The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1937 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

'I OMAHAN ADMITS , KILLING WOMAN Worker o f _ W P A Says She Called Him Names and He Strangled Her. . OMAHA, W)---Detective Inspector Fritz Fi-anks ' Thui'sday said Joseph Scamperino, Omaha WPA worker held in jail, admitted strangling Mrs. Anna Goynic, 49, native of Lincoln, Nebr., at Scamperino's shack here early Thursday. . "She called me some names," 1 h NASAL .IRRITATION^ due to coM*. if ' . M 'I Relieve Ihe dryneas andl 1 irritation by applying Mentholaium night and morning. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 21 ·§ 1937 FIVE Scamperino told Franks. "Then she threw some stuff at me." Then, Franlis said, Scamperino told how he took a rope, formed a slip knot and put it around the woman's neck, strangling her. She had lived at the shack since last Tuesday. Loss in Blaze at Hangar Is Officially Figured at $85,000 SIOUX CITY, OT--The loss in Wednesday's hangar fire at Rickenbacker airport Thursday was officially estimated at $85,000. This was: mostly covered by insurance. Loss to the building, which was total, will exceed $30,000. The nine airplanes destroyed were valued at 540,000. In addition the fire destroyed airplane instruments, new engine parts and radio equipment. The hangar was owned by A. S. Hanford, Si-,, and was leased to Marline Hcitman and Ralph Hassenger of the Tri-State air service. They used it as headquarters for a pilot training school. A new hangar will replace the one destroyed. Medical science has made great strides, and now it can cure almost anything except the particular ailment that you have.-Fountain Inn Tribune. a Big Nursery and Seed Store Located at 26 Second St. -N. E. 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Guaranteed $2.00 value for only $1.00 Before Prices Advance Mayworth Hay Pasture Mixture, 50% Clovers, per bushel Giant White Blossom Sweet Clover, Fancy, per bushel ,, Alfalfa, Dakota No. 12, Mayworth JSxtra Fancy, per bushel COMPLETE STOCKS OP OTHER FARM SEEDS AT LOW PRICES NOW! Use my part payment plan: 1-3 down, balance March 1st, guaranteed price. 'Write for my complete, colorful nursery and seed catalog, containing over 1,2.00 of the newest and hardiest varieties and sizes of nursery stock and seeds. More than 250 illustrations in full natural colors. EARL E. MAY, PRESIDENT Sfason City, Iowa 2R Second St. N. E. Thonr 75C They Made Sure They'd See Inauguration This q u a r t e t made sure they would ffct Rood scats for President Uooscvclt's inouguratioii. They ·look up these, choice seats at nigrht in f u l l vie\v of tile inauffural slanrl In front of the eapitol in ·\\aslmigton IS hours before the scheduled start of the ceremony. The eapitol is flondlichtcrt SAYS EDUCATION TOUGH PROBLEM Bliss of Iowa Extension m Talk to Convention of Farm Bureau. DBS MOINES, W--Director H. K. Bliss of the Iowa State college extension service told the 2,000 delegates to the Iowa Farm Bureau convention here Thursday the problem of rural education is "one of the toughest and most difficult to solve." "The big job during t h e next few years," he said, "will be to co-ordinate the various activities of the AAA, the soil conservation service, rural rehabilitation and the educational work of the state college and the Farm Bureau. "The college can dig out fads, investigate, experiment, find the t r u t h and teach it in n widespread way, but whether Ibis is effective will depend on what the farm people make of it." Truck Goes Through Icp. RUTLAND, m--Lloyd Haney of Gilmore City, j u m p e d to safety when his truck, loaded with six tons of ice, crashed through the ice of the Des Moines river above the Rutland power dam. 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FALLS, (/P)--Coroner Ed Biersborn said Conrad Claus, about 40, found dead in a fiarase here, apparently died of carbon monoxide gas poisoning. Oppose Buihlinf School. HUMBOLDT, iff-)--For the t h i r d time, voters at Hardy defeated a proposal to rebuild a consolidated school b u i l d i n g destroyed by f i r e several months ago. The vole was 198 to 170. The town may vote to build its own school but the consolidated district will probably be dissolved. III Excess Aridity Has Caused tomach Ulcers Ooi.'t pay a uenl. If youhiu-ft stomach u K - e i a , M o i n n r h pains. sna. litartbuni, nausea or oth^r U J n t r f n i line tn exuean aelil, R r t U D G A , KKKI2, Ha-ett nn a. .Mo.nach specialist 1 . 1 ! \tf- siM-ljiiioti. .Srtfr. pleasant. quick. Ovar 3*.(X»9 people h n v « wrllten letter* prjilelnt U D G A . Generous t r i a l package, KKEK. RL anil \VaUreeii * Fnnl H o p k i n nrur Storr* C O R O N A A D D I N G A C H f i N E A Y l i i l c t h e y l a s t , ve offer these brand, new p o r t a b l e adding machines on llieac amnz- itig terms! Pny for one as yovi use it. Not only tlint -- t r y il out first -FREE! Call or write (or details. 