The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 30, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1913
Page 6
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AH persons are warned ztofto trespass on the premises of the_ undersigned with cog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game ia any manner; nor for£3hmg,orin any way injuring or destroying property. All persons YIO" the laws of the common-wealth with regard to trespassing on lands oi -MADE OVER FROCKS. r ABOlh- O V E R H E A D IRRIGATION. * Jretuler of'ti|t«e ucte^s who lives Seed Results \ Lest Season's 'ucar J-eague City? Tex..- writes' niakiug Gc\vn is Altered InteiHgentty. buiairfes about tL. overhead system It is very often true tliat the sasdej of irriKuriou. some form of which be i Trill be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14, ovc-f *«*k « pr^er. uiore «r^h and r b:n!d^ of tasan.afr l ij^cQjjjjag t ,.,., , t v/us ,,, ^ ie crigiiifti. yuestfems a«kpu '.are ' William' Allison. Saai'L Walters fans, Hamiltcnbas township. John D. Riley. R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. . . 3Irs. J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B- Whitman. Cumberland To-.rnship. Frank Mumper. II. 1. Gettysburg, Pa. C. Charles F. L- K«! , _ . C B. Shank, Siraban Township, R- 7, Gettysburg, Pa. J. II. Kuan J. F. Kuhn Farm) R- 2, Geltysbmrg, Pa. Mt. Joy Twp. Jacob Fromrneyer. Straban Township. George E. Harinttn, R. C. Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer, Strabaa Township- Mrs. Mary J. \Veikert. R- 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. 11. Rex. Cox 50. R. 2, Bigierville. / Mrs. Matilda I_ Codcri. Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson, IL 1. Gc-rlysb*.:rg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot, Strabn Township. D. L. Jacobs, R- 1, Bigierville, Pa. Butler Township. Josesh 15. Twining. It. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Edv.ird A. Scott, R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland Township. R. F. Biddie. Mt- Pleasant Township, It S, Gettysburg. D. J Reile, R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommeyer, Mt. Pieasa:it Township- Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Getiysburg- W. T. Mehriag, D^m Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert K. Major, Straban Township. John W. Mcllher-ny Far.-n R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Robert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eldon, liendersville. Pa. George D. Thomas, Chambc-rsburg Pike. Robert, Greenmount. Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township, R. G, Gettysburg. Joseph. A. Albert, Butler Township, R- C. Gettysburg. William Coshan, Straban Township. D. C. Moron,. Butier Township. R- G. Gettysburg. Elias Woiforc. Mt- Pleasant Township. II. C- Warren, Menailen Township- C. If. Rumtr.cll on C- L. Osborne farm. Menallc-n township. Wni. M. B-gham's Sons, Freedom Township. Wm. M. BIgham's Sons, Liberty Township. 