Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1937 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 9
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.MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 21 H 1937 NINE I E T Y Hageivto Direct in Albert Lea Concert FOREST CITY--Mr. and ,Mrs. Odvin Hagen, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rendahl will go to Albert Lea Sunday where Professor Hagen has been invited to act as guest conductor of Ihe school concert to be given that afternoon. A combined concert of the chorus and band will participate. Lawrence Ernmons, former Waldorf- ite, is the director of the Albert Lea organizations. CHECK THAT COUGH BEFORE IT GETS y ChecV it before it eels you down. Check U before others, iiinyLjR the chifclren, catch it. Check it nltli FQLEY'S HONEY £ TAR. Thbdoiible-actuiR compound gives quick relief and speeds recovery. Soothes raw. irritated tissues: quickly ultys tickling, hnckinp, iSpaon- f u l on retinue makes f o r a comiMreo steep. No habiL-fonmnK, fitonmch-ifp.setting drugs. Ideal for children, too. Don't let tJiatrough due to a cold. Iiang on! For (|uick relief anit spttded recotery insist on FOLEY'S HONEY fc TAR. WIFE PRESERVERS A new way to" serve lurkey, chicken or other leftover roast fowl, is io cut a firm mold of cranberry jelly into cubes, pice celery and left over meat, mix well with well-seasoned French dressing, and serve all with a little mayonnaise. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED AT ALLISON ALLISON -- John Kliegc, 23, Parkersburg, and Esther Marie Venenga, 21, Grundy Center; Darrell Jay Hillman, 19, Marble Rock and Reka Arends, 18, Dumont, have been issued licenses to wed. CRESCENT CLUB MEETS AT Y. W. Crescent club met for a calendar party at the Y. W. C. A. Wednesday evening with Berneice Reynolds in charge. Guests included Freda Johannsen, Bculah Bailey, Marie Moore, Vera Peterson and Mary Trainer. Bernice Marti, Hildred Elbert and Florence LaBounty served refreshments. The next meeting will be Feb. 3 al the Y. W. C. A. --o--' PERRY-ELLEFSON FOREST CITY--Miss Mildred Ellefson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Eddie Ellefson of Thompson, anc Keilh Perry, son of Mr. and Mrs B. .1. Perry of this city were married Jan. 20, on Ihe twenty-fiftl wedding anniversary of Ihe bridegroom's parents, , by Rev. J. ,f Skarpness in the Lutheran parsonage at Thompson. Miss Caro Ellefson, sister of the bride, Des Moines, acted as bridesmaid," anc Austin Hanson of Forest City wa best man. Mr. and Mrs. Perr; left on a four weeks' wedding tri| to Los Angeles and points in Cal ifornia. Mr. Perry is associated ii SOUTH FEDERAL NEW WINTER APPAREL CLOSED OUT REGARDLESS OF FORMER PRICES! Pre-ln von Lory Sale! Marvelous coats for sport or dress .-wear-''.'- .. many with, sumptuous 'collars of gorgeous fur . . others In clever tailored styles . . all dislin- guished by Haltering silhouettes and smart details! Genuine bargains! Tomorrow Pro-Inventory Sale! You'll admire the costly fur collars . . the novel sleeve treatments . .'the smart durable fabrics . . the attractive shades) Furs include select Cross Fox, Wolf, Fitch, Marmink, .lap Coon . . Exciting values! Prc-Invcnlorv Sale! Each taken from a higher- priced group and reduced for immediate closeout! Not all si/.cs in every s t y l e -- b u t a splendid variety! Glamorous velvet frocks that are irresistible in fashion originality and color--marked down for instant clearance! Your chance to pel ler-type suit--superior in styling, fabric and tailoring --at emphatic Pre-Inventory savings! ^ Pre-Inventory Sa!c! Everyone knows that fur prices are going up! Choose now from marvelous Northern Seal or Lnpin coals . . deluxe swagger or fitted models w i l h f l a t t e r i n g col- Jars and sleeves! Remarkable! business his father in til Perry Hardware company. --o-Croghan Named One of Gov. KraschePs State Agent Choice: DES MOINES, (/P)--Gov. Nelso G. Krascliel