Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 27, 1952 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 22
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At*. 27, WJ *·*· Clly, l». Mole H«lp Wonted 17 FOR. SALE--WO baUi. hay. Alfred Ma'rtla, 1 ml. W. Plymouth, la. §u»iii»n FOR SALB^-Grocery In im»ll lown town. Newly rfmotlclfil. Uow over- b«»d. Good cotne l«i»)n*»«, Illneji reason f o r ' u l l l n « . - I ' h , 221 Gv Wrll* Vletor Doddi Geneva, 1«. t'OR SAl.K--The b«»t lilshway loca · lion in North Centrnl (own. 3 ·fr«, with Standard Oil nUUon, r lauranl, trailer park, *orno cahinv, ckM to a county feat town. ThK properly often th« bffl iwwrlimU/' /or a highway'huilnfJ« locution to he found anywhere In North lo'vn. V.'rlle or c*H 1,. M, Browcr, bniki-r, Oi ner, low*. ·' · $600 CASH GIVES you your o w n ' . Independent huiiiKW refilling and collecting ·ioncy. from, our new 5c dl«pen»er«, bundlln* brand new f««t moving con- lectloni In ilru* itoroi, rafeu, t»v- ·rn, i bu* depot*, etc. All locnlloni obtained for you. To qunltfy you must Imve car, .reference*, and \ cash. Devoting A few of your m houn exch week lo the hunlnc-m you ·hould. make up to »81 weokly, with llb«r*! financing ns»l«(nnc« to «ld you In taking over full time with Income Increasing accordlnaly. For f u l l information Write Box W-27. Glolje- Odette, . t'OK SALK--Culn bti»ln«»«, eju\i- merit »nd building, locRleil In tlio heart of the !HI«|IIO*« illalrlct In a Iro|{re»slve rdimty Kent town. ThlN It · very profitable bniilnetfl and of" that can hit: «|)«rnte(I with it minimum of lielp, Wrllu or call I . M. Jirower, broker, (lamer, In, -- FOK LKASB -3 Stair Service Station . in Clear Lake, la. by. major oil company. Downtown In- ·cation. Ixiw immthly rental, (land gbln«: builnen that will supiiort prtner«hlp. CALL 7W W, KVKS, 1 WEEKENDS ; emofe Help Wonted 2) Mat* Help Wanted 20 WANTED-- Truck driver, Steady employment. W«|[ivtr COK| Co. I'll, 9(W. WANTED--Man to «o!l nml ««rvk'0 (ill heaten. .Clood xalnry to rlKhl mnn. Apply at C'oiiHt to CnaKt Slore. OARPKNTEHS wanted, I'h. 27W-J. WANTKD Exp. Service Man for refrigeration and radio. Steady employment. Good wages; Apply at once. MIER WOLF SONS MEN WANTED To Travel with : -Clyde Eteatty . . - /Circus GOING TO CALIFORNIA Good Salary, room/board, ' transportation. ' Apply at, Show Grounds Circus Day, ·Manager for -Grocery Dept. Must have buying experience See Milton Rai/.es. ·. Sam Raizes , . Dept. Store OPPORTUNITY position In Albert I.f» for .v mnbltloun man for MI- »«rvl«o'ry poaltion. I'ructlcRl indtutflal *xper(*nc« or colleica tr«lnln« pre- ·ten«l. Stftte name, aiklicsj nnd n«e. A)»o experience, education «nd mnrl- t*l (tutuii, Plca«e do not apply unless you »re willing to work your way U p . ' . ::' . .'. Writ* BO)C P-13. .Plumbing and Healing : ;JOBBER"SALESMAN ; Excellent territory avallnhle, I.lberal _drnwiuK :»ccount ami cxpoiiM nr " rungenient. Territory linn hixh sales potcntiaU. Write A-23. Cilolie-GateUe UR6ute;Salesman :!.for established routes. 30 to 4: 'years of age. High school gnul · uato with selling experience Year around employment flnc other benefits. Apply in person BOROBN COMPAN'V, 113 - lut S.W. GENERAL SERVICEMAN Good starling salary. Paid vacations, insurance. 48 hour work week, Contact Mr. Ticrncy 122 South Federal Ave. WANTED · Young Man for gcnl. store work for aflci school or full time. Apply in .person. ENGLER DRUG ·' MEN WANTED Goal Hours -- Good Wages Good Working Conditions . Apply Zeidier Concrete Product". Clear Lake, la. - WANTED AT ONCE ;; Exp. Salesman To sell men's clothing and fur nishings. N e w 1 y , remodelec (tore. Good salary. Matt J. Graif, Mankato, Minn. 20 Female Help Wonted 21 WANTKD Driver Salesman or wholesale beer distributing ·binpany. .Salary .