keeper.' met death in his home Two physicians worked over him more than an honr to save his life. He died without being able to tell what poison he bad taken. Begging Letters For U. S. Envoy. . SI.--United States A:n- Thieves S^eal i roiiey V/ire. Bconicn. X. J.. Oct. 31,--Working in she dead of r.i^bt thieves sluie O'»0 f»ei of copper tro:iey wire between this town and Be-trand's Island. Kopat- cong. The cars nad stopped running. 1 WEATHER EVERYWHERE. John Tangen Jr_ ar.d Miss Elizabeth Allot alt Married in Hanover. "Emmanuel Eeformed church, Hanover, was the scene of an impressive T-edding ceremony Wednesday evening at 6:39 o'clock, when Miss Elizabeth Allewalt. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. vTflliani B. Allewalt. became he bride of John G. Tanger. Jr.. son af Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tanger. The ereraony was performed by Rev. A. S- )echant. pastor of the church. The bride has been a teacher in the mblic schools of Hanover for several vears and has been a frequent visitor Gettysburg. Mr. Tanger is assistant manager of the J. C. Tanger Com- ny, wholesale and retail hardware merciiants- Woroar.'s Body Found In River. j Reading, Pa., Oct. 31,--Mrs. Annie Shirej,. of Monocacy. committed suicide-after several attempts to take her life. Her body was found i nthe bassr..lor IVnfie'.d lias been avalanche: wit!-, be^cins; letters since tbe Anstr'.an nev,s]\voers. on h's arrival, print- river. She was fifty-six years old. ed stories about his private fortune. · ' lot Observations of Unitea States weather -bureaus taken at S p. m. yesterdav fellow: Temp. \Veatiier. Albany ^ Cloudy. Atlan tic City.... 50 P. Cloudy.'. Boston ·»* Buffalo 36 Chicago : - t 38 Xew Orleans 56 Xew York 47 Philadelphia 50 St.Louis .-.- 40 Washington 44 Cloudy. Rain. Clear. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. The Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; northwest winds. Nor. 17-21--Adams County Teachers' TnFliUite. Walter's Theatre, Nov. 18--Lecture by Dr. J. H. Sieiing, X'ork. Brua Chapel. WE have for sale a choice of nursery stock in all leading varieties, propagated from hearing trees, Boyer Brothers, Arendtsville, Pa.--advertise- j tiaemcnt FOR RENT: furnished or-xnifurnish 1 rooms. 117 Carlisle street.--arver- i ment IX MEMORIAM In sad but loving remembrance of our father. Harry C. Showers, who departed this life two years ago to-day. We loved him. yes no one can tell 3ow much we loved him, and how well. ;od loved him, tooj and thought it best To take dear father with him to-rest. Bv the Familv.--advertisement. ^:;-x.o39flJ 5:^_J_. - -* ! PUBLIC meeting in Warren's Hall. Arendtsville, at eight o'clock Satnrday cvening under auspices of Adams County Pomona Grange. James H. McSparren, of Lancaster, wifl speak^on "Why we should Vote against the $50,000,000 Bond Issue"'. Everybody welcome.--advertisement Ayer*s Pills Headaches Biliousness- . Constipation' Indigestion Sold for 60 years.- Ask Your Docte-.

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