The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 30, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1913
Page 3
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The Sole of Honor" A Guiding Star in the Manufacture of Selz Footwear Every shoe bearing the name Selz. is buHt on the "Sole of Hanfl^.--a mighty safe guide for you in your footwear purchases. "Then they provide another safe guide in their guarantee, which leaves no doubt Read it It's a mighty convincing argument if you are looking for footwear that will give satisfaction. You can't find anything like it on other shoes. Sold by Raymond Myers, Chambersburg Street. Gettysburg, Pa. NEW MOTORCAR WHEEL Horizontal Helical Springs Take Place of Pneumatic Tires. Ou account of the unavoidable, inherent disadvantages of the ordinary type of pueuauttK- automobile tire de- ·iisiier-; have I eeii striving for several years to Uritig forth a tire with puncture proof «;«a?it'es. yet ret:;!"i!:g t'"» cece^ary :e^iJiei*cy u .-··ford desirable riding QtaS'tUt. sajs the ScseuuSc Atuuri::i!». To thi w:«« cue wbee' isaiiwfacturer i:t rtartk-aUaf !ai2is to hate solved the ;iro'»V::. The feuda- ·nejit.i! idea. «f l!:e whee! i-s the osrry- s:iS of the l^J-1 :i !-r!zo::t:t! helical -springs. cou::tH-tfu :::ternato!y to the outer ami inner ri:ns with tall and so«kei i'jn:;e--tiwiis. There are four " the j»eri:-i:erv of iLe ·.vb«,»el rim I'-- such i:.-i:i:ier ist o:u h -spring carries one- roKrtee:itli io:;d on th When the *ar strips :u olvsirucriois he ·« J» !i is o--.;im:::i -.:tcl Jlsroas'i the cKt! ruuivr aud !·; fikeu «·;· l*y the eaclluii of the !.i-' ··-::! s:»rI:!^-«. The A Mutual Admiration Society By ESTHER VANDEVEER THE GRANGE Conducted by JL W. DAWtOW. Chith«m. it Y.. .Editor o/ tfe« yew Tori State Grans* REAL CO-OPERATION. Mrs. Middietozi-Tnuiby is a sort of j Method by Which California Orange Mrs. Leo liuuter. ill whom Dickens j Growers Market Their Fruit, satirized a woman ambitious to shiue -j-!. e graces discuss ihe qutstion of co-operation a good Cea!. t aiMl really : they are iio£ ac-eoaipllsaiHg as nasieh as as a literary star acd to entertain literary stars, though Mrs. Middletoa- tieth £urv sh'-rter thai: «he s;-oUi i the us;:aJ Two Methods of AnnesPr-.c Steel. Tht- I:r*t ::sc:hi.l «»f :::::i«-:s!Iug stee! consists of heailsiK it -!i\\ 'y J :i dul ! . cherry red a::«l ihcu reasovii.:; It from tht- ^re ami try-:;:; the boat with a soft s;ick. \VUea the steel h::- ..^ok-d so that the \voo! ceases to char jilunjre the steel o.u-cksy into a b:t'.h of oil and ivarer. \Vhea the siee! is worLml it ·vil! be found to L-e as soft as could be Jvsirt-J. Another method is to he:;t the steel slowly to :i dul! red arid then :"-w it to lie in the ashes for a fev.- uimuies until it becomes a-::io-;t b'acU. Then drop it into soas-suds and aiiow it to cool there. Csrbureior Csre. ami !::bor o:» the road uiay be if the motorist ·"!!! take the trouble to drain the iK)«-l of his carburetor once in awhile to r:d it »f dirt an-1 the possible :u-cuaiu!at:ou of. water, f-iusetl by condensation. Water is Ri:t to sh»w itseif during hot weather. Lut It will under other conditions and vri!! effectua'ay stop the How of fuel. A Htt!e attention to such small thins*: will make a trip on the road less OUR F We P er lOc DRESS ginghams ail shaces only ;iyl. Is sbll in tull Blast. served hundreds of patrons \ CALICOES , i r 1 1 - ! Sc - Best ca] ' :co who bought rreely their shades wants as advertised. Owing to bad weather we