The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1913
Page 4
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mSfa^t^^^V^l^S^SS^^^^i^-^^^ -2 THE GETTYSBURG TIMES U, S. WltL NOT 'CHARLES 8, DATES ^^ ···»__ i-ir--t^J TW«1*v TT-v*-oTi4- SrmHftir ^^ * ^^ ^ _^ _ ^M ^a, «t · GiVE DP OiAZ DIES IN STATION Published Daily Except Sunday Tbn* and New* Publishing Coupa W ULVBKEHAFER, P£ Secretary and Treasures. PrHEIP R. BIKLJE^ Editor BUBSGKIPTION Served by earner in Gettysburg for 25 cemta per momth. «ur». MfMMM. 3^^ ^ uts i d e_oj_Gettysbarg for 25 cents per momth. RATES Single copies lo non-subscribers. Z cents. IF yoc re" THE TIMES bv mail vou can find the date up to which yoa arc - - " '-*--'*on TOUT paper. The date will be rhanired withix p a - a r e s s a . ten. days after your money is received at The Times Office.. Ektand AsgbkoS, "UKMUaf: Gettysburg, Pa., as second-claia matter, nadei - - '-· T* s c ' -··" 'Coagress_Mareh 3, 1879. _ ^xo^^w*^ r » tm Northwest eor«er of Centre Square, Gettysburg; "HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR *' . ADVERTiSU-iG BY THE GENERAU OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO tidal 5le centner -word^ieh insertion. Two cents a*word'if"guaramtec jjpjijrpSKitiofc- Retohrfioii* 'or respect, poetry and memonam* o»« cent per- woixt - " ~ ~^" - ,, , ,. ,-. - TO OTJR READERS _ -. , ThVGettvsSure Times takes absolutely no part'in poEriciJ, Being neutral om"aS aSSrtoS^SSnBthat^ippMtrB in our general news^colmnns. concermng «tat«-or«t»nftHK*iiisc?i3fBr=iaJied us by-The American.PresAssocianoB,*- ccncero wnich'gives the same sews to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, or One advertising columns are open to all candidates of all parties. siness to.fcg fftB (Hop jon vou -want- a- weekly paper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS j More local reading matter than i a»y other paper published j Price Sl.00 per year. HOTEL IjapadtjJttlO Roomi with bafiTettTroli* Hm -MeCononrr, Prop'*. · __^--=-- ~~"" 1 GHAS. S. MOMPEB Watch our windows for Faon-' --Fire Proof Storage- ers' Day premiums. Lots of things j Warehouse f or ^ Furniture and JTrimmer-'s Big .5 and 10 Cent Store ; at special prices for xhe -week. j Household Good* atored any length of tima. EICE PRODUCS COMPAI3T Highest Gash Prices Paid for all ! = --FARM PPvODUCE-- | Umder Time* Office, Gettysburg." W. H. TIPTON --Photoprapher-- GettyBburg SouTeBira Wiii Take Mexican Refugees to For! of Cfioici FLEBT8'-GBii8BATATYEMG8UZ Accompanied by Three Others, Seeks Protection of Americans, Fear ing For Their Lives. \ Washington, Oct. 29.--General FelLs Diaz and-two Mexican companions and aa American newspaper correspondent aamed Williams are now on board the United States gunboat Wheeling in the harbor of Verc. Cruz, having taken cefiige, thfire under the plea that then e are in danger. This was reported to the stats de ' by Rear- Admiral Fletcher, tae battleships- in.Moxi- aan waters. The admiral said that he would Sold Diaz and his panj\ until aisf ru«e by -Wasbingion what dispo- -itioa to make ol them. - At the state department it was learned that no decision has yes, heea reached regarding the refugees. See cetary Bryan cabled to Admiral r requesting him to ask Diaz Mulli-Millionaire Succumbs to Heart Failure; ^ HIS WIFE JMS WITH Famous Stock"^lunger and Medical Advertising SONSiMPTim STILL THE ttEMJESTROYER Can Be Prevented, if Treated in lime--Remedy- Described Below Proves Successful Medical Advertising Hair Vigor Just a little cat* and small expense, that's alL Sb't a'heaHSof rich, heavy bair-iwrrtSc _. Ask Your Doctat-. S eOESQjspiion is still proTiss one ol i in Butler township, greatest destroyers of lUe i: is no_!o2ger ! _- Head of Iloises? v-toeii has PUBLIC SALE " On Tuesday November the ISth 191S. Will sell at public sale on the Emory j Bair Fanu, 3 miles north, of Gettysburg \ 3Iules. 