The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 28, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1913
Page 6
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IT" '·T ~-t hoes have NO CONQUEST BY U,S SAYS WILSON ["Morality Hot Expediency," the. Motive, HeTellsSouliierners., JAMES R. MANN. He !s er tn House, of* .ftepreseatative*. DSSEUOfi Daughter of Late Senator Bride of "KHf. Hill. ' HUSBAND LONG HER Sill FOR FORESEES CLOSER BONDS Romance in Which the Duke of necessity tor stylish. raiitee provide ·n standard for nearly 42 »13 * - 4" -' The President AttaeMs:2f-M--erial In] terests" That Influence Attitude oi Some Governments Tov/ards Latin- America. Mobile, Ala., Oct. 2*. -- President I \VIison announced to the "world'that '·* the governing motive of the United Slates in its relationships with the [-; countries ca this hemisphere would ! be "morality and not expediency." { ·'! want to take this occasion to \ say," he declared, "that the Uniied! i States wii! not again seek to secure; 1 one additional foot of territory b\ con-s tor tor Sclz stvles that were brough aukenphast lasls are really more popular today than Many IQV. thev \vcre many years ago. The manufacturer in the country. '- ut years ago, are e are imitated by nearly every shoe Have you seen Selz YVaukenpliastr . Better do this today --even though you may not want to buy. ^x-- -· - *-* RAYMOND- MYERS, Chambersburg Street, Gettysbur qitest." j The president spoke before the| Southern Commercial Congress a u d j ' delivered a veiled attack on "the ma-, . tt-ria! interests" that influenced the' ! foreign policy of some governments in " their relations v:ith Latin-America. . Though ha did not mention Mexico, ! he devoted his speech to a description j of the degrading influences which foreign concessionaries had upon internal affairs cf Latin-American ceuntrits. "\Vitb the Mexican situation Eikins, T.". Va., Oct. 28.--Miss Kath- eriue Elkiiis, daughter oi the laiA. B. £!kias, was married htre to "Billy" Hitt. The w«ri«J!£ig is the culmination o£ , a romance o* seven years." during, j v.--»:eh Miss Elkias -.vas ardently wooed j by both Mr. Hitt and the Duke of the . i Abruz^i, cousin of the king ot Italy, j The only oats present at the wed- I -.yiag were ex-Senator Davis Elkius.- ; or" Morganiovn, brother of the bride; j Mrs. EJkias, mother of the bride; ex- I Senator Henry C. Davis, of Elkins,. grandfather of the bride; Mr. and Mrs,. BJaiU',- Elkins, of Morgaatowa. brother and sister-in-law of the bride; Colonel 1 list-hard Kleins, of PhiJadelphix a [- I brother o: ihe bride; Mrs. Chester P- - j Barnt-tt. of Fort Meyer, Va., cousin of I the br:de. ancl Miss ICatherine Britton, i of "Washington, a frsead of the bride. j j All the guests have been attending a XVashhijSoa, Oci. 28.--A big soil!?-1 house party at Haliiehurst for more - j glijig plot, supposed to extend in its j than a week. Mr Hitt being among th» i ramifications over The'fernire seaboard; guests. ,· S5 ! Hr.««AU } Ail feSS8!S 3t shell If you are planning a Hunting Trip for a day or a month it will pay you to let us fit you out with the proper equipment to insure a successful trip. Iver Johnson and Harrington Richardson, Single Barrel Shot "Guns, guaranteed" for Smokeless Power, $4.00 Harington and Richardson 44-ga. Shot Gun for boys or ladies, L. Ce Smith Hammerless Gun, Ithaca Hamrnerless Gun, I 2 and 20., Try on Hammerless Gun, 1 2-ga,, Davis Hammerless Gun, Davis Hammer Double-barrel 1 Adkras County Teachers' i" . H ! - " I j Institute, Waiter's iheatre | | ! Gettysburg, Pa. November H j 17,18,19,~20, 21. 1913. Evening Entertainments. Monday-- Dr. Andrew P. £ j Joanson,- "Eli and Dennis". | Tuesday' - Ralph Parlette. 