Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 18, 1931 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 2
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SIOUX CITY MAN New Orleans Chimes Ring IS BURIED ALIVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 18 1931 Harrison Is Suffocated When Caught in Slide of , Wheat. OMAHA, Feb. 18. W--Funeral arrangements were being completed here today for William H. Harrison, 40, Sioux City, who was suffocated in a slide of wheat in an elevator bin here. Surviving are Mrs. Harrison, who is ill in a Cherokee hospital, and a sister, Mrs. Sioux City. H. I,. Hendrickson of Firemen recovered tne body late yesterday, two hours after a seven- loot slide of the grain had engulfed him. Harrison was working with Chris Hanson of Omaha shoveling ./heat in a bin. Hanson said he heard a sudden cry for help, and saw an avalanche of the grain descending upon Harrison. Pnysicians jaid Harrison died almost immediately. RUSSIA USED AS EXAMPLE TO U. S. (Continued Krwn PaEe !.· zation was only in its initial stages. "There likewise was an interval during which the cities were favored at the expense of agriculture, due, unquestionably to the fact that originally the revolution was industrial and urban. That inequality, too, has been corrected, thanksfprincipally to the circumstance that the peasants' protests finally became too alarming to be Ignored. "At last the whole people undeniably, are advancing in the direo- tion of prosperity. They have a long- way to go, to be sure, and there are plenty of complaints and a deal of ridiculing of soviet-ism. For all that I failed to firiS one single Russian who wanted to return to the old regime." * * * "OUT,"-said the senator, "as the D Russians grow more and more prosperous, what may befall communism, as a result of it, is an interesting problem. "Thus far sov : let officialdom h a s - appeared singularly impervious to the corrupting influences of big money. However, why, after all, should anyone greatly care for much money in Russia? There is nothing there to buy with it. Yet when these of- Mardi Gras Out, Lent in King Rex and King Zulu Go Back to Ordinary Business. NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 18. (£·)-- The chimes of the old St. Louis cathedral, one of the most historic churches on the American continent, brot another Mardi Gras to a close at midnight this morning and at the same moment ushered in Lent's 40 days of atonement. As the pealing bells hushed the din of dance and masquerade, King Rex retired from the throne of fantasy to become again Edward E. Soule, a businessman, and the unidentified King Zulu,' Negro carnival ruler, returned to the workday world. The concluding event on the Mardi Gras program was the ball of Comus, God of Laughter, at which Miss Adele Jahncke, daughter of Ernest Lee Jahncke, assistant secretary of the navy was queen. Miss Gladys Gelpi was queen of Mardi Gras. Associated Pr/rsa photo GLADYS GELPI. ....'. Senator ,Brbnsoii, Cutting ficials are sent id : they graft. .\At home seem' i.irigly 'they are -not · tempted: Else- jwhere, where temptations do offer, they falL Not ail, but it is one of ·Moscow's gravest worries--finding dependable men for foreign service. "Is there a conclusion to be drawn from this?--as to what will occur as the home land develops temptations rivaling the outside world's. Does it hint at what may be communism's finish? ' * * * A MONG other posts Senator Cutting has held is the chairmanship of the New Mexico board of penitentiary commissioners which possibly qualifies him more fully than the average tourist to speak concerning the complaint that Russia seeks to flood the rest of the world with convict-made products, ^jid it is true, he raises a point hitherto entirely, so far as I am aware, unmentioned. "The Soviets," he explains, "pay their convicts the regular wages of free workers--as. free as any workers can ne under communism. Even the later have their wages fixed by the government and must do whatever work is available. I don't know that that is essentially different from capitalism. All workers have their wages fixed--not governmental^ outsid? Russia, but by their private employers. And all must work, in effect, at whatever they can find to dp--If, in times like these, they can find anything." MINNESOTA MAN TO DIRECT DRYS Malachi Barney Is Appointed Administrator of Eighth District. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. UP)-Prohibition Director Woodcock announced today the appointment of Malachi t,. Harney of St. Paul as permanent prohibition administrator of the eighth district. Iowa is included inthe eighth district. Harney for some time has been acting administrator of the district, which comprises Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota and Nebraska. Woodcock returned from his inspection trip only today, and said he had found conditions in the territory "satisfactory, for the most part," The director announced also that five acting deputy prohibition administrators in the district would now be raised to a permanent status. They are John N. Hagan, Pargo, N. Dak.; E. L. Senn, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.; George C. Parsons, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Glenn A Brunson, Des Moines, and William M. Rowan, Omaha, Nebr. One of the reasons for dolonel Woodcock's return to the capital was to attend congressional hearings on wire tapping by members of the prohibition