'r. Jacob F. Peters, Tyrone Township R. 3, Bigierville, Pa. Charles Essick and sisters. Butler Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. J. C- Coulsoa, Butler Township. A- S. Whisler, Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 10. Mrs. Ciestia A. Black. R. 1, Bigierville, Pa. ~« _ George Herring. Highland Township. ~~ W. F. Herbst, Orrtanna R- 1. ~\ O. B. Sharretts, Cumberland Township, R. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. G. E. Stallsraith, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa. _ John Dick. Hoffacker Farm, Straban Township. Gilbert Rudisill. Cumberland Township, Gettysburg Route 1. J. E. Jacobs, Eugeae S. Kelly farm, Cumberland Township- J. Ciavton Rider, Mt. Joy Township, Gettysburg R. 1- "^ Charles Fidier, (W. E. Golden farm), R.. 1, Bigierville, Butler Twp F- B. Twisden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm. Cumberland Township. John H. Eckert. Straban township, Gettysburg, JR. S. Otis Walter, (Conrad Walter Farm) R- 1, Tillie, Franklin Township. E. F. Stra-asbaugh. Orrtanna R. 1. DeardorfF Brothers, Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P- Garrettson. Butler Township. John and Frank Garrettson. Menallen Township." E. H. Black. R. 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. Mrs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route 6- D- S. Reynolds, Straban Township Gettysburg Route 9. W. A. Bigham, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 3. John Groscost. R. 7, Gettysburg. Straban Township. Garfseld Jacobs, R. 13, Gettysburg near Barlow. Dorsey Deardorff, Highland Township, (Mrs. H. B. Mover Farm). II. S/Mertz. Hamilton Township. (Campbell and Mover Farm). James L. Bigham, Freedom Township, Gettysburg, Pa. Levi Crum. Menallen Township. i j _ Mrs. Andrew Brough. R-1. Aspers Menallen Township. L. H. Meals. Cumberland Township, R- 5 Gettysburg. C. W. Black (J. Cama Smith Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Mt. Joy Twp. Wm. II. Johns, Cumberland township and Gettysburg. George W. Wolf. R. 3, Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. Edmund Little. (John Blocher Farm), Cumberland Township. Harris Cook. Menallen Township. Walter C. Snyder. R. 12. Gettysburg. Pa., Cumberland Twp. Bayly Farm Vincent Redding. R. S. Gettysburg_ Straban Township. Edward Redding R- 9. Gettysburg, Straban Township, A. J. Smith Farm II- E- Boyd, Guldens. Pa.. Straban and Mt. Pleasant To-.vnships- Harry S. Trostie. Straban Township. Edward A. Trostie. Straban Township- John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm. Straban Township, Gbg. Route S. Mervin I. Weikert, Highland Township. R. I, Fairneld- D. F. Battcnran. Butler Township. Sr.uitz Bros. D. B, Sr.ycer Farm. S:ralsan Township. Gettysburg P. O. MeD.inr.el Bros.. Arendtsville and Franklin Township, Bigierville, R- 1- E. L- Smith. Butler Township, Bigierville. S. B. Bream (Samuel Bream's farni). Butier Township. J. Edward Law. er. Butler Township. R- R. No. 2. Bigierville. S. -J. Haversack. M. M. Spcnseller farm, Straban Tv,-p_. R. S, Gbg. M. E. Freed. Mrs. G. W. Bie^ecker farm. Franklin Twp.. Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township. John II. Spor.seller. (T-IcPherton Fanr.}. Cumberland Township. W. \V. M::"t.-" farm -.f-f^^r I;«-tarn tenani,) Straban Township. Glig. R- S. Mc-ivi:: B'ru::. ·ix.c-'-.-rvhk-. M trailer. Township, Mi?. Mr.:"hr. Ree-i. near Aic:i-jt3\iije. "Wayi'riuT.t Rice. I : .c-t-' v ":c, Pall. . rron-.c.-. Mt. -Tc.y T«v. r..-hip. R. 2. Gettysburg. Pa-Vo?.i ?. V.'-iif. atrestai: T.r.\".h ; p. R. 7. Gettysburg, Pa, -.veil the p c£nci;*i:r car» autl luuu^as: ore a tile t^z'.-.l-^g o-ver. i'irst ef all. i:-K tliat stw3X.» fur s \5_ ' ~ " '*'*?. ' 7 ' '. ^ C -^'f^? How h!-.r!i wwaW a i Among the tae following: ive to be to Torve \varar a «SS:::;«w of s'ocr rods il-rousn ous?-tf:ateei:tU iacb boles "four feei a nan iu ias-li p!--es? if taut were fort-.- feet kte'.i would tl:e water saoot Sooosss of tte "Study Ameiica". iffea Provei so, :e water UHJ;!H | ;KiV-s f :::f:.:ic ve t:::it tlie v.- 4 :_-l;t «'t" add to thw i::vtst::v"r :n |4pes ije t:!t- ^ai«e iiink a up cl; .-* ''. Xor Iwvisis !:td ei-| :.w-iem-t- ^i;!: .:%U a systems of over- s b^d !rr^:it:^. lie wri:^r n-ft-rrv.! t i c LEADS TO BIGGER THIH6S. :"eer from tiiej From Weekly Readings this Members* Activities Grew Until Entire Local Administration Was Enlisted In'One Case-- Committees Formed. ;^iri::u-rjt of Uts i«uie airricuItJiru': co:- 1 kgtt.. tbe l!rv-i-:^-" "- v. hMj. Prorysswr ; Cu^reUue. l:. ::;:-:;. rt-ft-rs to a very sa«r- ! Because a thing lioce, however slight tiling -or slightly ess.ressed. li3S-a| Ta ; Ke from even tlie mosr per-; ia use at rise .vsn-.- -u^; - irsc. ^1'^;; ,:-.«.-"ies. :.Je i:e:g«t at: :vb:i-h a tank wo~ii to Iw :«aced ) :o si"-"C- i'-^'-i -.-rvk-e' :::dii-:tfHl ia the j then the men and of one Inaugurated civic worl:, says Zoua Gale In a j«uiip!i!ecoa ai^l «:ut-.-s:k.r« v. o::!d oe;/e::.I :n H h'.rg-.- j lovn iniprovement- Thus town Is one measure ypi»:i ii:o ie:i^t!i a::i! i:iuiiber; of G,OCK iidiabitnuts. and tUe initial of tUe pines 10 l~_- su=:j:i'id. TLroaxb | step was taken by a -woman's club, ^·:ie-si.\teeiT!j i::'-h Uuk-s in !.ipc» j -ivhich gave over studying foreign as saia"! :ss £:j-»-=e JadK-Jtwl^t !.^::ur to j p j aecs aufi aetuled to study America. a.-«.«uie t-iar i..o i..i-n.^^o..!i^.j.^\o-i ^e j ^ t £ rst oae 5, our O f each v.-eekly i^ST ,,^7-1; : -^ : r r to H: i;?: : ce v =r !!l o:be I meeti - ivaa iv ^ M a *- 5er a " d f ad - .-;:::;!e sei-vkv ..ou'd beuer be secured ^-S 55 b - v a -" !ul member on souse phase through !ar-_"--r [.:;e=s :in«l' larger aper- °- present day America, and nvecry turcs :::;;! v.-Irii the ta;;k lower down, minutes to a. dL=cuss:on of the present vror-"i»c: oac of some civic or social .,.._^ t ^ ,._ .. problem looking to the f;:ture of Airser- :i dlsiani-e s-f twenty or thirty fee-; i lea. The latter !ne!