have decided to continue this FALL OPENING SALE for TEN DAYS longer and give the people of Bendersville and vicinity the opportunity to purchase their Fall and Winter Gocds and and save 25 and 50 pel- cent on the dollar. fttte Specials M Were Hot Of M. K.C. £.K. In Last WeeKs Paper a:! I Gc UNBLEACHED [ 81.25 CHILDREN'S | $1.00 LABIES I dresses, all shades corsets, all sizes dress gingham gccd checks only S^cper yd. [ lOc. STRIPED seersucker narr- and wide stripes ?2C per y muslin SALE PRICE {; 2 c per yd. | ace sizes fc. "52c COTTON « S2.50 LADlES Flannel good heavy I walking skirts welsrht ! bargain 1.49 a 2 cpe 12c SHAKER 2.50 LADIES Flannel good heavy J dresses nicely trimmed only $1.29 10c PERCAL light shades, gcod quality Sc per yd. 12''-c STRIPE « I 65c "WHITE ?h?r:fng : nsst quaiitv Jlinen tablecloth 820 per yd.|45cperyd. S3.00 BOYS overcoats Blue and Grey $1.98 25c LADIES and men's carpet slippers only SALE Never" before -in the history of Bendersville vr: s there sucheiger buyers in spite of bad weather the store was crowded and everybody left well pleased. Ask your friends and neighbors who pur- ·Lf*J^~ --lAJLJ-^ ^ *-_7 J _ · 1 and boys corduroy! chased any article at our ^W»T»C^ /vn"lT* £ ·' lOc TVHEFE canvas gloves PAIR for 25c 35c MEN'S caps only 23c 25c. LB. CAN talcum powder lie ALL KINDS of hair rihbons I 15c. llOcperyd. store and see what they tell you. Come to this sale if you buy or not and be convinced it does not cost anvthing to look around. ._/ ^-^ Remember this sale will continue for 10 The Store Tliat Saves You Money \ Days Longer. Bendersville, Pa. Harry Levy 9 Prop. "On the Square" EXECUTORS' SALE of the Property of Ellen "VVeiit^, OX SATURDAY, X TiUUESTiOH CLEfiREO OP '. Gettvsburjr Readers Can Xo Longer Doubt the Evidence- GETTYSBTJBG MARKETS Big Surprise to j , -. ^ , . JVlany in Gettysburg J Pnces at the Getiysbnnr warehonse w- j J '* p ! reeled daily by C. MUton Wolf, Jr., S-.c- Loca^ people are surprised at :ne. cessor to J. Geo. "\Volfs Sons Co. QUICK results received from sir.iple as, German .' :t exchanges a5i over tiie »-ouotrr. The cost of maiuKuiiiMg ihe-^e ei- instead of tiie nineteenth ceu-; they have. And yet this is not saying | but that some of them are actosiptish- :ii ilia literary salons given by j ing a good rtea!. As an ii!a-=trauou ot Mrs. Trauby (the whole name is too; real cooperation the California Fniit long for repetition) was one where a ' Growers' Exchange stands pre-eminent, professor of German literature in a · ^rj. ere ; s one centra! exchange, which is : roiai:ir::t university was to address. j"^^ at IjOS Augeies. with lictaefous the vuuiiKiuv. The professor, who wasj ::.- ii:ifr.'ii'i!tious a-t h:s ua:ne. which, was lirowu. did uot know « '-"a he ac- . -f..U-J the imitation tli::t he was , o I change waicb is-aus tbe tea. cost of si^-a!; t. :. uiiitiial admiration society.] racuiug the business. L* less than 2% ll: a\it',n-*. w:--: to be ia the after- j per eeut 5er bos V-A gro-vs sales aud a«».J! at:-! '---.'.if an hour before he was- about 3 !-3 per eear per **ox «a ^he re- sii;,-.!r n;« the n»--truui he stepped' t;:rus f. o. b. California. This Ca!i- s:::« :; rr*!!«-y car which would carry . foraia Frnit Growers" Eschaiijre is a. '«!!:i .Mrt-. t to the residecce of Sirs, i nonprofit corporation atui therefore de- ·'r::-:lv HK se;'te»! himself, took a| clares no dividends. Whatever is ::".