15 PER WEEK MAX BOYD 111 East State St. Mason City Tall me about the Corona Adding Machine, free frtal offer, c{c. Nan Sfroet City... .State Legislative Highlights By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS By play between Representative B. B. Hickcalooper (R) ol Cedar Rapids and Keprescntativo Gustave Alcsch (D) ot Marcus, as Hickenlooper balked Aleseh's attempt to get an emergency feed loan bill taken up by the house immediately: Hickenlooper: I'm tired of voting on legislation f haven't seen. Tliis house has had too much of this must legislation. 1, for one, want to scdand study this bill be- loro J vote on it. Alcsch: If the gentleman from Linn is so scared something's going to be put over on h i m , lie can get a printed copy of the bill by midnight and then he can have 10 hours to study it before the house'meets tomorrow. Hickenlooper: f want to inform the house 1 don't keep late hours like the gentleman from Plymouth. Alesch: If you don't you ought to. Representative Hiclienlooper disclosed before the house that there are innocent victims of. the'house's wrangling--the committee clerks. Representatives, intent on their tight for party domination, forgot to name a committee to agree with a senate committee on wages for committee clerks. Said Hickenlooper: "We're hearing KO much about emergencies. Here is one. A lot of our committee clerks not only have run out of money, but almost out of credit." Speaker Foster named the house committee at once. Committee clerks grinned with relief. It's a job to serve on a house election contest committee. Take it from Representative P. C. Rasmussen (D) of Council Bluffs. He's serving on the house committee checking the ballots in the Harrison counly house seat contest. "There's- a ton and a half of them, I'll bet," said Rasmussen. "We've only got through six precincts out of 30. I doubt if we get finished this week. "If we have In summon witnesses and so forth to f i n a l l y decide the fight--and its so close it looks like we may h a v e to--this If Reptured Cot This Out and mail It with name and address to W. S. Rtcc, Inc., 367E Main St.. Adams. N, V. You will receive absolutely free and no obllc.itIon a genuine test and full particulars oL bis amazing Method for reducible Rupture control that fa bringing n new case, comfort, and freedom to thousands who have suffered for years. No matter how bat) the rupture, how long you have hat! it, or how bard lo hold; uo m niter how many kinds of trusses you have worn. 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Pence, Christian church minister at Nevada, his home town, pray for the house Wednesday, 17 Contestants of Iwers Will Denied Motion for Retrial TIPTON, (/Pi -- Mr. and Mrs. Louis VOES won another victory Thursday in their legal battle over the 5350,000 Iwers estate when Judge H. C. Ring overruled a motion o£ the 17 contestants for " a new trial. The judge issued an order naming Louis. Voss executor without bond and admitted the will ot Henry Iwers to probate. J. R. McManus oC Des Moines, chief counsel for the contestants, who are cousins not mentioned in the will of the wealthy bachelor, said he will appeal to the supreme court. He asked that special administrators of the estate, William Duge and William Treimer, be retained. Judge Ring said it was iiis opinion that an appeal will act as a stay on his orders and that the special administrators will remain in charge until the high court rules. Attention was Cot-used on the Iwers case when more than SKtll,- 000 in securities and cash were found hidden in an old shed on the 880 acre Iwers f a r m . Hancock Postpones Meeting on Safety Planned at Britl BRITT--Bad roads and the presence ot much illness in this community led to a postponement of a safety meeting scheduled tor Britt Wednesday night, according to Mrs. C. E. Barnes of Garner, president of the Hancock County Safety council. The meeting w i l l be held later but the dale has not been set. Phil H. Sprotil, executive secretary, and L. C. Sandschulle, field representative of t h e state safely council, scheduled as the principal speakers, drove to Gnr- ner from Des Moines but returned without filling their assignment. The Hancock county safety council has been organized for only a Ititle more t h a n a month but has in excess of 200 members. Dies After Removing Ice From Doorsteps MUSCATINE, (#)--Funeral services will be held here Friday afternoon for E. L. Kinnan, 61, who died at his home here late Wednesday a f t e r being stricken with a heart attack while removing ice from the steps in front of the house, Mr. K i n n a n , f a t h e r of Robert Kinnan, high school haskclball coach, had been a resident of Mtis- catjnc four years, lie came lo Muscatine from Marshalltown. $1.00 3MS1 Antiseptic 2Sc Super Suds Ctmcenlrat* c c |v 25c Super Suds Extra Savings onEvciyday~Neceiiti:i J.o\v Trices in every flojiarimcnl--TJmrs., Fri. and Sat., ni 103 N. Federal Ave.* Toth Paste 50c Size ma Pint Size . 50c Size Tin of 10 CAPSULES 25's End'.'Miifit"Makeup with Big Valaa COLWOOD CIGARS c HATCHED ftiAKE-UP KIT ACTUAL $1.00 VALUE Ail 5 Items HE* t C I Box of 50.1.15 CREMO Certified Cigar* VELVET or P.A. Tobacco, Lit. 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