1 bay good farm horse, 1 sorrel horse PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News TeUinf of the Happenings in and abort Tow People Visiting Here and Thost Sojourning'Elsrwhere. *C--,C*iy WB.'STiJ gmjs: l/cCii J^7i\7*STii" 5/J * «w M^*****TM-* | o _ -- - * if trials a reliable-aai eSttSsve- preieutrre. I years old Sine Isne ,, ~"1U« boise, 1 sorrel iioise 10 years Prof. A. E- Weaiz nas returned fiom Passed Away tn- Few Cody, Wyo. mgxit gut. { ,p -., , . j Mrs. Si C. "Burger, of Carlisle street, j iss beea ksovra as . . . J vhich is pro-lias highly su I ymm A^ ^»i*j»*~-i^ --^ea^^-.' .*?.*.*v AVvo O"t ·"'9.- : -CSafle3 "G. atrodcced. This EauiJi-oa --* "°- "~ . , ,..,,.,,._ Se Irritated lc=£ lissses. I ;, muin-aaiLonasrp^stocix jlun?er, . £ v s!e =i sad Cod Gates. athlete, sportsman asd son of the Ute ^ Joha \P "Befcyou a-iaislina."-*Saies, istticted. »5:h weak lea^s .lead. Ke was"ih^-s^en years old. !"jjr^^f^^v^1, --Heart failure k ; PeJ "nisi. He collaps-1 . ej . uh ,.., d ^j,:.,! st^- vigorous ·---- »· ed IE the railroad station at Cody and 5 (~rprisi=siy short ii=e. in Minneapolife some- tfirse~a aiout The trip was maue in the hope j 3as3!::oa i-nr be s that Mr. Gates would regain ass health, i ' D '- JoLB ^ """' v.-hich ha,d been failing for several! months--although his condition nor thought to b-_* serious. was At Private Sale acs lad his Mexican companions what jhevtwish ro 3o. A decision as 10 their iHsposmch \rill be reached after Diaz "ias expressed his desires in the siat- terr - ~ ' If Diaz states- tha* ho-v;ishes to get oat of ilexico. undoubtedly the "United States will aid him to do so. The most satisfactory procedure, as far as this government is concerned, would be for him to express such a desire, and then Admiral Fletcher cou!d place him upon the nest steamship leaving Vera Cruz for the United States or Cuba. In regard to TTiHiams. the state department is inclined to believe that there is no good reason u-hy he should not remain in Vera Craz. provided he does not -sv-ish to leave ileueo altogether. The Mexican siuiatioz has now- reached a point -a-here the^ United States is oound ro present to turorean governments some practical and concrete plan for bringins: about the restoration of order in the southern republic. Thau is the"itlab!e interpretation, put upon developments. Under pressure from European powers. President "Wilson has pladged the United States government to make a definite siatenient of policy IE regard to ifexico. At the request of the United States three of these coders have agreed to deter action in Mexico until ihey have listened to what President Wilson has to say. In the meantime this government is confronted -with the request from France that protection be afforded to the lives and property of French subjects at a noint forty miles inland from the west coast of Mexico. The United States has replied by sending a cruiser, but the Question is likeb to be raised no^ whether or not this government will land marines. DRESSED_chickens, young or old, ' can be secured from C. B. Hoffman by )t thought to b-.' senoas. ; . - - - . ,__ ,, The death'of iir. Gates takes one! ordering day ahead, Telc-pnone 1, S ^. of the most picturesque fisures in the;--adverpsement world of finance, romance, sport and i a \-T:.