bureau. He plans to leave next week for an inspection trip in Kentucky, and later will go to the west coast and on to Hawaii. ROBBED TO PAY OFF MORTGAGE Iowa Falls Youth Confesses to Complicity of Three in Plans. ELD OR A, Feb. 18. (;F--How three youths turned to bank robbery to pay off a mortgage on an automobile was told in a confession that Sheriff William Thompson attributed to Lloyd Havens of Iowa Falls. The alleged confession furnished .a motive for the 'holdup Kenneth Bldred, 20, staged Monday. He was apprehended when fleeing with ?I,000 stolen from the Farmers Savings bank at Steamboat Rock. Sheriff Thompson quoted Havens' signed confession as saying that Eldred and his brother Wendell wanted to pay the $175 mortgage Havens held on their car. The sheriff said Kenneth Bldred planned to meet his brother near Hardin City after the holdup and then to report the Havens car as stolen. Kenneth, however, was captured before meeting the brother. Sheriff Thompson said the Eldred youths have indicated a willingness to sign their confessions. Breaks Leg in Fall. WESLEY, Feb. 18.--Jacob Fabei broke his leg Monday when fie .umbled and fell. Mr. Faber ana is dog were walking about his farm ome when the accident occurred. IN THE RADIO WORLD By C. E. BtJTTEBFIELD Associated Press Radio Editor (Time central standard thruout) NEJV YORK, Feb. 17. UP)-Amos V Andy are being deluged by a flood of pencils. The downpour of writing equipment apparently is due to the difficulty the boys have in keeping pencils handy in their radio skits. The other night Andy remarked that he had to use a lead nickel to do some figuring. About one out of 10 listeners decided to help him' out. So pencils started speeding thru the mails toward Chicago, where Amos 'n Andy put on their skits for the WJZ network. Divorce is much like public office. If you're a liar you don't deserve it, and if you don't lie you can't get it. --Wisconsin State Journal. S T O P S Pain and Itching '""" Piles! Don't p u t u p w i t h painful piles another day--or hour. There is positive relief, very often, for t h e v e r y worst case. Pyramid suppositories are designed to stop the p a i n -- a nd even all itching. R e l i e f comes quickly. The first application -will b r i n g ; y o u much comfort ac4 ease. Try them t o d a y . Remember the name. Just say Mary Charles, the CBS songster opens a different type of song re cital via WABC and stations nex Friday. It is to consist of a dram atlzation leading up to a song. The 15 minute program will hi divided into two parts, a song con eluding eachV The time is to be S p. m. FREE Pyramid's complete comfort '.ox free. Pyramid Suppositories to any druggist, 60 cents. PYRAMID DRUG CO. 428-B BIdf., Mir.holl, Mich. 'PleSse send me a box p l n l n l j r wrapped, sealed, postpaid, and entirely free. //a nie -A ddrcss . City. State A few studio notes: Raymond Knight, who tatoes thi role of Andrew J. Weems in tin Cuckoos program, headed the lis in the number of valentines receive by radio artists. Vaughn de Leath is now sched ulod to return to NBC from WTAM Cleveland, on March 15.- Sandy MacKenzie, Hawiian tenor is'to be guest artist in the pleasur hour, WJZ and stations, Wednes day night. Lahcrt Lombardo of the Gu Lombardo orchestra is recoverin 1 from burns received when hi movie projector was damaged b fire. WEDNESDAY Hugh S. Bancroft, president o the Wall Street Journal, apeakin on "Obstacles to Business Recov ery" on Bill Schudt's Going t Pi-ess, WABC and network, at 6. Vibrant melodies with Fred Huf smith, tenor, WJZ and hookup a 7:30. Will Rogers with Olive Palme and artists, WEAF group at 8:30. Another experimental play, "Spli Seconds," WABC and stations at 9 Youths Arrested and Bank Loot Recoverec APPLETON, Wis., Feb. 18. (JF)-Three youths were arrested in th basement of the Louis Clausen fan near here today for thi robbery few hours earlier, of the State ban! of Freedom, Wis. The $1,068 take: from the bank was recovered. HOUSE APPROVES BILL ON UTILITIES (Continued From rasa 1). 1 instead of Jan. 1 as the date for collecting motor license fees: The senate adopted 16 committee amendments to the county assessors bill, most of the changes being of a minor nature. An amendment by Cooney and Bennett was passed making it mandatory for each property owner to file his own return of valuation. Provision also was made for continuance of ' Davenport's special system of assessment. Those voting against the Simmer bill were as' follows: Avery, Ballew, Brown, Elliott, Gallagher, Garrett, Hansen of Scott, Hayes, Husted, Johnson of Marion, Kern. Long, McCaulley, Mayne, Nelson of Cherokea, Moore, Paisley, Peaco, R'utledge, Rider, Stiger, Thiessen and Witt--23. By unanimous vote the house passed the Allen concurrent resolution memorializing congress to pass Sparks-Capper act which would provide that only American citizens be counted in apportioning congressional districts. Such an act would probably save at least one of the two congressmen Iowa stands to lose under the present system of apportionment. By a vote of 88 to 8, the house passed Millhone bill to permit county recorder's to retain 10 cents of the fish and game license fees for their work. Representatives Hollis, Blackhawk and Hansen, Scott, spoke for the bill declaring that it was only fair for the additional work imposed on the recorders. . Greaser Bill Passed. The house also passed the Greaser bill providing for labelling poultry shells as commercial feed and giving their