3? ] Humorist, "Riclier B! Roekerellexf. i sraail ports of- call. to be very d;i-1 Though the customs agents are very tne i active, ^t v-as said that no direct evi- . . _ *o rhe soata,| dea!Cec r S y r h smuggling had develon- 1 which have always been our neighbors. , outh i -The future is goin 1 ferent for this hemisphere from past. Thoss states ^^ " i Wednesday - The Hearons| ters Concert ComaBy. ' - Tne * - The sf,mriny yes, in powerboats -35 · * *. TM 1 ^! Course, llckeis for sale at j *H i the office of ."the County Sup- j 'f concessions to foreign j aU Tfcorit:e3 have reason to suspect that] ^^ __ captai in Latla.-Ataerica, but yoa aon't, son3fc trass fers or merchandise to the 1 ai:; ' capital S:=a 3| coastv.-ise vessels hare been ,r **"" 1 ~, i ejector, $4.25 $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $13.00 Si 0.00 New Club, Nitro Club and Winchester Shells. Hunting Coats $2,00 to $4.50. Leggins, Gun Cases, etc. ^ Everything you need. I \ erintendeiit, Saoirdays, Nov- S tion. not a privilege. l :' ! "And states that are ooligea to gra^. L gave her Lioiitis 01 great value. 'VV'hcn ilr. Hitt Srst ivooec Miss Et ' k:r;s seven years ago his suit was fa.- vored b% the- late Senator Eikias, wha disapprove-! hearts!" of the Abmzzi and v.-an;Lcl an American wii-in-law. "Seven years will I serve for yoa. , (itike or no fluke," said Kitt to ili«s. not ^ Eiki=s, " and lhen ic "' in be for you ta t "in the dr.I:e ^'as at faithful a lover iiliv." and it *.vas only -when, roy- lookesi with disfavor upon, the natrh that he gave up the Ainericaa made at sea.-, 8 and 15. | concessions are ia the contlition that Course and single tickets j L , be sold at Walter ^.Theatre ^ach lay of I -The!'.- self-respect, their achieve( UJSS ^.ca^gi - j mesf in spite of these difficulties «e-| Sun ^ av a: - ter j serve nothics but the admiration aaa. dows Ia j n sir 30 DAYSrFORJUT SKIRT _- . : vrushinston society Passaic, N. J., Judge Senas Gsn ~c j _._^ r ,,_ ^.._ ^^ j "Billy" Hitt is-'the only son o* for- j mer Reps;S5iLtatire Robert R. Hitt, of I lilirfsis." asn he met. Miss Elkins in circles. At the met 3iiss Elkina ba denied- . The young man. Miss Adamson span- tlip first part o: v.ho v--as f*-enty-pight years. oli-thea. as determined, to v»in Medical Advertising: applanse of tae vorld. I rej _ a -othing so much as that they will b e j _ ^_ t and tve ought to be the' first in'taking part in assisting in thai emancipation."' ·eec and other things. parading up and TM-spi«*TMin^ nsr sitirt The slash reached r r-.-ees and ro'pertlecats hid her silk stockings.. \\"hen.Po ; iccinan Eoifern's attention , ^ ana he paid ceaseless attenuoa,,ioJier. " ·"vVhiuier ihoa ^oesc I will- go,", was the auitiidar the represeatativeTs san^ He followed Miss Eudns^. all, over _th» country, ancl "iieii she visited Europe - Gun, We sell the famous Story and Clark Pianos ror cash or on ou .-eaias -was in- he was :n her train. ly was regarded, frowned upon Elkias-de Abruzzi bs~ - Torhal pracricaHy was forsocteo -- but It is c. very perilous your r.~.( · bottle. "= .'rue Store r.t.-/ if it falls: 5o' 'cents * a i thing to determine a foreign policy in! ^S f-y ^ We give th e^.t? ./" r^ ^. Lj.ree n T rading Qz. Dl arnps* ihMm !! lUUii: ] Half Girl" | terms of material interests. It is In" · deed- a degrading thing. i '-The ce^zopsieat of constitutional and -svorld human rights, tae ! maintenance of national integrit.v as t against material interests--that is onr Gettysburg Department Stoi» Gettysbut:g 9 Pa. 2 , ^3 %'" y i se ppqypv GhiUi Gu rc, that the seek . i a^ain 3?e this occasion to say, united States will not secure one additional fcg f;=H V,-!