The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1937 · Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1937
Page 19
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·T*- tU-x 1---^iT , "·~*'Z7?'* " ^ TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 20 · 1937 LIVESTOCK PRICES HEAD UPWARD HOGS ADVANCE ABOUT 10 CENTS Top Rises to $10.35 With Further Curtailment of Receipts. C H I C A G O , (If)-- Livestock oric'es reversed their downward trend Wednesday and tilted upward largely because o£ the further curtailment of supplies and partly because the wholesale dressed meat market showed signs o£ recovering. Hogs were around 10 cents higher, top rising to $10.35. The run was 6,000 below advance estimates, totaling only 15,000 head, or half of the week ago supply. Top wholesale pork loin quotations' fell off % cent a pound. Cattle tended a shade higher and a few choice to prime offerings gained 15 cents. The early lop rose 10 cents to $14.35 within 5 cents of the recent 12 months peak. Beduced receipts were the main stimulating factor because the dressed beef trade remained sluggish although beef carcasses were higher in- some instances in the wholesale market. The range on carcasses was .10 to 20 cems a pound compared with 10'A to Hog Markets M I D W E S T HOGS. Hog prices al midwest markets Wednesday: CKDAIt RAPIDS--Good hogs HO to 150 Ibs, $7.5037.80; 150 o 160 Ibs. $888.30; 160 to 170 Ibs. 5S.50C8.80; 170 to ISO Ibs. S9.10S/9.40; 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.30Si9.70; 200 325 Ibs. S9.55f|9.85; 325 (a 350 Ibs. $9.30((i9.70; good packers 275 (o 350 Ibs. $9.05il9.35; 350 to 425 Ibs. $8.5009.20; 425 10 500 Ibs. S8.15'a9.05; 500 to 550 Ibs. 58.60 '(jS.OO. WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. OTTUMWA--Hoys lOc higher. 140 to 150 Ibs. S7.55S7.85; 150 to 1GO Ibs. $3.05 tlS.35; 160 to 170 Ibs. $3.55^8.85; 170 to- 180 Ibs. S9.I5S9.45; 180 to 200 Ibs. 59.40® 0.70; 200 to 325 Ibs. $9.GO«!9.90; 323 lo :i50 Ibs. $9.45ff9.75; 350 to 400 lljs. S9.25® 9.55; Backers 275 to 350 Ibs. $9.20rI9.50: 350 to 425 Ibs. 59.1039.40; 425 to S50 Ibs. AUSTIN--Hogs 5c hlsll"! good to choice ISO to 200 Ibs. $9.50fft9.80; 200 to 290 Ibs. $9.70^10; 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.6Cf? 9.90; 325 to 350 Ibs. 39.50(19.80; packing sows good 275 to 550 lb"s. 58.80^9.50. 18 yesterday. Lambs shared in the upward tilt but packers were resisting early higher asking prices. It was not easy to whip stock buyers into line higher market as some were in a' position live- in the of them - r- ol-indepen- dence until the wholesale dressed trade demanded greater volume. Buyers representing eastern and several big slaughter plants were ready to skim the cream of cattle offerings at the shade advance, but commission men held on to these to divert interest to, other grades. SOUTH ST. AUI, LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, W--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2,200, slaughter cattle mostly steady to strong; medium fed steers $7.50 fji9; good grades scarce; quoted up to Sll or more; plain heifers $5@6; some led lots around S6.508; good beef cows SGftG.SO; common and medium $4.50$ 5.75; low cutters and cutters S3.50*f'4.50; sausage bulls $5(jjC; medium heavyweights around 'Sf3.25; common and medium stockers $3ItT.50: little chanced; calves 2,300; ve.ilers mostly steady with Tuesday's decline; bulk good vealers $D.50«H0.50; choice Sll; few $11.50. ' IIOOS 7,000; hoe market not yet established; sellers asking strong to unevenly higher; h o l d i n g best butchers above Slo; buyers talking mostly steady; average cost Tuesday S9.70; weight 207 Ibs. S1IKEI* 4.000: run includes three loads fed ewes; one load ol feeding lambs; balance slaughter Jambs: no early action on slaughter classes; sellers asking higher: load of m e d i u m to good 54 Ih. western feeding lambs sleady at 50; bulk fat lambs Tuesday $10^1(1.25. Local Livestock . 140-150 150-1CO leo-no 170-1SO 180-21)0 200-220 MASON CITY-- For Wednesday H U G S Hogs steady. Good light lights Good light lights ... Good lichts ......... Gaud lights ......... Good Ugl" butchers Good Sight bulchers Good me. wt. butch 220-250 Good me. wt. b u t c h , 250-270 Good mcd. wt. butch 2TO-290 Good heavy butchers 230-325 Good heavy butchers 32s-350 Good heavy bulchers 350-400 Good packing sows . ?J=-3=9 . , Good heavy sows ... 3oO-42D | B.Ba- 9.13 Good big heavy SOWS 42o-500 | 8.15- 8.9a Good big heavy sows 500-550 * 8.45- 8.1s IThe above is a 10:30 truck hoe market lor cood and choice hogs. The ditJcrence In price Is Jor short and ior.s haul hoss.l CATTLK _ " - - ' S 6.90- 1.20 S 7.4U- 1.70 S IJ.IO- B.40 S 8.15- 9.05 5 9.25- 9.55 S 9.50- 9.80 S 9.50- 9.80 5 9.50 9.80 $ 9.50- 9.30 S 9.5U- 9.80 S 9.35- 9.65 S 9.15- 9.45 9.05- 9.35 -"EhoS-toTMftc- steers -.'... Good io choice' steers f a i r to Rood steers ....... Low grade steers ... Choice to prime yearlings . Good to choice yearlings .. Fair to good yearlings ... Common to fair yearlings . Good to choice heifers . ---Fair to good heifers ...... . Common to fair heifers .... Choice to prime cows ....... Good to choice cows ....... Fair to good cows ...... ..... Fair to good cutters ...... Common to tair cutters ..... Fatr to good canners ....... Common to fair cancers .... Inferior cannera ...... ...... .. Good to choice bulls ....... Fair to good Lulls .......... Common (o fair bulls ...... Inferior light bulls ......... Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 Calves, med. to good 130-190 Calves, infer, to gd. 130-190 LAMBS - Lnmbs, Ed. to choice 70-90 Lambs, med. to , good 10-90 Lambs, fair to med. 10-QO . Lambs, common ............. 