The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1913
Page 3
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All peEKma are warned not to trespass on the premises of the under- ·igned with dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in anyrinf ttnetj 1 noP for flsbing,or in any way injuring or destroying property. All persons vio- lilmg tti*'iaws"of the commonwealth -with regard to trespassing on lands o! th* undersigner -will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of AprilrH, . William* Allison, SamT. Walters farm, Hamiltonban, township. John D:-Rfley, R. 12, Gettysburg,,Pa. Cumberland Township. .r Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Ctiniberfand Township/ " - D:»B. Wineman, Cumberland Tovmsbip. Frank Mumper, R. 1*, Gettysburg, Pa. "C." J. DeardorfF, Orxtanna, Pa. Charles Wagaman (Dr/W-.Hi^Neal Farm) Highland Township. P. L. Kime, Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. C. B- Sfcank^ S.traten Township; R-1, Gettysburg, Pa. J. H. Kuhn (J. T. Kiihn *Farm R: 2, Gettysburg, Pa. Mt Joy Twp. Jacob Frommeyer, Straban Township. J. George EL Hjman, R- 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. / George C. Shealer, Straban Township. Mts. Mary J. Weikert, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. JL Rex, Box 50, R. 2, BiglersrUle. Sirs.'Matilda L. Codori, Cumberland Township. f Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg.. Pa., Cumberland Tovmship. / J. L. TOOT, Straban TownsbipD: L. Jacobs, R. 1, Blglerrille, Pa. Butler Township. ^ Joseph B. Twining, R-12; Gettysburg, Pa- Edward A. Scott,-R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. . J. D. Brown, Highland Township. R.-F.-Biddle^Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg. D. J Reile/R. 12,-Gertysburg, Pa.j Cumberland Township. * Leo Frommeyer, Mi. Pleasanr Township. Martm Winter, Cumberland. Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert KI Major, Straban Townsfiip. John.W. MHih'enny Farm R: 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F.~Re5ert, Seven, Stars, Pa. G. W. Eldon, Bendersvffle, Pa. ' George D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg: Joseph A. Albert, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg- William Coshun, Straban Township. D. C. March", Butler Township, R. G, Gettysburg. Elias Wolf ord, Mt Pleasant Township. H. C. Warren, Menallen Township. C. H. Rummell on C- L- Osborae farm, Menallen township. Wm. M. Bighanr*5 Sons, Freedom Township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons, Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters, Tyrone Township B. 3, Biglerville, Pa.~ Charles Essick and sisters, Butler Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. J. C- Coulson, Butler Township. A. S. Whisler, Mt Pleasant TV--*WT *? in F REAM HELD Dily Clerk and Three Councilmen Accused of Graft CAUSES BIG POLITICAL STIR Medical Advertising. uimm TROUBLE HOHMISE mm You Breathe It--Xo Stomach Dos- ings--Clears the Head. Use nature's remedy for catarrh, or cold in the head, one that is harmless yet quick and effective. It is the healing oils and balsams of Hvoaiei which you breathe through a small pockeLinhaler. This curative and antiseptic air reaches tne most remote j air cells in the. nose, throat and lungs, I killing- the catarrnal germs, stopping , the offensive breath, raising- of mucus ! ·, droppings in the throat, crusts ia the ! nursery stock in all leading varieties,:; MAN WANTED Old Reliable House wants a good appealing honest man to take a position of trust at a good salary. Must be hustler. Write at once. Young Follett Company Dept. 26. Boston Mass NEW GMIDEN AUDITORIUM Hanover Street liollor skatiujc e\ery night and speiial session 'every Satur lay afturnoon. !