The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1931 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1931
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 MAD LAUGHTER A THRILLING MYSTERY "STORY*""* by MILES BURTON READ THIS FIRT: On a night of London fog, Thorn n Herridge, expert cracksman, stol - the famous Hardway diamonds -- ani yet when he was discovered by th police they were not in his posses slon. Sir Edric Conway, assislan police commissioner, sets Inspecto Brooks on the trail, but the detec five's dead hody is delivered to £i Edric in a packing case. Youn Dink Penhampton, a friend of Sir Edric's, takes the trail. Disguised na » down-and-outter, Dick visits a hangout known as the Margate Jet ty. (NOW (5O ON WITH THE STOKY) CHAPTER 12 Dick resumed his watchful attitude, scanning the faces of all those who entered the Margate Jetty Shortly before- nine o'clock, two men came in together, and having ordered whiskey, sat down at a table in the corner of the room, close by his own bench. They glanced at Dick and one of the men said something to the other in a low tone. In a few minutes a third man came in, a powerful-looking fellow in the blue jersey and coat of a bargee. He ordered his drink, nodded to the first two and joined them at their table, where they sat a while engaged in earnest conversation. After a while, their glasses were empty, and the last-comer rose to carry them to the counter for replenishment. In doing £9. lie lurched against Dick, spilling the remains of his gin on the floor. He immediately turned round with a gruff apology. "Sorry, mate," he said. " "er?, give us your glass, and 'ave another. with me." "Don't mincl if I do," replied DicS wearily. "Gin, it was." it on the table where his friends were sitting. "You looks a bit lonely, guv'nor," he said. "Better join us." Dick shook his head, "No use," he replied bitterly. "I haven't got the price of a'round of drinks." "Bit down on your luck, eh?" said the man. "Never mind, we ain't the chaps to see a. pal go thirsty. Come along!" Dick rose heavily and sat clown at the table with the other three. "Here's luck " he said, lifting- his glass and draining half the gin at a gulp. He laid the glass down again and laughed shortly. "Lucky! 1 he exclaimed. "Mine's dead out." The three men glanced at one another significantly. "Finish that up and have another, mate," said one of the two--who had not yet spoken. "Nothing" like a glass or two to, you up." ·· Djck did as he was told and another glass was soon beside him. "Lost ray job!" exclaimed Dick, whose tongue seemed to be loosened by the liquor. "Haven't had a job since I was kicked out the army, years ago. Had a bit to live on, but that soon went. Since then, I've been staying with my brother-in- law. But we quarrelled over a wad of notes he said he'd lost, and I left his house. Devilish rude he was about it." Again that significant glance among the three. "Don't find it easy to get a job as would suit you," remarked one of them incuriously.. "Any one can see as you've been a dandy, mister." "Ah, that's the trouble," replied Dick confidentially. "I want a job for my brain, not my muscles and I'm not particular what it is. You don't catch me asking questions, so long as I've enough to live on. I'm not what you might cai: squeamish. I don't mind telling you fellows that I've done a few queer things in my time." "Aye, I dessay. We all has to turn our hands to what comes along,' said the bargee. "Where are you going to stay when this place shuts?" "I know a man in Walwortti who'll put me up for night or two," replied Dick."Decent, honest fellow of the name of Evans. That's been my only stroke of luck today. Met a fellow in Stepney who told mo he'd seen him today. He's just moved into a house; 32 Mellin Street, Wai- worth, his address is. " He lean back in his chair and closed his eyes. The three men whispered together, their · voices drowned by the sound of a raucous song played by the gramophone. After some minutes Dick opened his eyes again, to find a newly filled glass'at his elbow. The bargee leant across the tale towards him and looked at him fixedly. "See here!" he said. "I don't know anything about you and I don't care. But I'll tell you this. My boss was a-lookin' for a chap ike you, what had a