Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 23, 1933 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 19
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"^v^'tfatreajgjBa^re'AaCTrtjife^TC^-M^ ^^ A Is SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1933 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY"] MAMA, 1 THOUGHT 1 DIDHT HA,VH_ ANY THIN 6 Ti DO ID SRINS IN SOME COAL FOf3 VOU-AND SEE I PILLED THE VJOOD SCT* ( Tec*' WHEN MRS VJIULIKEa CAME HOME TODAY SHE WAS HEI2S THE LOVE WAGER By EDNA ROBB WEBSTER CHAPTER 47 The Loganthan was anchored again off the shore at Tropica Beach, and those who had departed so jubilant on the day before were settled in their hotel rooms with varying degrees o£ disappointment and resentment over their loss o£ a long, luxurious cruise, some of their possessions and other pleasures, according to their anticipations. Marion was still vascillating between a decision to act the bereft lover or the scornful flirt. Perhaps she might decide by morning. K«rma had not accomplished what she had hoped to do on the voyage, but she actually had more hope now that everything would work to her advantage than she had on the previous day. Lizetta, alone, had achieved the enviable goal. But, strangely enough, instead of her appearance anywhere commanding Interest and admiration in the new role of Stuart's financee, the others seemed to avoid her or treat her with indifference as if nothing unusual had happened. Their attitude puzzled and hurt her somewhat, but she had little time,to.reflect upon these insignificant things when much more important ones commanded her attention. Soon after their arrival she had gor.e with Stuart to the district attorney's office to testify in this complicated case which had involved them both, unawares. Followed a memorable evening of dinner and dancing in the soft glow of shaded lights, a long drive in the sheen of starlight, and ecstatic romance such as only true lovers can know. Lizetta was breathlessly happy when she slipped into her rooms alone at a late hour; and waa so loathe to break the charm that-late as it was--she could not will herself to turn on the glaring lights, but sat for a long hour In the white path of light which the waning moon cast across the floor of her bedroom through the wide open French windows. Sitting thus she could dream over again every precious word which Stuart had spoken to her and feel the ecstasy of his vehement kisses and cm- braces. She almost wished that the dawn need not break the spell o£ her enchantment. But then each dawn brought with it a new day--another day in which to share life and love and happiness with Stuart. So she need not hold jealously to the joyous hours which had passed. There were many, many more before her. * t -i Kerma had not forgotten Stuart's forced promise to take her out on the yacht and she made it a point not to let him forget it, either. She confronted him ir the hotel foyer early the next morning with affectionate reminders. "Have you arranged your dates today so you can go out with the yacht for a while as you promised me?" "Oh," he objected with consternation, "I didn't promise that It would he today. I said--some time She affected injury. "Oh, Stuart, I've thought of nothing else since yesterday!" "Wei, I have. No less than a dozen different things are claiming my attention right now. And I'm due to meet Lizetta iu five minutes so Til have to hurry along now." "But, Stuart!" she pleaded, like a naughty child who ia about to let the tears overflow because tears produced anything she desired. "You promised me!" He could conceal his impatience no longer. "Oh, I couldn't take you out on the yacht alone, and I wouldn't. I'm engaged to Lizetta, and you know it!" "I suppose you think I would believe that means you'll never look at another girl!" she scoffed. "Well, I'm not taking them out alone on yachts!" he declared rather more vehemently than the discussion required. His staunch defense of Lizetta angered Kerma. Her eyes blazed with threatening blue flames. "All right, Mr. Logan, if you want to treat me like that, I'll take my little revenge. I guess you won't be so proud of a wife whom everybody gossips about even before you marry her. I've kept quiet about her past because I am no scandal peddler by profession, but I could make you and her both pretty unhappy if I tell what I know about Lizetta." Incredulity and anxiety struggled i for supremacy within him white he stood there looking at her silently. Finally, he said coldly, "You're only bluffing to frighten me. There is nothing- about Lisetta's past which could hurt us." "Oh, no?" she mocked. "Well, just you wait and see! When you return from wherever you are going with her now, you will find a, new attitude around here toward you. The great Stuart Logan and his fiancee should not be surprised If they are snubbed, cut, scorned--you get what I mean ?" '"But Lizetta is your friend," he protested. "Friend!" Kerma sneered. "I don't care to have friends who--" she stopped