Thursday announce appointment of Charles , Crogha of Woodbine as one of h' specie agents and said Croghan wa placed on a 90 day assignment. "He will do some special inves tigation work for me," Krasche said. The governor staled th newly appointed agent will in vestigale the efficiency of som state departments. The appointment temporaril completes the list of stale agen named by the governor. He prev ously announced selection Frank Moot-head and temporal appointment of Joe Burke, Du buque, and Con Ryan, Shenai doah. County Treasurer's Semi-Annual Report Semi-annual report of Joy Ridgeway, Treasurer of Cerro Goido County, for the period beginning tine 1, 1936, including December 31, 1S3G. Receipts 70,207.77 11.637.8S iS,'J19.9fi Balance lale $ 67,001.39 oldiers' Bonus 9,118.40 ounly 70,200.G(i oor 19,817.82 ourt Expense B.57B.02 ounly School 3,172.27 oldiers 1 Relief 2,310.74 'ounly Bond 33,973.83 tate Insane 7,254.71 !ounty Insane 7,946.35 )ld Age Pension 1,182.34 Bridge Bond 2.541.0E) uberculosis Eradication ... 15,888.36 \ur Grounds 80.85 Unapportionccl Taxes 'oor Bonds 28,915.52 District School 24,901.61 Corporation 14,G7B,02 'ownship Road . 100.03 Domestic lAnimal 5,625.62 .uspense : 2,048.13 Automobile 57,808.08 'ermanent School 4,585.77 Temporary School 13.20 School Library 2,210.93 nstitule (Teachers 1 ) Fine Fund ' V . . . !,829.g; £mergency Fund Special Assessments ... Drainage Certificates D. D. Construction Acct. . .. Sec. Hoad Maintenance Sec. Road Construction ...... Primary Road Co. Bond Primary Road Rcf. Acct Unavailable Tax en. Revenue Ref. Acct 1935 Refund Acct 1836 Refund Accl Drainage Bonds PWA Const. Accl. No. 1040.. PWA Const. Accl. No. 1041. , 1,335.62 12,682.41 4,489.15 28,126.44 22,781.36 27,190.32 523.76 09.48 48,876.73 40.13 1,257.00 .'!», 122.82 4,559.99 42,264.15 11,044.40 fi,997.0fi 8,G9B.41 4,047.09 10,984.93 10.16G.31 262.19 1,374.72 51,891.66 25,865.24 323,078.87 198,262.47 3 30. BO 945.70 137. 39 Bfi,8 10.25 1.900.00 254.20 72.94 5,352.25 22,553.51 11,804.81 3,920.00 '1,817.35 45,622.85 84,921.30 1,575.00 109,713.39 ' 7,257.!)2 6,000.00 36,443.28 Total I? 629,705.62 $1,339,2'J3.10 RECEIPTS Total ; 143,869.Ifi 20.750.28 139,120.fi5 76,129.10 19,1)20.51 10,169.33 11,009.15 33,073.83 11,301.80 18,931.28 11,318.65 2,541.09 10,150.55 1,455.57 51,891.6!; 54,780.7(5 353,980.48 212,038.49 43G.G3 K, 571.32 2,185.52 ' 124,618.9:! 6,485.77 257.4(1 2,210.93 72,94 11,182.17 23,830.13 24,487.22 8,40!).15 29,043.7!) 68,404.21 112,111.62 2,098.7fi 69.48 48,876.73 40.13 1,257.00 109,713.39 46,380.74 10,550. 99 78,707.43 $1.068,048.72 ·*· I Disbursements S 102,365.83 14,678.01 · 72,243.38 3D.280.31 14,401.07 7,888.38 5,866.81 7,548.90 1G,521.50 11,040.62 , 55.78 1.249.57 51.891.G6 31,812.88 317,169.15 186,701.09 239.6(1 · 37.92 74,287.97 207.40 1,776.93 43.73 3G5.44 20,495.00 18,149.83 3,881.19 5,50!).2S 5!),615.9i! 77,351.09 -. 2,098.75 4.02 947,85 11)3,037.00 44,520.00 · 10,559.99 78,707.43 Balance 41,503.33 0,078.27 fii,«77.27 36.848.79 5,219.44 2,280.95 5,142.31 33,973.8! 3,752.90 2,409.78 308.03 2,541.09 16,094.7 206.00 22,967.118 30,811.33 20,237.40 137.03 6,533.40 2,185.52 50,330.96 6,485.77 434.01) 29.21 10,816.73 3,394.13 6,337.39 4,527.90 24,434.51 8,788.23 34,760.53 .01 69.48 48,876.73 35.51 315.15 6,076.39 1,660.74 Action Dismissed Involving Charge of Receiving Property Juslice of Peace Roc Thompson, at Ihe conclusion of a hearing lale Wednesday, dismissed a charge of receiving slolen properly filed against William R. MyBcc. 