\-!:i!fr troui 5!s pocket and be-i Miade i:i pr.»nu goes back fi:rwt to the ?i. rt-::J ] stockiioidtrs. At the ead of each year i-=ts!t!y two ladies entered the car.; the centra! exchange levies an assess-.1:1 ili.wn .·:»;os:te tbe professor and I menc against each ·shipper for a pro to t-l:-.'.t. There were various ", :~ua share of the expesises OH the basis ii«:»- co::i»'-tw! w:th the jouruey. { of !:«!iil;er of L-o»;es of fruit thippecL si!t!i ns the coi-ductor's bell riugiogi Tais expense has never during the .SB'! vfhs.-ies rattiiii" over the stones; twenty \ears' esisteuce of the associa- uiihoui. :i«l the Sadies found it diiS.-I rion exceeded C per cecE per box v* cuit to cii'iiuSate tlsoir voices. j the gross sales. "Ilave you read Sirs. Middieton-i The transactions of tlse exchange Twal«'s !atet poecs iQ tne Maga-l amouijr to about SlT.OC-O.tX'O a year. It zineT" asketl one lady, wfao wore some- j ha-dles f«r the f raic groovers 30,000 jhi::g !:ke a RJuET for a bat oa her bead, j carloads of citrus fruits auauaUy. To "Yes. l.-sn't it Sorely?"' ' ! e esact. its shipments ia 1D12 asnouat- "Ueatuifur. r.-Jt if doesn't compare | e d to ;jiC.S9!.4S0.05. !t has COO agents witU your -lly Rover.'" j aud representatives. Its telegraph "Don't yon think so? It's awfully j tolls amount to Eiearly SSO.GOO a year. good of you to say so." i -I love do^s. and the close of your pooni. «-!iea your Oo? looks up at you so esprcssively before he dies, is just too lovely for anything." "Tb::nk you ever so much. Have you boea ivriuns nnythin^V "Nothing la verse. I have a story I'm ::!in:r to read at the nest meeting of our Ureniry society. I've spent a lot »f time o-.-er it. which I fear taay bave tit-en wjisred. \Vhen I -vrrite a Ioein ! dash it right off without thinking, .ind it's better than -when 1 take palriji." "That's genius. I xvish we "were going to listen to your story this afternoon at Mrs. Miduleton-Tranby's instead of having to listen to th:k pro- fos«or. I think our meetings when we re:td onr papers are so much more interesting." "iSo do L I fion't care for German literature. There Is so much, philosophy mixed up in it." "Mrs. Engleheart's paper on ·Goethe." read at onr last meeting, was very irood-" -Cood! It was delightful! But then we are ail so familiar with the opera of -I-'ansf that Goethe has a special ·-fcanu for u*;" -What's the naiae of the professor who is to lecture this afternoon?" "Drown. 1 believe." "Ill-own! He isn't the Professor Brown whose loose ideas on marriage nave excited so much comment? I be- '·eve tbe trustees of his university asfc- -ri him to resign--Cuthbert Brown, professor of something or other, I ·lon't renieaiber." -I think that's the man who is to spc-ak this afternoon, bnt I'm not sure." "If it is I shall not remain for tna sectare." "You'd better be careful. Ton kno-w Mrs Middlctou-Tranby has her fourth husband, all the other three still living." "i didn't think of that. Ever so s;nch obliged to you for mentioning it; Of course it wouldn't do to offend, a ;io-s:e==s- Besides. 1 rather like to hear what horrid theories people -will pro- Its advertising cost 5200.000 in 1912. Tbe co-operative plan is simplicity it^elf. I-~irsr. there is tUe local :issocia- tioi!. usually suacie up of about fifty growers, owners of abour r00 acres o£ fruit. This Essoeiatitrfi o\vn. its owa itacliiiig bo-^se. r.-kere the fruit is assembled, gradetl ai:d packed for market. Secon-l. tlicre is the uistricc es- chause. which is a federation of !o- cai associations coavenK-ntly located There are sixtetn of thtsse district Oir- i °;,: iO:S5 A- M. - -r seven seven p pue*. two eral ulhor cn.iir?. \\niow old ;n;U.