The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 30, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Times *nd News Publishing Comply ·v r air«»*» 1 K t TTAVST? Fjj 11 i f* -K- . W. ULYESS HAt A*v, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BISLE. Editor y carrier in Gettysburg for 25 seats p«r moittis. *Maifed^atside of Gettysburg for 25jcent* PgL^'?gSi--. BURNS FEARS PLOT TO KILL Hi AMENDS CURRENCY BSLL^ HATES Singls Copies to non-subscribers.,_2_cents. esOSce. ten days after your money is received at j.he Times^OS Fbrtered Ang;5B£ "ll iT aVGeltvsburg, Pa, as second-claw matter, aader ' kngress" March_3, 1S79. r^rr----- . * l · · UNITED PHONS of Centre Square, Gettysburg, . PAPER S£P;c£S£.S7EL FOS fOREs^l . B Y THE | EVIDENCE Declares Whom Senate Committee Makes Important Changes In Measure- Washington, Oct. 30. -- Important changes in the administration currency bill resulted from the first day's ex- j ecutive -work by the senate committee. It passed for later action the prone a central, govern- bank for the regional bank plan in the bill, on which the members were divided, and proceeded to perfect details. - The complexion of the proposed federal reserve board was altered ma- terially-bv- amendments, and it probably:-will be changed further. It was deciced to increase ihe membership of tJie board from seven, as fixed in e Is After Big Grafters, .. ke ^ o . J3e . bm to a i ne , aud to elimi- DetsGtfre, Arrmag From EC- jjjj* rope, Heavily Guarded, HUERTA TO STICK TO PRESIDENCY looiiier Election to Be Seii . For February, LEON R. TAYLOR. Third Governor That Ruled New Jersey Since March 2. - CASE DISMISSED Tw o County Men Get into Argument over Horse Trade. HOPES POWERS WON'T AC1 ^ GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO ^RAA'Crii^ -N A! - ·--=· ··*· '*· "' d ·-·"" He Regards ss Enemies. Suizer Resents Attacks on Wife. j Xew York. Oct. SO.--The hysteria pervading political circles since ex} Go* eraor Suler arid his chief iavesaga- ! tor, John A. Hennessey, began their tiack on Tammany ;uid Charles F. urphy, was increased by rumors that a plot had been discovered to assassinate Detective William J. Burns, to ! caw ice secretary of agriculture and j ike comptroller of the currency from j a t lil pa per word. rd each insertion. Two cents word if gesrasted of respect, poetry and inemo^m. n* cent TO OUB HEADERS. all Republican, Democratic, Prohibit, or * « n « TM t e p u c a n , e m o , Sodklist papers and ^hich is strictly- ^on-partisan. rerrisine columns are opes to all canaidates of all panics. Oar *dverris\nK [te?e tt ta ft« ftlwp 50 NEW EAGLE HOTEL Crpxcity 400 Boom* witS bath eit «olt* * HcConoray, Prop'»- i -IF- l-vou-want a weekly paper get \~THE. ADAMS COUNTY NEWS : 3Iore local reading matter than ·: *ay other paper published. £ Price $1.00 per year. SPECIALS For Saturday, from 9 to 10 o'clock \ A. M. only. 2-5 cenc Brooms 10 eents- Trimmcr's 5 and 10 cent Store BICE PRODUCE COMPACT Hignest Cash Price* Paid for a --FARM PRODUCE-- Umder Times OSee. Getcysburg- CHAS. S. MIBIPER --Fire Proof Storage-i "for TTarnitare and. Household "Goods "ttored auiy lengtii of time. W. H. 1TPTON --Pfeocoprapner-- Gettyzburg Sotweairi :omptroller service. Another amendment is penilin to take off the board the secretary of tiie treasury and to remove all ex-ofilsial ·members. The c-onisiitiee decided to arrange the terms so that one jsesn- ber's service wiU expire each year. It was decided to eliminate the or- «-ani^aiion c-ommitiee proposed by the prevent his revealing evidence :hat he house bill, and to have ihe federal re- has obtained against a prominent poli- serve board applied immediately, With power to organize and place in operation any system devised, whether a central-bank plaa or a regional bank scheme is agreed upon. When Burns landed at Hoboken, N. J., from the liner Imperator oa,his arrival from Europe he was immediately surrounded by a bodyguard of eighteen