**· ' Special care will be given tp^laflies and children. ; Admission and skates i5d Nig^tf^ardmission 100. skates ijc For the- benefit of these wishing to learn to dance the Two. Step, XViiltz, Spanish Boston. Ostende Boston, Extreme Bos- Mrs. Clestia A. Black, R.1, BigtervIUe, Pa. George Herring, Highland Township. Vf. F. Herfast, Omanna R. 1- O~B. Sharretts, Cumberland Township. R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. G. E. Stallsmith, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa. John Dick, HoSfacker Farm, Straban Township- Gilbert Rudisfll, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg Route 1- J. E. Jacobs, Eugene S. Kelly farm, Cumberland Township. J. Clavton. Rider, 31t- Joy Township, Gettysburg R. 1. Charles Fidler, (W. E. Golden farm), R- 1, Biglervffie, Butler Twp, F. B. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. John H- Eckert, Straban township, Gettysburg, R. 8. Otis Walter, (Conrad Walter Farm) R-1, Tfllie, Franklin Township. E. F. Strausbaugh, Omanna R. 1. AlberrHollinger, Cumberland township, Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardorff Brothers, Tillie, Pa. Franklin Township. E-P- Garrettson, Butler Township. John and Frank Garretftson, Menallen Township. R. H. Black, R. 2, Gettysburg, Curnberland.Tawnsh!p x Mrs. Daniel" Miller; Cnmberlaud-TowEship, Gettysburg Route 6, D. S, Reynolds, Straban Township - Gettysburg Route 9. W. A. Bigham, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R- 3. John Groscost, R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. GarSeld Jacobs, R-13, Gettysburg near Barlow. Dorsey Beardorff, Highland Township, (Ifrs- H. B. Mover Farm). H. S/Mertz, Hamilton Township- (Campbell and Mover Farm). James I_ Bigham, Freedom Township, Gettysburg, Pa. Levi Crum, Menallen Township- Mrs. Andrew Brough, R-1, Aspers Menallen Township. L H. Meals, Cumberland Township, R- o Gettysburg- C. W. Black (J- Cama Smith Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg, ML Joy Twp. Wm- H. Johns, Cumberland township and Gettysburg. George W. Wolf, R. 3, Gettysburg- Cumberland Township- Edmund Little, (John Blocher Farm), Cumberland Township. Harris Cook. Menallen Tovmship- Walter C. Snyder, R. 12, Gettysburg, Ps.., Cumberland Twp. Bayly Farm. Vincent Redding, R. 8, Gettysburg Straban Township. Edward Redding R. 9, Gettysburg, Straban Township, A. J. Smith Farm H. E. Boyd, Guldens, Pa-, Straban. and ML Pleasant Townships. _ _ Harry S. Trostle. Straban Township. Edward A. Trostle. Straban Township. John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm, Straban Township, Gbg. Route 8. Mervin I- Weikert, Highland Township. R. 1. FairSeld. D. F. Batterman, Butler Township. Shultz Bros. D. B- Snyder Farm, Straban Township. Gettysburg P. O. McDannel Bros- Arendtsville and Franklin Township, Biglerviile, R- i- E L- Smith, Butler Township, Biglerville. S- B. Bream (Samuel Bream's farm), Butler Township. J. Edward Lawrer, Butler Township, R- R- Xo. 2, Biglerville. S. J. Haversack. M. M. Sponseller farm, Straban Twp, S- «; Gbg. M. E. Freed, Mrs- G. W. Biesecker farm. Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township- John H- Sponseller, (McPherson Farm), Cumberland Township. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) btraban Township, Gbg- R. 8- Mervin Black. Bigierville. Menallen lownship. Mrs. 3Iartha Reed, near Arendtsville- Wa\ bright Rice, Biglerville, Pa. H. S. Cfomer, Mt. Jov Toxvnship. R- 2. Gettysburg. Pa- John S Wolf- Straban Township. R- i, Gettysburg. Pa- Clarence Hoffman, R- R- 2. BigJerviHe. Pa. J. C. Waiter, Butler Township. R- 2. Biglerville. Pa. Robert Witherow. Cumberland Township, R- 13, Gettysburg- ra. Frank Herr, Camberiand Township. R- 13. Gettysburg, Fa. _ Frank Eicholtz. Freed Farm. Straban Township. R- 12. Gettysburg, Pa. D W. Stoops, Highland Township. R- 4. Gettysburg, Fa. J Martin BVeam. Tvrciae Township. R. 3, Biglervrile. Fa- H- H. Hart, R. 6. Gettysburg:. Pa- Buder