The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, October 29, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 400. Gettysburg, Pa^ Wednesday, October 29th, 1913. Price Two Cemii. "EXCUSE MY DUST" J The New 'Automobile Pennant With These = COLLEGE VOTES LAW TO AFFECT OUT AIL HAZING LOCAL STORES PREPARING LINCOLN WAY LETTERS FROM BABBIT SEASON! DEVELOPMENTS! COUNTY TOWNS I Words And Also The Word i "GETTYSBURG" Size 12x30. i The Newest Thing In Auto Pennants SOcts I Each. i | students in Mass Meeting Decide aI- ! Hew Msasare Comes into Effect on-Hunters Getting out their 6uns : but interest in the West is KeenJJne 1 Correspondents send in Many Items Saturday which will Conflict with : where they shall Go in Quest of | Suggestion Calling it the Unking j of interesting] Hews]Jrcra their i I = i m;st U.m:nnj5'-y t3 Da away} witn Every Form of Hazing. Q's-'- fections from Alumni. j Present Saturday Hours of Em-; Game is the Question that Confronts them. Way. Volunteers Mark the Routej of the Highway. c JE I i I ECKERTS STORE "ON THE SQUARE" at Gettysburg Co!!eg~: was \ Many Gettysburg stores v,-:ll be af- ; With the OL of ihe rabbit ::r.d 1 J. £.. Penrybacker, Secretary of the r.! Xationai Gcod Roads Co;:jrress. de- RespectiYE Towns. Personals and Many Brief'.terns. WALTER' S THEATRE Starting Tonfeht and Every Ni-ht Th-» Week With a Hi*,!a! Safinlav Afi irom \ o'clock in the morning by a body of j hooded and gowned Sophomores to [ travel for miles over fields and aven- · ues, doing stunts to amu»e the upper ! classmen. Xo longer will be I feeds of molasses and feathers. Xever Stock Coin; ^ga" 1 *"** '^ chIH cf a co!d -^ower ," be forced upon a Srs* year man on riy cold night. i y and rest periods. The young ladies and wor.icn work in local stores wi.I a: come under ihe provisions of the "e v !nv.- some of the requirements of wh:«.h are the ::rst day of slaughter, but where are · -o::gr« who they going in quest of game is the : ---: to r» * «i ARENDTSVILLE .ArendisviHe--There will be no he Reformed .-. The his at- Detroit lut he found ! tending- the Reformed Synod at Fred- favorable consideration '· enc-k. Sunday School at 9 o'clock in Xo female mav be eir.pV.-ed more A number of local veteran hu'i-.ers : As^ocK-iion during have been looking «_\er the groiind. C!l i"and ure unanimous in tSeir o;_'i::o:; i "-^ ·* ~- tt Lmku: that the new license act v.-i!! hit tne' -*- r - Penn\ backer. } to the work of The Lincoln Highway i 'he morning. his iav In the! James O. Hoffman Is putting up a · porch in front of his house and putting than six days of fifty-four hours In gunners hard because ii has caused ] tnirtsen any one week, or more than ten hours the farmers throughout the county r r ! S t ·hospitals with these exceptions: I In ease of legal holidays, these hours may be exceeded during three and her Xev.-York Stock Company. The only pany carrying a quarter. Miss Francis is a late star of t h e j Lubin Moving Pictures. The best StOCk. Company On t h e = All these pranks and many others ' " in an " one dav - except !:i road today. Tonights bill, ' A L L IN A NAME". _ Miss i pa " S sed into "the history of the'ioca: In- vegetable canneries and a, curse Francis starred in this play at §i 5 2 years in New York and 3 months tonight and be convinced at the extn cents. Seats on sale at The People's Drug Store until 7 P. ^ [ and those of lheir c iassma«.es. Hazin. 