The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1913
Page 3
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MABEL'S CHITCHAT 1 Weed Out the Superfluous In Your 1 Home and Be Comfortable. THE GRANGE Conducted by J. W. DARROW. Chadu**. **_ *~ Editor of Ox yew YvrX. State Scvirw Kcrort of the condition oJ BjgJe^-ville National Bnuk at BijilervilJe. 1'a. in the State of IVnn- s the cJo»e of business. OCT, 21. 1913 i CLUTTER GETS ON NERVES. DRAPERIES ON EVENING WRAPS , PICTURESQUE AND VAGUE Almost shapeless as are many of the, this son cSCer aal:aiiced ways of tlis- i Can You Beat It?--Rainbow Faces to j : Match Milady's Moods the Latest ( ! Parisian Sensatiort^She , Gilds He- i ! Eyelashes Too--Stretching Parties. I Dear ESsa--It's awfully nice to be · home iisa^jj-sftfer the' summer's good · time in the Country. lut oae's !itt!e j ipartaieut ia town does lock so c!ut- · tcred up and stuffy when -Jne has been , says OH .shipboard ibe rule is to throw ' ihe «aesse::tial overboard, and that is ! exaetJy what 1 havt beea doin^: the s last fev." days. ! 1 5jave ?oi;e over everj- "room in the ; zie th:::^ its ri^Iit to stay. If it proved : its rr.json d'c-tre it re;na:nc-.l. l/ut if ·: J offc-red a siu"!i? argnoient i:i the k-asc I ISo:-jes jret so qu:ck!y cluttered, aud It's --!i:tter that wears oct ihfc nervt-? '. -r.ore than auythhiir else. Tno ;.trf«-t- : '.v ^c:/u dross that oiie knows one v,-;i! · ic-ver wear ii!i«ier awy c-Ir-.-uaistaix-es. : the s?;.--.-s that are jus: a little wo worn i to ever i ut on with proper sc-!f respect. the orissKJessl that the room does, not i aeot! to add £O Sis beauty, but s!!n;!y i stays bwause it -a:se. ai! these aootl I thlcs-s :Us: han!:»er 1 have thrown , -«^- a ?-. «;til the joy there-"-! i-^ snajUfoKt : The best locking roo:!!-* oae knows i rre those whose qraaiseuturioii is siai- · ·;... _v u;anEe8 SHcd with ornaments is : an a!iocj!uatioa of abomsnatio!!". Besides, it's a care aad cot reszfai to the ·. ! made a raid on my niauteis. and BAY STATEGRANGE For an Agricultural Exhibit at State Meeting. KESOUKCES Loans aE!Utscount «-.- $!Sf.93T i? , Overdraft*, secured acUucsecurefl---- £5T7i U- *?- B cds to secure circulation 50.000 0" j Other IJOEtls to =eeure U. S- Postal i 1 000 00-j -. -QW C O f i 3.7lv if. etc. -- O:;e frcsi Xat'O , Due tro^i apyrove'i reserve aaecis ..... 10.?47 S3 Notes of other Xa-ioiia! Basis ...... 2.9ia 00 sy 1.73C CO si iritb U - S- Tr layer ee=t- o: circulation d! sioek i LIABILITIES S50.0QO CO 2S.C03 Ov- S.CCO SO ·J9.3CO tO ! cJe^o^il^ ^ub.t- - QciKiEt; cm:£d*=» of d U3.2S ci i Each Grange In'the State That Can Comply With Conditions Wiil Exhibit a Single Farm or Garden Product, and Thai Will Be of the Best. Probably One Hundred and Fifty Granges Will Respond. FJaiis for the agricultural exhibit which the Massachusetts siaw grauge .-.- j will lioid in connection with U-s uc-s! ] sin- ' annual meeting in Boston are well u»- j way. The sessions of the graus? vil! be held in Trc-mout teiupk-, aad , :he a^ricuSfarai eshibit will !ie platx-d', staiiiEiur is true i« :» Loriaier haH. which adjoiru;::. Each · *" ^ E- D JJEIGES. Castier. is to have assigned · Sub^«TiL-«3 auilsworsiobefore tee :h5-i-J;li£ . «? i K T sev-s T. F- RHODES J i 1 . G. '.V. KOSEii. M.1KTIX BAUCHER. Directors aftemooa aad evening mantles their- effect" is ez'reiaely smart and beco ijjg Trhea knows how ti scpple of these wrap: laiae. sa.tin among the most effective. TrimEii^ss axe of ELescilinjr. applique and fur. One of the raost stunsiES eSTecls is ^ - i indiv-cuality. ited to | r : oihlup is left on the living room shelf . f ffc-cis wli! be seeii on every side a | -rase the sole bit of bric-a-brac. I:tt!e later. - 7C-7T tna.ce up in cuvetyn or mate- \jiic Ut. ti-Ti ±~z\j;zi. a vif ii^-*- j -i*-i.