53.75 down Xcarllngs. gd. to ch. 10-90 * 5.00- b.OO Yearlings, medium to good $ 4.00- b.QO Yearlings, fair to medium .$ 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, cuJla ............. ·'* 2.°0- 2.50 Native ewes, good ia choice Culls, ewes ................. Bucks ...................... Vi'ethcra, 2 year olds ........ Wethers, old ................ Buck Limbs 51 lows. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject lo market fluctuations. ? 5.50- 7.50 $ 4.PO- 5.50 S 9.50-10.50 5 1.5U- 0.00 5 5.50- 7.50 $ 4.00- 5,50 5 1.00- 9.00 5 5.00- 7.00 $ 3.50- 5.00 5 5..10- 6.25 5 4.50- 5.50 $ 4.00- 4.50 ^ 3.50- 4.00 S 3.00- ?.50 $ 2.75- 3.00 $ 2.EO- 2.15 S 2.00- 2.25 $ 4.7S- 5.50 S 4,50- 4.75 $ 4.00- 4.50 J 3.50- 4.00 5 B.OO- 9.00 S 5.50- 8.00 $ 5.50 down S 7.75- 3,00 S G.7S- 1.15 S 3.75- P.75 $ 2.00- 3.00 $ 1.00- 1.50 S 1.00- 2.QD 9 5.00' 6.00 ¥ 3.00- 5.00 KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. ( W e d n e s d a y Market) KANSAS CITY, (if)--.U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS BOO: no directs: slow, mostly Ifl- 15c higher than Tuesday's average; spots up more on Underweights; top S10.10; £ood lo choice 200 Ibs. up 59.9015710,10; 170 to 200 Ihp. S9.65W10; HO to 1GO IDE. $0.30^9.6:1; sows $9.25 ft 9.50; few S9.GO; stock pigs scarce. CATTI.K 3.000; calves BOO; fed sleer.i and yearlinps o p c » f n R 'steady to strong; buyers resisting: higher asking prices; q u a l i t y improved: she stock mostly steady; bulls weak; vejilcrs and calves littlo changed; stackers and feeders slow: steady to weak; kind' medium weipht steers licld at $14; several choice loads held around SI2.50ifrl3; early sales beet steers and m e d i u m to good grade S"-^Of? 11.10: part load good heef t cows SG.75; practical top vealers $11.50, SHEEP 13.000: opening sales lambs slrojjK to slightly higher; fleeces wet; sheep steady; early top fed Iambs $10.25; some held higher; early ,*alcs mostly 3D.854?I0.25; slaughter ewes $3,90*75.50. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) OAYAHA, (.3^--U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 4,500; steady to 15c higher, top S10; 180 to 300 Ibs. S9.75R10; 160 to ISO Ibs. SD.35W9.BO; 140 lo 160 Ibs. SS.50tT9.fiO; 120 to 130 Ibs.' $7-50^8.50; so ws $9.50rJ 9.10. CATTLE 1,01)0; calves 4 0 0 : steady to strong; steers S9.50fitl3.75: heifers £7tf!10; cows $.1.75417: cutters S3..10B4.50; bulls S5.50a6.50: tJ P vealers $10.50. KIIEEP 2,500; Iambs 10-25C higher; best held $10.50. LIVESTOCK FOTIKCAST. CHICAGO. MV-OfCictal e s t i m a t e d re- coEpts for Thursday: Cattle 5,000 hogs 15 r - OOP," sheep D.flOO. Representative Safes (Wednesday Marfcel) CHICAGO. dPj-- U. S. department of agriculture -- Representative sates: iior.s. Heavy-- (Lights-40 316 10.15J6:) 194 10.35 62 205 10.2.JJ30 · 176 10.25 64 288 10.20|42 17S 10.15 27 . 260 10.35 89 160 10.00 Mediums-- [Licht Lichis -02 249 ' 10,351103 155 9.75 70 241 10.30J75 148 9 so 300 225 10.25| 18 210 10..15I SHEEP. Fed Western 112 211 109 1R9 Colorado 202 114 L F.S 92 sn 81 La US 98 (Native Lambs -- -tinbs -10.85 10.15 )l.65 10.50 mbs -- 10.7S 10,50 CAT 81 67 56 72 Fat 56 47 31 27 Tl.l- 94 97 8.1 79 Ewes -- 11R 112 124 115 10.75 10.65 10.50 in. 25 fi.ll) 6.00 S.50 5.00 Hlccrs-- 24 15711 1162 IHeifcrs C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday M a r k r l ) CHICAGO, (PJ--U. S. dcparlmcnl ol nR- rlcuHurc-- HOGS I5,(10fl; Including 3.500 dirccl; slow, around lOc hiRher than Tuesday's average; sows strong to shade higher; top $10.35; bulk good and choice 180-to 300 Ibs. $10.20j10.30; comparable ]50 to ITS Ibs. largely $9,fyDfi'10.25; good 400 to 550 lb. sows 55.40SF9.70. CATTLE 8,000; calves 2.000; KOod to prime icd sleers and yearlings firm: sprinkling choice to prime o f f e r i n g s strong to 15c higher on shipper account; early top S14.35; several loads $1:1.6517' 14.25; sizable sprinkling toppy cattle here; reduced receipts main stlmu- Jatin'g (actor; dressed beef Irade remains very sUlEgisli; largely sleer run; stockers and feeders weak; \vcalhcr an adverse influence; meaty yearlinfts on country account tip to SB; thin k i n d s $5.5[f6.25; all she slock steady to strong; strong weight cutter cows up to $5 in isolated instances; bulls weak to S6-50 clown to $5.75; vcalcrs slrong al $11-50 down. SHEKr 10.000: Including 1.000 direct; early sales feel wcsicrn lambs fully steady at Sill.50; bulk Held sleady to unevenly higher; packers resisting u p t u r n ; fed ·western lambs predominating In run. HOB 12.10 1S40 1245 1I7B 1243 14.40|28 n.noji!) 11.35J2B|2fl 10.40II5 7.50|18 [2!) |32 HID 845 D21 714 ·176 7OT ins 10-12 !H2 78fi 11.50 10.50 S.7S B.nn T.SO 0.50 7.00 fi.SO 5.30 5.00 4.2S Miscellaneous MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 2400 3300 BOO 700 6OO SOO 400 300 200 IOO MONTHLY RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES* OF~THE "UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT SOyfCt- REKJBT5 OP TVC TRESO3Y OeFT. UON7W.Y AVERAGES ARE SHOWN Ffl« EACH FISCAL. VC1R fROU IS2» TO 1935; THEREAFKK. ACtVM. flECE'PTS Juja £IP£NO»TDBES Bf UOmwS. AMOUNTS U«0 fOfi PV6LIC OCBT BETIflEMEMT. ANO M;OEUtNTS BESULTWG FROM GOLD EVALUATION Ant E MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 2400 2300 Haoo I--I--1 I--I iHCtyoES n.GTS.