15 West State street, filed by 1. .1. Necdleman, manager of Hall's clothing store here. Information filed by Necdleman alleged lhat McBee purchased some suils, a topcoat and a'wom- an's coat slolen from the Hall store by J. L,. Edingloii; clerk at the store at the time of the Ihefl and a resident of the Park Inn hotel which is managed by Mc- Bec. McBce testified a t " I h e hearing that Edington, now held in the county jail u n c! c r $500 bond charged with the t h e f t of the clothing, represented to him thai he was assistant manager and buyer for the Hall slore and thai the clothing was ;i collection o sample garments which he could afford lo sell McBce at a reduced price. County Attorney M. L. Mason and his assistant, M. C. Coughlon, prosecuted the'case for the state, while the plaintiff's counsel was Hincs Mount. Employers Advised to Pay State Tax Before U. S. Levy FORT DODGE, (/P) -- T h e Chamber of commerce Thursday -ich'isecl Fort Dodge employers In Iclay payment oC the lederal unemployment insurance tax until Iowa blanks calling for payment of the social securities tax have been received. By paying his unemployment insurance tax to the slate lirst, the employer may send the receipted tax bill and 10 per cent of the total paid to the state to the government in £ull settlement of the federal tax, the Chamber o£ Commerce points out. However, the Chamber says, if he lirst pays the federal tax he will receive no credit and will owe the state the full 1 per cent oC his payroll. The federal lax does not become delinquent u n t i l March 31 while the slate tax deadline is Feb. 15. T.ltiuiil-Talilctj Salvc-Xose Drops TABLETS lor COLDS and HEADACHES P r i c e , 2Ka 51,443,265.94 S 525,682.78 25 Indictments Are Returned by Grand Jury at Sioux City SIOUX CITY, (XI')--After ncav- iy two weeks of deliberation the Woodbury county grand jury made ils final report in district court Thursday afternoon returning 25 indictments. Most of the indictments were kept secret pending serving of bench warrants. It was understood indictments on several counts had been returned against Billy Nesbeth, former proprietor of Ihe Burlinglon hotel, in Sioux City and Lee Bradley, former California convict, wanted in connection with Ihe S37.000 robbery of Ihe W. A. Ehlerman Wholesale Jewelry company here Dec. 22. Balance on Hand May 31, 1936 $ K29,705.62 From Current Taxes S 756,887.35 From Delinquent Taxes 42,989.03 Penalty, Inlcrest and Costs I!i,ii3(i.8() Drainage Taxes ' 12,1538.77 Special City Assessments 11,784.28 Primary Road Secondary Road 25.'09 Interest on Bank Deposits Principal of School Funds 1,000.00 Interest on School Funds 254.20 Teachers' Examination and I n s t i t u t e Fees 72.94 Cigarette Licenses 462.50 Sale of Bonds and Certificates Fines and Forfeitures l,S'J5.2ii Trust Funds (including unclaimed fees) from Clerk 2,775.4!) I Care of Patients in State Institutions . . . . !)26,!)fi arc of Palienls in County Institutions .. 894.57 ale of Produce, County Home 7,945.40 ale of Bridge Material 51.52 ces of County Auditor (dog licenses) .. 517.00 'ees of County Treasurer 1.00 'ccs of Counly Recorder 3,481.55 ces of Clerk of District Court. . .' 4,679.00 liscellancous Collections (nol included in Classification above) ,. 263.OB' (Automobiles) 60,810.25 'ees from other Sources 808.90 Transfer from Funds 87,195.19 A Tremendous Purchase of Beautiful New CREPES - STRAWS TAILORED anil FLOWERED TRIMS Not a hat in the lot worth less than $1.98, and most of them are REGULAR $2.38 and $3.98 values. SPECIALLY PIUCKD FOR THIS SALE AT INCLUDED IN THIS LOT, AT THIS SAME PIUCE. AUK IIUNDUUDS OF BE/VUTIFUI NEW WINTER HATS FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK Fells and Velvets Regular SI.08, §2.98 and 53.98 values FINAL CLEARANCE Of All SCAHF SETS TOTAL RECEIPTS SI,287,351.41 DISBURSEMENTS State Treasurer's Receipts 5 201,089.78 tounly Auditor's Warrants 323 s 446.1. r i City Mayor's Orders 188,701.0!) Drainage Warrants 5,508.03 3rainagc Ccrtitlcntcs and Bonds 48,401.19 lily Special Certificates 18,088.75 Ichool President's Orders 317,15!.G(i ^ownship Clerk's Receipts County Bonds Redeemed ntcrcst on County Bonds ichool Fund Loans "ri. Sec. Road Bonds and CeiMs: Funding Bonds Miscellaneous Payments (nut included n classification above) Transfer to Funds $1,917,057.OG Decide Yunker Used Public Office to Aid Himself Financially DES MOINES, (fl j )--A state examiner's report filed here Thursday