·and com mis- ion. Apply 210 Mh St, S.W., AH day Thursday. rVANTKI)~M»n to work on f a r m , 2 ml. S. of Mnton C'lly, I'h. S'J-lll, V A N T k l -- ruco inTfiiitir! IMti nla) Kurnseo Co., 408 «... Foil.. KKSHKIl, wool exj«:riencci. »7J weekly for oiinllfled man. Write I'. ~t, Drawer, 170 Albert I.e», Minn. KMl-ilrlvcr wnnUrd. 2,1 yeam of HHC or over, at taunt 3 year* «xn«rl«iice, )rlnki-r« dn net apply, i'h. UJM. ir l.nke. In. WANTED CAR WASHER Must he experienced. Apply In person. Fofsom Auto Go. Help, Male, Female 23 VANTKD--Married man iixpurlcnccd \vllli Oirni work. Kinnll niml. linuKO, our nround Job. (Snnd wauox nnd xlraK. H. J. firown. Itockford, la. JIH WtiiHler dread (Jakwry nvudu route sali'Hinei]. Married. lllgli chofil ^railuale.' l.lke* rnRctlntf poo. k-. I'll. .13W-.J (»r iippolnimunt. ·ll'.];i 1 nton lo li«l( uvtit, UIHI Nnt, Must ljj mi a I nnd liavo car. Ap- rux. puy,, I'll, Mf£. i'nrkln- on. 4M)fl, iervices Offered WANTED SALESLADY Full lime. Apply in person. ··BNOLISll UUUG WAITRESS WANTED Good wages. TOWN HOUSE I'h. «82 Stenographer Wanted Must take dictation. Experience preferred, but not neccssury. GOOD SALARY AND WORKING CONDITIONS. ' st National Bank rOUSEWLVES, ATTENTION! Dall otir' authorized Singer rep- ejicntnllve to c o m e to your i6mo to oil, inspect ami adjust ·our present sewing machine. Call 1122 for Appointment SINGER vSEWING CENTER ,. 123 North Federal Ave. WAITRESS VB w i l l need 2 experienced waUresxe when whool «t»rt«. Ono full lime, one » r t , time. ;(1oMl hour*. Top pay, .pply tin iwmon. , LYTLE'S SANDWICH GRILL 7 South Delaware Shoe Saleslady Ion. Kxpvrleiice preferred but no ecxmaiy. A|ip)y In jwrwm. No |'hon« ODD LOT SHOE CO. 331 S. Fed. WAN'l'Kll--WoiiiHn fill' houi«wirk un! ckro of clilldren for 3 ir 4 nios. l l » , Humid .Scllon. I'h. K7. N o r n VANTKU--H«k|ir, No obj. to chilli. Hume, wilKon. Write ilox 11-23. niiilic-Guiellc. V A NT F, I)--Fry cook. Apply Lunch. Ph. 57!B. WANTKD Dishwasher and Kitchen Help No Sumtayn or liolldayn. Apply In i«sr son, ()Klcali.v Fond Shop, W W. State nianugert- i f ' y o u know Ihe dl rvct KelllnK Held and tvu\ quail led for a liuttar jnb, wo nrc pro iar«d in offer yoti a substantial \\\ com« Uirniitih ovor-wrlte commlssloi and lrnlii|i\K f«o8. No duU.-frlnn o follt)ctlon5. C'ar and phutm o.T'jentfn] Wrllu llox ^ 101, 22U Marshnll Ave. St. Paul, Minn.: WANTED 2.SALESLADIES Good pny, plensnnl working coiulilions. P a i d Vncnlion. No Sitiuliiy work. Apply in pccson. OSCO hRUG WOMAN for short order trunk an counter help in lunch room. Apul In pt'rflon a f t e r 7 p.m.'s tlowliii I.ano.s. WANTKO Steam Table Lady Apply in person. FORD HOPKINS WANTFll)- Salesladies. Full or par lime. Apply Style .Shoppe. Wanted . WOMAN FOR GEN'L OFFICE WORK Vi days. Opportunity for ad vRiiL'cmcnt and full lime em ploymcnt. Position may be come permanent... Typing am general bookkeeping required Apply Zeidier Concrete Products Clear Lake looms for Rent SALESLADIES for sports wear .(iep't, and rcndy-to-wear. H i g h e st fixed salary plus liberal commissions. Full »r part lime. Apply In persoii. Kxp. preferred b u t not necessary. , " H U G H E S Ready-to-Wear .3 fJouth Federal - Apt*, tor Rent IWJ MONTHLY for wearlnjc lomly die**** xlvcn'to you a« homu. jitut how I'luhlnn Frock* to (rlend*. No fiimlntf, Invealmunt or m perl en.-,' ccrwary. L-'uimlon Frocks. "isif(, Cincinnati, Ohio. /ANTKIJt-nei'uptlonUt with tjcnoral nfflco ami hoakkVpplng iibillly. :A«- ly G i r l Scout Office, 0 l*t N.W,, Wanted--Experienced Shoe Salesman or Saleslady Apply in person. Wayne edclly, Slcvenson's, 15 S, Fed //ANTED--Cook's helper. Park Inn Hotel. A W N M O W K R S Jih«rn«n«d. The Saw «liop. M2 8, Xcdorul. S wnnhiTiJ by machine; mnten I'll. 5T7I-.W. EWING machine repairing and rebuilding--all nakes, parts and supplies. SAason City Appliance store. 