The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 402. Geitysburg, Pa.; Friday, October 31st, 191:}. Price two Cent*, -SWEATERS-. FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.00. Eclierts Store " ON THE SQUARE." HIGHWAY PARADE THIS EVENING JOHN KOCH THURSDAY MANY HALLOWE'EN YORK HOSPITAL iLETTERS FROM SOCIAL AFFAIRS: IS UNDER FIREi COUNTY TOWNS ~ · * * i · a {Gettysburg will Have aa Automobilei Resident of Gettysburg for "any ;Spookey Time, at Presbyterian Social | Institution at which Many Adams! Correspondents send in Many Items Parade to Show its Interest in the 1 Years, Native of Germany and. Fancy Dress Bat! at College. ] County Patients have Received! of Interesting] Mews'from their Plan for a Coast to Coast Lincoln | Highway. i Veteraa of th2 Civil War, Died at! his Hcme on Middle Street. Patriotic Order Other Events. Has Smoker. I Treatment Sees Strike of Fifteen Nurses. Stories Told. i Gettysburg will add its share to the ; ' country-wide demonstration for the j Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief '.terns. John Koch, a native of Germany and i Gypsies and clowns, squaws and bri- j The Yoi k Hospital, which has he'cl a veteran of the Civil War, died at jgands. fairies and soldiers danced at. ]niany Adams Countv patients, is under ! CASHTOWN Cashiown--As we have been 1 Lincoln Highway this evening when a '11:10 Thursday evening a: his home on. the fancy dress parry given or. Thurs- : Fifteen nurses WALTER'S THEATRE starting Touisjht and Even* Ni^ht Thi.-- \V«tk With a Spe ·Matinee having quit their jobs ] heavy rains the past several weeks the ittee ;s making \ farmers ar.d fruit growers have been receiving · delayed with their work and it will the state, j ink? several more weeks to get for 6:30 SO as not to conflict with the ; came to this country shortly before the · huge shocks arranged on the floor! the York institution has been con- i through. In the fruit section vou will parade which is announced - Civil War with anumber of others who gave the Hallowe'en aspect to the ; ducted, it :s said, like a private hos- j see some corn ye; to cu'c and all to ' set-Jed in and near Gettysburg. In, paiXy, while the light was furnished . pi'iaL There have been some charges ! husk. The Sheely and Deardora Broth- A meeting,!ooking to suitable recog-', ISS2 he c-nlisVed in Company B. 138th " largely by pumpkin lanterns and a j made that certain physicians have i ers finished packing apples on Mondav j-al Saturday Afternoon | n jtio;i of the for a coast to coast Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served.," "moon". Cider and the other things been grafting. j but will take some time to haul the Ki « r . - _^ i ,, | highway through Gettysburg, was held ', to the end of the war. ; that go to make up appropriate re- i The nurses who quit say they can j drops and culls. The Shu!! croo is not freshments at this time of the year I no longer stand the treatment given {ail packed but they expect to finish j mummers 1 for 7:15. | ^ , o _ and her New York Stock Company. The only Stock Com-; Garage. Prof. Charies H. Huber was pany carrying a quarter. Miss Francis is a late star of the j the chairman and the following com- j on Thursday evening in the Xatioaa! For a number of years he was a ; a wide acquaintanceship throughout the county. Later he was engaged at 'the Xationa! Cemetery for ten years. T ~ . , . - . . . i - r l " lc w=i"v"=«-i«i«,ivii, -j. j_vi..«.;ii _..n.v,«aiji- For some time he had been IK-ing re- -rrancis starred, in this play at Si 50 prices, 5 months m Boston j mon ^ Charles S. Butt. Dr. E. H. Mark- -tired. 3 "clerk in the Fahnestock Store and had were provided and dancing v.