=u.t !,iu(i.-r O loot cut. 1 31cv,oriaiL-fc uiower o I - _, . ... fr!r :l ° r :!:ii S ioot cut. 1 fi-c-r hay rake, ·_'Mo«ntt-iH« I street, has gone to Charleston n, \\. .xxues HI ^ | u ar ._j. c . rx . pi ows . i east beam Syracuse 11 Va., on a business trip. i »!ow, 1 Mi-Comiicfc lexer harrow, - Perry j Henrj- Siegrist, of Lebanon, is visit- .ve.-. I harrows, I land roller, I double row cor» - .^ M ^ 8 home of Mrs M Valentine on Springs avenue. Donald P. McPherson -was a visitor in Chambersfaurg on Tuesday. Rev. Charles E. Heinewaid, of Emmitsburg, is visiting at the home of Miss Annie Banner on Centre Square. Roy P. Funkhouser is visiting Viends for several days in Hagers- own and other places in Marcland. Eddie Plsnk was one of the guests ;f honor at the World's Champions' an«uet in Philadelphia Tuesday even- 10 full Indian runner duek?. J.SM. treatee--.: ci » Sale to L-egin :it 12 o'clock a crtd'u 'riiTVci^es:- "V'"r:te j 1 1 10 momhs will tte {;iveii on all suius 01 fiVfc dollars and - ' " By purchasers jilviiijj a note with apiro\ed security. Robert Thoiupiou Aucti. Pius ifillcr clerk. John D. Riley The following desirable properties are now offered at | Private Sale. ciub life. His father was famous for, his offer to,"bei a million." The son..^ inheritor of $40,ii'"'0,OC'0. \vas in his o w n j t way no less famous. Kis raids" on the {' stock market time atul again were "the I talk ot" \Vall stree:. Aid he al-a-aysi won. lit Philadelphia 1 -onee he -waved', aside several hundred dollar "bills, de-S Glaring them "truck." There is hardly j g 2. city in the -United States or in the | ||j larger countries of Europe where [ ^ Gates is not known. Between sorties | g on. the stock market he would travel here and there, from Isew York to _ Philadelphia, or Vv'ashingeon, an'i then, i a tew weeks later, to Paris. London or! Berlin--though he liked Paris best. It! g is said he gave away $1.000,000 a year j j| i-x-tips. SaturdlajrNoy. 1/13.1 o'clock p. m. | .-Business-Location In Arendtsville Borough g (S - . Gates Tvas particularly noted for the --THE-H Ten New Brick Eight Room and Bath, || ^ Houses on N. -Stration St., near Stevens St. g WW \K ^ These house are complete in all respests, front ^ ^s and rear porches. lawns, heat plant, toilet,^ gas and ^ electric li^ht. hot and cold \vater, electric bells and p are located in good residence section, possession April ist., 1914. Also the desirable dmlding lots 40 x iSo feet lying oa both sides Fairneld road near Seminary Ridge ^.| and in Cumberland toxvnsbip. close to Gettysburg, ^ .. fi - this Fairneld road is a U. S. road aad is always in vg ^ c-ood condition either for foot or vehicle travel. "^ ~ ** , r- 11 ^ There arc no lots in or near Gettysourg naturally ^ better adapted for building purposes than these, no ^ ^ filling, very little grading required, prices right, now ^ \ is the time to buy, there are four corner lots and quite ^ a number of others. fig H^ Also there are for sale desirable building lots 40 % ^ xiSo feet fronting on Springs road near Seminary v« ^ Ridge, while are not quite as desirable as the lots on ^ $ Fairneld road they will be sold at lower p'rices. ^ /ps " v x -l j M, Apply to DIAZ'S FLIGHT DRAMATIC Applies to U. S. Consul at Vera Cruz For Protection. Vera Cruz, ilex.. Oct. 23.