The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1934 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 9 1934 SUSPICIONS OF JAPAN AROUSED Close Watch Kept on U. S. Aviation Salesmen and Flyers in China. SHANGHAI, March 9. UP)--The suspicions of the Japanese military have been aroused by American airplane salesmen and instructors in China. . It is rumored here that Japanese agents are keeping close tab on American flyers who come to China, seeking to determine if they have any connection with t United States government Recent expressions in the imperial diet at Tokio have indicated that the Japanese are concerned over the activity of the Americans. Some Japanese even are said to see the new Shankhai-Canton commercial air line as a possible threat to the security of Formosa--Japan's island possession off the Chinese coast. Frank Hawks is the latest arrival among the little colony of American aviation experts. He is demon-, strating a bombing plane. At least a half dozen others are here selling various makes of planes. American. · instructors in the nationalist government air school at Hangchow are turning out competent Chinese flyers. ENFORCEMENT OF NBA IS PRESSED Week-End Lull Employed in Expanding Central Code · Compliance Staff. By JAMES COPE WASHINGTON, March 9. Cff The NRA moved today to have the law on persons accused of breaking its rules. At the beginning of a week-end lull in other NBA activities aides of General Hugh S. Johnson seized the opportunity for a quick expansion of a central code compliance staff. CharlesCityNews HOGS WEAKEN SLIGHTLY WITH HEAVIER RUN Fred Gamer Suffers Burns in Attempt to Put Out Garage Fire CHARLES CITY, March 9.-Fred Cramer was severly burned on the arms and hands at his home in Oak Park, when he attempted to extinguish a fire that consumed a garage and a car on the premises where he lived Thursday afternoon. Cramer, suffering shock, could not give a coherent account of how the fire originated which destroyed the garage and the car, which lelonged to Frank E. Messecher and was stored for the winter. Ed Kritz; Formerly of Charles City, Succumbs CHARLES CITY, March 9.--Word was received here Thursday that Ed Kritz, 53, former-resident of this city, but now of Minneapolis, died in a hospital there following a short illness. Mr. Kritz resided here for many years, being employed as letter carrier for some time prior to moving from Charles City two years ago. He was also a member of the police department at one time. He is survived by several children, including a daughter, Mrs. B. M. Feeney of thic city, who was called to Minneapolis Tuesday by the critical condition of her father. GRAIN MARKETS ON DEAD CENTER Wheat Closes Inert With Prices Unchanged to Fourth Higher. CHICAGO, March 9. UP)--All rain values appeared to have hit a ead center late today, with trade _t a minimum in the end, the wheat market hovered indecisively around he quotations current at yester- ay's finish. Minor fluctuations vere taken chiefly as a reflection f the small trade passing, rather ;han any change in the market sit- lation. Wheat closed inert, unchanged to ·4 higher compared with yesterday's inish, May 86%-%, July 85*-Vi, orn %-% up, May.51-51 %, July 3-53%, oats %-% advanced, and Mrovisions unchanged to a rise of 7 ents. Corn receipts today were 83 cars, a week ago 65, and a year ago 45. Argentine holders of corn were eported unwilling sellers owing to active demand for the old crop and oor prospects of the new crop, lains in Argentina came too late to « of material benefit CHARLES CITY BRIEFS CHARLES CETY, March 9.--Miss Catherine Fitzgerald who was called from Northwestern university, Bvanston, 111., last week by the serious illness and death of her father, H. J. Fitzgerald, returned to Northwestern to resume her studies. Miss Olive Hand, Mrs. W. I. Fredrickson, Mrs. George Buckman and Miss Lorraine Buckman have returned to their home here after attending a D. A. R. convention in Des Moines. Howard Morse, whose wife, Mrs. Rosie Morse, was saverely injured in an automobile accident at New Hampton last Saturday night has . This augmented personnel plans , j ugt returne( j f rom a visit to Mrs. orse's bedside in the St. Francis ospital at New Hampton and he ported Mrs. Morse was resting ore comfortably than she had for e last few days following the ac- dent. to expedite cases for prosecution. It is in line with Johnson's announcement that President Roosevelt wants a more stern enforcement of blue eagle rules. The NRA faces an extended siege of negotiation before its goal pf slashed working- hours can be at- ·tained Two committees of industrial leaders which were picked to help Johnson work out plans to put more men to work postponed all definite action until next week. Administrator Almost Exhausted. The administrator, almost exhausted from 10 days and nights of nearly continuous effort, during the trig code cohgreaa/planned a breath- ^Sif-^ltTrcfore pitching again into the task of convincing the code men that they have to act, and promptly. · Widely divergent courses were taken by the two assisting committees. , The one representing consumer s goods contained men in agreement witti Johnson's plan. They went to consult with their colleagues. There was' an expectation that they would propose