««!ea_ news about froii! tS:e juv^i::-e in a forty foot tank j conservation and reclamation, tlie na- if tUe mjcj-tc-r of sue" holes were iiaiit- j tionsl Qshi for lienlrh. pure foot!, plzy, e«. Uov.xnx-r. su,-! service could not | peace, esipenics. ef5i:il snffrnjre. wort- ·:i answer to the secosul question, it Ls patent: lh:-.t l::e \iater -.vonSd shoot up be espec-ted sf t'.iere were many pines. The sh:ijKi of use bcttou; of the tauk. 'wisfctlier coak-a! or rectaagaiar. wo:ild bave noths::g to do v.-ith the water pressure, wbieh would be determined iy the distance of the surface of the i:::i:^ri:;! vrii'n an ere to its ity. for v.-ashin-j: is more satisfactory iiid clieaiAjr t-iau dry cleaning: "" Then it:t tho ues'.^n chosen be quite up to =!:Uc- :5!;cl. of coarse, adapted to tfefc size, of the pieces oii hand. TLe '."try latcs: s:ish os vest, for instance. irlves :t:i ultra sty-e tliiit vriii nilrc the t_-ye e-- tartly a".v;iy fror.i any possibk" ri-v.-:;ri:itioi! of h:st year's aress. Acain. chof.Fc- r.ev.- tnniuiir.g of such a Iiln: th:it II \\-V-l not :aakc an unsightly contrast c: not? .c-jods with old. For instance. uutu-n lualus self covered, since burcins are s leading trimmins: tiii:= sc-asc-u. v.-ii: jrlre "n unnsual c-bic aisd can uc user 1 . ; .n as krjre a quantity as wanted. Vriiitf ivasl: net fr mil?. made into c?:se of the Su£Ty little vcs^ anu irinirc-:--! w-ili siur.i: fancy buttons, a dei::;jtf:il style. aisd tuiiiitiness. a ad tbe vest n:ay be removed often | for vraPhhiT. Ntt eScin.c to mats.-Ii also risake? :i very frc?iiealajr unilition. It njsv 1-e run "r'niucl revers and. collar. fr; eilre-J of tl-e vest snu is espe- rh:!!y eiroctlve stiintling up tneaic:-co!- iar-.vise :ib.",-.:t the neck- Bur- as any ?:··.: firc~=raal-ier will tc-T. roji. tne thins: is the care in msk- i:!ir. for what is vrorta uolr.s: flr all is wc»rt:i (Ii'Inc T.-eii-- c-iirefa! desifiiiEg. careful se'-vsiss:. tSu-u^iit ns to rhe most c-ff2"ti"-"e j~:":::»Hhti«»:r of the-triiatair:?. for it is the Kti'.e touches, as the French ilesigners wi-! tell u?. that a~-:- ·f:eii the nvslnnc: of a fr-jck. Tiien. niiovu- a::. If ti'.c general bcco ;f t:;e fr.'-k 5s eji:^i":erec!. the p ever Is sure to !e a snccoss. I2h:strarc2 :s si I';\:-i-=i:xn SHjrsests a siimber of r.ev,- ways ii v.-lik-h last «:5so;j"s fro. k may b iir-.»i!ciit up t." ilnte. Cr.rsiis of skurs fiir trim the rt:irk Mne vv'.vet niO'lai HIH! tuo l:-:r : .e:-y is looped u; over'. writer in the t:sisk above the c And in regard to thf iiSt Question, the pressure woa!d not beT.he sarse ia the i,-ti;es ::t :i Stance of SCO feet fron the The t.ressx:re would be the same if uo water were escaping, bat with -apertures emitting water the ;ress;!rt» v.-o:;:- I vary with the distance from the t::::li. " " In .the STsteni referred to at Vine!and- N, .1- :: tank ten feet deep, placed Sfteen feet above the ground, supplies ·water to twa inch pipes 200 feet !oi:g. These vines ::re placed eleven feet apart :Mid nrt: ecuipped with sprin- Iciin^: devices spaced twenty, feet apart :uy:;g the «-ipes. in this way 4.000 feet of p:;tr are connected with the fciufc. The sprink'ers'used estend but .! few inches above the pipes, which are Ia!