--Genera! Felix Diaz. Tvhc- ^sras one of the presidential candidates In Sunday's- election, applied to the American consu- 5 a?e for urotection and ^-as taken cr United States gunboat love fee bore his father, the late John \-~. Gates. The slightest illness of the latter -a-as enough :o make his son drop -whatever he had in hand and _ rush to his side across the country, or j if need be. across the ocean. A few' years back he created a nation-wide sensation by speeding all about: tfce country vrith his father in a private car. now trying a physician in this city, now one in another. Later -when a ! ''able announced thai: his father was j Hi m Paris, yoiing 1 Gates rushed to the j dock in New York, boarded a boar jast j about to sail. OScers tolci him all the \ s:aterooms on the boat had been en- [ gaged, but Gates Insisted that ir ne- j cessarr he -n-otild sleep on a couch in Ihe salon. "My father is ill. Ee has cabled me and I musr go to him," he said cog- gedly. Ana he -s-ent. It ·was that illness, by the way. to ^rbich the elder Gates siiccuiabed- Charles Gates was rfrJce married. His first -sv'fe divorced him about t^ro years ago. The reasons for the divorce ·were never rcade public. A fe~ months j later, immediately folio-wing the dearh j of his father. Gates admitted that he j ' ^-as engaged to marry Miss Florence J Eop-zrooc. of Minneapolis. The cere- ir.ony -K-SS performed Sept. 27, 1511, in " L'ocatea on Main Street. 'Consisting of brick house, frame store building, ice house, stable, engine house, hog pen and other outbuildings, at Dreseiit occupied as a restaurant and confectionary but suitable for any business purpose. Bathroom, hot and cold water and light plant in building. Also Lot of ground fronting; 55 ft- oa High Street unimproved. The above properties will be offered at public sale on the following terms and conditions. 10 per cent of the E! purchase money cash or approved note, balance April 1st, B 1914 wher deed will be given subject to 1 year lease pay- 1 ing Sl-50 a year. X- L. MINTER. ^^ggssEiirgsyara^giaisssiiaSs asSjatesta.T-'a MAYORS DISCUSS NEW- LAWS board the Wheeling- Jose Sandovai and CcciiSo Ocon, Mexicans, and Alesaifder u'illJams an American newspaper correspondent, ·svho had made similar appheatios to the consulate, ^ere taker, on board the gunboat -- Ith General Diaz U. Blum, an American ·S.-B.O had accompamea the Diaz party i from Havana to Vera Craz. -was arrested. Diaz's Sight, accompanied by Ocoa and Sancovai. v.-as dramatic sa the er- trerne and caused a great sensation v hen it became n, the three men ta'-ing the ^f an exc-rsion over the roof of the German hotel adjoia- in^ the An:er : ca^ consuiate, despite the Tact that tat a rr.onties had stationed armed guards on the lookout oa the roof for just su'.h a breal-- -.Vhen tbe arr^v-d in-ice the rooir. Gettysburg, Pa. ^ Q? U Q as-.ed that the Consul, ! Nine Executives Seek Light on Com- j mission Government. , Harr:1 -'--;! Pa.. Oct. 20.--The may-j ors of nii:- third-class cities decided in j the course nf an all-day discussion of j tie pro-ils.or.s of the Third class com-j miss.on ^o-ernmersz la-s- that control j ·u or=e:!iai j. i of uQe v-~'- force saculd be vested; *" : direct"" :n ;"~e mayor as at pressat. The orinion oa this subject '::2ani:r-C"s and the mayors «^1I cons- j ii otafir eiecatives on the i ne-i* Ja". -n.