-tsz^si.rz row VETERANS' ADJUSTED SERVICE h C E R T I F I C A T E S 5 l,fiTl;4»2.H1.72 FOR ADJUSTED SERVICE CERTIFICATES. EXCtVOEO EXPENDITURES-- KtT EXPENDITURES AS REPORTED BY TREASURY DEPT A F T E R CREDITING LOAN REPAYMENTS MADf TO EMERGENCY' AGENCIES, WHEAT RALLIES IN LATE TRADE New Crop Deliveries Take Lead in Fractional Advances. CHICAGO, #)--In late dealing Wednesday, wheat prices rallied, and showed fractional advances, with new crop deliveries taking the lead. Predictions of severe cold weather caused anxiety about domestic winter wheat. This was the case in particular regarding central areas where there has recently been much rain. At the close, wheat was -Vi off to 1,2 up, compared with Tuesday's finish; May, ?1.30 to ?1.30'/s; July, $1.13 7 / 8 to $1.14; corn, Vs. to V- down; May, 51.10% to $1.10M; July, 51.051/2; oats at 1/4 to % decline, and provisions unchanged to a setback of 12 cents. CHICAGO CASH GltAIX. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. (rj--Cnsh vhent: No. mixed S1.37/ = i(U.3S; No. 2 mixed S1.35. Corn: No. 3 mixed S1.12',i: No. 4 mixcrt Sl.Ogi.ilTl.lO'A; No. 3 yellow $1.12ffiI.13: No. 4 yellow Sl.OT^rgl.ia'.i; No. 5 yallow S1.05ffll.OB^ r ; No. 4 white SI.lS-SU.i:! sample grade Sl.02Vi1tl.03. Oals: No. 1 white SllilTaGHc; No_. 2 white 5!c; No. 3 white 53c; cereal :£c; sample grade 52'/ 4 c. Soybe.-ins: No. 2 yellow S1.G1. Barley feed aoc^Sl nominnl; mailing S15?1.42 nominal. Timothy seed ?SC6.25; new ?5.75 cwt. Clover seed $26.306'33.50 cwt. Mason. City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 3 yellow shelled corn . .31-05 No. 4 yellow shelled corn ..$1.03 Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Barley \ . . Soybeans, No. 2 yellow 08c 50c 60-90c ...$1.50 WEDNESDAV GRAIN OTRN CHICAGO, WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-- Mny new May old July now July old Sept OATS-- Mny July Sept SOYBEANS-- Mny July RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-.Inn Mar.- May July Scpl BELLIES-- Jarrr May July SIOTIX CITY T.IVKSTOCK OVcdnttnaj- M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, (,ri--U. S. department of HRrlcnlture-- CATTLE 2.000; calves 150; slat]Rhter gtccr*, yearlings ^nd £he stock moderately active, largely, strong; stocker. 1 ! anr! feeders liltln changed: car prime me- rlium. weight steers $13.75; lond lol-s choice 1050 to 1100 Ib. steers and ye.-ir- ]Ihj?s S13^'13-50; numerous sales short feds $8ffifl.7n; few Rorirl fed hoifers SS 6T9; most beef cows S-TSOrftC: few to S.7S; cutter grades largely S3.!5flfr'4,25: few common and medium stoekers S0.2S down. Current sloeker and feed caMle quotations: Slecrs .TSO to ROO Ibs. i,'ood and choice $P,2-:tfin.m; common and medium $4W«?f.2S: 801) to 1050 Ib. good and choice S6.25fi7R.2;i; common and motlUim 54.2. 1 )ft6.25: heifers pood and choice £n.25 1j"R-25; common and medium 54l. f 3.2.'t; cows coort S4^; common nnrt medium S45?S.25: calves (slecr) Good and choice SC.25riT8.35; medium S4.fayiffR.25. noos S.500; opcnins fully lOc hlphcr to shipper.';: pood to choice 20ft to 2.10 lb. butchers SC.75«?O.R5: top SO.on; packers hirldinp S3.BO down: ICO lo 200 Ih. «ohi» *a,Miri).75: iw tr in n. URM licius SS.50ffn.3S: slauchler TilRs $7flfl.50; feeders Kfl rto\m; sows $9,50; sla^s $0.5f) down. SHEEP 1.500: no early acllon for slauchler classe. 1 '; fat lamh undertone firm; choice fat woolcrl Inmbs helci ahove S10.2S; load few ewes held above (S.75; rate Tuesday Istmbs 15^25*: higher; bulk C I I I R A O O POTATOES. (U'ednesttaj- M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. OT--U. S. lcp,irtment ,,. agriculture^ Potatoes G3; on track 25S; total U. ' S shipments RGn: a b o u t steady, tradinc very slow, account ley condilion of streets- supplies moderate: sacked per c\vY Tdaho Russet Bnrbanks IT. S. No I very few sales S3.15fl3.50; f a i r duality sliowino some decay 52,30: WashlnRton Hussel Burnanks combination Krnde few sales S3.15; Colorado Red McClurcs U. S. No 1. S3.20: Wisconsin Round Whites U, S No. 1. S2.M; Michigan Russet Rurals u'. S. No. 1. few sales 52.20^2.25: new stock, a h o n t stcad f . supplies inorierate. ncmanri slow; less t h a n carlols. Florida bushel crates Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 very few sales S2.05W2.15; U. S. No. 2. $1 75 crate. High I.31V. 1.15 1.11 I.lHi, l.OBW 1.0GV« 1.031', 1.02 ft 1.59 13.47 ,13.75 .13.35 14.15 . 1.29 ',4 1.12V. 1.03 l.Oilii 1.06 Vt 1.05 .53% .44 ',i j.oa .39 .91', 13.40 13.57 13.02 14.05 1C.15 17.12 1.30 1.13T1 1.10 i.ior* 1.0' 1.05 'A 1.03 i.oiy, · SlV'a .451', .43!i l.DBli 1.00 .85 13.32 13.40 13.B5 13. 32 14.10 1S.77 17.12 Stock List NEW 1'ORK STOCKS. ( \ V e i l u e s d a y Final Quotation*} At Ch Am Can Am Sm Re 35 l 'a Am SUB Ro£ 54 A T T 111.1 Am Tub B 93'A Am Wat Wks 27y. Anaconda 5-lVa A T S P IS'A Auburn Auto ;fl l j^£ Aviation Corp Bait Ohio Barnsdall Bcndix Aviat 23','i 30T, 27 i Beth Stl Borden '£i l ,' a Borg Warner 79'/a Can, D G Ale 30y B Canad. Pac IK Case 1GT Chi N Chi Gt West a*, C M St P V 2Vn C R I P 2'A Chrysler 123!A Col G El Jlfli Com Sou ays Con Edison 46 Con Oil Ifift Con Can ti7 Cont Oil Del Corn Prod -1-1 70 Hi Curtjss Wright DC ere Co iiio 1 /* D're Co pE 5a Dupont dc N nay* Gen Elec 6IVa Gen Foods ' 43 Gcit Mot 6R Gillette 18 Good'r T R niUfc Hudson Mot ailT'a I l l i n o i s Cent 2,V 2 Int Harvest 10HV 4 Int Nick Can G^i Int Tel . Tnl l.V/4 Johns Many US Kresge 28 Lib O F Gl 78 Maytae 1S '* McK Rob 14 Mid Cont Pet 30'.'n Monlg Ward ST'a Nash Kelvin 19!^ Nat Biscuit 32 Nat Cash R M. Nat Dairy Fr 24V« Nat Distill 2U Nnt Pow A: Lt IS'/a N Y Central 43V* N o r t h e r n Pac na^ii Oliver Farm 56V* Packard Mot IPi Param Pict Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet n n d i o Roy Tob B Scars Roeb Sliell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pnc Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn SHidebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Timk Roll B tin Carbide Un Pac 13" U n i t Air Corp 29 United. Corp 7'/ 2 Unit Drug U S Tnd Atco 40% 101V, 42k 50M 12V. KI'A KR 28'A 43 71' lOa U S Rubber U S Steel Warnor Pict West Un Tel West El ': M Woolworth n41i Bfi' 17 J .' 