211 S. Fed. Ph. 1103. tllUtOIIH reillverert. Mnckvt'n,. 417 2nd. St. N.W, I'll, 782. VANT1CD--A»li and ruliblsh hauling Pli, M21-J, ·OH 8AI.K--II l u c k dirt, fltl dlrti ashen, rulihtitli hauled, f'ii. 3535-J. 1LACK (Hit, t i l l dtrt, rubbish limited. Ph. Cecil I'tllny, 222D-W. hoofing Siding NEW AND HEP AIR VAltonally advertised brands. Free ullmnto, 39 man, to .nay. N o ' d o w n aym«nt required. E. CARL WHITE CO. 'hone 841 1717 So. Kerf. ; -'Mnnon City, Iowa FULLER BRUSH Products. Floyd Fousek. Phone 62M-R. SWI'TIC tunk* und vempools uleiinud. Iteinonull6 mien. I'll. 870 or write Olunu iMarntmll, Itoiilu ·!, Mason City Miller's Tree Experts Now is Ihc time to get your trees pruned. We also do complete removal surgery and feeding. PHONE 5712-k ; DEGEN FLOOR SERVICE liniilnii. Ph. 11172 or 520-t.l. Furnace Repair Gas Burners nnd Furnaces Free Inspection .Call 44t KELROY'S U I K K S , trlkus rcpalrud, ftulck service Try us on all your fix-It Jobs lalph's llcpalr Shop, I Ml A 15. Slain Al FL-IU' of lludrick .Suptlyl 24 Hour Maytag Repair Service on OLD OR NEW MODEL Maytag Washers TMckttp and Delivery HOME APPLIANCE" CO AUT11OH17.KD SA1.HS and SGHVICIS 20 3nd St. N.I3. Phone II! MaNon City Oll spetr. l!yilrovnt-'-Mannolo nn Ctlnlon KiiR. serv.. M. ,t h. Moto Kupjily. Ph. 1-13, Allison IHIy. MR. FARMER Just Call 572 Mason City for Prompt Service We have two trucks rcatly t serve you during this period '!' i r e recapping, vulcanizing repairs. We also have a good supply o Used Tractor, Implement an Wagon Tires. J L TIRE Supply Co Lloyd Farrer 125 1st St. S. E. Phone 57 WANTPIO--Woninn lo cook for private club. 6 day Meek. Rood wirk- InK condition*, (live atfc, oxperloacv, references, 'salary requirements and when available. Write rare Advance Pub. Co., Algona. Jowa. NAM I'M N'-GOLD XMAS CAIIUS MAKK S50 ON 50 BOXES SKfinEH'S name In solid gold sells last. Profits to 100 per cent on SI assortments sent on approval. Imprint .samples free. Mldweit, 1113 Washington, Dept. 221, St. Louln. A!o. (ruck driver. ' VANTEI--Man to h e l p clemi In ,..;fcowUoc alley and »et pin* »ft«r- *. AIM pin tetter* over J6. Lcc's WANTED WOMAN TO COME IN HOME AND HELP TAKE CARE OF 3 SMALL CHILDREN AND HOUSEWORK. 8:30 a.m. 'till 4 p.m. Mon. thru Fri.--$12.50 a wk. Ph. 5883-J. Sole or Trqde FOR SALK--Or trade i nn home, 11 T. '19 Int. Van body. Th. 149. Rooms for Rent FO« KENT--Sleeping room. Gentle man preferred. 122 tilh St. S.W. FOH IIKNT -Sleeping room. Usu prl. kllchen If doslrcd. Pli. .133:). KOn HUNT--Sleeping room. Close in Mnn. AW 1st N.K. FOR IlENT--2 nice sli-cplnji rooms S4 nnd 15 per week. Ph. -1737-J FOU RENT--Front room, twin beds 2 closets. Also nlnRle. 2 blocks wcs of Park Hospl'.nl. 22 N. Jefferson. FOH RENT--Large sleeping room Closet. Ph. 9fi7-,l. FOR RENT--Sleeping room. Grntlc mnn preferred. ^22 sth St. S.K. FOH RENT--Nice Ige. sleeping roon I'r!. rntr. in. For 1 or 2 224 H 1 . Stale. 32 OH RENT-- Ut floor BkcplnK room. 1'h, 4721 after 8 ' p . m . For Renr-APT. M l ' o n . 2nd fir, 3 Irgp. rms. JloHCts and full bath. Unfurn r will 'partly furn. See this Ice apt.. Itcas. rent at 922 N. A - N D E R S O N ' - S The Former's and Workingman's Furniture Store WE HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK OF USED FURNITURE IN TOWN Davenports and Chairs, at . $10.00 Breakfast Sets, at . . 'Oil IIKNT-- Unfurn. 4 I'm. ami bath «pt. Ulll«, and heat turn. 201 Cth t^/UV. ; 'OR UKNT~J riii. apt., prl, bath", Km heat. prl. cnlr., /urn, or unfurn. lu;nu 3-IH2-J, 3eds, at 3ed Davenports, at . . . . . . . A/ashers, at .....' ·» Brings, at : |oor Lamps, at OI« HKNT-Onc- a room apt. ami I ·I room apt. Kuril. 