-hei« the may-' ' cities become members | odied council, becomes e:- | Tb^ 11:"" r f the t:ir,e "TTSS ccnsuTned i la acoj: ri i ger.era". pohcy to pursue i ".:-. vr. o" i:.=crepan;:es !n the lair, | ·a-.'.-nre to provide for pay "n ?)etw«»eii December aTid ^ it v.-as (IcTcrmincd, the ·would Ira-ie tbe right t-- Canada, e ca'led Apparently scf- r^a*. exc:ten:ea% tr.c-y as- ?:rea b'.ni that tr°:r l.-o? wre in :nj-| -- ,:nf -t ca3=:«~r Tier ce'Jareci they j -ad kr.-.-Krl 27-e=;t r.a-i z,"Z for tss prote'uo^- In reply Canada pointe-i to pro-.I-!-- :-- an-i the filling of vacan- Good Roofing Always Pays Yoa never quit paying for a poor roof. Tliis year it needs painting, nezt year perhaps patcaing or other repairs. Trie year after you may be digging down for the price ot a new roof. , . It costs just as much to lay a cheap root: as it does to put down roofing that you can bank on for ten years. Why take chances ? Why risk ten years of endless expense and needless bother when, at the same cost or less, you can^ g e t Reliance? - 1 1 - r t. j ' Reliance Roofing is the unquestioned choice ot narct- to-please builders the country over. After ten years of_ service on every kind of building, Reliance Roofing stands today in a class by itself. Guaranteed 10 Years" Without Coating or Painting 'OOFING Reliance Rooting 5s tte only prepared rooHns made tLat is guaranteed to give satisfactory service for ten years or more uxthaut Teaming painting, coating or repairing. It's ^e one roof you can safety pu. onanyfauiidins- Once laid, it needs no further attention. Rehance p^S-.g 5s all tKaf a good roofing should 'oe. It aus^-ers every sensible roofing ivaat at a reasonable price. TAN-I-»P c; *;~t:~3 You cannot aSord to take chances--tate RELIANCE. SaiKfied users in every state of the onion are adopting Re.iar.ce Koo.^g as standard. Before "vou spend a dollar on roofinj. ^H or telephone and learn why the manufacturers of Reliance can afford to back it vain a No-Coat- Ko-Pamt Tea-Year Guarantee. -·; Gettysburg Departm e n Store-Baltimore St. se tbat orsirs for their! cea -ss^^i and thc-v beg I :.~ r ':""-! There's z Ta"n-3 tber-e." "*" s TO-J'G ut-ivr make a rr:n Tor r." Tl'e fs-^a-td TO rsa^ v=nt-jr?, as *» str"-- :n front of i ·-ire at iviount pocono. | ? · -:r. Pa. On. "0. -- Mount j P«v ,- . ~ --;:nT2er resort -s-hich aa-1 A* 7. ,':'.;- · -. 'lasr.s thousands, was vis- . i . ^ se-stmctive Sre. r?.5-,=ing a j ? · ". Th^ postfnre was de-1 g "nc bi'ildlng contained a j 5 .--''. sunsmer garden, public j 2 '.;her small stores. | ? b y j i^y "v^s^ '' £*i ^* ^ * ., " v - ^ look over oar flats and Shoes, cae knoau the Desalt. C. B. Kitzmiller Wbsna they fisaHy tr.e detect:-.*- foecize tbisa at;o tr,c; t%ly, *hrou?h th ft thi /-on?n!at«:j ily d.d not r.-- j v-aikwi 'l^UV-r-; to the pier. ' , re th' s :-''pr r -r-rj ted a --ard from Can ada to the oSz'^r i« f',~n:ani of the; ·"«·!! r 'ce-'en Form Trade Union. j'. Vr. 2fv--London's nolice-S' -'n:sp Inoc'ilated with t he |; · r £--»rm and a provisional. ·'·' r.ra-an from their ranks, is J r.% rnembers in what has 1 .-- ··-! ihe "Metropolitan Police i a-jr.c. Tne Ars^-riian off.'-'-r on boarl. th^ :a';r.cs 'a a'jkV.^y across ·ivbe^Ls? and pur thex ' to the 03 boar«l. .1 ·" pro re!es s *!'t. that S"oot s Van to Make Kim Dance. f.i'.i . · a, Oct. 25.