-i.-w--^» --^ · «. » » ----v~^v. T~:* -- - i -- - -- - -- · - . _ -- -- -- ' »S brought about by appli«usins a black Issse in seme favored shade, trimmed j ^ i haven't a picture on my -wails that ; :,nas up merely because I happea to or colored vei%"et Sgtire to a. plain satin or velour TThen these designs.--con( ventionalizea fuchsias, roses, etc.--are applied on a fabric like camels' hair cloth. In -one of the new reds o. yellows, the effect is splendid. On smooth silks and satins they stand out bolder. but are quite as smart- Trimmings of ovr!i nav e, too. jroue ill over the *··; 4± inch m^teriaJ is tea'-iired to copy 7S77 in size 35.- Xo 7S77---sizes 32, 35 ana 40. To obuiin cither- pattern illustrated 5H I out this coupon and inclose 15 cents in I stamps or coin. B* sure to state number ol pattern and size, rneasurins over the fullest part of the bust for d i Address Patient Department. Size Address .............................. . ----- . Toia! State or fVsEvrlvsiiix Co'-i^ty cf At Se»t or jay kuu gra::ge co-ope; to it oae of the asricaJtaral prc of the state, and that grange is to L-e in OS OCT. iSli. Co rreci--Attest rt o; the eo=Jitio2 o' the SJationalBartoflrenitsirille i AT AKEXDTSVILLE. PA-. a: toe clo^e o- :.rvs Oc:o'-*ril.lS13. isii.'Ie for a qnaHty eihi!:c that prvdutt. Nearly ISO different s farm products have been assigned ! Jiuosssf the granges, which will give j £e~.L oi the macmitude of tiiti uu- .%. It goes witliouc sayiwj; that Oils £.iau. should bring out the very Hue^c eihlbit of farm produce ever ; _ _ _ sl;-jv. a hi t!;e state, as the s:r:!:-j:ts are ; ire to emphasize quality ia the pro- JUK...^^, Jvts llicy u:;»:;:y. i OT«£r2!tv. scc^reii and u=-ecural rurtUera:ore. it is expressly s;i;u;::r.- j a S- CoatL, to secure circaiioa etl that «rvery product eshi!«iteJ JDUS; j --ci i^e jrro'.vi! i,\- a member or the ^~in^e. A: :.:es wli I !ie a special feature, anil every variety grown la the tate will 5-e shown. \Vhat is Soiown as "Apple Valley." a s«K-t:on in the northwester:* :art of the -=tute. wiH make a specia" ims o= U-S- Bonds- 8o=ils. secar£t.:«. etc : ws:« 03 Si S 25.C.0 O. 20C Beautiful Glass Service Set Is y ours For. Only - . - ;.-··· 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks Every home should have this Nucut Glass Service set. Everybody «-'ho has seen it is delighted with the 11 pretty pieces. AII you need do is save 59 Babbitt trademarks--there's one on every Babbitt product--and because there are so many daily uses for Babbitt's vou will soon have this set In YOUR O"»VN HOME. Babbitt's soaps and cleansers make the home brighter and your work lighter. Get "Best" Soap, "1776" Soap Powder, Bab T bin's Cleanser and Babbitt's Pure Lye at your grocer's today. V.'hen you have 50 trademarks, take them to Your Grocer or Ilie next nearest one Three Famous Babbitt Products East, \VesJ, North and South--these household helps have made paths of cleanliness. Babbitt's Cleanser at 5c is half the usual price. "Best Soap"' has bc-c-n BEST for years. "1776" Soap Powder is the