-as enjoy- |then: by the superintendent. Mrs. Mary next week. Lubin Moving Pictures. The best Stock Company on the |Eiittee was appointed to nc-.ify auto- load todav. ToniffhtS bill, 'COUSIN M^RY*'/ ai,- ss j mobile owners of the arrangements for. T-. . .' , . - . - , ,,. . , . ^ the demonstration, J. Edward McCain- . ed for several hours, the music being I A. Smith- The hospital is filled with \ -'Irs. Elizabeth Mickley, who lives furnished by Prof- Marion Sourbeer. | patients and there remain only a few j with her caughXer, Mrs. H. A. Bucher, cf Harrisburg. The guests included j nurses to supply their wants. The trou-! celebrated her 89th birthday on Sun- Mrs. W. A. Granville. Miss Mabel Zul- j ble Thursday came as a climax to that \ ^ay, Oct. 19th. There were four gener- | linger, of Mount Holly Springs: Miss j which existed at the hospital for the [auons present. The house was decorat- ied with chrysanthemums. Mrs. Mick- 2 years in New York and 3 months irt Philadelphia. See her j ley, Charles Kappes. John W. Brehm. I Mr. Koch was the last member o? '; Lillian Crawford. Miss Mary Slay-[last nine months, tonight and be convinced at the extremely lO^-V prices lO-2O-5Oj A harried count showed that there His family, none of the others having baugh, Miss Frances Sheely. Miss j It was only a few weeks ago that Eli!; Ie y" s birth flowers. Ceat^ Seats OP Sale £t The People's D^lio" StOr^ UPtii 7 P M ' are no - ess ^ laR -«·* automobiles own- come to this country and his narents.'-^- arlon Sheely. Miss Mary Kohler, j Pi'cser. of Littlestown, fell out of a j H. A. Bucher. after spending a ^ "" * " * ! . t .-.. ^ -_-- _ - r. - , , that brothers and sisters having died in -J»ss Keba Miller. Miss Elizabeth Van I hospital window and died shortly af-', week "s vacation, has been, called to each evening. Doors ODCH 7.^C Curtain j ed in Gettysburg and it is hoped that j'che majority of these will appear in P H O T O PL AY \ line this evening. The r ] form in four sections, one Germany after he came lo Gettysburg. : Cleve v Miss Rachel Grar.ville. Miss parade will on each o " He leaves his wife who with her motft: l Robertson. Miss Katharine Dun- f er came over in the same ship as Mr. can - Miss Bernadette Thomas, Miss the streets leading from Centre Koch and married,hlm some time after ; Martha Xeely. Miss Xellie Weaver, | Square. Owners are requested to take their arrival here. Eight children sur- j Miss Frances MeClean. Miss Amy the nurses the medical staff of the lies- j ed Mrs. Lehman's sister, Mrs. Eliza- terward. It is said that Pitzer's pays- ! Mont, Alco to work as telegraph op- ician had demanded that a strict watch j erator for the Southern Pipe Line Co. be kept on the pa-.ient. f Mrs. Sarah Lehman and daughter, Immediately after the walkout of'. Elsie, of Chambersburg, recently visit- EBISOX. THE MESSAGE OF THE KO3E An int«-r^:;n^: love story of t Ll'BIX. _., ,^-,-y- {their cars to the nearest of these four . vive. Mrs. Lizzie T ~~._~ i streets EO'C later than G:15- On Baits- more: Mrs. S. Me. Eicholtz, Menalie:: - :Vaid'a";kri" ThVfavo^ streets rhe township: Mrs. E. P. Warren. East! in;r a meatre for the irirl to the otlier a;;-l the girl n«vt-r .-wiving it. i cars are to be. THE TENDERFOOT SHERIFF Essaaay Western. |Square, on Chambersburg Snake, n desperate character frig's teas the sheriff and he resigns. A new ont is appointed but he aL?o rfej^ija, so a tenderfoot, G- 31. Anderson, takes the job and captures the desperate fellow by a clever ruse. THE KSD OLD HILLS OF GEOKGIi " Edison !-·,, -,, ,,.,..---.. _^,, ._,,, :,, children and two great gr ! ing in line at a given signal, and OFGEOUGIi Euisouj^gjj ' lii-f ensin-rv*:" sent south, becomes interested in a native brother who have never received any sort of an education- Their mi- · aaher rights-.froinst "fool school ieaminr" but practical sjood "!!i. =i iocs= ctir»iiL . " "~" C8J\iIN«.;---riJE XIXER'SDESTIXY--Pathe in two Reel?. L. Harner. Balti- j A Ghostly Evening. Tne Christian Endeavorers o: placed facing the Berlin: Mrs. Frank McCIeaf. Karrv E.' Presbyterian Church ce'ebr bersburg street they " Koch. Charles Koch, Gettysburg: John i towe'en in a successful soci: ! will face west- The parade will pro- t Koch. of Baltimore: and William Koch, j ^ a -'" evening. T 1 ceed out Chambersburg street, all fail- serving in the United States Army in j decorated with a wealth of autumn j Meisenhelder. 