The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 30, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1913
Page 5
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AGED 80, KILLS WIFE, AGED 85 "'""" "ft ^ll Fractured With; an Ironing Board. WILHELMINA AND CHILD. Queen tf the Netherlands and Only Offspring, Princess Juliana. EXTRAORDINARY SALE AT HUSBMib CONFESSES GRIME , ; ' \i \. ' :·', t "She Wanted to^Giye^ur Stove Away," ] Philadelphia Mari'whines -- Were; Married Thirty Years. · ' "Philadelphia, Oct. 30.--John Eber-^ wine, eighty years old, a Civil War* veteran, is under arrest, charged witiij killing his sixiy-iive-year-old wife, Eliz- j abeta. following a quarrel at their j home, 2940 Xorrii Orkney street. j "V The police say that Eberwine coa-i fessed to striking his wife on tie aead j several times with aa ironing board,; fracturing her skulL j The old soldier v£s arrested by De-f tecjlve Belshaw and Special Policemen Knox and Walker. They say t h e j . Quarrel between Eberwine and his wife j oto w;as planod foe-cause o£ Eberwine ob- jecSlng to her making a gift of a stove to her soa. According to the police Eberwine! was told by bis wife that she intended j to give their stove away. He objected, j but his wire would not listen. Several j times Eberwine broached the subject, but each time was informed by his wife that she was determined to give the stove away. Later Eberv.-iae is said to cave again insisted that the stove should be kept, at home. His demand was met with a j refusal, and in the scuffle that followed j s- Eberwine 'ell to the floor. THE HUB STORE *«*««* Pres. SLIT SKIBT AND SOCKS TiE UP TOWN Stores, Trains Deserted as Sir! Trips By. Dunuesne, Pa., Oct. 20.--Sylvia Pen- H e r j d!e:oa, demure and pretty, was the husband is then alleged to have seized a heavy ironing board thai stood near and to have struck her several times over tlie bead. A few minutes after the quarrel Eberwlae went to the door and called j Mrs. Emma L. Sinister, a neighbor,! and asked ner to call his son, John, to j the house. Instead o: complying with ually stockinged the request. Mrs. Shuster asked for '·-"' Mrs. Eberwine. She was asked to step into the house by Eber"'ine, who informed her that Uis wife was very ill. She walked into the house, and on the Socr of tte sitting room, face downward, saw the body of Mrs. Eberwine. cause of C ! J f »J ai!!lrae:t quitting work, two freight train crews refusing to move a v.fcee! aad a near riot here, when she appeared on the principal thoroughfares in one of the latest creations, vulgarly known as a "slit skirt,"* and swept down Gran; street, exposing to view her s^apesy limbs csiy par- Oddly enough, the pretty young -woman skillfully maneuvered her steps to shat every detail of the clazzHr combination o? natural Oesh tint an-i perfect contour was brought oct. When the young woman reached a point near tha Iraqiiesue plant of ti Carnegie Steel company a chorus of The furniture in the room was j yells rear; the aid and thousands of thrown about aad everything was In a - - ' . - -*state of disorder. Chairs were pushed in one corner of tae room and a table ia the ceater was overturned. Thinking that Mrs. Eberwine had fainted. Mrs. Shuster ran out of the house and telephoned for Dr. "\\~Iiram Apple. In the meantime another neighbor, fearing that something was wroag. telephoned tc tlie police to sead an. ambulance. The patrol of the Germantown avenue and Lycoming street station was sent to the house. The wagon and Dr. Appie arrived at about the same time. One glance was enough to teil the doctor that the woman was beyond a.11 aid- Life bad been estinct at least thirty minutes. When the police arrived Eberwine was sitting In one cornei of the room, his face buried in his hands, sobbing- He seemed unable to comprehend the questions asked him and mumbled meaningless answers. To all questions put to him as to why he killed his wife. Eberwine replied monotonously: "She wanted to gi-»e a stove away. She wanted to give a stove away." That was all he would say. They .were married thirty years. employes began swarming out onto sirpet, heading off the unabashed young v^ornan. Calmly picking her way throuzh the crowd. Miss Pendleton crossed the Pittsburgh Lake Erie rail road- She ha:! hardly stepped off the tracks before the crews of two freight trains standing nearby deesrced their pests ana fought for a. glimpse of the silken IO--Y eat socks. The police -wer finally compelled to charge the crowd several times before the streets were cleare-i- Miss Pendlaton was alsrs "gently'' persuaded to enrer a depart ! ment store. SEVEN YEARS FOR MURET THAW EAGER FOR COURT TRIAL Willing to.Return If Jerome Will Not Send Him to Asylum. Concord, K. H., Oct. 30.