head on his shoulders and could keep his nose out o'things that don't concern him. I'll speak to him tomorrow," "Gad, you're a good fellow!" exclaimed Dick thickly. "Jolly good -f you, and all that. Where does this xss of yours live? I'll go and se him first thing." "Not much you don't!" replied the bargee. "My boss isn't a chap ·ou can just walk up to like that And I'll tell you this, don't try to Jlay no tricks with 'im, or you'l vish you'd died nice and quick Vow what's your name, mate?" "Captain Blackwood," said Dick 'Sorry I haven't got a card to give ·QU." "Right. Now you cut along to hts chap Evans in Walworth. Ii .y boss wants to see you, you'l hear from him." Half an hour later Dick knocked t the doer of Number 32 Melliu ; treet_ It was opened, with rather suspicious haste, by Jerry. "Why blimey Lf it isn't Captain Blackwood!" he exclaimed, with well- feigned p.mazemet. "Is there anything I ran do for you, sir? Come in! 1 He led the way to the back kitchen, where Dick collapsed into a chair. "For haven's sake give me something long and cool to drink, Evans!" he exclaimed in a whisper. "I've been drinking raw gin till I've got no skin left on my throat." ' That's all right, sir," replied Jerry with a wink. "I've got a dozen of Bass in the cupboard." The house in Mellin Street fully justified Jerry's choice. The painter ind his wife displayed no inquist- tiveness as to their lodgers, who found thmeseVves free to come and go without incurring the observation of prying eyes. Not that Dick stirred from the back kitchen. He made himself thoroly comfortable there by the gas fire anil sent Jerry out upon the household errands. "It's like this, you see, Evans," he said. He insisted upon the use of the names they had decided upon, even when there was no chance of their being overheard. "I'm sponging on you till I get the offer of a job. There's a chance of one being offered to me in a day or two, and till then I'm going to stay where I am." The summons came earlier than Dick had ventured to hope. It was barely six o'clock on the evening folowing his visit to the Margate Jetty, when a vigorous hammering on the house door disturbed the quiet of the lodgings in Mellin Street. "Go and see who that is, Evans,' said Dick quickly. ": shouldn't wonder if it was for me.' Jerry opened the door,, to find a ragged urchin standing on the step shrilly whistling an air which hac lately become popular. The boy looked at him appraisingly, finishec the air, and asked abruptly: Captain Blackwood?" "Captain ' Blackwood's (Turn to I'aRR 14, Culiimn 2). FORLORN FIGURES By CLIFFORD McBRIDE High school sheik who swiped the window screen to doll up his flivver like the 1931 autos. ' MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 17 MUGGS McGINNIS MY QU' AIM QVAE- Uq*\E LAST N16UT AUO FOUND A BURGUAR HIS BEOl! AKiO KEPT HIM UtiDER Ttt' THEW HE CHARGED Scotch Hospitality! 232% Copyright. mi, by C« n iral Pre« AJucMgn, f Dc .r^**%4 WHf O1O U FVFV* BARK AND V/HAT ARE VOO OOtKICi IM THE PARLOR? QO TO \ TH1MK MICE OOCJGtE HERE'. NICE LITTLE THE PARLOR-1 MOST (S\T IT AM' BE. OM ME. WA^ TO DI MTV'S- ~t TO -5iJEA.K OUT- WCOF-- WOOF t By McManus '' Fo " ur » s «"'«. int. Crw BriLlo right. T«,,r,rt., dee,THIS THE AN1ATOR 13 A. I PffETEMDEO I'M PLANE TQ H!|A OlEKt TOHtGHr- G3~ A HONCX ON OP TH6. VilU_ DROP 'H TO tTtft HOM jvssGe GAPTA1H You JO^T WSSED wen - THE.H AlOPOCr--NCU QftvS PRE TAKIUS WIAT10H. AU- CT A SUOOK-- Hour THIS IS AU. METAU MOOEV-- AlONG SOM^. PICTURES O? OU(2 "SNAPPY She Suddenly Loses Interest By Paul Robinson K« U a P.I. OK, copjrljM. 1911. C4ntr»] Higj Pressure Pete No WORD eRon HRMK ver, sw-1 NE --PINO weRe OOWM /encft wwres IN 00(2. A Sandwich SOM- ALL.THE MONJEV SOT 1(0 TV»e TO PUTT TMt5 OOT UJE CAM BACK AS soos AS toe FOR THE BIRDS. I ^'PSCT HE'LL. BE MUCH S' MAM OOWEM T UJAH IS) AW' T ALU FOR.-rue MOMG.V VOU RUM AbQWS to THE AW J'LJ- FOR By Leslie Forgrave CopjTlsht, 193i, ny Ctntral Pren A«soctiUon, Jn WE'VE LESS THA.KJ WEEK IN WHICH PREPARE FOR O SAME HUMT CADDIE FIRST OF ALL WE MUST SET AC COMM ODATI QMS AT A CEMTRALLV LOCATED HOTEL. FOR THE NEXT FEW DAVS. GOSH/ IF WE'RE GOIWS TO LAV IN | WHATS THE SENiSE OT= : TO A 1 WELL, we MUST ) 5o LAV 1NJ AND WHAT O0 DO AFTER THAT? Thrifty Swifty;

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