The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 30, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 30, 1913
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THE GETTYSBUR TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 401. Gettysburg. Pa., Thursday, October 30 tli, IDIS. Price Two Cent*. MY DUST" I The New : Automobile Pennant With These i 1 Words And Also The Word | I "GETTYSBURG" Size 12x30. | K = | The Newest Thing In Auto Pennants 50cts = i Each. I I ECKERTS STORE "ON THE SQUARE" WALTER'S THEATRE Starting Tonuht and Everv Nszht This Week With a Special Saturday Afterufoa FATAL RESULT TO FALL DOWN STEPS William H. Baker, Civil War Veteran of Fairfield, Plunges down Stairway at the Horns of his Daughter. Unconscious for Three Weeks. WOMEN'S LEAGUE WILL MEET HERE FESTIVITIES OF HALLOWE'EN FORMER COUNTY SHERIFF DIES Various Women's Leagues of Bettys-1 Many Social Events in Gettysburg | Key/ton W. Stoner, Former Sheriff burg College to Meet here Hext; Week in their AnsasS Cccyenlion.' To Ksve Entertainment. · during the Week. Will not Lose' Sight of the Old Supsrstitions. | First Dance Held. i of Adams Csunfy, Died in York on Wednesday. Miss Lizzie Hicks, School Teacher, Dead. ·As the result of concussion of the brain following a fai: down a flight cf The annual convention, of che V.'ona- » The observance of en's Leagues of Gettysburg College , season in Gettysbur LETTERS FROM COUNTDOWNS Correspondents send tn Many items of interesting] News] from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns stairs, William H. Baker, of Fairfsld, '.«!! be held in Brua Chape! on The Hallowe'en j Xewto-i W., aged sixty-four ihis year prom- j years, former sheriu of Adams Coun-1 Wed- :ses to be more general tha:. ever be- '' v d ; ed \Vednesdav afternoon a t 3:l5! Ger 9' sbur ?' a former "teacher in ! * NEW OXFORD Xew Oxford--Prof. J. L. Sowers, of About three weeks ago the Rer.tze! the coming year. Pa arties, dances, an o i e r events las£ c^ and her New York Stock Company. The only Stock Com- * pany carrying a quarter. iS Francis is a late star of the Lubin Movino- Pictures. The best Stock Comoany on the rjad today. Tonights bill, "THE DRIFTERS". Miss F rancis starred in this play at $! 50 prices, 5 months in Boston 2 years in New York and 3 months in Philadelphia. See her tonight and be convinced at the extremely lew prices 1 0-20-30 cents. Seats on sale at The People's Drug Store until 7 P. M - i ve^ r^ 1 ant ' ' las res *S T!e ^ that position and left family heard a noise at. the stairway j On Wednesday morning a meeting'. always susi't several days before the j He h^d been living with his sen-In-1 for ChaRlbsrsr5)ur ° ^ a Saturda y- s their home and hurrying to the foot; of the executive committee v."51! be , actual night and this year was no ex-! i aw f or l ; r;e . j as - t wo°weeks and prior; Rev ' Dr ' Vl - A - Kor2 pastor of St. of the stairs found Mr. Baker lying 1 held at the home of Mrs. V,'. A. Gran- j ception. The first of .ae series of en- j , o that til j le he vvas a res jdent of East! ^_ al ' s R e formed _ church, is attending there unconscious to fall is not that he opened Sieved entered a room but. instead, on- Wei:er. York; Mrs. Mary P.ue. Harris- '· were artistically decorated with corn;\\ar _ Synod at Emmert. left on i Monday evening to attend the World's Urine r. Alber: Bell. Ship- j fodder and autumn foliage while jack- \ He is survived by his widow; one,.. York: : o'-!a.iterns, here and there, gave a j ) au j,hter .Mrs. H. A. Elliott, York-' tnis w ree ^ B. Stoner, Stoner. .? D - . Pitts-i, _ _ "Ir each evening. Doors Ot*n *.'