reported O. R. Yunker, resigned Jasper county soldiers' rclie[ commission secretary, ·'used his public office to ;dd himself financially and lo give an iinrciisomiblc amount of assistance to a favored few relief clients." The report, filed with the Jas» per county board of supervisors, said A. J. Stvcetcr, commission member, discovered the irregularities when checking relief cases. Yunker, who resigned a month go, pleaded innocent to a charge f "accepting reward for public crvicc" and the case now is bc- orc Ihe grand jury. The examiners' report also said 569.15 was "not properly accounted for as required yb law" n the accounts of Mrs. Ruth Woolen, county recorder during he years of 1935 and T H I N K ! WHAT WOULD H A P P E N to you . . . t o your family . . . i f you couldn't' see? Would you be able to make a living, to provide for them, or would you be a tremendous burden? Don't risk your eyes. At the first sign of strain or ache have them examined! 33,1573.12 I (·!,( 11.72 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS 51,391,374.28 Balance on Plane! December 31, 103fi .... 5a5.G82.7B DEANGHO 8 Assignments of Iowa Senate Committees to North lowans Given. DES MOtNES, f/P)--Following arc North Iowa senate committee assignments: Earl Dean of Mason City--AR- i ricullure, appropriations, compensation of public officers, drainage, educational institutions, livestock and dairying, motor vehicles, ways and means. E. P'Donohue o£ New Hampton --Appropriations, insurance, judiciary No. 2, (chairman), public libraries, railroads and aeronautics, rules, social securtiy. Leo Elthon of Fertile--Appropriations, (chairman), agriculture, banks and banking, conservation, motor vehicles, public land and buildings. M. X. Geslce of McGregor-Compensation of public officers, conservation, enrolled bills, federal co-ordination, (chairman), insurance, j u d i c i a r y No. 2, p r i n t i n g , rules. Lester S. G i l l e t t e of Foslori.i-- A g r i c u l t u r e , hoard of control, c l a i m s , drainage, public lam! and buildings, public libraries, slate p l a n n i n g , ways and means. Sam D. Goctsch of Decora!)-- Approprialions, departmental af- fairs, (chairman), highways, nio- lor vehicles, political and judicial districts, public land and buildings, state planning, ways and means. G. R. Hill of Clarion--Appropriations, cities and towns, drainage, federal co-ordination, insurance, judiciary No. 1 labor, (chairman), motor vehicles. C. Colfax Smith of Clarksvillc --Compensation of public officers, county and township affairs highways, livestock and d a i r y i n g p u b l i c health, ( c h a i r m a n ) , railroads and aeronautics, stale p l a n - ning, ways and means. Pritil P. Slewart of M a y n n r d -A g r i c u l t u r e , board of control, enrolled bills, Greater Iowa, horti- cullure and forestry, livestock anc dairying, (chairman), p u b l i c schools, slate planning. 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RUDD -- The Rudd township Farm Bureau and Home Bureau project joint m o n t h l y meeting w i l l be held in the basement of .he M. E. church Tuesday, Jan. 20. Counly Agent W. H. Brown vill give a talk. Dr. H. W. Kruse will show picture that he took while in Europe. Coughs, Colds r\cls like a FLASH Tt's d i f f e r e n t -- i t ' s faster in a c t i o n -- i t ' s jinpo muled on ;uipurior. medical f.iti f i n d i n g s riaw iti I his country, n U C K L I ' V ' S M I X T U I C K ( t r i p l e a c t l n c i is the iiHjne of this amnzing e n i i R h and cold prescription t l i a V is so p u r e a n d free f r o m luirmfu] d r u g s t l i a t a c h i l d can t a k e LI--nritt atop couching- One l i u t e sip a n d the o r d i n a r y cough is cased--n few rloscx ;md loiiflh nlii hanc-on c n i i R l i is snhioin ho.ird .Tg.iin -- it's really w o n d e r f u l lo w a t c l i how spci'dilv l i a v d . l i n g e r L J I R colds ,irc put out nt Tnisincs.'i. 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