fairly soon a definite alternative to the Johnson 10 per cent hour shortening plan. George Sloan, cotton textile lead- · er, was helping them with plans to get quick expressions from their industries, and to perfect organization. On Less Direct Course. The capital goods committee- representing makers of machinery construction, goods, supplies for manufacture--was authoritatively shown to be embarked upon a far less direct course. "Establishing headquarters in the ·offices of the machinery and allie products institute, a super-codi group for more than 40 industries the members mostly left town. Most of them expected to com back next week, then to undertak a' deliberate program for helpin, ttieir own industries. Their spokes men thus far have shown more in terest in having the administration' securities act amended and i stopping a drastic exchange regula tion bill than in work hour shorten ing. Both grouns, however, heard from Johnson yesterday privately an there was every indication, that h "talked turkey" to them. Mrs. Alberts Is Named Popejoy Club Presiden POPEJOY, March 9.--The Im provement club met with Mr Baker Wednesday.. The election n suits were: President, Mrs. A. . Albers; vice president, Mrs. E Ackerman; secretary, Mrs. J. W .Fisher; treasurer, Mrs. R. M. Dodt Mrs. Biggins Chairman. HAMPTON, March 9.--The regu lar meeting of the Ladies Aid so ciety.of the Church of Christ wa. held in the church parlors Thursda afternoon. Mrs. M. E. Diggins was chairman of the program which con siated of music by Miss Velva Jann son, Jean and Josephine Lange; man and D. Miller, with Mrs. Dig gins, accompanist. Mrs. E. S. MI Cord was hostess. Announces for Supervisor. IOWA FALLS, March 9.--C. G Weimer of Radcliffe announced h will seek the nomination for supe visor on the democratic ticket. Fo years Mr. Weimer has been one the wheel-horses of the democrat party in Hardin county, and is we known to the voters. OXX SIGNS TO PLAY WITH A'S Mack Star Agrees on New Contract for Seaton at Conference. TAILTT, Fla., March 9. (M--Jimmy Foxx, star first baseman of the 3 hiladelphia Athletics, today cam o terms with Connie Mack an igned a one year contract. The amount of salary the Ameri an league's batting leader will ge vas not made public. Foxx had re ·ected an offer of ?15,000 and ha asked $25,000. The agreement was reached at jrief conference between Foxx an the A's venerable leader as Mac ed the Athletics into town for fame with the world champion Ne' Tork Giants inaugurating th 'grape fruit league" exhibition cam A typical American is one wh thinks anybody in uniform has right to boss him.--Cedar Kapi Gazette. paign. Produce MASON CITY, March 9.-Cub quotations by E. O. Hone Eggs (current receipts) 12c leavy hens, 4Vi Ibs. and over ..10c Jght hens 6c "iprlngs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c tags 6c Old cocks (heavy) 5c Ducks 7c :se Cc Turkeys, No. 1 13c Merchant* (tuotettona Eggs, cash .12-13c* Eggs, in trade 13-14c* Butter, Plymouth 33c Butter, Clear Lake 32c Butter, State Brand 34c Jutter, Very Best Sic Sutler, Dairy Maid 32c Home grown potatoes, peck ... .30o "EDITOR'S NOTE--Thwa, rtpre- ientative quotations were obtained oy calling several downtown grocery tores. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO. March 9. (.T)--Wheat, No. 5 rd (musty) 81%c: corn, No. 2 mixed 9y.c; No. 3 mined 4994914C; No. 5 mixed 714c; No. 6 mixed 47c: No. 2 yellow 49ffl 9!£c; No. 2 yellow (old) 5014c; No. 3 yel- ow 4S : ji@4915c; No. 4 yellow 48c; No. 2 ·white 5lc; No. 3 white 50 %c; No. 4 white 9%c; sample sradt 45@47c; oats. No. 2 ·hlte 34%(^35%c; No. 3 white 34c; no rye- barley 49(S81c: timothy seed 57.25-g) ,50 cwt.; clover seed $11(914.25 cwt. Lard tierces, §6.50; loose lard $6.50; belts 58.1=. MasonCityGrain MASON CITY, March 9-Barley ..................... 30-45C Vo. 2 yellow old shelled corn. . . -35c "^o. 3 yellow new shelled corn... Sic la. 3 yellow ear corn ........ ".31c White oats, No. 3, 30 Ibs., or better WHEAT-May r u?y ept CORN-May 'uly ept OATS ny uly ept RYE-May 'uly ... Sept. ,. BAKLET-- May ' July 1.ABD-- May ....... July sept BELLIES-May July FJUDAT GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March 9. High .88% .86% -ST',4 .51 W. .53 li .33% .34% .34% .59S .60% -62 % .46% .50 S .52?! .54S .33% .33% .34 M 6.72 6.02 Close .86S -S6V1 .87»S .51 .53 .54% .33% .34 ',4 .5914 .60* .62% .46 .47% -6.70 8.75 6.92 S.13 8.45 FRIDAY GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 8. Open Close Yr. Ago Today Yesterday Bk. H'y WHEAT-May July sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-- S6S 85% 50ji 53 54% 33»i .33% 34U .88«i .86 .50S .52*1 .54% -33H .34 -34V4 ,59» -SDH CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, March, 9. W)--Butter 7,S68, iteady, prices unchanged. Esg s 17,192, steady, prices unchanged. CHICAGO POUI.TIH- CHICAGO, March 9. UK--Poultry, live, !9 .rucks; hens easy, balance firm; hens over 5 Ibs. 13%c, 5 .Ibs. and under 15c; Leghorn hens 12^c; Hock broilers 24®26c, colored 24c, barebacks 19c; Rock springs 17@19c. colored 17c: Leghorn chickens I3c; roosters 9lc; turkeys llSflSc; ducks 153!17c: jccse lie. PRODCCB FUTURES. CHICAGO. March 9. UP)--Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts March 17%c; refrigerator standards Octoher 20^c; but- tor