! i::! S. 15 P H O T O P L A Y VlTAGKAl'H KALEM COUKAGEOFTi!ECOMMOXPi-ACK EDISON Yitajjraph Stamp Exhibition in Xew York City At this meeting stamp col- ' j Sectors will be in attendance not only from the United States but . ... '.' from European and South and Central is sn tne Lnjtea s . . .. T , . American countries as well. In the ; Weaver, of Carlisle, and che fo!«owing !s[0!5enGet;v£bllr . and one ^ j ^ Orh ^ * ?2 ' 0 ?^°° WOrth * of the convention ; from town: Misses Edith Dorsev.) M Dm ^ Brookh-n X Y 5 stamps, will oe on exhibition, compris- Wedaesdav af:er- · Edith Watson. Bernadette Thomas, i~~V,~. n ^,f se'-vW^V^ b e ^eld at t'ne 1 ^ S * collccuoa of the eatire worid - exuected to'.Seba Miller. Lillian Kissinger. Zita L ^ ^ ^ ^ ~ ^ '? ^U^ E ~ E - !I also "sit Philadel- pma and Kamniore, ana expects to re. castor oi MriRi'ev Kelormea church.' \tv~ c^i,,TM TT *· ~ Philadelphia, Mechar.icsburg, 1 baugh. Marguerite Weaver, Margaret r york . The bodv'wi!! be taken to East ! n ~*^ f^l- !, ened on the stairway. A physician \vas : burg; Mrs. A. B. immediately summoned but Mr. Baker j pensburg; Mrs. never regained consciousness to the ! V-rs. J. F. Dapp, HarrLbiirg; Mrs. G. \ weird glow upon the cancers. rime of his death. I S. Parker, Harrisburg; Mis= Gertrude ; '-'/as furnished by the college orchestra j He was formerly a resident of Em- ! HefHencger. of Earrisburg; Miss , and 3Irs. Erney Miller catered. The | Y mitsburg and moved to Fairfieki about = Mar;.- Sieiing, York; Mrs. W. A.'.guests were Blisses Stella and Coral jighteen months ago. Mr. Baker was" Granville. The yom-K frirl, Jb^ drudge of tii? Liuiiir. saves of iu-r s-.-anty earning to 'zo to Ft i ooU l'«i » !I-D oW Dol/l»in di-js. hi-r iiioni-y goes for the. purcbasfcot anew horse. aged 76 years. 4 months and 6 days, i The firs- session He served for three months as a pri- | will take place on vate in Company I. 98th Per.nsyl- I noon when delegates are expected to · Heba Miller. Lillian Kissinger, ^ita | j, 0 .. 3e ^ Friday evening vania Infantry. On February 19. 1861, ', be present from Pittsburgh, York, i Hamer, Margaret GiUilaad, Frances | con( J UcEe i Dv " t he Rev! Samuel he was married to Miss Sarah Eiiza- ' Chambersburg. Shipper.sbu.-g. Karris- · Sheeiy, Marion Sheely, Mary Slay- j pastor of frir.icy Reformed beth Overholtzer who died 16 years ; burg, ago. He at 7 o'clock,*' Stein, i Lancaster, HOODOED ON lils WEDDING DAY Kaleui Comedy :'.!:·! ill-- from Francis clctcheS. i Washington,. Indiana and Gettysburg, j Kendlehart, Evangeline Sieber. Lil- } leaves three sons and four i while it is expected that visitors from i iian Ring, Janet Robertson. Amy j men , . vij ; be p ," a{ i e . Boyd. of '· other towns -will also attend. ! Swope. Virginia Tudor. Messrs. Steck- I daughters, Mrs. Anna M. Orrtanna; Martin L- Baker, of Liberty j evening an en-.errainment will el and Stevenson of the Dickinson township; Mrs Emma J. Seabrook. of ; be given by college students consist- chapter were also guests for the even' ...... " It will be : ing- also the i J - re-quest is issued to the "room i:iiee drastic measures 10 secure hl-i bride when her house is placed under quarantine. With KL'TII ROLAND. In an up-to-date skirt. Til E WOXDKK5 OF THE BRINY DEEP Kalera Pro-luci in co-operation irith tb; X?w York Zylo^iC3.l society. TKEr.OEr.i-K3 ~ . . Edi £? n A j.icsnre fi i!'t- fn«i'0n= p!av written by ^cluliir 111 extreme yoatn. I!itr t-!-.!.