222 N, Madl.wn. h. IOM. OK nip; ri room, fiirn, apt. J55 AdulU only, I'll. aimi-W. oft IIKNT-- 2 room api. ut fir,, iri. rnt. Al Wl Ut S,W. In'i. 231 '1th I..N.W. · : For Rent-- Unfurn. Apt. Close In. Vallabla now. Livlnii room wlln replnge, bedroom, kitchen, batli nd Hun porch. Guratfe, waihlnii (a- !lll!e* and J.inllor flervlcex. (ins tove, ffliflilalre, hunt, water turn, dultu only. Call Hoy Tgou, MOO or,' 1260 21 6 S, Federal Oil· K K N T -- 2 lic!rin. l»t floor apt. Newly ducoralcd. Una hunt. Util leu furnished. I'll. 170!. INl-'UHN. 3 room apt. Clotu In. All unities furn. I'll. 931 durlns days, 3 p.m. FOR fiENT 2 Rm. Furn. Apt. loclric refrigeration. «a» heal. All llllllns film. 2 blocks from high :honl. Women unly, Kpeclul r«fur- ICCK required, Iwmlro Mra, Fryc, Tartln Atl*.. 102 S. Cimn, rm. with kltchoncttc. Fnvn. UtllK, t u r n , BOL N. Fed. $10 week. ' O R ' I I K N T -- 1 room Iiirn. iipt., JS.SO pur wk. Elderly lady only. Ph. "Oil. RENT-- Furn. I nil. uml kUuh- eiietto light housckeepliii; apt. Ainu rm. basement iipt. Utlln furn. I'll. fi.17. KOH ItBNT Desirable 0 Urns, and Bath Unfurn. Apt. leal and water furn. Janitor ervlce. 3rd floor. $80 monlh. Adults only. Ph. 42U5-W. Mrs. Allen;. ·OH IlENT--2 rm. furn. iipt., iidulta. SCO Supl. lit. lm. 229 Colonial Mils. CORN CRIBS- Sears can offer you Farm Master Corn Cribs at a big savings o you. Buy now and have your Crib ready when you need'it. All sizes from 500 bushels lo 2,500 bushels. 00 Bushel · ^Rlf^O'TYY Less omplelo with Roof ^ l O y . U U ' Freight Use Sears Easy Payment or Farm Plan SEARS FARM STORE 115 EAST STATE STREET 'Oil I)I:"NT--fi ritnm furnished apart' nit-nt. I'll. .4IHI7-W. "OH HKNT--Hnsement upl. partly turn. IlefriKcrallnn, li n r d w o o cl loors. A d u l U preferred. One child. «M N. Kcdurnl. FOR ·'RENT Furn. 2 Rm. Apt. t fir., outaldo' cntr. FrlRidnire, liot water. I tilk. from liluh School. Preer 2 LiHHlher.i or couple. 1st Ave. No., Clear Lake . AVAILABLE SEPT. 1 i'OH RKNT--1 room modern apt Kurn., city h e a t and water. I'll. I227-.I. HOOM u n f u r n . apt. Kldnrly or dk'.i«od 'wnrklnK cpl. 221 nth mid S.E, 'OH IIKNT-- 1st fir. small 2 rm. Immlro 13M N. Fed. Plu SC17-.1 apt p'OIl UI2NT--Film, Bill., I room am kitchenette. Nice for couple. $41 no. Ph. 441 days. ·'Oil IIKNT-- Kuril, nnd unfurn. Clow,In. Ph. -IM9.II. apts '011 11K NT-- La rKB 3 rno in f u r n . Dilution fur. SB5. Ph. 25!(9-J. - r or Rent -- Furn. Apt. 'erj* de.slrablu 1 mis, nnd liath. Nicey furn. lo a. or 3 teachers' or wotiioi vllli executive Jobs. M a i n Moor. Al ill], furn. Janitor service at Crane Mil. UuildlnB. 221 2nd N.W. Pli 26S-W, Mrs. 'Alter. SE In nil.s., 1st and 2nd flrn Priced Id satisfy. 913 Ut Ave. S., iv Ph. BBII-R3, Clear I.aku. ·'OH 1XENT--a loom furn. apt. Nice for I nv 2 Klrls. Inq. 109 N. duo. ·'Oil IIKNT--3 room furn. apt. at 130. r S. Federal. Ph. 5.1 or MSX roil HENT--2 mom uniurii apt. N children. '412 I2lli N.W. Houses tor Rent _.. KOU HKNr-- Km. crriclency furn. cot t a n o for a. linmed. pass. Uehl n of Sopt. I. Pli, .ITl-.l. Clear Lake, la f u n HENT--2 roum u n l u r n . duplex Gas heat. $32 tm. B12^ l l l h N.R KOH It LINT--5 room furu. or u n f u r n i\ns heat, niiulern. Riira $7S. llcfercnces. I'h. J573. [·'OH IIKNT--lly year: Modern wli tcrlzed coltaKe. furn. or partly tun Oils heat. North shove Clear Lnki Honsonnblc it-nt. I'll, asuu Maso City. House Trailers A3 FOR SALE--Good 2l-tt. New Woo trailer house. Kirch f l i d n h , new Ka raiiue. relrlucialor with delrostci Venetian blinds, etc. Contact li!j. Kins at A l n p l e Crest Motel. NBW and used hnusc tralli-r.i lo sale. Wo are distributors for sin oral Icaiilnp ni.-iniifnctnrers. Wo trad f u r anything--automobiles, furnltur ctir. H u n k torn financlnK. O|e cvory day From D a.m. to 9 p.n .South llroadway Trailer Sales, S. o Hwy. fi5. Albert Minn. Ph. 3l3r NEW AND USED HOUSE TRAILERS Authorized Dealer U-Ncek Trailer Hitches Paris STEVENS TRAILER; SALE: Across from Football field CI.KAIt L A K E , IOWA Ph. 1112-W and U12-.t Closed Sun VOIt SALK-- ta-ll. alum, house tra Icr f u l l y equipped. Wt. 1.000 It). II. E. Taylor. 