futures: Fresh standards June 23c: storage standards March 2231C; storage itandards November 25c; potato futures: Idaho russets April 52.15. NEW YOKK PRODUCE, NEW YORK. March 9. l/Tl--Butter, 12,305. steady. Prices unchanged; extra (92 score) 27C; Cheese, 4,631. firm. State, whole milk flats, fresh, fancy 16c; do. held, average run 16c; other grades unchanged. , Eggs, 19,330, steady. Mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts 19^20^0: standards and commercial standards 18%SH4c; firsts I71i®%c; other mixed colors unchanged. NEW YORK POUtTRl". NEW YORK, March 9. (j'l--Dressed poultry quiet and steady. Fowls, frozen 11® 17%c; turkeys, fresh 18®24c; other grades unchanged. HIDES, WOOL Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros.. Inc., SOS Fifth Street Southwest HIDES Horsehides $1.75 Cured eef hides 5140 Green beef hides 4c WOOL No. l clean bright 24c Ib. Semibright 23c !b Rejects 19c Ib. WOOL MABKET. BOSTON, March 9. UP)--U. S. department of agriculture-A number of Inquiries werft received on the shorter staple 64s and i finer western grown wools. Sales vere closed on fal Texas -wools mostly In small quantities 73-76 cents scoured basis for the best staple greasy lines and at 70-72 cents for the-aver age. Scoured fall Texas wools were cold a prices ranging 75-80 cents scoured basis Clothing 64s and finer territory wools sold at 79-81 cents scoured basis for moderate quantities. Asking prices generally Wen dUite firm on all these lines. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE SELL STEADY TO 10 GENTS LOWER D e m a n d Narrow; Cattle More Active; Prices Steady to Strong. CHICAGO, March 9. UB--The hog market weakened slightly today when receipts overshot advance estimates and exceeded the supplies of joth a week and a year ago. Prices ruled steady to 10 cents lower with tb« top unchanged at ?4.75. 'The bulk sold from $4.25 upward. Demand was narrow for hogs, most purchasers not being inclined ,o aggressiveness. Packers had 4,000 on direct billing. Outside markets reported somewhat expanded receipts and trade was slow with prices mixed. Most centers reported asking prices steady to strong, occasionaly 10 cents or more higher, but with buyers bidding lower. Cattle trade was more active and steady to strong on a cleanup market. Best yearlings reached $6.50, steady considering the quality of offerings. The bulk of steers sold at $5 to $5.75. Sheep were also strong. Supplies were reduced a little and demand was beter. Best fat lambs were held at $9.25 and above with the prospects that the market would be strong to 10 and 25 cents higher. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices In midwest markets Friday: WATERLOO--Prime hoes 180 to 280 Jbs. $3.80®4.10; 260 to 300 Ibs. $3.70®4: 300 to 325 Ibs. $3.55®3.85: 325 to 350 Ibs. 53.45 83.75: good packers $3.15(93.35. OtTUMWA--Hogs unchanged to 10 cents higher; 140 to 160 Ibs. $2.70; 100 to 180 Ibs. $3.70: 180 to 220 Ibs. $4.25; 220 to 240 Ibs. (4.25; 240 to 260 Ibs. $4.15: 280 to 280 Ibs. 34.05. 280 to 310 Ibs. S3.05: 310 to 350 Ibs. $3.80: over 350 Ibs. J3.40SP3.70: paeKers under 300 Ibs. 53.205(3.5; packers 350 to 450 !bs. $3.10(3)3.40; packers over 500 Ibs. 3®3.20; thin packers $2.45 and down.' CEUAK KAPIDS-- Prime hogs 180 to 200 bs. $3.60; 200 to 240 Ibs, $4; 240 to 200 bs. $3.95: 200 to 280 Ibs. $3.90; 280 to 300 bs. $3.80; 300 to 320 Ib!. $3.70; 320 to 340 bs. $3.60; goo4 packers unchanged. Corn-Unchanged. DBS MOINES--Steady; 120 to 160 Ibs. 2.253I'3; 160 to 300 Ibs. $304.10; 300 to 00 Ibs. $3.4083.75; good packers $2.90® .35. ADSTIN--Choice light light, 140 to 160 bs. $3.45; choice lights 160 to 180 Ibs. $3.80; holce medium 180 to 250 Ibs. $4.10; choice heavy butcher 250 to 290 Ibs. $4.05; 290 to 350 Ibs. $3.80; 350 Ibs. and up $3.70; choice packers 275 to 350 lb«. $3.35; 350 to 425 Ibs. $3.25: 425 to 550 Ibs. and up $3.10; stags $2.60; pigs $2.10. B. de- Mason City Livestock COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DBS KOINES, March 9. UP)--U, tartment of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 1 packing plants located In ln- erlor Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today ·"ere 20,800 compared with 10,000 » week ago and 18,500 a year ago.. / Uneven, moderately active, mostly steady p 5c higher than Thursday; Instances up more; a few early bids at an occasional yard 5C lower; loading continued llpht. Quotations follow: Light lights 110 to 160 bs., good and choice $3Q 1 3.90; light weights, 160 to 180 Ibs. J3.50ffl4.30; 180 to 200 Jbs. $1.10©4.40: medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. S4.105J1.10; 220 to 250 Ibs. S4S4.40; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. $3.9004.35; 20 to 350 Ibs.- S3.BO@4.20; packing sows 275 to 350 IbS., good. $3.30®3.65; 350 to 125 Ibs. S3.15®3.50; 425 to 550 Ibs. J3ffi3.10. MASON CITY, March B.-HOGS Steady to 10 cents higher. Best sorted lights .......... 200-210 54.10 Best medium weight butchers 240-260 $1.00 Best heavy butchers ....... 260-300 $3.80 Best prime heavy butchers . . 300-350 53.60. Best packing sows, smooth . . 300-350 $3.30 Best heavy sows, smooth . . . 350-400 S3.20 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 Light lights, fair to good, (HO, 160, 180) ........ S3.00, ?3.40, $3.00 CATTLE Choice young steers . . 