32% IWa 651' C H I C A G O STOCKS (Wednesday Final Q u o t a t i o n s ) Cities Service 4*. Nail Stand 2!iy. flellmnnn Br ll'A N W Bancorp 16 K n t 2 DrtiR 15. Quaker Oals 121 KeltoBK Swit 9*i Swift Co 2f^ Lihby McNeil nia Swift Intl 32 Midwest Corp i-H* U t i l i t y fc Jnd 1% Natl Leather 2" 2 Z e n i t h 35 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LABISON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office In Baslcy-Bcck Bldg. Telcpuone No. 7. DOW JD.N'KS A V X R A G K S linls. Rails Utll Close 185.96 56.-H 3U.ll Total Sales 3,270.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 14 Marsti'l Fields 21 Cord Corp 5 N£W V O R K CURB Am G it Elec 4G*; EL Bd Sc Sh 2a» Am Cyan B 33Tk Ford M o£ Ca 2T; Am Sit Po Co 2*m Ford M ol EiiR ~~ Ark Nat Ga A 10 As G El A 4'A Can Ind Alk 1 slcr Elec 37* MINNF.AI'OLIS GRAIN ( W e d n e s a a y market) MINNEAPOLIS, Wt--Wheat 44 cars: ,k to 2'Ac lower; No. 1 heavy dark .northern spring GO Ibs. $l,52y a {j:l.GOT«: No, 1 dark northern spring 59 Ibs. Sl,5nk Til.sov.: 58 Ibs. ?1.50T,nfl.sar«: fancy No. 1 h.ird- M o n t a n a 14 protein sl.427itf£ 1.44'A; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 5I.3li1i,fri.3aV,; hard amher durum No. 1. JMfi'A/fi 1.G4V4; No. 1 red d u r u m Sl-20'A. Corn. No. 3 yellow $1.15,,R1.17'A; un- chanccd. Oals, No. 3 wliite so^ftsa^c. HOG RECF1TTS DES MOINES, c^l-U. S. department or a g r i c u l t u r e -Combined hoc receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 jiacklng p l a n t s located in Interior Iowa n n d southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended a t fi a. in Wednesday were 20.GOC1 compared with :W,9rio a week afio and 3(3,700 u year aRo. Prices Renerally steatly to 5c hichcr- spots up l O c ; irade itndortone f a i r l y active; loading con[Lnuel moderate. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to ICO Ibs. pood nnrl choice S7.6.Ttf?8.G5: l i g h t welRhls 1GO to ISO Ins. $H.!iO'!T3.50; i a n to 200 Ibs, S9.45rTi9.80; medium wcichl 1 ! 200 In 220 Ibs. SO.65*10.13; 220 lo 250 Ibs. SO.r.nff Ifl.lO; heavy w c i p h t s 250 to 290 Ibs SO.rawiO.10; 2!K to 3SO Ihs. SO.MRIO.l.T packing sows 275 to .150 Ihs. Rood S3.15fli !),B.T,- 350 to 425 lb?. $9.05'f?J 1 45; 425 to 350 Ibs. J8.00ff3.20. O M A H A G R A I N ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA, OT*--Wheat, hard No. 1. $1.3!Hb; No. 2. $1.A!)^; mixed No, 2. S1.3R, Corn, yellow No. 3, $l,lH;-No. 4, S1.16W l.lfl; No. S. $L.14'0'l.lfii3. Oats, w h i l e No. 2, Sfi'AfiiVfe; No. 3, as^ iOc; No. 4. ftSliffjSfic; sample 52'.^c. KAN'SAS CITY G R A I N ( I V p r t n f s r t a y M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. (D-- Wheat 42 c.- H4e lower lo IV.c higher; No. 2 dark hard $1.34 lit 1.36'.i; No. 3 nom. S1.27' 1.35'.b: No. 2 bard nom. S1.31%f(1.40',b : Nn. 3 nom. S1.27',' ( «l.;i5',i; No. 2 red nom. S1.33?i-Iil,38; No. 3 nom. $I.32 I , 1.3G. Corn 14 cars; V*c lower to l=V«c hicher; No. 2 white nom. S1.23',.jri? 1.2R; No. ' nom. S1.20Vj'i 1.24; No. 2 yellow nom Sl.lDfl-1.21; No. 3 nom. tl,18«1.20; No. 2 mixed nom. $1.18^1.20: No. 3 nom. $1.17 NEW YORK S U G A R . ( W r i l T i r t t l j i y ^ f r ) ( R l ) NEW YORK, HP,--Raw sucar q u i e t . Monday n 5fl!c was marie of 2, r ,ooo bacs of Cubas a t 3.7:ic. a d e c l i n e of 5 points. F u t u r e s , July No. 3. 2,flOc and September 2.anc, or 2 points net lower. May No, 4, l.!2',4c and September l.lS'.Sc. or 2 to 2'.£ points net htpher. Refined unchanged at S.OOc lor fine granulated. Oats, none: '.^c hlfther to 2 ] ,^ No. 2 white nom. 55[i59c; No. SS'/iftSSc. lower; 3 nom M I N N E A P O L I S F I . O I i R ( W e d n e s d a y . M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. (iD--Flour: Carload lots por barrel in 9fi lb. cotton sacks Family patcnls unchanged S7.45fi7.65 standard patcnls u n c h a n g e d , $7.35'i}7.55 Pure bran S34. ^ Standard middlings S33.7nr?34. Couple Ijivcs in Cave. BELLAIRE, Ohio, (UP)-- Slier ifC's officers arrested a man and n woman found living in a cave beneath huge rocks at a secludec spot near here. The couple had lived in the cave for six monlhs under primitive conditions. Lockheed ll!'n Niag Ilu Pow I6} Un Gas Co 12'/ Un U i- P Co lli- NKW Y O R K S T O C K S laska Jim .tlopheny 4'.a Hied St 171k Am Fo Po 12',* Am Cr Su Co 3.1 ·Vm C F Co Bl 14 Am Po fc Li 14','t Am R o l l Mills 35Vn \nT R S Co 2(5 Amer Tob Co QR Armour fie Co 9% \rm fe Co pf g9'^, y Gds 21','. \s Dry \tl he£ laldvvin Loco fl!£ ElrigRs Mlg Co S6 - Bundix 27V B Budd Mfff Co 14V« Byers A M Co 32=!, Cat Tractor BS',i Cer de Pasco Bfl'A Chcs : Ohio 67 Chi Gt W pfd 14V'« CMSPP pfd 5'£ n Solvents 20'.fi Cont Motor 3 Cr o£ \Vlicat 3BV« Cudahy Pack 41 li Curt-Wr Co A 211,4 Dist Corp Se 27=i igTas Air TSl-i Eastman 175 on Mfg Co 35",'l El A\ilo Lite 41^i El Pow A: Li 23=1'* c R R Co 15',i Fire T A: Ru ^4! ·*o.sler-Whepl S^ 3 * Free port Tex 2G^» ~^on Am Tran 7fl'£ lldden Co 4fiTn Gobcl fi .Id DlCFt 15 Gt N o r t h Ore 20 raham P.iice 3'£ GL Nor pfd 44 Houston Oil IT',; Hudson Motor 20y B H u p p Motors Intl Carriers Lambert Co 2l'A LohJRh Pt Ce 41 Liquid Cb Cp 50 Lorillard 24^ Mack Truck 4«'.