1 - - - - - ,,_..;]] Alaska. He also leaves ten grand-· Jeav es. and Sowers and lighted :over a rouce | pita! held a stormy session. Resolu- :keth Mickley. ! tions were adopted exoressing conn- j Robert Shultz, who was employed in the : dence in the superintendent and in the . ^ sxv " "i °rk State and was sick with ty- I , e'ebrated Hal- management of the hospital. Those! ? hoJd fever for some time, was able to ocial Thurs- j \\~no voted against the adoption of the; retarr he room was beautifully ! resolution were Drs. Rea. Bennett and ' xresk - his home in this place last is getting along very nicely. | the principal parts cf town. Where convenient, owners are asked Funeral at half past j The ladies of our town who general- with j It is stated by Dr. Bennett, secre- I'-" take an - interest in growing chrys- j tar- of the board, that only one side o f . anthem um3 can give tine shows of the one o'clock' ; -- ^i- ghost stood at the door and' the trouble was investigated, the I lcvel " Sowers. It seems that these AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and over-coats to decorate their cars and in any other Interment in Evergreen Cemetery. way to add to the aippearance of the ' parade. 1 TYUJIT SPRINGS unday afternoon from his late home, i s " eiH b" pointed the guests to their board relying upon the truth of the j - ow " ers are grown in other places as EAST BERLIN test Berlin--Harrj-. the 8-year-oid dav tnac meas . jred 5J . son 01 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thoman, to tip of ^jpg.^ ( was taken to the York hospital Fri- D .. Georg» ~M Dill Qn:.l;ty Shop kr.r.wp tJ:at he need not seek , day by the family physician. Dr. Elgin.' Wisconsin s^ , s f rom lias besw s:O'V. bet the man fortunate enmesh to r« a patron who is j of Thei j dressing rooms. Cards bearing ng- ! statements of the superintendent. % *" e11 f s here ' DUT: ^"^sn they are ready ; ure on one side and a le'cter on the A case is now pending in the York ; for display you can find them about as | other were pinned on each person as j County Court against a member of the Sne "* Cashtown as you get to see any- lie-entered the social room. Soon a hospital scarr for negligence in oer-h v " ere ' I number of sheeted., peaked capped [.ir.itrlng a rubber tube, about IS inches | The Cmc League was fortunate-to ; ghosts nled into the room and mutely j long, to remain in the side of a pa- i be ab!e to en S a S Mr. Humphrey Dei' ? j gathered the people into classes. The I tient after the patient had been dis-i bert - As a 01 T t where he » operated upon for ab- ins vour dioice and our i - · , . , · , --vies are up-to-tii'j-minutfr r.D'I we v.-iil| scess or back, the result or an mjury 5: ansl nnish your o-itfit la a manner | sustained by a fall about a month sgtr. at can only be done- vvhc-r. you have it | iy. F. Eesser and family. York, W. · C- Leib and ~wife. Xew Oxford, were i among the visitors at the home of Mrs. Jacob Rssser Sundav. made by .W21M.SellIgman, Cash Tailor. Mabel Kauirman with her parents- Mrs. Elizabeth Weis^rd and Mrs. town shaking hands with friends. Dr. Dill looks as if that-bracing western country agreed with him. Ke was , _ ; , ,, n accompanied to York Springs by his ~~"' S broVher. Dr. M. T. Dill, of Biglerville. Miss Lizzie Day has returned home from a six weeks" visit to Philadelphia: -r--. , r - 0 , , , York, Sundayed £n 3 Lancaster. ' Misses Rowe played a duet and D . ,-, ~ , , , , i '.vere heartilv apoiauded.' . A. Garcner returned home from. -,-, " . . . . riTli^T,- TI-,=K;«^^ ,,- ir_.