menacingly, and glanced about them to see if anyone might be listening. "Well, what do you want?" he demanded curtly. "I want you to be nice to me," her manner changed again to entreaty. "I'm crazy--wild about you, and I can't bear to see you made a fool of as Marion was." "But--dam it all!" he was bewildered by this jumble of words she had been saying, "what do you want me to do about it?" "I want you to give yourself a fair chance," she cajoled. "If you don't know about Lizetta, I'll tell you, and you may decide for yourself if you still want her. Even i£ I couldn't take her place, Stuart, I'd be so relieved to know that I'd done what I could to spare you. I've felt so responsible, and yet I hesitated to say anything--" - "I won't listen to you any longer," he declared firmly, and turned half away as If to leave her. "Very well," she warned quickly. "Be ready for the consequences. If you won't let me help you, I'll do just the opposite. The fury of a woman scorned, you know--" He faced her again, sullenly. "Well, what is It that you want to tell me? I'll listen but--" "lou will listen when and where I choose to tell you!" "All right. When and where?" "The yacht--" she began. "I can't take you on the yacht," he interrupted. "I have left orders for the crew to start back to New York with it this afternoon." Her disappointment was jkeen, but she recovered quickly to seize at her advantage, "Then drive me somewhere, late this afternoon, where we can stop for dinner and take our time." "But Lizetta and I--" he began. "You are still so sure that you want Lizetta?" she mocked. "Indeed I am," his gaze met hers directly. "We'll see," her smile warned. "But you hiul better keep your date with me for this evening! Shall we leave about 6?" With a nod which held'no indica- IVE MAOE. TtAENA EACH THE BOYS IS BEO. 1 TOUO SAWTA. MIGVAT '3 THIS ! H JOST ·» SLHEP Y THAT LITTLE. SOMETHING BOOGHT A.V=E\X1-- TOY'S. JOST GOTO eeo ·so's ME CAM POT MOvM I'LL ·see IP THE scars THEM SOMETi-UKSG, SOT (JOT THEY'VE A GIPT POR. ME SACK tKi BED. A, GCOQ VUGUTS -T THEY A FEVM MORE , TO EXPECT TOO »AOCU . DAD SNA.VTEO TO POT IT OOT THE SAMDMAW GOT \UARM AMO TURK! NWSE.LF. And So to Bed Copyright, 1333, by Centra) Press Associat VAPTT? I Z £ ? VU- 6\V)£ High Pressure Pete I'U- 6\V)6. YOG The Bargain Hunter -==£· - ~-=^C5- Horoe. WITH roe. RIGHT To . . ?-- HOVO (xvjcrt-Tb OF?vvle OS To By George Swan ·Cops-right, 13S3. br Centn] Tnaa Association. Inc. Merriwell's Schooldays Merry Christmas By Burt L. Standisb NEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU THE MONEY TO PAY YOUR BILLS BEFORE THE NEW YEAH LOANS UP TO S300 PAY BACK IN MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS ' OtJT-OF-TOWN LOANS MADE C. L. Pine Loan Company OF MASON CITY SECOND FLOOR WEIR BLDG. PHONE 224 Muggs McGinnis Fair Enough By Wally Bishop Copyright, 1033, by Central I'rcu Associ.llion, Inc / l CA.UU\ UlAA. Etta Kett Sold!! By Paul Robinson "THAT KH rraiEriD OP VOUES is ON AGAIN.' HESA^S IPNOU HIM HE'S GOING TQ r WONf SPEAK;-fb ME SINCE- DILL CBOWM TOLD Here. I WAS ENGAGED ,' SHE VJHATS CAUU U(N\- VJorWTS LIKE A CHW2f"\."THE,JUO3E If-fOWrfNESSE'S IN CX3UI2TJ 1 --IT MAKES'EM SPILL A. AGUS ·TbuO A GH5.U PLENTY UES /XOW'J£. MAD6 A SALE. if-LL MAKE HIM TfeU- HER, THe: 1"R UTH. WOULPMAKSA. VJQMAi-4 "ten- MEfi. tion of his usual' gallantry, he clamped hfc. Panama hat upon hla | bead and strode away, hurriedly. Kerma proceeded serenely on her way, firmly convinced that she had won the first round in a. difficult bout which she was determined to finish, win or lose. Stuart Listened to his meeting place with Lizetta, a deep scowl knotting his high, broad forehead. What the devil did the girl mean? Was this another hold-up? What did he care about any story of Lizetta's past? Perhaps she had jilted some fellow one time at the last hour--maybe at the altar He smiled. And, if so, wasn't he glad that she had discovered her mistake before it was too late to save her sweet self for his own? Oh, well; it was better to hear what Kerma had to say--then he would know what it was with which he had to cope. He was defending himself--and Lizetta--in in the dark, now. He could deal with Kerma easily enough when he knew what to say. The greatest fear was fear itself, fearing what he did not know. When he joir.ed Lizetta, he in:'.'. Ttly forgot all fears, real and unreal. He clasped her hands and poured admiration into her eyes. "Sorry I was late, darling, but I was detained as I was leaving the hotel." H-J did not refer again to the incident that afternoon. (TO BE CONTINUED) THE TUTTS By YOUNG In Roman times Switzerland wa3 inhabited by two races--the Hel- vetii, supposed to have been Celts, in the northwest, and the Rhaetli, who were said to be of common stock with the Etruscans, in the southeast. DAD UUALLY WHILE A i£T OF THE HOLIDAY MO. I- PONT CAR£ -fa SEE AN-VTHIKI6- YOUR. OUJ-D to SEE SOMETHIN6- BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray, TMIS UJA.V,M*,MCO THIS vjaAY

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