The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 28, 1952 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 2
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/ ma Cttr OWk-G»»«tU, MUM City, la. PCS Moines Woman Sees /nfo Future *,DES MOINES W) -- When''the father-in-law of Mrs. J. W. Cronin, 24, prepared to leave for home at ter stopping in for a visit Wcdnes day night, Mrs. Cronin said; "Dad, you've got to stay here tonight--there's going to be a prowler coming," .Mrs, Cronin's father-in-law, J, Ray Cronin, did not l a u g h _ at her premonition. He went home and got his pistol. At 1:15 a, m. Thursday, f i v e pistol shots shuttered the .stillness ol the Cronin home, :, , ;jMrs. Cronin said her father-In- Jaw,- sleeping on a first floor sofa fired the shots vvhen he was awakened by a prowler who had entered through a kitchen window. ;/.The prowler fled through dtchen door and escaped. Police said he may have been hit because only two bullets couJd^be accounted tor in the kitchen wall and a third through the screen door. Mrs. Cronin said this wasn't the first time a premonition had come true. 'J predicted (hat J was going to Nave boy babies before either of them were/born and I predicted I wns,going to have a daughter," she said. "Then I predicted that my daughter would have polio. Another thing I predicted was that my husband was going to be In a streetcar accident,!! AD of these came true." ; ' Mrs. Cronin's husband is now employed in Los Angclos. She said she plans to join him soon. Wednesday's 88 Degrees Hottest Since July 27 Those who thought a u t u m n days wore on their way got a : shock Wednesday. The ' temperature in Mnsori City hit 8fi, the highest since J u l y ' 2 7 , · Developed ft» Momtc Ine MONEY-IACK GUARANTEE! Al all ROYAL "400" Stations DUtrlbut»d by ROYAL '"400" OIL COMPANY Major Oil Firms Won't Dispute Cartel Charges WASHINGTON MV-The Senate Small Business Committee said Thursday none of seven big oil firms accused of monopoly practices has accepted an offer to appear before the committee and dispute the charge. The monopoly accusations were detailed in a long-suppressed report written by Fed-" oral Trade Commission staff members. The report was made public by t h e Senate committee Monday.-;. '.'.-. . : \ · ·'·'[· "·.':'. We hive had no request for » hearing from any of the seven," Blake O'Connor, director of the committee's professional staff, told a reporter. "So Dr. Walter Adams, the staff member who would have conducted the hearings, is returning to his post as a member of the faculty ot Michigan State College at East Lansing, Mich." The report named the seven com panics as Standard Oil-of New ,Jer-, sey, Standard of California, the Co,, Socoji'y-Vacuum Oil Co., and Gulf Oil Corp., all incorporated in this country, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., largely owned by the British government, and Royal Dutch Shell, owned mainly by Dutch,and British interests. In press statements at t h e ' t i m e , the companies generally denied any wrongdoing. Demos Say Fair Board Unfair to Them in Exhibit '.DES MOINES (UP)--Democrats have charged the Iowa Slate Fair Board with "maneuvering" them out of exhibit space at the fair. \ State Democratic Publicity Director Frank Moorhead said the fair board a 11 o w e d the Polk County Young Republicans to set up a booth outside the Varied Industries Building .Tvicl that a worker there asked.him to sign up for" Dwlght D. Eisenhower, Republican presidential candidate. He said the Democrats tried to buy exhibit space at the fair several years ago, but were told there would b« no political booths · at future fairs.