-iVry a:iI j,«I...i-.y ·: L'r.i:u-'i- br-ugi d5ig:r,icW upon hi= HKJK favors! brother, Ci=ar!..-."u,.. U-.~.:,.--"-;!.«- l.-.-St-r of a ban.i c^robt-ers. The st'-nnin- or nis "«-:. Bake _ U71£ hgld ln M h es - eem bv all j held Thursday momicg wher. the de-1 -.he town as bright an appearance as I*,»rUI l LO_IiiCII'aUU^ t ~ ' . , - - . ~ r - ... . , . , · -i ; ! : who knew him. j tails or ousiness will be concluded anG j possioie. Funeral services at Zior.'s Lutheran · ^' ne plans for the coming twelve) The young people are planning their ( ing the summer with her niece, | T. C. Miller, at Abbottstown. has gone T.ITCC; r I-T^ITT -viru-c :TO Hanover '« spend some time at the 3iibb LIZZIE -itKb home of Mrs j rf M-ss Lizzie Jsicks, oi Littiestown,, Liberty township: Mrs. Amanda C. j ^"-g of music ar.d readings. Rentzel, of Fairneld; J. Ross Baker, j open to the public as will of Waynesboro: Mrs. B. Hare, j business sessions of t5.e convention Hiving along the line of the Hallowe'en j one of the oldest primary public of Mummasburg; W. Albert Baker, of ' and the people of town are invited to | mummers" parade, to hang out Japan- i school teachers in the scate, having _ Hamev. He also leaves 37 grandchild- ' attend all Vhe meetings. · ese lanterns and to illuminate their j been engaged in that work almost 50 ! . t*" ^ and 13 ereac srandchildren. Mr. i The final business session ~xill be | homes OP. Friday evening so as to give | vears. the greater oart of that time 1 c '." A " ~' ^ ° t . _ _ ._ _ _ . * - . . . « . . i _ -- SL»nQ.£s.v P. _ . i Jacoo Hulick and Miss Tueseav : 0 , ,, ^ - fcchnell spent auncav with -··aomi AUTUMN HUNTING church, of Fairneld, Saturday after- \ months determined upon. j usual racket and have taken all the died suddenly at her home peooie evening: at 6 o'clock. Miss Xicks was T "~* -^f^^^ma. ? , . . . ,,- borne ana lamilv at ^ estminster. f\\ f^ Pn nt-»£ *\t rho iIH»sr m-ir»^i*-«- riTThilf* · -^i^vv-t, making the trip in Mr. Hulick's auto. Mrs. William Zercher and son, John, ·. of Littlestown, spent of the former's Elingel, on Hanover town. ^ i street. She was one of the most hignly es-1 Fffi- sew styics in suits and over-coat 1 as bejrnn now. bur the man vrho i fortunate eison^h w be a patron of Tbe i the funeral. Qu..UtvS;«op kno*A-s tliat be need not seek j oon at one o'clock. Interment in j The omcers of the organization are. j spools they can get hold of to Union Cemetery, Fairneld. Friends | honorary president.^ Mrs. Mary G. j window rictacs. They have a are reouested to take this as notice of', Sruckenberg. Wocster.. Ohio; . . , , , - b=mg spent in the schools 01 T - i ' Sunday at the hom Littles- brother G _ A _ " teemed of women and the fact of her | ;c } loo j Johp SponseIIer of near Durchased ~ si- j s-PP'3" °f corn hidden and as any mrtiicr. Our handr-ouie and elegant j fabrics are a-a-aitinir yonr chuit-e and oar | dent. ?-Irs- J. I. Harnnan. Philacs!-! many bushels of this ammunition will j ccnimunirv. : vice presidenls. Mrs. C. P.' bs scattered about the streets. j The funeral will take place nexe rs. Philadelphia; 3Irs. Gergs; Tha stores are benefited by the an-idav morning, with services in connection lor a hall a cen.urj with | of c M s ^ ^^ ^ large sc nool work, more than anything *lse; beyond the railroad, on private terms: usual jatt-sted ner value ana worth to the: Vr _ Sn(M , w ,, Ar will t possession of 3. Mv- ! Henrj-. Shipper.sburg; Mrs. S. W.! n "al celebration, as they sell a num- BRYSONIA ^.