(2 on the surface tf the ground i: another an-angement the supply pipes are te:d along the side of the rieici. These pipes are provided with ilitiiigs yt intervals, to" xvhic-a a hose" ai;iy be nrraehed. The pipe to which the sr-rfnh'ers are attached is snpport- ·--Q nbcac sis feet above the ground on ·.vheels. being connected to the snpplr ;;ipe br t::eans of a hose. When one ·srea h:ss Deen sprin'tCiea the pipe i? :no-.-cd to a new position and the cca- ;:e-tlng hose attached to the supply pipe nt another point. In the for ·;:er arrizn^eiuent the pipes might be ^p.-K;i;'- farther apart if the s:ipp!~ u:ni» were :'l.;:.-c-l higher above the ground ~iih t!:e 'liPtriV.nting pipes placed sis fcec ab---". e the ground, provided 'with snitaylp^'rarins: riozzles. a tank fcrty- i;ve fcft rbore ground weald furnish !!tt\-"are 10 distribute the -water twen- ly t'ec't or more on each side of the -·rri;:l::cT-. This Tvou'd permit of piac- men's compensation laws, children's gardens, tuberculosis prevention, modern prison aietho-'is. public feunialns. Then something became evident tvhicli was a kind of revelation aboux civilization. It -ras fouKU that as these matters of national importance catae EP for consideration most of them had a disti:jc-t:y local application. '·The P!ay;^roand as a Part of the Graded School Course of lustrir-tioa" called for a discussion of the need ;ind expense of a local p:aygryn:itL "Conservation and ilcclaniatioii" brought on questions about curb tree planning and parking aau the local ordinance-* about caitiag dotm and replacisgl "Jails and Lockups"' resulted in an investigation of the local jail and cala- boose bedding and the local mode of procedure when hoy o Lenders are brought before a justice. "The Drama-Modern Dren:::tic Aims and Methods."* tvsis mEtie to include rhe "Winter's Offerings In Small T-.nrns aitcl Ko'.v to Get Better Plays" aad "Locrnl Nickel Theaters." To "'TTonica In Inciistry" was aucieci "Woasen In Local Indns- rry--Hoars. IJsiies. *\Va:res-~" '"Parks" suggested the possible uevelopmnie::t of t~o local vacant triangles and their approprir.tion to the common use. It vras the incongruity of a. sojal: club vrith a iiinired lueaibersuip considering a:one problems -vrhiels directly interested O.OIK.' fuik ~I«;cb led to the nert srep. The club cr.Hecl a genonil meeting of tbo vroraeu Jntcr^tejl in totvn de- velopine-nnt- livery woman's club ^vas inritetj. and a general invitation vras (,-ntt-r!-Je«l thr'.Mgh the papers. The meetnij; vras held at the cltr hall, thr-e were asked to bo present and to speak as fo!!:v.*s: The city health officer, to explain ths vital need of KOTrerage and the desirability of a inxr'oage disposal system and v."hat practice! means could be nsed to get both- Thc scliool superirtendent. to te" of :hc ad vantages of manua! training and : .11?