- · "We made the mistake Of taking them at their word," he said. : L. B. ; Cunningham, Fair Board secretary, said the ruling applied only to exhibit space In the Varied Industries Building. Carrier Boxer ^^ ( Back in Action Off Korea Planes Smash Red Power Plants SEOUL, Korea Uf) -- U.S. Air Force bombers rained new destruction on Communist supply centers near Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, Wednesday night, after planes from three U.S. Navy carriers -- Including the newly-repaired Boxer -- bombed Red power plants in the northeast. The fury of the aerial strikes was in sharp contrast to light action along the 155-mile battlefront. The U.S. Eighth Army's evening tactical summary Thursday was the shortest of the war--21 words. The Navy said the Boxer and two sister ships off Northeast Korea, the Essex and .the Princeton, sent up 222 Individual flights that dumped explosives on the huge electric plant at Chosen and other facilities from Kojo to Chongjin. Farther south, the British carrier Ocean sent planes north of Haeju peninsula. · In a raid of Sohung, 50 miles south of Pyongyang, 15 B-26s unloaded destruction on a Communist supply center after civilians Nad been warned to flee. Moorhead I t i s«id Cunningham's 2 Days Left AUGUST SALE AI Montgomery Ward Officials Quit CHICAGO ( U P ) -- Two more vice presidents of Montgomery Ward Company have quit the huge mail order firm, in a huff, i was learned,.Thursday. The resignations of Roy L Gcbert and Herbert Riegetman were the latest in a long series o resignations and 'outright .'firing: among the company's top brass. '· I Gebert, like many Bothers who left the firm, said he had differ ences with Sewell Avery, 78-year ][old chairman of the board., Gebert, a veteran of 25 years IIwith the company, was vice presi dent in charge of retail operations Kwith headquarters in Chicago Jftlegelman was in charge .of sof t||oods and headed the New York I office." ; . · · · · : . - 19-21 1st Street S. E. Mason City DAVIDSON IOWA S L A R G E S T HOME F U R N I S H E R S Ends Saturday .. .Shop Now... Honest Values . . . Honest Reductions LAZY SUSAN PANTRY AUGUST SALE PRICE f 19 95 63" high by 20" wide. Extra feature Is the LAZY SUSAN turntable. Ventilated bread box, 2 beverage compartments, spice rack, ·linen shelf, divided fruit and vegetable bin included. All steel, baked refrigerator \vhilo, . finish. FPC Denies Gas Company Motion WASHINGTON (JTt--The Federa Power Commission has denied a motion by the Northern Natura Gas Company of Omaha, Neb., ask ing .stay of a" July 30 order which disallowed $7,601,853 of a propose* $10,600,000 boost in the firm wholesale natural gas rate. Northern asked the delay'pend ing outcome of a rehearing applica tion it said it planned to file wit FPC. The order on which the Com mission Wednesday denied « sta; directed Northern to file rat schedules to cover the approximat 3 million a n n u a l rate increase a lowed under bond pending furthe action. Strikers Picket Capital Tobacco CHARLES CITY (UP) -- Seven teen employes of the Capitol Tobac co Corporation, distributor of bee and cigarets, went, on strike an started picketing Thursday to en force demands for union reprcsen ation. Glenn Marrs, publicity directo of Local 115, United Electrical, Ra dio and Machinery Workers o America independent, said the com pany had refused to permit a co lective bargaining election unde the National Labor Relation Board. BUY NOW FOR FUTURE NEEDS!! No Money Down CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS FREE DELIVERY in Iowa and Southern Minnesota RADIO SCHEDULES "MOMENTS ON THE MOUNT" C«ndwct*d by REV. ANTON CEDARHOLM MOD. thru Sot. 6:30 -- 7:00 A. M. Sunday at 7:30 A. M, C«n b« h«»rd «n KATI K1OA- Dm KTOI L«« 14M 14» T Western Union to Boost Rates ; WASHINGTON W) -- H i g h e r charges for Western Union's teSe- graph services will go.into effect next Monday, Sept. l. The F e d e r a 1 "Communications Commission announced Wednesday that it will interpose no obje.c- . tiori to the rate boosts proposed by . Western Union last May. The company filed a schedule 'of increases at that time when it settled a 53-day strike among 1 its , employes with a promise to establish a 40-hour work week and in- ' crease so0ie wage scales. On the t ' . Radio Beam THUHSDAV NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC--7:M Hollywood S t a r PUrhoviet 7::1U Defense Attorney; 8:00 Origin*! A m a t e u r Hour; 8|I3 Foreign R«- portcn S:0tt New« of Tomorrow; »:1J Club Can Do. CBS--«::W Pen/ I^eei 7:15 E d w a r d K. aiurrow; 7:00 Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons; 7:30 F.B.I. In Peae* and War: 8:00 Mr. Chameleon. MBS--7:i0 Modern A d v e n t u r e s ; ·::» Th« Hardy Family; K:0(l Rod and dun Clubi 8:30 Reporters' Roundup; H:OO A. *". of L, Commentators; 9:15 1 J.ove a Mystery. , ' NBC--7:00 Father Knows Besti 7:M Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons; 8:0* Dragnet) 8:;MJ Cuunleupyi 8:00 Your Hit J'arade. ISNT THE HAT ENOUGH?