Township. Samuel Schwartz. Mt-'-Jov Township. Gettysburg, Rou^e 1- J ^ Weczel, (Man- A. Snvder farm) Franklin Township. J. M. Bushman, (Marv A. Snycer Farm) Franklin Towiisnip. J. W. Tate, Tvrone Township, R. 4. Xew Oxford. J. W. Cook. Menailen Township. Flora Dale, Pa. A-1- Osborne, R- 2, Biglerville, ,, . _^ Allen Barnes, (Crome^Farm) Cumberland Township. R- 13, Gettysburg Chas- E. Schultz, (Gilbert Bucher Farm) Franklin Township, R- *,w R. A. Diehl. (Minter Farm) Butler Township. Star Route, Biglerville, P John B- Eiker, Cumberland Township. R- 12, GeuysDur^, Fa- W J. Beamer, Straban and ML Pleasant Townsmps, Gettysburg, R- 8- C. E. Tawney. ML Pleasant Townsnip, Gettysburg, R. 8- C W. Toner, (E.-A. Crouse Farm) Merallen Townsmp, R- R- Idaville, Pa. J Blair.e Bushey. Franklin Township, R. 1, Biglerville. Fa- Jacob Groscost, Tvrone Township, R- .', Gettysburg, Pa. W T. Howard, Straban Township. Curtin McGla5lgnUn-(Jbhn-P. Butt Farm) Fxanklm Township. James Sander^"(lf- £ M«sselman Farm) -Hamiltonban Township. Howard Bream. Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg, Pa. Allen Redding (RobL S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Township. William J. Eckenrode, Cumberland Township. G G Griffin, Straban Township. Route 9, Gettysburg. Denton Hoff (Rufus Lawver Farm) Butler Township. Irvin R- Snyder, Bonneauville, Pa. Harvev Scott. Cumberland Township. ,,,.,,. ~ · \ Jacob Boyd, ML Joy Township, R. 13, Gbg. (William Cromer Farm). S F Bushman, Franklin Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. D. M. Hoffman. Biglerville, Route 2. E. N. Hoffman, Biglerville. Route ?. J T Hereter. Highland Township. R. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. Ernest ManahaiftMrs. P. L. Honck Farm) R- 9, Gettysburg, Pa David G. Lott, Straban Town-hip, Gettysburg, Route 7. W. C. Stonick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. _ M. Shindledecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, E. o. H. M. Trostle, Highland Township Tilhfe Post Office. D A. Hankey (Mrs. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cumberland T\vp., K. 5. . D. C. March," Butler Tcwnship, R. G, Gettysburg. RCHIVE® »- They Art Charged With Conspiracy and Accepting Bribes to Vote For Fire Apparatus. Reading, Pa., Oct. 29.--Three coun- oilmen and a city clerk are under ar- 7esr on charges of conspiracy, made by ihe Philadelphia branch 01 a detective agency. A police detective, Halliss.ey, of the Reading police department, is the nominal prosecutor. The accused men are Councslmen John R. Lewis, hoteltaas, Andrew J. Fleniming. machinist; James M. Cummings. president or select council and candidate for council under the commission plan at the November election, and L. S. Ramsev, city clerk. All gave bail before A'.deraiaa C. W. Yarnell for court or a hearing. J. H. Sloan, from the Philadelphia detective agency, is the prime mover In tfie movement to "make a cleaa-up" at city hall and worked quieUr at a hotel, for* several weeks. He pcsed as a promoter of fire apparatus and framed up Jus room, at the hotel v. · tb. de- feciophones and other such appliances, j I Several hundred dollars is involved in the "gift" which Sloan declares was accepted by the accusea men. Sloan had arranged to sell the city a motor attachment for one of the Reading 5re companies. He says he became intimate with the accused men and that one of the men-accepted $25 la marked: bills a: short time- before his arrest. This man insists that the mosey -was accepted in the sense of a campaign contribution. The accused men ar prornsnent. Lewis and Ramsey are Republicans, while the others are Democrats Ma or Strattoa Is reported to be back of the investigation. The friends of Cummings declare the arrests to be for political eSect, intended to defea- Cammings at the election next Tues- The affair caused the greatest i ton, and other dances, Mr. G. E. Bookhultz '17 will foim- WE have for sate a choice lot of \ class Thursday afternoon October £ 9th.