900-1.000 J1.75-O.JO Uedlu:n to good yearling steers .... 900-1,000 $3.75-475 Choice corn fed steers 1.000-1,200 $1.50-5.25 Medium to good corn fed steers ........ 1,000-1.200 Low grade steers . . Fair heifers .......... 600-800 Good heifers ____ ' ..... . 600-800 Choice to prime heifers 600-800 Butchers cows, fair to good Good to choice cows Choice to prime cows inferior cannery Fair to good canners Good cutter cows Common to fair hulls' Fair to good heavy bulls Good ' t o Choice bulls ........... $2.25-2.75 Good to choice calves, 130-190 $1.50-5.00 Medium to good calves, 130-190 J3.50-l.50 Inferior and common calves .. 53.00 down LAMBS Choice lambs ...- ......... 70-90 J7.75-8.25 Medium to good lambs ... 70-90 J6.75-7.7S Buck lambs $1 under grade. Quotations subject to market iluctuatloCB, 53.75-1.5U $2.50-3 DO $2.75-3.50 $3.50-4.00 $4.00-4.50 .$2.00-2.50 S2.50-2 75 $2.75-3. ou 75-100 ..$3.25-1.50 $150-2.00 52.00-2.25 GUARD CALLED IN STRIKE TROUBLE Three Alabama Companies on Patrol Duty Around Coal Mines. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 9. (S)--Three companies of Alabama national guard were mobilized early today for-patrol duty in the strike stricken areas of Walker county, where more than 4,000 coal miners have struck demanding the "check off system." In announcing the mobilization order, Brig. Gen. John C. Persons said, "no violence has been reported in the areas, but mobs have been marching around trying to intimidate those men who want to work. The troops were called out upon the request of the sheriff of Walker county." "The strike situation in Walker county is most serious," the sheriff wired. "Hundreds of men are marching with guns and clubs. In order to preserve human life, I ask that you send troops quickly to assist in keeping order." JOHN F.CLARK AND CO. MARKET INFORMATION 325 I. O. F. BIdg. Phone »45 CLOSING PRODUCE LETTEB. Batter--Extras wefft freely offered on the spot call and sales made at unchanged quotations from yesterday. Other grades also quoted unchanged. March butter showed an easier trend throughout the session and declined %e. Trading was more active than for some time. Much of thp selling appeared to be liquidation by local traders and there was little new buying. June and November butter also were lower. June closed with setters at 23c and November with offerings at Si'c unless some new buying Interesl develops It looks as if futures would sell lower. EKES--The spot market vras quoted unchanged today on all grades. Futures held steady throughout the session closlnp lower than yesterday. There seems to be huyinp support in October delivery around the 20c level, Fotatoe*--No sales made today. Marke' closed easy with offerings o£ March 2 and Aprils at $2.15. .45% G.65 6.67 6.S7 May July LARD-J ay u ]y Sept BEIilES May ruly OMAHA CHAIN. OMASA, March 9. UP)--Wheat, hard, No. 2, 80c; spring smutty, No. 3. 77%c. Com, yellow No. 2, 42%c; No. 3, 42c; mbted No. 2, 4314C. Oats, no trading. MINNEAPOLIS GBAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 9. L ! P--Wheat 31 cars 60 a year ago; unchanged. Cnsht No. northern S5%®8SlSc; No. 1 dark northern 15 per cent protein S6H L c; 14 per cent protein 86?i@S9%c; 13 per cent pro- .eln 86@89y.c; 12 per cent protein SS'/i® Jflc; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein 86U@88c; to arrive S6y A @S8Vic: No. 1 amber durum $1.05% ©1.11%; No. 2 amber durum $1.04%«PlilO%; NO. 1 red durum 81%@83%c; May 83c; July 83C; September 83%c. Com No. 3 yellow 43%®44%c. Oats No. 3 white 31tt®32ttc. KANSAS CITV GKAUt. KANSAS CITY, March 9. UP)--Wheat: 61 cars; unchanged to Vic higher. No. 2 dark hard 79%@85c nominal; No. 3, 78%©84%c nominal: No. 2 hard 80%@83c; No. 3, 30% (ffi82c; No. 2, red, S0tt@83tte nominal; No. 3. 82tic. Corn- 34 cars; unchanged to ^«c lower; o 2 white 464c; No. 3, 45%@46c nominal; No. 2 yellow 45=ic; No. 3, 44440 45V-C nominal; No. 2 mixed 45@45^c nominal": No. 3, 44U@45c nominal. Data* 1 car; unchanged. No. 2 white 33 @34c nominal; No. 3, 32'A@33M:C nominal. February sales of General Motors corpor atlon cars and trucks to consumers In th United States topped 'the total lor the Hk; month last year by'39 per cent and wer almost two and a half times the Januai total U)is year according to the company's f report deleased Thursday. Sales to the ultimate user in February made up most of the lost ground caused by the Inability of the company to supply dealers with adequate stocks of cars In January, but the total for the first two months of the current year Is still somewhat below 1933 figures. Slowness of tlie company to get Into production In January reflected labor difficulties involving strikes by .tool and die workers in November and December. GOLD HOLDINGS SHOW INCREASE Gold certificate holdings of the 12 reserve banks showed another imposing increase in the week ended last Wednesday, rising $257.000,000 to $4,152,948,000 statements' released Thursday by the reserve banks disclosed. It was the largest gain since the lovement started, and brings the increase o approximately $640,000,000 for tie last month.. Apparently part of the gold represented lad arrived prior to Feb. 28, but had not ·et gone through the reserve banks to tile reasury, as the New York reserve bank announced Thursday