-_-....i - ne program closed with a continued character impersonator, ; ghost whose class totaled the largese | charged from the hospital as a well! r f ader and lecturer he is fine. The au- ·" ^ sum on adding the numbers on their j man. The tube was not discovered for! dlence on Wednesday night was small I cards received as a S rattle. Then the company ; nn-r:!d their tag-? and were again i classes. To the ghost [ ; whose class tars spelled the most | niversary mee'dng. Xor. 22nd. iril^Kii t \ iiKl DAI Quite a number of our hunters have a sepulchral i some months afterward, during which j b ^ a PP r eciative. The League expects cy mingled,! time the victim, it is said, "suffered \ JI:ss Ie " die HamOton, field secretary - ' , " i cf the Chautauqua Institute. Chautau- I qua, Xew York, to be here for the an- Lne rattle' I words a small griddle i earthly sound v.-as presented. of un- j Ezra Jacobs -visited their nio"t;her. Mrs. Withrow. Washington, on Fridav Pupils Perfect in Attendance County Schools. at the The following pupils were present evening. I - 1 There Are many convincinjr anroinents t!:at might i"e prese:it«l as to the superiority Of JLippy Made Clothes hut we know of none so conclusive as tl themselves. There is beanty in tverj fibre. " 1 renneii appearance of die i-lothes line arid r,;a!Uy in every stitch and J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Ani:en"n -sX:i -f«ai . _ 0 . ..,,-. GardnerTs an ext-n^ve i ?h ° Sr StOT: '"' The com P an " gathered in j every day at Union School. Hamilton- 1 Shearer, and other friends In Baki-'v.-heat grower and spends about seven | a ""f"- In . e , llgh ^ Wers rdrned . . iow: | ban township, during the second _ii;ore_ part of last week. months of the year at his large wheat i _ Mrs- L. Y. Diller, of Brooklyn, X. ranch near Withrow. j Y_ visited friends in town several days . At a recenc meeting of the survivors of the 138th Regiment Pennsyi- are vis 3lrs. G. \\. Em^iert. of York Springs.; All the new designs In «--/ Congress Cards With big stock cf Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. People's Drug Store I last week- l Emory Melhcrn. the obliging con| ductor on the Berlin Branch, visited Henry J. v\ ortz was j friends in York and Harrisburg ever. of the organization. He is a brother of !Sunday. · George Butt and wife _ _ _ _ ,, _.- Adams Mark Hiidsbrand, of Coatesvilie. an cour.ty. * employee cf the Pennsylvania Rail-" One of the curiosities grc~n in rc-ad. is home on a few cays" vacation. : Adams CounVr this year was a sweet : potato grown in the garden of Mrs. OXFORD LIGHT '-Harry ilenges. of Bermudian. The ; tuber is almost an exact countenxin; been out and got the limit of squirrels several times. They seemed to be plentiful at first but there have been quite a lot killed already. On. Saturday 'che little cotton-tails will have to suffer although the hunters will have ar.a ail children who were afraid of j month: Emery Baker. Roy Metz. Har-j r a be c f reful where they go, as nearly ghosts were requested to go home be- i ry Myers. Donald Walter. Walter ] cv ery farmer has his name on the fore this feature began. The story was 1 Hoffman. -James Hoffman. Freddy ! Ion ff~'ist m The Times. If a thing is taken UD in succession around the j Decker. Blanche Musseiman. Eiva Mil-1 not worlh askin S **, « is not worth ·- - IK "" so it maj-be well to ask per- -- _--,, _ ^ ,, ,,.. ---·w*^*»j.ii_j.i^ j_ t_ii,i^ · i ~ ; - » · . - . _, w · _ ~, . . __ ^. ,,. · r*"Si Vi*1 vania Volunteers held at Philadelphia.: C . :rCie ; l . ne I . nteres . t never . %*Sg^ a s|ier. Cathanne Honman, Anna B a s e r . i ^ - ood hair bleaching, narrative proceeded- Delightful refreshments curdling j Heien Myers, Pauline Baker and | Bruce Hoffman. Those perfect in spell- closed m s s o n a 'ing were as follows: Anna Baker. Lake 'ing where you please. siting 'ancwas a i r e b e r of C o m i e s B a d " · very pieasant evening. The large com- McCIeaf, Eiva Miller. Donald Walter. a r friends at Gettvsbure ; G which we- orcanized" in ^ "- mittee in chai se deserve high com- land Iva McCIeaf. Wilson Hummel- ! Cnnsaan Cnurch ^unclay * baugh. teacher. FAIRFIELD Fairfield---Preaching services in the evening, Xovember 2. at 7 o'clock, by the pas- Five Points School. Those in attend-, Vor ' Rev - C -_ A - Frick - Subject, ''I ncs every day during the month P°rtant Business." g i Ccunty Town Grants Permission fc-r '. of an Indian runne- duck and att-4^'"' ere made by ?rof ' J - Louis Sowers.! Stevens. Clair Philips. Wimbert Xeely. | £± t _ . _ . . " "*-*v inu i i . L _ £ l ^ v A _,- t ,~* -. " r * - ^ , ^ , -- ! T 1 -. r ·!