2 ml. S. of Swaledalc Houses for Sole 35 DROWN SfcDONOUGir REALTORS Make a Date to See These A. Allrni'live A bccirm. home, l.arg living rm. with fireplace. Sol.iriun KUS hat water heal. Close to Mon roe school. To settle estate, SI5,OIM n. Lovely ranch type 2 bcdrm. home 1 yr. old. Lartfc T h e r m o p a n e ' p l ture window, l.ivlnx rm. .carpctei Attached KaraKc. S. li. locallo S13.9S C. Prc-War Hi story -1 bcdrm. hung: low. Tllo balli, carpeted HvinK rm paved driveway, garage. This bom is Ihc best.value on today's m n r kct at SHJ15 BROWN McDONOUGIl Healtors Over United Tlonic Bank Ph. R47 - r.vcs. 237J, 35OT-W $1500 DOWN will put you in your own room modern home, Balnnc of $4,500 can be paid like rent Youngblood ' Son REALTORS I'll. 58*KM alter n ).in. No* icet Houses for Sole ' VACANT NOW W* 2 *tory, 3 bcdrm. home will ne. Not new. but a good ibstantl us lor 12.50 5:00 19.50 1 5:00 5.00 5.95 Piece Dining Room Sets, at ·. 19.50 EASY TERMS FREE DELIVERY Anderson Furniture Co. Frank Ryan, Mgr. B R A K E S DANGEROUS V/hen They Pull to Left or Right? Grab? BRAKE SPECIAL Remove front whuelu nnd inspect lining. Inspect, clean and repack front wheel ettrlnsiH. 3. Intpuci brake drums. 4. Check nil ndd .brake fluid If needed. 3. Adjust rake boles to aocurc full iwdal. 6. Cure- illy test brakes. 1942 MODELS AND UP ONE TO A CUSTOMER $4.50 Value ALL FOR 98 C EGGERT THOMAS, Inc. 121 North Delaware Phone 363 Seeds, Feeds 17 Farms for'Sale 39 P U B L I C S A L E OF 240 ACRE/FARM * Saturday, August 3.0 arm located prfc nnd one-half miles South, one mile 'East and Itiartcf mile South of Thornton, Iowa; seven miles West, two miles North ot Sheffield. GO Acre tract, with buildings sold first, then the eighty lores. mood set of buildings, ten room house, electricity, furnace barn, 56x48 ft; cattle barn 48x32 ft., with twenty-four foot lean; silo 15x44 ft. Buildings newly paint. Jan inspect the farm any time before date of sale. Perms: ·; 15% at time oE purchase, balance on or before March 1st; when possession will be given. This farm will be sold to the highest bidder to close the Soren N. Bcrtelscn Estate. ORA BAYLESS, AUCTIONEER Licensed Hfil Estate .Salesman hone 952-.T, Clear Lake Phone 1988, Mason City Household Goods 54 DAVIDSONS USED FURNITURE CLEARANCE ON USED FURNITURE Sofa Bed . . . . . . $ 5.88 Sofa Bed and Chair . $12.88 Used Stove . . . . . $12.88 Sofa Bed $ 5.88 Sofa B e d . . . . . . $11.88 Davenport and Ghair $ 8.88 Davenport .. . '. . . $19.8 Davenport and Chair $ 3. TERMS -- FREE DELIVERY BUY AT DAVIDSONS Iowa's Largest Home Furnishers Oleson Realtors . BRAND.NEW ome with 2 bedrooms just ueing nlshed! South locution on paving, lany extra feature* included such a exhaust fan In kitchen! Priced at 2,000. 5853-W 211 3568-W OLESQN A LITTLE edccoratintf would Increase the yal- e of thl* all modern 3 bedroom home ar above the willing price! New gan nit auto hot 'water, Husco windows iroushoul! N. E. part. Price S8.400. 5853-W 211 3568-W OLESON EAST PART n u dandy residential location. This bedroom all modern home built In -MO! All Insulated, gas heat. Nice ard and garage. Priced to sell at 11,000. 5853-W. 211 35f,'8-W OLESON. $2,000 DOWN fiood buy in a good family home! II extra Inrue rooms. Including 3 edrooms, C!as heat. Excellent IOCM- on In the S. E. Price S8.DOO. Week-End Specia Heavy 4-oz. Waffle Pad with purchase of 9x12 rug Was 82.95 99.95 119.95 NOW 64.9! 74.9! 99.9! Many Beautiful Patterns to Choose From. SALE ENDS SATURDAY SEARS ROEBUCK- CO 23 E. State St, 35 Houses for Sale pri ijicon«. not new. rjuc a good it horn*;' «oal furnace. Ask ice and terms BECK BROS. CO. I'll. 134, Evenings 4735-W IT'S A SHORT WALK iut llic buck path--hut look al the money you save; So it's not modern! 