~ Mathieson Al 40. McLcllan Sirs 17 M i n n , Mol Im 14*k M K T -.Mo Pac -V/4 Mot Products Nash-Kelvin No Amer 32% No A m e r AvI JG'/a Otis Steel Co IJJiA Packard Mot H*j Park Utah Cop 47i Plymouth 25 Proe Sc Gam 64V Pub S of N J 52 Pullman 69V Pure Oil Co 'W Purity Baktry 211' R K O S ReadirxK Co 4G 3 , Rcm Rand 25V Reo Motors 7 St Joe Lead Simmons Co So Cnl Edison 31 Spcrrv Corp 22 St G ^ E 12 Tide W A Oil 2f7 U S Ind Alch 40=1 U S Smelter «9 Util P fc Li A 4 V a n a d i u m 31', Un Gas A: Im Ifi Warren Bros 11' Western Mvlrt !) : Weslern Un H2 : Worth P u m p 4T Ycllnw Trttck 2R Yonncs S ft T 7fi 53 I N V E S T M E N T TRUSTS. (By Thr Associated Press) Bid and asked Wednesday: Corporalo Tr Sh 3.10 Corporate Tr Eh A A Mod 3.79 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser 2.98 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.79 Dividend Sh Araryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide See Vic .... Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 .. Q u a r t e r l y Incr Sh . . . . . Selected Am Sh Inc .... Super Corp Am Tr A .. U S El L P A U R El L P R U S El I- P Vtc 2.01 .ituia . 4.87 . , 2.90 . n.flo .21.00 . 3.42 . 1.26 2.15 11.34 4.97 20,6: 17.1! 21.51 3.5! 1.3 Mat Results Itltill SCHOOL' Cresro 28; Lamont R, Waterloo East 2Ut; New H a m p t o n 1573. Cage Scores EmmeJiburf 47; Eajle Grove 35, HIGH SCHOOL ' L u v e r n e 3U-'J:t; W h i i t e m o r e 22-30. Thompson 10-Slr Crystal Lake 10-18 girls). Meservej" 2!1-I' T h o r n t o n 11-7. Os^ge a'J-'JR; -Manly il-ti. K m m e l s b u r t U-l; Mallard 21 ( r e s e r v e s ) . A c k l e y :tt-'J^; Alden R-:ifi. Retmond 'iX-'J; G a r n e r 1R-4. Latlmer SS-Sli Geneva UD-IJt. Dou's *J*2-14; R a w a n 'J-G. Fertile 17r Graltoit I I . Mitchell J»-23i Mclntire 8-1^. Clarksville 12; D u m o n t !. Xora Springs 20-:!0; Floyd 13-28, Swca City lfi-7; Algona "-IR. H a k e 'M-'-'O; B r i c e l y n , Minn., 2l-«. L i t t l e Cedrxr ' ^ C - t l i O t r a n l o S.f-U. Cirtrne S:t; M n r b l e R n c k IS. IOM-A Falls :ci; Evldora 15. Kock/orrl -'ll-lri; N a s h u a 17-lfi. BLOODHOUNDS B/ By" W ALT £ R S. M A S T E R M A N cjX n UIIACTD n cncmja nisi i CHAPTER 54 Reid's face had suddenly gone BATTLE TO TIE NEW YORK, (UP)--The New York Rangers and Montreal Canadians battled to a 1 to 1 overtime tie in a National Hockey league game in Madison Square garden Tuesday night before a crowd of 14,000. MOTOR SHARES, STEELS GO UP 'urn for Better m Laboi News Brings Cheer to Wall Street. NEW YORK, (#)--Buying wave! ,vept motors and steels up 1 tb 3 oints in Wednesday's stock mar- ' et, some to new highs, as a turn or the better in labor news rought cheer to the financial sec- or. Following the overnight advices isclosing settlement of the Briggs innufacturing strike, it was an- lounced the workers' dispute at he Pittsburgh plate glass plant iad been adjusted. Federal authorities at the same time were triving to induce Gene.-al Motors ifficiala and union heads to hold a icnce conference at Washington. The trading pace slowed during eliverance of the president's in- ugural address which Wai street pund about in line with expecta- ions. In the fourth hour the activity quickened on the upside with rub- lers and a wide assortment of spe- ialties joining the push. For a irief period the ticker tape was 5 Tiinutes behind. The flurry was hort-lived and the volume dwindled near the final period when fferings expanded. Extreme ad- ances \vere later reduced in many nstances. Transfers approximated 3,100,100 shares. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E, G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 18c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Under 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over I3.c Springs, under 5 Ibs. ........ lOc Leghorn springs .· ,.... 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 19-20c* Eggs, cash 18-19c* Butter, Iowa State Brand . . . , 4 1 c Sutler, Corn Country ,. 39c utter, Kenyon's 39c utter, Very Best 41c utter, Brookfield ,-.30c otatoes, russets, peck 72c otatoes, cobblers, peck 52c ^EDITOR'S NOTE--These rep- esentative quotations were ob- ained by calling several grocery tores. Curb Market NEW Y O R K , on--Bus'inc sentiment rc- ppeared in the curb m a r k e t Wednesday nd a group of Selected shares moved to higher ground. Aluminum Co., oC America, on light okimc. advanced around S points. Con- nental Roll «c Steel, Midvalo Sled, itlsbureh P l a t e Glass and Driver Har- were up between 1 and 3. Larpe Factional R a i n s were recorded for Cities ervicc. Sherwin Williams and Niagara ludson Power. Off a bit were American Light 'raction and Electric Bond flc Share. Bond Market NEW YORK. (jT]_Tlic bond market re- icivecl a belter grade ol support Wcdnes- lay. permitting a number ot corporate iens to win back Tuesday's losses. Some oC the larcer gains were in re- ponsc lo improved action ot tho share ist uliich reflected a morn hopeful fccl- p on the automobile strike situation. Ccnlrnl Foundry Convertible 6s and Studchakcr Rs snared up several points in he early trading. YoutiRstnivn SJ7ccl and 'uhe S'/as and Putc Oil 4V«s 1 more. Gains in the rail divisions were moal h e l p f u l to Rock fsland General 4s, Chi C.IRO nnd. North Western -His, St. Paul 5s. Erie 5s, Illinois Central 4V»s, Missouri '.icffic flic, and Southern R.ifhv.iy 4s. Some nf ihe low yield corporate issue.s vcre offered f r n e t i o n a l l y u n d e r Tuesday's closings, nnd U, S. governments conl.n- red the d o w n w a r d d r i f t of recent scs- =io]is. Treasury 2 3 As and 3s stood up 'at rly wel 1: m ot her.s we re do\v n ,-,12nd to S-32nds of a point at midday. Foreign loans moved within narrO' vings., German and Italian obligations q iii tied a little, Jnpanese cs were mixed, but -prices showed little variation. South Americans were about even witli he previous finals. G O V E R N M E N T HON'TJS. f ^ V e r t n e s t l a y i Q t i n l a t i o n * ) NEW YORK, 6Pi--U. S. b o n d s closed Treasury 4Vis 47-52 120.16. Treasury 4s 44-54 114.21. Treasury S^Jrs 4f)-4,"J J u n e 107.10, Treasury ^ns 43-4T 109.21. Treasury AV«s 4R-4n Ifl8.ll. Treasury SR 51-M lOfi. Hides Q u o t a t i o n * F a m i s h e d hy W n l t Broi. Inc.. AOH F i f t h S t r t e t S o n l h w M t - Horsehtdcfl SIV5 BFEF (TiriES , 11 . ', Up lo 25 Ibs 25 to 45 Ibs. More t h a n 60 Ibs Bull hides ·Cured hides half cenl more a potint (On above prices a cent n i n h c r wholesale dealers (n who!