--Navy Ensign LaVern Nichols of San Jose, Catff.,*is Ph ail ready to give out with more clothing but the little Korean war orphan'getting a free ride looks'as if she prefers things the way they are. Ensign Nichols-was passing out clothing given by people from his hometown at the Marine Memorial Orphanage near the village of Pohang, Korea. Zorin Named UN Delegate From Russia UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. 1*1 -Soviet Russia has named Deputy T oreign Minister Valerian 2. Zorn, who staged the Red coup in Izechoslovakia, as her chief dele- ate to the United Nations. Jacob A. Malik, the present delegate, is ;oing home for "rest and reassignment." H»r» by S«pt. IS U.N. officials a n n o u r i c e . d Vednesday night that the Soviet old , them of the forthcoming change in a note addressed to the nternational organization's secre- ariat. Zorin is expected to. arrive by Sept. 15, just a month be- ore the General Assembly opens ts annual fall session. Malik, who has been suffering 'rom'.» heart ailment for some ime, was originally scheduled to return to Moscow on leave early hi»i:«unjmer. He has cancelled is r 'pajsage twice, but the Soviet nnouncement of his replacement ame as a surprise which observers could not immediately evalu- te. Wid. Shuffl. Already this summer the Soviets a v e . announced a widespread shuffle of diplomat assignments. Andrei Y. Gromyko, for example who held the U.N. post before tfalik and then became Foreign Vlinlster. Andrei Vishinsky's . top deputy, has ambassador. gone to Russia London as also has changed her top representatives in other major world capitals, includ ing Washington and Peiping. Candidate Profiles Police Trap Fails to Net Wanted Man PACIFIC, Mo. i* -- Roadblocks, bloodhounds and a patrol plane failed Thursday to trap one of the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives, William Merle Martin, in rugged country near here. The all-out manhunt began Wednesday night after Martin, 42, was believed sighted during a wild automobile 'chase,by 'state highway patrolmen. :: The fugitive, believed armed, is sought in the slaying of Deputy Sheriff Willard C a r v e r , near Qlathe, Kan., last June 23. Martin fled into a cornfield 40 miles west of St. Louis after a pursuing patrolman had forced his car into a ditch. Three bloodhounds joined an all- night search by state highway trooper and FBI agents. At daybreak a highway patrol plane joined the hunt. But the bloodhounds lost the trail after going about a half mile into the woods, circling back to the highway. The search centered in a 20-mile square area about 30 miles southwest of St. Louis. A heavily wooded reservation is in the area. Police said the terrain is so rough a man might be able to hide for days. Stevenson By RAYMOND LAHR United Press Stiff Correspondent' Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson is a lard man to see, but he's worth he effort when the door finally opens. Since his nomination the door has been locked to all but aulhor- z'ed callers who have been de- icending on Springfield, 111. The Illinois governor is a'ch'eer- ul man--sometimes puckish--with a quick wit and a reputation for phrase-making, but he can be ruth- ess when the occasion demands. Plays Tennis Stevenson, who is 5'feet 9 and weighs 185, tries to keep his \»aist- ine "under control with an occasional game of tennis, which he slays better than most men of 52. tie usually loses, however, when ic is matched against his admin- strative assistant, William M Blair Jr., who has.won the Springfield city tennis; championship for ( twO: years,; A divorced man, Stevenson lives a somewhat secluded life in the MJ-year-old, rambling, white brick Illinois executive mansion. Ignoring the .routine of most of lis predecessors, Stevenson does nearly alf of his work in offices at :he .mansion and .seldom visits the governor's office at the Statehouse. N e w s m e n have long grumbled because he refuses to hold as many press conferences as they wanted. He has held severa since his nomination but the re porters are still clamoring for more. Four-syllables Despite his easy-phrasemaking