--In real wild '1 v.-r.'. j v. r-f-t style, Matthew Taylor ··*' : i -i elf a "regular terror" by ' -i.: '; I- Priebe in the foot -when :" · . to do a "buck and wing" FOR SALE: five thww2h**rfd boll j A.nycr- -vanting private boarding terriers. IItil Tfp Poultry Farm, I". n.!,. r ,j \,.\..,,. v a tcs reasonable, apply MtCamraon.--adverUfoemea. [a'. 'lim-.- OHlcc;.--advertisement Public Sale Of household goods, on Thursday, October 30th. In front of Court House, Gettysburg. Will have a large lot of household goods, consisting of stoves, bed-springs and furnitnre of all descriptions. H. B. Bender FORTY FANS HURT AT BASE BALL GAME The Srandstand Coiiapses at Tulsa, Dkfa. Tulsa, Okla., Oct. 23.--Fort- persons were injured at the b'.s** ha51 park here when the grandstand collapsed. A good cro'srfi had assembled to witness the game between the Xew York Giants and the Chicago White Sox. and the accident occurred just b'.-fore the game was scheduled to start. The crowd in the grand siar.d was moving around in an effort to S93 every point'in the practice of'te f«t» tea»ns- The movement of the spectators started the stand to swayine. and In an Instant it had collapsed. ; Ambulances were summsned from i Tuisa, which is- aborst a. : jailer and a I half from the ball jiark. ana" the^m- jxired were-reinovec"to the-Tiilsa-hos- pital. The game -was started! aboiit a half hour late. Tfie-weather-was. Tery cold.-an3"a severe northwest wind was blowing. \\ Are^FKaTcfng Their l-irrai Arguments. Plymouth, Mass.. Oct. 29.--All evidence Tn tbs trtsl of 3irs: Jennie IFar Eaton..'charged trftlr poiacnrip^ Ser bnsbandj Rear A-dmira! Josepb' G. Eaton. has been put'In and tie fate of the woman will pro»ablr"^e entrusted to the jury late this afternoon. William A: Morse occupied tivo hours with his argument for the ie- I fense. District Atoraey Barker's plea j for conviction is expected to be ended j in time for Judge Aiken to read his charge the jury before adjournnient. IN addition to the .stock advertised elsewhere to be sold at my public ?ale ! on Nov. 5. I will offer a number of !pure bred and registered 2 and 3 year i old Belgian mares which I have just lately acquired. Jos. B. Twining---advertisement [. Bushman Cleaner ! and PUBLIC SALE NOVEMBER Sth r 1913- The undersized ^511 sell at public sal" at his residence in Straban ..own- ship on the Gettysburg and Hunusrs- toxC-n Road, 2^ miles from either P l°head of horses and colts. Black mare 5 years old, will work ^erever hitched, black mare 9 years old with colt bv her side, vrork wherever hiu±- ed These are both family mares, ssue for woman or child to drive, fearless of all road objects, 1 bay horse ^ rears old, thoroughly broken to ^vork and drive, this horse is a number one driver, safe for any woman u drive, J. black mare colt 2% years old, an estaa fine large mare, will make a n«mber one brood mare, 1 roan horse col- 1% vears old, 2 black horse colts 1% Vears, 2 mare colts, 1 Mack and one bav 1 % vears, these wits - are extra lafgefor-their age, well boned, prom- e to mate fine e one 4 months old, 3 red s, 8 months old, 16 head of ho^rs one fullbred Duroc Jersey male hog 1 old, eligible to register, 2 young «'«'. v - _ . r _ December, 13 Sae" to commence at 12 o'clock, =harp when attendance will be given wins \ .NFM'SPAPFRf .NEWSP4PE1

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