'Ills 2 bedroom cottage is fully lined, iis «ax hc.H, is fitrnlslied. and is n a i£O!Kl lot, \vltb easy aceoss to Die .ake! What more do you w a n t for 2.650? (Ask for our free chart irov- ng you save over SI a trip! J V STUART . REALTY VO. Phone' 10.'Clear Lake M53-W 211 35SJ-W .ots for Sole Oleson Realtors Photo Listings FOn SALE--3 siiaee lot in 1'nrk Cemetery. I'h. 3670-J. WEASEL Iocs the Pop! At least. It .sounded ke that when the old man sold, "we ell!" What he meant was they are rlclng. their year nround lake-shore ome for only S 111 .000 because they ant to leave for I'lorWn next month! Gas heat! Clost-lri! Two bed ooins! New knotty pine north! In- ulated! EvenMurnlshed! ·'OH SALE--Or trade': Level building lot S.W. corner 10th and N Polk Leonard Kuct. Ph. 113s. STUART REALTY CO. Phone 10, Clear Lake F YOU wish to sell your city or farm properly see Jim Anderson, Realtor. Clear Lake. POSSESSION SOON 3ne of Muson City's fine older homes. B e a u t i f u l woodwork, large, cheery boin's. Originally planned for a large amlly home. Presently arranged us convenient duplex. Well located on us line 'and close to schools. Don't tiiss this. BECK BROS. CO. Ph. 134, Evenings 4735-W A New Home On this nice one acre tract just four nlles N.E. of Mason City. Completely modern, providing all. the comforts f city life plus plenty of room for .jardcnlnn and raisinu chickens. Idea) pot for retired f a r m e r or city dwell- r who would like lots of room. W. L. Patton Co. REALTORS Phono 790 -- Evenings 5-154-M li.R- HOME just completed. Beaut. blond trim, picture window, tile lath, N.E. section, on: paving, near chool. n. I*.. Ilansen. Ph. 3914. HOME BUYER'S OPPORTUNITY S T lcc 3 bod r 115. home with Kis furnace, ocaicd In S. W, part on paving. A good value at .BROWN MeDONOUGH Realtors Ovei-'t/nlted Honio Bank Ph. 847 - Eves. 2374, 3567-W FIRST TIME OFFERED )wner rnovlny. Wishes to sell liis betiroom atn\ost new home in Cen- ral Heights. Fully Insulated. Gas urnacc. All modern. Plenty room for good sited'family. S5.250. Wheeler Real Estate 207Vi N. Fed. Ph. 3122 FOR SALE--A 3-unit property. Small apt., small store and 6 room apt o live In. 5 btocks to town. Gas heat. rice, $10,500. Guild Heal Estate. Ph. 8fi7 or 1583. SKILLFULLY PLANNED V real ranch type home. Complete in every respect. AH rooms recently re- one In new Uccp lone color. 2 large ilry bcUrms,, closets galore. Beau Uul modern kitchen, glassed ant screened hreezcway with fireplace an extra room), double garage, in- iulatcd and heated. You must see his, room by room. BECK BROS, CO. Ph. 131, EveninKs 4733-W 3 Bedrm. Home This new story nnd a half home, lo cated N.E., has 2 boclrms., bath, llv ng nn., and attractive kitchen down Full basement. Gas heat. Large hall slory unfinished. One block to Lesion Golf Course. 3',4 blocks to Ilardlns School. $12,000,00. W. L. Patton Co. HKALTORS Phon« 790 -- Kvcnlnsrs 5-154-M Houses for Sale or Ihe finest .selection of qualil.1 Clear Lake homes of all prices am izcs call Jack Dominic 'lear Lake Phone 38-t-, ·4-P!ex Here Is an Income property locatoc close to Holy Family Church lha grosses S2650.00 per yunr. 2 apts. up and 2 down. Nice corner location. Can be purchased on contract. 311,000.00 W. L. Patton Co. Phone llEAI.TOnS 7!K -- Evenings S-I5-I-M 4 GOOD BUNGALOWS 2 bedroom and expansion attic, blocks from Wilson School: 2 bed room, possibly 3. three blocks from Monroe and Holy Family; 2 bc! room, 2 blocks from Roosevelt School 2 bedroom, 2 blocks from Jefferson School. CHISM REALTY 19 W. Stale Ph. 2116 or Eve. 60fi8I -- Best Buy In Town -BEAT THIS FOR LOCATION Modern. 230 3RD N. W. New kitchen. New gas furnace VERY DESIRABLE i stnry home In the Highlands, bedrooms down. 1 up. All newly dec or.ilcd. Gas hunt and eaniRC. 