original washing powder. Order Them All Today Political Advertising. \ = = of Straban Township, = = Candidate For Director tlie aparnneiu Is there because it rep reseats a need or an artistic taste. Jly motto from beucefertu is soin; to be. "Ceuer give a thins away aad warn it back than keep it aad cot want it." Margaret D-- dropped in oa us the other (lay--you know she's jast back j from Paris--aad amused us immense!? ' wiia her very graphic accounts of the clotlies hysteria coinjr on in the City o' Wliat would you say about faces and painted furs as a .vagary? Welt the r-arislenae whose object 'a .life is to make the sensation on the boulevards Is palatine; her face In various colors. This is · i«zie to espre-u* a mood, and the cabist craze doubtless is responsible for this hide;; 5 -? practice. There are days when milady's face takes oa a pecaliar ^·bade of jrreen. a green that verges on the pnrnle under the eyes; and there ·ire other days when she elects to walk ::hroau witb her features done ap in -=on*ful piirp-e. with lines tinder,her .'·yes of a vivid pomegranate to tone in with her lips. In tnne with tbe rainbow face is the harmonizing wig. and the furs she- wears with this makeup are either rljed or painted en sails. Xot content with these lurid effects, she adds to the weird appearance gilded eyelashes that pat Dame Nature hopelessly tc - Tl-c-re "ill be no premium awards of ! :*:;:.· sort, hat there will be strong ti- 7:!-y het-.vt.-en granges to make the in Hvldc:;- orange exhibits each the very ' est of Us kind. After the granges -i-ve sbov.-a their efficiency in coHect- rj-i a:iJ ·-rt~c-s!th:g this premier d:s ·h:y «f !*.o products of Massachupftts -oil a:-d orchards they do not propose ·o pa-k ay riivlr goods and ship ihem :;;nie again for their OWTI uses, but aii ·v-egeiables. frcits and such produce as -an be made available by the various ·harf-aJr'e ;^citut:oiss of Boston and -;c!:iirv will bt ^vea them, thus iuus- "·.-:tins- other crranse c-baracter:st:es-- ^.eU-fuiiitfss and generosity. Because IK-S._- r.rticles are to be given for char- tab:^ purposes and not sold the rail -oacs v.-|li ship the same in to Boston "ree. "X^tii it;ic^-^-2^5jc^|;t^ gTJl2^9 IS tO bC oagratn!atcd on its purpose to tb.^? »:u;:;:aFi2e cgricnlnire and that the m:nge stands as the exponent o f the most efncieat methods iu agricuirare ;nd horticultnre. D-je frcsa 3i»prOTei reserve agents ---- ·Jaecks and otter cash hems-. ........ Kotesof oiber Xarloca! Baaks ....... Frac;:"f-a5 par'Sr currency, nickels a=d cents ....................... LAWFCLMOEV KESEKVE is BASK, viz : specie ........................ 5.«S^ 13 niler =oies .......... TSO CO -S3 1.2:0 K Sedcinptios f'-jid -Kith U- S. (5 per cent- of circuhilloa) Totai INABILITIES rrapkal stock paiu ia ............. ...... 05.COO C( Surplus Fund and undivided proliis- -- 10-.4CT K ^alic-na: Back notes outstiQl:i.jr -- - 23.950 « Indiv'dual deyosits subject ;o check.. -S1.TSS ~- rin:e certigcaies of deposit -- .......... 