-!. * - 1 T - _ . 1 t " l T - 1 - _ 1 Lightir.g to Hanorer Company. · rr.uch atter.tion. UXDER HORSES , Little Boy Goes Directly under Two Horses but Escapes Injury. PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER S : -T.n orajsanca grannng penmssion § i to the Hanover Light. Heac and Power gj ) Co. to occupy the streets, highways. g j lanes and alleys of the borough for g | the purpose cf supplying and distrib- | i uting light, was presented to the Xew Kent , the e jght-rear-old son of Mr. | jOxiordoorocgn council at a recenc and Mrs . Robert Sadler of y)rjr | * meeting, and en motion of J. A. Noel." Springs, had a remarkable escape ^ isecondea by .j. Cashman. was aaopted . from beins-killed one dav -ec*~!v | } by tiie afnrmauve vote of all the mern- The lad was riding in his expre^'w^" | ibers present. A copy of ar. agreement, : ^ down the p2v ; n5e nc in f^n^f th- I «witn the tsar.over Light, Heat and residence of Mrs. Sarah Gai-d-^ -"d B | Power Company to famish light for just at that moinens Jacob HoFmkn jtae oorougn was also presented. J ca^e driving out of an alley w-ith a ' ', ^^o norse team. The lad shot under mejidat:er. for their efforts. P. O. S- of A. Entertains I The iocai camp of the P. O. S. of A.! he!d a smoker in their lodge rooms or. jwere: Margie Starry. May Thomas,! ^- M. Bushman, or Gettysburg, told Thursday evening with a full turnout j Grace Decker. Margie Cashraan. Ber- ! a Jar S« audience in St. John's Eeform- of members. Extemporaneous speeches j t^ a Starry. Arthur Starr\-. Wilme:-1 ed church last Sunday evening of his trip around the ivorld. Georrje G. By ers and wife on Mon- fsay visited the normal school at Shippensburg -.'.''nere their daughter, Miss Grace, is in attendance. Herbert McGlausrhlin. wife and two G. j Russel Markle and 3Ieari Eihe! E. Fidler. teacher. Philips, COMING EVENTS El 13 . Oyler. Price Oyler. Samuel Sparser and James Smiley. A number of members from out of town; camps were present for the evening. | Refreshments were sert-ed. j Mr?. H. B. Bender entertained about! Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg \ chi3dren - o- Kighneld. were Sunday nfty chests aV an "at home" Thursday j for Coming Weeks. " I"' = ?ilors at lhe name of his parents, 'eveKing. The hou=e was very prett;!y ] :Johr. C. McGlaughlin and wife. dscoraieti with ch--.-sar.themutr.?. and J ^ c{ - 31 --Acnnal Hallowe'en Mum- ; Miss 3Iartha Moore and Mrs. W. K. things appropriate to the KaJiowe'er.! mers" Parade. : Fleck spent a few days in Chambers- season. " " " j Xov. 5- 6--Convention. The Women's , ^""g 3ast week. | Leagues of Gettysburg College. I H. L. Harbaugh and Dr. X". C- Troat |X*ov.7--Lecture. Dean Soathwick. - visited McConnelisburg. Fulton Coun- OLD SHOE i Brua Chapel- ! ty. Wednesday and Thursday. P -f ; I Xov. 11--Lecture by President Gran-, F. A. Low has sold his property on ' vine. Brua Chapel. jWest Main street to Henry Maxell, of jnear Emuiitsburg. CEXTURY Ancient Piece of Footwear Lasirr.orc Township Home. : W. C- T. U. MEETING -the horses and the toy wagon | : the front wheel of the Hoffman -Meeting of Biglervi'le Society on 3Ion- ] 2rc ; _, The T . T. L- tO££ed as5de out of ^ e boy escaped withouc i-,,-- \f^ w^-, __ , In making some repairs to his house ! MODERX house for rent. Write X. : Howar-I Gardner, of r^atimore town- | Tines.--advenisement shsp. fouid a cnilti"? shoe in a good ! i SPECIAL sale of rsisu's hose, Fri- sarurdav or.":V. October 31 idav and as ev-aeniiv over a cencurv O L D F A S H I O N D C/IOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents lb.. Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lh., Pcannt Taffy,'20 I ; Deatrick. Monday evenirsg. Xovember |-3a, at 7:SO o'clock. cents lb.. Daily at. . Peanut Brittle. 