| ~ jBpehlef\\Dmg Store Old Stand" , " * * B CliainbersbiirgStrGeffysliijrg^a. **^ "" * *r^ " c, * *·** 4 "V Special Prices for 10 Days Starting Saturday.Novernber 1st. ; ) · As we are new merchants in this community we want you to come 'to th'is store and see the new things in Fall.ahd Winter 'wearing apparel. Come' in and learn our prices. Get acquainted, Accept our invitation, and the truth of. oiir statements. Do not fail to attend this store and learn the power of your dollar. reductions in Millinery, Sweaters and ChiMrens 7 Dresses^ ' $20 Ladies Suits 14-50 | Mens - KOO Shl??s ·rr ·:ii; the :r-^s forty feet upart. A spray- ;:,·: -'.r s..r:::k:in:r nonzle is consl'icred 'H-trcr i^::;n s;r.j:ie perforations, for tbe ilomesne scionr-e 211 the locnl schools. ·AMS'jn :i.::t -v!th tl'.e latter the stream xhe art :ea-i:er ui tlie schools, to tc'l :. co;:;!:.:::;l!y «lirectpd to the same ii: :·_. if sin^e perforations are usea riis-.v =h ·".;·! be less tban one-eighth G* - in := hi dlr.meter. si Lsntlt"! v.---,:-. fi;r. A i-ro:td f i.huk s.uin O'vlGos s"r:irt =:ntl r«5vt-; A Jn ;! ::: sil ; : U; pslolsr! y Cake. the ::ir:r.]---rs nr f !...v::::r n i'-'~ V-'ZLL E A R N E D SUCCESS. Til'---- --. ho have from time to tin: 0 ······] ···:" :":e^ achievements of the fa- :;:·-:« V," ::al.egh'raben.-;,of Tora Bar-, ··-.-.. -·-: '. :ivcs at Catforth. ner.r Pres- · ···-!. .- :. · ".vrenty-eight niiles fro:i: I.iv- :'-,.^', "· -^'-.r.Ci. nras of --Inch are in " e '."., . . ;he tvr.i !)ig ea:g laying cot 1 - !. tlvrs.- art: :»r.t "r.iy «lrt-« J. C. llc. Pa. It. IS. Gettysburg. Pa. "n.r." T:;.~. "u:"' vr : :_r-j tAvrrsh'r-. R. 1-, Gettvsbur£T- I'a. 1'raj.k Eich ·'-,·:. Yre-.\ i'ar:::. Sirii\-an Township, R, 12. GeUvsburjr- Pn. ]'. W. Sf-rT.-. I::--.:r-::: T-v.-.-.-hip. R. i. Gettytb-ar-r. Pa. · ; . Mi..".::-. Kr^.r... Ty · re iow-.j.rl : p. R. o. Biglervil'.e. Pa. I I . I I . ila*, lc. '". v-t.tyr-lurc. Pa-. But'.er Township. Sa-.jil tf^.:."vj.r:-. ~A~. ,Ti y T^wr.^hip. GettysVarsr. Route 1. - T . A. ","c rt-". - M L " A. ryJcr far*r. i Franklin Township. · : . M. p._-:.r.\.--!.. '::-.:-- A. Srycer i-"arrn} Frank!m Township. -. J-. :;.".,". ivror.s Tfv»::.-n;;. it. 4. Ne"»v Oxford. -1. W C..',,-.. Mer.a"-^ TwV.-.-V.n. Flo:-a Dale, Pa. A. T. i ·-· ,.r-c. R. 2. n:crkrvi:;^ A/.K:. :'i.:.··?. ."--,-!,-:- "L..-T-.-.- Cuir.beriar.d Township. R, 1". Getiystnsrg--1 \vU - '.r.-. X. S ·:-.:--/. r-- w/: Iluthur I-arir.) Franklin Township. R. ^. Gbsr- j -x;.i rl. A. I'-.i-.". . M:--t- TM :'a. ri i P-v.'.'c-r iownshic. Star Route. Bigierville. I'a.] ^^ -'c'.-.r. ?.. i: : '·-.:r:-.--:^-, l : Township. R. 1"2* Gettvsb-jrg-. Pa. j V»". ,1. Ltar-.'.r. S--."...- ;..-: M:. P'.t-nsa-n To\vnsh;ps. Gettysburg:, R. S. '} :-.-.-: Tf.-,\~.-h:p. GeityslHsrjr. R- S- . · r .~e Mera-lers* Township. R. R- IcaviHe. Pa. · I. :; T-- v.-~h,n. R. i. Bssierville. Pa. ; v-: " :- T ,---.-.. R. T, Gettysburg, Pa. i ·"··' · : P. IJv.t,. Fairs' 1 .) Franklin Tow7iship. i -,» ;·!--, = /r,-i-ri Far:«) Hamiltonban Township. j t ;... .: i -A r..-hip. R. S'. Gettysburg. Pa. \ ; - , " · _ . '· ^ F;. T".» Cumberland Township. ; t '". cays. ·:«.- for j one f«-r il.c c. :.:bt v r kcer-s on t'.'