1 block to Harding School. BECK BROS. CO. Phone 134 Eves. 47.1S-V MOD. OAK FINISH GAS HEATED HOME Lot has value. $8,500 Guild Real Estate Phone 8f7: 1589; 738 FOrt SALE--S rm. houstf In Nori Springs, prices 53,500, Good terms See Guild or Ph. B67 or 15/W, 35 Forma for $·!· MMED1ATE -DELIVERY!!! 24x30 nifalows }3,144 erected oa foi'ncj- lion or basement home. Union arpcnlers. Other sizes--style*. V'oui lans or ours. Free delivery 100 irl tahdard construction. Not prefab, icsi dry lumber. Visit Fahnln^ Sjp- ly, Watervlllc, Minn. Open 8-5. iNo undaysj. : orm* for Rent '4,950 Vltractive modern one bedroom bun- a)ow In the Highlantis, Best loca- on, ; : . :.- : : . / . ' ' , . . : youngblood Cr Son KKALTOHS--Phone 5880-J alter 3. FOU HUNT--Good 320 A. farm W-SO stock share lease. All tillable. Worth Co. Write full qual.'including c!p, to Box A-26, Ctobe-Gautte. Machinery 11 liDHM. home. Gas heat. 55,500. Oulld. Ph. BS7, 1589 or 738. FOR SALE 4 Bedrm. h-lorne block from St; Joseph's and ^arfield. Gas heat, carpeted, car garage, large Jot. Poss. Oct. 1st. W. D. Lnttimcr, 415 th St. S.E. No phone calls. ·OR SALE--«-ft, all steel elev., lifetime I2-in. maiinet; 2 H.P. 230 volt lee. motor, 500 Ib. feed scale, «-ft. rain conveyor, Vill.f. elec, motor. Hue . Streak hammermlll, S3 M.I'. lee. 220 volt motor, 2 heavy duty ViV In. ballbearings, heavy drive hafts, loe chains, heavy «lev. spouts, evcral different: size flat belt pul- eys, n;w plow bolts. All items listed n good cond. Box 2C2. Bancroft, la. .ottages A35 36 LOT for sale. Corner S.W. Gth and Taylor. Call at 1053 6th St. S.W. Acreage 37 Wanted to Buy--For Cash Improved or Unimproved Acreage On Highway Close to Mason City. State price and location. Write Box A-22, Globe-Gazette Farms tor Sale 39 OWN A FARM [ere is n dandy 160 A. between Cleai Lake and Mn.son City, along · pavement. Over 150 A. fine crop, good soil, "rotation fields, woven wire. Fid set of buildings include-overhead crib k'llb elevator, silo, machine shed This kind of farm is often called for. not often do we get this type of offer ng. L. C. STUART Clear Lake Resilience Farm Office on Iliway lOf A block east Lincoln School 80 Acres at $100 an acre. 80 Acres at $150 an acre. 160 Acres at $125 an acre. 240 Acres at $105 an acre. 480 Acres at $112.50 an acre 1200 Acres at $125 an acre. Wheeler Real Estate 207«. N. Fed. Ph. 3122 FARMS FOR SALE 280 A, improved. All Webster soil level, completely tiled and all )inciei cultivation. A very high producing f a r m . S210 per acre. 280 A. improved stock and jjrain farm. Good bklKs. Modern home Price $125 per acre. / ' (GO , A . improved. Very ( weli locatec and Kood protiucer. I'rice $22 per A. 2 good pieces of unimproved land Jack Dominic 808 1st Ave. So., Clear I.akc. Ph. HR4-. 80 AC RES . Unimproved, just North of nev H i g h w a y 18 through Clea; Lake. $150 per A. Youngblood Son REALTORS PHONE 36 SALE--Imp. J,|n A. . f a r m , US A plowed. Si-Id A. Write Box B-27 Olobc-Gazctte. 104 A. well Impr. farm. Mitchell Co. IVi mi. from town. $185. Can bi bought on contract from owner. Bo 1 . St. Anssar, la. 240 Ac re's in S.E. corner of Sect. 13, E! Twp. Hancock County. Most!; Clarion and Webster soil. Lot. )f buildings. Write John Hav lik, Northwooci, In. OWN A FARM If you want larccr farms that tak less cash. I have them in other conn tics. For instance: 2'10 A, on pave mcnt, w i t h ' R o o d set of buildings, In eluding hiproof barn and new gran ary. S95 per A. with only 58.000 cas by March. Or a dandy 120 A. f a r r at SI 10 that can -be handled wit 56,000 cash by March. L. C. STUART Clear Lnkc Residence Farm Office on Iliway 10 A hlnck east Lincoln School 22(5 A. Ccrro Gordo. nil tillable, mod crn sas hn.ilcd home, fine bldtfs f a r m you dream of owning. 10 A. Ccrro ~,orio, parlly mor home. I.nt« of cood bldRs. Deep black soil. A real money maker. 