1 has been looked upon officially and by ; Doors OIK-:: 7",'t Curtain S.I-3 j the student body with a feeling . . . . . lvO r- -. n( j ft-om no\v on - w ;:! be ab-· ° vert ' me :Ka - / De ai -°' vs " ea Ior ^snie lost ior. uruess he can make arrangements ·late!v D*-ohibited ' D v stoppage of machinery for more with land owners. The farmer, That su«-h action wa= fo-thcomi-.g: '-~ an "° minutes because of alteration, they cannot be blamed for their action j state ' v.-as due to v ; 2'O'-ou= and v.-ideso-ea^ accident or repair, but may not exceed ' because many hunters In years :«' Hi."h\vav" said ' tiown cement walks. "because it links\ ~li - Wierman. of York Springs, states together; thirteen.! spent several days here last week with .t tarn- YOU across from the l ilis brother. Joseph E. Wierman. who fruit and protect their lands fro:« outside inva-' Atlantic to the Pacific, and afford the -'^ oeen confined to his house with ~ ! _ . . _ _ § r11 _ _ . -- _ . _ _ i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ each evening. · of the Sve remaining days or the same . Ion. says that it seems a week bv not more than TWO hours over mountain and tlmberiinds in the time in any one day, provided the iated sections would be the only sion and It will be very difficult for j farmer, tne doctor, the merchant, the j !j -!ness ior several them to find a oiace where thev can \ business-man, and the touri»L excep- j -·---- T - E - Cover, of Chicago. Hi., is hunt without fear of arrest. j tional faci-ities to reach their neigh- ' a ST'aest in the home of her sister, Mrs- Or.e hunter in expressing his opin-! oors aru * -keir friends In other thouo-h the i --° r -lt the route of the Lincoln P H O TO PL A Yi LUBIN THE X ESS AX AY Labis I High- 1 *- )r - C. A- SheeSy, 1-S.s wife and little j son were recent visitors here in the safe s At a meeting: of Vhe good roads, «°mes ° f Ephraim Sheely and A. J. :-·,, =-,.,te»r hodv -v : -'« -, -e-i^-r O f M = 'v.-eeklv tota! of 54 is not exceeded: place for a licensed hunter to strike j people at Fort Collins. Colorado. h;M"ler. , ._n_ Sc-ae.- ooaj .1.,.. _ .ee....,, o. c._-. - ^ , _. r ^_ .^ ,_,_,, ^ ,, ,,. . t3 Kvas decided to mark Immediately the! A. J. Miller's hydraulic cider press sa \. | route of the Lincoln Highway i.i" that| has been the scene of activfty during n Denver and Chevenne. ''· t - e ^ ast ^ evl " ^veeks, thousands of gal- past 1 Voliinleers offered their services" paint' !ons of ^ der " ein S niade there. oojei iiunir.! sup- "two hours in anv one day. shot chickens, broke Cown and j Sand brashes were secured and "with 1 G - T - Keckenluber and H. W. Hart: norters of 'the college who hea;d vderd ! fortanat Qn. i'tvF'. ly further. Our haa.Uoti.e and _ fabrics are awdriES yotir caot«; ani our | ~Wl« are up-^j-the-rftinnte and we wIH · Sti-.nd finish vour o"tSt In a mr^cner j student body was announced and at can onlv it: done when you. nave it j matter laid before cheir.. President, Diadeb - T iGranvL'Ie and other members of the ^ cease ^ ork al that Ithe hours of clerks Accordingly a meeting of the entire : . Iovrin - the customary r the W31 M. Selligman, Ca?b Tailor. | faculty told of the great There Are many convincing arpiments that n.Isht be presented as to the superiority of Lippy Made Clothes conclusive as the. refim-d aprw-arance of tbe clr.tlieS jauty in every ILie and quality in every stitch ana J. D. Lippy but we know of none themselves. There is beau fibre. Tailor have a special fine line of the Anfk-rs'-n ra:n coats i was being done to the cau I stitu'doa and then asked the students ; i whether the\" would not. of their own ! accord, vote down hazing of every | character and forbid Its practice. ! Xow. certain forms of this sport I had become very dear ro the boys of 1 | Gettysburg and they were not keen to ' ! see this fan uass bv and become mere- I r ·"· ·· i Xo female under 2L mav be employ- i committed other depredations. | the citizens of Loveland. Longmont. j ze! attenaed tne annual meeting 01 the ' Report* T- roni af[ Q e cr : on« o'~ the I Berthoud and other points joini.nar. the : Soutnem Association of the G. A. R. aty say 'chat the number of tres- i «a« has been placed on the map for} ;TM* was held at Carlisle on the 22nd signs has increased greatly, there j a *' t ' nle - mst. few farms on which the notices i Efforts v.