=, taiie c'.vor fr.jit and nwny other =: here iaciitionc«l AVjHuni P. Wentz. Fd*a-i F. \VVir z, Martin D.Wentt. Executors Badger Dairy Feed .. ... , ., Coar?e Spring Bran !;«--, ,-nnncHi 'and respect, ar.d whose evidence we H and Packe« Bran arncle.- not can so easuy prove. Com and Oars Chop i \V N. Fiaharry 311 XVash-ngton ?ho emaker Slock Food · St. Gettysourg-. i'a.. says: --Ooan s , ^^^ )nddiin ^ i^idaey Pius^nave bean o^ greao ber.e- R ^ Middlings ; fit to me and I xninngiy reconimera Kmoth _ H iy them. I was injured some years ago-. R V J r- -- -- ,,,} T TM^- £ s i - matter from the body that A DOSE relieves sour storn- on the stomach ar.d const:-' . ..'.:--r SINGLE ---- ^ 'C ach, gas '".". i"4-5 '·· P ati ° 51 INSTANTLY. ____ 1.65 For sale bv The People's Dr-jsj Store. Edison Phonograh FOR SALE i A new Edison Phonograph, play? 2 j and 4 Minnte Records, §"2o, 70 $15, ?2-3, Ca«h will !ny outfit, S. S. W. HAMMERS and my kidneys were affected. I got various remedies, but nothing seemed j to do me any good until I used Doan's Kidney Pills. They quickly cured me. Whenever I have 'taken them since, they have done good work." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 the ! cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agent for the United 90 1.70; Baled. Straw 65 j ··'aster ?/.50 per ton. j Ce ::ent $1.40 per bbll Flctir H-SO Western Flour 6.00 Per hn Wheat ' $1.00 In ':he Marshes. "What mnki~- J««» stand on rne fX! move your shoulders in that way?" asked the snipe. "Wo!!." replied the crane, "there's no chance of my learning to sing, so I'm practicing to see if 1 can't Ixx-ome a States. Remember the and take no other. name- Phellwl Corn «o j classic dance:."--W.-uliinsfon Star. Xew JEnr Corn, 70 Doan's--j \v w Oats V5 i Wi:ler.i OaS 5~ ! Effective June 15, 1913. E WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAI 05 A. M. Daily Except Sunday fo* Baltimore, Hanover, York and Ic termediate Points. Daily for Hagerstown. Waynesboro. Chambersburg,Haa- cock, Cumberlaad,- Eikina and Points West- 12:55 P. M. *or York and IntennediRtt Points _ .:.="..·' P M. Daily for Baltimore. Han- · :?* P. M. Daily except Sunday for 8 ar.d H. Division Points to Highfield, also Hagerstown, boro, Chambersbarg, Shippensburg and Hancock.Pittsburgh asd all points West. "1 ran stand a bit of spice myself. If tbis man Drotvn doesn't advocate posi- riv e free love I rather tMnS I shall no:ir hia: out. But. since he is to spea ·:i iJcnnnn literature, perhaps be won't mention uis peculiar ideas." They act as clearing houses for the local association, \vith the centra! exchange at Los Angeles. The third is the Los Angeles exchange, over which, and over a!I die exchanges G. Harold Powell presides as manager. Mr. Towell is a New York man. who was connected several ye:irs ago with the agricultural uu-partiuent at Washington, and to whom we are indebted for tfad above facts. The Middleman's Profit. The National Grange Monthly in a recent Issue recited the experience of a farmer who so!u his seed rye to a village mereha tit for SO cents a bushel. Another farmer wanted to buy some seed rye and went to the store and bought the identical rye that was sold fcr SO cects by paying $1.50 per bushel for it. Aad the two farmers who sold and purchased the rye lived on the -ame ro?u anil less than a mile and a half apart. The grange paper asks for ,i remedy. There are two or three or jaore tilings that might have prevented such