that Imports of the metal In the -week ended March 7 totaled S124.675.000. BORG-WARNEB SHOWS INCREASE STOCKS HELD IN NARROW GROOVE Metals, Some Specialties Firm; Industrials and Aircrafts Sold. NEW YORK, March 9. W)-locks were unable to move far in ther direction today. Metals and number of specialties were firm ut scattered selling occurred in air- rafts and some industrials. Irregu- arity prevailed into the late dealings. U. S. Smelting, showed an ad- ance of 3 points and Mclntyre, Kel- inator and Canadian Pacific were round a point and United Aircraft eacted about a point each. Trans- ers approximated 1,350,000 shares. Sentiment was mildly improved in naneial markets today, but trad- ig enthusiasm was lacking. Stocks were fairly active on the pside for a short time after the penfag, but profit taking soon ap- aared. Grains, silver and .rubber were teady, but cotton eased. Bonds rere narrow, as were international ollar rates. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, March 9. UP)--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 55, on track 253, total u. S. shipments S50; old stock dun, supplies liberal, demand and trading slow; sacked per cwt.: U. S. No. 1. Wisconsin round whites few sales $1.70@1.75; Minnesota Red river Ohios $1.60; Idaho russets $2©2.05, few higher: new stock about steady, supplies moderate, demand and trading slow: Florida bushel crates bliss triumphs $1.70 (S-1.75. ' MINNEAPOLIS KLOCB. MINNEAPOLIS, March 9. ur--FJour ·. changed. Shipments 27.367. Pure bran $18 ®18.50; standard middlings $16.50(817. NEW YORK SXJOAH. NEW YORK. March 9. -*·--Raw sv unchanged today and no sales reported. Futures 2 points lower to 4 points net higher. Refined unchanged at 4.500 for fine granulated. One thing that isn't much good on the radio without some kind of accompaniment Is a reputation.-Fountain Inn Tribune. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, March 9. C.W--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 16,000 including 4,000 direct; steady to 10c lower than Thursday; 170 to 300 16s. M.40@4.70; top 54.75; pigs good and choice 100 to 130 Ibs. $2.50«P3-50; packing sows mainly $3.75@4; light light good and choice, 140 to 160 Ibs., 53.50@4.40; light -weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., S4.10@4.70; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., 54.50@4.75; heavy weight, 250' to 350 Ibs.. 54.25®4.60: packing sows, medium and good, 275 to 550 Ibs., J3.50® 4.15; pigs, good and choice. 100 to 130 Ibs., $2.50®3.50. CATTLE 2,000; calves 1,000; fed steers and yearlings and good light heifers strong; very few well finished steers here; bulk se'llng at ?5@5.75: best yearlings $6.35; 3,423 Ib. steers $5.75; other classes slow about steady; cutter and low cutter cows mostly $1.75®2.50; selected vealers 56® 6.50; slaughter cattle and vealers: steers, good and choice, 550 to BOO Ibs., S6®7.65; 900 to 1100 ios. $6@7.65; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. 55.50@7.50; 1300 to 1500. Ibs. S4.75S7.25; common and medium, 550'to 1300 Ibs. $3.75 ©6; heifers, good and choice, 550 to 750 Ibs., $5g6.50; common and medium $3.50® 5; cows, good, $3.50@4.25; common and medium $2.7503.50; low cutter and cutter S1.50®2.75; bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.25©3.75; cutter, common and me-, dium $2,50@3.3': vealers. good and choice, 85.2596 50; medium S4.50SJ5.25; cull and common 53.5084.50; stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, good and choice, 500 to 1050 Ibs., $4.50®5.75; common and medium, $3.25{S4.75. SHEEP 8,000; fat lambs ratier active, fully steady to stronger; tellers asking 10 to 25 cents higher; better grades frequently held $9,25 upward; early bids downward to S9 and below; sheep steady, desirable ewes S5@5.50; slaughter sheep and lambs, lambs 90 Ibs. down good and choice $8.50(59.25; common and medium 57@8.65; 90 to 98 Ibs. good and choice S8@9.25; ewes 90 to 150 Ibs. good and choice S4@5.60; all weights common and medium $3(514.50. tcr steers, yearlings and she stock firm; occasional sales shade higher; other classes little changed; short load good 950 !b. yearlings $6; car 1.000 Ib. yearlings $5.80; bulk $5.50 down: few good heifers $5.15; most beef cows $2.75SP3.25: low cutters and cutlers largely $1.50©2.50; medium bulls 52.75 down; select vealers $6; stockcrs and feeders scarce. . HOGS 6,000; fairly active, steady to strong to all Interests; weight discriminations less pronounced; top $4.10: bulk better grade 170 to 300 Ib weights $4(8*4.15; big weight butchers down to $3.65; good 140 to 170 Ib. averages mostly $3.25«4; sows S3.50 to mostly $3.60; feeder pigs quoted 52.50 down. SHEEP 1,000; nothing done on fed Iambs. Indications steady, holding best around $8.85; other classes nominal; late Thursday lambs steady, top 58.85. KANSAS CITV IJVESTOCK. KANSAS CITV, March 9. C/T 1 )--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 2,000; 80 direct: slow, steady to mostly 5c lower than yesterday's average: top $4.25 on choice 180 to 230 Ibs.; good and choice 140 to 160 'bs. $3.3504,10: 160 to 180 Ibs. $3.80»4 25; 180 to 200 Ibs._ $4.10 04.25; 200 to 220 Ibs. 54.10@4.15; 250 to 280 Ibs. $1.05@4.20; 290 to 350 Ibs. J3.90® 4.15; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs. 53.25® JATTLE 700; calves 300; generally steady: few loads led steers offered; otherwise mostly a cleanup trade: load 1162: Ib. steers $5.90: steers, good and choice 55U u 900 1M. S5.50WU.85: 900 to 1100 Ibs. $5.40® 6 85 1100 to 1300 Ibs. $496.75: 1300 to 1500 Ibs. $4.75@6.40: common and meaium 550 Ibs up $3.60(55.50; heifers, good an choice 550 to 900 !os. W.50SJI: common »« medium ' 550 to 900 Ibs. $3Si4.60; COW! good S3.2503.75; common and medium S235@3.25: nw cutter and cutter 51.