-ere made in Colorado and i re not posted. A big lisr of warnings S a t O5:her points Vo change the route of McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown--Lewis EHne has his property repainted and other rovements made. rank Burkee Is having a steam S-a'te; heating plant placed in his residence store on Main street. All the local diphtheria pa'tients are :ed improving and no new cases broken out. children of St. Mary's school bazaar in the hall on Monday af ternoon. IE was largely attended- being held In week. .-. I*r. Rose in St. evening was appreciated by all of Detroit and a veteran of the Snan-! v -"-^° were fortunate enough to hear it. a farm on which · ish-American war. having- served on '· The subject was "The Beauties of ' the U. S. S. "Yosemite" which was ' Niagara."' The cigar business In town Is extra p ,. ivi _ j Governor Joseph M. Carey, has is- i brisk at this season and all the fac- ! sued a proclamation to the people of _ tcrles are working full time. | Wyoming, calling upon them to ob- \ The Boys" Band will soon number rnings S a t O5:her points Vo change the route of ;re are' E ^- e highway when the route was se- land supper, the clerk 7:3 ° in lhe morn!ng ' ""' Xot only is the gunner prohib-|° J ne is not per! of Gettysburg's stores, employing ! ir.stted to cross that farm to reach an- Banned by the Michigan naval militia, j women, noiv close at nine o'clock Sat- j other, where he might have "the urday night. Some readjustment in j ieg-e of hunting jjame. schedules will likelv bz found neces- THERE EVERY DAY ; ly a story to tell to posterity, ihe first; BONA'E A.UVILLE 5 serve the night of Friday. Oct. 31. as \ thirty members. They are now able to Bonr.eauviSle Born, to Mr. and Mrs, ^ ttixg time to dedicate the route of ''P ! ay two selections. Director Null feels Arthur Xoei. Oct. 23d--a son. ' i t h e Lincoln Highway through the! we - 1 - revrarded for the efforts he -has two weeks In each and everv college i County Pupils Do net 3IIss a Bay at i year were given over to per- | Iformances by the new men and. after! j.^^,, ^ *_-,..-,,,,. ^..«_~ ,, . | that, any Freshman who overstepped · 5C tiool every day during the month ] Carri g an - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carrigan, I York, returned home on Sunday, r-fter | ' scer.cir.s some time with the former's . ! put forth, so far. TO TEACH DRAWING Idaviiie School: Those who attended j 5lsters - ^sses Anna ar.d Elizabeth! :^ }The bounds of modesty and humility j- ve _ e L eona Penner. Pearl Heller, An-! - vll=s - j v.-as consigned to The care of a mys- | na Koontz. Fannie Weldner. Beulah ; ^P endln [ serious body known as the "Sophomore · Group. Charles Tate. Eugene Smy [ Bar.d", the identity of whose members 11^13'.! Tate. Samuel Humes. I ! State will Have enccs with the Teachers- ser., Paul; SEVEN STARS 1 Seven Stars--Mr. and Mrsr Secrlst, a Series of Confer- j Mr and ilrs Qlnver. of East Berlin · and ?.Irs. Morgan Mickley, of Gettys, j burg, spent Sunday with A. J. Shank. Mrs. Ella Sherfey. of Washington, Miss Bertha Jxir.zer. of York. Is -, several weeks with Miss j Pup H s j n the schools of Pennsyl-!' Theresa Golden. . VEnia are m be iven the , fi f ' n . --- -»· -----' - - »«"- s ««, ion T U r^o v ; , . . ... - , . · D. C.. snent a snort time with Mrs. - - tne expert acrnce possible in drawing -. _ _ -nT-r. _trended the f u r c r a l ' _ , ifford Settle, spent . J. Plank's, of near - j '£ £ All the new designs In Congress Cards With Dig stock of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, counters etc.' Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. People's Drug Store Mrs. tmory Settle, of Get- unday visitors at the e's narents larbaugh, Mer^'ir. · | i ^ Jrovm. , when 3. call came for an Actual ex- J baush. Howard j pression of opinion, all but a few de- \ JTankev j cided to place the good of the college j The following were present every · before their own personal desires and : c ; av o ur i r .~ the second month at Mc! a rising vcte resulted in an almost un- ! CFearr's school. Freedom Township, j animons decision to aboiish the cus- | Catherine Eohrbaujrh. Grace Small ' torn. The authorities were highly j Esther Rohrbaugh. Dorotha Fair. May j gratined with the result, not only for j Berkhiser. Lida Pvohrbaugh. Mary 1 the enect it will have In promoting the | v,o |f Helen Wolf. E-.hel Byers. Hazel j interests of the school but because it j Bvers. Howard Small ar.d Xevin Fair, iis regarded as a high testimonial to ] Alice K. Soar.gler. teacher. · the student body who were willing to J ' make this sacrifice for the sake of the ' I college. SIAMESE TWINS William Fleigle, and wife, of York, ar.d sister. Marie, spent Sunday at the herr.e of their father. John F'.eijrie. In ' this place . ' Albert Chrisn'er spent several ,:;ys ; his sister a: Harr:sbursr- Ezra rlar.n a:id srraniTson. Aiutrt. ou^ine 5 ' In Gettysburg on Saturday. Peter Gebhart returned home Thurs- ' cav frorri Washiniiors. T'. .. to spend the winter with his father. ; 3Ir^. I. A. Xot;:, v.'ha ;s at St. 7 os- ep'i's hosnitaS. Lancaster, for trcnt-; inftn:cE : on ha- bee.", put on this basis. ?-Ii?s Rose M. Fetterolf. the expert In dravnncr. lias worked out the plan for the purpose of strengthening the ·work and the districts insd conferences are announced. On next Satin day there »v*5: be held ar Harrisbura: the conference for this district vrr.Ich Includes the folSov.'ir.g counties: Dauphin. Lebanon. Perry. Cumberland. Adams. Franklin. Fulton. MiS:rs ar.d Jiinlata. BIBLE SOCIETY Business Meeting: Follows Anniversary Exercises of Sunday. PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM- BR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 ~ OLD FASRIOND, MOLASSES TAFFY a(fV, 'VceAti Ib.". Eiittemut Taffy, -50 cents To., Peannt Taffy/:» iVamst .Brittlcs-flu-CHUS In..-Ire Cream Taffle?. M cents lb.--: PUBLIC MEETING I Two Squabs Joined together. Face in .^.ent. is macft improved. Opposite Directions, - . M, 5S Annie Geohar.. 01 tie - - - - - - oav ',?-. sper.t a iast \ Ccunly Grange Jo Hear Arguments ' Paul Bunly, of Mt. Rock, has a most against Bond Issue- ! unique freak--a pair of squabs "that Hcusc. r:nr,o\er. ·v^ek In Bonncauvilk- iliss Marv Miller \-as the trae?: of : ORGANIZED LEAGUE Anoihcr Added to Chain of College Women's Loajrues. On Tuesday Mrs. \V. A. Granvi'ie ·.vcr.t 10 Mechanicsbjrcr to orsranlze a I are grown together. The pigeons are be held In sf-jlly developed In every way other eight j th ar! ^hat they are connected directly The head of one is direction while the ms are -Joseph Fchy a-.d family in Xew Ox- Gelty^rg College Women's League. burc Woman's Bible Society resulted in the re-election of the following of::-"3rs: president. Mrs. Helen Keith; vice president. Miss Ar.nle Danner; secretary. Miss Julia Gilbert: treasurer. Miss L-jella McAllister: librarian, MIs Ar.r.a Reck. These collectors were appointed. Mrs. Wright. Miss Martha f:ckson. Miss Mcllhenny, Miss E.