a condition. If there was a village paper iu that neighborhood an advertisement of "Seed Rye For Sale" might have saved that buyer some money. (Incidentally let it be said that farmers do not make use of the advertising coinniiis of their local papers as they should for taeir~owu goodi. Or if there wns n grange in. that community then some kind of an. advertising scheme should have made known to all members what some oC the members have to sell and others want to bny. This could be done in open grange or bv a bulletin board. _I i What One Grange Did. About four years ago a grange was organized at the Missouri State college, and its members were composed of teachers and pupils, it grew and ..--.J'TnotTbutsolonzasheboIdsj Sourished. disseminating grange prin- :"d"we have to listen to him it --Jples all over the sate, for when a 1 be disappointing lo have hitn j member leaves school and goes to his ' home commus'.Jty. which has no grange, his first desire and ambition is to call together his friends and neighbors and ·Trn'nize a xr.ui.ze. as he has learned trft!i other tilings nt college that a farmer needs a school right at his -=t;«-k so hi-= dull subject." i:y thN time the car had reached a ,-ro«5 -ireel leading to Mrs. Middletoa- Tr.-ii'1-.rV residence, and the ladies ·liiu'iied, Thev were followed by Fro- ;Vs--.r Urown--Charles, not Cuthbert, unm-n :.«d a husband and father of 1 home, where he can discuss his mutual MX «-l,:UIreii-who lagged behind them, interests and kc-p abreast with the -K) i ha: when they entered the Tranby rf-iiV'we they did so without having :jo:5--f J th.n he hnd followed them. "Let's go right into the lecture room," i;d «»ue. "and get seats where we can Tin a iitt!e deaf. i:.^v took seats ia the front row. and After tfcss craage nt the col- !ec:e was orcanized the earoUment at the college increased 227 per cent within two yenrs. nnd it required Sf- teca new men in the rarions deparr- ir.ents to take csre of tbis increase- There is Httie donht :|» t the grange rnmHiy. p.i^-d down an aisle, and taey ~m»ur:t-! the platform together. -Grojt beavensr esclaimed the lady wlt!i t!'.e muff hat. "It i the man who sat opposite u3 In the -sr.~ ~W? u.ost go." ·'How can we? It's Impossible. We an ve cot to stay it out." a great nmced agriculture. Sunday 7:13 New Oxford, Baltimore and lions, over, and Intermediate Points. Only. Hanover, York, intermediate atx- New State Masters- There w:U be severs: new state mas- I ters at the next meetinc of the naiMn- ! chaster." X. II.. rsevt November. Tbe j following wiU then Jie present for the The lecturer, having been introduced J first time: F C. who succeeds . Bancroft from Dela- It. Messco.: A. It contained no reference what/ i n.,; r ^. . _ , -rr-iir «nvr.-1^ Mrs Sr.rah «. rairu. ever to marriage, expenmental mar- ^no si.ccc^s -!«· rla-e or .inv of the substitutes which John C. ^ctoham tro theorists ar'e suggesting for the good | sncceete X._P. Huh. old dayr of domestic love and large families. Dor.'t sell a bird at a price that you ·would not be willing to pay yourself if you were the customer. Don't let things drift. Keep steam np. pnll out the throttle, but beware »-f the bottle. from Vermont, Smith- ·who succeeds C- F. Every rat that is put ont of commis- | sion now means a saving of probably 50 or GO cents in the snapi- of grain that it would cojis!i:n« or other property that it would spoil during the eusu- -liig six months if allowed to live.

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