^j .. ^ r . ,, r -,^-it,. minute ami we vnii! Brysonia--Mr. and Mrs. R. ^·Ind-Sni-h^oiic o-r.i in a -uianner j ers and son, EarL J. Calvin Thomas ] Herman. Harrisfaurg: Mrs. George i'oer of Hallowe'en articles, including _ . can only Ni :onf- .vlien you have it land son, Cameron, of Arendtsvilie. |^nglar. Pittsburgh: recording secre-j r °y pumpkins, jack-o'-lanterns, Ha!- i- O rker. 1 jlr. and Mrs. Frank Stailsmith and j tary. Mrs. George X. Lauffei-. Xev.-- J lowe'en literature, post cards, horns, i daughter, Helen, of Gettysburg, Miss- i "-He: corresponding secretarj-. Mrs. · ticklers, etc. i es Helen and Elizabeth Eicholcz were i Charles F. Sanders. Gettysbarg: treas- ', Al 'fl e parties this year many will j the Methodist Episcopal church, of which she was a life member and ardent made by Will M. Seliigman, Cash Tailor. MRS. H- L. FICKES Mrs. Susan Eliza Fickes. wife of H. There Are many convincing anniaicats that uiizi.r be presented as to the supcnoiirj Llppy Made Clotiies i but we know nj none so conclusive -"-= tb» refined appearance r,f tlie clotiie; I tneaiseives. There is beauty in every line and quality in every stitcu and tiore- J. D. Llppy Tailor We nave a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats j recent visitors at the home of Mr. and i ! Mrs. L. E. Myers. | ! Hiss Bess Rafrensperger, of Ar- j ; endtsville. visited S- McEicholiz and ' {family recently. Mrs. Mac. Eichoitz has been er, rs. Harry McCreary. Indiana, j return to the old-time custom o f l T COMING EVENTS | matching nurs, trying to catch an ap- L. Fickes of Mount Holly Springs. leased his new property to Mr. Stough ··r.iil that time- On Monday evening as James R. Weaver was driving a cole attached to a two wheeled can; down South Peters street, both wheels of the cart left the I spindles, allowing the cart to drop to disd at her home in that | pie by the stem as it winds and un- day at i :15 p. m. She was Tues- I i the ground and throwing Mr. Weaver vears spend- some time in Gettvsburg with her | ^ ^ ,,,, ,. i ·~'Ci- «*·«· I William Wingerr and wife, or :Boyds, Robeic Lochbaum. wife and if our children, of Orrtanna. and Wil- iiiam Haner. of Get'cysburg. were re! cent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. David ; winds on a long s'cring. and blind- j old- Mrs. Fickes was a member of the · J;5 _ j Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg j fo-ced striking huge bags of ' ; for Coining Weeks- with a cane. Then. too. there is the j highly respected resident of the town. I ^"^j basin of water, and the heaoing rtlate i She is survived bv her husband and i j- Hallowe'en mers" Parade. __, Mum- · of Indlari 1: Xov. 5. 6--Convention. _ V. on:n s : -;; f to the street. He, however, held on i the lines and after being dragged some , _ , , , . , , ! distance out upon Philadelphia street, candv Lutheran cnurcb of that place a n d a - , r, - - T. " v. ,u., . . , tllcceec jed in bringing the young aci- _. . . . . , . , raal to a halt. The driver escaped with neaping plate · Sae -,s sunuvea y ner husband ana j f gw . sl; ^ ht bruisas . the mysterious |by the follov.-ing brothers and sisters: 1 CharIes " T _ Her ^ proprietor of ^ j Eagle Hotel, is lying critically ill from \rhieh are rolled up 'r,-^ ». ,, f-t . f ^ , | -- ' J T ^ i ! " - - . - . » . . « . _ , x j . M*i^»j. U£, _l.eagaes 01 Gettysburg Consge. ; separately and dipped into water and Xov. 7--Lecture- Dean Soathwick.; Brua Chapel. } then into ths meal- All three are dron- ^^ _^, y -f-»T --· * -~-"^~i- *-* -·· J-"-«-v-»« i.^ j, » J..H Wi. Ab.L.