contents. Representative S. E. Byers, Linn, declared the bill was prejudicial to Iowa manufacturers and would mitigate against their business in other states. At the request of Representative Kern, Polk, Its author, the bill to make Oct. 12, Columbus day, a legal holiday, was-moved to the foot of the calendar. At the request of five members, the speaker issued a call of the house for 10 a. m. Friday when the income tax bill will be taken up. The house ways and means committee reported for passage of the McCreary and Van Burean bill which would place a 5 cent tax on oleomargarine. HOOVER AGAIN AT ODDS WITH SENATE (Continued From Fajre 1). ciency bill carrying $59,108,000 to meet unekpected needs in the various governmental departments. It included $69,940,000 for public buildings. Declines to Comment. . From Secretary Mellon, the house ways and means committee IN DAY'S NEWS Major Richard M. Cannon, above, son of Bishop James Cannon, Jr., has been sentenced to 90 days in jail at Pasadena, Cal., for violation of the state labor laws. Cannon, who formerly headed a military school at -El Monte, was convicted on one charge of falling to pay a salary to an employe. received a letter declining to comment on the advisability of an embargo against wheat and other farm commodities. Chairman Legge of the farm board gave the project a conditional approval. An idministration sponsored substitute for the Wagner employment changes bill was presented to the house judiciary committee. It woulc provide for a nationwide distribution and exchange of employment statistics. Two of the vita! appropriations measures which must be passed before the March 4 adjournment to avoid an extra session were completed by the senate with adoption of the conference reports on the legislative and agriculture'bills. The house must approve the conference reports before they can go to President Hoover. A resolution requesting President Hoover to enter negotiations with other governments looking towards suspension of their policies of debasing silver coins and selling silver on the world market was approved today by the senate finance committee. Chairman Legge of the farm board appealed to the house ways and means committee today for emergency action to aid American farmers. -. : ' "It ia immaterial to us whether relief ia by an embargo, tariff in- WASH INGTON O.G.s APPLECART RIPLEY GETS LOW-DOWN ON CAPITAL'S CIGARETTE PREFERENCES By R O B E R T R I P L E Y , Himself Creator of "Believe It or Not" They keep you guessing down in Washington! And for awhile, I thought OLD GOLD might actually lose its first taste-test in 2 years. 874 smokers test mr leading cigarettes with u mccaled. Brand Y almost spilled O.G. 's apples! But OLD GOLD'S n a t u r e - b o r n goodness to taste and throat is as hard to beat as it is easy to take. Final score: OLD GOLD, 259; Brand X, 202; Brand Y, 224; Brand Z, 189. O F F I C I A L B O X - S C O R E A* audited by Certified Public Accountant * "I hereby certify that cho followlnft is n cnm- f rease, or change in procedure of he tariff commission," Legge said. 'ORMER SHERIFF BOUND TO JURY .llingson Is Charged With Selling Liquor After Decorah Raid. DECORAH, Feb. 18.--Ole Elling- on, former Winneshiek county heriff, who was arrested last week MI a charge of selling intoxicating iquor, appeared before Justice of he Peace Barthell yesterday and was bound over to the grand jury which meets next Monday. Liquor vas found in the basement of Elingson's garage by Sheriff Graf, deputy Sheriff Fred O'Boy and Ben Worsen. Ben Landmeyer, who was ilso arrested on a charge of selling liquor, appeared before the court today and was bound over to the grand jury. Machine Gunners Get Plumbing Inspector CHICAGO, Feb. 18.,OT)--Albert Courchene, 35, a city plumbing inspector who last summer was arrested as~a suspect in the killing of two plumbers union e 0 ents, was felled by machine gun bullets today as he directed work on a south side building. He died shortly afterward in a hospital. President of Oliver Equipment Company Is at Charles City CHARLES CITY, Feb. 18.--C. R. Messenger, president of the Oliver, Farm Equipment company and other officials spent yesterday at the Hart-Parr plant of the Oliver Equipment company. This is Mr. Messenger's second visit sines be took office, the first being about a month ago. Thieves Take Articles. MARBLE ROCK, Feb. 18.--The general store at Oakwood, east of Marble Rock, owned by William Carney, was broken into and candy and other articles taken. Face FACTS? You've never had ACUTE INDIGESTION? Lucky! Be ready with Bell-ans always. BELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION - plete audit of tho conducted hy Robert Rlplcy, In Washington." OLD GOLD ..... 359 IJranil Y ......... 224 Brand X ......... 202 Brand Z.; ....... 189 d ) JOSimr I . . Certified Public Accountant N O T A ^ W C O U G H I N A Tune In OLD GOLD Chnraclcr Headings...Tuesdays at 8.15 P. M-.TliursUnjs at 9.15 P.M., E. S.T... Emlrc Columbia Network C E. WILKINSON SPARTON SALES AND SERVICE 23 FIRST ST. S. E. TELEPHONE 2872 MASON CITY, IOWA H ERE is "Radio's Richest Voice" at its enchanting best, and at new prices t h a t establish, we believe, new standards of value. They are just what critical buyers have long awaited -- radio's best at remarkably low cost. ·n,, BNSEMBL.B Model 235 Radio'* Richest Voice and a 12-rccord, f u l l y SPARTON DISTRIBUTORS 2JO Court Ave. Des Moines, Iowa

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