--Attorneys for Harry K. Thatv reiterated their statement that if ^i'-Ham T. Jerome will agree to try Thaw on the con- spiray indictment returned in Kew York and will not. return him to Mat- teawan, the fugitive is wiling to return to New York. Jerome has declared that pending the trial ,for conspiracy he would place Thaw in Matteawan. Thaw issued a statement declaring that the men behind Jerome seem able to get the ear of the New York officials, but that the people of New Tort, who are with him, apparently have no influence with state officials. Attorneys for the fugitive announced that they hare ashed Governor Feiker for an oral hearing on the "good faith" of the conspiracy indictment ana wish Jerome to be present. Judge Lenient to Counterfeiter Ir. the Scf-midt Case. New York. Oct. 30. -- "Dr." Ernest Mure?, tse Tr : cad of "Father" Hans Schmidt, T vas sentenced to seven, anc 1 one-half years" imprisonment in ihe federal per.irerniary at Atlanta, Ga. for counterfeiting. Muret appealed to Jud^e Hunt to suspend sentence, saving tnat-ae want ed to go back to nis home in Gedmany anw spend the balance of his life with his mother. judge Hunt could have imposed sentence of thirty years, but as the prisoner is a victim of incipient raber culcsis he was lenient. Blame Disaster on Vacuum. Berlin, Oct. 30.--The explosion of the dirigible balloon Zeppelin III- on Oct. 17, which cost the lives of twenty- nine men. is attributed in the official report to a partial vacuum fromed in the centre gondola behind a new type of wind shield. This sucked the. gas escaping from beneath the aluminum structure of the dirigible into the gondola, where it was exploded by a spark from, the motor. KILLS GIRL AND HIMSELF Farmhand Shoots Daughter of His Em pioyer. Then Commits Suicide. Frederick. Md.. Oct. 30. -- Dorsey Keliy. twenty-four, a farm hand, sho and ~k!iied Miss 3Iary Fleming, th daughter of his employer, and then committed suicide. Jealousy of the young woman, with whom Keliy was said to have been in faiuated, is believed to have prompted the deed. "* "~D1es From Brokeli Neck. Trentoa, N. JT-. Oct. 30.--A broken neck received "waen.he fell down the stairs at his, home caused the death of William Wilson in St. Francis hospital. He fell Saturday night while going for a drink after he had gone to bed. Child Dies From Whisky. Chester, Pa, Oct. 30.--Anna Mcli- vaine, five years old, died at the Chester hospital from the effects of whis'cy ·which she drank from a bottle while alone in the sitting room of her parents' home. It is a matter of congratulation to nil who use country highways that th« substantial cement culvert and larger bridso for larger waterways are taking t!iu I'J.i'x- f tlie old wooden structures The Kaiser Greets Gerard. Berlin, Oct. 30.--The new United States ambassador to Germany. -Tames W. Gerard, was received in audience b~ Emneror "William and presentei his credentials and the farewell letters of his predecessor, John G. A- Leish man. The conversation between emperor and the American diplomat was informal, dealing principally with golf, riding and other sporting topics. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1913 and continuing one week SATURDAY, NOV. 1,1913 MARKS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY of our store and we intend to celebrate this important event by offering specially reduced prices on the most notable collection of merchandise it has ever been our privelege to present. This achievement is only another step forward in the general progress of THE HUB UNDERSELLING STORE, for it is through our constant endeavor to extend courtesy and to insure satisfaction to all visitors, that our success has been assured. ·-% Personal inspection of our stocks is the most convincing test of our advertising and our reputation, actualities acd not mere promises establish confidence. Scarcely nolitics. aay mention was made ol WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. in. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Albany 50 Clear. Atlantic City 58 Clear. Boston 5~ Clear. Banalo 45 Bain. Chicago ~ t 3i Cloudy. New Orleans 54 Clear. New York ~ 56 Clear. Philadelphia...,, 56 Clear. St. Louis 32 Cloudy. ·Washington 50 Clear. The Weather. Cloudy today; fair tomorrow; northwest winds. RARE BARGAINS QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Skirts A complete line of perfect fitting and stylish skirts: Serges, panamas, bedford cords, whipcords, shepherd plaids and the new "Honeycomb" doth. §2.50 and 2.9S values - §L98 3.50 and 3.98 values 2.98 4.50 and §5.00 values 3.98 Specials in Silk Petticoats 2.50 values. Messalines. all shades _ _~ §1.75 3.00 values. Taffetta and Messaline 1.98 4.00 values, Taffetta and Messaline 2.98 5.00 values, Messaline 3.98 Modish Outer Garments Moderately Priced The latest fashions in Suits for Women and Misses $8.00 and 10.00 Suits, any material S5.98 12.00 and 14.00 Suits. latest weaves 8.9S 16.00 and 18.00 Suits, a revelation ll.SS Latest ?.Iodel in full length and Three-quarter coats 510.00 and 12.00 Coats. All wool 7.9S §14.00 and 16.00 Coats^ The Nobb}- Kind 10.98 ?18.00 and 20.00 Coats, Exceptional value 14.98 Other bargains in coats and suits, too numerous to mention, will be sold at an equal reduction. If you want to save money attend this sale at The Hub. Waists Our models and prices in waists cannot be duplicated elsewhere, as you will see from the following. §2.50 and §3.00 Silk Taffetta, and Messaline waists of the verv latest models. Sale price $1.85 $3.50 and 4.00 Taffetta and heavy Messaline Waists §2.85 §1.25 and 1.50 Fancy Lingerie, Lawn, Pecav. Linen, and Flannel Waists 89c. 75c. values 49c. -Special- Sweaters Umbrells--Guaranteed Waterproof 50c. values 39c« §1.25 values S5c.. §2.00 values 1.49 Children's Dresses The biggest assortment of Children's and Misses School dresses can be found at'"The Hub"'. 75 dozen to select from. Solid color Chambray. Percal. Shepherd check Gingham, and Linene; high neck and long sleeves, neatlv trimmed. Sizes 3 to 6 and 6 to 14. 75c values 45c. 1.50 values 9Sc. 2.00 values .. ._..._ .... 1-49. Misses Dresses Sizes 15 to 18 9Sc,_L49, §I.S8 . ___.. Children's Coats At a reduced figure $8-00 and §10,00 Coats S5.9S These coats range in size from 6 to 14 and made of aH wool material and fine seal carracal; cut from latest patterns. S5.00 and S6.00 values 3-98 3.50 and 4.00 values 2.50 Other coats as low as 1.49 Hosiery The Millinery Section desires you to note that our select styles cannot be reproduced elsewhere at double our advertised prices. Readv-to-wear Hats, values up to §3.00. all colors for §1.49 2.50 and 3.00 Beavers, all colors '.. : 1.98 §4.00 and 5.00 Beaversrall colors 2.49 . .The very latest creations in Dress Hats, §5.00 values 2.98 Children's Hats at an equal reduction Trimming and Flowers 1-3 off ALL HATS TRIMMED FREE -- Special BLACK PETTICOATS 59c. values 3Sc.. §1.00 values 69c. War ner s Corsets To impart added grace to the figure--to mold and accentuate Its lines of symmetry and beauty--is only ONE of the pleasures conferred on the wearer of OUR WAR3SER CORSET The "Leader" 50c values 42c. §1.00 values 75c. S2.CO values 1-49 ?.Iaiuiish Ribbed Sweaters of fine quality worsted, ruff collars and byron collars, plain sleeves, turn over cuffs, all colors. §2.00 values §1.49 §2.50 values 1.98 3.9S values 2.98 4.98 values 3.98 Good qualit\ r worsted sweaters, closely knit in neat ribbed patterns, Red. Navy and White for children. 