-i'9T3; 5 afc 4"p'. m. *Jti*Jj r »L»liigO ill UU.*; CiiiVelty vi Ui-tO iii CUC *«*--·««*».? «rf*r^*.** ·*- *.*» ..-..*_***,...{., - i^.^.-wM.h.wy . ^^^ aose'and all other catarrhal symptoms, jpropaga^d from bearing trees, Boyer ! Open every afternoon 2. The compile outfit costs only $1.00 j Brothers, Arendtsviile, Pa.--advertise- i and People sij||rug Store will return j ' 0 to 5.00 your money iTnot satisfied. Do not continue to suffer catarrhai ills--try Hvomei now--to-day. Hallowe'en Mask skating Carnivarand Ball. BRONCHITIS Cost More--W of.-: Most Waverly" Oils and Gasolines Royersford, Pa_ Man Te!!s How. ) At this season _of year v.ith such ; sudden changes, it is so easy to take j cold, and almost before one is aware j there in inflammation in the bronchia! j tubes--a hard cough and unless ] checked jn time chronic pulmonary j troubles may result. j 553 Townsend Young of Royersford. Pa., \ ~~ says: "A severe broncoia! troabie con- i tracted caused me much di*ncaky j about breathing. My chest felt clogged j up and there was considerable sore- j ness. I tried dinerent remedies wi'th- » out help; but Lam g!ai! to say thatj|S| Vino! cured my bronchial trouble {|*g which had lasted for three months | j$g My breathing is all right and the sore- ; gg ness entirely gone from my chest."* I g§ Vipol contains the curative, healing ; ~B2 principles of fresh cotis' Fvers (with- i 3Sy out oil) and tonic iron. We guarantee! jjj* it to be delicious in tasre and to satis- j S? fy you with its med:c:nai effects. Peo- | gg pies Drug Store, Gettysburg, Pa. J |gj P. S. If you have any skin trouble j K£' zry Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. - ' . n*s--Uluminams-- Lubricants --Wax--Special Waverly Oil Works Co. Pittsburgh LADIES! DARKEN YOUR GRAY HAIR Use Grandma's Sage Tea and; _ c Sulphur Recipe and No will Know. The use or Sage Cummings has been a power in councils for years, leading; the Democratic party. He has been aniagon-'stic to ifayor Stratton's adtainistration, and-considerable bitterness has existed for some time "Politics," protested Cumininss. "I have not been arrested but was requested to enter S500 bai at my own convenience That sao-as _ and Sulphur tor j restoring faded, gray hair to its natur- j a! color dates back to grandmother's i __ ... ___ ----- - . . _ time. She used it to keep ner hair political sensation that Reading has beautifully dark, glossy and abundant, p^p.. i-io-am "Wherever" her hair fell out or too"-: on that dull, faded or streaked appearance. this simple mixture -was applied ··vita v.-onaerful effect. Bat breviring' at home Is mussy ana j oar-o-date. Nowadays, by asking- at ! any drug store for a sO cent bottle of "Wvetb's Sage and Sulphur Hairj Remech *". j ou will get this famous old recipe v. hich can be depended upon to ~ Even more startling than the arrests Ion the bribery charge is some c£ me evidence -which tSe detectives allege they have obtained through, the detee tophone, -which" has been in frequent use. That an attempt ~as maae to olackmail Mayor Stratton is also a part of the charge ^hica the derec tives make against Guy C*=rk Ram sey as the prime mover E. O- Conkling, manager of the Philadelphia oSce of the Bams ae tective agencj. told reporters that Ramsey had admitted an attempt tc blackmail Mayor Stratton by haims a ^"oman go into the maj or's office and tlrea be caught in an embarrassing sitnatioa- -·'This -eras framed by Ramsey, said he ^vas a friend of the ma said--tiie_Jiiaiiager of rhe detective agency, '"but it ^as nor carried out. The affair will likely have some effect upon the pending election James Cummings is one of the candidates for council, but Le-wis and Flamming ·were defeated for