« \als.l T)ng Licenses Exhanslctl. JEFFERSON, Ohio, (UP)--At least one person in eight in this county has a dor?, says Jhe auditor's office. There arc sn many dogs, in fact, that the office has no more licenses. Seventy-eight hundred have been issued so far this year. WOOT, MAilKF.T. BOSTON, f/n--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of ag rlculture-- Sales were slow In the Boslon woo m a r k e t Wednesday on domestic wool. A few small lots of f i n e territory woo moved in original bags al SI.05 [o SI.O scoured basis for short lo average Frcnc combing lengths and Sl.OO lo SI.10 fo average to good French combing. Fine D e l a i n e Ohio fleeces were ciuie wUh last sales reporlcd al 45 lo 56 cenl J i n the grease, hut asking prices on a fe 1 r e m a i n i n g lots cent."?. ranged as high as 48-5 Nine: I^onpholcs. A sluritrnt of its mtricncics say a single word in Chinese ma mean nine things. It seems th ideal medium lor a diplomat! apology.--Atlanta Cnnstilulinn. C H I C A G O PRODUCE. ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (U;--Bultcr 5,427, unsettled: ·eamery specials (93 score) 32',2fc33c; ·dras (02) 32c; extra firsts 190-011 31','4(8 We;- firsts IBB-B!)) 3jy,a:ilc; standards 90 centralized carlots) 32c. Eggs R.SfiO, easy; extra firsts local 'Ac; cars l!2'.^c; fresh graded firsts local 1'Ac; cars-22c; current receipts ZO'/^c, Poultry; Live, 28 trucks, liens easy; bal- nce steady to firm; hens more t h a n 5 s. 17'/ac: 5 Ihs. and less I7',ic; Leghorn ens ISiic: colored springs IBV'ac: W h i t e ock lac; Plymoulh Rock 19c: colored Toilers 21c: White Rock 22c: Plymouth ock 23c; I-cghoro chickens 12c; roost's 12c; Legliorn roosters lie; turkeys: !ens \fic: yotinc ioms ISc; old 13c; No. t u r k e y s 13c: d u c k s 4 l /i Ibs. u p wliite nd colored 17c: small while and col- red liic; northern geese lire: southern eesc Ine; capons 7 Ibs. up 21c; less than Ibs. 20c. NKW YOUK I'ltOHUCK ( \ V e l i l « s t l a y M a r k e t ) NEW Y O R K . (jTV--Eggs 46.395. Unsct- cri; mixed colors, special packs 24',arf c; s t a n d a r d s 24'Ac; firsts aa'^tfTasvVc; icdiums 20 f /i-?21'/:ic: dirties No. 1, 21Vbc; fcragc checks 18c: rcfriguralor nrsts 10 :20'.'.c. Bullcr 7..147. s l i g h t l y f i r m e r : crcnmury tKher than extra- 33'^f?t34'.'*c; extra 132 core! ."Hf'n.l^c; firsts (BB-01 scores) a .4?i33c; seconds 154-07 scoresf iUHjrj; Llic; centralized (J)0 score! 32 3 ,ic. Cheese 208,191, quiel but steady and nchanped. Live poultry barely s t e a d y ; by f r e i g h t , lickcns: Rocks 17ETlflc: colored m i x d with Rocks u n q u o t e d ; Leghorn IVc; owls, colored lTF720c: Legliorns l ^ W roosters 12c; turkeys 15rjT22c; ducks I'RODTJCK F U T U R E S . ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k c l ) CHICAGO, Wt--Butter (\ttures closed: Storage standards. January 32c; February 2c; March 32c; November so 1 / January Egg futures: Refrigerator standards, anuary 18c; October 23V« 2',;jc: February 2.V.'aC. P o t a t o futures: Idaho Russets, January 3.25; March grade A 53.65. very white and his knuckles clenched. "My name is John Escott," he said quietly, "and I was brought up in an ovphange--the Victoria^Memorial institute." To the surprise of everyone present, James said quietly, "Yes, sir, the moment I first saw you I thought there was a very strong family likeness, although it was so long ago. 1 saw it at once, and was disturbed for my master's safety." The tension was relieved by Selden, who laughed. "I see now, James, you thought that Mr. Reid, as we called him, had come to take revenge, and you watched him carefully." Reid broke in with: "I believe both Hucks and Colonel Graham recognized me from the likeness, that is, i£ I am'really the person in question, for they both asked questions about Escott, and seemed anxious to know about me." "We will go into, that later," Selden remarked. "Let's hear the end of James' story." "It was only when we came here, sir, and I found that my master had suddenly got rich, that I suspected something. Then one night, when I asked him to release me from his service because 1 was uneasy in my mind about it, he told me in his study that he and Graham had stolen the money from Escott, Graham had thrown him into the water, and that it weighed .on his conscience. He swore that he would only use the income and keep the money intact in case they could trace the child of Mrs. Escott,-and made me swear that I would never breathe a word of what had happened. I had been with him for years, and I was deeply attached to him, and I swore to him that I would keep the matter secret if he would hand over to me the entire control of the money, which he did. I saved enough to pay back what Colonel Graham had taken as his share. That is why Sir Henry left it all to me. I held it in trust, sir, hoping that one day we should find 'the nearest relation to Mr. Escott or the child." "You were conniving at a murder," Selden said sternly. "I know, sir. I make no excuses, but apart from my sworn word of honor, if I had gone to the police with this story, there was no evidence, and both these respectable gentlemen would have said 1 was lying, or trying to blackmail them. Mr. Escott