detectives. "The chief has received is-ord that 5 he is to be done away with," said one of the detectives. "The tip came from a reliable source. That's why we met him.'" Burns refused to discuss the warning, but made this significant remark: -I do not fear assassination at the hands of dynamiters whom I have prosecuted. I ani after the grafters. I aru after the big fellows. They are the men who are making trouble and they i are my enemies." - Ke refused to coiE*ient on reports that he had been abroad to deace there relating to grafting. President Wilson" Is Novv-at Work on j a New Plan to Bring About Peace In Mexico. Mexico City, Mes./Oet. 30. -- Another presidential election will be ordered for February, according to a serni- 1GHT BLOODY DUEL INSIDE FREIGHT GAR T r * ii tir^iinffnri Two Fatally Wounded announcement made aere. From the same source it was learned that General Huerta has no inten- ·iou of surrendering the provisional presidency to General Blanquet, his "·mining mate in Sunday's election, bat will hold on, thinking the powers will take no action pending the second election. Prior to this announcement it was said that in the event that the Huerta- ^laaquet ticket v.-as sliown to have ! polled a majority in Sunday's presi- I dential .election, sufficient to be de! dared elected, as seems probable, congress would declare the Huerta votes void and Blanquet would take the oath as vice president and assume office as i president, pending the calling of fur- I ther elections. This statement was by the Mexican foreign minister, A horse trade between Harry Stevens, an itinerant basket maker of Heidlersburg, and Stanley Hemler, of York, formerly of near Littlestown, formed the basis of a larceny suit in Judge \Vanners court, at York, bu'c as no element of crime appeared in it, the case was dismissed. Hemler claimed that he. boughtja horse named "Bob" from^tevens. ffcr $35. "Bob" was afflicted; with 1 tj»e heaves and was reiurnedffto jSteyens, who gave Hemler a bay mare -*in ' fe- lurn, accompanied with: SlOiiaad.'a imarantee of soundness. Hem!er hitched up the niare and af t«r driving her a quarter of a mile she developed such a case of heaves that the noise there- from caused people to come out of their homes to see what the racket was about- Homier took the mare back to Stevens and asked him to return "Bob". Meanwhile, "Bob" was put In charge of Stevens* brother-iii-law and could not be returned. Stevens denied his li- abili'ty to return "Bob'' and llemler then brought suit for larceny. ! The clause in tne constitution pro- 8F, Uiblaag the president from succeeding j himself does not apply to the vice -- I president, Moheno explained, and Gen- PhHadelphia Oct. 30. -- Two Italian 1 era! Blanquet would be eligible. et evi- trackmen, "employed by the Reading I The returns continue to pile up plu- Burns began investigating Xew York j railwav, fought a "duel in an o5d freight! rallties for the Huerta ticket. Even -a yards. the leaders ot the Catnolic party. -a no . . . sleeping quarters by the! at first were extremely optimistic, ad- PLAN PENSIONS FOR I Gongreptioaaiists to Take Gare of Ttisa OHO FOLKS Thri!!ing Tale of a Small Boy and a Great Big Fish. Kansas City. i!o.. Oct. 30.--How to take care of the aged minister ana his family was the problem discussed by Congregational board of miaisie- graft imniediatelv after the murder oij ^^ij used as aieciims n !_.»»·.«,..* ~_- - -- . -- - - - f -. i^^ w^ii^-^.-,»»-«- merman Rosenthal. He was retained j ^g lo wh i c - n t h e y belonged, and each j mit the probability of the election o«. j _ |al reUe r a - ; CS nieeting in connection Jointly bv John D. Rockefeller. Jr., and | faial i v Bounded the other. [ Huerta and Blanket. j ...