9I.93 6 FESTIVAL and SUPPER On Saturday evening, November 1 , At Salem U. B. Church. Supper, Ic e cream Cashier's eliecksoutstaEfiin^: .......... an Pledges to the people of Adams County administratiqn that will have a decent regard for the welfare of the Alms House inmates first, and then a careful business policy that will to the proper con- diets of the county's most important institution. Mr. Oyler is fitted by business traning and experience to do jast what he promises, and a vote cast for him will not be misplaced. Margaret says the effect is love'y. Bewitching. Perish the thought: Tc irrive at this outrage to nature the rips of the evehishes are heavily black- »ned; tl»en tne extreme tips are touched up wita liquid gold. The c-hic rari- ~:cnR£-. too. adds a je'se.'ed beauty spot ind a iant-i^-:-ape veil to confound sH lebolders. The !ands(«re veil. 1 bad ! ettsr tell you. is a square of chiffon on vi-hich is painted a delightful bit of scenery, a sea picture or just a simple £ower garden carried out in natural colors on a soft gray, black or green background. Do yra think you can stau2 ose more beauty jolt? Here 'tis. Stretch -i-ientificaUy and yon'ii grow taU--tall =veu as are the divinely tail and beau tifuHy Jess sisters of this winter o? 1073. Ai! the short faddish womei. ire doing it. In fact, it's the latest in '·eauty At first thought sucn i physical feat seems impossible to those wiio have reached years of per raanent incbes, to stay nothing of dis- -retion. Cut there are cheering re f»orts from those who've tried patientij aud deterrainediy to add the yroverbia". ·Vnbit" to tbeir statare. Tery likely stretching parties ma: rival in jopular:ty this season after aoon bridge, but don't bold responsible for tbis statement your sedate friend. ilABEL. Kitchen Broom HoJders.- Broom holders for the kitchen family I i brooms are steel springs heavily i made, which fasten, into, lae wall and open wkb a slight pressure to bold any handle, either . iarse. or small, which may be placed within thenu These clasps are 5 cents each or may be bad for GO cents a dozen. They keep all small articles off tie Soor. While tae proposition to put bananas on the dutiable list was seriously con sidered by those having the Under ·wood-Sininions tariff bill in charge a . finally passed, this fruit, which is wel ' styled tne poor man's ration, was lef on the free list, where it has beea fo years past Nov. 25--Recital. David «*:::e:*«*»v:*:f:»A»:*:«:*»:£»x»2:»3:»s:»:-',:s Brua Chapel. ^ Eispham Cc-ocersticn in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania state grange organized a co-operative exchange about a year ago. and the manager. E. B. Dorsett. has furnished us with a state- .axit of business transacted in something less than a year, as follows: 3rass seed S7.000 !ne 2.C-J3 ts and fio-^r 9.000 "ertiHzer --- 10.COO jlachinerr aiie InipTemerits 3.K-J he total husiness above stown imounted to S31.500. b';t in addition to this they have so!d many carloads of zrain. hay. stra^v and potatoes, so that t is estimated that the total business ·-vi!I amount to nearly Sl'-O.OOG. It i-= oredicted that another year, with the schange doing business with doabie rbe number of granges at present (new aly ."/ii. the business wiH esceec oGO.OGO. But tne showing is a very rood one for only s part of the fir=; rear of tlie exchange's existence. Tb- -ecret of success with such co-operative -iaterpr:sa i? to be snre to have a good nan at the head of affairs and then for ·.he patrons of the exchange to trust absoiuteiy- Total State or t-fansylv . Couciv oi Adams l I. L. H. RICE. Cashier of the abore-carac-f oank. do sojemn'.y swear ifeat th-_- above suste- aent, is -rae to the best of E:^ knowledge an oeljel- I_ R- SICE. Cashier. Su'oscribcii £.sa strors to before me this 23tl lay of October :S13- P. S. Orner. Xctary p-b':e- Mj commission exi-'ires ilar 10. 