£L, Raaensperger. Hanover ana PhiUp| a complication oi diseases . Raifensperger, Bigierville. : Funeral services will be held at her! ; tending to the duties about While at- the ho'tel water, i late borne Friday at 2:30 p. m. On! I on Wednesday afternoon Mr. K^rsh the i ;:r:g sc Thomas who is i .1 !i All the new designs in Congress Cards With big stock of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. Peopled Drug Store | time with ilrs. D. J. j siowiy improving. i Clayton Bosserman. wife and i sons. Louis and Donald, spent; Satur- j ' v , r ^ - . B ff Nov. IS-tsaioits. ,,._ Gins Boys' and House. Fiftieth Anniversary. Lin- coin's Gettysburg Address. ] descend the cellar steps a'c the mvstic ; hour of 12 ,^ h Uyhted ^^ , ' ^ I r . g h - h a r . d a n d a h a n d glass in the I JAMES L. GALLAGHER James L. Gallagher died at his home | left. Upon reaching the cellar, where i a t Bonneauville on Friday evening. lingering illness of several uratior. aged about 60 years. ! William ' j was seized with severe pans in removed to his bed when became unconscious in which remained for some hours. has been conscious the parr of the "rime but his condition is yet reported as very critical. LINCOLN WAY MEETING I Curtis Thomas and Robert Bream 1 ,,- , _ --, T . -.^y r - Tt h-isited Ernest Bittinger recently. | V\. 31. bJAAbti-bl ) j Charles Spangler, ivife ar.d three j Ten Cattle Killed in Smash-up Xcar ; « sons. Lewis. Cameron and Paul, of , e was a sen of the late -Ga!J2£rher and wife, and is Gettysburg not to Fall behind in Lincoln Highway Matters. sumvea Gettysburg is not going to stand other towns and m | 1 i Ir. a head-on collision be'cween two ! Hancock, st Berlin, and Harry Arendt and ! ; \vife visited Clayton Bosserman re- · cent'y. | freight trains or. the Western , G- W. Hoke and wife, Charles 3ic- j l^r.d Railway. 10 cattle were killed ar.d . · V s o ^ | Cleat, wife and daugnXsr. Elizabeih. | a lot of merchandise scattered at j V^L'j,,'^ i visited Jacob Hcke ar.d family below | Round Top Siding, jast -west of " i by one daughter. Miss Mary Gallagh-! idly by and watch ; er, at home, hi? wife, who was Mis? ; cities along the route of the proposed jMary Hagerman. having died some · Lincoln Highway participate in the j Local Basket Ball Quintet to Play at i years ago. Mr. Gallagher for a nu:r.- ' rrer.eral celebration on October 31, but BASKET BALL Karrisburg. V,"it*n :hc Hacset Ciufa defeat on the ]ber of jears conducted \ store at Cedar Ridge. ! Gettysburg recently. '- E- J. Taylor spent an 1 cock, Ivld.. i uesda;,- afternoon. Both en- ! several weeks ry the Gettysburg leave to-rnorrov.- n^orninq: funeral was held on Vhe general t h:s place, too. will have its share of the jubilee. At seven o'clock this even- Monday ing a meeting will be held at the Na- aitemoon re- gines were badly damaged and the ! ' A representative of Standard Fash, ion Co. is no\v in our s'core takirsg sub- j PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 .^^ for .^, dard Desis ^ er R t , "~SLD"PASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY ^ 30 ^^*TM- Y °° ^ i3 ^TM*\?~^TM Almon-i Ta;Ty," ""40 cenia fo , Butternut Taffy. 50 ct-nts !"!., Ptaoui Ta:Ty,120 i clever, o'ciock train lor Harrisburg tolj o s e n fj church. ;cent3yvdthR.W. Taylor and family, j ^ck was blocked for a°^W "of 1^" t h d r vktorious 0??^^ once jofficiaWg. -»TT- -^A VT-- T^I«V T?«-,~, ,, t -1. -T-t - ~ ', ^"-ore S.T.