-5^ the National Council of Coagre- -·-'" " m en had been drinking, anuj The majority ot senators and depn-; ga - !ona! churches. Attorney Whitman to trail j vice and its relationship to graft. From! , vhen A PIKES FUTsLE STRUGGLE ot , the car and lies reported elected thus iar are saio , twenty-five years old, insisted on liav-l Fuente. expects to leave soon for Xew it shut. The" argument developed into a fight, i Tork. this beginning the search spread until | stars:e a t o"go~to bed Balardino Cozotno, to be members of the Catholic party, the trail led to "the big fellows." Barns j lh iny-two years old. wanted to leave Manuel Calero. who seemingly was is said to have in his possession coa-j , he ^ oor opea v -- n n e Mauro Berliondo, snowed under along witb^ David deja fessions which will create as big a sea-' " ' ' ' x """ sation as the Saler impeachmzent and its sequels. Senator Stillwell refused to make s. confession last summer, so ex-Governor Sulzer was informed, because the Tammany leaders had assured him. that Salzer would be removed from office and then Stillweil would be pardoned. Sulzer received this information in a letter from Kev. O. R. Miller, of Albany. The letter says: "One day the latter part of last Jane, -s-hen in Kew York city. I calied mea on Senator Stillwell in the Tombs and 'calf an hour's conversation with him. A committee thar has been working on a pension plan since the las; meet- ins »n Boston, three years ago, presented its report with a, scheme for granting old age pensions-to ministers and taking care .of families of minis- Nelson O'Shaughnessy. the Ameri- j _ e _ g , e f, fle p cn a on t through death. end Cozotto snatched up a big bread jean charge d'affaires, demanded: of | ^ be sche:ne provides that 20 per ^nife to defend himself- In some way Foreign Minister Moheno an explana- j eenc of lae proP o S ed benefits be se- ijerliondo was slashed across the scorn- tioa of the arrest of Leopold Blum, an i cured fro:n n .i a isters enrolled in such . _ -r- /-. - -n-t.»«~t . applied by a $2,- bplon^'n^s and" as Cozctto advanced j cell, but as soon as the American ofn- { (jof-.OOO endov.-n:ep.t fund was urged. r.l:oc hiin through the stomach. Co-| cial began inquiring as to the cause of j The COKl: in U ce declared that onr of injuries, jumped Shis arrest he received lighter and; .^^- c j. urc -jics responding to inquiries awav. Berliondo i cleaner quarters. Apparently the only 1 ach. Crawling 'to the rear of the car, j Herliondo dug out a revolver from his j tr.S American citizen, at Vera Cruz. Whenj ,, ? - {an ,, r{ -, §,, rer cent - ue sa ppl; is * Blum arrived he "was placed in a filihy -, t , ie caurcbes. Tho foisn4=«ion of Youinfu! Ancler Triumphs Over Grown Fciks With the RctJ -- Various Bits of Ir.formaticn of Interest to Little Pccpie. The youns ^(Mit'^iiin who is so ;.ro«'l s y i!s;::iy;:si: t!-e l.-i^ fish L justi- "ie'J 1:1 fef-Iiti^: a Huie v:»:u. He cau^at !»:c f-*'i hi-i.seJf. :i::d sny !oy who i-jrr- .-::»or.t tl^hi TceN to 4.iij«:srt- ,:er Uo"5::ier:;:. :iu» -;o;s of £'rinv.-e il ivhoj-t- coHutry esui :i'.e b:jr '.:-=;! TT.IS c nows b""-- zond it « :s wh"i).nc-r. The e b; Coimt: Alex:t»- Ue i-= one of the iiry «f I'if"*^. on i! iu Oiser-Schiesiea ot long zotio. despite his from the car ana ran [.charge against Blum is that he is a I40S paid their ministers S5''0 or less} annuaH v , 935 paid from Sj-. : " to S75'» discussed various topics. He waated me to help him. StiHweil said j rfzs shitting cars around in the yard. .hat he ought to squeal on the Tam- rnany senators, some of whom he said, had done worse things than he. He t companions of the wounded I friend of Felix Diaz, and unless more lf ,,, 7 r ^ S7 .- 0 to Sl ,,f..