-5S 2 35- vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $3.5006.50; cull and common $2.50®3.50 stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $4.25@15.75; common and me dium (all weights) 52.75^4.50. SHEEP 2.500; lambs steady to lOc Ugh cr- odd lots sheep steady: top tea hunte $ 8 :S5; iambs, good and choice x) 901 Ibs down $S.25(iJ8.85; common and medium s Ibs. .down S6.50BS.25: medium to choice 9C to 110 Ibs. $5.50®8: ewes, good and cnolc 90 to 150 Ibs, 54555.40. (x--Quotations based on ewes and w era). LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, March 9. '?--°« !c W mated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 400; 6,000; sheep 3,000. _ NEW VORK, March 9. W--The curb market had a fairly steady undertone In ght dealings today. Advances by a collec- on of specialties provided moat of the in- erest, but changes for the general run of ctlve Issues were narrow and mixed. Metal issues firmed, the biggest turnover ccurring In Wright Hargreaves which rossed 9 for a fractional gain. Lake shore ilnfiS and Pioneer Gold were also firm but ttfactcd less attention. Pan American Airways, Parker Rust roof. Hlrejn Walker and Humble Oil were mong the gaintrs, improving fractions to ore than a point though their volume was mall. On the other hand, A. O. smith, Ittsburgh Plate G'ass and Western Auto upply "A" declined. Some of the active utilities tended downward, fractional losses appearing in Eec- rlc Bond and Share and American Gas, hog Representative Sales f-mrAGO March 9. UP)--U. S. depart menf Of agricuTturU-Bepresentatlve sates: HOGS. Lights- Heavy-- Pamphlet report of Berg-Warner corporation discloses consolidated net profit for L933 of $1,196,270 after all charges and icluding profit on subsidiary bonds retired of $150,000 and restoration of $40.891 to earnings formerly placed to reserve for contingencies. Net of this amount Is equal after preferred dividends to 84 cents a share o nthe 1,230,832 outstanding common share? after deduction of the 79,925 shares held in the treasury and compares with a net loss of $598.300 In the year ended Dec. 31, 1932. Net operating profit for 1933 was shown at $3,450,550 as compared with §1,249,913 in the preceding year. Two Seek Post. ST. ANSGAR, March 9.--M. K. Hansen and M. Emil Benson have filed for school director to fill one vacancy. Wilmer H. Rosel is unopposed for treasurer. O3IAHA IJVESTOCK. OMAHA, March 9, (JP!--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 7,500: slow, steady to 5c lower than Thursday; most sales good to choice 190 to 300 Ibs. $4.1094.15: top $4.20; f«w 300 to 350 Ibs. $3.90@410: 140 to 190 Ibs: raven $3.25(5)4.10; pigs S2@3: strong weights up to S3.25: thin mangy pigs down to $1; packing sows $3.40(53.60; mainly $3.50; tags S2.50O3; average cost Thursday 52.98, weight 241. CATTLE 1.200. calves 100; killing classes mostly steady; vealers strong to 50c higher; stackers and feeders scarce; led steers .nd year'Ings $4.50®5.75, few lots sear- ings $6@6.60; heifers S4.25S5. few lot' S5.10jJ5.50; beef cows S2.65@13.25: odd head 13.50; cutter grades $1.50^2.50; medium bulls $2.5082.75; practical top vealers $6, iw S6.50. SHEEP 4,500. including 1,600 direct to packers; salable supply slaughter lambs steady to strong; other classes, nominally steady; bulk fed wooled lambs 58.50®8.85, top $8.90, some held s'Ightly higher. If. an election were held In this city today--Thursday--republicans would carry it almost unanimously, as every democrat who has a government job, and all who expect one, are Kansan. in Topeka.--Concordia You can say one thing for a money-lender. Nobody else can make you think he is doing you a favor when be makes you pay rent. --Lincoln Star. We're afraid Emma Goldman won't like it in America now--when she begins hearing the crop ol young smarties calling her an old standpatter.--Kansas City Star. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOOTH ST. PAWL. March 9. UP--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2,200: early supply limited: few short fed yearlings steady, $4.50@5.50; some fleshy weighty steers here, heifers steady to strong; medium to good under 800 Ibs. $4.25@5.50; cows steady; low cutter to cutter grades S1.25JJ2.25; common to medium $2®3.15: few good to S3.50: bulls unchanged, medium to good 52.35552.85- stockers scarce. Calves 2,100; mostly steady strlctly good and choice $3(06; common to medium $3^4.50. HOGS 6,000; fairly active, mostly steady good and choice 170 to 260 Ibs. $4.20®4.25 top S4.25; heavier weights and medium grades down to $4 and below; better 130 to 160 Ibs. mostly $3(f?4; slaughter pigs $2.50 ?3 or better; bulk packing sows $3.40$? 3.70; average cost Thursday $3.97, weighr 114. SHEEP 500; practically no early sales early undertone about steady on all slausli ter classes; bulk good to choice native lambs Thursday $8.50; fed lambs SS.75S8.85. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, March 9. (31-- U. partment of agriculture S. de CATTLE 1,000; moderately active, slaugh 308 287 273 258 70 5 2 3 VTeditims.-- 0 238 4 229 54 213 5 206 4.40 4.50 4.55 4.60 193 73 188 65 184 39 172 Light Lights-91 155 57 "7 4.65 4.70 4.75 4.60 CATTLE. Heifers-6 35 27 820 5.80 10 936 5.75 9 118 5,65 .Cows-5.15 2 1165 4.30 3 .1087 6 840 SHEEP. 'ed West'n Lambs-- Ewei iteers- 3 7 3 8 1061 1035 1423 1077 928 1500 15 90 .80 88 !20 92 230 89 Natives-31 86 23 88 14 80 31 78 9.35 9.25 9.10 9.00 9.25 9.00 8.75 8.50 115 131 109 Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, March 9. final Quotations. Air Reduct 98 Int Nick Can Allegtmny 3% I T T Al Che * Dye 149 Johns Manv Am Can 99% Am ft For Pow 10 ii Am Pow ft Lt 9ft Am Steel Fdrs 20?i Am Sugar 53 A T T 121 !£ Am Tob B 70% 27)1 1454 20 ',i 20 Am Water Wks 20 A Anaconda Atchison All Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B It 0 Barnsdall B'endlx Beth Stl Bordens Borg Warn Burr Add Canada Dry Curb Market 1594 65 31 55 8 29 9i i» 11 42T« 23 4 2414 15'.i ie 72 M is 0 43}i . k N W 13 li CMc Ct W Chic Gt W pfd 1011 C It S P t P 6% C M S P P pi 11 C E I P Chrysler 53 11 Col'G t E 1516 Comwlth Sou Cons Gas 17 U S% 7 13 12 4» 32 U 26 U 4014 38 U 12=4 78 V» 30 li 2 Contl Can Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtlss wr Deere pfd Drue: Inc Du Pont Eastman El Pow Lt Fox Film A Freeport Tex Geni Am Trans 41 Gen Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Cobcl Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grab Palpe Gt Nor pfd Gt West Sug GriR Grun Hudson III Cent Int Harv 21=1 33 ¥·_ 854 1915 15-i 37% 4% 28 27 15. 32 40% Kennecott Krcsge LIg My B Loews Lorl'lard Maytag McKcss Bob Mid Cont Pet M K T Mo Pac ·· Moot Ward Kash Natl Blac Nat Cash Re A 20 Nat Dairy 15 Nat Distill 287i Nat Pow Lt 11X N T Cent 3714 N T N H -H 18S No Amer 18'ii No Pac 30'i Oliver Farm 515 Oliver Farm pf 21 Packard 5 jpenney Penn Phillips Pet Proc Gam Pullman R C A R K O Item Rand Rep 6tl Key Tob F Sears Roe Shell U Skelly Socony Vac So Pac St Brands St O B St Oil Ca! st on N j Stew Warner Stone Web Studcbaker Tex Corp Tex-Gulr Sul Tim Rol B Un Carb Un Pac Unit Air United Corp U S Ind A'co U S Rubber U S Steel Wabash Warner Pict West El Hfg 39 Woolworth 51 Wrlpley 59 Yel Tr 61 66 34% 37% 3711 54 8 3H 13 22% 40'4. 27 H. 21=4 12 Vi 38 IS 45 /, 10" 7« 26 la 3S 35;; 4 Mi 127 54 4 Bond Market NEW YORK, March 9. (.Tl--There was cattered Improvement in values In the fcqnd market today, but the general corporate list gain was marked by irregularity. The quick and favorable disposal of the reasury'3 March 15 financing operation was lewed as a factor in a further gain In U. S. overnments during the early trading. Treasury loans added from 1-32 to 10-32 f a point. Low priced issues showed much the same nevenness of movement as in recent ses- ions, but the group as a whole -was less re- ponslvc to weakness In Individual loans he Allegnany corporation 5s of 1950, and a. few others. Advances running from fractions to around a point occurred In Youngstown Sheet and Tube 5s, Postal Telegraph 5s. few York Central 5s, Pennsylvania General Ss, Baltimore and Ohio 4%3, Canadian 'aclflc Debentures, Erie 5s and Goodyear s. Prime rails like Santa Fe 4s and Union 'aciflc 4s were transferred at slight gains. -Early trades In American Smelting 5s. Detroit Edison 4ita and Duquesne Light V-s were at small concessions from the Inal levels of yesterday. There was little activity in the foreign division and prices were slight's- Irregular within a small range. Moderate improvement featured Australia 5s, French 7%s, Japan and C'.is am! Italy Ts. Argentine 6s and German 5^s and 7s and Poland 7s were traded at small declines. CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. March 9. Up-Cities Service 3U Quaker Oats 115?;, Llbby-McNcll 5 Swift fc Co 16% M W U 6 PC pf 1=1 Swift Intl 27K Natl Leather 2 Utility Ind Hi Natl Standard 25VS Zenith 3?» INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By tlie Associated Press) Bid and asked on March 9: Corporate Tr Sh 2.07 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod .. 2.36 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser .. 2.0i Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod ,. 2.36 Dividend Sh Nationwide Sec .... Nationwide Sec Vtc Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 ... Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Selected Cum Sh ....... Selected Income Sh Super Corp Am Tr A ... U S El L Pow A .... U S El L t Pow B .....' U S El L Pow B Vic . 1.24 . 3.45 . 1.36 . 1.87 . 2.44 . 1.37 . 2.74 . 7.01 . 3.63 . 3.06 . 12 -X . 