Stevenson's assistants sometimes have to-restrain; him from :using four-syllable words which woulc be over the heads of his audience. His accents arid clipped manner of speech reflect his Eastern schooling. He /speaks in .public with apparent enjoyment but he once said, "I sometimes rnarve at the- extraordinary-docility with Eisenhower By REX CHANEY United Press Staff Correspondent Dwight D. Eisenhower's smile is 'amous around the world. , He is a friehdly man, a persuasive conversationalist, a nat- irally warm individual. But the 'urrows in his brows have deepened in the last few weeks. The transition from soldier to politician has been, in many ways, a slow and painful process for him. He has had to shift from the routine of the military to the catch-as-catch-cah of politics; from the familiar military companionship to the tiring rounds of Conferences with politicians, advisers, well-wishers and advice-givers. See It Through Eisenhower's personal feeling, Peggy Lee DIAL 1300 5000 WATTS KGLD-FM CFM On Air 3 p.m. to 10:15 ».m.) . (6:30 p'.'-jn.) Oldsmobilc prc- , serits the versatile mistress of song in her own musical show. ·, Carlson Plan .,(7:30 p. m.)' The F.B.I, investigates a series of jewel thefts that baffle the police i n , "The Carlson Plan," sponsored by American Tobacco. Mr. Chameleoir . (8:00 p. m.) Wrigiey's /MR. CHAMELEON, man of. a' 1 " thousand faces, solves "The Surprise/Motive · Murder Case." v" .. Racing State Asks Hunters to Help in Survey DBS MOINES:(UP)--The State Conservation Commission u r g e d lowt hunters Thursday to, co-operate in « survey of wildlife population trends. ' Hunters were asked to send the commission quail wings, pheasant wings and right front foot and leg hones from rabbits and squirrels during the fall hunting season. f/ w h i c h Americans submit -to speeches. In news conferences, he is usually-deft but unwilling, to give away future 'campaign moves. When he doesn't know the answer, he says he'll'have "to be educated about that." . ' . , . The governor has claimed ifor himself the reputation-of being "a. very h a r d - m a n ( with .a penny." To back this ·claim, he sometimes ducks into an empty room at the mansion to turn out a light. And the official limousine is a 1940 Cadillac which has traveled more than 300,000 miies. When he can, Stevenson prefers to travel by now that he's in politics, is that le's going to' see it through. He proposes to wage a vigorous, fight- ng campaign. He is not, he says, going to compromise his convic- ;ions.;. · . · , . , . ; · ' , · / · ' . · · .If the voters won't take him as ic is, he plans to turn away from solitics with the feeling that he lought an uncompromising fight, stated his case as he saw it, and eft it up to the people to make their choice on the basis of the facts. . . He proposes to indulge in no name-calling. He freely admits as of now he is not acquainted with the record his opponent, Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois, has made. When and if he takes out after Stevenson's record, he will not make a personal attack on Stevenson. The 62-year-old former five-star general, who resigned from the Army when he was nominated for the presidency in Chicago July is the first to admit that in the last few weeks he has been learning a lot about politics. Politic*! Adviser His chief political adviser is Gov. Sherman Adams. ; of New 1 Harnp ; shire, now ot» leave from his gubernatorial duties. His e'xecutive assistant is Arthur H. Vandenberg, son of ,the late senator from Michigan, and his press secretary is James C. Hagerty,' who served in a similar capacity, for Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York in the 1944 and .1948 campaigns. One apparent custom .held over from Eisenhower's, military .career plane. COP on Job In his relations with professional politicians, he has not always been orthodox. He kept some Republicans in state jobs and he showed much less sympathy about providing jobs for faithful Democrats than the county chairmen expected. When he learned that state pay- rollers were employed in a party patronage office at the St. Nicholas Hotel, he ordered them to return to state jobs or go on the party payroll. As the 1952 political campaign, approached,', he ordered his