\ S23 raid $«"-'v who were present, but had no! formal charges are made his release j . Q 5^300. and the remainder $1500 or " * ~ * ' --ore. -- * -- . Tae plan as pronnsed contemplates: An annuity-of §500. beginning at H s-tiy-r-ve years of 3?e f«r ministers ! v.: io have served the cliurfh at leas! time to interfere, acted promptly. One j Till be demanded, telephoned for ;an ambulance, while; others hunted up" a freight engine thatj- AT WORK OK MEW PLA Beriiondo. Crapped la blankets was! . d Secretsry Bryan R placed in the locomotive cab. Others; F ' e ^ ^ N ^ , MexJ( i n p 0 , 5cy . i" rhr* T n o p n r i T H f hO fOUad COZO^lO, ! _ " _ ,,,, Formu- in the meantisse had found insisted that he knew nuicb. to tell on , v ; lo W2S i y i n g in a clump of trees only j ton. Oct. 30. -- Secretary State Bryan said that a cf formal note j For ministers ^vho have served les? years r,n amuiy of SI*"'". :n sixty-three. other Tammany men. However, odore j atcbin_ down for price : cos You never quit paying^or nee^s Tainfang, nex£ year perhaps The 3-ear after you may Be digging a new roof. " r It costs fust as -m-acri to isy a cheap roor as iJ does to put dov.-n rocHng: tKat von can bank on for ten years. \V Ky take chances ? Wliy risk tea years of endless expense arid needless bother \vhen, at the same cost or less, you can^ get Reliance? \ . . , , Reliance Roofing is tie -unquestioned choice ot hard- to-please builders the country over. After tea years o^ service on every kind of building, Reliance Roofing stands today in a class by itself- 1 Guai Years * Without Reliance :s iKe only prepared roofing ir.atJe tnat to "iv- saUsfactory sen.-ice for ten -^ears or =iore without requiring parting, coating or repaying- »-"s * one roof jo-a_can sa.ciy put oajsaybui-dins- Oace laid, it r.eeds no further aUenUoo. Rei; .pvooSi^is ail tliat a £ood roofing should be. ^ It ans\v-ers every sensible roo£r^.i«st al a reasonable price. * " _ ' - , . . _ _ _ ... - Ycy "cannot a£ord to take cfear.ccs--take RrUrt-NCE. Sabshed ,fcsers . everv state of "tne union are adoptins Reiiance Roof.ns as^ stand- Jso-Pai^t Ten-Year Gettysburg Departm e n Store-Baltimore St, reung. called it "an infamous lie." He -^iid that Mrs. Sulzer frequently had utended services at his synagogue. neither can recover. The eignt other men were arrested as witnesses. "FRAn/lE-UPMS CHARGED Friends of Accused Reading Officials _- Declare Arrests Are Political. talked wiih big Tammany men lately car and la j iea to - t be hospital. It is said and knew whereof he spoke. "Comins back to Albany a day or two later. I called on Governor Sulzer at the executive chamber and mentioned what Stillweil had said to me. The governor snoke up emphatically, saying: 'Stillwell Is guilty and he deserves little consideration." " Sulzer has asked the authorities to investigate the authorship of a. pem- phlet attacking his wife. This pamphlet. written in Hebrev.-. was circulated aaonjinously in the Sixth assembly district, tv here the former governor .5 running for assemblyman on the Progressive licket. Jews predominate in this district, 3«izer had it read when he addressed a big political meeting. The pamphlet mid Mrs. Suizer. although a Jewess. repudiated her faith after her husband became governor, and on more than vae occasion in Philadelphia Mr. Sul- :er hat: ir.trorJnced her as a Presby- .erian. Rabbi Joseph Levinson, of Al- ·ar.y. who read tie circular at the .Reading. Pa . Oct. SO. -- Political and personal friends of the four city om- ?ials imoUcu ia graft charges, brought by private detectives, declare the arrests were the result of a "political franie-up." for which they declare Mayor Srrauon and some of his friends 'rcre responsible. "Hold off in your judgment in th:s case," ask the defendants, L. S. Ram- While England, France and | many, he said, already had been heard from, it is expected that the other ^orerninents will follow the three. ( ._ great powers in awaiting T he decision j "" of the United States as to the next j ^J step toward i:.r;nging peace in Mexico, j ^ President Wilson had a conference j with Bryan, and the secretary said | ' case of tbe -:ca:li o: the minister .iri'.".:y fcr ihe widow of tJree- ; of what v.-ouM b=; 5ue and pay -.(, hi r ". ns an annuitant: this ir.t f"nrinu:-!