.i.- .-. i:ie:;;-:t- .-.:.-::es 's l:n:«i;;y c,:ke. O: : .- c :l"vs \vor-: ;i--: r.nil t":e v."V.':o :::: I U^:- :'.:c sr i n f t » y l -if ,!r:., a '". ¥.. C. W. T- interested in learn · t.-.;:-:r of the «wjer of the re - '..o-"6r^.. "Mr. Barren is totJat . ' ;n-iT.. !:e inalo ail of hi^ : ",:!·.· pyaltry business. JJf :·'- !) : !~;D'~ = ^ in IST)4 ^vltb '·;'.-. -v;:::e his nincb. -.vhich - --,.1 of iwersry acres. "was so : - ,~,r tb::r be !:a(3 to ijisy hay " ; . -L.V.-S Tiiirtten acres are ,-.-T to bis po:i:try !joi: «£*s =sn ! ' " rise s»n h:;.% baen !ronr;iJ - - =to of fcrtiJiiy a 15 n resnJt of - .- .-.J'nnt of conccntrsted for:-. a :ir.s rocc;vc-,I. Mr. .^ ;::?h: - ss on ;ts feet JTJ the ~- : : .iru;!i:h the ?a!e of esrgs. - ..s r- have been an aim con- ·-.'i-t in nui:rs to increase in . ·;.· posv-iire the orcr pro3ucing · ' bis fowls, and in ioing t!iis · - ;t v.":is an importnr.t factor. -. :*h this, he stv.'lswi aU his nl irt-"t«! for ::!;-· those thar Jit- how tlie lojiil school grounds eoultl 1-e inespciisivciv improved and made beaa- tifll:. A v.'oninp vvlio loves garden?, to tell of the joy in gar-lens and in nhinted 12.50 Ladies Suits Ladies $6. Coats Ladies $ic. Coats Ladies $15. Coats ·Mens'500 Oeecc ·!::.. I undenvaor 9.52! {Men and. vV'omens' f 5 , ,, r / Sc I t5i-5o Blankets _ Ladies.75c,Waists 45 C i v " J " *T' '""~ T _ i 4.00 Blankets 2.95 Ladies i.oo Woists /5c i ^ 1 5500 iiannclette gowns 390 Ladies 1.50 waists obcl f^. .,. ; {Uhiicirens 150 Hose ice Caches 2.00 Waists 1.301 i, .. _ 'l fl^aciies $5.25 House "* - " | | dresses, all colors 890 ^TO^^j.^a^c^MM»^a» j i a a ' i ri iJ» fff**mr*M**i · *· E * LadiesS 4- 5 Skirts 2. Ladies ^.oo Skirts i - ; r- r- § 0 Corset Covers Ladies 7.5oRaincoats4.98i [23 Corset Covers Girls 2. so Rain Capes i.60! !j5 Underskirts - 39 C 150 45 C stnls -Eod Cat A ch:l member, to^teli of the worft of the Civic association a::d ·-if the v.-ork "f cuiidren's gxirdeas and the pe:5;;y soc: jiaciiageK. A v.-OTr.a:i ::i:ereste-'l in pure milk, to "eii f-f the «»ajigers '·· t;;berca!os:s es- isling \r. j:u:nsper i t«Hl herds anil 5:o'" a town 'can go nuo:it securing tlie tiii7er- cali:: test of Us cows IK order to knoTM 'f this pr.rity of U i:i:!k supply. Organization waJT'effecief! In Mnrcli. :!nd in three nionH'.s the fO;lo~:i:g had Tlio san:iary c"ra:uiitoe « infer- vieivc'l t:ie iniKcr.ier. r.t a meeting cn31- °«I by t::e commntoe ar.'l had ascer- tnine-1 h-)~ t" secure the r,:borcnr»n test. Ti'.e milkmen were tvii'.ir.c: to iinvo the test n::i(le a:;d to pay for it themse!vc=5. .'-r-cl the matter vras pre- cipitate'l by the o^ner of n lnr::e hcra ,,.,»-,,,;,,«. :J veterinarian to tonso to make' tlie test. ni:d finrlins: i- the hard rhrec badly infect**! -OTVS. All ti'.e . 5at Trv ""Eiv's Crea^. Bain,. 7 ' j lassages: stops nasty discharges ana a i feeling of cleansir.^. soothing: relief to! comes immediately. - -- --- - :«Sie'of '·siv's'crsa.m' Balm^'at^'anv Creara'Bafni; and your cold.or catarrh siru" store. This svreet. fragrant bairn will sureiydssappear. LADDERS j-nli assortment in sf:ck.