department heads to resist demands to provide more - state jobs for the party faithful. Complain "Key Clubs" Are Selling Liquor iES MOINES Cfl -- Complaints that new "key clubs" here are illegally selling liquor by the drink have been received' by Iowa Secretary of State M. D. Synhorst. The secretary of state declined to name the. clubs. (8:30 p. _m.) Brought to you by leynolds Metal, it's the McMahon · Memorial featuring the ration's finest trotters. Coffee Time ; . . (11:15 a. m.) Each week day morning Borden's ·presents. :'''The Doug Shcrwin Show," ·'muVie«aiiid chatter for relaxation, this week featuring Bob Clausen as M.C. Thursday P. M. r,:f)0 Newi and Markets, Douihboj Fecdl r:t.~, Clear Lake Show S::0 Curt Ma»ey, M i l e s Laboratories ft:I. 1 ) I.rtH'fll Thomas. Trader . Gamble H:IM) News, P. C. E. ( M i n i h a l l ) R:15 Jack Smith, Procter If Gamble fi::IH Pcttf Lee Shnw, Otdimobile, CBS «:!.'. Edward R. Murrovr, Hamm'l Beer 7:(Ml Mr. Keen, American Chicle, CBS ~::)0 F.B.I. In Peace and War, Am. Toh. X.-IMI Mr. Chameleon, Wrljley. CBS X-.:i» McMahnn Memorial, Reynolds Metal 8:45 Dave Rose »:00 Bob Trout, K e w i , Cen. Food], CBS 0:05 Sammy Knye 0:30 Good OKI Days 10:fHI News. First National Bank If): 1 15 Sports Camera, ' Gtobe-Cazelfe IH::10 K e u l a h , Procter fc Gamble 10:45 This J Believe 1.0:50 Evening Serenade 1I):SS It Happens Every Daj, Ton! U:00 News, CBS · . 11:05 Dance Orchestra,, CBS Friday A. M. 5:30 MnrnlnE Rouscr 5:55 News (Tenncy) J 6:00 Morning Rouser . B:l,- FoiblH Serenade, Foxbllt Feed* fi:::i Farm Reporter, Stile Rrarirt fi:45 News · ; 7:ll(l Johnny Lee Wills, G e n e r a l ' M i l l s 7:15 Musical Clock . T.-Jfl Neirj, C«5hw«j Lumber ' 7:Hi Checkerhoard A l m a n a c , Purina 7 : i r Keep Time Wllh Damon'.* X : l r Hnlsiim Headlines, Ilnliom Bread X::tO Yeslerilay's Mtiilc, Cofll Sprlnr X:l.-, M y j l e r y Melody: M. C. Merchants B:ftfl Bible Broadcast, Radio C K a p e l - . .'1:1.1 Tndajr | n Oia(e. Osaife Merellants' !): In Kitchen Cluh, .Tidy House Product! 10:0(1 News ni» Jacob E. Decker 10:15 R a c k to School. M.C. Merchant* IfhTO Or»ni Slare, Wonder Bread, CBS in-.l-. Home Town Netri, Sidles ll:f)fl Wendr Warren, CBS MM. 1 !, noujc Sherwln Show, Harden'* l l : : i n Helen Trent, Am. Home Product* has ; caused some good-natured, grumbling among members of his* staff--his insistence on getting an early morning start on the day's work. On* Routine VVhiie Eisenhower was in his Denver headquarters there was one routine he went through each day. The doors of his office were opened promptly at noon for a sort o£ open house, and he met and greeted anyone who wanted to stop by to shake his hand. .This procedure usually lasted from 20 minutes lo half an hour. Those who wanted art autograph were asked to step aside, and wait for the others to pass through. Then Eisenhower sat down at his desk and wrote his name on pictures,-postcards, etc., for another 10 or 15 minutes. Eisenhower is an enthusiastic, serious golfer. He has-little or no time for social conversation on the golf course. He studies each shot carefully, and he lines up each putt with the care of a Ben Hogan. HAY TO SOUTH DES MOINES U-r-^The Pro duction and Marketing 'Administration said Wednesday 784 car loads of hay have been ordered through Icxwa' PMA county ' committees for shipment to drought- stricken farmers in the South. 11:»5 Our Oal Sunday, Am, Home Prod. Friday /. Al. 12:00 Today's Markeis. Noirena l'i:0r, Man On the Street. Prileharn"» IS: IS Musical Varieties. Slaley Feeds «::tll News, Standard Oil ( K e w ) 12:13 .South St. Paul Market Institute 1:00 Second Mrs.; Burton. General Food 1 * 1:1.1 Terry Mason, Tide Soap, CBS I::IO This Is Nor» Drake, Tonl, DBS 1 : 1 5 B r l r h l e r Day, Procter G a m b l * S:m) H l l l l n p House, Allia-Seltier 2:l.- House Party, Plllshury, CBS -:3I) House Parly, l.erer Bros, CBS 2MJ Dr. Maln-ne, Crljco. CtfS a:lKl Arthur Godfrey Time, CBS 4:^0 Chapel of the Air, Her, J. n. Jei» 4U.1 Ma Perkins, Procter Oamhle MBS-- DIAL 1490 Program Liftings at ».m.-n:SS ·VmT p.m. KSMN 1000 Want Dial 1010 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. 7:15 A; M. NEWS Monday thru Saturday Pr«*«nt*d by B. F. GOODRICH CO.

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