^ to the minor ciili in ;h( c~. enl of ; lea:h or reaiar: of the wl'l-w. they were at work on the next step in the policy that -will be pursued- It is expected that the United States first w:il make frmal demand for the elimination of Huerta a^d the conduct of fa:r and free elections, possibly with some safeguards to systematize the election machinery. There was absolutely no comment forthcoming from executive quarters rcy. city clerk, and James M. C'im-j 3S to j n? t what was intended by th infnzs. John K. Xcwis and A. J. Flem- p n i; c .] states. 5)«t it -^as generally rcies that some toward a solution o fthe problem would be in Hue witt the expectations of the powers. i r u n . Peier D. Wanner, a former district attorney and prominent in the Derno- ratic part;., proclaimed at a meeting Killed by Seventh Wife. \, W. Va_. Oct. 30. -- Mrs. Sarah Sloan snot and Killed her di- ·orced h'isband at an isolated point on ?l2ck"ierry creek. Ky_. near Matewan. \ficr the s'aooting Mrs. Sloan boarded -. tram and catne hore. xrhere she ivas rrested. Mrs. Sloan, it is said, was r.e se--erith -wife of Jtsd Sloan and the's C'c^ ; b ·s -; fe witnessed the shoot- over flats and knorja the result C O l^ 8 j. '11 . o. Ritzmiller S-^,500.000 Firm Bankrupt. York. Oct. 30.--The Seaisaipi Oyster coir.pany. of Xew York and ?OPIC*. a 54.5tfO.OOO corporation, wc^ jlaced 3^ the hands of receivers on as ·,pp! : .ca;:on ir. the federal court by the 31d O".cr.y Trust conipauy, of Boston, rnstee o' :ts $2.500,000 convertible onds. The oyster company defaulted r.tercst on the bor.ds last July. cf Democrats ia tae Tenth ward his belief in the honesty of the four men accused. lie ceflared that the charges were flimsy ar.d charged that the ar- r-^sts were :r"rely mafic to prevent a victory for 'he Democratic party an the election i: Reading's first council ::ader lhe crinimissfon plan. nsree«l in official c? positive acticn loolrin Madercs" V/ives Ask U. S. Aid. Vera Cn:z. Oct. 3X--The wives of Kvai-'sta r.ntl Jianiel Madcro. relatives of tne late President Maeiero. arrested Ly General Huerra's orders at Moate- GETS S25-000_FOH KINDNESS Wcnian V/r.o Csrcd For Sick Man 25 Years Ago Rerr.crr.hered- Fredcricic. ild.. Oct. CO. -- Twenty five -ears ago Mrs. -T- E. Meadows, of then ?. small girl, carrsef! f-ov.-ers. ncwsrancrs and otaer ihiiigf lo Carsstiia. Smith, a merchant of Brunswick, who «:oa last Friday. As resu of her Vindness she is about S-i-'-'fO richer. ?Tuiih was struc!; by a train a quarter of a century ago and his ankle was brolten. Fc a year he was unable to leave his bed. J.Irs- Meadows was his constant cotn panion. She was tacri eight years old Sni5'.,h never rcaTied and his will pro \ides amply for the future i j- American Precs Association. *· the w'ao '.vas so kind in GEKERALHARKETS . JT on a charge of treason. 1 to"the United States for assistance ii behalf of the accused raen. t Their plea was made to the United PKTJ \nn:.PHIA--FLOUR steady; | State= consul gf-nera!, D. W. Canada. i-.iBter clW:. -?".f5g'3.SO; city aaills, | aj j,j presinont Wilson's s John t.JTia. They were toM American government air ae representations at the Mexican j ^ Itai to jusure a fair trial for both MARYUND_BUYS ROAD ' Pays S20.CGO Fcr 16-M:!e Highway and Wi;i Hcrr.ove Tc5:ga KagTstct-.n. Md- Oct. 3". -- The iancy. RYE FLOUR, quiet, at §3-50@3.60 VT f.rr.K Xo. 2 red. new, 90 li ' COTIX ?te?ny; Xc. 2 white. TS^® T')'* OATS stc^.-iv: Xo. 2 white, 46^ S'",^i.f : lo'vcr grades. 4»c. ^POTATOES steady: per bushel, to "p'oUT-THY- Live steadv: hens:. 16c.; ·?"= rocs'TS ~~?;'13G. Dressed firm; -*"O'ce fov'j* "f'c - old roosters. 13c. iVrTTEK Vtea-iy: fancy creamery. "EG ; GS '^tca \\~. selected, 34c.; nearby, Sic.: western. Sic. ,TCO the fco«"s father inviicd a party ft ^D, l» io isoir skill '.vuh the rod an a lake near his home. Aiesnnder went aioijjr. too. r.nd TV hen the day v.-ss over fac had the ^rgest nsh of :inv cansht. i:i fact, it w;is one of the r-t t:ik«;; durinr ll:c te-ison. Wuen tise cojiiit booked iiis fi«=h l.e vras near!