19IT. Correct Attest: W. F- TVOI.FP. DAVID T- KOSER. AKTHCK ROBERTS. Directors- and cake will served. be All Welcome. National Grange Meeting. Arrangements are nearing completioi 1 D~ the local committees of Xew Hampshire, and particularly of the city of Manchester, for the opening of the national grange meeting in INoveujber. The city is preparing to open its al 0KX»«0^^ ReiKjn. or te cmi3i"ioa o- ths Bendersville National Bank OF BEXDESSVIJLLS. in rhe Suiie or PE^XA .-. Lhe close of business. OCT-. 21. 1913. RESOL'SCES Leans and discoan-^- S13I.332 0. Over Drafts Secured and unsecured-- £0 i: CT- S-Bonds to secure circulation 23.000 O ecai'JEisonU S. Bone- 2CO 3acki!i2 hou^e. fumiiure. and fiitares 9-T4S 9 Oiber Real Estate 2-0:H S Due Troan State aid Private Banks and Bankers. Trust Coaraaies. ^^1 Savings Banks Z.1S6CI Oae fro=3 appro-ed reserve aseats- IT.79i , Checks and ottier Cash Itejss -- 51S 2 Fractional psper. csrreacy. nickeZs aad cents 2: s: -AWFUL MOSEY RESERVE ja BASK. VIZ : Specie 3.42s w- L."sal-tender EO^C-S T.*40 CO 3Lt6i 5- :eden-i-tio= f--r.d with U S Treasurer 5 itr cent circclatios) 1JSO C Tota; -- S-ti2S2 SI LIABILITIES Capital r-tockrsi'J in - 25.000 G FARMERS, TAKE NOTICE I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, the only- spreader with a circular beater. Spreads twice its own width and from i */ to 2 ft beyond the wheels with less worry on the earn. *You"only [need drive half as far to get your load off, W'hile the ordinary spreader throws manure on a narrow strip behind the spreader/ If you want a spreader, come to see how thev work and examine it yourself before you buy. I have cbem here on my. farm and will be glad to show how they work \Vrite for catalogue. Can get any machinery In the Waltei \. Wood line, on short notice. W. C. WEISLE, Blglerviiie, R. 3. l.«C2 M Taf-ocal Buni Notes, oat»tai.din^ 24.5.000 s.d:-.,di.a: tlet-cxJi^;eci to chock-- 39.442 ^7 iKn; ct rtifica'.KS of deiosi; 102.267 '"5 a..;;- e r"^ Cr-'jcfes O'Jtsta;;d;r.~ I''C t3 Toal v S ^^2 S! t3te of Peisa-v.vaoia, '. ^ s . vunty of A-:A;a-- ' I. I- O BcciiEB. Cashier of the above samed MULES Will Have for Sale or Exchange, Six (6) fine Kentuckey Mules at Globe-Horel Stables. Good Colts, Good Size, 4 Corning two years old, two coming 5 years old, None of the Branded Kind. Come an J See the-n alsr». Brown Mare Six y old. ears Jos Ocker most every door to the coming of the .ask. do solemnly -wosr that the ibove stat--- ^ranse hosts. Deputy Harry Spasld- (meat is t--e to thebtetof my'..Do^etoar.r. ing is busy boosting delegates and visitors for rooms, and be bas assistants in the nearby cities tvbo will look after accommodations there TCben Man Chester is fn!J_ liooaas in private homes TVJU be reserved at ?! per day. Xever before in its history -svas the national grange compelled to confer the high degree on four different occasions in order to accommodate all \vbo \cant to take it But that Tvill be the case tbis year. Tbe county of Jefferson. In Xetv TorK state, bas about 7.500 grange members in thirty-four active granges. Of these sixteen o^n tbeir o^n haHs. ·which are vanned at nboat SiT.TriO. Others vril) arect baT.s this year. This county and Franklin carry grange Sre iosurance to "he amount "f $12.00^.000. Vov. IS--Exhibits. Boys' and Girls' League. Courc House. Nov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lincoln's Gettysburg: Address. Nov. 20--St. Paul's A. M. E. ZIon fair. Xov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. IX addition to the stock advertised elsewhere to be sold at my public sale on Nov. 5, I will offer a number of pure bred and registered 2 and 3 year old Belgian mares which I have just ..._ lately acquired. Jos. B. Twining.