-ther Crouse. Miss -Jane Gilbert. Mrs. Francis Schriver. Mrs. John Blocher. Miss Anna Gillilanc. Miss Minnie Basehoar. Mrs. J. L. Butt. Miss Marion B.ocher. for r ; "cr severs: cays. Mr. sr.d Mrs. Francis Sneerlnger **"i'- !ea\e Tuesday :cr California to sner.d .evcrai w..*.* with their son. cents I''- ^ at- GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT G A T E -- A eood Investment property- consisting of 4 bnck hous FOR SALE--A good houses in A public meeting will i Warren's Hail. Arendtsville. at , o'clock Saturday evening under the ^jr.der the winjr; .'auspices of Adams County Pomona "pointed in one ·Grange. James H. McSparren, of 'other Is in the opposite way. They have John Sr.eerincrcr. ar.d :an:i=y. J caster, \vill make an address on ""Why : r - car ] e£ rc and four perfec_ winsrs. M - t = Anr.Ic Staiib ar.ii oro'.hcr, -:^~ ;~e should Vote against Vhe S50.000- -Bursty will preserve them In alcohol :?"· xve: " e v.Mt»r- in ilar.jver. '. 000 Bend Issue." Everj-body welcome. ; shoufd thev die. , Jchn Rider, of Gettysburg-, spent ' " | several da\s at the home of Mi. ar»d i TWO good ranges will be sold at j H B Bendsr ^i ha ve public sale of' M -' f - J - F - Mi:!en - - front of the Courtl Joseph Staub has rcMsrned his po- MARRIAGE LICENSE :he was accompanied by Mrs. -John F. Dnpp, Mrs. W. A. Hanson and Mr;. S. · F. Lehman, of Harrlsburc- Kev. arid ' Mrs II. Han Sharp, of Mechar.icsbursr. FVrrnii to Wed Issued bv Clerk of the Courts. A Carriage iicense has been issued by Cierk of the Co-arts Ohr.ger to Charles W. Wis!er. of York Springs, and Miss MarLi L. Gries'c. of Idaviiie. with about f.vertv five ·won-.ei were, nreser.t at tre :r,eetir.£T ai^J the r.evr Ie.. ftl! e -tart^ verv promisinsrlv. j ' " s b e e r e n t d fine brick house with slate roof, containing 7 per month buy them at a price the Income will j v r i * w v/J. 1-4.**-- ^_-JW* * , ( i ~ - T l " T ' l _ ' .ernoon. October j ««.. n as s«?on at St. Joseph s cnuich. i 30th.--advertisemen't Fabian OrndorfT taktv his piace. t a t h , K t e d :November Saturdav Account G e t s b u r g . COMING EVENTS Oct. Gi--Annual Hallowe'en Mum- j mers' Parade. '. Nov. 5, G--Ccrr. er.tion. The Women's Leagues of Gettysburg College- bv iras corner lot 45 feet front and 180 feet deep, nice lawn and porches, SJSPSirfS"til1 chicken house, has halls all through. Th» house is well lo- 'cated and can be bought for less than $4000. r*ttv«l,nr,r DtUNK PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettjsbnrg, Dickinson foot ball game. Leaves Gettysburg 8:30; leaves Carlisle ":00. Fare 80 cents.--advertisement I WAXTED: a clerk for general store, j MEX WANTED: to work in the experience preferred. Must be temperate. Lock box 24o, Biglerville, Pa. --advertisement 1 AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp, Xo. 414. P. O. i S. of A., will run an excursion to Bal- DOXT forget H. B. Bender's public' timore on Saturday, Xov. 1st, 1913. Stover orchards, S2.00 per day, no sale of household goods in front of f , Train leaves Fairneld 6:45: Gettys- strikes. no trouble, only more wanted.--advertisement men 'the Court House. Thursday afternoon,'burg T:!-T a. m.. returning, Hillen Sta- October :)0th.--advertisement 1 tion 11::0 p. m.--advertisement FWSFAPF.R S F W S P A P F R I

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