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream Taflles. 10 cents lb.- GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN -Fresh i ^ our canvassers fail f i give you an opportunity to i to the Standard Fashion Designer at i 30 cents per year corne to our store j- LOST: solid rubber tire on Harris- · burg road. Reward if returned to Marsee you to ^ Harman, Hunterstown--advertise- subscribe state of preservauor:. ihe fool wear 1 , THE Xationa; Garage orfers you; and Xov. .Ik. About 40 dozer, blacks, oid r or j warm fireproof storage. You can't af- , tans, greys and navy-.- Our 15 cent much jford to stay ou_. changes in tempera; grade for the two days only 9 cents, was ] tare injure paint and machinery. Ask ' or three pairs for 25 cents. Dougherty Jgcred ; for rrices.--advertisement 1 ' and Hartiev.--advertisement 1 the house has beer, built for a longer period. The liitie shoe ' made in a b;-ogan shape with p · scies and hee:s. WILL pay $1.20 per pair for young! i A representative of Standard Fash-; guinea bens ion Co. is now i AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: g 3 IDS. per pair| t h e Was hwgton C^rr.p. Xo. 414, P. O. RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT i · j.t - * i- *· vjn. SALE: chrysanthemums and give the special representative of c . , J '·"'emums, i , ^ j - j f. j.- £ i - - , . Stevens street.- the Standard Fashion Co. who is with · FOR ?-VLE - A 2ocnl 4t acre farm Jocated H miie from R. R; Station. This. o * j \ _^ -^ ^ · farm is locatetl in t h e f m k country. It H improve.] with an $ room brick house, i" 3 .. 0 " ? ^ / opportunity to ; plaste roof, front and rear porch, wash hou*?. chicken hor4-c, wagon shed. :ank jtalk Standard Patterns and take your, barn and other ontbniKHnjr 5 . all bu'Uiinrs trood. it is a. line home ami a very jit»od ! subscription. G. W, Weaver and Son. quality of land. TLe altitude ;md soil on this farm makes it a very desirable place | advertisement 1 ' for the profitable growing of fruit. We have listed this place for quick sale at §3-500. | ! A TOO acre fruit farm on whicli there are 100 bearing apples tre«s and :-00 young trees, there lj a good bank barn and good house and other outbuildings. This farm is situated exceptionally well for fruit"growing, the price is only S3000. and ir is a mighty good buy at tins price. scriptions for Standard Designer at ipair, co Xov. S;h. Robert's Produce] 30 cents per year. You will not want ! House.-- ach ertisement 1 istf this opportunity to to get this LIBERAL reward for return to Times Office of license tag Xo. 77376 and bracket.--advertisement 1 OYSTER supper on Saturdav even- DOX'Tforget Jos. B.Tvvining's_big i nff November 1st, 1013, at the St. *TINK PECKMAX, Real Estate, Ulnsonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. ' sale of stock on Wednesday, Xov. 5th. --advertisement our ?core taking sub- |and Sl.1'5 for those weighing 4 Ibs. ?erj s _ of A ^ ^ an excursion to Bal . tirnore or. Saturday, Xov. 1st, 1913. i Train leaves Fairf.dd 6:45: Gettys,burr 7:15 a. m.. returning. Hillen Sta- fashion magazine at a saving of j EXCURSION* to Carlisle, Saturday «tion 11:^0 p. m.--advertisement 1 per year. Will be with us only j Xo vemher 1-r. Account Gettvsburc- i a lew days. G. \V. \\ eaver and Son.-- r)- !ck i nson foot bail game. Leaves Get- j SPECIAL: we have received a large tysburg 8:30; leaves Carii.-le 7:00. t line of children's. ladies' and men's . advertisement John Baptist Church, Get'cysburg. All welcome.--advertisement l ilASK skate, carnival and ball. Garden Auditorium, Hallowe'en.--ad- vertisement 1 Fare bO cent?.--advertisement SKATE at Garden ternoon and evening.- Auditorium, af- win'cer coats also boys' and men's fall suits. Special prices, on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. -advertisement 1 j Knouse, Bipr'.erville.advertisement 1 IN FW SPA PERI IN FV SPA PERI

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