was dead, and I couldn't bring him to life by saying anything. I know I've done wrong, but I could not betray my master, and if I said anything about Colonel Graham it would bring him into it. We have tried to make what reparation we could." "It is quite -evident," Selden commented, "that the two servants must have had strong suspicions, but they lost toucS With Graham and Severinge, and had to earn a living. Hucks I found went lo the states as a boxer ot quite good second-class. When they returned they must have set about finding the men they hated, and discovered that they were living in luxury. After all these years Uaeir flimsy evidence would have carried little weight, and they devised this cunning plan, one getting into the Abbey as a servant, and HUCKS taking the public house. For years they waited." "WHAT MADE Hucks and Mrs. Thornton act at last on t h a t particular night?" Hutchins asked Selden. In spite of himself he had that it was the face of Henry Es- colt, just as he had seen him over 20 years ago. "The face suddenly disappeared --he told me--and he was so startled that he could not go to bed. It had brought the whole of the past back to him, and the crime he had tried to live down by stern discipline and repentance. (To Be Continued) Tax Interest From Exempt Bonds Held Taxable as Income DES MOINES, supreme court in opinion Tuseday received from tax exempt municipal bonds and securities is taxable as income under the Iowa income tax law. The court held in its opinion that tax exemption laws covering municipal bonds apply only to properly tax exemption, and denied the claim of Henry and Elizabeth Hale, Webster county farm family, for exemption of interest on municipal securities t h e y owned. The Hales claimed all their income came from tax exempt municipal bonds, but that the slat- tax board assessed a - $1,384.24 state income tax against them. Nan iit Kiln rcritous .CLEVELAND, (UP) -- John Miller, 34, and homeless,' sought refuge for the night from a chill, drizzling rain. He chose a spot beside a brick kiln, went to sleep with his back against it. Early next morning kiln workers, summoned by Miller's agonised cries, found that the two pairs of trousers he wore had been burned through. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OP RI-ns'COKFUUATlON OF F E D E R A L REAVTV COMPANY. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Tclcphonn 1.100, [\Tasnn Cily (Bltl anil Ajtkefl Werlnesrtay) Cent Si El fi pel pfci IS2S p,ir 10 12 Cent St El 7 pet pFd (S25 p a r ) 11 IS Cent St P ifc L 7 pet pfd 11 19'/4 C h a m p l i n Hef la 7 pet \itd . . . . 1 0 0 . Creamery Package com .'... 24 25 Icarst Cons A 23Vni 2a^i Oco A Hormol A pftl 104 107 3eo A Hormcl com . . . . , . . , , . 21V* 22 Interstate Power 6 pet pfd .. I R 20 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd . . 2 0 22 town Electric Co GVa pet pfd 52 54 fowa Electric Co 7 pet pld .. 53 55 [a El Lt POW 6 pet pfd . 7 2 74 fa Et Lt : Pow G'.b pet pld 73 75 ta El l.t : Pow 7 pet prd . . 7 7 79 Cn Pow Lt fi pet pfd 102 !04 In Pow I,t 7 pet pfd . . . . . . ion 105 Public Serv B pet pfd 39 100 Public Serv 6Vi pel pfd .. 100 t l ^ la P u b l i c Sorv 7 pet pfrt IfH 10^ la South Util G pet pfd ' 7 5 77 fa Soulh Utll fi',^ pet prd . . 7 6 78 Ta Sotllh Utll 7 pet pfcf Rfl fl2 Minnesota P L B pet pfrt .. 9A flfi Minnesota P : L 7 pet pfrt . . Ifll 103 Morlhorn St Pow fir R pel pfd 92 31 Northern SL Power 7 pet pfd flR 100 W Bell Tel fi'/i-pct pfd . 105 inf. 1 ; W St Portland Omenl com 2$ 2fi ( , Rsfli Ricklnpr fi pet pfd IW) 102 h Pnckinp 7 pet pfd inn ion nUh P.ickinc com . flZV* ^5 ti?c Cltv G · El 7 pel pfrt fl! Irtl United Lt A: Hys 6 pet pfrt , flfl 90 U n i t p c l Lt «; Rv5 fi..1fi pel pfd ra'.i fll U n l f r r t Lt Sf R.VS 7 pel pfd .. M 07 Wrslorn Crocer pfd flfi 100 Western Grocer com 15 17 Notice is hereby given that Federal Realty Company has, in accordance w i t t i Chapter 3S4 of the 1935 Code ot Iowa, ndopted Renewal At tides oE Incorporation, which provide as follows, to-wit; 1. The name ot the corporation is FEDERAL REALTY COMPANY and ils principal place of business is in the City of Mason City. Town. 2. The General n a t u r e of the business to tje transacted by such corporation is tb putchnsc or otherwise acquire rcnl ;st,ile or personal property, and any right or Interests (herein, both within without the State o[ Iowa, or in any of the slates nnd lerri lories of the United States; and to lease, improve, or dispose of (he same; to build, own and maintain b u i l d i n g s or other improvements for use or rent upon any real estate of the company: to build or otherwise acquire and to lease, manage and operate buildings for hotel . purposes, dwelling hovises, restaurants, lunch and ten rooms, barber shops, cigar stands and cafes for the accommodation ol the public and individuals; to acquire by purchase or by any other ' manner ' the Good-will, ri shts and property ot all kinds of individuals, firms, co-partnerships or corporations, a n d . t o undertake. have and own the whole or any part bililies of any per- Ilcisrht ruz/lcs 8 in 10. ST. LOUIS t (UP) -- Only two persons out of 10 know how tall they arc, it was learned by the .city drivers' license bureau which was forced to buy measuring ma- chinos to obtain this infovmation from nutomobiJo drivers applying for licenses. It's OUT Turkish Custom, OLIVET, Mich., (UP)--Local residents know the answer to what is a piloff party. Invitations from Prof. T. Barton Akclcy and his wiTc to several of their immediate friends to attend n pilotf party pvixzlcd them. They lenrned, however, that piloff is a Turkish food. The