the nomination at the primaries in September. Cuin- mmgs has long been the Democratic leader in counciL restore natural color and beauty to the i hair and is splendid for dandrair. d_ry 3 1 ^^ fevensh. itchy scalp and falling hair j *'" A -H-eil-knoVn downtown, druggist j says ir darkens the hair so naturally i ar.d e\-enly"that nobody can tell ic has! been applied. You simply dampen a I SDons:e or soft brush, "with, it and dra~w }this through your -hair, taking one , strard at a time. By morning the j i grav hair disatroears. and after anoth- | : er applicariorf" or ' -"· » -- TM -- · beautifully dark, abundant- it becomes i glossy, soft and ; DODGE ZUILL'S "EASY" Vacuum Wasner Hand or All Steel, and Copper Easy to opperate- Easy to candle- Sa'-es the Clothes, Circular^ free V"rit«; our accHw David Ktiouss. le. P.i FOKBES and Forney TOil sell a car load of good colts at public sale York Friday, October 31.-advertisement - - Are ydu ready for the c r Hunting Season? If you- are planning a Hunting Trip for a day or" a month it will pay you to let us fit you out with the proper equipment to insure a successful trip. Iver Johnson and Harrington Richardson, Single Barre Shot Guns, guarantee J for Smokeless Power, $4.00 Harington and Richardson 44-ga. Shot Gun, shell ejector, for boys or ladies, $4.25 L. C, Smith Hammerless Gun, $25.00 Ithaca Hammerless Gun, 1 2 and 20., $20.00 Tryon Hammerless Gun, 1 2-ga., $15.00 Davis Hammerless Gun, $-1-3.00 Davis Hammer Double-barrel Gun, $10.00 New Club, Nitro Club and Winchester Shells. Hunting Coats $2.00 to $4.50. Leggins, Gun Cases, etc. Everything you need. JOIN OUR PIANO CLUB We sell the famous Story and Clark Pianos for cash or on the Easy Payment Plan. Call or write for particulars. If you wish we will have an experienced salesman call on you. We give the %C_ Green Trading Stamps. Gettysburg Department Store Gettysburg, Pa. SINGER SEEKS DIVORCE Schumann-Heink Declares She Won't Pay $100,000 Husband Demands. Spokane. Wash., Oct. 29.--That sac is determined to get a divorce from her husband, "William Rapp. Jr. ol, Chicago, -without paying him a cent, ·was tae declaration of Mme. Schuman- Heiak here. Her husband, who is fourteen years ner junior, demands §10V 000 for release. The singer showed recently that she still has money by sending a caeck for $3000 to one of her sons in Cai- cago. -vrith which to purchase an automobile. Matrimonial difficulties started j soon after Mme. Schcmann-Heink took j unto herself a third husband. She m-j sisted, it is said, that ilr. Rapp should j not talk to or associate -^ita any one j but her j Breeze "\7OUR favorite seat near the -*· windovi/ Is comfortable on the coldest -day when you use a Indians Women Bar Mrs. Pankhurst J Indianapolis. Oct. 29.-- The Woman's ) Franchise league has canceled its en-: gagement with Mrs. Emmeiine Pank- j hurst. The English suffragette ^s-ill not ' lecture in Indianapolis. The reason is j that -while a certain sain had been, i agreed on for the lecture, Mrs. Pank- 1 hurst insisted on taking up the collec- s tion. and this.^-as refused. The league | \rould cot consent to any moaey-mak- . ing scheme. \ Fetes Herself on Birthday. Chicago, Oct. 29.--An unidentified ·woman ordered orchids, roses and a special memi for one at a cafe, spent two hours at her lonely table and pai(J ae check for $51, saying: "It's my birta- iay." FOR RENT: furnished or unfurnished rooms. 117 Carlisle street.--arver- tisement Gives quick, glowing warmth where and when you want it Easily portable. No smoke. No smelL Safe, clean, convenient Steady heat for nine hours on a single gallon of oil. Made with plain steel or turquoise-blue enameled drum. Dealers everywhere, or write for descriptive circular. The Atlantic Refining Company Philadelphia Pittsburgh ,'SP4PERf

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