--ad- People's Drug Store, vertisement I C- BCCKEK. Ca.-h:-r Si»3:-crl"!e3 a*c :-wo-n to before see this 25th iit- of OCT. 1013 D r- DELAr. J- P- Correct--.\ttcst : TV ^YT^KIGiTT KICF. W. I- S-XYDER- 1,. A. V.-1.KREN. Adams County ieachers' ' 7~ , -=Tr lt-»,-' c Tl*»atre The undersigned v^a seii at puouc Institute, Waiters ineatre, ^jg at his residcnce in Strab an town- PUBLIC SALE NOVEMBER Sth. 1913- The undersigned wiH sell at public Gettysburg, Pa. ! =hin or. the Geftvsb-arg and Hanlers- j to ^. n j oa( j. 2% miles from either If loo Seller 17,18,19,20,21.1913. Evening Entertainments. Monday- Dr. Andrew P. Johnson, "Eli and Dennis". Tuesday - Ralph Parlette, Humorist, "Richer than; Rockefeller . r»Snce. _ » head of horses and colts. Black mare 5 years old. will work wherever hitched," black rnsre 9 years old with colt by her side, work wherever hitched- These are both family mares, safe "or woman or child to dnve, fearless of all road objects. 1 bay hcrse Stomach Mm You Should Take Mi-o-na Now--At Once--Its Action is Iinincaiate^-- Safe--Effective. When you feel nervous, irritable, tired and "dizzy--when you have headaches, sour stomach, heartburn, indigestion and pains in the cp.on ar.d bowels--vou suffer from indigestion-- Wednesday - i i Sisters Concert Comany. Thursday - The Serenaders. . v mare colt 2% years old. an ex'cra j Sr.e large mare, will make a number [one brood ir.are, 1 roan horse colt 1% TJ ivearsold. 2 black horse colts 1% S rieafons ve j, rs . 2 mare colts. 1 black and one ! kiv 1 3 « vears, these costs are extra i iafsre for their age. well boned, prom- % _ "^ » f~ -·*· _ _ -- ___ - *I'iTS». -~ *«v-r-*v -Tne alnove IT .- 7 ;se uj make fine Venetian r ., ent i 0 r.ed horses i sound and without blemish. 15 head or I cattie, T head "milch cows, will ai! be ! fresh in January and February, o vou nesd'Mi-o-r.a at once " Mi-o-na goes to the seat, or your trouble and quickly^ and stomach misery ·strengthens the surely cncs Ic up and stomach walls and cattie, · head "milch cows. , -, i fresh in January and F Course tickets tor sale at. t - r ,oroi:ghbred Hotstein heifers, one , . f . _. c had one calf, the other 2 iresh in Jan- the office of the County bup-! uarv 2 thoroughbred Holstem bulls. JL i M i 1V-" vears old. one 4 months old. 3 red erintendent, Saturdays. Novi ember 8 and 15. ' Band's, improves quickly the digestive system and assists nature 'to properly digest the food, thus insuring health for the entire system. Do not "suffer another day. Get a fifty cent box of Mi-o-na Tablets at n»_^._»lrt*^, T\-Mirt* Qtr»rf» ]^ s months old. it head oi hogs 'ullbred Duroc Jersey male hog 1 I vear old. eligible to register. 2 young . t ' sows will have pigs m Decemoer. 33 Course and single tickets ' head of s hoats, 3 months old, 1,000 bu. ; corn on the ear. 1,500 bundles corn sold at Walter's ' fodder. Sale to commence at 12 ocl'/ck, each day of the sharp, when attendance will be gn en and terms will be Theatre SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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