dinner was prepared by Miss Sifet Nejati, Turkish student at Olivet college. been getting interested in the story as it unfolded itself. "Can't you guess? It's only speculation, but I think they saw our friend Reid and recognized the likeness. Perhaps they thought he had to come down to find out the truth for himself. At any rate, that forced their hands, and they acted." "But the children?" Sylvia asked, speaking for the first time. "Either they thought that the children would inherit the money, and determined -to prevent that, or it was sheer diabolical revenge. But please finish, James." "There is little more to tell, sir," James said sadly. "My master worried a great deal when his marriage turned out badly, and he called it punishment for what he had done. "If he could have found the child he would have made restitution. He told me to do so, if I could find out anything after his death, for hs already felt that he was a marked man, though he had no idea from whom the blow was coming. It was genuine remorse as much as fear that made him become a hermit in his own house." "But what happened on the night of the murder, that's what we w a n t to know?" Hulchtns said briskly. He had no use for the repentant baronet. "Nothing unusual occurred in the evening, sir. I came here as I generally did to confer with Sir Henry and sign documents. He never wrote, as he had forged Escott's signature in his own handwriting, and there was no one who knew any different, of course. I wrote some letters, and signed checks, and then went to my room, locking the dividing doors. The telephone bell 'rang, and I came here. He said he had seen a ghost," "A ghost!'* Sylvia exclaimed. Reid's lips tightened at the words; something of the truth was dawning on him. "I went to his room, and I found him walking up and down in his great agitation. It appeared that he had been staring out of his bedroom window before getting into bed nnd had looked n cross the lake. Bright moonlight illuminated the opposite shore, and shone f u l l on the face of a man half hidden in the bushes. Sir Henry declared continue for term of unless sooner dissolved a; )-- The ,Io\va -. an unanimous ruled interest son, assaciatton or corporation, and to pay for the same in cash, stock of this corporation, bonds, or otherwise, s u b - ject only to the provisions of the laws of Iowa: to acquiru from the government of the United Slates, or Irom any stale or territory thereof, or from any county or immicipnl authority any concession, crnni, right or franchise w h i c n may seem lo the company capable of being turned to account, and to exercise such riRht or franchise so secured; to purchase or otherwise acquire shares nf the capital slock or bonds of other corporations, and to exercise a l l the rights of ownership thereof, including the right to vote thereon: to make, perform and cany out contracts of every sort ami kind not prohibited tiy law; lo p u r - chcsc or otherwise a c q u i r e on such terms and in suc«h manner as t h n By-Laws may ' from time to time provide any share in I h n corporation's capital; to issue bonds, debentures, evidence of indebtedness of kinds whether secured by mortgage or otherwise, as well as to secure the same by mortgage,, pledge, deed of trust or otherwise; lliree-fonrtlis of all stock issued and outstanding shall h a v e the power (o authorize the sale, conveyance or other rfisposition of the assets Of the corporation as an entirely on such t e r m s a n d conditions as may he determined, 3. Tim authorized t-apital slock of Hie corporation is S.iO.Onfl.on. which Is t h e .·jrr.ouHl of stock now mil stand ing. No s t o c k shall . he Issued u n t i l t h n corporation has receiver! p n y m c n l in full at Hie par value thereof. 4. The corporation shall commence business u n d e r the R e n e w a l Articles as of d a t e February s, IQTT, and shall twcnly years provided by the A r t i c l e s of He incorporation or by Inw. Diasolution may lie authorized by l l i r c e - f n u r l h s of ihe o u t s t a n d i n g stock at a n y r e g u l a r mecttnc; of t h e stockholders or at any special meeting caltcd for t h a t purpose. R. The a f f a i r s of the corporation are to be conducted by a Board of Directors, the n u m b e r of which is lo be fixed by the stockholders, w h o fire to be elected at t h e a n n u a l m e e t i n g of stockholders to be held on Ihe second Monday of December in each year at Hie principal office of the corporation, at w h i c h clec Lions cadi s t o c k h o l d e r shall be entitled to one vote · for eacii shnrii of stock standing in bis or her name, which vote may bo cast in person or by proxy. Until the election in inn? the Directors shall he Hanford AtacNLdcr. W. A. Wcstfall. N. Levinson. \V. G. C. Bajjley and Charlc.s E. Corn well. The Directors at Iheir first meeting in each year shall elect a President, Vice President. Secretary and Treasurer, and such othrr o f f i c e r s as Ihe By -Ln ws may pi-ovidc for. fi. Tlie private p r o p e r l y of t h e stockholders sh.itl he f o r e v e r frcrr nnd e x e m p t from a l l c o r p o r a t e d r h l * a n d liabilities. Dated December 2!i. I D H H . F E D E R A L REALTY COMPANY By -- I la tiford M a r N i d c r . President. By--Charles E. Corn we I f , Secretary and Tr en stiver. F R E E I N S U R A N C E S E R V I C E The sure way of finding out w h a t forms of insurance you should have is to let us analyze your insurance needs. Take advantage of it today. H A V E COMPLETE COVERAGE SEE US I N S U R A N C E DEPT. A. M. SCHANKE COMPANY Foresters Bldfr. Phone 1300

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