-J use everv Dossiole effort to j i Air. ^nd ^irt. iiaipn iseamer spent j hours. The trainmen escaped injury- J Tuesday evening with Curtis Thomas, j I George Fonl has built a new chicken j i house- ! Rev. Fr. Mcllher.nj-; b:ie and good roads enthusiasts are Ii asked to be uresent. : ir.irr.ble i 182 FOUR-LEAFS One Xew Oxfcrd Woman 3iak« Find cf Clover Leaves, ere is anything in the old sa- le the fast Canito' ouimet. Thnse i ' " t \ »vhr» win j.ake the trip are Coach C. A.! Fas : ck. Ked'lir^-. Irv:ri. J. CDOori. ASeli and DiUman- B- Magusre. jhart, near Xew Oxford, at 6.30 o'clock; I STANDING ROOM ONLY ^____ Mapuire-jhoine of her sor.-ir.-iaw. M. -I. Ehro-| Slock Company Played , 3b., Ptar.nt Brittle. 10 crnis ".b.. Jse Cresm TaCk-s. 10 tcsits l u .--Fresh 3ai=y at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN . 4o car.ts per year. j a few days. G advertisement 3IRS. HANNAH E- MORITZ Mrs. Kanaah E. Moritz died at --. } " to a Packed House Wednesday Evening. accornpar.y ] on Tuesday evening aged i2 years. 5 j months and 24 days. j Walters" Theatre was sold ow?Wed- ] Funeral ter\-ices will be held at thej-e?day e\ erring for-ihe production of seing in Warren's Hall J house at 1 o'clock p. m. on Friday af- |"A!l in a -Xame", played by the Lose n | Francis Stock Company. The farce company sitting well is disap- s to al- company RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT e ^ j £ \ ^ood fl room hou.-e with every convenience including bath, hot | an( j Xov. 1st. -' w'-iter nne hot water heat plant, gas, front and rear porciies. small .ront , ^ erevs and and ^ide yard oood-arten. plot 40 leet troat and 1^ feet deep. This house is , ^ n " » e - ^ S 1oStedanS^o\Tran bny it for32300 and feel satisfied that you have made to miss this opportur.ity great fashion magazne FOR and cold . 50 } SPECIAL sale of mers's hose. Fri- j .day and Saturday only, October 31 About 40 dozen blacks, navy. Our 15 cent a grade for the two days only 9 cents. j or three pairs for 25 cents. Dougherty Sundav she picked 2S of them, cc-ie.--aaverusement arc i a r 0 nd investment proposition and nice homes-- A double brick house 'and Hartley.-- advertisement with S room* ^ I bath each, «Jod cellars and basements fia; -*M ***** b . om« . 00 feet front and ISO feet doop. The* .hou^ aw located nnly three blocks SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- thf^ Ontpr ^mi-ire -in-l ran be bought lor a nnoo tlif income wiU provo. ' . ' thp comer square .in i .1.1 m " .- .. .. r««f«i«ir«r Pf-nni ternoon and evening. -- advertisement 1 PECKMAN, Resl Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, I enna. -= WAXTED: a clerk for general store. experience preferred. Mast be temperate. Lock box 245, Bigierville, Pa. --advertisement 1 FOR SALE: nine pigs 8 weeks old; five shoats, 100 pounds, Albert Hoi- linger.--advertisement 1 AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp. Xo. 414, P. O. S. of A., -will run an excursion to Baltimore on Saturday. Xov. 1st, 1913. Train leaves Fairfield 6:45; Gettysburg 7:15 a. m.. returning. Hillen Station 11:30 p. m.--advertisement 1 l.'JS for those weighing 4 ibs. per pair, to Xov. 5:h, Rebei"'s Produce House.--advertissment 1 EXCURSIOX to Carlisle, Saturday Xovember l'c. Account Gettysburg- Dickinson foot ball game. Leaves Gettysburg 8:30: leaves Carlisle 7:00. Fare 90 cents.--advertisement 1 nagerr.ent took exception and there was a littie unannounced play between stage ar.d house. The sympathy of the audience was with the stranger. To- nigh L'S play -will be - The Drifters"'. SPArFR MASK skate, carnival and bail. Garden Auditorium, Hallowe'en.--ad- vertisement 1 SPAPFRf

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