49c., 9Sc-, §1-49 Outing Flannel Underwear ~39c. Petticoats 25c. 75c. Petticoats 49c. 75c. Gowns 49c. §1.50 Gowns - 9Sc. 75c. Short Kimonos 49c. 1.50 Long Kimonos 98c. §2.00 Long Kimonos ....._._ 1.49 Women's Children's Knit Underwear 12V z c hose S--2C 19c hose 12 29chose 22c -Special 25c- Corset Covers 15c. j 25c- Tea Aprons lOc. j 3Sc, Tea Aprons 22c.' 5c. Handkerchiefs 2c. Only 5 to a customer Women's and ; Children's Medium weight Vests and Pant?; regular or extra sizes; shaped, high neck and long sleeves, 39c values Sale price 23c. Women's bleached or unbleached, ribbed or Iambs-down fleecing inside. 75c. values. Sale price 49c. Union Suits .,,.. 25c. and 49c. FREE==A Beautiful Souvenir with Every Purchase of 98c or Over We Give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Don't forget that Saturday, November 1st., is the Day on which Begins The Great Anniversary Sale of THE HUB UNDERSE Carlisle Street, STORE THE LADIES SHO? - Gettysburg, Pa Best on Earth For Sore Throat and Chest Colds o*^^ which -were short llvea ana "were orceo left in a -wretched condition for long periods of time by irresponsible township trustees. If pr»perly made the new cement structures will last through more than a lifetime. A 25-cent Box Eqnals ?0 Mustard Plasters- Great for Backache. Headache and Neuralgia. BEGY'S MUSTARIXE will not blister- Just rub It on freely and avay goes the agony from Sore Feet, COTIS, Bunions and Callouses. Rheuniaacs rejoice when the terrible gnawing agony ar.d mitsry speedily vanish and swollen joints arc reduced. BEGY'S MUSTAEINE is bester than any liniment or poultice, it Is wonderfully penetrating, and the way it cures 'Sprains, Sore Ius:Ies. 'Strains. Bruises and Lameness Is astonishing. A big, yellow box for 25 cents. It's the King of all Pain xullers. MUSTARINE is for sale and recommended in Gettysburg at all druggists. If wife's cooking tlo.-s ;»t rop«i« uj. to mother's" it Is also j;osslble Hist bubby'n appetite is not \vbat son's Real Estate If you want to sell cr rent you real estate, no matter where located, or, if you want to buy or exchange any kind of real estate, call on or address. Troxell and Swisher NOTICE IN THE COURT OF COM3ION PLEAS OF ADAMS COUNTY. PENNSYLVANIA. IN RE petition of Mary E. Miller for authority to act as a feme sole trader. Notice is hereby given that Mary Miller of the borough of Gettysburg-, I who was marred to Levi D. Miter on ] February FlLLhC fllSIS Is Easily Stopped; Also Dandruff and Itching Scalp--Use Parisian Sage- 1 Sines Parisian Sacre. the reiredy that removes dandruff" -with one appli- ] cation, has been placed on sale thocs- ' ~ J ~ of purchasers have found that and itchinc; scalo car, be f t i l l d i l C U *-*J JL«t » » *-*. -»A«l^* w.« 3 , -- . _ - , - . , s " - . , ? ·v 2'nd.l8S4. has presented herj 510 ??^ 3 ar -? - aa «- hair wnscr. is bntde, ,uu,,'m the above named Court,' TM-«£ stnrgy or rji; ar.a laaed can yinT that a decree be made grant- jbcjnadc sott, Haffy and aounr-- 'her a certificate that she be »^-1 /0 c^sryone \roo x^.-ne!. ^ Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa AT PRIVATE SALE Tlic following i5tvirnl)!o fsinn loiMtol in Mu Joy Township containing al»oiit SO acres- I'ew banR barn, good br.'ck house. TeleplK-ne in the house. Lan.i in hipli state of cultivation. For {,ut.icul.ir3 app'y *· AVM. E OU.IXGKK. Curk o; Courts. ,'horized to act and hs rtinsact business as !er according to the . \t t s of the General Assembly of the Jommonwealth of Pennsylvania in ,uch case made and provided and. that t has been ordered cy iaid Court that he application of the petitioner will is considered bv the Court on the first day of Decembe'r, 1913, ac 10:30 A. M., at" winch time all persons interested mav show cause, if any, they have, why the decree and certificate prayed for" shall not be made and jrranted. JOHN D. KEITH, a. .porkreethToNfi: o I t i f rr.rv for tha petitioner. ree ore agrees to ?e!l a lartrc fifty cent bottle of Parisian Sage wuh a guarantee t-" 1 refund the money if not satisfied. It :s an ideal, daintily perfumed hair tonic, free from grease and stickiness. Delighted users pronounce Parisian Sage the best, most pleasant and invigorating hair tonic made. DONTS Don't deal in gold britJs. but always sell gilt edged dressed fowls and eggs. Don't envy others. Envy is an attribute that sooa gives one a bad repute. ·

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