2.1H . .84 2.49 1.26 3.56 1.46 12 !t 2.26 .92 Lamson Brothers Market Letter Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Bech Building Telephone No. V NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Amer Gas El 25 Am Sup Pow 3% Ark Nat Gas A n; ASsoc G El A IVi Can Marconi 3^ Distillers Cp Se 19:S Eisler El 1% El Ed Sh 171: Ford M of Can 23 Ford M of Eng Wife of Physician at Afton Critically Hurt in Car Cras CRESTON, March 9. (flV-Mr Cullen B. Roe, wife of an Afton physician, was critically injured today when the auto in which she and her husband were riding collided with a state highway commission snow plow near Lorimor. Mrs. Roe was brought to a hospital here suffering from a fractured skull. Dr. Roe escaped with minor cuts. The couple was on its ..way to Des Moines. MARKET REVIEW The grain markets were quiet and featureless, price holding within a narrow range. The local element standing aside as aas been the case for some time. Demand [or wheat not conspicuous on the fractional upturns while offerings disappeared on the small dips. The selling side was avoided. The bulk of the trade in -wheat was around gey. cents for the May or abo-it the same figure as the close of the previous day. Open Interest- In. May has been rather steadily decreasing of late while distant deliveries increasing. May wheat in the local market continues at a fractional premium over the July, while at Kansas City. Minneapolis and Winnipeg May gone to a discount. So far there has been no evidence of any material changing over of hedges from May Into July in the various markets owing »o the small difference in price so far, but should Kansas City May get to around 1 to 1« cents under the distant future its expected the changing will be liberal, Winnipeg showed a good undertone with short covering a factor. Corn--Com maintained its firm undertone and closed fractionally better than yesterday, although May was for sale above 51 cents which checked any advancing tendency. Shipping demand was quite large and removal of hedges had some effect also. An active demand for old Argentine corn -was reported in the United Kingdom. Broomhall's Argentine agent estimated exportable surplus this season from the new crop at 190 to 220 million. Cash sales were 130.000 bushels. About 120,000 bushels were hooked to arrive but nearly all of it was thought to have come from other terminals. While the steady undertone in wheat is encouraging we are Inclined to expect only a trading market until there are developments one way or the other. Butter--Though unchanged, today's market is visibly unsettled. Trading Is extremely quiet and at this time there Is every reason to believe that prices -will -work lower morrow. Eels--Official" cash egg quotations are again unchanged and at the time the spot market closed -were holding steady. The tendency of stocks to accumulate though apparent earlier, did not begin to make itself felt until after the close of the spot board. A little later buying interest seemed to lag with result that a generally easier tone developed. Comment: Today's setback for Imtter hould attract support at today's and lower for March. Eggs also likely to -work a little lower on this recession. Hecla Mining Hud B M B lati. Humble oil 41S Nlag Hud 6'ja Pennroad Corp 3V£ S O Ind 23% S O Ky IB'-i United Gas 3'4 Un L F A 33i UtII P £ L IS CHICAGO STOCKS B'endlx Avi Cp 19!i Key St Wire 17« Borg-Warn Cp 24li Marshall Field 17'i Butler Bros 10% Swift Co 16% Cord Company 6^ NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 21 Liquid Carb Cp 271i ·Am Bank Note lS?i Mack Truck 347s Mathleaon Alk 3454 Mex Seab'd Oil 3454 McKess Kobb 7 Otis Steel 6Ti J C Penney Co 66 Pure Oil Co 13 H Purity Bak Cp 1C Pub Ser of N J 3TA Reading Co 51V* St Joseph Lead 24 Vi Simmons Co 199*. So Calif EC+ 18',i Tide Wa Oil Co 11 »s U S Ind Al 5414 Util P 4 L A 4Vi Cudahy Pack'g 44!4 Vanadium 27 E s Curtiss Wr pfd SV, Un Gas Imp 17 -- ·-- - Western .Ityid 15^ Warren Bro Co 11 Western Union 54=i Worth'n Pump 25V" Wrigley Jr Co 59 Am Car My 28 Am Roll'g Mills 24« Am Ha S Co ll 1 ,^ Am S Re Co 455S Am Tob 70% Atlantic Ee Co 31 Assoc Dry Gds 15"i Ba'dwln Lo 1311 Barnsdall Oil A 8»i Brlgss Mfg Co 15« EVers A M Co 27=1 Com Credit 30V1 Coml Solvents 27 U Cout Oil 19 Cream of Wht Four In Race. HANSE1X, March 9.--Four candidates are in the race "for two school positions at Hansell Monday. W. R. Held and G. E. VanWert, incumbents, and Percy Butson and Wilford Pell seek the directorships. DEAD Animals of All Kinds Removed Mason City Rendering Co. Wo pay phone calls. Phone 1096 Gr North'n Ore 13?; Hershey Ch Co 52 Houst Oil (new) 4% Indian ReC 3Vi Kelvinator Corp 21 Kroger Groc 30% North Amer Av 6 Lambert Co 26 Ts V. S. BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 9. LT)--United States government bonds closed. Liberty 3%s 102.20. Liberty First 4«3 103.4. Liberty Fourth 4Vls 103.14. Treasury 4«s 47-52 110.5. Treasury 4s 44-54 106.9. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 101.21. Treasury 3%s 46-4S 100. Treasury 3s 51-55 9S.15. Correct this sentence: "Yes, you are a hick," said the Harvard man, "but you're just as good as I am."-Davenport Times. JNO.F. CLARK CO. Chicago - New York New Orleans 325 1. O. F. BIdg. Phones 845-8Id A. B. HEXDRN-KSON. Branch Mgr MEMBERS New Tork Stock Exchange New York *«« Sasar Exchante New York Produce Exchange New York Curb Exchange (Associate) New York Mercantile Exchange New York Cotton Exchange Chicago Stock Exchange Chicago Board of Trade Chlcajjo ('orb Exehanjco AM'n. Chicago Mercantile Exchange CommotlHy Exchange, Inc. New Orleans Cotton We Pay More for HIDES AND WOOL --See-CARL STEIN Before You Sell LOANS WANTED Can use several small Farm Mortgages Also City Loans A.M.SCHANKE and Company Telephone 1SOO Mason City, Iowa '·M- m 1

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