^consisting of:- Uirge lrcal herli= -.vere tl;e eSTort to an or« r-?- onirln^ the test seaiiannwa'i.v. ns it should be afljnia'stercd. was pnsipnr.eo ;n the hope tlsnt Ib5s w;il soon hi; re- -;ilirci by stature. The streets an;l a'ltiys "oir.!i!J*ff£» 1)--3:1 ·jocnrccl a clean nircl.iy namt-d by tbo Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. Evcrv ]:eee"oiTt3!:s well kno\ra brand is inaile from second growth sprnce xvitii nmcs OS a^li or elm. H. P. MARK, AREXDTSVH.LE mayor. prev.~ tvliu-h a sni toe was named toVfeport the sinew te '.'. Gettysburg. _'· Farn.t Dutler To\\nship. K._- ::: t . F -lat-'j;; IJoyo. Mi. S. F. Ki.5!ir:-,:.:i. i- 1). M. Hi..:T!n:-r.. '«v%.-^h«i, R. 1:1. Gbjr. (Wilnarsi Cromcr Farm). "rr:i T.,vr.ship. II. 5, GfcVtvsburif. * r-.i; ;t -. Rouvc-2. E. N. noifr^r. liisrlcrviile. ]!··",,te 2. J. I. Iterator. H:r"i! Town-hip. R. 4, Getty,-"iurfr. Pa. V Ir. e *c Ma'jjh?i.(Mrs. P. I.. Ho-.-.k Fann» R. i'. f-cUvsi/urfr, Pa '» I;^viii G. Lutt. Stiaban To\vnrhip. Gettyi-burpj, Route 7. ^ \ W. C. Storrick, Stra!an R. T*. Gcltysuuijr. v " M. ?hindlc-Jecker, C"r,.beriani Tn'.vni-l.ip, ivti\.^iiui r , R- 5. «· II. M. Tio.-tk-. Iuchlf:ii: T».v»i.-iiip. Tiiiu- I'o. t'ofiiiu'.'' I). A. ll.-ihkt.-y (.Mr:,. .Tt-rt'-niah P.ciui. r\- f a r m ) CtmilH-rlnnil Twp., R. 5. It. C. March. Ilutk-r T«v.v,!sliiji. 11. fi, Geti.yrJiur^. Robc-rt M. Eldon, Aspers. " *, P u b l i c S-~'^i~; h..U3 ;.i-.. i t i = !:i -·y iii-t mo.:- 'iiv \t-ii pi-.! pru|H-r ; ·:. v. hv:v i - r;uc:v. Ii'Mi. Uli.-'l! JIM!.)!. :.- s c n t i i i ' c . t t i- d- )t.-cll' f o i l :·{ t i n - t- ii'iil -. i i!i:i!.i", t )K' t'siritit-r :·. putrii: ii:::i!,-niv for j^ooil U-i; ItlaUon lu county :in(l ttate. 11' M ':·. I-; l . ' i l I . ! . i ! u- ;u:l r 2u'c^ Action. ,o !«.,::ii t:-.'.t n Granite · hriKi-i t!»" i:iiin for in- !!:· ^r:i:r:: is :i "soci:;l r At. :uiy n s t f . it cites :i y'i!::i^' Ui'ly »jnins one I i l u - very r.i-\t tnoetin? 'n'.itu' . U i » l i : i i i 1 . The . t ; : i . i! i.iiili-r.sti(»1. (Iion^li. ·n)i','i : i t t n r L ^ t i a r a r t i o n t-vcty time. overseer tlie such «iuiok and vegetable show nnnor.ncert for September. These were mere besinnincs. but in !li»m the work wns Innnehen nnd Siven nn impetus that mafic permanence a certainty. An Honestly Built Stove An excellent powder for ridding pom- j try of lice may be prepared by mixing j eijual parts of pyretlirum (insect pow- j der, with flowers of sulphur. It is Dost j ami most effectively applied by using j a powder gun. - * Luildhij: ; That^SelIs"6n Merit. ..-The^ Eenii Esther range docs not have a lot of fancy decoration that is hard to keep clean--a»d at the same time it is excelled by none in appearance. It is the most solidly built and best general purpose cooking range \ve know. One that \ve can conscientiously guarantee. H. T. MAKING ;,lyo-fniiia_].yISliaw:Slakir(Jo. Bear of old Reading Flight Depo INEWSPAPERif NEWSPAPER!

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