|h Auburn Hair" Keprc- | foct of territory by conquest. Sas:e, the 3:ost | devote herself to sno~ing an Womsn r:ot P-«ve 1 _ Butler, ?»,, Oct. 2S--- Mrs. John tvu- ti:-nes -^rhen sae open- tl lCt» .«i»"ii fst-t^ \yjj^-jL» ooor to.inrestigaie a MOTHBE5' COSKpSS AT iicKis-j Parent-Teacher Body Also Begins Sea. o*_f»iU.t; -» ^ ~*--*· *-* . -i j sen. Wao is alleges to na^e quarreled T-ith -husband- ?irs. Kc-ba-is not sion Tomorrow. to recover. , j-anl and In^igcraUn Hair Tonic. ' and fruitful use of the territory she : hr^ anc see nrast regard It as oae o" . _Erie. Pa.. Oct. 28.--The fourteenth ! annual meeting of the Pennsylvania- j Congress of Mothers and the Parent- - SurjrerriC Court Decisions. j Teacher Associations wHi open here ;tcn. OCT. 2".'--Xor.e of the! tomorrow -"" ~ -.~TJ^^ u ... ' cas^s-?ndin5 before the] The officers are: Presirent. Mrs. 1 T."^XTr---c -eras decided. 1 George K. Johnson. T^anghorae; vice. s,...^- ^ ^ -- . , ^^_ Edvrbi A. TarnaU. . treasurer. Mrs. George No ^ : T^ash:r ,¥£- GARDEN AUDITORIUM t Haiio-/er Street «- = : PUBLIC SALE FRIDAY. OCTOBER Slst, 3 j the d-Jt:es of friendship to see that 111 ] from no quarter are material interests j j; J; . c ?ui-e2y removes dan-! made superior to human Hberty and - |s -i-o applioiticr: t«aKes the j r»£t5oaal comity. - _ i -1 " " a"v,iT:tiant. It · «j say this merely to fix. what Our j ;| ties the j real relationship should be. It is a re- " ! lationship of a family of mankind de- ;3ecar..--e 5 , j. relar j ons f rO m -srhicli hii- ! president. jls and invij;orates VfEATHER EVERYWHERE. n ^ ££rvatio2S of united StatCT juher bnresss taken at S p. ax. ruav follow: Tei Albany " au - i | Atlantic City ^ a half nale urcr. al»:.f; ".he FairneU personal admission ;oc. bkatcs 150 For the cf ti:sc \vi-n:'v v " \\itn a;pro\cu ye ~e ?,() cent bottse sca:r need 7v"eatber. Clear. Clear. Cjcr.dy. Clonsy. -Clnua?- 54 - j CScsr. Clear. . . II Wheeler, Philadelphia: recordin i retarv, Mrs. Henry Ferris, Gennan- I to^a: auditor. Mrs. Edward V. Me-- · "aalev. Pfailadeipb:a; corresponding - j i secretary, Miss Mary S. Garrett, Pail-; 1 1 adelpbia: honorary president, Mrs.. ' \ Frederic Seaoff, PhHadelphia. - "- ' 1 sca:p necd=v. Parisian: -T would ralb-er4»elOTig,to.-a SOOT na- ( i -^^-- . )tf - =j v^.. .- ^toDs'uchir.-he2d, takes: t t on t jj at Is-»ree *tian a .rich nation .-· r^rr.ailclpsJz.-.^-iSS . : . Ciosdy^ - X-.n.-nei-r. inrrediateh- re-; ^- h j c n h as ceaseA'jto love freedom, j l j st Louis. .,, p^ .Rain. .aif. makes tr.2 sea-p nea!-; and-not e^nediency is .the. j 1 ^·zs^insicrn.^-- -^ Ciear.. . ' s c b c h a i r th« cr.-name-;^^- : -,,^^5 and we must 1 _ s ; · autv yoa desire. : - thing that must guide us and we must j G---I '· never condone iniquity." j '.l-rnllair"--itisoneverVj The president's^ speech^ was con- j - Ths Weather. Rain tcuay; ar.sottled Istantly Interrupted by applause, nu · js _ QU . ,^..^2^ wiads . ! rode thrsugh the crowded streets bCTv\- || 1 Ing and nodrlins to cheering throngs. tomor- Leaves VoHurno to. Sink. Tjondon. · Oct. 2S. : tank 5 stfeameV-Cbarirs-repcrfe Sa^ng } iafe3 oa oit.'-t^tS'e-sieaatter Volt ;arao;" Open ft\"ery afternoon 2.30 to 5.00 ]'. M. HalIo\\eVn M.Kk .kattn · C a r n i v a l ana Dali.i".:iii\veM. Ai-oti j Miller. Clerk. \ e for sale a choice lot of --ik in .11! leading varieties. · . from Jjcarinpr trees, Boyet AicnJlsviHe, Pa..--atlvenise- ;s Anna Mcllhenny. 3 York to spend the day. Cobean i 1 she -was left sinking. oa.aoard. ^ere opened I No Big Supreme Court Decisions. I Washington, Oct. 28.--None of te. important cases pending before Jxe* ; supreme court was decided. Anyone wanting" private boarding 'at Times. FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F. G."* JlcCammon.--aUvertisemertX ^^ ^

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