- jcr'.:el out of the icm. but he hung '·a innnfuilv :!ni witb the nid of the J»oat:nan su'ccecdetl in lar.cKns tbe big ·.flKi- :'-fter half an h»ur's Isard work. I'crbaps the boatninn helped a great deal, nolwdy knows hut he and the i,-oy. br.t in "any event it was a great fcr.t t« bring home the best catch of iiie clay. -cn- ·-«' Artist's Mode! Strangled. I,os Angeles. Cal. Oct. 3 j . -- Miss Harriet Verndon, twentj-five years old. j s-l _ il .. f/ ( OB .a art:st's n:o 1el. was foan1 strangled ·'"'CATTLE weak: generally lOc. to | o death In a room in the Mission ! 25c." lower:, beeves, S 6 -70@9.75r Tesas ._,,_.^^.^ ^here s'iprpn=e~'?t with ! steers S^~"^~-90; st °S k t rS -f^= I-fft \pa it r..-n t-. \\aere sne regime. «..L wun , ers 55,37 50 cows .^ud heifers, ?--40 ·Y. V". Vv':ison. of Santa Barara, a fe^v- j @s^5- calves S6 50® 10. -lavs a so. She was lying, "fully dressed, ' SHEEP weak; mostly lOc. to 20C. lovrer; native sheep. $3.90@4.9tK__-.. eaT - liTics, S4.9o@6; lambs, native. 7.40. Mexicans Produce Markets. CHICAGO--HOGS lOc. to Ifc, high.- .....^^.^ IfV^ f ,^3: ^ fi *°»TM' his *-- ~s*.^ c. ·»-. _«,,r»^ ^T J^^T fift- TilETS. 1 »j- . * UllgiJ, v · · · capi sien. With Fe:is Diaz no«" oa board tae United States battleship Ixsaisiana, to tvnich "6 'svas transferred from the ^-.nbcai Wneelins, he bas lost ali tae prestige ae gained by aiding in tbe overthrow of iladero. Even friends of Diaz declare he lost by "cowardice" 'bis opportunity for becoming a national hero. Tbey assert that by going to Mexico City he coald have brought to his banner thousands of ng, for S20,'jOO. The road exien'Ss from Asblr.r.d, in Mcntgoincr ccanty. to tne District o. Columbia line, and passes taroaga Silver Spriss- Xortbbeck. Oiney and San dy SDring. All tollgates ^:11 bo removed. The state trill secure possession on Satnr day. The road tri!! be resnrfaced at a cost of about $5^00 per mile- were admirers of Por- uncle. across the led. "Wilson cannot be FOTl SALE: five thorouffhhred bull terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, P. G. McCammon.--advertisement DRESSED chickens, young or old, can be secured from C. E. Hoffman by ordering day ahead. Telephone 178 Y. --advertisement. _ ~ New Postage Stamp Book. Washington, Oct. 30.--A new postal convenience planned by the postoffice was nouuced. K is a Hazing Drives Boy Crszy- Oakland, Csi^ Oct. 30. -- George Fonts, fourteen years oin, who is sasn" lo have become mentally rcnbaiaaced as the result of a hazing at school six vearsago. has been committed to the kbme for Feeble Minaed at Glen Ellen. The alleged hazing was commit- by four youths, tied a sack department stamp book c?nt and twenty-four 2 cent stamps to sell for 73 cents. WE have for sale a choice let of nursery stock in all leading varieties, going to bury him in the school Yonng Fonts never recovered from the fright. Floatlr.a Hc?s3r Shop. ^ ilor.tii'.s fnctory for sU5p --nrk is r-lsn^e'l 5y tho P.ritish nslali- --itv. n n d b i d s for 5ts constn;ct3-T» : »-ve been nske«l from shipbniWc*^ It is propped to b;:i3«'. -1 rectangola! !i«Ii -J^O feet m '.en-tli :n:d ninety fcci i.road. v.-i:h s-r.sre eads. This Iw'i \vils sapnort n snperstmctnre contain- ;""· n foundry, macbiao sbopl boiler shop elcctrfca'l shop, blacksmith si-."p- pattern s':op-and otbcr departssents. Tho b«i"f will be-«livi'led t:^lJt compartments, n^l for ronl rfomq:e nnd for a si no^vcr station, in Tv'.iich current DC "ener^t°d supr-lyinc po^ver to tne rations parts of the fnctory. Above the factory living accommodations will be provided for about ISO officer? an--l men.--Engineerins " water- propagated from bearing trees Boyer , Brothers, Arendtsville, Pa.--advertise- j * " i · FOR RENT: furnished or unfurnish- i Carlisle street.--arver- ! Brothers, raent tisement Aycr's f^. Hair Just a little care and small expense, that's all. Isn't a head of rich, that's all. heavy hair worth vmiw? Ask Your Doctor. J. Ma -IWSPAPKR!

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