120 A. Floyd Co. Joins town. Modcr 10 rm. home, oil heat. Oood bldus anrt fences. City convenience nni a fine farm. 140 A. Worth Co. Fair bldgs., 120 A In crop, partly mod. 314 miles t town. A bargain. 160 A. Ccrro Gordo. 3 miles to town Elcc., sood bldgs. Priced right. J. RUSSELL IOWANNA REAL ESTATE 12 First St. S.R. Phone 2H F.vcs. C190-R. 2293-W. 1508-,; OK SALE--L»r«i *«!*c!lon S. Mirn. and N. Iowa'fanrii. Order bulletin, ohannsen Realty Co.. 215 E. Waltr t., Austin, Minn. 40 OH RENT--210 and 80 acre (arm* In Howard County. Cash rent. -Mel- In Buckley, Charles City, la. VAN'I'ED--Knsllage cutters and toro binders. Ph. 4889-W. New Machinery Used as · Demonstrators Johu Deere No. 74 Ensilage harvester, P.T.O. drive. John Deere 50 Forage blower. Special price. USED MACHINERY John Deere Ensilage Harvester, ready Cor the field. Cheap. Smalley blower, like n e w. Cheap. Bradley Elevator, 40 ft. cheap. Reliable Imp. Co., INC. Rockwell, la. 'Oil SALE--1.000 bu. tfrain bin. S170. lh. 6I-F12, Kudd, la. 'OH' SALE--Papec silage cutter, 18 in. In tfood cond. C o r n binder, Icnno Albers, Klcrnme. la. -- SEE US FOR -' KELLY--RYAN , ELEVATORS All sizes Available Peter son "Farm Store Ph. 2C8 Clear Laka Special of the Week JOHN DEERE No. 52 ~ 21S plow ' $9!) NT. 216 plow ,. 5119 MASSEY-HARRIS 214 piow $89 -arm Equipment Supply Co. 2401 S. Fed. Ph. 303 VANTEU--Mcclinnlcal manure loader. O. H. Olson, Ht. I. Ph. 3BG-H2. -"OR SALE--8 ft. J.D. combine No. 7. Uewey Schott, 1 ml. E.. 3Vi N. of llanlontown, la. 1948 Ford Troctor. 1949 Ford Tractor IHC'F-30 Tractor W/cult. IHC Regular Tractor. David Bradley 2-12" Plow. Dearborn 2-14" Plows. Rear mower for Ford Tractor. Side mower for Ford Tractor. 2 row Oliver cornpicker. Wood Bros, cornpickers. IHC 62 Combine w/engine. Galloway 36' Elevator. John Deere Hammer Mill, BUY YOUR NEW, SKYLINE FORAGE BLOWER SCHROEDER Implement Co. 18 - 7th S.E. Mason City, la. "Ford Farming Headquarters" Livestock 42 AS I liave decided lo sell (he balance of my piss, t am putting up for private salu an additional 350. cholera vac., wcighinK from 70 to 100 hs. They are located 8 mi. S., 4 ini. E. of Mason City. Archie Miller ii Ihe name on the mailbox. Ph. Hockwell. 16-F1Q1. FOR SALfl--ne«. Hereford bull. 27 mos. old Domlnoe breeding. Haymond Xirbcl. -H4 mi. N. of Surf parking lot, Clear Lake. FOR SALE--I,ale model H tractor and cult., resleeved; 1-12-14-4 pen K II.: pen hog I!.; 1-10-12 granary; 4 Brown Swiss heifers. A. R. McMullin. fi ml. N., IVi mi. W. of Ventura, la. FOR SALE--1.1 feeder pij(s. Vaccinated. 1-H7 N. Carolina. Ph. -115. FOH SALE--Holsteln sprinKcrs and llRht weisht Hereford feeders. Write or phono Ernest Sprung. Dexter, JVflnn. FOR SALF.--8 y e a r old Kentucky bred saddle horse. Chestnut with slripe in face. Gentle. If. E. Taylor. 2 mi. S. of Svvaledale. FOft SALE--2 saddle horse.s. 1 palomino and 1 chestnut. Inquire Guy Smith. Saddle Club B a r n . Fair, grounds. FOR SALE--Gentle lady broke while copper .spotted mare. 4 yrs. old. Suitable for show business. Dale Linaiion. Klcmme, fa. Dogs, Birds, Pets 43 f'OK SALE--Full blooded Fox toy terrier pups, SIS. Phone 80-H3. Ben Nelson. Kensett, la. FOR SALK--Fawn colored German wolfhound puppies. Ph. 120ti. NCin. F.lkhnund pups. Litter re/r. Sired by half-hro. of tho Madison Square Garden winner ITrond I I I ) . Look them over. $25 and up. *Mrs Milt Lewis, i mi. E. of Highland Grocery on 12th St. N.E. Miscellaneous for Sale 44 FOR ,SALK--Cushman motor scooter, Large size. S75. Ph. 2I-F4: FOR SALE--Baby buggy and miscellaneous. J'h. 3R62-J. FOIl SAI.K--2-wnccl trailer, BOOxlii tires. BI.1 4th St. S.E. RIDE TO SCHOOL on a SCHWINN BICYCLE from $46.95 CURRIES SHOCK protected, waterproof, wg-fc or dress wrist watches, S4.M up ffarrys Surplus, 337 S. Federal.

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